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I wanted to share a couple of other things regarding these paintings and the "series" within the "series". The top right is Elvis from the '68 Comeback Special, I call it the "Fire Returns", and the lower left is Levon Helm of the Band. I call that one "A New Fire". They are both part of a sub series of fire themes that I'm really inspired to paint. Upper left is a self portrait in my favorite purple & blue monochromatic style, and it is reflective of the love I have been feeling of late. The love for my creativity, for the people and family in my life, and love for your support. Lastly is a more recent favorite. It's Willie in his most beautiful spirit as I see him. We share birthdays next week on April 30th and I felt inspired to paint him in that honor. He's been so kind to us through the years. Happy birthday Mr. Nelson!!!!
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stevenmontgomerymusic : Wanted to thank you for your comment yesterday, it means a lot sir. You surly must know what your friendship means to me, after all these years. Fourteen I think!
maverickrobert : Thanks @nathenmcevoy so nice to hear from you! Lets stay in touch!
maverickrobert : Hey you @stevenmontgomerymusic, I can say with absolute certainty that the greatest gift from all of this travel, the music, and cultural exposure that the best thing is the people I've met. As for meeting you when you were so young it's an additional treat to see you become a fabulous human being. I am proud of you like family, and in a way you are!! Many blessings brother
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stevenmontgomerymusic : @maverickrobert you too big Brother!
lydiasmithmusic : All of my favorites. Namaste dear one, I honor the fire in all of you. ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ’ฅ
nathenmcevoy : Definitely @maverickrobert I enjoy watching your creativity flow through Instagram. Reminds me of watching you and the guys in the studio when you were recording that Beatles stuff at 16 Ton. Definitely keep in touch.
thejohnnyisaacs : Levon... that man is an oak tree of music and soul. Great work Robert!
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leboditibane : Nice shot man
welile_n : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
danielhan : Love it!
kgomotso_neto : They make lovely music ๐Ÿ™Œ ... Awesome shot bro
nnetem : Love it! & โ™ก the last hash tag
thismintymoment : Great ๐Ÿ‘Œโœจ
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They're so good they glow โœจ๐ŸŽธ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽถโœจ. We're happy to be hearing #vincentbutter play again tonight! Catch them on episode 3 of #museradio.
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muse_radio : #music
muse_radio : @paola_mirabella ๐Ÿ˜˜
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"Portraits From Gigs" new project I am working on. Excited about this because I created my own preset on Lightroom *tutorial on how to do so to follow* #MusicalPortraits #Portraiture #ShotOnNikon #KiariiKimaniPhotography
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kiariikimani : #TembeaNaLumia
matthewkipkorir : @bensoul254 check this out
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Artist McKay. #musicalportraits #condensermic #r&b #gospocentric #cinematic #CDcover #redlipstick #blackgirlskillingit #gospeldivas #keishacole #cecewinans
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sammydee_ke : #Greatpic
nxtlvlimagery : Thnks @sammydeekenya
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So this happens to @elissarae ever time I try and snap a photo of street bands. She's a good sport.
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drwanderlust : #neworleans #bigeasy #musicalportraits
eakelly : Watching #theprincessandthefrog with the sweeneys! Little Disney New Orleans action in newps! ๐Ÿ˜
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Just hanging out with the best friend.! <3 #Grease #musicalportraits #selfies #thereisagiantposterofmeinmyroom #fark
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Munir Hossn #lookatme
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sushidetortilla : You know what I think about ur portraits!!!
aurelito : Same hashtag applies to you... @sushidetortilla
sushidetortilla : @aurelito ๎˜
aurelito : @icristiano (Reconoces?)
icristiano : Que buena!!
mylay : Muy buena!!!!
aurelito : Gracias! @mylay
amadeison : Owen Wilson en The Royal Tenembaum!!
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Pablo Schvarzman think tank...
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moesmo : Pedazo retrato, gatito!! Se te dan realmente bien ๎Œฎ๎ 
aurelito : Es que trabajé en un fotomatón... @moesmo
aurelito : #aureliosantos
aurelito : #musicalportraits #retratosmusicales
minimalminds : Love it
aurelito : @123sol Pablo Schvarzman... Otro de los componentes de Seward...
lollamanpop : ๎…
aurelito : #1197is
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Adriano Galante... Inimitable...
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moesmo : Joé!! Otro retrato brutal!!
aurelito : Zanks little kitten... @moesmo
ricadavi : Joer, que bueno!
aurelito : #aureliosantos
aurelito : #musicalportraits #retratosmusicales
minimalminds : Perfect!! This shot is great
aurelito : @123sol Meet Adriano Galante, líder del grupo Seward. Te gustarán!
lollamanpop : Algo de ellos he oído, siiii!
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Back to the Basics feat Pablo Schvarzman @pabloschvarzman
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chicosonico : Buenísimaaaaaaaa! Gracias bro...
aurelito : Gracias!!! @missjennyrey @lluisillo @biel_cardona Pablo, es el modelazo el que hace que la foto sea buena, jejeje @chicosonico
elrebo : Pedazo de galery me estaba perdiendo! Te sigo!
aurelito : HONOR! Gracias! @elrebo
elrebo : No digas eso hombre! Ni que fuera famoso! Saludos!
aurelito : Famoso como Alfredo Landa por lo menos! ๎‰๎‰
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Anónimo rocking Lancien
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sushidetortilla : #paracuandounretratodesushi?
aurelito : No comment on that last one... @sushidetortilla
sushidetortilla : @aurelito Why not?? ๎ƒ
aurelito : #aureliosantos
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Llamadas inesperadas para comer con una vieja amiga... Neneh Cherry #priceless
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sushidetortilla : @aurelito Alguna vez te han estampado un sushi en la cabeza??? Claro q me apunto!!!! Cuando??
aurelito : Gracias!!! @dennybre
lady_tangerine : Yo tb me apunto! Pongo el postre, pero será en Berlín...! ๎†
aurelito : Perfecto! @lady_tangerine
lady_tangerine : Todavía no soy ninguna cuarentona (faltan un par de aล„itos), pero yo era fan de ella y lo sigo siendo. Sus tracks de entonces, hoy día forman parte de mis mixtapes... Un ejemplo, no más! Besos con sabor a mandarina, pa ti y pa ella! ๎†
aurelito : ๎–๎–
aurelito : #musicalportraits #retratosmusicales
aurelito : @tysonmcvey ๐Ÿ˜˜
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elestroques : UF
jorgeiron : Gran retrato, si señor!!!
aurelito : Zenks @jorgeiron
clok_moitie : ๎Ÿ๎Ÿ๎Ÿ
aurelito : #aureliosantos
aurelito : #musicalportraits #retratosmusicales
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DJ Helios @sonar2011
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aurelito : Thanks! @eljacker
aurelito : #aureliosantos
aurelito : #musicalportraits #retratosmusicales
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