Yes that is what we named our cat after, I really miss our bike!! When I was in the coma he had the bike fixed but he didn't trust me on the back anymore, so he sold it. #gsxr1000 #myhairinthewind #motorcycleaccident
myhairinthewind - motorcycleaccident - gsxr1000 -
ernestovl - starwars.republics - psayopsayo - 440chick -
Working on those shoulder boulders. They will never be even because of my injury, but I'll take the gains anyway! #progress #reardelts #shoulderday #backgains #acseperation #shoulderinjury #motorcycleaccident #gymselfie
motorcycleaccident - gymselfie - shoulderinjury - acseperation - shoulderday - reardelts - progress - backgains -
alebo_fit - kissdolores.anderson - jamie_pells -
Terminator arms dawg!!! #metal #immoremetalthanyou #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #girlsthatride #womenwhoride
womenwhoride - motorcycle - motorcycleaccident - immoremetalthanyou - metal - girlsthatride -
chrissy_883_clair : Crazy!!!
geoff_hill : METAL!!
satanicgirl_666 - goddesshuckaby - jns848 - meversusdagger -
Something squimish to start your morning! Pin removal from my hand. Thanks for taking me @coastiegirl516 #science #injury #motorcycleaccident
science - injury - motorcycleaccident -
because_misfit : Good to see you're recoverin man
dpvaughn895 : That's awesome
jr_brandt : Definitely a 2A thread for sure @tgrahe @ryderrunk
master_kater : Show us what it looks like now!
tgrahe : @master_kater I'll have a picture of it tomorrow after I take the bandages off!
master_kater : Yessss
egletlaw - _anna_carter - jessyyjane - anastasia_sa3 -
crazy looking back on videos from you in the hospital. just a few short months ago you were up in orange county, unable to walk, barely able to push yourself in a wheelchair. it's these videos that make me tear up; seeing you in such a delicate stage and the pain on your face. but it also makes me happy to realize where you were, and where you are now. you can only go up from here. @tliening92 #flashback #video #hospital #motorcycleaccident #onedayafterbacksurgery #picoftheday
video - motorcycleaccident - onedayafterbacksurgery - hospital - flashback - picoftheday -
asapromanselfmade : I really like this picture! :)
fleischmann3 : #Disappearingnurse
xmikep84x - kyle_spurlock - djgphotography - michaela__00 -
All i can do is eat pills and enjoy the ride #motorcycleaccident #spineenjury
spineenjury - motorcycleaccident -
ymecibe - spelapodplatnik -
Please pray! Yesterday my friend Josh was in a very bad motorcycle accident in SoCal where he live and is in a coma. My daughter has been drawing me these flowers all morning to comfort me ❤️ Josh was one of my best friends growing up, we lived across the street from each other and I used to go on vacation with his family. His mom and my mom are very close and his mom is also my oldest sons teacher at church. I love and adore this family so much. We learned this morning that things are not good and I feel like I'm going to loose it. Please please please pray for a miracle...please! Many of you know Josh personally from Lakeside. #pleasepray #praynow #fitfluential #burnthis #fitapproch #sweatpink #thelifeinbloom #gettinfitwithbrit #motorcycleaccident #miracle
gettinfitwithbrit - praynow - motorcycleaccident - pleasepray - miracle - fitapproch - thelifeinbloom - burnthis - sweatpink - fitfluential -
deannalentz : 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
bradenandnevasmom : Oh I'm so sorry! I'll be praying for all you guys! Air hugs!
banksyface - deannalentz - prayhardveecee - sarahannepribe -
Can't wait to ride ANYTHING again! #girlsthatride #ridersride #rehab #recovery #chicago #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #yamaha #womenwhoride
ridersride - recovery - motorcycleaccident - yamaha - chicago - girlsthatride - rehab - womenwhoride - motorcycle -
mikaelaovgirone - fableriders - ironandglory - 88yfg -
😕 #highSide #whatarethose #motorcycleaccident #lilAccident #impaktech #newHelmet #brokenCollarBone #swollenfoot #roadRash #inPain #hurtin #yamaha #yamahar6 #yzfr6 #R6 #r6gang #yamahaGang #stuntbike
lilaccident - yamahar6 - inpain - whatarethose - yzfr6 - highside - yamahagang - brokencollarbone - r6 - roadrash - motorcycleaccident - yamaha - newhelmet - swollenfoot - hurtin - stuntbike - r6gang - impaktech -
phnguyen7 : Impaktech did its job!
klutch_r6 : @the1_n_only93 yeah I'm good I just broke my collar bone again lol, 3rd time I broke it, who has the vid? Lol
the1_n_only93 : Oh damn crazy 3x ..n ur ankle?,, yea I got it.. @klutch_r6
unlucky_kiki : Damn get better big dawg! @klutch_r6
illest_babe93 : You need a pedicure lol 😂😂 @klutch_r6
klutch_r6 : @illest_babe93 daayyuuum 😑😂😂😂 , I was waiting for somone to comment something funny haha
illest_babe93 : Lol @klutch_r6 I got chu no worries 😂😂😂 bt na FR tho I'ma jokester so I'll clown on ya lol bt yu can't be getting booty tickled lol
klutch_r6 : @illest_babe93 that's good , I joke around alot too 😂😂
r6_memes - redbull_gohard - themotorcycleguys - samanthamariee_xoxo -
First time able to work legs in months due to injuries #crash #destructo #gym #legday #motorcycleaccident #fz07 #mt07 #gains #squats
crash - gains - motorcycleaccident - squats - mt07 - gym - fz07 - destructo - legday -
concepcionsandii.url - juanagonzalez655 - enorap3l229 - alonsoscarlettgc -
#highSide #brokenbones #brokenCollarBone #swollenfoot #goingtohospital #motorcycleaccident #pissed #coldTires #littleaccident
motorcycleaccident - coldtires - swollenfoot - littleaccident - highside - brokenbones - goingtohospital - brokencollarbone - pissed -
sweets__madness : Wtf??!!! Where are u at????
dilla_blackhearts : What happened bro you good?
emmanuel_imking : Hope you get better tittes
klutch_r6 : @dilla_blackhearts I high sided at like 35 mph , think it was too cold and tires wernt gripping lol, I would of been good if I didn't land all stupid
86beats : Damn were u taking a turn or what? Hope you good homie
jaiimsterr : Wtf!?!! Where u at
r6ertito : Hope your good bro !
ohhswackz : 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
mishalaee - madamezariaa - ypfilms - rman559 -
I ordered wine tonight with my dinner. It came in one of those little side cups for dressing. Gee thanks. #imgunnaneedmorethenthat #sober8weeks #thatdidntlastlong #igothammersmashfaced #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #wine
imgunnaneedmorethenthat - thatdidntlastlong - motorcycleaccident - igothammersmashfaced - wine - sober8weeks - motorcycle -
wolf_designs : Cheap bastards!!!
corajames : 😂😂😂 what assholes!
chrissy_883_clair : That's mean.
chopnweld - karinelizabeth241 - jimzissler - thisissanta -
I hate hate hate yoga!! But I like yoga pants!!! Lolol #yoga #motorcycleaccident
yoga - motorcycleaccident -
doggenherz : Yoga is the best 💪👍😁 : Awesome profile
karunatowels : 👏
apodacasanti - lostgypsyclothing - fitness_schmidtness - npssandy -
Unfortunately crashed yesterday. Now I won't be able to ride my bike for a while but luckily I'm okay so I'm looking forward to riding as soon as possible. #motorcycle #crash #motorcycleaccident #kawasaki
kawasaki - crash - motorcycle - motorcycleaccident -
caaarro_ : Glad you're ok !
pineapplehearts : Erik, you live a dangerous life. That is all.
lovelycarrrs : Thank god you're alright .
hoe_swaylopez : And you still showed up to work. Lol crazy ass. Have a nice thanksgiving man! :)
182hunna : That's why you should have gotten the non vtec... @hoe_swaylopez
erik_yr : @hoe_swaylopez Adrenaline kept me going haha Thanks man, happy thanksgiving =]
erik_yr : @182hunna Chill man
hoe_swaylopez - tim_dobrov - vero_yanez07 - edgars_si -
BEFORE // AFTER Not for the weak stomached. #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #knee #surgery #girlsthatride #recovery #rehab
rehab - recovery - motorcycleaccident - knee - surgery - girlsthatride - motorcycle -
rio3337 : This is rad! Hope you heal well!
kgpost : Yikes! Wishing you a quick recovery. You will be back in action faster than it seems.
meggymilly : 😳
dellema : Not full Ragan. Not cull. Heal up soon!
dethwheelin74 : @princess.raygun wait did they cut it open like that or that happend when you crashed ?
princess.raygun : Thanks everyone. @timruins brootal like me. Getting better day by day. My knee doesn't even bother me or my pelvis, my wrists and hands are the ones being dicks! I'll have more wrist gross pics in the future. Yes @dethwheelin69 my knee was shattered and the skin was ripped open like that this photo was taken just before surgery, hours after the accident... Not sure I was basically dead at this time. But I'm on my way back to life! Ready to raise hell pretty soon!
jeffmather : Omg.
kays_way_creations : Awesome :)
thisissanta - aduckonquack18 - akwxii_007 - dude_its_blake -
Motorcycle accident. Severe leg trauma. Leg was able to be saved with surgery/ skin grafting. Photo cred: @gagedrone #iheartautopsy #trauma #accident #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #healtheducation #er #ed #emergencyroom #emergencymedicine #ems #emt #paramedic #surgery #surgeon #grafting #skingraft #med #medschool #nurse #or #operatingroom
med - healtheducation - emergencymedicine - ed - iheartautopsy - skingraft - motorcycle - emergencyroom - surgery - surgeon - er - accident - motorcycleaccident - operatingroom - emt - trauma - ems - paramedic - nurse - or - grafting - medschool -
carlitos_asii_nomas_j_e : Wtf @_mm4615
codyjoe88 : @tlc2u71 REALLY
n3llwilkinson_ : Since you hate things like this @r.owley
tlc2u71 : @codyjoe88 ... Yes really...they are dangerous! 😘
sheenacb : "Grappig" @t_ayyldz
mindycobarrubia : @rayceism I've seen it
dalia__martinez : @_ricky04
evan_lantrip : @austin_place
laura_niggemann - mhmh10232_ - offical.angel - baz_td -
I have a little leg and an athletic leg... Slowly healing but just ready to walk, run and jump around! Focusing on just walking... But the hurt leg doesn't even look like mine! 👥 #motorcycleaccident #healing #harley #harleydavidson #wheresmymaid #weird #gay #gayboy #lesbo #lesbian #homo #instagay #mygaylife
motorcycleaccident - gay - gayboy - instagay - wheresmymaid - homo - healing - mygaylife - weird - harley - lesbo - lesbian - harleydavidson -
montywells : 💪🏾🙏🏾
sinfulygorgeous : Aww Brit!! I miss u 😞😞😞😞
crystalandrox - __lifeandhope - bennylabamba - sapphire__skull -
This ugly ass mother trucker was smacked by a truck last week while on his motorcycle and is in need of some help paying for the surgeries caused by this hit and run accident. The link to his go fund me is in my bio. It all adds up so even the smallest donation helps. Thank you..
gofundme - blacklivesmatter - motorcycleaccident - surgeryfunds -
insta_damnz : @el_jerome_ #gofundme #motorcycleaccident #surgeryfunds #blacklivesmatter
chrisbueno157 - itzakadoozee - conrad_dobell - jay_g_is_me -
After a long, exhausting, and draining 55 days, my brother is coming home!!! #justintimefortheholidays #motorcycleaccident
justintimefortheholidays - motorcycleaccident -
hec_94 : @_weldermike one of the strongest guys we know @fixedfelix_ @eric.carmona.1217 @outofthizworldd
flashdelabarbie : Glad to see he's alive and he will only get better!
diandramarie : Yay!!
kristincg_ - selennaav - zarelyyyy - brandonlv91 -
Being an athlete and a personal trainer... Looking at my thighs really trips me out! I have never sustained an injury that made such a huge difference in the appearance of my body. It's tripping me out right now the huge difference. I can't wait to start physical therapy because this is blowing me right now!#motorcycleaccident #dysphoria #igetitnow #weird #gay #gayboy #lesbo #lesbian #homo #instagay #mygaylife
instagay - gay - gayboy - dysphoria - igetitnow - homo - mygaylife - weird - motorcycleaccident - lesbo - lesbian -
bahr_tk - voitoi - rotemushy - babudorm -
On this day last year #11/24/14 I received a call that my baby brother was in a terrible #motorcycleaccident. He was hit by a car and flew 40ft off the freeway. A #goodsamaritan pulled over to see if my brother was ok and call an ambulance. When I arrived at the hospital I didn't kno what to expect. But by the grace of God he was alive. Only a few broken bones and scrapes but #ALIVE and for a min he lost his short term memory but I was just thankful he was alive. #tomorrowisnotpromised let your loved ones know what they mean to you. I love you @charlesgformanythings always and forever 😢🙏
11 - goodsamaritan - tomorrowisnotpromised - alive - motorcycleaccident -
aesofromanotha : #ThankGOD.. Glad to hear he survived.
jessica_c_hopper - jessica_r_e_d - anqelicaboo - miss__ash -
Motorcycle accident, leg broken in two places, snapped in half, fucken a... #motorcycleaccident #ftw
ftw - motorcycleaccident -
boogey_3 : 10 weeks bro
sonofdavid83 : Praying for you bro have a good time, or try anyway
boogey_3 : Thank you brother, with your faith, that means alot to me, thank you buddy
tattoosbyneedles : @boogey_3 ohh damnn man just saw this u ok ? Hope u feel better ..!!! Praying for a quick recovery ..!!
boogey_3 : Gracias bro, yeah... I'm still in the hospital, I hope to get out today. Thanks for your prayers bro. @tattoosbyneedles
tattoosbyneedles : @boogey_3 no problem bro u need anything let me know ..!!
gunz_pewpewlife : Carnal!! Sorry I haven had time to get down there been working a lot ... But I know brother rock stopped by yesterday .. And I know you are feeling better ya sabes anything you need u know what to do ...
boogey_3 : Yeah brother, no problem ese.. I'll let you know when I'm out of here. Thank you for hitting me up carnal
rickrogers91 - hadithayla93 - lxnnett - tattoosbyneedles -
Pretty pimp pic I found in my phone. All I need is a glass of champagne. #sick #womenwhoride #girlswithtattoos #girlsthatride #girlswithpiercings #furcoat #selfie #party #partygirl #motorcycleaccident #motorcycle
furcoat - partygirl - motorcycleaccident - girlswithtattoos - selfie - girlsthatride - womenwhoride - motorcycle - sick - party - girlswithpiercings -
tanyamariecm : Click here for 376 free muffin munches.
robmarkese : Forgot your bra bro
ironandglory - fableriders - deepchillsmusic - thestaciesylvestercollective -
Back in the day when my right leg was still ok. :( #missingThis #throwback #nike #shorts #ootd #motorcycleAccident #burn
shorts - burn - ootd - motorcycleaccident - nike - throwback - missingthis -
yumiii_p - yoannlcrf - daywalker112625 - kestrelbags -
At today's accident in the pouring rain. #transportoahu #bikelife #rideoahu #hawaii #hawaiilife #motorcycletowing #honolulu #ford #superduty #turbodiesel #powerstroke  #f250 #f350 #aprillia #rsv4 #motorcycleaccident
powerstroke - aprillia - f250 - turbodiesel - f350 - ford - motorcycletowing - honolulu - rsv4 - superduty - motorcycleaccident - transportoahu - hawaiilife - hawaii - rideoahu - bikelife -
riders_life_hawaii - teamquijano - jrhandlebar - peters_towing -
Heartbreak. #trafficaccident #trafficaccidents #roadaccident #motorcycleaccident #motorcycleaccidents #fatalities #roadmemorial #roadmemorials
roadmemorials - motorcycleaccident - trafficaccident - fatalities - roadmemorial - trafficaccidents - motorcycleaccidents - roadaccident -
ashleyenzie - kellyweng - hmhdesign - cslonero -
Not walking sucks. Panties and wifebeaters on the daily ain't bad😛 #lookonthebrightside #wheelchairgang #roadtorecovery #motorcycleaccident #gothitbyatahoeandsurvived💪
lookonthebrightside - gothitbyatahoeandsurvived💪 - motorcycleaccident - roadtorecovery - wheelchairgang -
solidstudiosinc : How about some Solid merch to chill in to help with recovery?
lord_of_the_waste : 💁
als66fl : Your attitude is amazing!
porchgnome : I'll let the selfie stick slide. Haha
porchgnome : Also I just got out of my own knee imobilizer. Great times
moaalii_leather : Lookin' smokin' hot WB! 🔥🔥🔥
crazy4ink : @wild___belle Still looking good!
dangerbarn : I spent 8 months in basket ball shorts cast and extra large tees. Today I was buckin bails o hay. It gets better. You rock girl. Now if I can just get down on my knees and start Putin my bike back together I would be totally happy.
crazy4ink - alberto_contreras98 - stonefloor_leatherworks - f.rachmat -
Bikes will hydroplane in this weather. This bike went down on the freeway. Ride safe everyone.. #transportoahu #bikelife #rideoahu #hawaii #hawaiilife #motorcycletowing #honolulu #ford #superduty #turbodiesel #powerstroke  #f250 #f350 #aprillia #rsv4 #motorcycleaccident #motorcyclecrash
powerstroke - aprillia - f250 - turbodiesel - f350 - ford - motorcycletowing - honolulu - rsv4 - superduty - motorcycleaccident - transportoahu - hawaiilife - hawaii - motorcyclecrash - rideoahu - bikelife -
x_br1elle : Oh geez, that sucks. :/
riders_life_hawaii : Ouch! I wouldn't be out in this weather @transportoahu
kissie_gurl : I hope the rider I'd okay
chef0666 : Such a pretty bike too.... hope he or she is safe
chef0666 - kennyboylyons - aunalea_marina - shyanne.queen -
Good morning! We have exciting news! Texas Health Clinic is currently looking for a full time/ bilingual person for our front office postion. Please fax your resume to *713-333-5536* or email to ** #houston #houstontx #texas #tx #southhouston #gulffreeway #chiropractor #chiropractic #openpostion #newhire #employmentinhouston #employment #bilingual #Health #accident#wecanhelp #accidenthelp #injury #customerappreciation #18WheelerAccident #18WheelerCrash #CarAccident #MotorcycleAccident #CarAccidentDoctor
employmentinhouston - houston - houstontx - 18wheeleraccident - gulffreeway - 18wheelercrash - southhouston - employment - accidenthelp - caraccidentdoctor - accident - chiropractor - motorcycleaccident - tx - chiropractic - caraccident - newhire - wecanhelp - customerappreciation - health - bilingual - injury - texas - openpostion -
modo495 - mattswifty - the_drewce - sambucahoustontx -
Love this staircase. Tights hid my bandage well. #sanmarino #vettechlife #holidayparty #rockinthebandagelikeaboss #healing #motorcycleaccident #therapy #onthemend
motorcycleaccident - onthemend - vettechlife - therapy - healing - holidayparty - sanmarino - rockinthebandagelikeaboss -
amb66lynn : So so pretty! Miss you! ❤️
vettechmeagz : We should all go next year
dani_tlkefe - indiepas - amb66lynn - maureenyaklin -
😱 I've seen a lot of motorcycle deaths at work, but never one where the person was wearing such poor foot protection. Damn. ------------------------ #motorcycleaccident #motorcycle #horrible #flipflops #blood #bloody #painful #pain
pain - motorcycleaccident - bloody - blood - horrible - flipflops - painful - motorcycle -
junglejorge_ : @jderkacz08 ouch!
junglejorge_ : @iraeverett1031yahoocomiraevere
lyndsayskilling : @nicolamurphy__
goodimba : @isabella_joy eww
ninast96 : @tarkus_photography @moerth_matthias @johannes_moerth
hellxonxearth : @mdimages713 sick socks bro
mdimages713 : @hellxonxearth looks more like a chemical burn
creux_inc : @megsage
sierra_idgaf - cheesyybreadd - artistbaby - shiva_blast_ -
#throwback to my #zombieleg this is 100% real, this from when I totalled my #2003 #yamaha #r6 I split my stitches open pretty bad lol, live and learn! #dressfortheslidenottheride #motorcycleaccident #roadrash
r6 - zombieleg - roadrash - motorcycleaccident - yamaha - dressfortheslidenottheride - 2003 - throwback -
ma_cloudlife : @cloudingaz holy shit man o.o that's crazy
cloudingaz : @ma_cloudlife yup! Almost died that night!
ma_cloudlife : @cloudingaz daaamn bro
cloudingaz : @ma_cloudlife yup! This picture was the least of it! There was roadrash on 80% of my body, punctured liver and kidney, and a brain bleed
ma_cloudlife : @cloudingaz Jesus man you gotta be careful
touges202 - _helloautumn - velosteraptor_ - kenzie_christopher -
Hospital bed dead #selfie #single #nowonder #nomakeup #sexysaturday #party #motorcycle #metal #motorcycleaccident #rehab #recovery #girlsthatride #sick
nomakeup - recovery - motorcycleaccident - sexysaturday - selfie - metal - girlsthatride - rehab - single - nowonder - motorcycle - sick - party -
dethwheelin74 - raresixxk - boda_vicious -
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