#покидітиубабусі #naomik#вобразі😂
покидітиубабусі - вобразі😂 - naomik -
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Birthday fun while we watch the game!! @sikone34 @b_rene12 @joesital @rachaelruelas @martinsrib @kdortiz13 @tudy93305 @greentreephoto661 @lillei12 #NaomiK #7onthe7th #GoldenBirthday #SuperBowlSunday #BounceHouse #BirthdayCake
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mr_mlo_75 : Happy bday baby cuz!
mrsperkin5 : @kdortiz13 @greentreephoto661 @mr_mlo_75 she says thank you!
kdortiz13 : 😊
ajasnwlife : Holy CATS! That is am amazing cake! My wedding cake was less than half that incredible.
mrsperkin5 : @ajasnwlife would you believe me if I told you that I was going to make her a cake and then I found this one at Albertsons for $13.99??? I thought it was a steal and it was delicious!
npr004 : Happy birthday Naomi 🎉💖🎈
mz_anderson3180 : Happy birthday princess!!!👑
mrsperkin5 : @npr004 @mz_anderson3180 she said thank you
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Happy 7th birthday to my beautiful big girl! This girl gives me a run for my parenting. Today is her day! Love you baby! #GoldenBirthday #7onthe7th #SuperBowlSunday #NaomiK
7onthe7th - goldenbirthday - superbowlsunday - naomik -
jeremiahsmommy15 : Happy birthday baby girl! Love how you put the picture of her mad lol 😂
gemmadee2007 : Happy birthday baby, Granma loves you. Wish I could be there to share your special day with you, but I'll see you soon. XOXO
mrsperkin5 : @jeremiahsmommy15 you know that's her most used face!
marihadonaldson : Happy birthday to your princess
mrsperkin5 : @rachaelruelas @emmiiee_lovee @jeremiahsmommy15 @gemmadee2007 @marihadonaldson she is thankful for all the bday wishes!!!
rachaelruelas : I almost commented about her mad face picture too. Lol
mz_anderson3180 : @mrsperkin5 wow! How time flies😫
mrsperkin5 : @rachaelruelas lol I would be lying not putting that poochie face in there! @mz_anderson3180 it goes by too fast
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"Make love, not war. I know you've heard it before. Love is the answer and you know that it's true, oh yeah..." - John Lennon
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naomikikuchi : #naomik #woodstock #snoopy #makelovenotwar #draw
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Sometimes it's all I need.
naomik - draw - flowers - abstract - inspiration -
naomikikuchi : #naomik #draw #abstract #flowers #inspiration
gabidiniz97 : Uau que lindo!
naomikikuchi : Brigadinha!!! @gabidiniz97
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My first born......not sure where she gets all that 'tude from?!? #NaomiK #7onthe7th #GoldenBirthday
naomik - goldenbirthday - 7onthe7th -
gemmadee2007 : OMGoodness
leonore_notw : Wow! She looks so grown up! !
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My new single is out!! It's called 'Who Knew' can stream it for free on the link below, and also purchase for .99 cents if you would like your own copy. <3 Millions of thanks to the following brilliant crew: Singer/Songwriter - Naomi K Producer - Andrew Furze Drums/Percussion - Anthony Paul Lopez Guitars/Bass/Keys - Andrew Furze Mixed and Mastered by Todd Bergman Photography - Paul Gregory Album Artwork - Bradford Bertoli Recorded at Block Of Joy, Hollywood, CA, USA. #NaomiK #whoknew #newmusic #newsingle #music #love #musicislove
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Where has the time gone??? In a week she will be 7, I miss her this little and chubby! #NaomiK
naomik -
gemmadee2007 : Aw, that's sweet @mrsperkin5
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Because the Gordice never ends <3 #Häagen-Dazs #porumanaomimaisfeliz #naomik #IceCream #gordice
naomik - gordice - porumanaomimaisfeliz - icecream - häagen -
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gui_hiroji : Cortou meus seios
naomikikuchi : Tetinha sexy é exclusividade @gui_hiroji
vanzapponi : Lindos 👏🏻
vanzapponi : Na verdade lindas, só inclui o Gui pra ser educada 😘
yumiokabe : Muito mais do q linjoooos... veryvery😅😂😂😍😍
naomikikuchi : Veriii veriiii beautifuuuuul... Você me deixa doidão....
naomikikuchi : @yumiokabe
naomikikuchi : Shauhsuahus claro @vanzapponi senão chateia ele né
mahssato - v.vieiraa - camila.namie - victorsasagima -
E quem eu vejo hoje no shopping? Siiiim, o lindo do meu Adaaaam <3 #naomik #adamlevine #divo #johnjohn #maroon5 #mylove
divo - mylove - johnjohn - naomik - adamlevine - maroon5 -
paula_fandrade : 😍😍😍
mar.ymw - lina_hasegawa - camila.namie - mahssato -
Another photo from a shoot I did last month with the amazing photographer Paul Gregory, here in LA. You can see more of his work at 📷❤️ #NaomiK #PaulGregoryPhotography
naomik - paulgregoryphotography -
dallas20davon - jerrybridge - vaneegray - fifteen_26mxmom -
Alguns rabiscos pra descontrair o dia...
naomik - draw - circle - tribal - abstract -
naomikikuchi : #naomik #draw #abstract #circle #tribal
anascyrino : 👏👏👏👏👏
yumiokabe : 👏👏
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Photography by 📷<3 #NaomiK #NaomiKoningen #PaulGregoryPhotography #SendingLove
naomik - paulgregoryphotography - naomikoningen - sendinglove -
melindaseymour : Beautiful girl ❤️
jimokeeffe : Gorgeous.
jimokeeffe - melindaseymour - cherylpawlowski - tremendous_twins -
🔥🔥🔥 HOT NEW RELEASE 🔥🔥🔥 Leo Sullivan Presents ... Can This Be Love? 2: All Is Fair In Love And War by Naomi K 💦 $2.99 or FREE with #KindleUnlimited 💦 As Rico’s life hangs in the balance, everyone is on pins and needles and hoping for a positive outcome. Saiid has a lot on his plate with worrying about his brother and keeping things afloat, not to mention his woman troubles. He has a bunch of questions and he plans to paint the town red until he finds some answers. Rie has put her life on hold to stay by her man’s side. Her choice to be with him no matter what has unexpected consequences for those she left behind. Will it all be worth it in the end? Deedra has had enough of Saiid’s games and lack of respect, so when a handsome stranger comes in and sweeps her off her feet, she is ready for the ride. Her cousin unexpectedly moves to Chicago from Atlanta, dragging a bag of issues behind her. Can she handle it all? #NaomiK #LeoSullivanPresents #NewRelease #UrbanFiction #UrbanRomance #HoodRomance #Romance #Love #BTIWOB
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When i was 20... 🎼🎹❤️ #music #is #love #naomik
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jimokeeffe : @naomikoningen - equally stunning yesterday, today...and always. True beauty never fades. 😉 ❤
tylou51 - joannieb3 - quick.followers.proo - ericajustice -
I feel something so right doing the wrong thing. I feel something so wrong doing the right thing. I couldn't lie. Everything that kills me makes me feel alive. Lately, I've been losing sleep, dreaming about that things we could be. But, baby, I've been praying hard, said - No more counting dollars, we'll be counting stars.
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naomikikuchi : Você né Vivisss @viviane_mbastos <3
yumiokabe : 👏👏👏💞
anascyrino : Sai que é minha 💙
naomikikuchi : <3 @yumiokabe
naomikikuchi : @anascyrino toda shauhsuahushahsh
yumiokabe : Sou feliz qdo vc esta feliz! 😍😘
naomikikuchi : Então é recíproco o.o @yumiokabe
yumiokabe : 💞
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🌠🌠🌠 COMING SOON 🌠🌠🌠 Coming up Next from the Leo Sullivan Presents camp! Get ready for Part 2 of Naomi K's sequel, 'Can This Be Love 2: All Is Fair In Love And War!' Catch up with Part 1, It's #FREE! Still waiting on the awake of Rico Everyone seems to be on pins and needles praying for the better. Rie is standing by his side no matter what just to see him awake. Meanwhile Mama G is clueless to everything that is going on because nobody wants to tell a mother that her son might not wake up. When she finds out who actually is helping him survive she is in pure shock and doesn’t know how she is going to digest everything. While everything is going on nobody seems to be paying attention to sneaky Estes who has hidden agendas and secrets that he thought he could take the grave. With his trusted friend Esteban by his side will everything work out in his favor!? Deedra doesn’t know if Saiid is really for her or not after taking care of him and still not showing her the respect she deserves. Her reservations of him still talking to females also leads into her decision of whether or not she will continue to try to make whatever they have going on work. When her cousin pops out the blue with her own hidden secrets how will she take it all? Saiid has a lot on his plate with not knowing anything about Rico and his woman troubles so his mindset is to paint the city red to cope with everything. In the end the question is Can this Be Love for them all or will hearts be broken? #NaomiK #LeoSullivanPresents #UpcomingRelease #ComingSoon #Urban #Romance #Fiction #Love #HoodRomance #BookSeries #BTIWOB
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I just went to the American Idol website to check the schedule for their last season..and saw my name on a promo there!!! ☺️❤️🎵🎉 #naomik #americanidol #music #love #musicislove
naomik - musicislove - americanidol - love - music -
crowdtunes : 👏
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So, I just want to apologize to everyone that's been waiting to hear my new single that's now well overdue for release. There have been a number of production delays, but i promise it's definitely coming out this month...and i really (really!) can't wait for you all to hear it. 😊 ❤️🎵🎼🎉 #naomik #newmusic #finally #betterlatethannever #iloveyouallverymuch #thanksforwaitingwithme ❤️
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Once upon a dream... #naomik #2016 #ouad
naomik - 2016 - ouad -
anascyrino : Lindaaaa 👏👏👏👏
naomikikuchi : Você gatinha @anascyrino
sellitox : Olha, nem parece fã de Glee 🍑
naomikikuchi : Beeesta você @sellitox shauhsuhaus
sellitox : 😁
yumiokabe : Linda😍😘
naomikikuchi : Muita convivência com uma tia ae @yumiokabe *--*
yumiokabe : 💞💞💞
viviane_mbastos - paula_fandrade - marcelloyoshimura - carol_dancingqueen -
Photography by #naomik #naomikoningen #paulgregoryphotography #awesomephotographer 📷❤️
naomik - paulgregoryphotography - awesomephotographer - naomikoningen -
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Merry Grinchmas, from me & Max. ☺️❤️🐶 #merrygrinchmas #thegrinch #merrychristmas #naomik #max #love
thegrinch - love - merrychristmas - naomik - max - merrygrinchmas -
carolineattenborough : Merry Christmas gorgeous girl xx
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Mr. Cheney na Véspera de Natal porque simmm #Cookie #MrCheney #porumanaomimaisfeliz #NaomiK #Gordice
naomik - gordice - porumanaomimaisfeliz - cookie - mrcheney -
jeennijapinha : 😍😍
viviane_mbastos - v.vieiraa - marcelloyoshimura - dnkuro -
Merry Christmas Eve from my favorite girl and I #whatchalookinat? #naomik
whatchalookinat - naomik -
nycheaceara : 😂😂😂 her face!
onthe_wildside : 💜💜💜
k_raelynn15 : Tbh you're so gorgeous! You're selfies are always 😩😩😍😍😍😍
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Sentindo só um teco de saudades dessas aí 🌚💖🌝
naomik - aindabemnãopreciseidesenharninguém - divandocomascoxinhas -
naomikikuchi : #NaomiK #AindaBemNãoPreciseiDesenharNinguém #DivandoComAsCoxinhas
viviane_mbastos : Saudades ♥♥
mlf_laura : Saudades já bateu ♥♥ #TodoMundoEmUmaFoto #Aleluia #CoxinhaÉVida
mahssato - marcelloyoshimura - _juuclaudina - dnkuro -
Happy •1st• birthday to my fav 1 year old 💜 #naomik
naomik -
kennedyulmer - mxtt_412 - megan_k_lewis - shayyy_1212 -
Noite com migss + direito a migs secreto + gordice + risadas = 💖 #MomentoCenibras #naomik
naomik - momentocenibras -
gbdutra : ❤❤
kagohara_s : 😍😍😍😍💕
haruka_ino : 💘💘💘💘💘
milenayuki : ❤️❤️❤️
anascyrino : 💙💙💙
mar.ymw : 💕💕💕💕
erikachiemi : 💖💖💖
marcelayumi_ : 💞💞💞
mahssato - v.vieiraa - camila.namie - edgar_ino -
Os brilhos em meus olhos já dizem muito mais que a tentativa em transmitir a emoção do momento em palavras... Com certeza, tive assim, a oportunidade de fechar esse ciclo com chave de ouro. #PartiuNextStage #SandrinhaLinda #EtecPV #NaomiK
naomik - partiunextstage - sandrinhalinda - etecpv -
cleideyf : Linda
edgar_ino - marcelloyoshimura - _juuclaudina - dnkuro -
I'm a special (yes i said special!) ☺️ guest on Fame Music Radio's popular 'Rendezvous Show' tomorrow (Sunday), starting at 3pm South Africa time, which is 5am 😩 PST time. 😊 It's being broadcast live around the world, if you want to listen in you can tune in at <3 #famemusic #radio #famemusicradio #naomik
famemusicradio - famemusic - radio - naomik -
majorfactorent - crowd_funding_projects - phill_robson - sistasangre -
draw - nk - art - mitsubishipencil - woman - naomik - flowers -
naomikikuchi : #naomik #flowers #art #draw #woman #nk #mitsubishipencil
viviane_mbastos - marcelloyoshimura - _juuclaudina - milatjuhh -
Dear Deer. #NaomiK
naomik -
yumiokabe : Lindooo!!! 😍
naomikikuchi : *--* arigatooou @yumiokabe
mahssato - v.vieiraa - camila.namie - rosemeri_tuda -
Photography by <3 #newphoto naomikoningen #naomik #paulgregoryphotography
naomik - newphoto - paulgregoryphotography -
jimokeeffe - melindaseymour - pcryder - lubushbybigpondnetau -
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