Just to gross every1 out like I was today. Almost threw up. This my skin graft. Ugh legs so Fucked. #Skingraft
brokenleg - motorcycle - motorcycleaccident - skingraft - mylegwillneverbethesame - painful - poorleg -
itz_super_girl : #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #brokenleg #painful #poorleg #mylegwillneverbethesame
flogrown_pat - msbundiezz - blondiee_87 -
My.foot was so swollen when they took off splint at docs. My poor foot #motorcycleaccident #motorcycle #brokenleg #pain #sucks
pain - sucks - brokenleg - motorcycleaccident - motorcycle -
andrewkobe1 : Hope ur doing better...
flogrown_pat - historytakescrime - burbinemallory - msbundiezz -
Krankenhaus OP #motorradunfall #motorcycleaccident
motorradunfall - motorcycleaccident -
mrvidvic : Gute Besserung Tim
marius_31.5 : Gute Besserung Boy ╮(╯▽╰)╭
mrvidvic -
Doc says it healing good. We #motorcycleaccident #gross #leg #pain
gross - pain - motorcycleaccident - leg -
nik0730 : 😳😖ouchhhh
team_shmurdaaa : You Ighht ? 😁
itz_super_girl : @team_shmurdaaa. Yea.I guess. Hurts but I'm alive so I'm ok
team_shmurdaaa : Thats good ☺️🙌🙏
flogrown_pat - hydropocket - cilla1827 - depp_187 -
#tbt to when I realized who my true friends are! #truefriends #motorcycleaccident #lookmanohands #summer2013
truefriends - summer2013 - tbt - motorcycleaccident - lookmanohands -
yeaitskleva : Lucky kid
chelz_vs_blondie : U scared the shit outta me when u had ya accident
liz_mom : Facts
craftyvett - jakesterghost420 - ahhlina - ginadee7 -
My leg and ankle 4 days after the accident. Still sore but lucky to only have these injuries. #motorcycleaccident #injured #crash #sore
injured - sore - crash - motorcycleaccident -
stefaniecarulli : Oooo that looks painful. Heal up fast! 💜
annettethegreat -
Fucking squidding like an idiot #motorbike #squidding #squid #gear #atgatt #motorcyclecrash #motorcycleaccident
atgatt - squidding - motorbike - motorcycleaccident - gear - squid - motorcyclecrash -
sydneykayakfishing : great photo!
dare.edna2015 - sydneykayakfishing - castl3t0n - ashfordchroming -
I used to love the cold, but today my shoulder injury started acting up... Yes, the collarbone should be resting on the shoulder blade. #separatedshoulder #shoulder #injury #shoulderinjury #collarbone #motorcycleaccident #bikeaccident #accident #bikelife #bikerproblems #zx10r #zx6r #kawasaki
shoulder - bikeaccident - collarbone - separatedshoulder - motorcycleaccident - zx6r - shoulderinjury - zx10r - bikerproblems - accident - injury - kawasaki - bikelife -
yaojochan : I HOPE IT HEALS FAST
freddy5ace : @yaojochan It'll be like that for the rest of my life. =[
yaojochan : @freddy5ace :( *hugs*
freddy5ace : @yaojochan It's okay. It's been a little over a year already. It took about 3 months for muscle to regrow and the pain to subside. Aside from the fact that the bone pushes up on my skin (gross, I know) everything works fine.
yaojochan : Does it still hurt alot?
freddy5ace : @yaojochan No pain, just discomfort here and there. I can ride with no issues.The cold made it act up for some reason. O.o
yaojochan : @freddy5ace stay warm!!
nobukoxeollivier - love_is_love_1814 - im_goines_in - bbqpitkit -
First picture I've posted of my unwrapped foot. I still won't post any pictures of my wound for your sake and stomachs. But this is what I'm facing and trying to get back up to speed... I still have not been "okay'd" by the doc to walk yet.. but I am so ready to walk again! #motorcycleaccident #immoremetalthanyou #almostthere #cantholdmebackforever
cantholdmebackforever - immoremetalthanyou - motorcycleaccident - almostthere -
cncbigdog : GET SOME!! Would have been great if you could bend the middle toe too!! 👊💥😎👍
neukin_fa5 : @cncbigdog that would be metal!
cncbigdog : YES SIR!!!! 👍
theebradyc : That's Fricking right!
chriswhite92 : Get better dude
neukin_fa5 : @chriswhite92 oh yeah dude I will especially when I have The Beast waiting for me!
cloundog : Kind of reminds me of a Ninja Turtle
bigdavehotbitches : @neukin_fa5 me too man I should me in my prosthetic leg the week of December
theebradyc - love2dohair1907 - cncbigdog - chriswhite92 -
Well guys my right foot Supra was destroyed along with my foot in the accident, but along with my foot I figured repairing my shoe would be best. And this is my finished repair. As from a previous post you can see it was pretty well destroyed. I'm happy with it and excited for my foot to heal up so I can wear it again. #motorcycleaccident #supras #icansew
ievenrepairedtheshoestrings - icansew - supras - motorcycleaccident -
neukin_fa5 : #ievenrepairedtheshoestrings
fabulous_hps : nice pic i like it! ⛺
theebradyc - garchomp18 - darth_deeda - 2aubmazing_k -
Surgery went well. Few more months and I'll be walking again. #screws #surgery #metal #ankle #motorcycleaccident #xray
xray - motorcycleaccident - ankle - screws - surgery - metal -
memeclinic : Joy is a flower that blooms when you do.
aheart2love4ever : Prayers for a speedy pain free recovery. @isrielegonzales
isrielegonzales : Thank you @aheart2love4ever
ellen_burton : Shit dude I had no idea that really sucks!! I hope you feel 100% again quickly
isrielegonzales : Thanks Ellen it'll be a long recovery but I'll get there @ellen_burton
patrickridesbikes - lilllbitch_nympho - jocy_8 - nate_allemand -
So #thankful to still have this crazy goofball of a friend with me here today. Love you man, so glad your safe. @mind_less_ #getwellsoon #motorcycleaccident #looktwiceformotorcycles #brotherfromanothermother #bikeisdone #gladyourstillhere
looktwiceformotorcycles - motorcycleaccident - getwellsoon - bikeisdone - gladyourstillhere - thankful - brotherfromanothermother -
lauren979 : @shabaaacon yes, hes banged up, pretty sore, just thankful hes here to live another day.
shabaaacon : Thank god, that looks bad :/ poor buddy
lauren979 : @shabaaacon yea lady pulled out in front of him on his way to work, both him and the bike flipped over her car
shabaaacon : Oh my god people fucking suck I couldn't imagine going through that
lauren979 : @shabaaacon people in this world a cold harted and hea a trooper thank God
vinnie_ranalli : If your gonna be dumb you gotta be tough @lauren979 and I say that with the utmost respect glad that kid is here to ride another day
lauren979 : @vinnie_ranalli I dont think he is dumb at all. He got cut off by a car, things happen.
vinnie_ranalli : @lauren979 I wasn't referring to the accident 🙈
michelle_grail - djterpko - j_johnson77 - draymond924 -
#MotorcycleAccident #SoLucky #AlwaysWearYourGear #NoExcuses #GetBackOnThatBike #BikeIsFineBTW
bikeisfinebtw - getbackonthatbike - motorcycleaccident - noexcuses - alwayswearyourgear - solucky -
dansgram_ : Glad your alive
ari_ninja250 : @dansgram_ That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me Q~Q lol. Thank you!
flowercrownking - jmongi - bigmackillaz -
#Kai is my #Nurse. #HydrocodoneSucks #MotorcycleAccident #BumpsAndBruisesMostly #MyTeddyBear. Mt #Fiance has been really amazing too. 💊😷🐻💑💍
hydrocodonesucks - bumpsandbruisesmostly - motorcycleaccident - fiance - kai - nurse - myteddybear -
maria.williams2014 - joemania215 - vragr - bigmackillaz -
Drunk driver gave me a few souvenirs. How sweet. #motorcycleaccident #dontdrinkanddrive
dontdrinkanddrive - drunkdriver - broken - accident - motorcycle - surgery - streetbike - portland - clutchhand - radiology - ohsu - motorcycleaccident - pdx - handsurgery - vscophile - wearyourleathers - xray - brokenbones -
alinagonch : #accident #Xray #radiology #surgery #handsurgery #broken #brokenbones #motorcycle #clutchhand #vscophile #ohsu #drunkdriver #streetbike #pdx #portland
lb_irish : Glad it's just a few small souvenirs and nothing bigger!
alinagonch : @lb_irish well Me too. I'm incredibly grateful to my guardian angel lol I think the road rash scars might stay too. #wearyourleathers
lb_irish : There's always a lesson to be learned! Road rash sucks... If rather have the hardware lol. I gotta go in for surgery in 3 weeks to have my collarbone screwed back together. #titaniumbuddies lol
alinagonch : @lb_irish oh gosh good luck. Make sure they have your pain controlled after the surgery right away. And stay on top of it. Otherwise it's unbearable pain
lb_irish : Thanks! @alinagonch I tend to beat myself up a lot so it won't be the first time under the bright light lol. Just hoping I don't need the pills.. Not a fan of taking all the pain killers lol
nuvrei : @alinagonch you've got such a rad attitude. Hope your recovery is quick, you've got a macaron waiting for you when your up for it!
alinagonch : @nuvrei it doesn't take much to convince me to go in for a macaron ☺️ thank you.
freddy5ace - rcmedic24 - sestein - matteusbls -
Well.... First motorcycle accident. Hit a dog (lab) at 60mph. Think I fractured my leg. Don't know how but after I hit it I managed to get the bike in the grass before I laid it down. Thankful its not worse. #HarleyDavidson #motorcycleaccident #pain
pain - harleydavidson - motorcycleaccident -
elizabethcfay30 - ashcycle - jen_bourgeois - soa_disciple19 -
Just got these bad boy's pulled! Crazy!#motorcycleaccident#that muchcloser#stereotypicalharley
stereotypicalharley - motorcycleaccident - that -
big_judd : 👍
regina_0lmos - dirtysouth65 - horrorbiz - savagesbikerapparel -
4 months ago today my life was changed forever. Still out of work & still recovering for those who want to talk shit. Yea i can move around now but you dont know what pain i go through everyday. I smile to keep you guessing. I'm just glad I'm still alive. I want to thank everyone that actually cared & stuck by my side. You know who you are. Don't want anyone getting butthurt😒😂 #MotorcycleAccident #BackProblems #TheStruggle #GodIsGood #BlessedWithAnotherDay #ImHereForAReason 💯👌
godisgood - blessedwithanotherday - thestruggle - backproblems - motorcycleaccident - imhereforareason -
shelby_parker_ : Woah @davenwilson
strapping_young_legacy : Df she taggin this fruity ass nigga for^
thisguy2tall : @strapping_young_legacy I have no idea who either of them are 😂
strapping_young_legacy : Lol
jordananthony7168 - j3nnif3rl33 - jesssmortonn - marykinss -
My daddy got in a motorcycle accident and is stuck in bed rest so I'm giving him snuggles #mansbestfriend ❤️🐶🐾#furbaby #puppylove #beagle #beaglesofinstagram #corgi #pembrokewelshcorgi #welshcorgi #corgination #corgisofinstagram #dogsofig #dogsofinstagram #instapet #instabeagle #instadog #petsagram #girlsbestfriend #ilovemydog #weeklyfluff #socalcorgis #motorcycleaccident
welshcorgi - weeklyfluff - dogsofinstagram - mansbestfriend - girlsbestfriend - instadog - petsagram - furbaby - pembrokewelshcorgi - corgination - beaglesofinstagram - corgisofinstagram - motorcycleaccident - ilovemydog - dogsofig - socalcorgis - beagle - instapet - corgi - instabeagle - puppylove -
nicowiko : Take care and get well soon!! Furbabies always make things better. ☺️
macadooodle : Well wishes for your Dad🙏🐶🐾🐾
edistosand : Oh, so sorry to hear, tale care of him and help him heal!
mayacorg - puddingthecorgi - petstem - elizabethgilbert12 -
Swollen And broken #accident #laiddown #yamaha #yamahar6 #ankle #scar #scab #surgery #motorcycleaccident #motorcycle #color #pain
accident - pain - laiddown - motorcycleaccident - yamaha - color - scab - yamahar6 - motorcycle - ankle - surgery - scar -
corvette94 : Hang in there bro 👍
jocy_8 - selfmademotorsports - eb_the_creator - beesknees94 -
everybodyhaslimit - pleasebehealthy - indonesiaculture - morningrun - motorcycleaccident - myfoot - justtakearest - myfeet - iwanttorun - traditional - rizzantiphotograh - bedrest - beraskencur -
johannahedvik - asepsupervert - per3sistence -
Today was a good day until this.... It's all good just small scratches. Almost got rear ended and sandwiched between 2 cars if I didn't move out the way 🙏 #motorcycleaccident #scary #quickthinking #imok #battlescars #zx6r #kawasaki #sportbike
scary - battlescars - motorcycleaccident - imok - zx6r - sportbike - quickthinking - kawasaki -
miriamdlt17 : 😱🙏. Omg Thank god you are ok !!!
cookiekharva : I'm glad you're okay!!
yanksters1 : Glad your ok bro be safe and ride on
ortiz_maricela : How scary! Thank god Your okay!
jjvtillman : @joser1111 got some bone bruises today hu?! 😉
mattbarton24 - iban69s - britti_riane - ortiz_maricela -
#Healing #legwound #motorcycleaccident #ouch #thankful
thankful - healing - legwound - motorcycleaccident - ouch -
jaybrown2121 : Oh my goodness woman! @alyboo_xoxo
challenor_m - daliawdavis_02 - daltonye0tolga - sherleysaballos -
Arms are healing up good👍 #r6 #laiddown #roadrash #scab #scar #motorcycle #accident #motorcycleaccident #600 #yamahar6 #yamaha
r6 - accident - roadrash - laiddown - motorcycleaccident - yamaha - scab - yamahar6 - motorcycle - scar - 600 -
yaboiiijay - tatyanah_arenas - beccabelieveitt - nikp2003 -
birudidalam - itshurt - tradisional - motorcycleaccident - footfeet - kempesenbengkak - rizzantiphotograh - beraskencur -
#gsxr #gsxraccident #gsxr750 #motorcycleaccident #my2ndbaby We may be down for now buy were not out! #streetfighter #streetfighterproject
streetfighter - my2ndbaby - motorcycleaccident - streetfighterproject - gsxr - gsxr750 - gsxraccident -
mbroglin : *but lol. Stupid phone
charlesgramm - - universalbikers - ashleeeeeeeey10 -
#watchformotorcycles #gsxraccident #gsxr #gsxr750 #motorcycleaccident Ride safe out there guys! Hand getting much better! Can't wait for next riding season
gsxr - gsxr750 - gsxraccident - motorcycleaccident - watchformotorcycles -
falon_bailey : Lol dudeeee
falon_bailey - jeremyceeee - universalbikers - bad_ash_fitness -
Gym time. #MountainsideFitness
me - mountainsidefitness - fitfam - fit - selfie - scars - gym - blessed - mside - smile - motorcycleaccident - workout -
jmee_b : #gym#fit#workout#fitfam#mside#selfie#me#smile#scars#motorcycleaccident#blessed
halieerae : We need to hangout ! @jmee_b girls night or something
mgomes911 : They have dog kennels at the gym now?? 😁😁
jmee_b : Oh im sorry @mgomes911 " getting ready to leave the house to go to the gym" there 😂
jmee_b : @halieerae yessssssss
halieerae : Let me know when @jmee_b !!
mgomes911 : Hahahahah
shortbusshorty - fleetfeetsportsscottsdale - chrissy_sue91 - ascruggs1 -
@antorech #blooddrive #savealife #houstontx #giveblood #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #graceofgod #prayers #faith #hope you can #save his #life
faith - life - houstontx - motorcycleaccident - prayers - giveblood - graceofgod - blooddrive - savealife - motorcycle - save - hope -
artshopmusic - htown_barbie - themavmax - lmarie1407 -
#TBT #nofilter #Bruises #MotorcycleAccident , kay mahadlok man si Kuya na ang motor sa iyang atubangan iyang dumbolan, ako nlng iyang gi igo. Okay!
bruises - nofilter - tbt - motorcycleaccident -
venus.jones2014 - aneencephaly - karolinaisbored - color_magnets -
#tourdepho currently on hold. #motorcycleaccident #sorrymom
sorrymom - tourdepho - motorcycleaccident -
britneykent : Omg! I hope you guys are okay! Holy hell be safe and feel better soon! @katieezerins @laurelcanyonkillers @tourdepho ❤️
sarebear1313 : Dear lord!!!! Hope your okay @laurelcanyonkillers... @katieezerins check the group chat. Neeed details!
s_kurtyka : What happened?????!!!!!😧😧😧 Get better and be safe!!!! Hope it's nothing toooo serious ❤️
jasminekhallar2.0 : Pho is not worth the injuries!! Be safe u 2! 🙈🙊😘
zachszlabon : Oh my god. Best wishes on a speedy recovery!
atannous : Yikes take it easyyyy
icecoldpints : Did you even land it?
zachszlabon - breeziebeans - jasminekhallar2.0 - brotherofben -
#tourdepho currently on hold. #motorcycleaccident #sorrymom
sorrymom - tourdepho - motorcycleaccident -
toridrewsy : Noooo! What happened?! Hope you're ok :(
byrd.__ : At least you got hurt doing something worth doing! #getwellsoon
rochlife_ : Hope you're ok bud!!
attilathehunn : Who needs the first layer of skin anyways
alexisdelia : Ahhhhh get better soon!!! @laurelcanyonkillers
matt619sd : What kind of bike?
shoelottey : 🙀
hereiskayjay : Awhhh! And you still have a smile on your face! They must have the good stuff for #tourdepho Feel better!!
abiedwards217 - zachszlabon - breeziebeans - nicwhelen -
Lmao post surgery selfie!!!! 😝😂 #stillcute #cutie #silly #goofy #beautiful #surgery #stitchabscess #fml #motorcycleaccident
beautiful - stillcute - motorcycleaccident - fml - goofy - silly - stitchabscess - surgery - cutie -
charp24 - shavonda_c - natashannn - too_lovelee -
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