#mybaylorsummer #baylorbear
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kipurt : #Mybaylor
cooper_the_napoleon : Baylor Bears!!🐻
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BAYLOR STUDENTS (especially Class of 2019): follow @baylor_whatever_club. They've got fun stuff to meet other students, and will be the place to discover all kinds of fun events when the school year starts. πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ» Which of you already follow them? Comment below so I can see who already knows about @baylor_whatever_club - I'm curious! πŸ˜ƒ #whatever #mybaylor #sicem #classof2019 #sicem19 #shoutout
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jaronmontoya : Me!!
boymeetsbaylor : @jaronmontoya great! πŸ‘πŸ»
nicolefinlay : Me! Everyone is so nice! A couple people have reached out to me that are in my same major or dorm!
boymeetsbaylor : @nicolefinlay That's so great! Trust me, they're some of the coolest people you'll meet! ☝🏻️😁
boymeetsbaylor : @nicolefinlay also I'm glad you're already adjusting to the college sleep schedule, haha. πŸ˜†
nicolefinlay : So excited to be coming to Baylor in the Fall 😊 and @baylor_whatever_club is a really cool page to start to reach out to people!
boymeetsbaylor : @nicolefinlay that's honestly so great to hear. I think our goal is make sure that NOBODY feels alone (or bored) their freshman year at Baylor. So we'll be happy to meet you someday soon. πŸ˜ƒ
nicolefinlay : Well I just wanted to thank you, coming from out of state it means a lot to me!
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It's good to be a bear🐻 #SicEmBears #mybaylor
sicembears - mybaylor -
the_rivas2 : Glad you two had a great trip!!
mfcisternino : Great pic
misstclaire : #twinning πŸ‘―
e_medalion : #polarbear
yazzvas : How cool ! Congrats :)
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Baylor orientation!πŸ»πŸŽ‰πŸ’›πŸ’š I had so much fun and met some new friends!☺️ I'm super excited and really nervous to be starting college, but I pray it'll be awesome!!😝 Sic 'em Bears!! #baylor #orientation #sicem
baylor - sicem - orientation - mybaylor -
nataliejpena : Ur so pretty 😍 follow me cyrp frienddd πŸ˜‚βœŒοΈ
sam_pena22 : #mybaylor
estelaurestidepena : πŸ’•don't woory Honey U got what it takes, & you'll do it fineπŸ’•remember u are a Peña & a UrestiπŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹xoxoxo
sam_pena22 : Thank you mamaesteli!!😌
sam_pena22 : @estelaurestidepena
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Nothing like a quick drive around my favorite campus and this view with the carillon bells chiming to make my heart happy.
mybaylor - wacotown - sicem -
amandaparet : #mybaylor #sicem #wacotown
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"Choose your scream. Now get ready in 3...2...1..." The EMP in Seattle had another fun surprise - a horror scream booth. Here's my face during a "fight" scream, which may be terrifying for unintended reasons. 😈 #sicem #seattle #citypass #emp #horror #scaryface #notreally #mybaylor
mybaylor - horror - citypass - emp - scaryface - seattle - sicem - notreally -
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My favorite little bear on @bayloruniversity campus! Took a nice break and had a picnic on the sub grounds! πŸ˜β˜€οΈπŸ†πŸ»πŸ’šπŸ’› #beckettlouis #baylor #mybaylor #mybaylorsummer #futurebear
mybaylorsummer - baylor - futurebear - beckettlouis - mybaylor -
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Just leaving a Baylor-friendly mark on this beautiful landmark. βœ‹πŸ»πŸ» 😁 #sicem #seattle #hiking #mybaylor @bayloruniversity @baylor_cll #nature
mybaylor - seattle - sicem - hiking - nature -
trekkingtoes : πŸ‘
banana_avocado - _just_relex - jayviceroy - anthony.johns.13 -
Visited the FIRST STARBUCKS ever at Pike's Place. While I was there, I freestyled with a street musician. • "The wait might've been a little bit too long / I really wanted to just make up this song / That's why when the order came, I felt so disgraced / That long-lasting shame of knowing I had overpaid." • (Not filmed) • "Ooooh...Starbucks Lovers." πŸ˜†β˜•οΈ • #sicem #mybaylor #citypass #seattle #starbuckslovers #freestyle
starbuckslovers - freestyle - mybaylor - seattle - sicem - citypass -
boymeetsbaylor : @keke1487 sigh - I didn't even have to include that detail. For all you know, I got their original beans and am drinking some right now.
bre59 : Did you at least get hot chocolate or a cookie or something or did you just solicit money from starbs customers with your improv skills?
boymeetsbaylor : @bre59 we GOT coffee, haha - we just got a souvenir mug and their special beans instead of fresh drinks because we were hitching a ride to a museum where they wouldn't be allowed.
boymeetsbaylor : Gosh, it's like I clubbed some baby seals or something. πŸ˜…
keke1487 : You may as well have.
captain_schmitty : I've been there too!
boymeetsbaylor : @captain_schmitty it was pretty sweet!
peckman_n - banana_avocado - justininwonderland1 - sarah_bear97 -
As I walk around the Seattle Aquarium, I come face-to-face with STUNNING creatures of all kinds: lion fish, sea otters, puffins, and anemone. Being THAT close to such diverse beauty caused me to stop - and think. 😯 • God is incredible, and his Creation just ONE of many signs that He loves us and wants us to worship His nature and his NATURE (you'll get it). • I decided to leave the aquarium, then enter again - this time holding God's hand like a child. I'm very glad I did. 😊 #mybaylor #seattle #citypass #nature #godisSOgood #aquarium
aquarium - nature - godissogood - mybaylor - seattle - citypass -
courtenayklauber : You need to go to Bainbridge island! The ferry ride is so much fun!
boymeetsbaylor : We did a cruise out an Elliott Bay, but that ferry ride looks like a lot of fun!
sarahmailot - banana_avocado - _just_relex - nadia_v14 -
Totally worth my $35 donation to @bayloruniversity #mybaylor
mybaylor -
stueckles : I donated $50 and got nothing...
tyler_kopas : @stueckles really? They called me and said with $35 I would get this
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This...was a terrible idea. 😐 • Haha just kidding - Pike's Place and the surrounding Market was SO much fun. Shoutout to @bailey_molnar for the tip - I'll post some more fun stuff (like a freestyle session I had with a street musician) a bit later! • #sicem #mybaylor #seattle #citypass #gumwall #stickysituation.
stickysituation - gumwall - mybaylor - seattle - sicem - citypass -
elliott_dean_13 : I know that place
bailey_molnar : Yay!! So happy you enjoyed itπŸ˜‹πŸŒ²
boymeetsbaylor : @bailey_molnar yeah we passed by it on Sunday when it was closed, so today we went in to explore. There was WAY more than I expected jammed into that marketplace. It was awesome! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ» (and is that Pike tree...?)
ben_garst - alexiswalker_14 - cooper_the_napoleon - brooke_albritten17 -
I want to be clear - this IS the ACTUAL Darth Vader costume from The Empire Strikes Back and A New Hope. 😳😳😳 • The EMP had EVERY official costume worn by actors from all six Episodes, including the Wookie costumes, C-3PO, Boba Fett, and Leia's entire wardrobe. Dang. Like...dang. 😁 #mybaylor #emp #seattle #citypass #sicem #starwars #lifefulfilled #vadersmyhomeboy
starwars - vadersmyhomeboy - mybaylor - citypass - emp - seattle - sicem - lifefulfilled -
boymeetsbaylor : @brentyndo too late...sold it on the black market six hours ago.
t_ktx : Whoa
williamcoew : Awesome to see you guys went. Cool place.
alipally1006 : ❀️❀️❀️❀️
boymeetsbaylor : @williamcoew honestly. It was overwhelming to almost disbelief. And @alipally1006 I was in love too. πŸ˜…
boymeetsbaylor : @jordenbree see what I mean? 😁
jordenbree : Perfect πŸ˜‚
puppy_love1314 : Soooo coolπŸ˜ƒ
peckman_n - lexi_leftwich - sad_darth - bernetteisqueen -
Man, there's too much beauty in our world, isn't there? ☺️ • Another day in Seattle, another chance to hike the gorgeous Mount Rainier National Park. It was a modest 7 miles, but always worth it. 🌲🐻🌲 • #mybaylor #rainier #sicem #nature #hiking
mybaylor - sicem - rainier - hiking - nature -
trailseek - alayna_mathes - banana_avocado - sheilaismagic -
Loving this post from @boymeetsbaylor Sic'em!! ・・・ The Oregon coast was beautiful! A quaint coastal stay and a trip to the Astoria Maritime Museum was fantastic - on to Seattle we go! And, of course, here's the obligatory Sic 'em pic. Featuring Anchor man!) #mybaylor #oregon #sicem
mybaylor - sicem - oregon -
paulipokette - candacewoolverton - royalwilder - elysse_tab -
If this gets 100 Likes, I'll write the rest of this bad boy and post it online 😁 It's been a WHILE since I've performed parodies at Baylor, so I'd love to pick this hobby back up. Whaddya think? Any other songs I should tackle? #mybaylor #parody #gdfr #florida #music
mybaylor - gdfr - florida - music - parody -
nemoraghavan : Forget the 100 likes.. just do it!!!
brianbulkley : ^^^
boymeetsbaylor : So @nemoraghavan you think this is a good idea? Haha I wasn't sure if people would like it.
nemoraghavan : Why not? Make it for yourself! Don't let others opinion hinder you from your talents broski!!
boymeetsbaylor : Sorry I misspoke/typed. What I MEANT was, I'm either doing this, a Pitbull parody of "Fun," or an Echosmith parody of "Bright." So I guess I was finding out if people would enjoy hearing this one. Who knows - if I have time maybe I'll do 'em all. 😁
peckman_n - alayna_mathes - the_lady_lexi - weddle_teena2016 -
Good morning and Sic 'em from Seattle, Washington! The #adventurescontinue during #mybaylor summer, and I couldn't be more excited for what's next! #sicem #baylor #seattle #citypass @bayloruniversity @baylor_cll @baylorbookstore
baylor - citypass - mybaylor - seattle - sicem - adventurescontinue -
jordenbree : Seattle is my hometown! 🐻😁
boymeetsbaylor : @jordenbree no way! I've been here a few days, but have some time left - anything this bear should check out? 😁
jordenbree : The EMP is cool, Red Mill Burgers, Pikes Place market!
boymeetsbaylor : @jordenbree oh you have NO idea how much I loved the EMP.
jordenbree : Good!!
peckman_n - alayna_mathes - banana_avocado - _just_relex -
Empiecen la semana con el pie correcto! Começem a semana com o pé certo! Let's start the week with the right foot! Commence la semaine avec le bon pied! #cavalocrioulo #cavalo #caballoscriollos #caballocriollo #cheval #chevaux #horses #horsephotography #accc #freiodeouro #brasil #mendoza #argentina #ficcc #abccc #accc #dubaihorses #mybaylor #gopro #mydubai #argentina #razacriolla #turismo #caballosargentina #cardonargentina #harvardpolo #hellobangkok #cabañapedemonte #gauchorestaurants #cavalogaucho
horses - harvardpolo - mybaylor - razacriolla - caballoscriollos - caballosargentina - accc - hellobangkok - cavalo - ficcc - cardonargentina - gauchorestaurants - freiodeouro - brasil - mendoza - horsephotography - chevaux - mydubai - cheval - turismo - abccc - gopro - dubaihorses - cavalocrioulo - argentina - cavalogaucho - caballocriollo - cabaΓ±apedemonte -
cabpedemonte : En la foto, Del Yaretal Catalina: Juramento x Nochero Aguadita. Hija y hermana de campeones nacionales de Rienda
eduardocunhaneto - criaderojerusalen - fabriciobrunelli - happylena.rose -
According to the EMP in Seattle, I am destined to become a shadowy villain. What do you think - do I pull off the look well? 😎 Some photo fun in the Sci-fi exhibit here (anybody else been? The EMP is AWESOME!), and feeling very evil indeed. #mybaylor #sicem #seattle #emp #citypass #villainlife
sicem - emp - mybaylor - seattle - villainlife - citypass -
sandy_amberg - elliott_dean_13 - cooper_the_napoleon - goodwillfellow -
Space Needle adventure - and all I could think of was saying "Wheee." Haha there were a lot of people staring at me. πŸ˜³πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ #mybaylor #seattle #sicem #spaceneedle #citypass #dorkalert
spaceneedle - mybaylor - seattle - sicem - dorkalert - citypass -
keke1487 : I hope someone there gave you the "really Nathan" face in my place. 😏
boymeetsbaylor : No one does it quite like you do, @keke1487. No one. Happy birthday, by the way. πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ˜
keke1487 : You're right. It just wouldn't be the same. 😎πŸ’ͺ🏼 (the hand in that emoji looks like a sloth btdubs) thank you, by the way.
boymeetsbaylor : Oh man it does (it took me a while to see it, but...)
pat_pat_patitup - alexiswalker_14 - carriep515 - clairecywong -
Thank you to my first two Line Camp groups for making my summer amazing already! You guys are all wonderful and I'm excited to see you in the fall! #mybaylorsummer #mybaylor #baylor #linecamp #bu19
mybaylorsummer - mybaylor - bu19 - linecamp - baylor -
drfrozone - rj_rarebeaute - gustavo_capo - darthveda_96 -
fifty three days and counting. #mybaylor #bu19
mybaylor - bu19 -
alexismireles10 - pashapalooza - baylorspiritsquad - manlymicahtodd -
Just 'docked' at our place of stay for the next three days...and I'm awestruck. Here's a mini-tour. ☝🏻️😁 #seattle #sicem #nature #mybaylor #wow
mybaylor - wow - seattle - sicem - nature -
kylieflournoy_ : That view😱
boymeetsbaylor : I wish I had gotten the video earlier @kylieflournoy_ the sun's sparkles shoot INTO THE HOUSE from the ocean. It's crazy. πŸ˜ƒ
bailey_molnar : Washington!!!
kylieflournoy_ : Wow that sounds awesome
boymeetsbaylor : @bailey_molnar hey, you're from Washington?!? (I assume). I don't know you yet (and surely will), but you should tell me the MUST-SEES / eats while I'm here - I've got three days to spend! ☝🏻😁
bailey_molnar : I'm actually from Bellingham but every time I go to Seattle I go to Dicks drive in & Pike place!! I would deff check those places out if you have timeβ˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‹ @boymeetsbaylor
boymeetsbaylor : @bailey_molnar YES, this sounds great. I'm sure I'll hit up one of those places, and let you know how it goes. Thanks! πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
bailey_molnar : @boymeetsbaylor of course! Enjoy your time &I let me know☺️
sandy_amberg - julzbohnenkamp - elysse_tab - bonster95 -
The Oregon coast was beautiful! A quaint coastal stay and a trip to the Astoria Maritime Museum was fantastic - on to Seattle we go! And, of course, here's the obligatory Sic 'em pic. Featuring Anchor man. @bayloruniversity @baylordining @baylor_cll (I'd love to get on your page!) #mybaylor #oregon #sicem
mybaylor - sicem - oregon -
ems_mccalley - sandy_amberg - goodwillfellow - bonster95 -
Once a #BaylorBear, a bear everywhere. #MyBaylor
mybaylor - baylorbear -
cooper_the_napoleon : L4L?!
henryoppelt : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
laarissabento - clairefillo - jessicavaz87 - camicorvelo -
Fell in love with this campus todayπŸ’šπŸ»πŸ’š #sicem #MyBaylor #100happydays
100happydays - mybaylor - sicem -
cooper_the_napoleon : Follow me :)🐱
trick_shots_mustaf - realfxteacher - _http.color_ - evan.akins3 -
If you had your first day at a real-life job and didn't Instagram about it, did you really have a first day? #AmeriCorps #VISTA #MyBaylor #SicEmForever
mybaylor - vista - americorps - sicemforever -
k_flinn : You're a big deal!!
rasnjas818 : Congrats!!
brainyjessica : You're so cool!!!
rasnjas818 - dreamrshope - wyatt_artero - anjeanettegzz -
Camp was great. new friends. new memories. great times. great week.can't wait till next year!
mybaylor -
z_z_man : That camp was very fun
maddie.tharp03 : Can't wait to see you next year
isaac_tomas : Sfs??
syrah_rose3 : What?πŸ˜‚ @isaac_tomas
isaac_tomas : Spam for spamπŸ˜‚
syrah_rose3 : um sureπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @isaac_tomas
fernanda.xv : Tbh your gorgeous and Justin's 21 lol! Love you and miss you!
syrah_rose3 : aw thanks! love ya to girl!!! @fernanda.xv
shreyam03 - brynnselman - z_z_man - -
Up on a mountain / amazement surmounting / No words for recounting / the wonders I'm counting. Multnomah Falls ahoy, and a Horsetail too. This one's for you. 😁 #mybaylor #oregon #hiking #adventure
mybaylor - hiking - oregon - adventure -
elliott_dean_13 : Multinational falls is so cool o go to oregon all the time!!
elliott_dean_13 : Multnomah lol
boymeetsbaylor : @elliott_dean_13 absolutely - I sure loved it!
sandy_amberg - pat_pat_patitup - elliott_dean_13 - bonster95 -
Baylor Bound's 3rd post, this time by the great Bonnie Smallwood!Click our bio link to check it out. Comment below with your roommate situation - Best friend? Total stranger? How'd you meet? #mybaylor #baylor19 #sicem #roommates #whatever
mybaylor - sicem - baylor19 - whatever - roommates -
tanniemathis : @carriep515 I get to live with this girl next year 😊
carriep515 : @tanniemathis I'm definitely the owl on the left. Just sayin'... πŸ˜‰
christianhope_y : Total strangers and I'm sorta FREAKIN OUT.
baylor_whatever_club : @christianhope_y my roommate was a stranger, too! I'd love to talk more about questions/worries you have!!! - @kelseykayee
kolohehonu : Total strangers I'm probably the one on the right
cameronnsotelo - lizzie.t.07 - bonster95 - tanniemathis -
A grand 'ol Sic 'em from the Little Bikes Big Fun sculpture during our bike tour of Portland! @baylor_cll @bayloruniversity #mybaylor #portland #sicem
mybaylor - portland - sicem -
sandy_amberg - pat_pat_patitup - julzbohnenkamp - elliott_dean_13 -
No need for filters for the beautiful Mexican city of Aguascalientes #mybaylor #mybaylorsummer #Mexico #Aguascalientes #Garden #Beautiful #Nature
beautiful - mybaylorsummer - garden - nature - mybaylor - mexico - aguascalientes -
britney_torres12 - alreadyswole - marchow12 - wkhooper3 -
Just roaming the beautiful city of Aguascalientes with my lovely mother and family #mybaylor #mybaylorsummer #Mexico #Aguascalientes #Beautiful #Chapel
beautiful - mybaylorsummer - aguascalientes - mexico - mybaylor - chapel -
navy_davey - isla_k32 - __celrod - the_bold_berry -
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