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embean.07 : DUDE!! THAT MOVIE IS DA BOMB!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
iam_drwxiii : Really @vandieez
kk._.imbored : Hah! I can see me in the right corner!😜
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I don't think the kids love this movie even one tenth of how much I love this movie, but any movie is welcome in math class :) #flatlandlove #moviesinmath
moviesinmath - flatlandlove -
smugggle : @grace.roberts yes she walked 2 miles with me peed 1,000 times and smelled 5 dogs' butts it was a good day for Pippi
grace.roberts : she's so pretty! Her white hair!
smugggle : @grace.roberts Pippi said you deserve some candy
grace.roberts : okay..pippi is my official favorite.
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Calculus class #seniors2012 #whereiseveryone #emptydesks #moviesinmath
moviesinmath - whereiseveryone - seniors2012 - emptydesks -
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