Such an amazing experience. Truly blessed. @bayloruniversity #MyBaylor #BaylorInLondon
mybaylor - baylorinlondon -
nikebynature6 - campjam69 - thebrandin - guv_a_nuh -
Congratulations & sic 'em Erin and Kaker! Awesome photo. #mybaylorsummer #mybaylor #baylorengagements
mybaylorsummer - mybaylor - baylorengagements -
ericphan5 : #ringbysummer
luv_shanti - the__maddisonkettler - gabedraper - jpaul50 -
Had lunch with a squirrel. #mybaylor #goodtimes #hungry
mybaylor - hungry - goodtimes -
thedyes : I miss squirrels.
jlmanus - _havengrace_ - mrsscorziello - richcohrs -
Sooo excited to be living with my fellow Baylor Bears very soon! T-30 days πŸ’šπŸ»πŸ’› @bayloruniversity #sicem #mybaylor #bu18
mybaylor - sicem - bu18 -
elaina_marie1995 : I love your tank top!πŸ’šπŸ’›
lindseyraye_ : Is that the one I got you?!
connie_schmalriede : Hurry up and get to waco, so your mom will come see me!
mmccoy814 : @elaina_marie1995 Thank you so much! & @lindseyraye_ Yess!! I wear it all the time πŸ™ˆ
mmccoy814 : @connie_schmalriede I'm getting closer & closer everyday!! ☺️
sophie.greene - alexandra_kellenbenz - mackenzie_saxon - tatebrons24 -
Almost done packing for baylor #bu18 #mybaylor #packing #onemoremonth
mybaylor - packing - onemoremonth - bu18 -
thisgirlsheshe : I still haven't pack 😫😫
cklil4128 : Smh lol, i still have to buy stuff, even though i havent gotten a dorm yet @thisgirlsheshe
thisgirlsheshe : Lol i got a dorm just got to pack i'll do that the week before i leavr
cklil4128 : Haha dont miss anything, I'm anxiously waiting to see where im living @thisgirlsheshe
quickerdickherupper : You look so different bro
cklil4128 : Probably the contacts, and puberty lol @quickerdickherupper
gorgeous_brickcity_bitch - tiffyloo18 - _miss_congeniality - jay_aye_kay_eey -
That's what I like to see when I work out! Best team in the Big 12? Baylor. #sicem #mybaylor
mybaylor - sicem -
faizah811 - _melina_t - meganj37 - diane_rad -
Baylor Line Camp was a blast! So glad I got to meet these awesome people. #mybaylor #bu18
mybaylor - bu18 -
jocelynnnflores : You're so great @benwithrow23 🐻
benwithrow23 : @jocelynnnflores you too πŸ’šπŸ’›
mason_hull : Ohhhh please lol
nicolefinlay : Are you going to Pine Cove this year?! You need to tell me about Baylor! I'm thinking about going next year 😁
benwithrow23 : @nicolefinlay no we're not going... But Baylor is definitely the greatest school ever....if you're thinking about going you should check it out!
nicolefinlay : Aww bummer! And yeah I visited a little while ago, it's definitely one of my top choices!
astrids35 - tracyorozoco - kaylnlg95 - hareessamad -
Road trip pit stop - See you in 42 days McLane. @jukelurgensen #sicem #mybaylor
mybaylor - sicem -
dbjurgensen : I repeat, we are ready!!!!
nancymaness : Spectacular stadium!! Can hardly wait!!
song522 - _katiemitchell_ - dillon_meek - bwallaceiii -
After recovering from a relatively sleepless week, I'm happy to say that Baylor Line Camp was one of the best weeks ever with some of the worlds greatest people, mostly Texans though. The wonderful #ochoso group have become some incredible friends in no time at all. I can't wait to meet back up with everyone soon to continue cultivating friendship and many more things at Baylor. One month! #mybaylorsummer #mybaylor @luke_walker96 @raphaelraganit @rosesforrozi @robstuck @kalenorman13 @shanixvci as well as many others not in the group!
mybaylorsummer - ochoso - mybaylor -
livingwithoutinstructions : @meredithtaylor89 I don't think I had one with you. :/
meredithtaylor89 : @livingwithoutinstructions haha It's all good!
stollevoigt - shanixvci - swatkins1975 - siobhanz27 -
Give us this day our daily brew #goodmorning #dayoff #mybaylor #soontobealumni #vscocam
mybaylor - dayoff - vscocam - goodmorning - soontobealumni -
mirmotahari93 : So excited πŸ˜‚
nickembears : I see what you did there 😏
paulita_868 - taylorleanneward - williamanderson18 - tylerrebekahscott -
#TBT A whole family of Bears (& future Bears) before @bayloruniversity Homecoming last year. Can't wait for football season!
mybaylor - tbt -
kristina_smith1 : 45 days to go!!
kblankle : #mybaylor
ryankarren - littlelandmine21 - ms_boss2708 - jassminm -
had to throw up a sic 'em at St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican City todayπŸ»πŸ’šπŸ’› #mybaylorsummer #baylorproud #sicem #vaticancity
mybaylorsummer - eftours - baylorproud - mybaylor - sicem - vaticancity -
kbilyeu : @bayloruniversity
kbilyeu : #eftours
kbilyeu : #mybaylor
amybuchstaber - instabyram - lauren.ml17 - dkcote04 -
Silly Texas, you're suppose to be sunny! #Mybaylor
mybaylor -
jennaquirky : 😍😍
tyoliver - jonathanhollibaugh1016 - cbear_returns - alexandra_desimon -
We decided to build Baylor's new McLane Stadium on the Florida panhandle!! @the_equilibrium_ #mybaylor #sicem #mybaylorsummer
mybaylorsummer - mybaylor - sicem - bayloreverywhere -
stansil : Do you have an office on 30A @jon4314 ?
jon4314 : That a great idea! I'm gonna pursue that! @stansil
dchambers05 : That's awesome once we made a baseball field but it wasn't as good as that
jon4314 : Thanks!! @dchambers05
jon4314 : #BaylorEverywhere
justinjohnson254 : Love it Sic'em bears #baylornation #baylorfootball
courtneyyclarkk - raylcastillo - mychelleb - spencer__93 -
God is faithful.
vsco - mybaylor - lol - mybaylorsummer - baylor - stainedglass - dontcare - light - graduated - vscocam - texas - independence -
blakelyzane : This is soooo good. all the colors ahhhhhhhhh
natebobphil : #vscocam #vsco #independence #mybaylor #mybaylorsummer #graduated #dontcare #lol #texas #baylor #stainedglass #light
joanholles : Where is this?
natebobphil : @joanholles in independence, texas
kmeg09 - joanholles - middlestarnold - c.marie_sanchez -
First #tbt to me and Tracey's freshman dorm in the k-not. So much pink! #baylor #kokernot #firstfloor #BU #2006-2007 @bayloruniversity
baylor - kokernot - 2006 - bu - mybaylor - firstfloor - tbt -
katyallen : The hell?
skocian : @katyallen right?
baylorgal09 : Haha yes! Remember when we met prior to welcome week at a Macaroni Grill in Austin to plan?
laurakocian : And perfectly dyed curtains to match! I think I dyed them 4 times.
skocian : @baylorgal09 yes! I also remember calling you before I left bed, bath & beyond with that comforter set to make sure it matched with what you bought
skocian : @laurakocian I totally remember that!
baylorgal09 : And we drew out the dorm plan on the tablecloth with crayons? We were SO cool.
skocian : @baylorgal09 also those plates on your wall are hilarious.
violettheincredible - bicky_face - alecia_occhipinti - shanna070613 -
A little light evening reading with my favorite future Baylor bear :) @bayloruniversity #startthemyoung #sicem #bu
mybaylor - sicem - startthemyoung - bu -
selmarae : #isthisreallife
selmarae : I read like that, too, Riley girl.
melwigren : So sweet!
emilyrei : #mybaylor
melwigren - allywhite13 - heytrace - jferg116 -
My lil baby sister's VERY FIRST SIC 'EM!! We may have a future Baylor Bear here, y'all! :-D #FirstSicEm #SicEm #FutureBear #Baylor #MyBaylor #BaylorBear #Proud #ProudBigSister #SomeDay
someday - baylorbear - proudbigsister - mybaylor - proud - firstsicem - baylor - sicem - futurebear -
maddie_liz_ : Ahhh nooo!!! Bad pic :/
_dreamer_14_ - dearhai - painted_roses_ - kathryn_janey -
Just finished these bad boys! Can't wait to rock them around campus.😎 #BU18 #MyBaylorSummer #DesignedByMe #ShoeDoodles
mybaylorsummer - designedbyme - shoedoodles - bu18 - mybaylor -
yennifer0718 : Haha I think that's a compliment? Thanks!!😊 @erika.castanon
erika.castanon : It is ☺️
_cecccy : I actually am going to tech. Well unless something major happens from here to august.
estefguzman : How adorable! Love them! πŸ’šπŸ’›wish you nothing but the very best girly!!
yennifer0718 : Oh man, awkward. I thought you weren't because of something you posted on Facebook... But that's so good to hear! @_cecccy
yennifer0718 : Aww thanks! Maybe we can be roomies in 2 years? 😁 @estefguzman
estefguzman : Sounds perfecto to me! πŸ‘Œ #BaylorBuds lol!! πŸ˜‰πŸ’šπŸ’›
iloveyoububba103 : @baylorwaylor_
alexx_official - ortegakarla80 - chanvel87 - dmancha1103 -
Lache Seastrunck ~ Rate 1-10 ~ #Baylor #BaylorBears #BaylorFootball #BaylorNation #mybaylor
baylor - baylornation - frozengraphixcontest9 - baylorfootball - mybaylor - baylorbears -
9lives_contests : Join my contest @116visuals
_aferg12 : Can i get a football edit bro?
116visuals : #frozengraphixcontest9
justinjohnson254 : 10
kelvin44lindsey - taariqdavis - agustinborregoxv - topo_miller5234 -
in the middle of throwing what I know #mybaylorsummer #mybaylor #grandteton & yes even a week after I'm still posting pics. My favorite trip ever! πŸ—»πŸ’šπŸ»πŸ’›
mybaylorsummer - mybaylor - grandteton - bayloreverywhere -
morganmcnabb : #bayloreverywhere
brianna_sanchez48 - alexamooo - survival_gear_reviews - lucky_lamar97 -
McLane Stadium already is booked with many events that don't include football, including a free concert Aug. 28. #baylor #mclanestadium #sicem #mybaylor #waco #wacotown #texas
baylor - wacotown - texas - waco - mybaylor - sicem - mclanestadium -
jspiegs - brwn_bear14 - taytumbigins - thekidd_nix14 -
Sitting on a bench at #Baylor made me think about how important the little things in life are, so I made this out of sticks. #quote #wood #trees #summer #life #mybaylor #hipster #youth #art #inspiration
summer - life - art - quote - trees - youth - baylor - wood - hipster - mybaylor - inspiration -
byrdcaleb : πŸ‘β—οΈ
samcow92 : @lifeismymixtape your Insta game has come so far. ☺️
lifeismymixtape : @samcow92 I had a good teacher what can I say
cjoy_creatively - scott_gallagher143 - bri_moreno93 - danaebear -
Hoping Audrey has a great time at Baylor Line Camp! #mybaylor #sicem #mybaylorsummer
mybaylorsummer - mybaylor - sicem -
becka428 : @shherryl Love that sweet girl. Go get em Audrey!
jaclynnicole023 : @shherryl Sic em!
natcatlyly - sincerely.sophie - catpullin - sunnyhuii -
almost exactly one year ago at @bayloruniversity #mybaylor
mybaylor -
trinitysalem - evelynteeple - babbling_brooke123 - claireosullivann -
If I wasn't excited before, I sure am now. 😍🐻 #baylorbears #dreamcollege #mybaylor
mybaylor - baylorbears - dreamcollege -
dilyn__massey98 : BAYLOR! 😩😩
knrood : You guys...if you ever get the chance, go to their website and schedule a tour. It's such an amazing school and we snuck around the day before and took all these pictures. πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ they're so nice, personalized attention. Worth the trip. @darbykinzz @dilyn__massey98
dilyn__massey98 : I wanna take a tour
darby.xx : We should go next summer! @dilyn__massey98
dilyn__massey98 : We really should!
dilyn__massey98 : @darbykinzz
knrood : @dilyn__massey98 @darbykinzz if y'all go, I'm coming too. No hurt in going again. 😁
dilyn__massey98 : Hey fine with me πŸ˜‚
tannerozzy - _karls09 - spartandgc - rachelscheer -
Sic'Em SundayπŸ’ #itsathing #BU18 #selfie #siblingsunday #mybaylor
itsathing - mybaylor - selfie - bu18 - siblingsunday -
sloane_ashlyn : Yes😍😍
serranojess : @sloane_ashlyn ☺️
annsleyv : 😍😍😍 I freaking love y'all!!!
serranojess : @annsleyv I freaking love you!πŸ’
ryan_weaver10 : Go follow @joshtree1995
kevin_kupfer07 - shelby.bullion - little_polish_boy - mak_attak -
Im not really one to post selfies, but here's my #selfiesunday with the best mascot everrr. Look at her (I don't know if that was Joy or Lady) smilin at the camera! 🐻😁#vscocam #mybaylor #sicembears #precious #smile
sicembears - selfiesunday - smile - mybaylor - precious - vscocam -
n_willen - lexi_fulsom - spencer_ira - be_yourself_always___ -
Just hit the halfway point of my #Americorps summer associate job in West! Its so great getting to work alongside my fellow bears and the people of West! #rebuildingwest #mybaylor #mybaylorsummer
rebuildingwest - mybaylor - mybaylorsummer - americorps -
kevinrenois - joeysantoro7 - billallidoisnguyen - ktatum_14 -
[πŸ‘¬πŸ’πŸ’˜πŸ»] One of the most awesome experiences I've had with some truly amazing people...1st place @ Linecamp Sing! #teamhaleysangus #bayloruniversity #mybaylor #linecamp #ringbyspring
mybaylor - teamhaleysangus - bayloruniversity - ringbyspring - linecamp -
brittain08 - tinkster123 - jakobikinsey - kcesa -
Went down to Waco yesterday with @sharp_heather to watch her choir students perform at Baylor University. Awesome performance and incredible theater. I waited for it to clear out and got this shot just before they brought the lights back up.
6d - 2470 - mybaylor - mccrarybuilding - texasforever - 35mm - performance - theater - building - canon6d - waco - travel - baylor - instatexas - redring - architecture - travelgram - igtexas - music - naturallight - texas -
ryansharp76 : #canon6d #6d #2470 #redring #naturallight @bayloruniversity #mybaylor #baylor #waco #texas #music #mccrarybuilding #igtexas #instatexas #travel #travelgram #performance #theater #architecture #building #35mm #texasforever
texascheermom : #joneshall
_still_silence_ - bavants - tiny_ryder - myriamfarabi -
Mi familia minus @nelsonb95 😒! Reunited finally! only to be separated for 39 days! #sanantonio #fiesta #bu17 #mybaylor
sanantonio - mybaylor - bu17 - fiesta -
im_notta_dj : I miss y'all too
thevvu : We miss you too but youre at camp!
thevvu : @im_notta_dj
romildcp - im_notta_dj - alexiskramer1 - jzz1022 -
Spent the afternoon getting to know Maddie's Baylor Roomie and her Mom...we are going to have so much fun this year, I mean they...they are going to have so much fun! #sicembears #mybaylor
sicembears - mybaylor -
amybethn - karenmayfield61 - nicoleream - karen_dixon11 -
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