Mum ya happy guy #mutha
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"Whose a bad #mutha..."
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The #VivaLaVeese #SchoolOfBurlesque Showcase "Recess" Scene. ChoreographyBy #Mutha ... #TeamViva #NumbaOneChoreographer
vivalaveese - schoolofburlesque - numbaonechoreographer - mutha - teamviva -
tudecor_ : I want to do it
jay____bee : I follower her for you πŸ˜‰ @say_ahh_hoe
say_ahh_hoe : Stay practicing @jay____bee
jay____bee : lol ight @say_ahh_hoe
say_ahh_hoe : When i get home shot betta be on point @jay____bee
jay____bee : Lol shut up I ain't say I was doing this exact shit... @say_ahh_hoe
cinder3lla86 : Congrats on Your Show!
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Can they share the stage with The Principal #VivaLaVeese? Yes ma'am πŸ’… The #SchoolOfBurlesque Showcase. "The VivaDiva" Last scene ChoreoBy #Mutha
vivalaveese - schoolofburlesque - mutha -
tiffjway : Yuuhhsss!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
modelme_solo : Yezzzzz #vivaladoityall
marweezzz : 😳😝😍😎✊
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misstar18 : #ViscaBarsa!
valeri_veryaskina - misstar18 -
#LongCaptionAhead: Yesterday was incredible. Look at these amazing #VivaDivas behind me. My cast did a FANTASTIC JOB. Thank You ladies for trusting me and believing in the movement. I'm so proud of EVERY ONE OF Y'ALL. My designer @rm67_fashion for whipping up EVERY OUTFIT you saw on stage last night including out ties and my bow YOU KILLED IT! #BookHimNow my twins @etteniotna120 and @yelhsa_28 SMH without y'all there yesterday it woulda been a disaster. THANK YOU for dedicating your time to #TeamViva. It meant sooo freakin much to me. My security, my Dj, my Videographer @zaynahbeth my Bestfriends who did the door AND ALL OF YOU WHO CAME OUT AND SUPPORTED WITH BOTH SHOWS I wanna Thank You all from the bottom of my heart for coming to see The #SchoolOfBurlesque showcase!!!!! THIS WAS MY FIRST PRODUCTION AT A THEATER πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ˜ and it WON'T be the last 😎!!! #TEAMVIVA #OperationHouseholdName #VivaLaVeese #WhenYouDoYourBestPeopleNotice #WeDidItYall #Proud #Mutha
bookhimnow - whenyoudoyourbestpeoplenotice - proud - schoolofburlesque - wedidityall - mutha - vivadivas - operationhouseholdname - vivalaveese - longcaptionahead - teamviva -
yelhsa_28 : @vivalaveese. Anytime you know we have your back πŸ’―. The show was amazing last night. You guys showed up and showed out. I really enjoyed myselfπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Can't wait till next year. #teamvivaforever
envi_ptc : I cant express how upset I am that I missed the show! πŸ˜” I moved yesterday and when I bought my ticket I already knew that I was probably not gonna make it but I wanted to support anyway. I luv ur talent, I luv ya grind and admire ur drive. U r awesome and change people's lives every day just doin what u do best. Keep it up mama bcuz it definitely dont go unnoticed. I kno I missed an amazing show smh. I hope I can catch it all on video soon. 😘
vivalaveese : Hey sweetie!! I understand completely and still love you for all your support you've shown since day one! The show was recorded and will be posted for you all to see!! Congrats on the move also! @envi_ptc
envi_ptc : Thanx boo 😘 Congrats to u as well!
selflesstoselfish : Simply amazing @vivalaveese y'all killed it !!!
sacredshy : Ty @vivalaveese @yelhsa_28 @makeup_khloeway
kiya_loving_life : Thanks for allowing me to be apArt of ur dream!
zaynahbeth : πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒamaze balls!!
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party #hardy #mutha #fuckas #drunkasfuckalways #whatitdoo #mostdope #@longboarding_rob
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#rolemodel #influencer #inspiration #thecommons #collegepastor #fellowcampuspastor #brutha #fromanutha #mutha
fromanutha - thecommons - rolemodel - brutha - fellowcampuspastor - collegepastor - mutha - influencer - inspiration -
dustincrider : FYI there are over 18,500 hashtags for the word "mutha". Who knew? #FridayFunFacts
mitchellmcghee : Some good dudes and golfers right there!
bpirkle : My two favorite pastors
seejohnrock : Both of you are just so well dressed!
tylerreagin : Did you have to step up your style with JT on the links with you?
joegarr : I see that white belt @clayscroggins
melamos01 : I feel like I raised you both! Much had transpired since the college years! Proud of you guys. @clayscroggins @joelcthomas
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#DrPorter #Livy #mutha #friend #tiyanlaVanzant 😘😘
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tineaportertgr : @mankerrob BACCCKKKKKKKπŸ™Œ
tineaportertgr : @candiceolivia @justcallmee_t lmao
mscash09 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
glamgod : SOOOO True!!!!! I love @__channy___ & @gcasamerahairsalon !!!! ♥πŸ‘
gcasamerahairsalon : ❀️❀️😘 @glamgod
__channy___ : 😘😘 aww thanks Tiff @glamgod
1flyybird : ...and THIS is why @thegreenroom_ is my #parttimejob 😌
glamgod : Your welcome!!! @__channy___ & @gcasamerahairsalon 😘♥
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slimrie : Pleaseeeeeeeeee πŸ˜†
cocoasycamore : πŸ‘πŸ‘yessss @slimrie
pnk_pistol : πŸ™Œ
jacquiezhak_herwife : That was my ish
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Haha Ebola #cough #again #mutha #fucka
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Hey guys, say Happy birthday to my favorite "Asian", the creator of me (the πŸ‘Ύ) and the loudest person I know..my #Mutha. She's turning "25" for like the millionth time.. πŸŽ‰πŸ°πŸ‘πŸ»πŸΉπŸΈπŸŽˆπŸ‘“πŸ‘‘πŸ’…πŸ’ƒπŸ˜
mutha -
_andie_201 : Happy Birthday!!!
backtobasicsjules : Happy Birthday!! She's so beautiful!
dora_nachelle : Happy happy birthday!!!
backtobasicsjules : 😍😍😍
fabulous_traci : Happy Birthday!!
superplainjane : Awww happy birthdaaayyy!! ❀
vanyoweh : Happy birthday!!!
taylorpasciutax3 : happy birthdayπŸ’˜
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THIEVES!!!! As you all know last week I found the sticky icky growing outside my office. Came back.... And the dayum weed is GONE!!!! I guess it just ROLLED OUT!!! #thiefinthenight. #mutha... #bastards #cantkeepshittoyoself. #togoodtobetrue.
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Shiver Me Timbers! - Rumbling down the taxiway after stopping into LIT for a quick gas 'n go, a Boeing F/A-18F from perhaps the most easily recognizable United States Naval squadrons prepares to head back to the east coast. With their famous skull and crossbones adorning the tails like the black flags that once adorned the feared pirate ships of the seas, the "Jolly Rogers" of Strike Fighter Squadron 103 of NAS Oceana in Virginia have been featured in several movies and novels. #VFA103 #JollyRogers #Mutha #MuthaTrophy #USNavy #Boeing #BoeingLovers #FA18F #SuperHornet #Murcia #LIT #LittleRock #Little_Rock #LitAirport #Arkansas
muthatrophy - vfa103 - boeing - litairport - murcia - knowhowtoplaythegame - mutha - lit - superhornet - fa18f - arkansas - littlerock - little_rock - boeinglovers - jollyrogers - usnavy -
jimmythetoolman88 : Oh ok thanks
revchrishall : I got in trouble for taking a picture of one of those once. It was a beautiful shot and I was forced to delete it by the guards that stopped me.
gulfstreamguy : @revchrishall What! No kidding? That's a shame.
revchrishall : I was on WPAFB doing some telecommunications work for a Presidential visit. I always kept my camera with me in my work vehicle. The sun was going down and there was an F-16 on the line. It was beautiful. So I walked over to the fence and snapped a picture. I honestly didn't see the harm since it was in open view. Apparently, an officer in the control tower saw me and radioed it in. By the time I made the short walk to my van and put my camera away, I was surrounded by base police.
gulfstreamguy : @revchrishall I can understand why some situations could be more restrictive than others but I think these security guys take our hobby a little too seriously and think we pose some kind of threat. I guess I'm lucky... not only do they let me photograph them, they usually ask me if I can email a copy to them. :-)
gulfstreamguy : @revchrishall The solution to your problem is simple, get a camera like mine (Nikon D7000) that has two SD card slots. One can be used as a back up (keeps all photos stored on the second card as well). #knowhowtoplaythegame lol!
revchrishall : I actually have a couple D7000s now. But back then I had a Pentax that was a few steps above a point-and-shoot and a few steps below a DSLR. But it saved me from loosing my camera all together in the end. When the guys took up their "good cop" and "bad cop" rolls, "good cop" had the same camera. So he let me delete the picture as he watched so he knew I deleted it.
gulfstreamguy : @revchrishall Ah.
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@slewdacris #follow #this #mutha #fucca
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#flashback yo Muthy!! #mutha #shadow #mrklub
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#hashtag #matricdance #goodtimes #mynigga #mutha #jones #fun #friends
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Can't wait to see my baby momma and my God daughter Niomi πŸ‘Ό this weekend πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ look how gorgeous @dee_mervado looks!!! She makes pregnancy look so beautiful and effortless #MUTHA πŸ™Œ
mutha -
lovesexngia : Omg she gorgeous 😍😍
airicalinh : 😍😍😍
dee_mervado : Aghhh few more days 😩😍😘😘
mrmoe551551 : Gods gift to man twice
jadiel1345 : Whattttttttt
lovemepr787 : @jeatneciv
gmoneymike314 : @lovingitall2
statementluxe : @mothersinprotest
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I knoe last pic was a low blow but it was all in love @murdafreu #love #brotha #fromanotha #mutha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜“πŸ˜–πŸ˜† s.o to the bigg sis for taking the pic
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rawsnb : πŸ˜‚
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#selfmade #i'm #a #mutha #fuckin' #unicorn
a - fuckin - selfmade - unicorn - i - mutha -
unicorn__zombie : #ToyMachine
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#free #dem #hittas #milleosparks #spudwebb #diggitydave #Ldunny #jreez #powderbeano & #flip #da #mutha #fuckin #general #squad
general - jreez - ldunny - flip - free - da - diggitydave - hittas - milleosparks - dem - spudwebb - mutha - powderbeano - squad - fuckin -
neechee_justme : #FreeFlip
simplyhis_____ : Free the whole damn hood damn πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ”πŸ”‘πŸ”“
wiltchamberlain_cco30th : Free the guys #300
ttu_maj : Bro wat happen to spud ?
brogang_yrn_juandro : Free da guys @beater_300 we gotta link n do some business
beater_300 : Spud went to trial today bro all dem niggas go back to court next Monday @ttu_maj
lovingmyfavs_always : FreeJohnny @johnnyfrm30th_
beater_300 : Free bro @johnnyfrm30th_ I stole dis pic off sum body page he on mine @lovingmyfavs_always
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Mother, fiancé, teacher, student, entrepreneur, bartender, daughter, yoga lover, Africa Lover, weight loss enthusiast, blogger, grant writer, ect..... I'm a woman of many hats & talents. Women are powerful creatures, and I intend to make my mark on this earth! So ladies, quit being lazy, you can do anything you put your mind to. Put some makeup on & conquer the world! You have the same amount of hours in the day as Oprah, use them to build your own empire. πŸ˜‰ #mutha #entrepreneur #beauty #blogger #teacher #student #powerwoman
powerwoman - student - beauty - entrepreneur - blogger - teacher - mutha -
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#Mutha 😏 #B'day#mems
b - mems - mutha -
micaxla_hxlse : She loves you
tixonjcm : πŸ‘Ž @micaela_halse
jakeskurulis : get your arms off my man
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"Do you have a hidden talent?" #kungfu #freaky #surprise #mutha #fucka #levelasian
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#RestInParadise to the homie @lightskin60 ....praying for your wife/kids @Flawed_but_flawless & fam in this tough time ..smh jus seen you,tapped w/you n errythng ..hated to find this news out,then it's even more hurtful cuz I find out u #lafamilia ...again RIP #WEmost definitely gon #tude again #DOE #believedat #hotwheels #hottwheelz ...#muchlovebruh
smdh - preciate - hottwheelz - believedat - mutha - doe - muchlovebruh - restinparadise - wemost - barberlife - hotwheels - lafamilia - tude -
bugg_b : My condolences @grandzdabarber.akc
grandzdabarber.akc : #preciate it bruh @bugg_b
bugg_b : Was this on the news today Bruh @grandzdabarber.akc ?
grandzdabarber.akc : Yup ...it was on goodfellow&lalite @bugg_b
bugg_b : So sad Bruh ....smh @grandzdabarber.akc .... BE STRONG MY FELLOW BSRBER!!
grandzdabarber.akc : Fasho ..again #preciate it @bugg_b #barberlife
bugg_b : Hey Bruh, I like your work... U pretty good with those clippers huh @grandzdabarber.akc ?
grandzdabarber.akc : @meech_da_barber aye Dm me w yo # I got somn yall might b interested in...ima text u
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Another Mutha Classic featuring the early skate rock jam Russell's Ramp @russiglay #mutharecords #mutha #njhc #publicdisturbance #notlikeyoufanzine
njhc - notlikeyoufanzine - publicdisturbance - mutha - mutharecords -
devil_dick : I need the cover art mines just a blank white sleeve with public disturbance in marker on it....
xtrappedinthepastx - carbonite_green_tt - maulie_p - snakexeyes74 -
Always Billionhairess approved βœ”Happy bday @kimkardashian . #kim #kimk #kimwest #kimkardashian #mrswest #north #hbd #libra #stylish #fashionista #stylist #celebs #kardashians #mutha #pretty #stunning #perfection #fleek #virginhair #hairbundles
north - virginhair - fashionista - kimkardashian - kimk - perfection - kim - mutha - kardashians - stylist - mrswest - fleek - hbd - stunning - libra - hairbundles - pretty - stylish - celebs - kimwest -
realhousewiveswatch : Nice!
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#ink #my #whole #body #i #dont #give #a #mutha #f^*% #sleeve #clint #you #the #man #king #of #my #own #destiny
body - destiny - own - dont - give - mutha - ink - my - the - man - a - king - clint - sleeve - f - i - of - you - whole -
sumikopee : Hi Clint.... Is that him? Haha
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Let's show this midweek bitch who's boss! #wednesday #humpday #mutha #fucker #boss
fucker - boss - wednesday - mutha - humpday -
charlieboy1985 : Fuck u and ur 0630 phone calls! @johnnyszymanski I'll show u who's bloody boss!!
johnnyszymanski : @charlieboy1985 Don't be a hater. Blame QLD and their stupid time difference! One up all up!!
charlieboy1985 : Revenge will be delicious!
charlieboy1985 - official_big_macca - maximele - itsdrewy92 -
#WhoisBopeet da #mutha #fukn #BO #SHOW
fukn - whoisbopeet - show - bo - lilbrudda - mutha -
whoisbopeet : Got my #FUKN #lilbrudda wit me @1skoolboy
crayhefner - sfh_nawfside85 - bougiebratzz - envysoiceis -
γ‚ΏγƒŒγ‚­ #mutha #tanuki #δΏ‘ζ₯½η„Ό #navy
navy - tanuki - δΏ‘ζ₯½η„Ό - mutha -
A Mutha classic #njhc #childabuse #mutha #mutharecords #notlikeyoufanzine #oldschoolhardcore #oldschoolpunk #shorecore
shorecore - oldschoolpunk - oldschoolhardcore - mutha - childabuse - njhc - notlikeyoufanzine - mutharecords -
sardean732 : Talk about a blast from the past! I was 11 or 12 when we recorded this! @notlikeyoufanzine
sardean732 : @nickxevans I didn't know any of these records even made it to the west coast! Lol
notlikeyoufanzine : @sardean732 I bet. But still classic
donspizzaking : @notlikeyoufanzine Great post...little known that Child Abuse was one of the first Skaterock bands and later Dean and I became the rhythm section for @underdognyhc. You should do an interview about them for the next issue...#belmarlocal @donspizzaking @russiglay @mariamcyoung
notlikeyoufanzine : @donspizzaking hey russ is "russels ramp" about you?
donspizzaking : Yup.
notlikeyoufanzine : @donspizzaking I amways figured but I cane across that record last night and figured id ask
russiglay : Haaaa
donspizzaking - tajmray - anotherothman - sabcat32 -
#nautical #Navajo #clashing #mutha #fucka
navajo - fucka - clashing - mutha - nautical -
talking_tree - tor086 - cpenner87 - mikeclashes -
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