"Himawari, it's my duty to protect you and Mama, never forget that. You're my little sunflower. Nothing will ever trample my little flower!" ♡ - 《First little edit of mine. Yay! #naruto #narutoshippuden #narutorp #rp #roleplay #sarada #boruto #borutouzumaki #himawari #himawariuzumaki #uchiha #anime》
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What are you doing, Naruto.? #naruto #tsunade #narutorp
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"Are you alright Fugaku-kun?" She said resting her hands on her knees while looking a her husband who is kneeling down on one knee #Anime #Naruto #NarutoShippuden #narutorp #NarutoRoleplay #NarutoRoleplaying #narutoshippudenrp #NarutoShippudenRoleplay #AnimeRp #animeroleplay #Uchiha #UchihaClan #FugakuUchiha #Mikoto #MikotoUchiha
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' Go follow my little sister, Hima! She's close to her goal, go finish it for her ! ' 《#naruto #narutorp #boruto #narutoshippuden #borutothemovie #himawari #himawariuzumaki #anime #rp #roleplay》
himawari - rp - himawariuzumaki - boruto - narutorp - borutothemovie - naruto - narutoshippuden - roleplay - anime -
himawarii_officiall : Aww , thank you oniichan (≧∇≦)/💕 @cutie.boruto
cutie.boruto : You're welcome little imoto-san! ♡ @himawarii_officiall
resenseer : Done
cutie.boruto : Arigato ! @resenseer
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felikslagoda1997 : 👍😄👍😊👍😎👍😉
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Before all this I was always loyal and sweet to you. But things change. The world went to hell. Gangs taking over different parts of the nation. In the chaos of everything in the beginning, you and I got separated. You just assumed I had been killed since not many people were spared. But then something happened. You ran into a gang group with someone else with a hood over their head. They lifted their head up a bit during the fighting. The hood fell off showing who was underneath. Me. I took a gun out and walked between you and the other guy. Kicking your stomach and knocking you down the putting the gun at your Tempe with a knife at your throat. "Die" I say not showing any emotion. You... (Guys only below please. Rp here or dm me) TAGS: #animerp #openrp #openroleplay #openrpforboys #openrpforguys #openrpforboysonly #openrpforguysonly #romanticrp #nekorp #cleanrp #maturerp #s3xualrp #dirtyrp #emorp #scenerp #realro #horrorrp #demonrp #rp #rpforguys #rpforboys #rpforguysonly #rpforboysonly #realisticrp #vocaloidrp #narutorp #pleaserp #pleaseroleplay }
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naruto.roleplay : (May I roleplay as the guy?)
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《Ohayo, how's everyone's day? Was wondering if anyone was interested in doing S4S, I'll be doing it for about five hours!》
himawari - rp - himawariuzumaki - boruto - narutorp - borutothemovie - naruto - narutoshippuden - roleplay - anime -
himawarii_officiall : S4S ? 😆
cutie.boruto : 《#naruto #narutorp #boruto #narutoshippuden #borutothemovie #himawari #himawariuzumaki #anime #rp #roleplay》
borutoxuzumaki.__ : F4f ?
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"Hey you, yes you. This is my best friend right here, Kushina Uzumaki. We are the dynamic parental duo, haha! You don't ever want to mess with and Uzumaki and and Uchiha woman!" She said smiling softly "We may look just like ordinary mother's but get us mad, well, just ask our husbands what happen when we are pissed." she said laughing a bit #Anime #Naruto #NarutoShippuden #narutorp #NarutoRoleplay #NarutoRoleplaying #narutoshippudenrp #NarutoShippudenRoleplay #AnimeRp #animeroleplay #Uchiha #UchihaClan #Sasuke #SasukeUchiha #Sakura #sakuraUchiha #FugakuUchiha #Mikoto #MikotoUchiha #minato #minatonamikaze #kushina #KushinaUzumaki
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⠀ 🔥👊🏾🌚🔥 ーー A Day in the Life of: Xinas Pa'estil ⠀ 4:00 Am - 9:00 Am Xinas Pa'estil divides the schedule of his day into periods in which he focuses on very specific tasks, starting with responsibilities to his kingdom, to his own personal affairs and private upkeep. This is convenient for him because he believes that although the Kingdom of Pa'estil comes first before himself, despite being the King, his public and private life are two separate matters and that one should not affect the other, nor should his reputation in one affect his reputation in the other. As such, between 4:00 Am and 9:00 Am, Earth time, Xinas grinds through political work. He signs off policies, views important complaints, has meetings with his personal advisors, makes decrees, meets with the people, all the while having breakfast delivered to him at whichever scheduled meeting he has with anyone, be it an economic layout conference with some of the biggest private corporations in the kingdom, to a pleasant morning within the town hall within the more impoverished of his people. ⠀ 9:00 Am - 9:00 Pm Me time. In this long stretch of time, the King indulges within his desires now that he has concluded all political work for the day. Such activities that constitute this period of time include: parades in his honor, attending to his personal hygiene and making sure he is the Faed embodiment of physical perfection, honoring his father with prayer, taking care of his mother's needs, visiting family, conquering more lands through large-scale battles (often winning single-handedly or letting a few officers join in on the fun), donating to charities and funds for the poor, or visiting Earth on a personal excursion or on diplomatic terms, interacting with humans and gracing himself with the presence of one human in particular.… And, of course, partaking of a healthy lunch. (C)
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auto.hit.mania : 9:00 Pm - 12:00 Midnight (4:00 Am) This time is spent doing one of two things, in normal circumstances. Either Xinas is sleeping through the night to prepare for tomorrow's schedule, or he is having a party, parties which he always ends at 12:00 Midnight, sharp. The King values celebration and rough-housing, as well as socializing and making connections through such events, be they made in private conversations on business or in quiet whispers on a bed. In the end, though, sleep triumphs all else, and he will not allow any event to get him less than four hours of sleep a night. Xinas is a simple man, despite his aesthetic eccentricity, so people respect him even more for keeping such a basic schedule. ーー ⠀ Tags 「 #roleplay #pleaseroleplay #openroleplay #marvelroleplay #animeroleplay #rp #anyrp #literaterp #naruto #narutouzumaki #bleach #ichigokurosaki #fairytailrp #fairytail #fairytailoc #ftrp #ftoc #narutoroleplay #narurp #narutorp #roleplayfight #rpf #rpfight #rpbattle #kikrp #kikroleplay #natsudragneel #lucyheartfilia #grayfullbuster #erzascarlet⠀」
auto.hit.mania : @chervkee 🔥👽🔥
chervkee : Heh. I wonder who that particular human might be.
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~bio~ Name - ken kaneki . Alias(es) - eyepatch -centipede -black reaper . Gender - male . Species - artificial one-eyed ghoul . Age - 18-23 (depending) . Birth date - december 20th . Affiliations - anteiku -aogiri . Ward - 1st ward -20th ward . Rc type - rinkaku . Rc lvl - 2753 . Rating - SS class ghoul . Hair color - white [formaly black] . Eye color - blue . Height - " 5'7" . Personality before accident: shy and adorable. . After accident: after being held captive and under going intense torture by the hands of yamori kaneki's personality changed.drastically. he trashes his previous ideology of being hurt rather than hurting others. Pledging to crush those who date threaten his place of belonging. He also adopted the habit of cracking his fingers from his torturer, yamori. . Relationship status - single . . tags: #Anime #Animerp #rp #openrp #openroleplay #openroleplaying #ocrp #nekorp #ghoulrp #tokyoghoulrp #highscoolrp #narutorp #dbzrp #aotrp #titanrp
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. Don't buy them they are fake😂 . . 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈 Got out early from school today💪 ❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄❄ . . 🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝🌝 By the way guys use my # it's: #naruto_uzumaki__7 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 . . ⚠🚧🚧🚧🚧⚠ #Q what do u think of me❓ #A 😗 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰〰 Tags👇 {#naruto_uzumaki__7#naruto#narutoshippuden#narutouzumaki#narutothelast#narutogaiden#narutoshippuuden#narutocosplay#narutofan#naruto_shippuden#narutomanga#narutofans#narutorp}
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utas.butt : Purty kewl 😉
narvto.kvn_ : You're really amazing 😍🙌 I really love your pics 😂 And I love your acc and I love you 😂😂
naruto_uzumaki__7 : @narvto.kvn_ i love u too😘
sakura_uchiiha : Idk you 😅
naruto_uzumaki__7 : @sakura_uchiiha 😂😂😂😂i guess thats true. which admin are you
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#qotd : favorite member in team 7 ? #aotd : Naruto and Sakura ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺ Tags: #naruto #narutoshippuden #narutouzumaki #narutorp #sakura #sasukexsakura #sakuraharuno #sakurai #sasuke #sasukeuchiha #uchihasasuke #sasukexsakura #kakashi #kakashihatake #kakashisensei #hatakekakashi
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fanri_dicta : Naruto
lailatulmaghfir20 : Sakura😍
anime.expo_ : Arigato for tag @sasuke_xd._
angelia.nathaa_ : Saskeh💕
mangaxchibi : Arigato 😊
too_lazy_for_this_world : Naruto and Kakashi
chatthida_elf : Thank youuuuu ❤💙💚💛💜💕 : Sasuke 🔥
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The boy plugged in his earbuds, walking towards the Hokage's tower. He had a grey hoodie on, since winter was usually cold in Konoha. He had almost made it when he passed by a shop, only to see... #anime #animerp #naruto #Narutoshippuden #narutoroleplay #narutorp
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Sasukes Reality Check OTD: "pssy ..hey naruto. all and you really wanna keep on chasing sakura around? Teh...yo be honest, she doest even like you. Yep, shesjusy not that into you bro. Ahhh just let it go alright, she's digging me of course and yeah the bitch is annoying buy i play the cold shoulder to keep her ass around if ya know wadda mean..eheheheeee. So yeah, lay off cause you got no chance loser. Sasuke....outcheahhhh!" #konoha #sasuke #sasukerp #sasukeuchiha #narutorp #kikrp #kikanimerp #chidori #taka #hebi #sharingan #sasukechibi ##uchihaclan #literaterp
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"RASENGAN!" The very word could be heard miles away. The two blonde's rasengan clashed. "Heh... Not... Bad... Heh." Naruto panted while the younger copy of Naruto was kneeling on the ground. "Brother, seriously, You don't even use the rasengan anymore." The younger kid looked up. "Tatsumi, you still have a lot to learn." Naruto said and walked away. Tatsumi heard a bush rustle and he faced it. #narutoroleplay #narutorp #naruto #Narutoshippuden
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The blonde looked at his sparring partner. He was currently in sage mode, panting. You were his friend ever since Pein died. "(Y/N), Are you tired?" He smirked, attempting to tease you. #narutorp #narutoroleplay #naruto
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wild.animals.rp : "Not at all" the red headed smiled . Shion was an uzumaki or a namikaze as she calls herself . She was naruto's twin sister, but neither of them knew it . She decided to be his friend after pein's death. She wasn't friends with pein at all but she used him to protect herself since she had 9 beasts inside of her . Since she came from a far away land, the tailed beasts that live in her are not unknown in the hidden villages . The girl looked at naruto and smiled before morphing into a wolf but in the size of a horse. It had yellow fur and some white fur . Her blue eyes that matched naruto's shone . She smirked as she wagged her tails . Which were the count of 16 . Each a diffrent colour . Her chakra was strong
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You and I grew up in a huge castle as brother and sister. Our father was growing old. He'd often leave on trade or business leaving us alone in the castle. We grew very close. Maybe too close. I laid down in my room reading as I here the door open. "What is it?" I asked and felt you sit on the bed and push away my book. You.. (Guys only I'm the girl my names Rin.) #animerp #openrp #openroleplay #openrpforboys #openrpforguys #openrpforboysonly #openrpforguysonly #romanticrp #nekorp #cleanrp #maturerp #s3xualrp #dirtyrp #vampirerp #realrp #horrorrp #demonrp #rp #rpforguys #rpforboys #rpforguysonly #rpforboysonly #realisticrp #vocaloidrp #narutorp #pleaserp #pleaseroleplay #h3ntairp #incestrp
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You and I grew up in a huge castle as brother and sister. Our father was growing old. He'd often leave on trade or business leaving us alone in the castle. We grew very close. Maybe too close. I laid down in my room reading as I here the door open. "What is it?" I asked and felt you sit on the bed and push away my book. You.. (Guys only I'm the girl my names Rin.) #animerp #openrp #openroleplay #openrpforboys #openrpforguys #openrpforboysonly #openrpforguysonly #romanticrp #nekorp #cleanrp #maturerp #s3xualrp #dirtyrp #vampirerp #realrp #horrorrp #demonrp #rp #rpforguys #rpforboys #rpforguysonly #rpforboysonly #realisticrp #vocaloidrp #narutorp #pleaserp #pleaseroleplay #h3ntairp #incestrp
openroleplay - vocaloidrp - openrpforboys - realrp - demonrp - animerp - openrpforguys - rp - narutorp - pleaseroleplay - openrp - nekorp - rpforboys - pleaserp - h3ntairp - maturerp - rpforguysonly - openrpforguysonly - romanticrp - dirtyrp - incestrp - vampirerp - realisticrp - cleanrp - openrpforboysonly - horrorrp - rpforboysonly - s3xualrp - rpforguys -
roleplay._._lord : "It's actually green." Henry tells you
_princess_of_evil_ : "You changed it. Last week you told me blue" I say unzipping the back of my dress slowly @roleplay._._lord
roleplay._._lord : "That was last week. Each week I have a new favorite color." Henry argues while watching you
_princess_of_evil_ : I pull my arms out of the sleeve and let the dress fall off. "What's my favorite book?" @roleplay._._lord
roleplay._._lord : "The one you just were reading. You read tat book over and over again." Henry replies
_princess_of_evil_ : "That ones the odyssey. My favorites moms book it doesn't even have a title. The one she use to read all the time. @roleplay._._lord
roleplay._._lord : Henry sighs and takes his pants off "I actually thought I was right."
xbecause_why_notx : Jake moved down, after pushing her book away, and moved down, kissing her head before moving down and wrapping his arms around her, laying with his head against hers "Time for bed..." He told her softly
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Wonderland had fallen. There was no way out for me anymore. I was stuck in this hell. The red queens castle had burned to few ruins. Nature had taken it over. Putting a large tree in the center. There is were I stays. Forest surround it. It was safe. I stole whatever was left of the castle and put it in the small house I built of the tree. It was dangerous in wonderland now. Monsters, demons, vision plagued the land and the minds of everyone. I walked down the ash covered once polished floors. I twirled around a few times and smiled a bit. "Cheshire!" I called out for you. "I know your here. Your skills seem to have been dulled since the fall" I say standing still. You... (Guys only. I prefer you be human not neko but whatever. Just ya know be Cheshire Cat. Someone Rp on this I live this plot!. To dm send this pic and your reply. Otherwise to below) TAGS: #animerp #openrp #openroleplay #openrpforboys #openrpforguys #openrpforboysonly #openrpforguysonly #romanticrp #nekorp #cleanrp #maturerp #s3xualrp #dirtyrp #incestrp #vampirerp #horrorrp #demonrp #rp #rpforguys #rpforboys #rpforguysonly #rpforboysonly #realisticrp #vocaloidrp #narutorp #pleaserp #pleaseroleplay }
openroleplay - vocaloidrp - openrpforboys - demonrp - animerp - incestrp - rp - narutorp - pleaseroleplay - openrp - nekorp - rpforboys - pleaserp - vampirerp - maturerp - rpforguysonly - openrpforguysonly - romanticrp - dirtyrp - openrpforguys - realisticrp - cleanrp - openrpforboysonly - horrorrp - rpforboysonly - s3xualrp - rpforguys -
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- 【 #itachi #uchiha #sasuke #naruto #shippuden #narutoshippuden #rp #narutorp #akatsuki #kisame #sharingan #konoha #fandom #manga #anime #jutsu #genjutsu 】
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As princess of a rich kingdom I had plenty of servents. I rarely did anything for myself because I had you. You were my favorite servent. A bad boy type. I called you to my room and waited on my bed. "It's late undress me" I say tired and waiting. You...
openroleplay - vocaloidrp - openrpforboys - demonrp - animerp - openrpforguys - rp - narutorp - pleaseroleplay - openrp - nekorp - rpforboys - pleaserp - h3ntairp - maturerp - rpforguysonly - openrpforguysonly - romanticrp - dirtyrp - incestrp - vampirerp - rpforguys - cleanrp - openrpforboysonly - horrorrp - rpforboysonly - s3xualrp - realisticrp -
lovely.sinners : "I'm afraid so. You should really fire me before I..make some inexcusable mistakes" he said slowly and plucked his gloves off, pulling them off by the pointer finger.
_princess_of_evil_ : "As of right now I have no need to fire my best servant" I say putting and arm behind my head and breathing softly. Causing my chest to move up and down slowly @lovely.sinners
lovely.sinners : Throwing the gloves behind him, he started taking off his jacket, revealing his dressy white shirt he wore and hated. "Well.. Miss, if I may, I think I need to go take a rest. Was there anything else?" he asked, eyeing her body.
_princess_of_evil_ : "I'll call you if i need something" I say back with a small smile and rolling back onto my stomach and pulling the covers over me. While under the covers I unhooked my bra and dropped it onto the floor in front of you @lovely.sinners
lovely.sinners : He bit his lip and shook his head. "Of course. Good night" he said and saw her bra drop to the ground. Getting a little turned on by the sight, he turned around and clapped her light off before starting to walk down the hall.
_princess_of_evil_ : I rested my head on one of the pillows while glancing out of the crack in the door down hallway. Keeping my eyes on you while you walked. @lovely.sinners
lovely.sinners : Daniel entered his room which was next to hers and laid down on the bed tiredly. Today had been a long day.
_princess_of_evil_ : I shut my eyes shortly after and rolled over with my back facing the door @lovely.sinners
p.cpi - lovely.sinners -
Gettin fat!!! . . tags: #Anime #Animerp #rp #openrp #openroleplay #openroleplaying #ocrp #nekorp #ghoulrp #tokyoghoulrp #highscoolrp #narutorp #dbzrp #aotrp #titanrp
openroleplay - highscoolrp - rp - anime - animerp - dbzrp - narutorp - nekorp - openrp - aotrp - titanrp - ocrp - openroleplaying - ghoulrp - tokyoghoulrp -
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Changing to Naruto cuz i love it 💙💙 I'm Lady Tsunade A medical ninja #naruto #narutorp
naruto - narutorp -
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It's quite relaxing for me. Reading, that is. I enjoy romance books such as 'Make Out Tactics'. Amazing writing, Master Jiriya has. *sighs* But now I need to get back to training with my team. Naruto.. Sakura.. Sasuke... What a handful. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
sasukeuchiha - narutorp - kakashihatake - openanimerp - closedanimerp - sakuraharuno - narutouzumaki - animerp - sakura - sasuke - naruto - kakashi - anime -
kckcshi : { #naruto #narutorp #kakashi #kakashihatake #sasuke #sasukeuchiha #narutouzumaki #sakura #sakuraharuno #anime #animerp #openanimerp #closedanimerp}
fishcake.kun : Oh come on Kakashi sensei! That's your job! Not reading some crap of Pervy Sage's!
kckcshi : It isn't crap, Naruto. One day, you'll grow up to love his books! @fishcake.kun
fishcake.kun : There's no way! I've spent enough time with him to know that anything that comes outta that perv is complete nonsense!
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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I could say I'm not sad, but I'd be lying. The problem is the world won't let me stay a kid forever, so I can't lie around crying about it either. Man... What a drag... Sometimes I just wish I was a single cloud... Floating along, minding my own business. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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cutie.boruto : "You know it's a choice to either be part of the meadow with everyone else, or drag along alone as a cloud. But what's there to be upset about?" Boruto crossed his arms with a slight head tilt, walking somewhat close to Shikamaru, not enjoying it when others are hurt in any way since he knew how it felt to emotionally hurt, alone. "I wish I never had parents. Maybe have parents like Pa, so that I wouldn't have to feel the burden of this loneliness.. but, still."
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Sasuke Uchiha x Naruko Uzumaki (Genin versi) #surabayanihonmatsuri2016 #sutos #animes #animedrawing #cosplayboy #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #cosplayindonesia #cosplayindo #naruto #sasuke #naruko #clash2016 #sasukeuchiha #narutouzumaki #narutoshippuden #narukouzumaki #narutorp #narutosd #narutogenin #sasukecosplay #uchihasasuke
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shandy_w87 : Punya IG nya Naruto?
intanryo : Ga punya kakak :)
shandy_w87 : Okeh gpp.. Mau tag buat upload 😊😉
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- Neymar, Suarez, Messi🔥 (I try to make the edit lit) Tag ⬇ #neymar #neymarjr #suarez #luissuarez #messi #leomessi #fcbarcelona #Barcelona #Barca #football #soccer #soccerlife #anime #animelife #animefan #animeversion #animeboy #animefight #manga #narutorp #rp #roleplay #openrp #animerp #cleanrp #drityrp #ocrp #ocroleplay #narutorp #rp #roleplay #openrp #animerp #cleanrp #drityrp #ocrp #ocroleplay
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🔥👊🏾🌚🔥 ーー A Day in the Life of: Air Blackheart ⠀ 12:00 Midnight - 5:00 Am Air Blackheart, being the Princess, but also already recognized as a Queen by many, of Hell, has a varied schedule that revolves around keeping order and stability in the realm and tending to her own needs. However, between Midnight and 5:00 Am, there are a few consistencies. To some extent, one can find Air policing Hell with the Blackheart Royal Guard or demons who volunteered, either through their own will or Her Majesty's bullying, to maintain the nature of Hell. Hell's natural tendencies are toward specifically purposes evil, not good or chaos by any degree. All beings in Hell, from the most lustful of succubi, to the most destructive of hellspawn, must always be inflicting pain and suffering upon either one another or upon another being for the strict purpose of causing that pain and suffering. Beings in Hell who do anything out of this respect, with the exception of tending to their own well-being, are subject to cruel torture or the erasure of their existence as a whole. This enforcement is tirelessly enforced, but Air likes to spend time personally seeing to it that violators are punished. Besides this, Air will spend any given amount of time at home in the Blackheart Castle, tidying it up with servants or interacting with her mother, Queen Alice Blackheart, her father, King Nir Xink, and/or her younger brothers, Prince Alice Blackheart The Second and Prince Lilith Blackheart. (C)
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auto.hit.mania : 4:00 Pm - 10:00 Pm Girl time. The boys in the family are either out on missions, patrolling Hell, or doing something else. If one of them isn't and is just relaxing at home, his ass is promptly kicked out. Air designates this period of time strictly for the enjoyment of her and her mother, including their female friends. They are pampered by the castle's staff, they play around with one another, they fight (Air is currently trying to beat her Mother in a spar, but hasn't had any luck in winning yet.), and they simply enjoy themselves and their femininity. Often, Sin Knix drops by and enjoys the fun with them, Air making sure to include her with everything, showing her bit by bit how Hell works, and training her to fight against demons and fight with demons. The females will have dinner together at the end, sometimes inviting the boys back in for it.
auto.hit.mania : 10:00 Pm - 12:00 Midnight This, unexpectedly, is actually Air's highest time of activity. One would think that Air would fall asleep and rest until midnight for patrols, but demons don't need sleep at all, however much they may enjoy it. Always, every time, and only with Air, when the clock strikes 10:00 Pm…she begins to get erratic. No one has been able to explain this, and there doesn't seem to be any logical reason as to why she gets so bizarre, but people know better than to mess with her when she does. Air, in horror movie fashion, begins to spawn from one place to another, scurry from the corner of people's vision into dark corners, blend into the walls and take people by surprise. She does these actions with more and more frequency until, from 11:30 Pm to Midnight, she goes berserk with it. The family often calls lights out 15 minutes beforehand so they don't have to witness Air going insane. In the cover of the dark, she does things and becomes something that no words can quite capture correctly…even I shudder at attempting to describe it. She does not hurt anyone though, this time also being when she is her most "docile", in many respects. Needless to say, she gives overnight guests at the Blackheart Castle a reason to believe that what goes bump in the night isn't just the wind… ーー ⠀ Tags 「 #roleplay #pleaseroleplay #openroleplay #marvelroleplay #animeroleplay #rp #anyrp #literaterp #naruto #narutouzumaki #bleach #ichigokurosaki #fairytailrp #fairytail #fairytailoc #ftrp #ftoc #narutoroleplay #narurp #narutorp #roleplayfight #rpf #rpfight #rpbattle #kikrp #kikroleplay #natsudragneel #lucyheartfilia #grayfullbuster #erzascarlet⠀」@neri.bitch @ami.oni @layla.ft
fear.thx.unknown : May I have a roleplay with her o0o
repention : Your the first person I've seen do this, and I was just wondering if I could do this for my oc, I just wanted to consult with you first, because I didn't want to just steal your idea
auto.hit.mania : Yeah, you can. Tell me a plot that you might have in mind concerning her. @fear.thx.unknown
auto.hit.mania : Describing a day in the life of an Oc isn't something I can just privatize that way and use as a way to get famous. That'd be kinda lame, arrogant, and selfish lmao. Do what you want man, this kind of story isn't my idea, so don't feel constrained to my permission in order to do it for your Oc. @repention
fear.thx.unknown : I was thinking maybe while he was Investigating a case he was kidnapped by demons and whilst they brought him back to the underworld she caught the demons and they turned him over to her and we'll she did what she wanted with him? Tortures him or uses him as a sort of slave
fear.thx.unknown : Does it not work DX
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♡ "I'll see you soon, Sarada.." ♡ 《#naruto #narutorp #narutoshippuden #boruto #borutothemovie #roleplay #rp #sarada #anime》
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cutie.sarada : 《Hmm wonder who gave you this..》 "B..Boruto..."
lady.uzumaki : Awe boruto someone has a crush on sarada-san😊💞
cutie.boruto : E-Eh!? Wh-Who said that!? Agh, mom..! @lady.uzumaki
himawarii_officiall : Would u want to be my brother ? :)
cutie.boruto : Of course! @himawarii_officiall
himawarii_officiall : @cutie.boruto thank youu 😆💕
cutie.boruto : Chu welcome ♡ @himawarii_officiall
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Free-Time! #ino #hot #inoyamanaka #naruto #rp #narutorp #sexyino #hornyino
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Etєrnαl Rívαl ✫_______________________________✫ Thєч hαd вєєn cσmplєtєlч unєхpєctєd, thє lαrgє вσuquєt σf whítє flσwєrѕ hєld σut вч hєr єtєrnαl rívαl wíth αn αlmσѕt díѕαtíѕfíєd cσngrαtѕ. Shє hαd ѕtαrєd curíσѕlч αt thє flσwєrѕ, єхplαíníng thαt thє wínníng wαѕ nσthíng tσ вє cσngrαdulαtєd fσr, untíl hє ѕpσkє... "Yσur thє hσkαgє, cσngrαdulαtíσnѕ!" Thє wσrdѕ cαuѕєd α ѕhσck lσσk tσ ѕhσw σn hєr fαcє, єѕpícαllч αѕ hєr rívαl cσntínuєd tσ ѕpєαk. "Whєn чσu вєcσmє hσkαgє чσu prσвαвlч wσn't вє αвlє tσ єхcєpt mч chαllαngєѕ αnчmσrє. I wαntєd tσ put чσu tσ thє tєѕt σnє lαѕt tímє вєfσrє ít вєcαmє σffícαl. Thαnk чσu Kαkαѕhí." Thє wσrdѕ hαd вrσught thє ѕlíghtєѕt вluѕh tσ thє Shínσвí'ѕ fαcє, ѕєєíng hσw much hєr rívαl cαrєd ín híѕ σwn wαч. Shє hαd knσwn whαt hє wαѕ thínkíng, thαt whєn ѕhє вєcαmє thє Hσkαgє ѕhє wσuld cσntínuє σn wíthσut hím, cαuѕíng hєr tσ ѕhαkє hєr hєαd ѕσftlч αѕ ѕhє hαd rєαchєd σut, αccєptíng thє flσwєrѕ. "Thαnkѕ, вut thíѕ íѕnt thє lαѕt tímє. Wє'll αlwαчѕ вє rívαlѕ, αnd thαt wíll nєvєr chαngє.'" Shє hαd tσld hím, cαuѕíng híѕ σwn lσσk σf ѕupríѕє tσ ѕhσw σn híѕ fαcє wíth α quєѕtíσníng nσíѕє. "Líѕtєn, Gαí...I trulч fínd ít rєαѕurríng hαvíng чσu thєrє, αnd I hσpє...Yσu αlwαчѕ wíll вє." Shє hαd tσld ѕíncєrlч, gívíng thє σthєr αn αѕѕuríng lσσk αѕ ѕhє hєld thє flσwєrѕ clσѕє αѕ tєαrѕ ѕtrєαmєd dσwn вσth Lєє αnd Gαí'ѕ fαcєѕ ín α ruѕh σf єmσtíσnѕ. " I cαnt вríng thíѕ whσlє víllαgє tσgєthєr вч mчѕєlf Gαí-" ѕhє ѕtαrtєd, вut thє σthєr twσ wєrє lσѕt ín thєír єmσtíσnαl вrєαkdσwn, cαuѕíng hєr вrσwѕ tσ furrσw."A-Arє чσu líѕtєníng!?" Thíѕ íѕ hσw ít αlwαчѕ wαѕ fσr hєr, αnd thє mσmєnt ѕhє díd вєcσmє Hσkαgє...Gαí wαѕ ríght thєrє nєхt tσ hєr. ✫_______________________________✫ ✬ Moments like this when I wish I had a Gai to rp with 😅😭✬ ✬#mightgai #kakashi #kakashihatake #naruto #narutorp #otp #hokage #6hokage #genderbent
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