True friends don't have to see each other all the time! True friends don't have to talk to each other every day! True friends can go without each other for a long time being separated by time and distance, and yet when they meet and/or speak to one another again, they find no problems, no obstacles to carry on with where they left off the last time ...whether a day, a week, a month or a year ago!! #friends #Friendship #feelings #moments #life #Truth #TrueFriendship #smiling #Smile #NoTimeNorSpaceWillSeparateUs #MyOwnWords
truefriendship - life - moments - friends - feelings - notimenorspacewillseparateus - truth - smile - smiling - friendship - myownwords -
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#Original #myownwords #thoughts #thoughtoftheday #fallinginlove #society #notaccurate #inlove #theflowofthetide #inmyhumbleopinion #notinlove #dontbeafraid
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I smile because I'm a work in progress. I don't have everything I desire, no huge bank acct, cars, houses, etc. But I have a home to call my own, a job to provide, a son that adores and loves me beyond words, parents that will love me right or wrong, friends that are more like family and a GOD that amazes me everyday whether my blessing be big or small. Its amazing because its one of his blessings he felt I deserved. Far from perfect but in his eyes I'm beautiful and a precious soul that's learning everyday her worth πŸ‘πŸ’žπŸ’‹ #MyOwnWords
myownwords -
mrsgrind_tillwegetit : #stayblessed
_bam_bam_flinstone_babii : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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It takes a good start to get to a perfect end. A perfect amount of endurance to get that goal and one healthy choice to change your life #myownwords #fitness
fitness - myownwords -
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The moment u feel as if the world has there backs turned against u. Then u realize there is one person still there beside u. With soft hands to wipe your tears. With little arms to hold u near. Gentle eyes, with a love that never dies. Someone so small but is capable of giving u all the strength u need, to hold on to life, and face a world that once felt so empty. - SV πŸ’¬ SVP #goodnightfaces #my❀❀❀andi #somepoetry πŸ“ƒ #imisswriting πŸ“ #poetry #closestthingtomusic🎢 #myownwords #wordsarejustwordsπŸ” πŸ”‘ #untilyouchangeit β™» #intosomethingmeaningful πŸ“‘πŸ’žπŸ’•
intosomethingmeaningful - goodnightfaces - wordsarejustwords - poetry - closestthingtomusic - somepoetry - imisswriting - my - untilyouchangeit - myownwords -
snoekone : @gbanda544 Thank You. Same to you and your family :D
snoekone : @ignoranceisfutile I got work in the morning..
dah_jojo : You need to publish your poem and writing!!! They will definitely become #1 best seller
gbanda544 : Thank u mis@snoekone =}
snoekone : @dah_jojo puahaha I wouldn't go that far..but I'm glad u have confidence in me lol
dah_jojo : Of course I'll always will!!
snoekone : @dah_jojo aw!!! Thanks sistah!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
ss_cinna : 😘😘😘☺
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One of the many roads that will lead you to be phenomenal. Cause greatness isn't enough. #myownwords #masteryourself #staygreat
staygreat - myownwords - masteryourself -
swazie_tha_don : @rickeyjx29
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swazie_tha_don : Pass this on to anybody who you know. They may need it. ✊
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jazlynshipman : this >>>
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Sometimes we hold on to people or things because we're comfortable. During that time we also lose out on the right things, because we're so focused on the wrong. I've learned a lot from my last relationship, no regrets. Just a big eye opener. Remember what's meant to be... WILL BE. Never force what's initially not for you. πŸ™Œ #MyOwnWords
myownwords -
hsilva23 : That's so true πŸ‘
dneufuss : Miss you! What r u doing this weekend!?
meekleek : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
polo__dulo : Don't !!!!! πŸ‘
angie_xxv : I miss you too! Idk yet let's plan something ! Text me 203-554-6838 @dneufuss
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#myownwords i guess
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Good things come to those who surround themselves with good vibes! ✨ Goodmorning πŸ’‹
life - bekind - love - words - chances - quote - betrue - instaquote - stayhumble - goals - grateful - wakeup - wisdom - makeupartist - change - myownwords - qotd - innerbeauty - badvibes - instawords - work - followyourheart - morning - spoken - goodvibes - mua - truth - dreambig - quoteoftheday - happy -
hanan_chahid : Dank je wel lieverd πŸ’‹ @mounylove
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hanan_chahid : Thank you @roytaylormusic πŸ™
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You may not get what you want today .. but will get it when you need it the most! We all go go through tough times - that's life. But 'Nothing happens to you, it happens for you.' See the positive in negative events. Have a gr8 day ahead #positivevibes #myownwords #dreambig #livebigger
dreambig - positivevibes - livebigger - myownwords -
humblewarriorfit : Super!
ornellamauro_ : Beautiful!
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How am I supposed to fly when you left part of me broken? You wanted me to smile, be happy and yet I'm still bleeding. Don't you think it's time to fix our wings and look into the moonlit nights, With open minds, two beating hearts and our shiny bright eyes?! How am I supposed to fly, when you took part of me with you? #Feelings #emotions #moments #broken #happiness #Smile #MyOwnWords
broken - happiness - moments - smile - myownwords - emotions - feelings -
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Follow your dreams and chase the stars. No one can define who you are πŸŒ™πŸŒŒ #quoteoftheday #qotd #myownwords #instasize #proudofwhoiamtoday #neverphased #passedmydriverstest #whatwhatinthebutt #selfie #likeforlike #l4l #followforfollow #f4f
qotd - l4l - proudofwhoiamtoday - passedmydriverstest - followforfollow - selfie - instasize - whatwhatinthebutt - f4f - likeforlike - myownwords - neverphased - quoteoftheday -
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I'm a Dream Architect. There is a method to my madness as I create and construct a way to reach my dreams. #dream #mywisdom #inspire #create #motivation #journey #vision #words #myownwords #truth #morning #gm
motivation - mywisdom - inspire - create - words - morning - journey - truth - gm - dream - vision - myownwords -
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You will never get far if you lose faith in yourself. Always believe and you'll show you and the world. #believe #inspire #faith #trying #theskyisnotthelimit #nolimits #dontgiveup #keepmoving #life #motivate #words #myownwords #thoughts #mywisdom #gn
faith - life - mywisdom - inspire - nolimits - theskyisnotthelimit - motivate - keepmoving - trying - words - gn - believe - dontgiveup - thoughts - myownwords -
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When your friends tell you that they care about and trust you, you normally go ahead and believe them, judging by the close and intimate relationship you all lead. However, sometimes the truth even costs friendships, unfortunately! The moment one speaks their mind and the friend does not like what they are hearing, there's two ways to go round this discussion: (1) you really are valued as a friend: (A) your friend will agree with you (B) your friend does not agree with your point of view, states their own and tries to make you see that you are wrong. In case of argument, both will try to solve the situation to put more importance on the friendship than this argument. (2) your friendship doesn't mean as much to them as they always say it does: (A) they get mad and shut you off like someone they only met yesterday (B) They say "ok" and give you the silent treatment until you feel soo bad and miss them so much that you actually end up apologising for stating your opinion True friendship can take and appreciates truth even if it turns out that it was wrong. True friendship that gets developed over time can take the truth even though opinions might be different. So, what are you or who you want to be? Do you want to be a friend and let them know that they are wrong? Or are they just someone you fill your time with, pretending to be a friend but making them be sure that they are right in what they believe? #friends #Friendship#feelings #moments #life #Truth #Lies #MyOwnWords
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"The Sun and You" #poetry #sun #sunandyou #poems #poem #thoughts #writing #myart #mythoughts #therapy #myownwords #passtime #poet #poems
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Love is ...... ... being nervous around the other! ... trying to do everything right! ... feeling incomplete when alone! ...And all only to make sure that the other one is happy and feeling good! Even when it makes you cry sometimes, you know it's love when the other's happiness makes you matter at what cost! #happiness #Smile #love #loyalfriendship #yourhappinessismyhappiness #MyOwnWords
loyalfriendship - love - smile - yourhappinessismyhappiness - happiness - myownwords -
katiiushka_mars : πŸ’œ@ayoo_jester πŸ’œ
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Can you be held guilty for a thought? a thought that has been manifested by inception - by a seed planted through teachings? #Ideologies #Preacher #Sinner #Sanctum #Student #Life #ArtIsAWayOfLife #Creativity #MyOwnWords #Thoughts #FreeYourMind #Rules #Religion #Belief #Truth
life - belief - rules - sanctum - freeyourmind - creativity - truth - ideologies - preacher - religion - student - artisawayoflife - myownwords - thoughts - sinner -
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There's always someone who cares for you without your knowledge. A really good friend once told me: "You'll never be alone! Although I cannot always be there for you, but I'm always there!" And it's true....he's always there when I need him! So never think you're alone cause you're not!! #friends #Friendship #feelings #moments #life #thinkofyou #neveralone #MyOwnWords
life - moments - friends - neveralone - feelings - thinkofyou - friendship - myownwords -
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#MYOWNWORDS #PROUDFATHER I LOVE YOU @ashleymariel @nataliemarielll @anthonycruz1110
proudfather - myownwords -
missjotwin : πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
nataliemarielll : Making me cry😒 love you too dad
anthonycruz1110 : Your makeing me cry to
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Life is interesting and wonderful when you make it happen... lol.. #amIgoingcrazy #myownwords #behappy #lifeisawesome.. Hapiii Sunday my dearies.. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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ashwxryaa_rxj : @lindasoosay auntie you look prettay ♥️
koripapa76 : Nice!πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
lindasoosay : Thanks my cutie girl @ashwxryaa_rxj
lindasoosay : Thanks.. @koripapa76 πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰
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Poem: without a words I feel I suppose not to be alone But I have a feeling inside I am alone still You never understand How that can be difficult surrounding me Sometimes it giving me a hard times through life is never easy I still don't know why Figure my life can be harder to give up than I thought Without a words you know Every times you never hear my voice changes When you never hear I cry myself every long hours I fear my thought I listen from a whispers Keeps repeat on my minds There aren't change anything to fix I still don't know why I feel somehow I am escape from nowhere to go Don't you see that way sometimes I am sad without a words You never there for me a million times You never understand Every times you never seen me while I am writing with my own songs Don't you see that way I feel I am holding with grieving pains Never ends... I still don't know why Keeps me confusion inside conflict these feelings Figure I feel to speak up on my own This is one thing I've been dream of Don't you see that way I have my own gift You never hear my song By: Mimi (Melanie Rose) #mypoem#expression #myownwords
mypoem - expression - myownwords -
cachmay : @funkyrose4 ❀️😘 you !
funkyrose4 : Auntie, 😘❀️ you too! @cachmay
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#compare #youareenough #journey #myownwords #66days2change #12wbt make your journey your own,
compare - journey - youareenough - 12wbt - 66days2change - myownwords -
zuzivilla : πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸƒπŸ΄πŸ˜‰
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Hey. I like you!! 😊😊 Why is it that those three simple words that are supposed to make us feel so extraordinaryly good make us feel so shy and embarrassed sometimes? Look at the pic and tell me that ain't the cutest thing you've ever seen!! #ilikeyou #feelings #emotions #followyourheart #MyOwnWords #cute #life #Heart
cute - life - heart - followyourheart - emotions - feelings - ilikeyou - myownwords -
lotusbee27 : Lol!!!!
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Pride vs. Self-Respect And that's the reason why I sometimes decide that enough is enough and walk away. When you feel like it's gettin a lil too much, that you're in a place where you're not supposed to be because you're only hurting that one person who means most to you during a special time and maybe you feel that you give too much importance to people who jus only seem to treat you as an option or maybe even jus look for you when you are or have something interesting for them...... ....that's when I turn around and walk away because I know my worth and draw a line when I don't feel appreciated for who I am. It's a difficult decision because you still care for those around you and it might take two or three tries until you stop to think about all the good and funny memories with those you no longer are in daily contact..... However, remember: You're worth the treatment that you give others and as long as you are confident about who you are and what you want for yourself, about that you're not an option but rather a good person that has happened to others, then be sure to know that you are not being proud, but showing mere SELF-RESPECT! Leaders are not those who have most followers adapt to their lifestyle and opinions on life. ..... Leaders are those who by simply being themselves create new leaders and are proud of them and their achievements, too!
dignity - importance - followyourheart - emotions - appreciation - attitude - priorities - believeinyourself - pride - myownwords - selfrespect -
lilspanishsong : #selfrespect #pride #attitude #appreciation #believeinyourself #dignity #emotions #followyourheart #priorities #importance #MyOwnWords
lotusbee27 : NIIIIICCCEEE. .love it!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘People are sooo intimidated by those of us who do this!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ they confuse it for selfishness and its "No sweetie.. I dont have time for negativity or drama.. I have enough going on"βœ‹
lilspanishsong : @lotusbee27 Thanks honey. All I write comes straight from my heart. And it's still difficult for me to have left but this time I'm not coming back. Those who always appreciated me know themselves that it's nothing to do with them and those who wonder might have something to feel a lil or very guilty about! I stuck around for someone special, not knowing I was only hurting that person by being me....sometimes things don't go to plan and I know that that person knows why I'm doing all this. Still, you're right. On a general note, people often confuse pride with Self-Respect and confidence with arrogance. But, when people like us are strong and confident human beings, we know to appreciate the good and forgive the bad.... everything happens for a reason. 😘😘
lotusbee27 : GUUURRRLLL... I totally understand.. Keep writing.. your words are beautiful and vivid😚😚
lilspanishsong : @lotusbee27 I can't thank you enough for understanding and appreciating my words. I guess they're vivid because they're real! I will keep writing whenever my soul gives me the opportunity to grab hold of a thought or a feeling and translate them into pics and their corresponding words.
lotusbee27 : @lilspanishsong yes.. please do... you are really good at translating your feelings and views on paper without being harsh or intrusive (its good for people that would not fuuly understand or are not ready to understand) it comes from a pure place😊
hooligan_girl13 - monica_martena - - love_a_hooligan -
You can have it all .... If you only believe!! Close your eyes! Think of what you want most right now! Feel it in your heart and soul! Think about how you're reaching out your hands towards your goal. Grab it! Hold it! Lift it up and show it to the world with that big smile on your pretty lil face! Don't it feel like you got the world in your hands and nothin can stop you anymore? Do it!! Because you can! .... lil dreams are never impossible to make true. And big dreams neither...Some will take some more time and effort but no matter what it is, as long as you really want it NOTHING AND NOBODY can stand in your way to grab it and make it yours!! # motivation #inspiration #dreams #believeinyourself #believe #dontgiveup #nothingisimpossible #dreamscancometrue #followyourheart #MyOwnWords
nothingisimpossible - dreamscancometrue - dontgiveup - followyourheart - believeinyourself - believe - myownwords - dreams - inspiration -
lotusbee27 : This is beautiful and oh so true😊
lilspanishsong : Thanks @lotusbee27 ..... nothing is impossible! ☺
lotusbee27 : @lilspanishsong yiu are right about it taking time though😊 lets practice patience shall we☺
lilspanishsong : Patience is all I got left @lotusbee27 ☺
lotusbee27 : @lilspanishsong 😊
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#poetry #foxyfulltilt #soulfood #myownwords #whatifeel
soulfood - foxyfulltilt - poetry - whatifeel - myownwords -
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If I continue on the path I'm on now, by the time I reach the age of 25, I'll have been dead a long time ago. #sunset #boise #idaho #thisisboise #idahome #vsco #vsconature #quote #myownwords
quote - boise - sunset - idahome - vsco - vsconature - thisisboise - idaho - myownwords -
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There in the shadows she sits, no need for sorrow, for she likes it you see. It's the only place she feels free. The only place I can be me. In the shadows. #MyOwnWords #Shadows
shadows - myownwords -
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#myownwords Bout the (-Ionawr) thing...speak my initials InR quickly nd u get to know ur actually sayin Ionawr.
myownwords -
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"The boy who cried wolf" His mind is filled with intricate twists & turns. Waking up each day with different emotions filling his heart & head. Craving something yet not knowing what it is that he wants from her. Not able to take time to focus, he draws her back in closer & closer until she's staring at his beating heart. Beautifully made out of pure gold. Wondrous designed carved into it, unspoken words of his soul. Her arm stretches out yearning to touch it; to bring it back to life once again & explore what's inside...but suddenly a glass shell begins to form around it stopping her from making contact. Her mind is wondering why bring me back just to shut me out? Why let each other back IN only for you to turn me away?. Noone likes the boy who cries wolf...not even himself. Always quick to give advice yet runs away from his own tasks at hand. Drawing in just to push & pull away. A sick game not desired to be played by many. He can't run forever... because one day when he's ready to give her his all, to fall in love & to love just as much as he IS loved, his all too familiar cries for comfort & closeness will fall upon deaf ears. #Poem #poetsofinstagram #poeticsubjects #Poetic #Poet #Poetry #poetrycommunity #writer #writing #write #writersofinstagram #creativewriting #WritersTherapy #freewrite #freeverse #confusion #lost #Art #myOWNwords #mythoughts #flaws #reflection #revelation
poetsofinstagram - art - confusion - freewrite - writerstherapy - poetrycommunity - myownwords - poem - flaws - reflection - lost - revelation - creativewriting - writer - poetry - writing - write - poetic - writersofinstagram - freeverse - poeticsubjects - mythoughts - poet -
ravenwinepoetry : This artwork is amazing.
poeticallyspeaking_13 : I can't take any credit for the artwork lol I just write to it but thank you @ravenwinepoetry I find all of it on pinterest!!!
ravenwinepoetry : @poeticallyspeaking_13 the poetry is wonderful too πŸ˜‰
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Don't let your wrong choices hold you down. If it hurts, give yourself time to move on, heal what needs to be healed and don't rush yourself, it'll only make things worse. Life will always turn out, that's why it's not made easy, and your never alone. βœ‹βœŒοΈ #wontsettle #yourneveralone #godisalwayshere #myownwords
yourneveralone - wontsettle - godisalwayshere - myownwords -
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When you wake up in the morning, do not bother with your appearance. First, stimulate your mind with all the many things you are grateful for. It may be as simple as having a healthy body and a place to call home. Not everyone is so lucky. Be selfless for a few moments; s m i l e πŸ’š you are alive and well. Being alive may seem as an entitlement to everyone, but sadly, some of us are not so lucky, whether it's from disease or unnatural causes. Be thankful for the many things you overlook but are vital to your well being. #think #myownwords #selfless #love #thankful #smile #blessed #takenforgranted #underappreciated #lifeisbeautiful #positivevibes #happiness #grateful #follow
takenforgranted - thankful - blessed - positivevibes - follow - smile - grateful - selfless - lifeisbeautiful - love - underappreciated - think - happiness - myownwords -
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