Look at that face. πŸ’— #snyper #labsofinstagram #cutedogs #furbaby @rayruel
furbaby - soulmates - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - besties - cutedogs - labsofinstagram - snyper -
adrianarr9 : @glammoms2013 u may have to pay the weight few lolπŸ™Š
adrianarr9 : *fee
glammoms2013 : He's worth it!!!
adrianarr9 : @glammoms2013 he's worth it all! πŸ’—πŸ’Έ
glammoms2013 : Lol so are you!!! #soulmates
adrianarr9 : @glammoms2013 #besties #soulmates #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours
thebeautypuzzle : That is one handsome fur baby!
beauty2shoozzz : πŸ’œ
rayruel - katetheredhead - b_i_g_e14 - jessiemouse28 -
Sorry I can't hear you over having the best soulmate ever #ravenclaw #harrypotter #yesthoseareharrypotterthemedcandles #frozen #coffee #sterekbook #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #technicallythehatisntminebUTSTILL
coffee - frozen - harrypotter - yesthoseareharrypotterthemedcandles - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - sterekbook - ravenclaw - technicallythehatisntminebutstill -
samrakaaahn : πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
dealbo - samrakaaahn - michiss_ - akiss_the_don -
I love it!!!! #valentinesday #free! #iwatobiswimclub #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours
valentinesday - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - iwatobiswimclub - free -
liz_mv : @bluebell23 I'm giggling like a dork over mermaid haru 😁😁😁😁
bluebell23 : Awww I'm so glad you liked it lol we have matching key chains :P ❀️ #soulmatesforever
aariana_13 - bluebell23 - arely4682 - lindse_yyyy -
I've been sick so @mal_woww bought me presents to make me feel better. #loveyou #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #sparkleeveryday πŸ’˜βœ¨πŸ‘―πŸŽ€πŸ’„
sparkleeveryday - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - loveyou -
teenieshaw - mal_woww - missyhertzler - daniellelynn2 -
#mysoulmateisbetterthanyours πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‰πŸ™†πŸ˜β˜Ί
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
proverbs31and30 : Love it!!
mansheaven : That's really sweet.
lisamarietwenty4 - the_roe_movement - herballgirl - roxx._ -
The greatest gift in life is them... The one thing money can't buy... the feeling in my heart i get when i see my lil family... #laylanichole #babygirl #daddysgirl #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours
daddysgirl - babygirl - laylanichole - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
amazing_grace86 - a_zandate3 -
Its a soulmate thing. Everything else is not our issue! #loveher #sneakyselfies #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #itswhatdreamsaremadeof #aliveinparadise
loveher - sneakyselfies - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - itswhatdreamsaremadeof - aliveinparadise - lifewithoutyouisnolifeatall -
parterface : i wanna be there.
imsorrygrandma : I wish you were here @parterface
thatiamsupersam : 2 beautiful humans πŸ‘Œ
run_wildd : LOVE YOU! #lifewithyouisadream
imsorrygrandma : @thatiamsupersam was a pleasure to have met you. Such a gorgeous soul!!! Xo πŸ’œ
thatiamsupersam : You also! We must have a drinking sesh πŸ‘Œ
_kaitysnails_ - heresmynumbercallmehayley - parterface - run_wildd -
Fucking YUM!!! Thankyou @run_wildd #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #soulmate #superhealthy #canandwillcook #loveher
superhealthy - soulmate - loveher - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - canandwillcook -
jazbambamwalker : Looks amazing babe :)
imsorrygrandma : Was dam delicious babe. Stuffed sweet potato. Vego style. πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ Its been so long. I miss you @jazbambamwalker xoxox hope you're well.
jazbambamwalker : It has.. Must catch up soon πŸ˜” I'm good and you @imsorrygrandma
mariasilje : Yum! It looks good 😍
run_wildd - sim_fal - parterface - theworldaccordingtochris -
This girl is my favorite human being. You're beautiful baby! Happy birthday! #caliwhyyougodingding #shesatotalbasketcase #IWANTYOUJOHN #babyrun #scarecrowscarecow #whatififall #ohmydarling #butwhatifyoufly #yourewatchingharrypotter..areyoucrying?! #wedidit #whatchuwant #babyigotit #shesprecious! #whatdoyouthinkofher #saltwater #oceanjumps #roadtrips #rumpleminz #souley #solemates #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #ummshesmygirlfriend #willyouholdmyhand #biffles #ilavayouboo #besties #BIGGIESMALLSIDEAD?!
willyouholdmyhand - besties - whatchuwant - babyigotit - whatififall - wedidit - ummshesmygirlfriend - oceanjumps - saltwater - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - solemates - ohmydarling - whatdoyouthinkofher - biffles - biggiesmallsidead - souley - scarecrowscarecow - roadtrips - caliwhyyougodingding - butwhatifyoufly - shesatotalbasketcase - yourewatchingharrypotter - rumpleminz - ilavayouboo - shesprecious - babyrun - iwantyoujohn -
destany.shea : I should probably tag you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @lmalloril
lmalloril : #bestbirthdaypostever #URDABEST
lmalloril : ❀️❀️❀️😍🌻🌊🌊
sevalencia21 - swab_bosco - sincerely_liv - zophillipss -
This human! #sideordie #soulmates #loveher #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #leaveamark
loveher - leaveamark - soulmates - sideordie - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
run_wildd : man, words cannot express how much I love you!
imsorrygrandma : Probably about half as much as I love you @run_wildd xxx
run_wildd - tiannaleighhh - _lateiya - morganpaigejesse -
Being 600 miles away never changes a thing πŸ’œ #MySoulmateIsBetterThanYours
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
arabel523 : πŸ˜‰
jessss_ferraro : Forever && always. πŸ’œ
arabel523 : Hey hey I don't get those @jessss_ferraro πŸ˜’
yourstrulycassi : Haha I'm special πŸ’ @arabel523
linso22 - tactic_kitty - magdiel_21 - daniparedesp -
#MySoulmateIsBetterThanYours #T&T
t - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
jenfalk7 - jojoajw -
She smells like sunshine, daisies, and love~ My bby never let's me down. #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
haleymarieew : CUTEπŸ’•πŸ’•
nnnnyelhsa - monicanguyen_95 - jrmavericks - bpatague -
You can't explain it, it's just magical❀️ #wedontdolabels #lastnight #marquee #welovevegas #readyfornight2! #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours
lisisstillsayingputitinmymouth - whoisjohn - marquee - readyfornight2 - lookhimup - iforgot - keepputtingitinmymouth - dontletjohnjudgeyou - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - hegoestosleepatmidnight - wedontdolabels - lastnight - welovevegas - weneedashot - letussurfboard -
wrathofcath : #iforgot #weneedashot #dontletjohnjudgeyou #whoisjohn #lookhimup #hegoestosleepatmidnight
wrathofcath : #letussurfboard #lisisSTILLsayingputitinmymouth
ciscofierce : #thatanglethough
wrathofcath : @ciscofierce #keepputtingitinmymouth
ay_neda : #flawless
boopshine : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
andrade_44 - jessicarosejara - phatcollectibles - lisreal -
Happy birthday to my amazing gorgie soulmate!! We have both grown so much and there is nothing I would change. Every time either of us were sad or mad, I love how we had no hesitation to show up at each other's door steps with brew and stoggies. I love the understanding we have for each other and I thank you for always being there for meπŸ’œ I miss our lazy Sundays together eating pho and staying in watching shows. Although we are 260 miles a part, the miles can't break us! I wish you the best birthday because you definitely deserve it! Keep up all your hard work in school and work, you make me so proud!! I love you and will definitely make up celebrating this special day with you!! πŸ’œπŸ’œ #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours πŸ‘­
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
maramis_rayray - bents_apparel - hungssterrr - jaykaytee88 -
Having the worst day ever and I come home to surprises from my two valentines - My mummsy and my Taco Soulmate. #LoveThem #iCried #StillCrying #MyMommyIsBetterThanYours #MySoulMateIsBetterThanYours #Valentines #HappyValentinesDay
icried - stillcrying - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - mymommyisbetterthanyours - happyvalentinesday - valentines - lovethem -
fiveorfifty : 24/7 365 ♥
noboa_jnl - alyssam005 - fiveorfifty - whiterabbit3191 -
meet my new little cheer buddy! thanks to @hollyiswhite. he is living in my cheer bag and will rawr at me when i chicken out of new skills <^~^> #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
hollyiswhite : He will make you brave and hug you when you're sad @aharuty
emilyjaydee_cheer : That is actually the best idea!! @aharuty @hollyiswhite
onemoretran : He's so cute I'm so jealous!
ford_jam - yerrealoriginal - rave88 - yumariefujii -
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SOULMATE!!!! I love u and I am truly blessed to have u in my life. I wish absolutely nothing but the best for u and I hope u have an amazing day... See u in a few hours... Yay!! @yessibaez #birthday #dirtythirty #soulmate #established1998 #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #gorgeous #amazingheart #sheloveshard #blessed #fewhoursaway #TIMBER
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - amazingheart - blessed - timber - birthday - sheloveshard - gorgeous - established1998 - soulmate - dirtythirty - fewhoursaway -
mehdsterrr : I'm confused at who's who lol you girls look identical lol happy birthday @yessibaez
nane3294 : LOL.. Wait til u see us together in person.. We really don't look alike.. @mehdsterrr
nane3294 : LMAO.. @zamirkazi ur too much..
mehdsterrr : Lmaooo you would lol @zamirkazi
yessi.baez : @nane3294 omg babe I love this.. I am so blessed to have u in my life she u in a few hours muah
lady_boss911 : HAPPY BIRTHDAY
yessi.baez : @mehdsterrr thank you
big_suge10 : Happy birthday @yessibaez ! Hope you have a good one
maxwellcavalini - isislugo - jayrose84 -
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
tbonespecial - raye_babe - jrarcieri - kitty_sizzle -
The most perfect ring I've ever seen! #Ritani #engaged #flawless #cushion #brilliant #halo #love #Igettomarrymybestfriend #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #yay #NomoreKC @mangomatto
love - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - brilliant - engaged - ritani - flawless - cushion - nomorekc - yay - igettomarrymybestfriend - halo -
365_days_of_being_thankful : Yay! So excited for you!
kango78 : Thanks!!!!!
postonek : Beautiful ring!!
kango78 : He designed it himself! I am wowed!
ccarmichael0806 : Congrats!! It's beautiful like you!! πŸ’—
kango78 : Awe thanks!!!!☺️
gamecockeric : Congrats!
kango78 : Thanks!!!!
chadalynch - cmatthewferguson - cat_jaws - 365_days_of_being_thankful -
I love you @brooklynstyles3 πŸ‘­β€πŸ’€πŸ˜šπŸŒˆπŸ‘œπŸ‘œ #michaelkors #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #merryfuckingchristmas
michaelkors - merryfuckingchristmas - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
halepot : Merry Christmas Bitches!!!! @brooklynstyles3
rehananvond - alissakate29 - calla_lilly477 - tiikanicole -
Post Holla-Day Hop Pics with my fellow elves πŸŽ„β„ #yesthadspilledhotchocolateonkylie #santababy #santaslittlehelpers #naughtyandnice #thanksforcoming!!! πŸŽ…
naughtyandnice - santababy - santaslittlehelpers - yesthadspilledhotchocolateonkylie - thanksforcoming - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
ky_crock : I love you so much hahaπŸ˜‚β€οΈ
tbo12 : Hahaha I love you so much! Like so much!! Hahaha these pictures crack me up πŸ˜‚ #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours @ky_crock πŸ‘­β€
meganjayne_ : Cuties!!!!
breeahnna : I ❀️ Kelli Jo Zahn. @kellijozahn
mokramer_8 - hoopgurl_22 - tyyyy_11 - kelseyyy753 -
#WCW #VianeyAlejandra&DanielaAlejandra #ihadto #MySoulmateIsBetterThanYours #MyHyna
myhyna - ihadto - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - wcw - vianeyalejandra -
vnameow : 😚 #forever I love you! @dani_ale
dani_ale - vnameow - whoisfredjones - baconstrips_and_music -
#shegetsme #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #hukelau
shegetsme - hukelau - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
curlyq992 : πŸ˜ŽπŸ’™πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ‘―
curlyq992 - lyssnlil - rjlarusso - morganthedude -
#truth #reallove #ambition #letsdoit #igotmine #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours
igotmine - letsdoit - truth - ambition - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - reallove -
amberrr_renae - meishavernell - sololyn -
"Their journeys parallel our own." -M. Russell Ballard. Best week everβ˜ΊπŸ—»β€πŸŒΎ #trekinfordays #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #lovethischurch
lovethischurch - trekinfordays - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
chankunz : "This is pretty much the worst fire ever made"πŸ”₯πŸ™ #loveyou #soulmates
trissybracken : Haha wow I love you. #matchingsoulmatesforever
jessa_may : Thanks!πŸ˜„ @jmchandler2002 hahahahahaha oh my we are hilariousπŸ˜‚ @chankunz ahhh I love you more! We are so coolπŸ˜πŸ™Œβ€ @trissy_clark
juliegdavis : I love trek. So glad you guys had a good time. @jessa_may
emalee_estrada : I just went a couple weeks ago! And I think to the same place haha seriously one of the most spiritual experiences ever! I cried like all week haha 😁
jessa_may : Haha I know me too! So incredible. Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks! @juliegdavis
jessa_may : Ahhh really?! I agree a hundred percent. And me too!! The women's pullπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜­ But even just being on those grounds was like being in the temple(: @emalee_estrada
emalee_estrada : I know exactly what you mean (: and don't even talk to me about the women's pull! 😭😭 it was bad, but so awesome (:
elder_judy_ - elliecastellie - shelbydawn6 - _carlyjanelle_ -
#mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #mountholyokecollege #myheartisinthesouth #autumn #mohome
autumn - myheartisinthesouth - mohome - mountholyokecollege - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
curlyq992 : This was the background on my computer for the longest time. I love my soulmate.
curlyq992 - tbonespecial - sabe3442 - morganthedude -
That time we went to Martha's Vineyard
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
mitch20c : #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours
curlyq992 : The Vine Yard! Good times!
hannahirushing : Weird times.
curlyq992 - trawls24 - larrycow72 - mrnav -
@curlyq992 you will never guess what I'm drinking!!! Happy 4th of July!! #southcarolina #myheartisinthesouth #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #independenceday #checkoutmyballernails
checkoutmyballernails - independenceday - myheartisinthesouth - southcarolina - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
tbonespecial - bubbblebuttt - jesspierik - trawls24 -
Someone in Charleston knows me very, very well. <3 #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #motherofmyunbornchildren#collegehousinglotterydidrightbyme #nowinstagramknowsyouraddress @curlyq992
motherofmyunbornchildren - beentheredonethat - nowinstagramknowsyouraddress - collegehousinglotterydidrightbyme - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
curlyq992 : Instagram now also knows that I don't mind using Christmas stamps in the middle of the summer. And here I was thinking no one would ever know.
oriocookie : Instagram now knows your address too.
rjlarusso : @oriocookie yikes, good point!
mitch20c : @oriocookie what's the worst that can happen? A crackhead will stumble into my apartment? #beentheredonethat
oriocookie : @morganthedude
shmam1234 : Lol
hannahirushing : I can think of worse
curlyq992 - kelleecm - rjlarusso - jesspierik -
The suuuuuuper amazing picture @marcvand painted for me!!!! I lolololoooove it! #AbsolutelyNoFilter #MySoulmateIsBetterThanYours
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - absolutelynofilter -
marccthesharkk : Well, I don't think your soulmate is better than mine!
marccthesharkk : Thank you:) @emma_lynnn
santeenuh : @marcvand ahh shoot you're embarrassing me 😚
jerserslert : That's beautiful β€β€β€πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’•
shutupshelbyy - rosa_rogers556 - jos.lynn - mortsbelt -
Different shades of sexy. Intense. #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours #dontyouwishyoursoulmatewashotlikemine My wickedes lav @nessa_maurice
dontyouwishyoursoulmatewashotlikemine - mysoulmateisbetterthanyours -
evadivasheva : Nice
nanajoa_sika : @_mzfu ff bk swt
me__chelle - tipsyycandyy - naaadjeley_ - adwoapinamang -
Best friend and I last night!! #CaliNights #yeawecute #mysoulmateisbetterthanyours 😘
mysoulmateisbetterthanyours - calinights - yeawecute -
jessicadwill - lovemeadoreme321 - mucho_mimi - b_alli -
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