Some times you get paid w "freakin awesome 7th ROW tickets" but then you realize there's 8 big cake orders that must be completed this weekend....meh!πŸ˜£πŸ˜’ enjoy brother n sis #therewillbebetterdays #mylifeasacovergirl #lifeasabaker
lifeasabaker - mylifeasacovergirl - therewillbebetterdays -
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HUSBAND- He understands situations better and never disappears. WIFE- We are in for eternity. LOVE- Live once value everything! Oh the power of a young ambitious coupleπŸ˜‰ #lovemesomehim #Iwannahavemoreofhisbabies #hemotivatesme #marriagerocks #fampics #mylifeasacovergirl @jprince_1 yep he's my babe😘😘
iwannahavemoreofhisbabies - hemotivatesme - mylifeasacovergirl - fampics - lovemesomehim - marriagerocks -
jprince_1 : 😍😍😍
anicole28 - clhender - joubertitsfrench - jprince_1 -
Pretty "fleeking"spiffy oh yea hey eyebrows πŸ’ #mylifeasacovergirl #lslh #lol #familytime #fullmakeupforonce #hashtagcray #facebydom @msdomxo
fullmakeupforonce - hashtagcray - mylifeasacovergirl - lslh - familytime - facebydom - lol -
msdomxo : Yaaay! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
faith_imblessed - only1p - isabel__val - t_annharris -
My mom calls me the traditional one, meaning I love all things legacy and traditional. Well, this item right here stolen heart months ago and it finally got placed this past January in my DREAM dressing room at home. How traditional and amazing is this item!!! Do you see that mirror! Every girl who loves to sit and prep dream. #traditonalConnie #mylifeasacovergirl #livingadream
livingadream - traditonalconnie - mylifeasacovergirl -
dulcineadetwah - katelynshelby - daneane - xoxoloveap -
Since I met this man years ago I pretty much gave up Valentines Day due to his birthday and that's ok because it's all about the kiddos and I all year long anyway. I'm glad I got to spoil the birthday boy today 😘 #marriagerocks #datenight #mylifeasacovergirl #ifheisgoodiamgood
marriagerocks - ifheisgoodiamgood - mylifeasacovergirl - datenight -
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We may have conflicting schedules, however as I was leaving to head out to work at 6am(he knocked out in the bed), these were on the kitchen table for me. He knows what makes me smile. Though today won't be spent together he still is today and everyday my Valentine. #Valetines2015 #mylifeasacovergirl
valetines2015 - mylifeasacovergirl -
ahnnaalise - holymotherofsquawk - drmjacks - mzdgii -
Since I have to go in later, I sat down and made me a breakfast... omelet w/spinach and tomato basil feta, I don't need to explain the other items, you can see. Lol Happy Friday!!! Enjoy your day and always Relax, Relate, Release!! #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl -
theemrs85 : Miss ya. Happy Valentine's Day
msconniet : @theemrs85 miss you more!!!! Happy Valentine's DY to you as well.
theemrs85 - queenearlene - duane_l_smith - holymotherofsquawk -
Just had a in-home massage. When I say she did her THANG on this here pregnant body!!! I feel so much better. Yes, I said in-home she will come to you!!! As a mother of three that works full-time and is pulled every which way, this was a blessing. To make it even sweeter this was a gift from my cousin @mslcandie. #imblessed #mylifeasacovergirl Give her a holler. She only charges $65 for a home visit.
imblessed - mylifeasacovergirl -
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My life as a Cover Girl. #mylifeasacovergirl #crownheights #nyc #dutchboyburgers #howtotrainyourdragon #letmegorunsomemiles #bubblegutsheaven
bubblegutsheaven - howtotrainyourdragon - mylifeasacovergirl - letmegorunsomemiles - nyc - dutchboyburgers - crownheights -
shawnb__ : But yo tryna get it tight tho smh ! πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…
jamaicanmecrazyy : SHAWN. I NEED HELP. πŸ˜” @shawnb__
shawnb__ : But it does look great I will say that
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Finally home from work. Watching this new show Allegiance and snuggled in my new king size RL throw. #Hulu #Thomasliving #mylifeasacovergirl
hulu - mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
queenearlene -
As he hangs the iconic Art Krane photo over the record player. Yes that's the music coming out of it. #ThomasLiving #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
arjaycee82 : I love that chair!
msconniet : @arjaycee82 umm, you need to make your way over in these here parts.
arjaycee82 : You know I've been out of town and on the sick and shut in list. Lol I'll call you when I get out of church tomorrow and see where y'all are.
msconniet : @arjaycee82 yeah that may be know lil' Jesus( oldest boo) will heal you of your sickness. Just holler at me tomorrow.
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😘😘Weekend shenanigans #mylifeasacovergirl #teamlessselfies #letsseehowlongiwillgo #teamlightbrights #iluveveryonetho #lovingtheskinimin
letsseehowlongiwillgo - teamlightbrights - mylifeasacovergirl - lovingtheskinimin - teamlessselfies - iluveveryonetho -
theefearlessbeaute : Ok! Beautiful!
straightfacemommy : Thanks cousin @saol_alainn!
straightfacemommy : Hey Gayle lol @theefearlessbeaute love you😘
straightfacemommy : Yes! @thecarmendoll I miss you so much I'd love to see you and the hubs☺️
t_annharris : Very pretty @straightfacemommy 😍
straightfacemommy : Thanks girl @t_annharris
tlh28dks : You look beautiful sis!!♥♥♥♥@straightfacemommy
straightfacemommy : Thanks sis @tlh28dks! I try to look presentable every once in awhile lolπŸ˜‰ Miss you!
faith_imblessed - mrpaulpr - mrs_austin - becker.heather -
The kiddos enjoyed their #Sundayfunday plus it was 70 today so we enjoyed time outside and circus fun. #family #Jp #heissoscary #whyhelookingsomean #domykidslooklikeme #Idunnoanymore #circus #Zharajae #mylifeasacovergirl πŸ˜‰
sundayfunday - family - idunnoanymore - circus - jp - domykidslooklikeme - zharajae - whyhelookingsomean - heissoscary - mylifeasacovergirl -
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This is a 1960s record/radio player given to us by my honey loves grandparents. Some of those record came with this player...thanks Papa, we miss you always! So on this Saturday afternoon and literally everyday since we've gotten it, we've been jamming!! #ThomasLiving #PapasPosse #mylifeasacovergirl
papasposse - mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
__jag___ : That joint rocks!!!
msconniet : @__jag___ you know been blasting it non-stop, these speakers are INSANE!!!
__jag___ : Ding dong
msajadae - drmjacks - queenearlene - teeknowsbest -
"Brown Sugar" has been placed in her new dressing room. So every morning now I get to see her! #mylifeasacovergirl #ThomasLiving
mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
holymotherofsquawk - asha_4 - pettusyv - msjane81 -
When I tell you I am literally married to the Hulk! This man has so much strength and energy to get us all situtated and together as we take our next journey as a family....I AM SUCH A BLESSED WOMAN! I can't do anything without him and to make matters a little more challenging he's dealing with a pregnant, emotional, clingy woman who's obsessed and adores him. #mylifeasacovergirl #Thomas4Life
thomas4life - mylifeasacovergirl -
duane_l_smith : Big cuz!
dulcineadetwah - _itsleihunny - oneword_55 - iamrashidamarie -
#mylifeasacovergirl #textingwithaaron #babyfartsarealwaysfunny
babyfartsarealwaysfunny - textingwithaaron - mylifeasacovergirl -
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Who you surround yourself around is only a reflection of you. This picture shows a group of powerful, motivating, supporting women who all are entrepeneurs I make sure I keep myself surrounded by powerful motivating women and men the Itworks way! This is my adventure! #itworksadventure #girlpower #mylifeasacovergirl #unity #entrepreneurs #joinus
girlpower - unity - mylifeasacovergirl - entrepreneurs - joinus - itworksadventure -
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I have one newscaster that I'm obsessed with and it's this woman. I adore Rhonda Walker!!! She was so stunning last night! #abouastnight #mylifeasacovergirl
abouastnight - mylifeasacovergirl -
artbincredible : Dude, she's a beast, I've worked with her before. She's not only a fantastic person, but she's extremely talented.
a_beautiful_soul09 : She is really sweet....I've worked with her before at the University I worked at....very efficient and knows her stuff!
theemrs85 - teamnoteam - holymotherofsquawk -
Everyday HE raises the sun brightly for you. How brightly do you shine for HIM? Make today better than yesterday, make an impact, sow a seed. Happy Saturday! #blessed #mylifeasacovergirl
blessed - mylifeasacovergirl -
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Day 3... Things are rolling and going great. #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl -
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Day 2....let's get it! I may be tired, but I got my Fabulosity on high! My day will be great and I will knock it out the park! #MondayMoves #mylifeasacovergirl
mondaymoves - mylifeasacovergirl -
marieann06 : Pretty!!
color_me_daige : Super pretty!!!
ozzieladd111 : Ok look out now!
msconniet : Thanks! Ya'll! *blushing*
31kamwrapz - vminor217 - color_me_daige -
Nope. Believe you me-- I won't! #MyLifeAsACoverGirl #fabulous #inspiration #qotd #instaquotes 😝
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It's a Hot Wheels, race cars, and tablet kind of day. #HappyBirthdayJesus we sang the Stevie Wonder version #MerryCHRISTmas2014 #mylifeasacovergirl #TheThomasCrew
merrychristmas2014 - thethomascrew - mylifeasacovergirl - happybirthdayjesus -
mcgeetmm : @msconniet Wow I miss those days.☺️
msconniet : @mcgeetmm I am more than willing to share this experience with you. I can have them ready and packed for next season, lol! How is my boy doing?
kingvern - jenaekills - aishaliveslife - tmariepr -
I've realized that I've spent so much time in my life apologizing for stuff that makes me who I am. Any mistake or wrong doing on my part of course I apologize to people involved, but I've learned from those things so I don't regret them. I remember being young and wondering why certain people and family in my life had it harder than me. I used to take to heart the fact that people in my life question my dreams vs providing for my family. I used to wonder why people can be raised in the same home with the same opportunities yet have totally different backgrounds (it's all about our choices I later learned), I used to worry about the fact people may think I'm not doing enough and I'm running my hubby ragged because I'm dream chasing. I'd rather have my kids see me chasing my dreams and let them come into fruition so they'll know to go after theirs. I am their example, plus I'm still doing what I need to do for mines so I stopped caring what anyone thought. Long post but to sum it up, I am me. I can only be me and I cannot apologize for being me. I'm fucking awesome! I'm beautiful and I'm pretty frigging smart too. Be YOU, live your life and own it! Stop comparing your life to someone else's. Stop being yourself in order to validate someone else. βœ‹I'm Tiffany Renee and I approve this message #ownit #awesome #mylifeasacovergirl #truth #feelinggood
thegailtomyoprah - mylifeasacovergirl - feelinggood - ownit - truth - truefriend - trueboo - awesome -
theefearlessbeaute : Yes you are so awesome! #LuvU #DopeAssChick #ImUrGail
straightfacemommy : Thanks @theefearlessbeaute! You sure are my Gail😘 #trueboo #truefriend #thegailtomyoprah
tlh28dks : Well said sis!!! I Love the HELL out of youβ™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘β™‘@straightfacemommy
straightfacemommy : 😘 thanks love you to @tlh28dks
nikkiluv04 - mz_blackdiamond - mrs_austin - theefearlessbeaute -
#lategram Last week Sunday Dinner. Every piece of me belongs to them. #mylifeasacovergirl #blessedbeyondmeasure
lategram - mylifeasacovergirl - blessedbeyondmeasure -
color_me_daige : The fellas!!!
msconniet : @Color_me_daige I know right!?! @arjaycee82 you see gramps is all up and all teeth?
arjaycee82 : Gramps ain't one for the foolishness, but he ain't gone miss no photo opp! Lol
polotheprofessional : Nice pic
tomiekas1 - amichelle3905 - ane_529 - mrsjoi81 -
A cover story about my life! ❀️... #mylifeasacovergirl #dirtythirty #single #shorthairdontcare #gay #london #uk
single - london - shorthairdontcare - gay - mylifeasacovergirl - dirtythirty - uk -
officialstevedoran : Super!
simonwitzansky - cebajo - jesperwerther - shantaryemunkbak -
Literally every time I perform. #morningafter #postdrag #mylifeasacovergirl
morningafter - postdrag - mylifeasacovergirl -
trannikarex : Same
seanonline - b00tychan - cexium - stepheyx -
Let's start this day off right! Dr. Appt top of the morning! Happy Wednesday! Keeping it real natural this morning, took my twist out @arjaycee82. #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl -
suvy - asha_4 - holymotherofsquawk - simplyjmac -
I'm so loved, it's crazy! #doublemiddlefingers #ugh #glowworm #angelicfuckyou #mylifeasacovergirl
ugh - angelicfuckyou - mylifeasacovergirl - datflashburnedmyeyes - doublemiddlefingers - glowworm -
queenoftheshire : #datflashburnedmyeyes
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Boppy, bears, baby. #mylifeasacovergirl #baxterbagley
baxterbagley - mylifeasacovergirl -
laurabemasters : Sweet boppy cover. Pretty sure we match. πŸ˜πŸŠπŸ—
jessixabagley : @laurabemasters πŸ˜‚Maybe we should start a designer Boppy cover business.
steveclue - eunkaila - nancyarmo - cfieldsie -
This fluorescent lighting has me like 😴 #cubiclelife #postgradlife #aspirationalparkingpermit #mylifeasacovergirl #vscocam
cubiclelife - vscocam - postgradlife - aspirationalparkingpermit - mylifeasacovergirl -
cmarialoc : Flagggg
chellenayrenae : @cmarialoc Cuba all day, take me back 😫
cmarialoc : Yaaaaaaa take me there ONCE!!
friedriceconnoisseur : Omg ur hash tags
uniformlydressed : @chellenayrenae we have the same keyboard. #cubiclelife realnezz
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