Finally got around to posting my #Top3Challange. Shoutout to @_anomaly for the nomination. I now nominate @decker377 to post his.
mytop3 - top3challange -
whoudion4s : #mytop3
ottter87 - decker377 - bdonovan28 - _anomaly -
I'm away from almost all my kicks so the homie @quitophoto_88 caught me at the worst time nominating me for the #mytop3 challenge. Guess I'll have to take a different approach...So here's my top 3 essentials on hand: Flyknit Trainer+, first pair copped right after spotting them in the 2012 Olympics, thanks to an alley-oop from @andrew_incogs on the silent release at Nike SF. Lunargrand Wingtip, versatile enough to be dressed up or down without sacrificing comfort for style. Lastly, the Stan Smith, for when a technical runner just won't do. I nominate @bizzybeezy75 @bluedevilgolf @gympvstones @hreson @kerririm @nvsty_nes @yones54 cuz I wanna see some heat! #nike #colehaan #adidas #kicks Still waiting on @andrew_incogs and @j_q_t btw
mytop3 - kicks - colehaan - adidas - nike -
nvsty_nes : wingtips πŸ‘Œ
hreson : Bro...you gonna make me bust out my shoe game lingo now?? I know y'all were LOLing when I went to that sneaker convention trying to sell my Jordan slippers & trying to talk that lingo πŸ˜‚
touiemontes : @andrew_incogs πŸ™ right on, bro... Show us the heat already! Don't tell me your collection isn't diverse 😈. @nvsty_nes I know you know wassup lol. @hreson put aside your workout shoes for a sec and bust out those hidden gems... I can't wait for your descriptions πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­
yones54 : Don't really have much now days bro. Sold a bunch of stuff and just been busy with work.
touiemontes : @yones54 I don't know if I believe you lol... Your collection has been ridiculous since we were kids! I totally feel you tho... Was just hoping for a glimpse 😜. Aloha, fam!
nvsty_nes : hit em with the foamposite slippers @hreson
hreson : @nvsty_nes @touiemontes wait for it....foamchinellas edition 1. I'll do it. Tomorrow. πŸ˜†
bluedevilgolf : hmmmm....nomination accepted...stay tuned
quitophoto_88 - noel_christopher - purplerinne - nvsty_nes -
DREWZAPALOOZA πŸŽ‰πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸŽ‰ #happybirthdayandrew #bff #mytop3
mytop3 - happybirthdayandrew - bff -
bigdaddy_drew_ : 😍😍😍😍😍
bigdaddy_drew_ : Also I approve
kelseykcoleman : So cute
kenzie_kenz01 - peter_350z - acesneros - dianalpham -
Got called out about my top 3 by one of my customers just now....#shoegameproper #top3kicks #mytop3 #mytopthree #jordan #jordans #instaheat #instakickz
jordans - mytopthree - mytop3 - instaheat - top3kicks - instakickz - jordan - top3challenge - shoegameproper -
aioros76 : Nice choice πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈ
hustle_nomics101 : #top3challenge
ericab_boogie : Space jams def!!
hustle_nomics101 : @ericab_boogie lol you only like jams i swear
_cutmetwice_ - devon_plasterer - _randybermea - mjbslayer -
#mytop3 #mytop3challenge I now challenge @fatboyfresherthanyou @alespops @lapradd @marioj85 @tank502 @rollthebestree @tmoore__
mytop3challenge - nike - mytop3 - kicksforever - igsneakercommunity - jordan - sneakernews - igdaily - kicksology - sneakerhead - kicksdaily -
ceezus85 : #igsneakercommunity #igdaily #Nike #jordan #kicksdaily #kicksology #kicksforever #sneakernews #sneakerhead
lapradd - kiara_budge - supabarbie - kamariadominique -
Cheers to @lukesebastian for the #top3challenge got to nominate @6_5muscleup, Nicole and baby Mariah 1⃣ Nike Air Jordan 7 Hare purchased in 1992 for £15 from Debenhams Cambridge aged 13. my first J's 2⃣Nike Air max 1 Safari copped in Nike NYC in 2009 and worn hundreds of times since. 3⃣ Anyone who knows be knows I rock New Balance more than any other shoe #mytop3 #sneakerheaduk #kingoftrainers #thedropdate #thedailystreet #crepecity #crookedtongues #conplexkicks #nicekicks #kicksonfire #newbalance576 #jordansdaily #jord
conplexkicks - nicekicks - thedailystreet - airmaxkicks - top3challenge - jordanhead - mytop3 - kicksonfire - newbalance576 - jordansdaily - crookedtongues - jord - airmax1 - sneakerheaduk - airmaxalways - thedropdate - kingoftrainers - thegoodoldays - crepecity - jordandepot -
soles_of_mischief : #jordanhead #jordandepot #airmaxalways #airmaxkicks #airmax1
badjuju1 : Dope bro πŸ‘Œ I used to love the sports section in Debenhams, got many a dope starter top and stuff from there back then. Those am1's too πŸ”₯ I wrecked mine after wearing them to death 😞
lukesebastian : Amazing choices bro!!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ”₯πŸ‘ŠπŸ’¦πŸ™Œ
lukesebastian : @kingoftrainers
lukesebastian : @bossofkicks
bossofkicks : Those 7s πŸ‘Œ
soles_of_mischief : @badjuju1 #thegoodoldays
soles_of_mischief : Cheers man πŸ‘Š @lukesebastian
juanma_jmse - tapis__rouge - leonbrownn - twinception_ -
I was nominated by @piforeverzza to post #mytop3 #1 #jordan6oreo #2 #sbdunkliberty and #3 #jordan11concordshigh I nominate @mannelange @acuna84 and @whateverbln
1 - 3 - 2 - sbdunkliberty - mytop3 - jordan11concordshigh - jordan6oreo -
piforeverzza : alle 3 top πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ’•
katezarella : Danke 😘 @piforeverzza
whateverbln : πŸ‘Œ
mannelange : Accepted!!!
piforeverzza - r3n3tattoo - whateverbln - rimasaliv -
Here we go @harrywilbs #mytop3 I nominate @ian_sykes #newbalance1500 x #colette #nikelunar x #fcrb #newbalance574 x size? x #harrods #nbgallery #runnersclubuk
fcrb - mytop3 - nbgallery - harrods - colette - newbalance1500 - nikelunar - runnersclubuk - newbalance574 -
d_dot_mckoy : It's coming it's coming
tattoo_me_keith : @d_dot_mckoy I look forward to it
harrywilbs : Christ, very strong πŸ‘
sehodkinson : πŸ‘Œ
curatedsupply : πŸ”₯
zaki.air : Nice shot!
jamesarmstrong : Those lunar frcb are the one @tattoo_me_keith
ian_sykes : Jono mate. Hear you picked up that mag for me mate. Many thanks @tattoo_me_keith
selmaksebbagh - jonesys_jukebox - sneakersandsupreme - zaki.air -
My top 3 Jordan's I was nominated by @j_camp0s I nominate @elite.bmc @kingkriegz #kotd#mytop3#mikelife
retro3 - mytop3 - instalike - hbg - facebox - mikelife - heat - jordan - kotd - sneakerhead - ovo -
mikesnikes : #heat#hbg#sneakerhead#jordan#ovo#retro3#facebox#instalike
snkrshowcase : FOLLOW TO ENTER GIVEAWay!
_sole_city : Nice shot! Go follow us and @k1ckpics! We will follow back!
elite.bmc : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ i got you.
mikesnikes : Alright an good look
tattooxgalore - snkrshowcase - marscustoms - inciscowetrust -
#cleanSHOT #MyTOP3 #MLNM #HEATchallenge #GODKCLOTHINGCO I CHALLENGE @BRUINBOII @IM_JUS_QUE92 @KINGYEA_XM @BOOMZ2GODK @ALLABOUTABILLION @JBYRDYBYRD @KHALIFAA800 πŸ’₯πŸ”₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ”ŒπŸ”ŒπŸ‘ŸπŸ‘ŸπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ’₯ #TORO6 500$ +TAX 2014 release #champagne6 475$ +TAX 2014 release #Gamma11s 350$ +Tax 2013 release HOW MANY LIKES CAN THIS GET?
mlnm - godkclothingco - mytop3 - champagne6 - heatchallenge - gamma11s - toro6 - cleanshot -
thatguy.d : You trade
jodashark - jbyrdybyrd - danny__bruhhh - im_jus_que92 -
I was nominated by @juenna_shitz & @dieser_rami to post #mytop3 . These are not the "hottest heats" I own but my favorite pairs. #1 - #hare7s are the very first pair of shoes I've ever had when I was a baby and just a few days old. It took me like 5 years now to find a wearable pair my size. #2 - #nike #airmax1 #patta #chlorophyll is a perfect #am1 and definitely one of my favorites. I love almost every #pattanl collabo - they're always dope! #3 - #blackcement3s is the pair I've worn the most, so they had to be in my #top3 . I nominate @xjujulo @katezarella @rapfaible @phillie_blunts & @richie_rocafella_ #mytop3challenge #topthreechallenge #top3challenge #airjordan #aj7 #hare #jordan7 #aj3 #jordan3 #sadp #kickstagram #instakicks #sneakerfreaker #sneakersaddict #todaykicks
todaykicks - chlorophyll - jordan7 - mytop3 - hare - top3 - jordan3 - airjordan - sadp - airmax1 - top3challenge - am1 - 2 - aj7 - kickstagram - sneakerfreaker - hare7s - mytop3challenge - nike - patta - topthreechallenge - 1 - 3 - pattanl - instakicks - sneakersaddict - aj3 - blackcement3s -
rapfaible : Sehr schön!
piforeverzza : @rapfaible danke! gar nicht so einfach πŸ™ˆ wusste nicht nach welchen kriterien ich gehen sollte, deswegen der lange text. musst du natürlich nicht so machen 😁
rapfaible : Ich jetzt auch nicht. Danke fürs überfordern :D
piforeverzza : @rapfaible viel spaß dabei ✌️😁 war eigentlich unzufrieden weil es jetzt nur nike geworden ist und dann auch noch jordans und air max
richie_rocafella_ : Air Max nicht so meins ;) aber die anderen beiden > πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘
piforeverzza : @richie_rocafella_ danke πŸ™Œ air max sind momentan auch nicht mehr so meins, bis auf den chloro und den sport blue trage ich keine mehr so wirklich.. hatte auch erst meine blaze of glorys und und meine icarus drin, aber so ist es "ehrlicher" ^^
katezarella : @piforeverzza Danke πŸ˜„ war voll schwer aber habe mich auch für die entschieden die ich am meisten trage
kubusch - asvp_epic - runnerwally - 1989_four -
I've been nominated by @hrose217 for the #Top3Challenge, so here's #MyTop3! 1st I've got my KD IV #Weatherman, I was second in line to get these back in 2011 and only got charged $90 instead of the $95 retail. 2nd I chose the #orangeleopard Roshes, my absolute favorite colorway on anything, ever. And 3rd I picked #mynikeid KD IV which I have dubbed the Weatherman IIs to compliment the originals! I'll nominate @hamibflo, @brianfritzlar12, @not.ahmad, @danyanwu_81, and @kleimantine. Let's see it #nikefam!
orangeleopard - kicksoftheday - complexkicks - mytop3 - mynikeid - smyfh - nikefam - sneakermates - weatherman - whatthekicks - sneakerwatch - top3challenge - sneakernews - chillbacknkickit - rare_footage - kicks4eva - igsneakercommunity - kicksonfire - peepmysneaks - walklikeus - solecollector - uptown2k - tcsneakerhead - kicks0l0gy - thekreamteam - wdywt - solenation - retropen23 - heatoftheday23 -
captain_lando : @TCSneakerheads #tcsneakerhead #wdywt #walklikeus #whatthekicks #retropen23 #rare_footage #heatoftheday23 #uptown2k #igsneakercommunity #peepmysneaks #solenation #sneakermates #sneakerwatch #solecollector #kicks4eva #kicks0l0gy #kicksonfire #kicksoftheday #complexkicks #chillbacknkickit #thekreamteam #smyfh #sneakernews
fromthe615withlove : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
ramdog_ : Hypebeast!!!
hrose217 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
ibeluc - thanahussein - _geebs - thee_athlete14 -
Nominated by @dinide to do #mytop3 challenge. The 720 SB Dunk which was my first SB Dunk. The Mars Blackmon AJ4, is to commemorate my first pair of AJ I ever had. The Tennis Ball Hypermax because it's loud as fuck and rocked it before Volt became the norm. I nominate @djboywonder @j_q_t @djraboo @jay_snkr @touiemontes @andrew_incogs @edlox @kevinrob Show me what you got! #nike #nikesb #airjordan #airmax #sneakers #kicks #gymshoes
nike - mytop3 - nikesb - airjordan - airmax - gymshoes - sneakers - kicks -
quitophoto_88 : @dinide how I drove home right away to clean it from drinking at the bar? Haha. I'm such a fool
dinide : Epic!
kevinrob : How come your '99 Cement 4s didn't make it?
quitophoto_88 : @kevinrob it's definitely heat, but these have personal stories that out weighs it.
quitophoto_88 : @kevinrob plus the cements needs a transplant πŸ˜”
kevinrob : Check out @redstarcobbler they might be able to help you. Just find a donor. There's a few options you can have other then finding a actual 4
quitophoto_88 : @kevinrob thanks man! With him being local is going to make this decision a lot easier
j_q_t : Dangit now I gotta look through my bins of shoes!
strght - jesssbarnard - francoisprimault - dj_bigron -
Fiiine. Thanks for the nomination @sole_lo23 & @jrlo8o #mytop3: I stayed J'd up. πŸ”΅βš«οΈ Royal I ⚫️βšͺ️ Concord XI πŸ”΄βš«οΈ Bred I Let's see wants on your feet @djsabado @james_lax @oscar_castillo
nicekicks - jordandepot - nike - mytop3 - kicksonfire - bred - royal - peepmysneaks - igsneakercommunity - walklikeus - sneakers - sneakerst - jordan - concord -
emagsino : #Nike #jordan #sneakers #jordandepot #igsneakercommunity #nicekicks #royal #bred #concord #kicksonfire #sneakerst #peepmysneaks #walklikeus
tgifclothing : Nice!
emagsino : what's** πŸ˜‚ @djsabado @james_lax @oscar_castillo
djerge : I need them Royals @emagsino
oscar_castillo : πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
just1nella : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
emagsino - maximeachour - mona2190 - rocweezy -
CALLED OUT BY MY BRO @taylucciano #SNEAKERCHALLENGE #MYTOP3 but really old favs NOW IM CALLING OUT @domo_thefreshmaker @wheres_melo @kj23pg @newyork._
sneakerchallenge - mytop3 -
kj23pg : I got you when I get off
domo_thefreshmaker : I got you when I get off bro
king_kunz - domo_thefreshmaker - yaboidiggs - raetrinity -
Thanks to the tag from @mattkc8 and @coolhands13...here are the winners for my #Top3Challenge: Toy Story Vandals because DUH. Air Max 95 Zen Venti Boots because I KNOW you haven't seen them before. All white Retro Jordan 5's because they're way too fresh. #MyTop3 #ToyStory #BuzzLightyear #AirMax95 #OGcolorway #RetroJordan #Jordan5 ...I challenge @adamluber @mandy_duh @dibsterr
jordan5 - mytop3 - retrojordan - ogcolorway - airmax95 - toystory - top3challenge - buzzlightyear -
johnsrunning : Lol the zen ventis!!
kate_nic : Those boots are too cool!
yungpapi702 : Ugh I regret not stocking up on those 5s when we had them!
dibsterr : K i gotta a lot of thinking to do
mmccoy23 - vnds_t - cheyennekaine - briana_lee_rader -
#mytop3 | Adidas x Bape x UNDFTD ZX5000 | New Balance x Alife Rivington Club M1300AR1 | Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtip | thanks @sveneickhoff for the nomination | I'll pass the choice to @love_it_or_hate_it @herbertboese & @ursksch | go on to show your #top3 if you like... #top3challenge
sneakerlove - complexkicks - teamrunners - mytop3 - sneakerstammtischdΓΌsseldorf - adidaslove - top3 - bape - sadp - arc - undftd - top3challenge - playdirty - zx5000 - therealblacklist - aliferivingtonclub - abathingape - adidasoriginals - lunargrand - undefeated - newbalance - nb1300 - m1300ar1 - smyfh - colehaan - 44runners - sneakersaddict - sneakerfreakerofficial - lunargrandwingtip -
sveneickhoff : πŸ‘
jakeupkicks : #sneakerstammtischdüsseldorf #undftd #bape #zx5000 #adidasoriginals #adidaslove #playdirty #abathingape #undefeated #colehaan #lunargrand #lunargrandwingtip #newbalance #aliferivingtonclub #arc #m1300ar1 #nb1300 #44runners #complexkicks #sneakerlove #sneakerfreakerofficial #teamrunners #therealblacklist #sadp #smyfh #sneakerlove #sneakersaddict
mmews3000 : @jakeupkicks kriegt sie alle!! So oder so... πŸ‘Š
r_forde : Cool!
jakeupkicks : hahaha... πŸ‘Š @mmews3000
love_it_or_hate_it : My Top 3 Soon !
brendo_sb - sneakerb0b - vannie_xo - jordankicksdaily -
I was called out by @dreday_23 I COULDN't Possibly just pick 3 it was hard. I went back to 'O5-O6' I IM CALLING OUT @deo87 @smiley_fresh @lewflywalker #MYTOP3 #SNEAKERCHALLENGE #REALSNEAKERBUYERSBEENATTHIS #YOUNEWTOTHIS
mytop3 - sneakerchallenge - realsneakerbuyersbeenatthis - younewtothis -
boobie_d : Nice
shahera7 : Yessss I had them forces too!!!
msnajee15 - lizchavez89 - london_f_baby - colbi708 -
My guy @bostonsbest1 nominated me to do my top 3 shoes. It's extremely hard to narrow it down to just 3 so I went with the Storm Shadow #wayofwade2 encores, Diablo #wayofwade 2 lows, and the @premierskate x @sauconyoriginals Life on Mars Shadow 6000. #mytop3 right now. I nominate @jflo720 and @greyshot26.
sauconyoriginals - nicekicks - kickstagram - complexkicks - mytop3 - makethechange - wayofwade - sneakernews - igsneakers - saucony - makeyourownway - kotd - wayofwade2 - kicks0l0gy - saucony_shadowlurking - sneakerhead - peepmysneaks - walklikeus - solecollector - igsneakercommunity - todayskicks - complex - sneakerporn - solenation - sneakerfiles - kicksonfire -
zrspear : #kotd #peepmysneaks #todayskicks #sneakernews #sneakerfiles #walklikeus #makeyourownway #makethechange #sauconyoriginals #kicksonfire #solecollector #solenation #saucony #saucony_shadowlurking #complex #complexkicks #kickstagram #kicks0l0gy #igsneakercommunity #igsneakers #sneakerhead #sneakerporn #nicekicks
ascension_fashion_promotion : Dope feed! Follow 4 follow?
dopejoggerz : 😜
kicksrep96 : Awesome photo bruh. Follow @SneakerAlert for sneaker updates every day!
thedopesolez : new products added daily to the site. follow us!
purpleheartco : Nice pic!
jflo720 : Dope choices my guy, this will be the hardest decision for me lol
zrspear : @jflo720 it was for me too man I just picked what I've been wearing the most right now.
heatvshaters - kik3_503 - king_randy6 - kristufer21 -
My top 3 J's I got in my collection #Carmines #Toros #Retro5 #retro6 #retro4 #Sneakerporn #Shoeporn #Kicks #shoes #Top3 #Mytop3 #Jumpman #23isback #Nike #Ds #Fashion #Standforsomething #Thebest #Favorite #mines #Mylilmigo
mylilmigo - fashion - shoes - carmines - mytop3 - 23isback - top3 - kicks - ds - jumpman - retro6 - retro4 - retro5 - shoeporn - nike - thebest - sneakerporn - favorite - mines - standforsomething - toros -
trantonio - freshsincethe80s - i3pehri - allornothing49 -
Thanks to @sexxxikarenntoy for nominating me for the #MyTop3 shit thingy😬 I now nominate @coachgabelazo @seminolesoles & @cspb666
mytop3 -
coachgabelazo : @thebiggie_tres let me get home!!
da_shoe_collector : Shoulda nominated me
jason_mancao - dooby_doo_1 - 13_b4seb4ll_13 - ver305 -
#MyTop3 I was nominated by @y.e.l.l.o I went with the White Cement 4⃣s Classic, Dmp raptor 7⃣s, and the Playoff 9⃣s.. Got em on sale doe haha! I nominate @robertcraver_iii @inkedupshawtyy @finchy2xs n @jaevion__
mytop3 -
inkedupshawtyy : 😩😩😩 this is gone be hard!
way_2trippy : 😭😭 take yo time haha @inkedupshawtyy
jaevion__ : Damn it is gne b hard frfr.. But ima do it when i make it bck home
misterchevyyy - sagtowns_truest - srudolph44 - inkedupshawtyy -
Top 3 challenge mix up. 1. Procut Jordan Bulls away 2. Procut Jordan Bulls home 3. Procut Jordan Wizards home Jersey. πŸ˜ƒ
nikeairjordan - nikejordans - iloveswoosh - mytop3 - niketalk - nike - walklikeus - airjordan - top3challenge - wdywt - mj - photooftheday -
jcuk23 : #top3challenge #mytop3 #niketalk #nikejordans #nikeairjordan #nike #photooftheday #iloveswoosh #walklikeus #WDYWT #airjordan #mj
asf_baller - soletight - 1ballis_life - dru.breeze -
S/O to @_londons_very_own_ken for nominating me for the #Top3Challenge. My 3 favourite shoes in my collection at the moment are as follows: 1) Nike Air Jordan IV 'Bred' 2) Nike Air Trainer 1 'Infrared' 3) New Balance 1500NBP 'Made In England' I don't have an amazing story behind each of these shoes nor do I even really have a valid reason why any of them are in my top 3, but these are the shoes that remind me, each and every time I look at them, why I love and collect sneakers. They bring back that rush and excitement to when I first started to collect and they do 'make me feel some type of way'. I'm still young and only got into sneakers recently, but these 3 shoes, I know I will look back on in years to come and they'll remind me of now and bring back a ton of memories. But until then, they're just meaningless shoes that I like the look of. I nominate: @bull1trc @yoanty @dbtown24 I doubt any of them will actually see this lol so I'm also going to nominate: @phillysgotsole @the_monsta @arthur_daley @riojaeneiro Sorry for the rant and thanks a lot for reading!! ✌
kickstagram - sneakersociety - londonsneakerheadsociety - todayskicks - heatonthestreets - teamdjdelz - londonkickgame - top3challenge - sneakernews - teamtmcii - sneakerhead - crepecity - bred4s - onfeet - airtrainer1 - tblake - sneakeroftheday - walklikeus - igsneakercommunity - kicks0l0gy - newbalance1500 - sneakerfam - freshlaces - sneakerheaduk - kicksonfire - instakicks - wdywt - kotd - mytop3 -
the_originatar : @officialpirtle πŸ‘Š
heavykicksuk : Definitely feeling this pic! #fresh
the_originatar : πŸ‘Š @heavykicksuk
jakekingmb : Gay
the_originatar : @jakekingmb Why's that?
jakekingmb : No carbon fiber
the_originatar : @jakekingmb Lool ok then
giulioerrante : follow meπŸ˜ƒand i follow you back
creditforpresident - arthur_daley - dantewizzy - jaybo1985 -
#mytop3 #jordanXI @matwith0net @sfgeronimo87 and @eeenore show them shoes.
mytop3 - jordanxi -
sf_dee10 : @matwith0net haha we was thinking about that yesterday.
eeenore : Ano? Lol
sf_dee10 : @eeenore I guess there is a thing going around to post ur top 3 shoes..
sf_dee10 : @eeenore and they don't have to be Jordans πŸ‘ πŸ‘‘πŸ‘ŸπŸ‘žπŸ‘’
eeenore : Oh man, 3 isn't enough then lol #moderndayimeldamarcos 😬
crsnguyen : Heyyyy my Breds
youngbeebz : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
2ksarangay : You going to sneakercon?
lopez238 - 2ksarangay - katgrca - chodya -
My top 3 πŸ‘Œ Was nominated by: @munch178 I nominate @ben_doan23 @dskakavac @kyle___johnson @djerge @gsw_jim @mannyambriz #carmine6 #infared13 #infared11
mytop3 - carmine6 - infared11 - infared13 -
maxwojo21 : ew 13sπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
azn_blazen : I'm wearin them tmrw 😜 @maxwojo21
maxwojo21 : tbh I want your 6s but I don't have money
maxwojo21 : especially not what you want them for
azn_blazen : $310 @maxwojo21
maxwojo21 : yeah I'm broke dude
azn_blazen : Yup! @munch178 I'm lookin for some bred 11's and Fear 4's I can cop for retail rn 😁
munch178 : Lol. @azn_blazen I'll keep an eye out for u @azn_blazen
baileybryy - ahwang2000 - azn_matt10 - ethanchloe -
Thanks for nominating @_janesh_ @kingairnike #mytop3: Dunk high brut Dunk high jason voorhees Dunk high statue of liberty We nominate @overkill_marc @soleboxhikmet @slbrthr #mytop3challenge
mytop3 - schuhstΓ€dtler - schuhstadt - mytop3challenge - schuhstaedtler -
schuhstaedtler : #schuhstadt #schuhstädtler #schuhstaedtler
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Top3challenge 1.Bred 4s my daily shoe. A shoe I wear daily and have been alot through including breaking my foot in and wearing for the first time I ever traveled over seas with. Its a love hate relationship but I still keep it and every time I get my hands on a ds pair I end up selling them and keeping these beat pair. 2. Kd florals. Because they are different like me. I dont care that people give me stick about loving this shoe so much I honestly cant flaw it I love the design. This is a shoe that I searched high and low and was honestly stoked about. A shoe I'd never sell and I sell alot of shoes :) 3. Last but not least my first ever shoe I bought instore metallic 5s at kickz101 I live in tassie so the options ain't as good as other parts of the world to cop in person. For me I've always loved sneakers but true love was always mj and what he was about so I bought these shoes and an authetic jersey to match at kickz101 j remeber this was a great time in my life. I was very proud to have both. 4- few others I like :) hehe Thanks @bobby_hurley and jack dong for the nomination I choose now @joeyptbender @jdarnold24 @ohyomax
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marcos__1990 : @kane_md89 they the bomb bro.
thesolesupplier : The styling on these is great
youngbeebz : Those lebron azg 😍
marcos__1990 : Still ds bro imma wear them soon! @youngbeebz
youngbeebz : I'll just sit here and wait for a retroπŸ™
tracey_wong : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
thedopesolez : follow back?
djmikemurda : πŸ™Œ
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Been putting it off, but here they are. #mytop3 #dmp6s #kobe9elite #grapes5s #darkgrape5s #swooshlife #jordan #jordans #kobe #basketball
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estevez145 : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
estevez145 : #JEALOUS
youngbeebz : πŸ’―βœ”οΈ
xoxofrom_amy : Jealous!
finesportsprints : Super!
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#MYTOP3 ...really can't post like how I want to ah nigga at work riight nii #challengedby @ty_gotti1 but I challenge @longway_longway_ @_caj__ @he_662 and @imfreshprince
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fred_that_guyy : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @_supasavage_300
gerrig_14 : You won Fam, I Dont even want to post my top 3 now
_supasavage_300 : Lol you got some πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ in yo stash gone post @gerrig_14
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Got nominated from my lil bro Esteban. Ok here's my top 3 Danny S. Nike dunk SB Jordan 16's why/navy Cole haan lunargrand wingtip Woodbury. #kicks #sneakers #jordans #colehaan #lumargrand #nike #dunksb #igsneakercommunity #kickz #iger #igdaily I nominate @coast3 @tr3y_hrsjr @beatbenda for #top3challenge
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fromthe615withlove : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
estobien_forever : I knew you had some heat still left lol
chreezy31 : Yea. Was goin to put bred 1's but u had them on there already. Was actually Gona post a pick of my wall. But it wouldn't fit in my camera lol. I have 13 pairs of cole haan lunargrand.... And of them could've just bn my top 3 lol. @estobien_forever
chreezy31 : #lunargrand
chreezy31 : #mytop3
chreezy31 : Oh and I nominate @chrisyankton too
kicksrep44 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Sick shot my manπŸ‘Œ Follow @JustFreshKicks for Sneaker updates dailyπŸ’―πŸ™Œ
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Nominated by @dwizzle_622 for the #mytop3 challenge. Before the runner hype, there were AM1 Chilis. I thought I would never own a pair of Supremes, but perfect timing and a fellow SB head came through. I knew I HAD to have the Lights Out Pacquiaos when I first saw them, took me 5 years to land my pair. @dthangel @quitophoto_88 @jsonviquez @andrewabandrew @anthony_stark Flaunt your sh1t!! #nike #airmax #am1 #chilis #airmaxalways #airmaxchicago #sb #sbdunk #supreme @supremenewyork #k1ckpushcoast #airtrainer #pacquiao @emmanuelpacquiao #sus #shoecago_sole #wdywtchicago #csekicks #soleviento #kream #msxsneakers #soletoday #nicekicks #stashedboxes #complexkicks
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munch178 : DOPE! I like that ol skool flava yo @dinide
zaki.air : Dope
dinide : Thanks! @zaki.air
csole23 : Since ur Rizal AF1 ain't there send em here 😁 @dinide
dinide : @csole23 Doh! Forgot about those lol
dinide : #nikefeetheat
boosiemchugh : I like
yodayia : πŸ”₯
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Ill play along thanks @pfreshwes #mytop3 #hufAM1 #hufAM90 #gucciSB #am1 #am90 #nikesbhigh #nike #rockemdontstockem i nominate @dinide @munch178 @saulgood312 and @dznutz621 (if ur IG is working yet lol)
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munch178 : Nice. I gotchu bro @dwizzle_622
saulgood312 : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
zaki.air : Very nice!
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