Passing the kool-aid pitcher duty on. Daddy teaching khamani how to make our staple in beverages. #ThomasLiving #Mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
polotheprofessional : Kris on that grill? @msconniet
msconniet : @polotheprofessional actually he isn't this holiday, we're going over to a family members house tomorrow.
mcgeetmm : @msconniet don't forget the lemons. πŸ‹
drmjacks - holymotherofsquawk - amandavillerot - mzdgii -
#Netflix #graceandfrankie mann Lilly Tomlin's hat is everything! I so want this hat! #ThomasLiving #Mylifeasacovergirl #Sunporchlife
graceandfrankie - thomasliving - sunporchlife - mylifeasacovergirl - netflix -
latrecemarie27 - mrsoshewhat -
My Sunday...sunporch, netflix, bbq from @dionna_fields. #Chillaxin #ThomasLiving. #Mylifeasacovergirl
chillaxin - mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
amandavillerot : LOVED getting to see you yesterday 😘
dionna_fields : Love it
msconniet : @amandavillerot YES! So happy i got to see you too! Been to long.
msconniet : Come over and chill @dionna_fields
dionna_fields : When
msconniet : Umm, now...duh?!?!
arethialovesaubrey - polotheprofessional - a_beautiful_soul09 - amandavillerot -
How cute is this photo?!?!? My oldest and my youngest. #Meltsmyheart #Orr1Thomas4Boys #Mylifeasacovergirl
meltsmyheart - orr1thomas4boys - mylifeasacovergirl -
arethialovesaubrey - lauraaaloveeee - mrsdarknlovinme - marseilleallen -
Lunch date with this cutie patootie!! My baby!! #workingmom #mylifeasacovergirl
workingmom - mylifeasacovergirl -
holymotherofsquawk - jenaekills - pettusyv - aishaliveslife -
Momma at work, but it does't take away that I miss my Levi "Blanket". Going home for lunch, to snuggle real quick! #workingmom #mylifeasacovergirl
workingmom - mylifeasacovergirl -
longtimecoming_ : I'll be there later
coleworld1288 - jenaekills - lauraaaloveeee -
#TBT Levi was maybe 1day old. Now he is 6wks. Time waits for no one. I am soaking up every ounce of his littleness.#ThomasBoy4 #Mylifeasacovergirl
thomasboy4 - tbt - mylifeasacovergirl -
black_tag_inc : Adoring
theemrs85 - ladyliketay - pettusyv - teamnoteam -
I'm about that snuggle life...he's all mine!!!! Mommy missed him so. Yeah, that's another Thomas boy running to hide from ANOTHER Thomas boy. #Mylifeasacovergirl #My5Guys #ThomasForever #afterworklife
thomasforever - afterworklife - my5guys - mylifeasacovergirl -
latoyiawharris : Aaaw so precious
simplyjmac : 😍😍😍😍😍
color_me_daige : Send me that baby!
msconniet : @latoyiawharris has chanel shared a picture with you. If not let me know.
msconniet : @color_me_daige he will be a free weight when walking up your steps I keep hearing about. Lol
latoyiawharris : Of course. ..he is adorable...keep him all to yourself lol
pettusyv - lauraaaloveeee - rahlowe - simplyjmac -
#NaturalHairDay#NaturalBeauty #V&E #SkinCare #TMO #MyLifeAsACoverGirl @hellyhell_ @vaniteehair702
skincare - naturalbeauty - mylifeasacovergirl - v - naturalhairday - tmo -
vaniteehair702 - sweet_n_spicccy - jaysmotorsports - sinning.702 -
Him sexy!!! He's my everything! We out here, i'm just walking and pointing. He's paying and carrying. #FlowerDay2015 #ThomasLiving #Mylifeasacovergirl
flowerday2015 - mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
msjane81 : @msconniet hi Blanket Thomas
msconniet : @msjane81 he says Aunt April, his sad he didn't get to see you last week.
msjane81 : @msconniet tell Mr 4.0 if all goes according to HIS plan I may be on my way back home to live soonπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ
msconniet : Wow really?!?! Well, I will stay prayerful for you.
pettusyv - arethialovesaubrey - chokolat_wasted - lauraaaloveeee -
We're off to see the flowers!!! Yup, i even got Levi "blanket" in the photo. #ThomasLiving. #My5Guys #Mylifeasacovergirl #FlowerDay2015
flowerday2015 - my5guys - mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
skf129 - arethialovesaubrey - lauraaaloveeee - msjane81 -
Honey Love was on a mission. He wasn't playing. #FlowerDay2015 #ThomasLiving #Mylifeasacovergirl
flowerday2015 - mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
polotheprofessional -
We in the building...well in the shed. We came, we saw,we conquered and its only 10:15am. #FlowerDay2015 #ThomasForever #313Whatupdoe #Mylifeasacovergirl
flowerday2015 - 313whatupdoe - thomasforever - mylifeasacovergirl -
theemrs85 - polotheprofessional - malaika9 - mzdgii -
Queen Z turned it out on stage today! πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ’ƒπŸ½Very proud momma! Now if we can get her to stop "posing"and get ready for bed😩 #queenz #dancingmachine #dancemom #dancers #sheisamess #mylifeasacovergirl #familytime #daughters #recital2015 #bumpwatch 😘
bumpwatch - dancemom - dancers - recital2015 - sheisamess - mylifeasacovergirl - familytime - queenz - dancingmachine - daughters -
faith_imblessed - only1p - brobpeart - dedakated24 -
Me and the birthday boy this morning before he went to school. The sun was shining brightly on us. I think its because the SON shines so bright within khamani that he just glows. #Thomasboy1 #DrLove #Mylifeasacovergirl #liljesus
drlove - thomasboy1 - liljesus - mylifeasacovergirl -
msconniet : @arjaycee82 your oldest boo
laneluey : This is a beautiful pic, Sis
msconniet : Thanks @laneluey. How are you?!?! Been a minute.
laneluey : I'm good & U?
tomiekas1 - laneluey - only1p - lauraaaloveeee -
Who about that Snatch Back...Get It Right Get It Tight life. This woman! Along with my miles around the park, this is hapoening. Its ON! #5wkspostpardum #4Kidsandstillsexy #ThomasLiving. #Mylifeasacovergirl
4kidsandstillsexy - 5wkspostpardum - mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
glam_scientist : I think I'll join you for this. I dropped the baby weight, but I still need to tone it up.
chokolat_wasted : Is that 100 crunches at once?!?
curlsandbee : @_honeybreee
msconniet : Yes @chokolat_wasted that is 100 crunches a week. @glam_scientist. I will send you a close up of the workout. Now, i don't have a scale though. But we will know our change.
glam_scientist - leadstoree - malaika9 - jenaekills -
As my night comes to a close and I just finished my amazing dinner cooked by my honey love; i sat and watched these kids play laugh and enjoy the weather and I had to pause. I was given the duty to be the co-provider for these four. I was given the task to help raise "men" Constance was chosen from my heavenly daddy to blend my DNA with my homie, lover friend to create GREATNESS! Little old me, gets to raise GREATNESS!!! Today as my oldest walked to go outside I teared up because next week he'll be 11yrs old. He's growing so fast and yet he was just like" blanket," small and needed me for everything. Yes, at times I want to scream, I cry cause it gets tough, frustrating at times even. However, at the end of the day they love me unconditionally and I love them. I am honored and I will continue to be the best superhero mom I can be until my last breathe. To all other mom's where that "S" well, not just today but everyday enjoy being a mom. #Mylifeasacovergirl #ThomasSuperHeroMom #My4Sons #blessedbeyondmeasure
thomassuperheromom - my4sons - blessedbeyondmeasure - mylifeasacovergirl -
ashlash85 : Beautiful!!! Happy Mother's Day!!! 😘❀️
msconniet : Thanks @msnonig, @sharphills , and @ashlash85! Lol, thanks @simplyjmac
themrsbutler : Beautiful!!
msarl225 : Happy Mother's Day
colerich1 : Beautiful picture happy Mother's Day
a_beautiful_soul09 : #supermom
msconniet : Thank you @themrsbutler and @msarl225.
msconniet : Thank you we missed you guys @colerich1, we gone make it happen very soon. I know your day was great as well.
msarl225 - mcgeetmm - iamrashidamarie - naturallynewyou -
When read this and just start tearing up....yup this just happened. Love this kid! #Myoldest #GodsonOrr #Ireallygot5boys #blessedbeyongmeasure #Mylifeasacovergirl
blessedbeyongmeasure - myoldest - godsonorr - ireallygot5boys - mylifeasacovergirl -
lo_winn - queenearlene - theemrs85 - holymotherofsquawk -
Listen Linda...ain't nobody trying to cover up in blankets on this beautiful day! Yes, he is uncovered. #Sunporchlife #ThomasLiving #ThomasBoy4 #Mylifeasacovergirl
thomasboy4 - mylifeasacovergirl - sunporchlife - thomasliving -
tmariepr : Yay!!
color_me_daige : Hey Levi!!!! You two look cute and comfortable! ❀️❀️❀️
msconniet : @tmariepr :-) @color_me_daige you know where we'll be when you come back to visit and we have a bottle or two and conversate.
tmariepr : Can't wait to see you guys. I miss my fam @msconniet
arjaycee82 : All that guy does is sleep! He's Chasey's brother, for sure!
msconniet : @tmariepr you have to come by soon. @twistshoutarjaycee he sraight up chills
colerich1 - d_hall07 - queenb1922 - aniayamom -
Sitting outside...yet still inside. #Sunporchlife #ThomasLiving #Mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl - sunporchlife - thomasliving -
holymotherofsquawk - tmariepr - queenearlene - weekendintokyo -
Daddy and Levi "Blanket"..Lol #Middayouting #Mylifeasacovergirl
middayouting - mylifeasacovergirl -
tmariepr : I am sorry for a literally laugh out loud when ya'll call him blanket!
msconniet : @tmariepr someone started saying that since I was covering him up, kept up with it. Lol! Hilarious!
only1p - tmariepr - danakcooper - ts1231 -
#BTS w/ @earthgang for the F* Bomb (remix) feat. @ogxmaco - dope people, lots of fun! #UpAllNight #MyLifeAsACoverGirl #GLAMSOULcameos #TiredAF #GottaWorkToday #DoubleLife
tiredaf - mylifeasacovergirl - bts - doublelife - glamsoulcameos - upallnight - gottaworktoday -
casmelive - averylive - msb_31 - jasoncbarnes -
On set for @earthgang_ video #MyLifeAsACoverGirl
mylifeasacovergirl -
vsiamomua : Werk!
freeworld_gentleman - themarshaford - join_thebreakup - cater2u2 -
As I sit here and watch them, I never thought I would have a love like this. Not only do I have a man whose my best friend and provider, I've also been blessed with the unconditional love of four more little blessings in which they mirror their daddy. #Blessedanhighlyfavored #ThomasLiving #ThomasForever #Mylifeasacovergirl
thomasliving - thomasforever - mylifeasacovergirl - blessedanhighlyfavored -
coleworld1288 : You have such a beautiful family!
coleworld1288 : & I love how Chase is chillin in his swing 😊
msconniet : @coleworld1288 thank you! You know Chase is not about extra fast moves, he has to keep it slow motion. Lol!!! Umm, we miss you!!!
dionna_fields - jnkm1 - lauraaaloveeee - tmariepr -
Snagged this from @mrsjoi81 great one! This rings true with me. The honey love is my Ace, my ride or die, my homie, lover friend. Love him to eternity. #Mylifeasacovergirl #ThomasForever
thomasforever - mylifeasacovergirl -
chokolat_wasted : When I get one he will be
totalbeauty_am - emeraldgary - marseilleallen - simplyjmac -
Me and Levi "blanket" walked three miles this A.M. while daddy and the other boys are doing yard work. #springcleaning #futuregarden #ThomasLiving #getitrightgetittight #SunnySaturday #Mylifeasacovergirl
springcleaning - getitrightgetittight - mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving - sunnysaturday - futuregarden -
greyston - tmariepr - malaika9 - duane_l_smith -
He loves to be wrapped up. He's so warm and cozy. #ThomasBoy4. #Mylifeasacovergirl
thomasboy4 - mylifeasacovergirl -
arethialovesaubrey - lauraaaloveeee - latoiyanaf - soulfoodstop -
I love this arrangement. As I'm meal prepping and cooking dinner, this came on Pandora. #relaxing #ThomasLiving #Mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl - relaxing - thomasliving -
amy22_ill_make_you_rich -
"This is the face of true friendship" -J25 πŸ˜«πŸ˜ƒ #friends #bffs #mylifeasacovergirl #onfleek #poweringdown #capitolhill @emiliethaler @xj25x
bffs - mylifeasacovergirl - capitolhill - onfleek - friends - poweringdown -
spunkyjunky - xj25x - digitalparanoia - kjanellstar -
Found myself in the studio with my brother for a long time, the one who encouraged me to start performing @rafiellek making final touches to his mixtape #Hacking&Rapping #ImOnDere #LookOut #Glamsoul4allsouls #Patchwerk #ATLnights #MyLifeAsACoverGirl #IπŸ’œHIPHOP #IKeepItClassic #DownLikeJamesBrown
lookout - glamsoul4allsouls - imondere - ikeepitclassic - iπŸ’œhiphop - downlikejamesbrown - mylifeasacovergirl - atlnights - hacking - patchwerk -
rafiellek : Classic nights...
beatboyztlynch : Patchwerk
liyahimani : Awesome Session!!
dillonlawter - soequipped - rafiellek - __seeingsounds__ -
So while getting my hair right by the wonderful @iamperfectbeauty i wore my shirt today. Yeah I got glammed up,needed the boost of confidence. #Blerd. #ThomasGeeks #Mylifeasacovergirl
blerd - thomasgeeks - mylifeasacovergirl -
mschaneldenise : 😘
arethialovesaubrey : I need this shirt @msconniet
msjane81 : @msconniet is the baby here yet lol
msconniet : @arethialovesaubrey let me ask Kristopher for the link to get to you.
blavity : This is great
colerich1 - ane_529 - sginwright - queenb1922 -
#Regram from @a_michele, good one! #imdope #honeyloveisawesome #Mylifeasacovergirl
regram - honeyloveisawesome - mylifeasacovergirl - imdope -
holymotherofsquawk - mariochaney - msposhpr - marieann06 -
Today's devotional, I try to read this every morning before doing anything. Today, i didn't get to it until this evening. Boy this.word was ON POINT!!! Take the time to read. It WORTH EVERYTHING! Title- "Inner Invincibility" Book- My Utmost Hor His HIGHEST #Mylifeasacovergirl #blessed #dailydevotion
dailydevotion - blessed - mylifeasacovergirl -
i4kt - kdubblive - mslatrice - xoxoloveap -
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