Happy bday to my beautiful mother:) #myjefecita #mychulada #mymama
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donjay_08 : Thanks!! Where you been!?!
donjay_08 : @lisa_dlos
lisa_dlos : Monogram like a lame! Lol and you how you been ra ra told me you moved back over here!
donjay_08 : Lol! That's cool...yea I'm back in a LA hit me up so we can all chill soon! @lisa_dlos
gusssss90 : Happy birthday to her brotha!
donjay_08 : Thanks brotha! @gusssss90
lisa_dlos : Oh for sure compa! 👍rara bday coming up soon
gusssss90 : Let me know when you're down for a workout
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Happy Mothers day to the one women who after all I have put her thru has never given on me. I give all my thanks && all my love to you. I know im not good at saying Thanks or saying what I truly feel but I know that you know that I will always love you thru good && bad. Happy Mothers Day Jefecita! <3 <3 <3 #HappyMothersDay #MyJefecita #FelizDiaDeLasMadres
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margarita_mendoza : @sraaguirre @sraaguirre @sraaguirre
sraaguirre : @margarita_mendoza you are my everything, I have loved you before I even met you.💕 🌼
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#WCW #myjefecita! ❤️puro amor for her!
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julianasballesteros : ❤️#myjefecita
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#photoadaymay #day7 #someonewhoibspiresyou #myjefecita
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