Gained some weight from the recent junk food filled adventures with Dylan. When you don't eat, your metabolism actually slows down which really fucks with trying to eat a normal diet. Hopefully it'll regulate soon ☺️ Ps my room is a mess so enjoy the glitter #recovery #fuckana #fuckmia #edrecovery #fuckednos #ednos #bodypositive #myboyfriendfeedsmetoomuch
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And in the right corner, we have Sylvia Em weighing in at a whopping 180 in the beginning of 2015. Pant size? LEGGINGS. Coat size? FOUR OF THEM BITCHES. Shoe size? FITS THICK AND FUZZY SOCKS. #noregrets #packinpoundsforwinter #alsoilovepretzels #myboyfriendfeedsmetoomuch #momtricksmewithsoulfood
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darvia93 : I can so relate! Must be a Sylvia thing!
twinzzykins : @darvia93 it probably is!! No worries.
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Hahaha. My cousin trying to be supportive and shit. #bestcousinever #ivebeenasize7sincesophomoreyear ! #2014ismakingmefat #myboyfriendfeedsmetoomuch #toomuchbootyinthepants #hipsdontlie
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lett_her_be : @ericanieto stop eating mashed potatoes
stephanieto21 : @lettuceee mmm mashed potatoes, I'll be back..
lett_her_be : Hello size14 @stephanie_n7
stephanieto21 : @lettuceee. :( stawp. @ericanieto (Airwaickuh) tell her to shut her mouth!
ericanieto : @stephanie_n7 hahaha. #teamthickness
lett_her_be : @stephanie_n7 (hoe1) im sorry @ericanieto (hoe2) I luhh u
ericanieto : @lettuceee love you I.
stephanieto21 : @lettuceee. I dont. -___- jk baby. I luhhh ju
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