Who sent me/signed me up for these?! #n3rdlife #nerd #btc #nigerian #prince
nigerian - n3rdlife - nerd - btc - prince -
jaebelle23 - dmvapor - kartalisa -
It's been a great week old friend I'll see you soon I love you dude #N3rdLife #fam
n3rdlife - fam -
coreymcc1985 : Bitches lol
lyxab - air_ick88 - bootyfinatic - crizbemyname -
Till 3005 #N3rdLife #KDxSCxCJC
n3rdlife - kdxscxcjc -
87aguila - burg_aka_arronkaine - emmmmmmerz - sheshesings -
#macbook #mac #apple #nes #nintendo #ps3 #playstation #gamer #n3rdlife
playstation - apple - macbook - mac - gamer - nintendo - ps3 - nes - n3rdlife -
kartalisa - kristenpaiige - johnny_ives - monithegamer -
My new shirt design titled "Earth's Best" with the last name of my boys on it will be here on the 3rd #KeezyFactory #N3rdLife
keezyfactory - n3rdlife -
mutantninjaray : Sooo dope. When's the clothing line coming out lol
lordkeezyofearth : Ohhh it's out just underground lollolol @mutantninjaray
crizbemyname : I need one!
penguinjay - mrsjenfoster - mutantninjaray - alex_medina1988 -
Bruhhhh I think I got the hottest woman on the planet and she smart too #Baddie #ALLMINEZ #N3RDLIFE #MYWOMANISBADDERTHANYOURS
allminez - primetime - mywomanisbadderthanyours - baddie - thefiancé - soinlove - n3rdlife -
vanessaxxrenee : she's so pretty! happy for you Keezy!
lordkeezyofearth : @vanessaxxrenee man for real tho and thank u V
lordkeezyofearth : Not enough hastags #theFiancé #PrimeTime #SoInLove
penguinjay : @lordkeezyofearth go Kiki!! She's beautiful definitely a keeper so happy to see you this happy and in love! :)
crizbemyname : She's beautiful !
misssherayahc - dmattattack - bobby_truelove - meggohh -
"When you're down, and it's hard And you feel like you've given your all Baby my love is always right here for you Yeah" #PrimeTime #OneYearAnniversary #Chapter2 #N3rdLife
oneyearanniversary - primetime - n3rdlife - chapter2 -
lordkeezyofearth - maddeeloveee - vanessaxxrenee - tremac64 -
Can you say happy father's day to your self? Growing up without a dad was the best thing that could happen because it made me wanna be the dad I never had and I was blessed to get a son like Chason I love you Sprite. Happy Father's day to my mom for holding us down and all my boys who are real dad's #N3rdLife #TheKingAndHisPrince
thekingandhisprince - n3rdlife -
liana_rose91 : Wtf??!! @lordkeezyofearth I didn't know??
lordkeezyofearth : Well dude when the last time we really spoke tho? @liana_rose91 lollolol
lordkeezyofearth : @carlosotz94 thanks bruhh
liana_rose91 : @lordkeezyofearth I know! Its been a while!! I hope all is well with you and your new family. Happy daddys day!
maryjaneh0lland : Dad's?
lordkeezyofearth : Yeah??? @maryjaneh0lland
maryjaneh0lland : What's the apostrophe for
lordkeezyofearth : To bug you I'm guessing whomever u are @maryjaneh0lland
misssherayahc - maddeeloveee - ramirez_g_20 - aleasamichelle -
California Dreaming #N3rdLife
n3rdlife -
vaquero24_7 : U coming back to the hd?! Come visit man.
allybreezy : Yeaaaaa!!!
bigplayray_ : Didn't put me in it you hore
ana_banannna22 - piggy7182 - danni_roo - msjessicamama2 -
I think growing up with no dad has made me a great dad #N3rdlife
n3rdlife -
qlexy88 : I didn't know u were a daddy! @lordkeezyofearth
danielleeeve_ : This is soooo adorable!!!!
lordkeezyofearth : @qlexy88 yup order a baby off the Internet lollolol @danielleeeve_ u love halfbreeds doe Red lollolol
danielleeeve_ : Hell yeah I do!!!! Lol @lordkeezyofearth
qlexy88 : That's how I got both of mine lol
misssherayahc - rebeccabennett94 - vaquero24_7 -
Might need to return can soon. Lol :P #pc #pcgamer #pcgaming #pcmasterrace #gamer #games #green #gaming #cans #money #N3rdlife #DBMOD
gaming - pcgaming - n3rdlife - pcgamer - money - dbmod - pc - games - gamer - green - pcmasterrace - cans -
alisha_frank - ashley_k_9 - richard_janzen - nash_one_ -
Me and my Lil Sprite yesterday #N3rdLife
n3rdlife -
87aguila - lyxab - dianeh_ - danielleeeve_ -
View from Lawrence Berkeley National Lab #conferencelife
conferencelife - n3rdlife -
first_name_3li : #n3rdlife
mileinmymoccasins - megakapes - wes_actually - stjamez -
Night IG. #dabbersdaily #swangin #n3rdlife
swangin - n3rdlife - dabbersdaily -
ron_loves_you - trapzillas -
Everything is purple. #fuckswag #asap #dabbersdaily #n3rdlife
fuckswag - n3rdlife - dabbersdaily - asap -
dgregonthemove - littledabbers -
Poco a poco voy aceptando todo lo que creia incorrecto. #N3rdLife #N3rdGlasses #Dope #CreativeRebellion #ARTPOP
creativerebellion - n3rdlife - artpop - n3rdglasses - dope - esposita -
sabri_jemio : hakagajaga ! tHus #ojos yo los amo
francon3rd : @sabri_jemio Jajaja yo igual los amo ! :3
sabri_jemio : wpp ahora ! @francon3rd !!! :)
francon3rd : @sabri_jemio. Jajaja Dale! Pero tienes mi numero!?
sabri_jemio : nooo pero me agregas ! #sposHO olvidador ! 69772532 wpp ahora !
francon3rd : Ok ahoita te agrego #Esposita
dayapaoo_torrez : Hermosuraa!(: huahua tq!:3
okaywaters - bebaby1706 - dayapaoo_torrez -
Dare to be yourself, And never change it. #Live #Fast #Die #Young #Be #Wild #Have #Fun #N3rdLife
be - n3rdlife - die - young - fast - fun - live - have - wild -
okaywaters - sabri_jemio - aprilugarte - dayapaoo_torrez -
Just reactivated FB and looking through my old pictures of when everything and everyone was simple& fun I miss that I miss yaw #N3rdLife #TBT
n3rdlife - tbt -
danni_roo : @lordkeezyofearth aw miss you!!!
lyxab - mrsradix - piggy7182 - miss_hamptonn -
#NationalSiblingsDay so much love man family and extended family and if I forgot anyone yaw in the next one #N3rdLife
nationalsiblingsday - n3rdlife -
giftofgabbb : Miss you man ):
margarittaworld : Wow!👌😀
thecoalbearreport : I made it! I made it! 🙈💚
bootyfinatic : Miss u too woman @giftofgabbb and u too Colbert Bryant @ccandiice_
thecoalbearreport : Miss you too!! @bootyfinatic
rozedust : Lol your face in the last one xD @mutantninjaray
mutantninjaray : @rozedust i was scared lol
rozedust : Lol xD @mutantninjaray
thug_nasty88 - lionel_86 - cosmic_thing_ - piggy7182 -
Learning this parent stuff is a challenge but fun as hell #N3rdLife
n3rdlife -
mrsradix : @lordkeezyofearth you guys are so cute and adorable. I miss chaychay so much and really wish I had got to meet you
lordkeezyofearth : @mrsradix why thank you and girl I'll be here for a while I'm sure u got time lollolol
lyxab : So proud of you Kiev!
lordkeezyofearth : Daww thank u lady Alex @_lexxandra
stephk__ : When did you have a baby?!'n
lordkeezyofearth : Lollolol when u wasn't looking @stephk__
mrsradix : @lordkeezyofearth yes I will soon come visit
ashleyterumi : He's too cute!
mommajammer - whatalife88 - cjeezy4tweezy -
Love is 50/50 that shouldn't be hard for other couples to see #HM17 #N3rdLife
hm17 - n3rdlife -
morro_ortiz : Nothing Like The Cali Weather Doe (;
morro_ortiz : I bet You Theres no Taco Places Over there v.v
lordkeezyofearth : Man Cali is the best for all the right reasons lil cuz I miss tacos a lot a lot like man @morro_ortiz
lordkeezyofearth : Anna thank u and yeah it took a lot of time for find the right one but I did yaw gotta me soon u would like her she white a fun just how we like them @urztrly_anna
martystayfly : Good to see you happy bro. Enjoy it all.
lordkeezyofearth : Marty my nigga good look and I feel u and I hope all is well with u @martystayfly
theofficial_atl : I believe it's 100/100 each person should be putting in 100 😉
lordkeezyofearth : No ash your lover is your other half so therefore it's 50/50 =100 @theofficial_atl
thug_nasty88 - mrsjenfoster - qlexy88 - tlayne30 -
Leaving in the morning. #n3rdlife
n3rdlife -
dburrmedia - kartalisa -
n3rdlife -
n3rd_squad - n.a.f.i.s.a.h - king__nation576 - loyalqueen.destini -
#tbt #N3rdLife #PortyatBrendaparentshouse
portyatbrendaparentshouse - tbt - n3rdlife -
melinamia : Old school. I remember taking this pic!
margarittaworld : Cool pic!👌
lordkeezyofearth : Super old skool and yeah u got mad photo shop skills lolololol @melinamia
lordkeezyofearth : Thanks my friend! @margarittaworld
xoricanxo7 : Haha oldies!!
lordkeezyofearth - danielleeeve_ - sadgirlkayoshi - piggy7182 -
#sweet #baby #jesus #beer #lol #n3rdlife
beer - n3rdlife - baby - sweet - lol - jesus -
dburrmedia - kartalisa -
Ahh yeah. New #gym #swag. #TrainMean #N3RDlife #rocheRun
rocherun - gym - trainmean - swag - n3rdlife -
georgelouisse - dimplenathwanii - ashimaacchopra - sophienicole28 -
Happy 22nd birthday to the person who was the cure to my depression I Thank the Lord for u every day I love you Clark #N3rdLife
n3rdlife -
stephk__ : This is like theeeee cutest picture ever
vanessaxxrenee : aweeeeee! happy for you Keezy!
xoricanxo7 : Loveeeee this Cuzzo! So happy for u two!
lordkeezyofearth : Aww yaw is the sweetest I like this picture too cuz look at me lolololol Thank u all @_lexxandra @stephk__ @vanessaxxrenee @_ricandesxo_720 @urztrly_anna
shearcrayz : Love it =)
thug_nasty88 : @lordkeezyofearth GAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!!! Lol love u guys
misssherayahc : We love you too Ty @thug_nasty88 💕💕
theofficial_atl : Amazing picture!!!!!
mommajammer - theofficial_atl - nykkisweets - jckaus -
I miss yaw #OhCanada #N3rdLife
n3rdlife - ohcanada -
xoricanxo7 : #ImissMycuzzo love u nerdddd
thug_nasty88 : U look so sexy!!! EXTRA HOMO!!!
danielleeeve_ : Come home Keezy!!!
bootyfinatic : Lol boi u so crazy @thug_nasty88
thug_nasty88 : @bootyfinatic HOOOOOOOLLER !!! Lol
lyxab : I want that hat! Dope 👌
bootyfinatic - lyxab - lilrae89 - allybreezy -
My nigga text me like "Ash" Wednesday #N3rdLife #pokemon
pokemon - n3rdlife -
jon__e__jon : Lol #gottacatchemall
87aguila - official_pokemon_page - jon__e__jon - hsannash -
Whatcha know about that #crypto #litecoin #dogecoin #worldcoin #bitcoin #asic #butterflylabs #n3rdlife #daily #computer #instagood #hashtagtheworld
worldcoin - litecoin - n3rdlife - asic - crypto - daily - bitcoin - computer - dogecoin - butterflylabs - instagood - hashtagtheworld -
mmonaco86 : Is it worth getting into crypto currency? @therealnuby
oneslow5pt0 : @mmonaco86 If that's what you're interested in, sure!
cryptobitboy : It's...beautiful!
ignis_fatuus84 - haroenv - defiant2025 -
Gummy bears for dinner "it's rawest of them all" (JJ ice fish voice) #N3rdLife
n3rdlife -
lordkeezyofearth : See lady Alex he's always had a thing for my junk ask him how he know my zipper stay down @mutantninjaray @_lexxandra
mutantninjaray : @lordkeezyofearth @_lexxandra hahaha that's cold
lyxab : 🙊🙉🙈
lordkeezyofearth : Lolololol outta love @mutantninjaray
rozedust : I want some gummy bears :(
lordkeezyofearth : I have some left but not for u lolololol @rozedust
rozedust : Lol jerk xD
shesbeenblessed : I think he is trying to show us something else other than those gummies lol
lilrae89 - stephk__ - sheshesings -
To think I went from ripping up the dance floor to sitin on the couch with my Lil mans watching #YoGabaGaba #N3rdLife
n3rdlife - yogabagaba -
alejandriam : Awww look at that cutie little face <3
yesitsbrenda : Happy to see you so happy!
lordkeezyofearth : Thankkk uuuuuuu @alejandriam
lordkeezyofearth : Man it took a while but we all gotta grow up but Thank u tho @yesitsbrenda
xoricanxo7 : Daddy Keezy lol I miss u Cuzzo!
theofficial_atl : So cute!
evelz2014 : Omgggg hes a cutie!!!! :)
misscapricorna1212 : Aww 😊
lilrae89 - nykkisweets - danielleeeve_ - skyhighbre -
#picstitch #new #bitcoin #litecoin #dogecoin #mining #rig #n3rdlife #computers #geek #nerd #crypto #lolmoney #daily #instagood
picstitch - litecoin - n3rdlife - lolmoney - computers - bitcoin - daily - crypto - geek - dogecoin - rig - new - instagood - mining - nerd -
neilburt : Are you a seller?
oneslow5pt0 : @neilburt Depends. What are you looking to buy?
worldcoin - kinglaggia - marcounchained - 555lottery -
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