This is what happens when boredum kicks in #working #mycrackhead #hisnamesbilly #crazybored #drawing #random
working - mycrackhead - hisnamesbilly - random - crazybored - drawing -
lizbizzle92 : You gave him that mr.lorge hair lol
lizette_roxx : @lizbizzle92 lmfaooo omg that's the best laugh I've had all day !! I didn't even think about that .. Aaaaw I miss mr.lorgey porgey
shittin_rainbows - tasharod - anngelliicaa - _rich21 -
Gotta love this girl(: #wow #shesgorgeous #wcw #mycrackhead #lovveher @sierrashyannemangum
mycrackhead - wow - wcw - shesgorgeous - lovveher -
sierrashyannemangum : Oh god. |: hahahah you're lucky you're cute(; I love you(:
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She is taking care of me on her day. #nationaldoggyday #mycrackhead
mycrackhead - nationaldoggyday -
fiijel -
If you don't drink, how will your friends know that you love them at 2 in the morning? #selfiewithbestie #mycrackhead @agarwaltanaya
mycrackhead - selfiewithbestie -
boandaropaxx : Haha wild child!
agarwaltanaya : Brilliant!
aksh_jaj245 - djbhavesh - boandaropaxx - slowpoison1 -
A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though she knows that you are slightly cracked. #Imissmypiglet #myhitta #mycrackhead
mycrackhead - myhitta - imissmypiglet -
teetee_uh : She looking familiar
callmechasefranklin : Lol no you don't know her @teetee_uh
teetee_uh : Lmao how yuu so sure
jodinikita - amandrajessenyia - risacollins4 - kimmybooella -
mycrackhead -
gregsonx -
My #wcw has to go to this sweet girl! Sure she's a crackhead 9 times out of 10 but I loves her! She keeps me company when no one else is home, she cuddled with me when I don't feel good, and she also loves on her little brother 😁 #blueheeler #loveher #puppyloves #heelersofinsta #mycrackhead #pepper
pepper - wcw - mycrackhead - puppyloves - heelersofinsta - loveher - blueheeler -
janjanbooty13 : I wish out furr babys could play
mrsgray_2014 : Me too!! @janjanbooty13
blmitchell57 - jordan_ashlie - hamkatherine - marykathelyn -
My mcm! #mysexyman #lovehim #mycrackhead #heacutie
mycrackhead - mysexyman - heacutie - lovehim -
edward2772 : #dopebrain
beverley_keeper - marykathleen19 - sidolivia - princess_jazmine_ -
Happy 114th monthsary to you, my love.
thecauseofmyheadache - mybackbone - relationship - gay - lesbianlove - 114monthsary - upsanddowns - lgbt - iwillalwaysloveyou - lovealwaysfindsitwaybacktogether - mycrackhead - lesbian -
friendsoverlover : #lesbian #gay #LGBT #relationship #114monthsary #lesbianlove #upsanddowns #lovealwaysfindsitwaybacktogether #mycrackhead #mybackbone #thecauseofmyheadache #iwillalwaysloveyou
exoticiggirls : Mmmm Yea
ash_kai19 : Happy 114 monthsaries to u bby!! @isabella_diana cant wait to meet u up later
heracles_garcia - simeonsavva - whosdaf - thiagokrek -
@deerhunter004 <3 wcw ;p love you :* #mycrackhead#XD
mycrackhead - xd -
deerhunter004 : I lovve you tooooo;p:*
deerhunter004 : @gacybarna
deerhunter004 : #mymethhead
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Me and my WCE #Wednesday #WCW #WCE #afro #glasses #mycrackhead
wce - wcw - mycrackhead - afro - wednesday - glasses -
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Reunited 🐢😘 Thank you for watching him @grneyedkat @cuh_sandra #MyCrackhead #HesAPuppy #GettingBigger #papas #AllMyBitchesLoveMe #kisskiss #HeMissedMe #andAlan
hesapuppy - kisskiss - hemissedme - weeklyfluff - allmybitchesloveme - tjterrier - papas - gettingbigger - mycrackhead - andalan -
grneyedkat : Oh thank god. I can't sleep with him another day. He keeps stealing my socks, underwear, trying to jump in the shower with me. Thank you baby Jesus you're home!
oceanstarrsands : Aww, how's the little wetback doing? Lol. Super cute! 😘🐢
adriana_ladyface : @grneyedkat Lol sounds about right, that's my #TjTerrier. Thank you πŸ™Œ
adriana_ladyface : @oceanstarrsands Lol he's good, he's a crazy little puppy but I love him. He's getting so big!!
grneyedkat : @adriana_ladyface whatever bad habits you think he learned. ......he already came with them :)
oceanstarrsands : @grneyedkat @adriana_ladyface except the humping... She may have taught him that! Hahah!
adriana_ladyface : #weeklyfluff
willow_our_wonderdog - justmanolo01 - aboy_named_alexaharlow - sophie_emmaxx -
Guten Tag Eli πŸ’ΊβœˆοΈ I'll see you in 3 weeks lol jk πŸ˜”now your off to a big ass adventure all on your own wish you nothing but the best once you arrive at Norway I remember meeting you sophomore year you were something else lol but man I didn't realize that we would get to be this close I'm really going to miss you I'm glad that you came to hayward high out of all the other school gonna miss making fun of your accent lol and yelling "NO" every time you asked "who wants to buy candy " lmao hahahah Also HAPPYYY BIRTHDAY πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽhope you enjoyed us surprising you and signing to you and embarrassing you in front of everyone lol we were over there hiding thinking you could see us lol but Love you and come and visit soon ! #OffToEuropeSheGoes #MyCrackhead #GutenTag #SeeYouSoon #18birthday @elibelly @elibelly
offtoeuropeshegoes - mycrackhead - 18birthday - seeyousoon - gutentag -
elibelly : thanks for everything Ari I'll miss you and think of you pls try to get your life together cuz im trying to πŸ˜‚ jk but nigga pls do ur homhomework stop being lazy like me😩 also stop looking for bae like me lmao jk ! well be friends for a long ass time love u !!!!πŸ’―
_leeennni : 😩😩😩 awww don't worry girl I'm getting my life together one step at a time ! & lmaao hahaha bae is gonna be looking for me from now on lol & yes we will keep in touch and love ya too πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’―πŸ’― @elibelly
_daddysena - houdinimaze - _fetchprincess_ -
William Wallace 🐢 #vscocam #cockapoo #iphone5s #iphonephotography #mycrackhead #wallishk #spaniel #poodle #instadog
instadog - poodle - iphonephotography - spaniel - cockapoo - mycrackhead - vscocam - iphone5s - wallishk -
petpaint : :) like! @mrmarcymarc
felixpradipta - kylestollmeyer - mjmandjlc - petpaint -
Piece my face cut off, oh well, me and #mycrackhead #sickhead #crazyass sis lol
sickhead - mycrackhead - crazyass -
kaze876 : Bammy batty not on insta?
realest_chick : How you call bammy batty @kaze876
kaze876 : Bait Yu a try bait Mi into calling lore name but I won't be tricked into such a wicked act of... oops...
realest_chick : Hahahaha dwfl @kaze876 .... bugzii_ <--- see har name deh
nitrabritish_1 - danijcb13 - yardipics - realyutesubk -
And another Happy Birthday To this lovely funny crazy insane girl! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜πŸŽ‰πŸ‘ŒπŸ’• you're growing up dude like can you just stop!? 😭 lol I hope you have a great day Alyna! ☺️ i also got really close to you this past year like wow time flys lol well I love you crack head! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜β˜ΊοΈπŸ’• hope you have the best day and enjoy it! ☺️😏 #HappyBirthdayAlyna #loveher #Shesgreat #shescute #Mycrackhead #lol #shesgunnakillme #ohwell
loveher - happybirthdayalyna - ohwell - lol - mycrackhead - shesgreat - shescute - shesgunnakillme -
shorty20_21 : Hahaha your the crack head but I love you to😘 and thank you so much^.^❀❀❀😘
_shortymel : Hahaha were both crack heads tbh πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ and you are so very welcome πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• @shorty20_21
briana_jasminee : Cuties
ohhitssteven - brodie_paul_11 - lisaaapizzaaa_ - sanchezgisela -
Happy Birthday J-Bug! Love you! And yes I know this picture of us is horrific. Lol. #BirthdayGirlSwag #TheBig9 #Goofball #WouldntPutClothesOn #SoSheDecidedToHide #MyCrackHead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰πŸ‘‘
soshedecidedtohide - wouldntputclotheson - mycrackhead - thebig9 - goofball - birthdaygirlswag -
missrocketraceway - joeblowwyy - cm_cline12 -
#bestfriend #lab #goober #shelterdog #sweetestdog #mycrackhead #carrides
shelterdog - bestfriend - goober - mycrackhead - sweetestdog - lab - carrides -
erikaalwes - in2deepds - jalwes - oliviaparker97 -
Well this is late but IDGAF!! This chicka is my BESTFRIEND! She has been there through all of the bullshit that ive been through for the past 8 months :) I could count her as my second half, I cant see my life without this ray of whatever she might be I it ;P Love ya to the moon and back Emily Sharon :) @emilycheevs15 #bestfriend #wcw #loveher #sister #halfofmyself #cantbecompletewithouther #bestie #love #mycrackhead :)
love - loveher - bestfriend - cantbecompletewithouther - wcw - sister - bestie - mycrackhead - halfofmyself -
emilycheevs15 - joelle.estrada - z_faithxoxo - _sarahglidewell_ -
Meee & My Hubby ^.^ #MyCrackHead #Smiles #RideOrDie #TeAmo #HappyHappyHappy
mycrackhead - teamo - rideordie - happyhappyhappy - smiles -
venezolanoramos - justmanjason - ar_022514 - klopferdawna -
I may not be perfect, but she is to me. #weedlove #mycrackhead #shesperfect #mylove
mylove - mycrackhead - shesperfect - weedlove -
stormrain240 : Dude you look high as a mother fucker lol
frankie0421 : @stormrain240 dude you have no idea haha
stormrain240 : Text me man
chimina_uchiha - valerievee323 - stormrain240 - johnfrodo -
The only time this little shit is cute lol #puppy #milo #littleshit #soadorable #mycrackhead 😘😍😏🐢
milo - puppy - soadorable - littleshit - mycrackhead -
sarahhh412 - chriskelley99 -
Happy Birthday to my baby, my love, my twerkmeister, my honey boo boo! Ily... 6 yrs of friendship with ups and dwns bt it was all worth it... 6yrs and counting! Nt ready to throw ur ass in d bush yet! Lol #mycrackhead #mybaby #rideordie #happybirthday #6yrsandcounting #twerkmeister #mysexygirl #cantwaittoseeyouandhumpyou #lmao #okioverdoingitnw #bye #bitch
happybirthday - okioverdoingitnw - lmao - 6yrsandcounting - mycrackhead - mysexygirl - twerkmeister - bitch - mybaby - cantwaittoseeyouandhumpyou - bye - rideordie -
kaylahmartinezz : The last pic killl me offff!! Hahahaha. Love you lotsss...thanks babygirlll!! :) @tulissaemmaleigh
milagroheredia - haydenpolly94 - danellecmd -
I Love My Boyfriend πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ’žβ€οΈ #MissThatPieceOfShit #MyCrackHead
mycrackhead - missthatpieceofshit -
youngboii_quom : 😍😘❀️πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
youngboii_quom : LoveYouTooπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©@lowke_zaeee
bonitaheredia : Ummm someone looks serious lmfaooooo.......
seabrook_mario : He got that lemme see you look at another dude look on his face. Hahaha.
jayseemerolling : CUTER 😍😍😍😁
tanaia_simoneee - tyrese_chanel - tanya_aaa_ -
#MyCrackHead #LoveHerTillDeath #WCW
mycrackhead - wcw - lovehertilldeath -
_xoxoirieshay : Awwwwwww!! Love you too booo!!! :D β™‘β™₯
dreads_for_life : :D β™‘β™₯β™‘ yay
shaylewisia - tenz_268 - shakesa_ - _davidljea -
@hschofield444 always on that phone! #mycrackhead #hookit #snake
hookit - mycrackhead - yolo - snake -
hschofieldasu : #coldbusted #snakeimtryingtobeslick
petertomaro : #yolo
hschofieldasu - ambo0721 - james__47 - lucapiipolidoro -
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