Found myself in the studio with my brother for a long time, the one who encouraged me to start performing @rafiellek making final touches to his mixtape #Hacking&Rapping #ImOnDere #LookOut #Glamsoul4allsouls #Patchwerk #ATLnights #MyLifeAsACoverGirl #IπŸ’œHIPHOP #IKeepItClassic #DownLikeJamesBrown
lookout - glamsoul4allsouls - imondere - ikeepitclassic - iπŸ’œhiphop - downlikejamesbrown - mylifeasacovergirl - atlnights - hacking - patchwerk -
rafiellek : Classic nights...
beatboyztlynch : Patchwerk
fitnessbug_ashxoxo - patchwerkstudio - soequipped - __seeingsounds__ -
Poser #ootd #mylifeinfashion #whiteout #plaidlife #mylifeasacovergirl #lovinglife #happymonday #concretejungle
happymonday - concretejungle - ootd - plaidlife - whiteout - mylifeasacovergirl - mylifeinfashion - lovinglife -
euanroh : @cubcuddles Sample sale?? πŸ‘€
cubcuddles : @euanroh they are having a sale!! It's the leftovers from their last dame sale. Good stuff!!
nicolebuckley : Same prices??? Bb girl needs some sheets.
p.8b - theplatinumpenny - vip_96k - s.stoilkovska -
So while getting my hair right by the wonderful @iamperfectbeauty i wore my shirt today. Yeah I got glammed up,needed the boost of confidence. #Blerd. #ThomasGeeks #Mylifeasacovergirl
blerd - thomasgeeks - mylifeasacovergirl -
mschaneldenise : 😘
arethialovesaubrey : I need this shirt @msconniet
msjane81 : @msconniet is the baby here yet lol
msconniet : @arethialovesaubrey let me ask Kristopher for the link to get to you.
blavity : This is great
tomiekas1 - colerich1 - ane_529 - queenb1922 -
#Regram from @a_michele, good one! #imdope #honeyloveisawesome #Mylifeasacovergirl
regram - honeyloveisawesome - mylifeasacovergirl - imdope -
holymotherofsquawk - mariochaney - msposhpr - marieann06 -
Today's devotional, I try to read this every morning before doing anything. Today, i didn't get to it until this evening. Boy this.word was ON POINT!!! Take the time to read. It WORTH EVERYTHING! Title- "Inner Invincibility" Book- My Utmost Hor His HIGHEST #Mylifeasacovergirl #blessed #dailydevotion
dailydevotion - blessed - mylifeasacovergirl -
i4kt - kdubblive - mslatrice - xoxoloveap -
He got me feeling some kinda way. #innerglow #happymonday #lovinglife #mylifeasacovergirl
happymonday - innerglow - mylifeasacovergirl - lovinglife -
vero_499 : πŸ’‹
sh6f_2015 - mickylove159 - gabriellalouiserose - m.homeless -
Spring cleaning has commenced. The bonus of so many boys, they'll get that. #ThomasLiving #Mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
longtimecoming_ : Glad I'm not home lol
msconniet : Don't worry @longtimecoming_ there is plenty of work to do around the house
holymotherofsquawk -
Dreaming of the weekend. #humpday #hikingadventures #mylifeasacovergirl #kingofthehill #sunnyday
kingofthehill - humpday - sunnyday - mylifeasacovergirl - hikingadventures -
agirlonawhirl : 😍😍
harith_3bbas - _deeznuts69 - va1004ro - osher_ohana123 -
Listen Linda...when I tell you he is not about that water life and getting his hair wet! The only reason he was in the water is because his brothers were being fish and he had to get in some of the action. #staycation #neededtogetaway #Mylifeasacovergirl
neededtogetaway - mylifeasacovergirl - staycation -
weekendintokyo : Lol at him not trying to get his hair wet though...
theemrs85 - amirhj - i4kt - duane_l_smith -
Family time.....Resurrection Sunday chill mode. The chill before Levi's arrival in two days. #neededtogetaway #staycation #suprisdedtheboys #Mylifeasacovergirl
neededtogetaway - suprisdedtheboys - mylifeasacovergirl - staycation -
arjaycee82 : *Kellan
msconniet : Here you go...@arjaycee82 lol
mschaneldenise - arethialovesaubrey - weekendintokyo - ts1231 -
#alive #blessed #healthy #mylifeasacovergirl #lifeisgood Happy Easter, y'all! Xoxo
healthy - alive - blessed - mylifeasacovergirl - lifeisgood -
jujucarneirocg : Amen
buttonsmile : Amen
absolutely_kb - j_bird_man - mrs_snob86 - camgotfans420 -
Twerking up dem hillz. #fitness #mycastlehasaview #mylifeasacovergirl #citylife
mycastlehasaview - citylife - lifegoals - mylifeasacovergirl - fitness -
mos._ : #ThighGap
cubcuddles : @mos._ #lifegoals
logan_strohmeier_02 - m.mccarthy68 - northsoofficial - _jackboyyy_ -
#TBT This is from a photo shoot I did to surprise my husband back in 09. This was only 2kids in the game. After I drop Thomas Homeboy #4, get snatched right again, he will get a new one album. #keepitrightkeepittight #spontaniousphotoshoot #keepitsexy #Mylifeasacovergirl
spontaniousphotoshoot - 4 - mylifeasacovergirl - keepitrightkeepittight - keepitsexy - tbt -
katelynshelby - chokolat_wasted - pettusyv - oneword_55 -
My day at the office. Making people custom arrangements. #honorarygengirl #mylifeinfashion #gengirl #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeinfashion - gengirl - honorarygengirl - mylifeasacovergirl -
missr0la : @cubcuddles 😍 so pretty!
nicolebuckley : You were incredible. ❀️❀️❀️❀️
alxpowell11 : Great job Vince!
jonevitor_ - amrmustapha - cee_liina - iloo_ve -
😎🚬 #iwokeuplikedis #coolcat #jamesdeanwho #mylifeasacovergirl #my2ndhandsmokeisbetterthanthe1st
jamesdeanwho - my2ndhandsmokeisbetterthanthe1st - iwokeuplikedis - coolcat - mylifeasacovergirl -
agirlonawhirl : You are really giving me fear and loathing in Las Vegas #johnnydepp
notsoklever : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
imvu.kennedishay - i_love_rclbeauty101_100 - kvng_jesse_23 - girafalesprofessor -
The morning after minus two pieces. Last night as you see I topped it with carmel. The honey love and I had it with ice cream. Man it was amazing! Dylan did his thing on the crust! #Mylifeasacovergirl. #FamilySundayCoooking #blessed
familysundaycoooking - mylifeasacovergirl - blessed -
lauraaaloveeee : What is it? Looks yummy πŸ˜‹
msconniet : Apple Pie.@lauraaaloveeee
tomiekas1 : That's look really yummy! I'm salivating through the phone!
holymotherofsquawk - jenaekills - glam_scientist - msjane81 -
Dylan putting in that roller pin action. #FamilySundayCoooking #ApplePie #Mylifeasacovergirl. #blessed
blessed - familysundaycoooking - applepie - mylifeasacovergirl -
thegarytshow : Love it
coleworld1288 : I miss Dylan!
msconniet : @coleworld1288 when i tell you, this guy misses you like crazy! We need to do a google hangout or something really soon.
coleworld1288 : Anytime you all are available I'd love to video chat. Can't believe he's almost in 2nd grade 😭
msconniet : Did you get his glide video to you last week? @coleworld1288
coleworld1288 : I just saw it!!!! I don't get notifications from it 😠 responding today! This video made me miss him even more 😩😩😩
gillythorne - arethialovesaubrey - yoooadrianne - weekendintokyo -
Family Sunday cooking with granny. On the menu Apple Pie. #Mylifeasacovergirl #blessed
blessed - mylifeasacovergirl -
mschaneldenise - weekendintokyo - jenaekills - myshell213 -
Yesterday's video shoot was so incredible! At a loss for words to express my most sincere gratitude for everyone involved. Special thanks to all the babies, the Mothers, the Fathers & Brothers for sharing their #BeautifulMelanin @sgarciafilms thank you for bringing my vision to life! Dwaine Govan & @freeworld_gentleman you all made a great team! @seancokes thank you for feeling my #GLAMSOUL - I saw you getting in! I'll be back! To my GLAM team - OMG @loverosecouture you did that! Soooooo stoked about the future!!!! @nicki_monty a force! Thank you for all your #work & for working your #makeupmagic! Clay West - yeeessss! #comethru I appreciate your creative contribution & support as my friend & partner in music & life. You're IT baby, build your empire! Love my #team on & off stage Kita & Rio. You two together are cray & I love you for letting me join in lmao. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Also, thank you to Michelle & Erika for stepping in and being my production assistants & managing the children!! More than anything I pray this song touches people & contributes to change. I'm living proof that we can do whatever we put our minds into. I thank my Dad for teaching me to love myself & to never accept less b/c of my situation or the color of my skin. #PowerToThePeople #LetsStayTogether #MelaninBlues #MindPower #AllLivesMatter #beatboyz #MirandaNicoleGLAMSOULStar #MusicwithaMessage #SG3Films #SeanCokesStudio #Atlanta #UNITY #MyLifeAsACoverGirl #CurrentSituation #5STAR #Independent #EverybodyWantsToKnowWhatGLAMSOULis...
independent - sg3films - mirandanicoleglamsoulstar - musicwithamessage - comethru - melaninblues - glamsoul - beatboyz - atlanta - alllivesmatter - makeupmagic - everybodywantstoknowwhatglamsoulis - seancokesstudio - mindpower - 5star - powertothepeople - work - unity - currentsituation - mylifeasacovergirl - team - letsstaytogether - beautifulmelanin -
freeworld_gentleman : Hexx was FUN as hell!! Loved the energy!! @glamsoulstar @seancokes @sgarciafilms @loverosecouture & @nicki_monty
indiashawn : Go go go!
realchicksrock : My son thanked The Creator for having a good time, making it a good day and being apart of it. Thank you @glamsoulstar
glamsoulstar : @realchicksrock Christopher was a big hit! So nice having him & thank you for all your help!
regnant_king : @glamsoulstar picture perfect!!!
therealmadamcj : Go Ray Ray!!!! Yaaaaaaaas @glamsoulstar!!
infinite_travel : great shot
underthecanopy : Nice!
220tipgottem - mrwestmrfresh - ajamodel - freeworld_gentleman -
Some times you get paid w "freakin awesome 7th ROW tickets" but then you realize there's 8 big cake orders that must be completed this weekend....meh!πŸ˜£πŸ˜’ enjoy brother n sis #therewillbebetterdays #mylifeasacovergirl #lifeasabaker
lifeasabaker - mylifeasacovergirl - therewillbebetterdays -
carranzanadia - kasey628 - abdl56 - jojolop02 -
HUSBAND- He understands situations better and never disappears. WIFE- We are in for eternity. LOVE- Live once value everything! Oh the power of a young ambitious coupleπŸ˜‰ #lovemesomehim #Iwannahavemoreofhisbabies #hemotivatesme #marriagerocks #fampics #mylifeasacovergirl @jprince_1 yep he's my babe😘😘
iwannahavemoreofhisbabies - hemotivatesme - mylifeasacovergirl - fampics - lovemesomehim - marriagerocks -
jprince_1 : 😍😍😍
bralinj2 : @straightfacemommy @jprince_1 Awwwwww😍
tlh28dks - theefearlessbeaute - t_annharris - dedakated24 -
Pretty "fleeking"spiffy oh yea hey eyebrows πŸ’ #mylifeasacovergirl #lslh #lol #familytime #fullmakeupforonce #hashtagcray #facebydom @msdomxo
fullmakeupforonce - hashtagcray - mylifeasacovergirl - lslh - familytime - facebydom - lol -
msdomxo : Yaaay! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
faith_imblessed - only1p - clhender - msdomxo -
My mom calls me the traditional one, meaning I love all things legacy and traditional. Well, this item right here stolen heart months ago and it finally got placed this past January in my DREAM dressing room at home. How traditional and amazing is this item!!! Do you see that mirror! Every girl who loves to sit and prep dream. #traditonalConnie #mylifeasacovergirl #livingadream
livingadream - traditonalconnie - mylifeasacovergirl -
mschaneldenise - holymotherofsquawk - asha_4 - weekendintokyo -
Since I met this man years ago I pretty much gave up Valentines Day due to his birthday and that's ok because it's all about the kiddos and I all year long anyway. I'm glad I got to spoil the birthday boy today 😘 #marriagerocks #datenight #mylifeasacovergirl #ifheisgoodiamgood
marriagerocks - ifheisgoodiamgood - mylifeasacovergirl - datenight -
latoyavk - tlh28dks - theefearlessbeaute - dedakated24 -
We may have conflicting schedules, however as I was leaving to head out to work at 6am(he knocked out in the bed), these were on the kitchen table for me. He knows what makes me smile. Though today won't be spent together he still is today and everyday my Valentine. #Valetines2015 #mylifeasacovergirl
valetines2015 - mylifeasacovergirl -
ahnnaalise - holymotherofsquawk - drmjacks - mzdgii -
Since I have to go in later, I sat down and made me a breakfast... omelet w/spinach and tomato basil feta, I don't need to explain the other items, you can see. Lol Happy Friday!!! Enjoy your day and always Relax, Relate, Release!! #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl -
theemrs85 : Miss ya. Happy Valentine's Day
msconniet : @theemrs85 miss you more!!!! Happy Valentine's DY to you as well.
theemrs85 - queenearlene - duane_l_smith - holymotherofsquawk -
Just had a in-home massage. When I say she did her THANG on this here pregnant body!!! I feel so much better. Yes, I said in-home she will come to you!!! As a mother of three that works full-time and is pulled every which way, this was a blessing. To make it even sweeter this was a gift from my cousin @mslcandie. #imblessed #mylifeasacovergirl Give her a holler. She only charges $65 for a home visit.
imblessed - mylifeasacovergirl -
crystalbhall - msnonig - teamnoteam - iamrashidamarie -
My life as a Cover Girl. #mylifeasacovergirl #crownheights #nyc #dutchboyburgers #howtotrainyourdragon #letmegorunsomemiles #bubblegutsheaven
bubblegutsheaven - howtotrainyourdragon - mylifeasacovergirl - letmegorunsomemiles - nyc - dutchboyburgers - crownheights -
shawnb__ : But yo tryna get it tight tho smh ! πŸ™…πŸ™…πŸ™…
jamaicanmecrazyy : SHAWN. I NEED HELP. πŸ˜” @shawnb__
shawnb__ : But it does look great I will say that
benjaminwrightcoleman - landuhhh - lilmoonerss - vee_vees -
mylifeasacovergirl -
mr._mix - deucesheezy - wrapitwithtiffany - ray6712_ -
Finally home from work. Watching this new show Allegiance and snuggled in my new king size RL throw. #Hulu #Thomasliving #mylifeasacovergirl
hulu - mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
queenearlene -
As he hangs the iconic Art Krane photo over the record player. Yes that's the music coming out of it. #ThomasLiving #mylifeasacovergirl
mylifeasacovergirl - thomasliving -
arjaycee82 : I love that chair!
msconniet : @arjaycee82 umm, you need to make your way over in these here parts.
arjaycee82 : You know I've been out of town and on the sick and shut in list. Lol I'll call you when I get out of church tomorrow and see where y'all are.
msconniet : @arjaycee82 yeah that may be know lil' Jesus( oldest boo) will heal you of your sickness. Just holler at me tomorrow.
ashlash85 - jackhoward81 - kelleyyy333 - stevetuck313 -
😘😘Weekend shenanigans #mylifeasacovergirl #teamlessselfies #letsseehowlongiwillgo #teamlightbrights #iluveveryonetho #lovingtheskinimin
letsseehowlongiwillgo - teamlightbrights - mylifeasacovergirl - lovingtheskinimin - teamlessselfies - iluveveryonetho -
theefearlessbeaute : Ok! Beautiful!
straightfacemommy : Thanks cousin @saol_alainn!
straightfacemommy : Hey Gayle lol @theefearlessbeaute love you😘
straightfacemommy : Yes! @thecarmendoll I miss you so much I'd love to see you and the hubs☺️
t_annharris : Very pretty @straightfacemommy 😍
straightfacemommy : Thanks girl @t_annharris
tlh28dks : You look beautiful sis!!♥♥♥♥@straightfacemommy
straightfacemommy : Thanks sis @tlh28dks! I try to look presentable every once in awhile lolπŸ˜‰ Miss you!
kclairejax - beautifull.bee - joubertitsfrench - thecarmendoll -
The kiddos enjoyed their #Sundayfunday plus it was 70 today so we enjoyed time outside and circus fun. #family #Jp #heissoscary #whyhelookingsomean #domykidslooklikeme #Idunnoanymore #circus #Zharajae #mylifeasacovergirl πŸ˜‰
sundayfunday - family - idunnoanymore - circus - jp - domykidslooklikeme - zharajae - whyhelookingsomean - heissoscary - mylifeasacovergirl -
ericacrosbyphotos - tlh28dks - joubertitsfrench - dedakated24 -
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