So happy it's almost over! πŸ‘πŸ˜­πŸŽ‰ #movingsucks
movingsucks -
phawntuhlew -
My first completely finished wall in my new place!! 10 to go. Wish I was at #pulserecording movie night instead with @therealbuffy and @onlytheateam #movingsucks
movingsucks - pulserecording -
jeremythurber : My travel wall! With things I've collected from everywhere I've been! All thanks to music
j0se0lav0 - its____amy - tini_tiny_tina99 - theonlyzakorey -
Gabby is already so over packing up the house... #gabbycat #moving #movingsucks
movingsucks - moving - gabbycat -
rsilveira2631 -
Hate to blow yall up with this sappy stuff but oh well. I'm so lucky to have someone who understands and accepts me like he does. 80 miles apart or not he's always right by my side. I'm so happy to have you in my life @justin_maldo23. Moving isn't hard, but knowing I won't see you everyday, that's hard. Thanks for just being you anytime and anywhere. #myman #jcm #movingsucks #fireworks #summer #sweet #mine
summer - myman - sweet - fireworks - movingsucks - mine - jcm -
justin_maldo23 : I tried to make a wcw today but I can't cuz my phone but thanks pretty girl I'm gonna mix
justin_maldo23 : Miss you more!
justin_maldo23 - abbbimac4 - corissa95 - madisonlangforddd -
Not only can a large Uhaul box be a box, but kept flat it can also be used for holding posters and art flat instead of rolling them up. I'm a genius. #uhaul #myuhaul #gouhaul #ibleedorange #largebox #movingsucks #imagenius
ibleedorange - uhaul - imagenius - myuhaul - largebox - gouhaul - movingsucks -
almaamaru -
Finally moving stuff in our new room #newchapter #payingrent #haha #bigassroom #south #boyfriend #justus #crazy #adventures #life #movingsucks
crazy - haha - justus - life - bigassroom - adventures - newchapter - movingsucks - payingrent - south - boyfriend -
lordofthebandz : My moms?
taraizerrr : Yupp! Lol the back room @lordofthebandz
britnyc23 - imhi420 - marybarlow3 - myss_queenboss -
This is JUST what the doctors prescribed.... Right ? #wine #movingsucks #bikeaccidentssuck
bikeaccidentssuck - movingsucks - wine -
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All the hats I find while moving #randomshit #movingsucks #awesomehats
awesomehats - randomshit - movingsucks -
rayynayy17 -
My sister gave me this a few months before we moved, 4 years ago.. I still look at it all the time. #iloveher #sisters #movingsucks
sisters - iloveher - movingsucks -
kenziecoppes - baddiesbuildingbrands - michaeldd - lynseyprayy -
it's a jungle in here... #packingsucks #movingsucks #winehelps
winehelps - movingsucks - packingsucks -
meganmariehuff : How come you gotta hide the one I got you?!? #rude
meganmariehuff : No body puts my elephant in the corner!
serabithia : Uh he's the strong silent type @meganmariehuff duh.
hstrass4 : Where are you moving now?!?
serabithia : @hstrass4 just six blocks away πŸ˜‚
hstrass4 : I was hoping it was back to the 816 area. 😩
serabithia : Get them to give me a PhD already @hstrass4 πŸ˜‰
abbycs87 - hstrass4 -
Making progress?? #movingsucks #saradoesnt
saradoesnt - rarepinkdolphin - movingsucks - sombrero -
lawhesa : #sombrero #rarepinkdolphin
meganmalone26 : I recognize that FIIINNNE sombrero. Ole! #aiyiyiyiyi
scapers : Como se dice exercise in espanol?
joslaw - peymelch - formacr - meganmalone26 -
Packing is exhausting #beard #movingsucks
movingsucks - beard -
lmirarchi : I get to see YOU this weekend! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘°
qrasberry : @lmirarchi you don't know the struggle I'm having but I WILL NOT miss the wedding of my best friend!
themattbotelho - swphotog333 - lainajoy21 - caramirez12 -
#movingsucks I'm so over it. #tired #hungry #ugh
ugh - movingsucks - hungry - tired -
give_l0ve : But your hair is cute girl!!
give_l0ve - tjoneseducated - mr_everything_floatin -
This time it's finally not me, but none the less: #movingsucks #RIP914
rip914 - movingsucks -
lnw103 - skee9 - kam_ila - michaelfontanez -
Call me crazy or weird but growing up for me I always imagined a bright pink room with pictures everywhere, never knew it would happen one day!! My room was my get away. I spent more time in it than any other place as a normal teenager. It was MY room and I loved it. The memories that took place in it in just the few years that I had it, were great memories. But now everything's out!! This move definitely has been another hard thing for me to go through but as people say "it's a new begging" I guess they're right. Well so long room I'll definitely miss you. 😒 #movingsucks #mybedroom #dreamroom #perfect #gonnamissit #dontwannago
perfect - dontwannago - gonnamissit - mybedroom - movingsucks - dreamroom -
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Have to say goodbye to my #rooster collection...feeling real nostalgic for college. #growingupislame #movingsucks #consolidating
movingsucks - consolidating - growingupislame - rooster -
rockstarunner : No! I'm gonna snag those before you THROWING ASAP TIMELESS COLLEGE NOSTALGIA
bitch_pleasse - pimpstagrammer - steppm - loskae -
We childish! #bustarhyme #thirstythursday I mean #thirstywednesday #yeahboy #movingsucks #kickinit
bustarhyme - kickinit - thirstythursday - movingsucks - yeahboy - thirstywednesday -
atypicole : Damn...can we hear her. Lmao
vanessamuffoletto - suzanneperezspskullfitness -
#movingsucks #freshstart
freshstart - movingsucks -
brielle648 : @atdegreg Yemen
colleso21 : Where are you moving? I'm so out of touch!
atdegreg : "When we get to Yemen, can I stay with you!" @brielle648 You're going to need to bring some of those boxes to work... I don't know if your Houdini magic will work for your entire desk
brielle648 : @atdegreg "15 Yemen Road, Yemen"..... I can pack my desk in like three seconds, you watch!
frekles215 -
I'm going to really miss this roof. #sentimental #movingsucks #landlordscanbedickssometimes
sentimental - movingsucks - landlordscanbedickssometimes -
scrumbojones -
#coffee #movingsucks
coffee - movingsucks -
marbachanas -
Packing #moving #boxes #skulls #ugh #movingsucks #whowantstohelp
boxes - ugh - moving - whowantstohelp - skulls - movingsucks -
fluorescentgreen - beccadelphia - apgehman - hanging_half_drunk -
To you this may not look like much, but to me this was everything. Behind this door many wonderful things happened, behind this door I grew and fell in love. This was my first real home. A place I could call my own. After tomorrow this place won't be anything but a memory. At least I can say I've had some of the best days of my life behind this door. @over_achievingg #iwanttostay #movingsucks #memories
movingsucks - iwanttostay - memories -
over_achievingg : I already miss it..
over_achievingg - madison_millaaaa - dorisylatasha - anthonye04 -
Lol how I feel when I don't go to the gym for a week. #missingyou #movingsucks
missingyou - movingsucks -
dirtylittlehorror_ : I didn't know u were moving
my_jan3 : Yes @dirtylittlehorror_ we are in the process of buying a house but in the mean time we are gonna stay at my mom's
dirtylittlehorror_ : Where's the house at :0 congrats
my_jan3 : Thank you, We are looking at houses here in Riverside county @dirtylittlehorror_
minivianey - bduhh - chrissyylovee - janeywaynie -
Sorry guys!! Thanks for sticking with me though.....I will be having a super awesome sale for the re-opening though so watch out for that!! #movingsucks
movingsucks -
ladygiatron : I believe it haha i have to wait til end of aug for the freaking cord locks i need uuuggh damn you time!!! @bobbyvylainsboutique no fair for any of us
bobbyvylainsboutique : @ladygiatron its not fair !! @wickedwonderlanddesigns I hate it too! I just wanna make make make ! I cant wait to make the shoes for your friend @ladygiatron those are going to rock ! Ahhh wait till you see what I ordered for her shoes ! Ahh I am excited
wickedwonderlanddesigns : @ladygiatron @bobbyvylainsboutique youuuuu are not aloooone......I am hereeee for youuuuuuu
bobbyvylainsboutique : Lol β™‘ yay
ladygiatron : Aaaah yes!!!! I cant wait either!! I need to find guns for her sunglasses. @wickedwonderlanddesigns thank youuuuuu
bobbyvylainsboutique : @ladygiatron awe Sunnies to go with ! This is too fun !
wickedwonderlanddesigns : @ladygiatron if you still need them when I get my stuff I have those too lmfao
ladygiatron : Right?! Hehehe @wickedwonderlanddesigns oh ok yea im not in a hurry :)
mrs_va1adz - bobbyvylainsboutique - zombielove4u - michel13ch -
Office is done! #movingsucks
movingsucks -
unioncigarsociety - djstrongstyle - nicole.norvell - stephen_a_miller -
So empty around here. Im really gonna miss this place. Im gonna miss all the friends that were there for me hell ill miss the people that weren't there. Im gonna miss all of it. Im gonna miss my old life. #moving #movingsucks #movingday #tired
movingsucks - moving - movingday - tired -
austinhollier : Whatever floats your boat makayla. Hah
austinhollier : @makayla_ryland
kane_patrick_ : Where r u moving to
jyagerr : Aw dude wtf man. You were a cool guy.
austinhollier : West texas @kane_patrick_ and thanks man ik wasn't really a choice. @jyagerr
kim_jong_cameron : Gonna miss ya bae @austinhollier
austinhollier : Yea keep my seat at the lunch table warm. @kim_jong_cameron
kim_jong_cameron : Will do @austinhollier
kim_jong_cameron - markiemark625 - koda_rodriguez17 - paula_garza98 -
Well I'm all packed! Joel can do the rest πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #bigassbag #compactconnie #100happydaysofconnie #movingsucks#thinkoftheextrabedroom
bigassbag - thinkoftheextrabedroom - compactconnie - 100happydaysofconnie - movingsucks -
hellyeahkate : Trendy bag :)
connieconstance : I sent joel a pic @hellyeahkate he might be convinced if he can see how much you can fit in them
hellyeahkate : Yeah, for boys practicality>looks.
c_boag : Hehehe so excited in your face
connieconstance : The excitement was long gone about 2 minutes after this photo @c_boag ... I have to do most of the packing because the bf will be balls deep in study... so I am starting now!
ashleighv87 : Where are you moving to?
connieconstance : Still in the valley @ashleighv87 but we found a 2 bedder for a great price. It's in a great location too - just off Brunswick steet :)
ashleighv87 : Yay for extra space!!
durtyscoundrel - _georgiasharples - chase_thesun - pottermaxchallenge2014 -
Helping this dude move... #movingsucks #bribedwithfood
bribedwithfood - movingsucks -
briznice - aribushh - campbellsoup428 - friiyz -
My new view. #Dallas #downtown #skyline #movingsucks
downtown - skyline - movingsucks - dallas -
jodie118 : Nice view!
phildimarc05 : Nice spot man! @clarksaul13 @high_wattage08 look at this guy! #newspotforbrosnightin
high_wattage08 : That's legit, I'm dreading moving all my stuff at the end of August
jeffaldridge1982 : Moda?
clarksaul13 : Whoa Corey. Who have you turned into!?
dunn_mckinley11 - phildimarc05 - iam_jonesy - merrymaman -
Good morning lovelies 🌞 #newhouse #movingsucks
newhouse - movingsucks -
mimiashton : Did you move already?!
kadisonann : I know it's winter but the pool looks so inviting πŸ˜„πŸ˜„β„οΈβ„οΈβ„οΈ
sianc_97 - mimiashton - kadisonann - victoria_xo_ -
It's probably safe to say I'm CROWN ROYAL MAN @crownroyal #opps 😏πŸ˜₯😩 #imcommittedtodrinkingπŸ‘ŒπŸ’― #alcloholicIthinknoooot #crownroyal #hadtostockup #movingsucks 😩😩 #gainz #gainz upon #gainz πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
opps - movingsucks - imcommittedtodrinking - gainz - hadtostockup - crownroyal - alcloholicithinknoooot -
jcarrillo05 : ....what is that???
rizzzle21 : A BEAUTIFUL sight πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
deeezzyy - aka_bugsurenda - courtknee_russ - rdalton41 -
Strug life. #movingsucks
movingsucks -
chatch315 : Already?!!! So sad
darcieam - stephfanny_ - merbur08 - ohkillemkait -
I may have had a couple of wine breaks while packing today. #movingsucks
movingsucks -
carissahalston : In-town move?
avahyped : Yes :) Denver has dug its claws into me for the moment. Or at least another year! @carissahalston
carissahalston : Good to hear. In-town moves are easier.
westygrammed - susan_sometimes - carissahalston - tarrals -
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