A little over two weeks to go! Nows the time to sign up and support an amazing cause! Plus, who doesn't want to spend a Saturday on the beach?! Let's go guys. Share this with your friends and let's get signing up at www #MTJM5k2015 #MTJM #cysticfibrosis #cf #cysters #fibros #daytona #daytonabeach #cfawareness #morethanjustmiles #registertoday #run #walk #runners #bebiggerthanyourself #andyromanopark #ormandbeach
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1400 calories for a nightly snack #getbig #liveyourlife #mtjm #liftbig #cflife #changeyourlife #cfawareness
mtjm - liveyourlife - liftbig - changeyourlife - getbig - cfawareness - cflife -
roxyqueflexx : ☺πŸ’ͺ
committed24_7 - mogar81 - academic_leo - che11e1ee -
Skydive for a cause , I think ima go #mtjm #skydivecarolina
mtjm - skydivecarolina -
queen_kingmala - mattisabat - hellokitty_tittys -
Met the sweetest little man ever today, already can't wait to spoil him. 😊 my handsome little blueberry πŸ’™ #nephew #MTJM
mtjm - nephew -
luvhockey35 : ❀️
littlemissjuddxo - hayley_flett - ashley_malek - laynemclean12 -
Bored in hospital so playing around with #photoedits #mtjm #morethanjustme #bebiggerthancysticfibrosis #justbreathe #cflife #hospital #ivs #intravenous #antibiotics #portacath #ineb #nebuliser #physio #bike #deltaf508 #cftattoo #vintage #bloodpressuremachine #cf #cysticfibrosis
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Oluwasegun Micheal Ajayi ..πŸ‘‘ #teamTearteartrouser# Kvng Mystro#MTJM#EP soon!❀️
mtjm - teamtearteartrouser - ep -
sammytee77 : aka shankoπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
frankudie : Brodaly
its_yemmie : Kfb
i_am_tboi : Micheali rora bu okele iyan tan lo lawo o......Micheali rora bu okele 🎼🎡🎢
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You HAVE to catch this show! Because of that we're going to hashtag this like crazy...#hiphop #boston #bostonmusic #akrobatikmc #alyssamarieraps #churchofboston #nightlife #concerts #goodmusic #lyrical #artists #djdcaso #knights #whattodo #builttolast #mtjm #congosanchez #dc
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bboxrevival : Thanks for the likes! Come thru!
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Thanks for the yummy pancakes baby. Happy Fat Tuesday πŸ˜‹ #Shrove #FatTuesday #PancakeDay #mintchocolatechip #sogood #mtjm
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claudiatavares__ : β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ’•
orilynn : Your welcome πŸ’•
millythehippie : miss you guys πŸ‰πŸ™ˆπŸ’•
shanfran18 : My kids had pancakes at school for shrove Tuesday! Your look good @orilynn πŸ˜‹
cnielsen75 : #chubbychasing #EatWithWest @brooke_fulham
jenndean1018 : Those look tasty!
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More than just me organization. My great new friends in the fight against CF. From all around the World. Travellers. Innovators. Thrill seekers. Do-Gooders. Family. Friends. Raising money for a World in need. #tommydanger #nolan #mtjm #curecf #curecysticfibrosis #skyscarebaresforcf #legacies #loveoflife
legacies - skyscarebaresforcf - curecysticfibrosis - loveoflife - mtjm - curecf - nolan - tommydanger -
opi.09 - - isabel_barnidge - ughiescoffeeshop -
Help us spread the word #justbreathe @theellenshow #curecf #mtjm #dogood #fucf #cfrunner
fucf - mtjm - dogood - justbreathe - cfrunner - curecf -
alohapooh - laynec_28 - mkredfern -
It's nights like tonight I question and also doubt myself why I do these treatments when I'm feeling exhausted just lying in bed but then I snap out of it fighting through my own demons I have speeding through my head.. I no longer do my treatments and physio for myself but for u. .For the world..just to prove #Ilived I #foughtcf I #beatcf I didn't give up #withoutafight cause I only have #1life #1setoflungs thx to my nasty #cfbug #cepacia if I want to see this fight to the end. To see a #cure for #cysticfibrosis while still giving it my very best..I feel no benefits from them but in the #longrun my chest #benefitshugely but also thx to #doctors #researching and #producing amazing drugs to fight cf and help us #Justbreathe #anotherday wearing my #bebiggerthancysticfibrosis #mtjm #hoodie with #pride
withoutafight - researching - cysticfibrosis - cure - hoodie - doctors - foughtcf - producing - longrun - anotherday - benefitshugely - pride - cfbug - 1life - mtjm - bebiggerthancysticfibrosis - beatcf - justbreathe - cepacia - ilived - 1setoflungs -
d2miracles : I remember those days and nights of exhausted having to take care of me and two kids. Push through the exhaustion. U look great. I have CF And I am 50 yrs old with a double lung transplant. Never give up. πŸ’œπŸŒΉ
zim_matty : Thx @d2miracles
d2miracles : UR welcome.
ssnjimb : Your cool matt.
shoshanalana - cf_awareness - martinfuse - mehowmusic -
It feels so good to be home πŸ’• only one thing is missing and if I'm lucky that will be here in 13 days. Also rocking my MTJM shirt. #love #home #idahome #happy #baby #furmom #furbaby #dog #puppy #mutt #cf #cyster #mtjm #biggerthancysticfibrosis #cuddles
cyster - love - mutt - cuddles - dog - cf - mtjm - biggerthancysticfibrosis - furbaby - idahome - baby - home - puppy - furmom - happy -
sassykittenxx : I'm not coming in 13 dats so it can't be that important...
mhulsey16 : Great!
annie_the_wolf : You is right... But I'm plotting to get u out here too @sassykittenxx 😈
sassykittenxx : @annie_the_wolf is he coming to visit u in 13 days lol
perlaslonghorns - fnataly_ - milsonmun - ericoare -
Mes h24 de cette année, mes bases.πŸ’– #MTJM
mtjm -
crapule1998 - stellad_ - ema.thn - xnxisy -
More Than Just Mountain's! The next patch created for MTJMe Team. Tommy Danger and his crew are currently climbing Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in South America! #mtjm #mtjme #tommydanger
mtjm - tommydanger - mtjme - repurposehateintolove - hateproject -
baconpatches : #hateproject #repurposehateintolove
baconpatches : @mtjme
mtjme -
#mtjm #breatheasy #ormondbeach
mtjm - ormondbeach - breatheasy -
qubabeec : nice @wang37
socialfamemate - 65_rosepetals - dipupdabout - itsmebaked -
"More Than Just Me" A non-profit organization that raises awareness of Cystic Fibrosis and headed by Tommy Danger. The mtjm crew is climbing the 7 tallest peaks on each continent!
mtjm - morethanjustme - tommydanger - baconpatches -
baconpatches : #mtjm #morethanjustme #tommydanger #baconpatches @morethanjustmefoundation
baconpatches : @mtjme
john_spartan_81 - mtjme - captinredbeard -
Take #2 #cysticfibrosis isn't gonna stop be from #livingthedream #trucking #bebiggerthanyourself even with 31% #pfts #truckdriver till my last breath..had to do 1 last shift before my holiday and picture moment #cfwarrior #cfaware #mtjm #morethanjustme
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truck_pictures - __.h.a.y.l.e.y.__ - just_little_jess_tyrrell - amber_mccormick95 -
Reading, listening, research, working, jazz, grabbing hold of the many whiffs of pleasant positivity and look down to see this guy, at my feet. Protection and love.. Could they be right? Is dog a mans best friend? I will say Dad is *extremely* jealous! "I've got a feeling Oooh Hooo, that this weeks gonna be a good week" #Blessed #RiskItToGetTheBiscuit #MakeItCount #MTJM #LiveBreatheAlwaysPrepared #Dale
dale - makeitcount - riskittogetthebiscuit - mtjm - livebreathealwaysprepared - blessed -
_ivyka : Mate I could totally cannulate that vein! Haha
justbreathe129 - hskrgrl1 - delanefair - __lottie____ -
Im 27yrs old and Having #cysticfibrosis isn't gonna stop me from living my #childhooddream and not even 31% #pfts #lungfunctions gonna stop me #livinglifetothefullest having 2 jobs #beatingcf and #truckdriving #truckdriver doing this to #bebiggerthancysticfibrosis #mtjm #morethanjustme #cfwarrior #cfaware #justbreathe #cf #fibro
childhooddream - livinglifetothefullest - cysticfibrosis - morethanjustme - cfaware - cf - truckdriving - justbreathe - truckdriver - beatingcf - fibro - cfwarrior - mtjm - bebiggerthancysticfibrosis - pfts - lungfunctions -
gia_in_wonderland : 😘
step_on_me75 : Thats so great!
__.h.a.y.l.e.y.__ - just_little_jess_tyrrell - cf_awareness - spr0g86 -
Aahhh luv it like an excited kid..just got home from hospital to find this bad boy waiting for me..can't wait to show it off #beatingcf with some really big plans I have for it..#bebiggerthancysticfibrosis #mtjm #mtjmhoodie #cfaware #cysticfibrosis
mtjm - bebiggerthancysticfibrosis - cysticfibrosis - beatingcf - cfaware - mtjmhoodie -
zim_matty - __.h.a.y.l.e.y.__ - just_little_jess_tyrrell - catherinemcg27 -
Well this very comfy bad boy arrived today! @mtjme @aussiegirlandi @sophia_cf65_fit @cystikone @erintaylor8284 @jesstheredneck #MoreThanJustMe #BeBiggerThanYourself #CysticFibrosis #cyster #fibro #mtjm
mtjm - cyster - bebiggerthanyourself - cysticfibrosis - morethanjustme - fibro -
sureblametheredhead : !!! my kids name is on your shirt!! Seth James!!
tarajosample : Those shirts are SO comfortable! I love mine!
xblueeyedbarbiex : Capt! I'm back πŸ˜€
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1st place #SYF #MTJM #Mustangs
mtjm - mustangs - syf -
allofmustang : Pretty!
jewlz916 - dapdirtjefferson - cowan_bell02 - caligirl_swag -
#Cheer #SYF #MTJM #Mustangs
mtjm - cheer - mustangs - syf -
worldofstangs - cowan_bell02 - _beautiful_disaster916_ -
My niece at her cheer competition πŸŽ‰ #SYF #cheerleading #MTJM @mrs_abyrd @ery1knowyungiin
mtjm - syf - cheerleading -
jazzaydeeee : So cute!
therealalexruiz : Tell her to do the fountain of Troy
_babydragon - ___beachbaby___ - marguadarrama17 - marisanicole93_ -
#SYF #MTJM #Cheer
mtjm - cheer - syf -
arica_marie : How cute!
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#Starbucks #BunnyEars #MTJM #SYF #Cheer
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jus_smeeta - hey_mister_rager - dapdirtjefferson - _beautiful_disaster916_ -
Loving my new @mtjme name tee! ❀️ #BeBiggerThanCysticFibrosis #MoreThanJustMe #mtjm #cf #cysticfibrosis #cfstrong #cfwarrior #somanynames #cffamily #cfawareness #breatheeasy #fighthard
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Caroline is representing the More Than Just Me Foundation today. The #mtjm foundation uses adventure to raise awareness & funds supporting #cysticfibrosis along with other causes. Caroline has her name on the back of this t-shirt as well as many other CFers. It reminds us to #bebiggerthancysticfibrosis always. Check them out at #cfawareness
mtjm - cfawareness - bebiggerthancysticfibrosis - cysticfibrosis -
kaylacraig : @mtjme
southernmojo - brookelg81 - counting_spoons - lovekennedyskorner -
#football #cheer #MTJM #siblinglove #2014
mtjm - 2014 - cheer - football - siblinglove -
otisamey : Adorable
mindovermatter100 : Too cuteπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ‘«
amaro5.9.92 : Love it!
qu_een_b : Too cute!!!
briboutthatlife - mrssmokes3000 - danjamesfit -
Got my new hoodie in love it #MTJM #bebiggerthancyaticfibrosis #CFSoldier #big_e #sunshine
mtjm - bebiggerthancyaticfibrosis - big_e - sunshine - cfsoldier -
zim_matty - shit_ton - robbiebridges - twerk4bacon -
Mavie❀️ #mtjm
mtjm -
maryloupace : Mon bébé ❀️
victordu13630 - jordan_chambordon - maryloupace - da_vinci_15 -
Rockin my cure cf shirt!!! Possibly one of my favorite shirts! Can't wait to get my mtjm name shirt!!! #mtjm #curecf
mtjm - curecf -
jenniemariez88 : Well you definitely want to get tested if it's in your family! A sweat test is how they diagnose cf sometimes because with cf there is more chloride in the sweat! Does your skin taste salty? That's also a sign of cf? Or salt doesn't soak back in like on most people, so they test for that. I takes about an hour, but the tingling part is fun! please get tested if it runs in your family! There's one mutation of cf that already has a very helpful treatment!
_squidwards_slut : I will get tested, but I don't want my family to know. I can't tell if my skin is salty? I have bad taste. I'm not really good at tasting. What's the procedure for the sweat test?
jenniemariez88 : They rub some chloride on your skin, then electrolytes, attach it to some electromagnetic waves, then test the sweat for the amount of needless or anything. if you don't mind me asking, why don't you want your family to know?
_squidwards_slut : Oh, okay! No big deal then haha! Hate needles! I don't want my family to find out I want to take this test, because I come from a long line of a strong minded family who don't believe in sicknesses. I have to many fights with them. Until I get results, then I'll tell them. Also, the thing that's got me concerned was only 1 in 2 children who have cystic fibrosis were born with polyps. You only get them if you're sick or if you're older than 40. Men are 2 times as more to get them than girls. The fact that I'm a girl, was born with them, got them removed, and now there growing back, kind of concerns me. Funny thing is, my moms a nurse.
jenniemariez88 : You can also get polyps from allergies, but a polyp isn't an exact diagnosis, I'm 26 and have never had them, knock on wood, that doesn't mean you don't have cf. But don't wish it upon yourself. Think positive! I know you want an answer, and I hope you can find it, but I truly how it isn't cf! If it is you've got a whole community of us behind you!
_squidwards_slut : Thanks (: it's only 1 in 2 people tho. And I know , they've gotten filled up from allergies, but I was born with them and on a breathing machine when I was out of the womb. I couldn't breathe. I think my mom knows I do but she just won't tell me. she'll do that! Lol! I don't wish it upon me, it's just been bugging and concerning me.
jenniemariez88 : Well God lead you to me for a reason maybe it's to help you through this or to be there for you, but whatever it is, let me know what happens!
_squidwards_slut : Thank you 😊 and yeah maybe he did! (: and I'll let you know!
_squidwards_slut - caligrownandcertified - waitesbecca - katelynnkeger -
High CO2 levels. Super tired. Wearing Bipap all day feeling and looking rough. Rocking my #MTJM shirt though!
mtjm -
haleyypatiencee : We don't know each other, but I decided to be a stalker. Just wanted to say you're perfect and sop
haleyypatiencee : Sooo strong
cfasskicker : @haleyypatiencee aw. You're a sweetheart. Thank you. ❀️ do you have Cf or know someone with it?
haleyypatiencee : You're welcome! And no, but I studied it while I was at The Brook. I was in there for depression and while I was taking classes there, we had to pick 1 disease and 2 disorders to study, ironicly.
cfasskicker : I don't know where The Brook is or what it is lol. You picked Cf? @haleyypatiencee
haleyypatiencee : It's a place for multiple kinds of treatment, mainly rehab. I picked Cf, PTSD, and something else but I can't remember what it was.
haleyypatiencee : Tim Brook is in Louisville. @cfasskicker
cfasskicker : Oh okay. Awesome! @haleyypatiencee
saskiawantstobreathe - 65_shades_of_red - justinlivinlife - farlow101 -
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