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charleskdw : "Wszędzie dobrze ale u Babci najlepiej" 😉
akibitlewska : Bardzo podobni
ewalag : Buziaczki
aniamizgala : Ale kochane !!!!
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Love and light to this beautiful and bold soul as she left this earth to dance and breathe easy with the angels 💜 #cysticfibrosis #justbreathe #restinpeace #loveandlight #heavensgain @erinphillips8284 #saltygirl #mtjm "do not be delicate - be vast and brilliant" 💫
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andreaherrin : She's beautiful.
x.jacobs : Aww even tho I don't know her sorry for your loss 😓
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Присоединяйтесь в группу #MoreThenJustMusic #MTJM https://vk.com/MTJMusic
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What keeps me going when I walk. #MTJM #emilyseuphoria #cysticfibrosis #cysters #fibros #family #myheart #miles
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These shoes are fucking radical. Super happy with today. Under 2 hours. Seriously guys, what is an hour of your time? 3 miles! Get up, get out, and get fucking active. You'll feel amazing. Until Erin is well and on her feet again, every day I walk is for her. My other cyster, @makeovermomma is having it a bit rough as well. I miss you so much, Bailey. Today was also for you. I love you, my cysters. You fuel me. You motivate me. You inspire me. Day 4. Fucking beast. #MTJMotivation #ExploreMore #NikePlus #MTJM #LiveYourLife #BeBiggerThanYourself #ErinStrong #MakeoverMammaBailey #kicks #new #NikeFS #LiteRun2 #beast #love #miles
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makeovermomma : I love you! And your cute shoes. I'm going to try to send you a Glide today so we can see if it works
darlin.xo : Awesome! I'll look for it. :) @makeovermomma
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Day 3. Today I really thought about what Tommy and Morgan have been saying. "Be bigger than yourself" "Get motivated" "Get active" I am. I've never felt this strongly about something before(except maybe being a piercer... ;)). I WANT to wake up and walk. I WANT to be active. This is astounding to me because I've never had those desires before. Being admitted 4x, THIS YEAR, into the hospital, you would think I'd want to change my activity. Nope. But this. This is Different. This feels different. I'm not walking(running all in due time) for me. I'm doing it for my cysters, my fibros, my family, my friends. I love them so much, and the love they have for me is really important. I want to be here for them. I am being bigger than myself. This isn't about me at all. I understand that. Tommy always says to ask yourself who you're running for. Today I walked for Erin Phillips. The update on her health broke my heart today. Being apart of this incredible community is a blessing and a curse. There is NO middle ground. We love the hardest, and we lose the most. I couldn't grasp that until I went to Daytona and actually met these people. These people I have "liked" and "commented" and "messaged" via social media. Real people. People that I shared an immediate connection with. No thought, the love was just There. During my walk I thought about Erin. I thought about how she IS a fucking warrior, and there is no way in hell she won't pull through. Because if I can walk nearly 5 miles with a chronic illness constantly trying to stand in my way, Erin can survive this. I'm not really a beer drinker, but fuck it. Erin, when you get out you can bet your ass I'll be seeing you in November for that art show, and we will share a damn beer. I love you, cys. Keep fighting, because I am not giving up on you. #MTJMotivation #ExploreMore #NikePlus #MTJM #BeBiggerThanYourself #cysticfibrosis #warrior #LiveYourLife #ErinStrong
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jessiemtjme : Love you 💪💜
darlin.xo : Love you too, @jessiemtjme ❤💙💚💛💜
riahandcats : I love your mindset girl. Kicking ass & taking names 😍
vinnbrooks : nice! hope all is well!
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The only thing better than running for yourself is running for charity/awareness #MTJM #CysticFibrosis
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biglue2011 : @brinlyxx - love the fit tip, 😆 chipotle!!!
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Day #2. Boom!! A little over 3 miles this morning. Just under an hour. And this is walking!! Just wait until I start running. #MTJMotivation #ExploreMore #NikePlus #MTJM #BeBiggerThanYourself #miles #Julychallenge #Day2 #watchthefuckout
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jessiemtjme : Loggin in the miles! Dang Meg!!
darlin.xo : Yeah, I'm really excited about all this. It's important to me. :) Thanks for your support, Jessie!! ❤ @jessiemtjme
jessiemtjme : @darlin.xo Thats so good!! Get our health back!
vixonvonnixon : Are you starting up by walking? I wish I could run but my asthma starts kicking in almost immediately.
emilyeuphoria : You go girl!!!
darlin.xo : @vixonvonnixon Ooh yeah. Thus challenge is for the whole month of July. My plan is to start slow. I just started yesterday, and I am strictly walking. My goal is to start light jogging the following week. See how that feels, and from there build up endurance to actually run. You should Always start slow. You don't want to kill yourself.
darlin.xo : Thank you, Em. ❤❤❤ @emilyeuphoria
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This speaks for itself. #MTJMotivation #ExploreMore #NikePlus #MTJM #BeBiggerThanYourself #run #walk #miles #cysticfibrosis #cf
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#mtjm #morethanjust14ersunsets #nojacket #torreyspeak
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Got to train back and bis in my new tank top my sister gave me. It's made by #rockCF which is a company raising money and spreading awareness of Cystic a fibrosis. Let me tell you, I love finding extrinsic motivation and I wanna tell my followers why. For a big chunk of my life I've known an amazing women learning how to survive with this nasty disease. It attacks your lungs and your digestive system with zero mercy. Even through all her struggles she remains so positive and nothing drives me more then something like that. It's my job as a healthy young man to help advocate and spread awareness of this anyway possible and I'd love nothing more then for my followers to educate yourself on it a little bit and donate, raise awareness anything to help these people and to help find get one step closer to a cure. Already got asked about it in the gym! Stay active and salty you sweet people :) @ashleymdurand #cysticfibrosis #raiseawareness #disease #lungs #stayactive #saltygirls #saltydudes #spreadword #donate #rockcf #tanktop #MTJM #findacure #gym #motivation #inspiration #fitness #run #hike #lift #neverstop #back #bis
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atomic2013 : Cystic Fibrosis*** #ihatetypos
ashleymdurand : @atomic2013 your love and support keep me going! My Sandstrom team is the best! So much love! XO
cfaulkingham51 : I need help with T-shirt designs, I want to organize a fundraiser!
atomic2013 : Always ready to support you Ashley! Love ya! And let's get thinking Carrie!! I'm down for something too. Just gotta put our heads together @cfaulkingham51
sophia_cf65_fit : Omg melts my 💜 you are one very special person. You make my heart smile. Thank you for being you!
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#kuhl #bestmountainclothing #mtjm #mtjcm #mtjme
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#zealoptics #FirstFlatiron #stormiscoming #mtjm #mtjme #mtjcm
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Keep your noggin warm with I/O Merino. Happy Monday! RG @mtjme feat our Aztech Beanie 🌁 #iomerino #mtjmountains #mtjm #getoutside #exploremore #morethanjustme #cysticfibrosis #outdoors #freshairandfreedom #7summits4cf #tommydanger #mtmckinley #denali #alaska #mountaineering #mountains #modernoutdoorsman #merino
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regnumsaturni : Good!
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They say my lungs suck at being lungs, that's cute. Another half in the book makes 6 months in a row and now to enjoy some OAR #ScrewYouCF #mtjm #Running #SanDiego #RNRSD
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future_mrs.golden_wang : Go Justin!!!👍🙌
curlypops : Awesome!!
stacie_twry : Impressive!
cfmomsheila : You ROCK!!!!
justinlivinlife : Thank you @future_mrs.golden_wang @curlypops @stacie_twry and @cfmomsheila the support is very much appreciated 😊
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in honour of it being the last day of #CFawarenessmonth , I'm wearing my #purple #MTJM shirt 💜
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Another month, another half. #RNRSD #SanDiego #Running #mtjm #ScrewYouCF #CysticFibrosis #Fibro
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built_cf_tough : Good luck Justin!
melmbeasley : Swift like 🐆! Proud of you babe!
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This mornings sesh dedicated to @tommydangerdude and the @mtjme crew who are working that mountain right now. #mtjm #mtmckinley #cysticfibrosis #rockcf
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duffeykatherine : Yes I am glad I'm not the only one who sticker decorates my InCourage!
rockcfem : Lots of surface area @duffeykatherine ;)
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Sonny says "onward to Brad and Sara's rehearsal dinner!!" #Sonny #trustthebum #sunbum #mtjm #roadtrip #weddings #rehearsal #bestfriends #raysofsunshine #sunnydays #liveyourlife #bebiggerthanyourself
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trustthebum : Haha, safe travels Sonny. SB
_kybaby729 : I want a cool monkey
mattsneary : Www.trustthebum.com :) and its a gorilla :D but Sun Bum is AMAZING! Try some out! Come up to MI and we can go to beach and I'll let you see a lot of their stuff, towel, hat, football, and almost all their sunblock, cooling gel, and lip balm. Yup I got it all :D
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Hold onto your hats ladies and gentleman... @mtjme is going to have a physical store/office fully functional! Please follow along as we build up an epic store/office! The online store is rockin! Go to www.mtjm.org and check out our gear! #mtjmestore #constructionsite #buyourproducts #cfawareness #mtjm #mtjme #liveyourlife #bebiggerthanyourself
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erinphillips8284 : "Physical store"??? When was this decided?
mattsneary : Haha its just our office. Instead of everything being in totes :)
edjaeger : 👍
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#mtjm #cysticfibrosistattoo #database #SaltyGirl
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andrewoodleyjr : 📱 nice
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You guys! I'm super stoked! Why? Because I blew the highest numbers for my PFT (lung function test) that I have in a long time. I'll be the first to say that numbers aren't everything. They aren't even the biggest thing. But they are a part of the bigger picture. My energy is back too! My lungs don't feel as great as my numbers reflect but they ARE feeling better and I know they will continue to improve. That being said, I'll be staying in the hospital over the weekend instead of going home today. I'm okay with that though. I can't rest when I'm at home, hell I can hardly rest in here haha 😉 When I get out though...I'll be ready to crush mountains! #lifeisgood #stoked #cysticfibrosis #fucf #beyourownsuperhero #hospitallife #mtjm
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cheers_and_screams : Wonderful news!😃
liz_ba03 : That is awesome. And btw I love your shirt. And you look amazing! @yogi_aims
tinybutmighty84 : WAHOO!! Congrats!! You rock girlie!! Glad to hear your feeling better, and breaking outta the slammer soon. Love it!!
jenny_livingston : LOVE this post!!
hippie_kohlburn : Yay! Such super good news all the way around! 💗
briannelh : Amazing news!!!!! Congratulations!!! You're a warrior ❤️❤️
yogi_aims : Thank you for the love and support everybody!!! @cheers_and_screams @liz_ba03 @tinybutmighty84 @jenny_livingston @hippie_kohlburn @briannelh 💗💗💗💕💕💕
yamahallicwife : Love this!!
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Ormond beach with pizza! @aschwarzman #ormondbeach #curecf #cfmeanscurefound #mtjm
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Normal lungs vs CF lungs: As I've stated, I produce more mucus and much thicker mucus than a person without this disease. It mainly affects the lungs. The build up of mucus causes me to cough incessantly at times, which causes inflammation. Bacteria grows and causes pneumonia, which means a hospital stay for IV antibiotics. CF only gets worse with time. Breathing gets harder, getting enough oxygen gets harder, and respiratory failure usually results. Sinuses get blocked by mucus, leading to infection and causing fever, nasal drainage, and headaches. My lungs are permanently scarred, which is visible on x rays. Breathing is just tough some days. #cysticfibrosis #cf #awareness #cysticfibrosisawareness #cfawareness #may #awarenessmonth #65roses #justbreathe #saltygirls #spreadtheword #educateyourself #fucf #cfwarrior #cffighter #morethanjustme #MTJM #MTJMe
fucf - cysticfibrosis - may - spreadtheword - cf - 65roses - saltygirls - awarenessmonth - educateyourself - cysticfibrosisawareness - cfwarrior - mtjm - morethanjustme - justbreathe - cffighter - cfawareness - mtjme - awareness -
riahandcats : This makes me sad dude. That's horrible... I'm so sorry you have to go through this.
darlin.xo : C'est la vie. @riahandcats
riahandcats : Yea...
tinaclarkeinspiredwellbeing : It is tough sometimes. Agreed! But you gotta try and work with what you got ♥
madestrongllc : 💪
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Been a good day with the kids #mtjm #curecf
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I neglected the last 2 days with my posts. Oops. So here is today's. "You are so skinny, lucky" Weight gain/loss is greatly affected by Cystic Fibrosis. The build up of viscous mucus in our bodies can prevent key nutrients and fat from being absorbed. Enzymes created in the pancreas that digest fat, starch, and protein aren't properly passed into the intestines. As a result, those living with CF, should ingest more fat and calories and take oral enzymes for nutrition. Our metabolic rate is about 3x faster than someone without CF. *A doctor told me that* Luckily, I do not suffer harshly from weight gain. My weight is healthy and normal for me, however, many of cysters have a very hard time keeping weight on. Many of us weigh beneath 100lbs. It's a hard thing to deal with. When I get sick I drop weight easily and look like a bag of bones. My ass and boobs deplete. It's hard to get that back. Don't envy us that. You have no idea how it makes us feel. We'd rather be healthy than weigh 80-100lbs, because it's not attractive. #cysticfibrosis #cf #awareness #may #cysticfibrosisawareness #cfawareness #may #awarenessmonth #65roses #justbreathe #saltygirls #mtjm #morethanjustme #cysters #fucf #cfwarrior #spreadtheword #educateyourself #weight #enzymes
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_emilyfi : I don't really think its fair for you to say whether someone's attractive or not based on their weight..
darlin.xo : I'm speaking from the perspective of someone with cf. And these girls would agree with me. I don't think it's attractive in a personal sense because I don't look the way I want to, and it's hard for me to do that. Just as it is for the girls who suffer deeper than I do. But perhaps I should have worded that a bit differently. @_emilyfi
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Just a little photo shoot for the mtjme store this afternoon. #mtjm #mtjme #mtjmegear #mtjmestore #awesomegear #liveyourlife #bebiggerthanyourself
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erinphillips8284 : Is that a Kilimanjaro PATCH?! Why don't I have this.
mattsneary : @erinphillips8284 they will be on the store today
erinphillips8284 : Go ahead and put one out for me...
emilyeuphoria : I want all the things
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#withoutshoes Donate some Shoes To some Kids #mtjm
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This is an old picture, obviously, but it's the only decent one I have with me using my nebulizer. A nebulizer is used to inhale medications. Cystic Fibrosis patients all have one. I use mine every day. There are different medications to take. Currently I am on a duo neb consisting of Albuterol and Ativan (Lorazepam). The albuterol opens my airways, and the ativan serves as a longer acting medicine to keeo my airways ooen and orevent them from aggitation. Arivan also releases GABA (gamma-aminobutyric acid), which is a brain chemical that is naturally calming. It is suppose to reduce anxiety amd relax the patient. I think ot does. Hypertonic Saline is another one. Itis pretty much salt water. It mobilizes and improves airway clearance. In English? It makes me cough a lot!! Pulmozyme is my antibiotic. It thins out the mucus, which makes it easier to expell through coughing. These should be done about 3 times a day. The albuterol as needed. Nebulized treatments are a pain in the ass, but that's my world. #cysticfibrosis #cf #awareness #may #awarenessmonth #cysticfibrosisawareness #cfawareness #65roses #justbreathe #saltygirls #nebulizer #breathingtreatment #breatheeasy #spreadtheword #educateyourself #MTJM #morethanjustme
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meghanjoycemcarthur : Hyper saline, pulmizyme, tobramiacin, and cayston. My current nebulizer cocktail.
darlin.xo : Doc won't put me on Tobi because of the cost. @meghanjoycemcarthur
meghanjoycemcarthur : Well consider yourself lucky. It tastes like butt hole. Lol
heyyyyyitsleila : Agreed @meghanjoycemcarthur 👍😂😂😒
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So #cfrunner ..you know the kid with that one terminal lung disease? Comes in hot with the top 20 out of hundreds in the #ironmantri #ironkids one mile. My tears of joy turn to pain as I'm reminded of reality when I ask how it went and he tells me it went great until he got the pain in his right lung. It's what happens when he gets out of breath. He discribes it as "my lung explodes but only in one little spot". I'm not sharing this for sympathy or sorrow, during CF Awareness Month I'll share more of the life one with cf endures because that helps raise awareness. #fucf #mtjm #dogood #liveyourlife
fucf - ironkids - dogood - mtjm - liveyourlife - cfrunner - ironmantri -
erinphillips8284 : ROCK. STAR. 💜
justinlivinlife : 🙌
ericquinney : #stud
sleavitt57 : What an awesome young stud!
ariellecaputo : keep being you, ur awesome
l.b.ripper - hyperfightclub - english_with_rob - jrmygilgenmann -
#cysticfibrosis awareness month!!! Did you know CF is a terminal disease? Maddy looks great from the outside but she has 2 class one mutations, she is the only one in the world with her mutation combo. That's why it's so important to raise money so everyone has a chance at a drug that will help prolong life with cf. Her walk is tomorrow, I'm almost at $1,000 all I'm asking is for $3 to honor her 3rd bday coming soon. Link in my bio, thanks so much for following her journey.
fucf - cfprincess - cyster - cysticfibrosis - fuckcf - curecysticfibrosis - ambrygenetics - greatstrides - temeculakids - maddysmagicalmovers - sandiegokids - cfsuperstar - maddyneedsacure - saltygirls - danapoint - childrenoftheworld - temecula - cureformaddy - cysticfibrosisawareness - invisabledisease - mtjm - g542x - cf - mintxmornings - ig_kids - saltygirl - cfsupergirl -
maddycristina : Yes no one yet with her com.bo, I can only hope with the #g542x they will develop a drug for that mutation someday that may or may not help her because of her very rare mutation @portrayinghope
maddycristina : So glad for your support for #cf :) @danrundan
madeline_majel : I hope she gets the money and finds something that will help with it❤️
crculver84 : @maddycristina help @mintxcorp out in our partnership with @boomeresiasonfoundation to fight #cysticfibrosis tag #mintxmornings on all your photos in May and $.50/photo gets donated! #fightcf
maddycristina : #mintxmornings
fit_and_fabulous_with_pcos : Wow! Like it!
maddycristina : Thanks @madeline_majel
maddycristina : @cfawareness
jenniferalawlesswellness - temeculacoupons - wild.hairz.cutz.for.kidz - scotty_angela_111 -
May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month! Wear your Team Gareth gear and tag it! Tomorrow we have Great Strides at 10am in Mayfaire, Wilmington. Help us find a cure and add tomorrow's for my boy. He is the whole reason I do what I do. #teamgarethfightcf #teamatoz #cff #cfri #cflife #cfmama #mtjm #addingtomorrows #curecf #Mayfaire #wilmington @teamatoz
mtjm - teamatoz - teamgarethfightcf - mayfaire - cflife - wilmington - cfmama - cfri - cff - curecf - addingtomorrows -
hopeforwarriors : Hey Warrior! ❤️ I would love to feature you on my page, by sharing your story and connecting you with other warriors fighting similar battles! If you're interested, please DM or kik (hopeforwarriors) me a photo (which will be watermarked for your protection), and a summary of your story. Fight on!
jenschweiz : Annie, are you selling these shirts?
teamgareth : @hopeforwarriors yes. Would love it!
teamgareth : @jenschweiz yes :-) 10$ each suggested donation. Proceeds go to team Gareth CFF
jenschweiz : Shall I send you a check? Or how do I order them? We are all about team Gareth!
teamgareth : @jenschweiz you can do PayPal. The email is casunshine77@gmail.com.
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