Poor baby. πŸ’• #motorcycleaccident #icu #dabombdotcomatthepromwithyourmom #isaac4supremeruler #ninjaadam277
isaac4supremeruler - dabombdotcomatthepromwithyourmom - ninjaadam277 - icu - motorcycleaccident -
ardella77 : Praying for your dad!
mickeychaela : Thank you so much! He wouldn't be getting better if it weren't for all the prayers. @ardella77
kaylabug0107 - abigailbnks - nicksmithgo - gingy.cakes -
A lot of my female friends like to post pictures of their feet. I dedicate this picture to them. #cute #notgrossatall #feet #hashtagsthatmakenosense #irrelivanthashtag #crippledandcute? #butseriouslythough #motorcycleaccident #iwanttowalkagain #hop #stitches #sutures #foursurgerieslater #stillswollen #brokenbones #northcharleston #learntodrive #morehardwarethanhomedepot #chicksdigscarsright #ihope
cute - iwanttowalkagain - irrelivanthashtag - chicksdigscarsright - butseriouslythough - feet - foursurgerieslater - crippledandcute - stitches - ihope - sutures - motorcycleaccident - hashtagsthatmakenosense - northcharleston - learntodrive - stillswollen - notgrossatall - hop - brokenbones - morehardwarethanhomedepot -
dashton71 : Dude !!!!! That's one swollen foot 😱
derekheide : If I was 300lbs it would look totally normal Haha @dashton71
dashton71 : Ya , but than ur other foot would look weird - Hahahaha!!! @derekheide
rockerstevo : #sohott
rockerstevo : Lol
thebelgian_1 - purpleturtle333 - laurajzfretz - hannahc_1565 -
Meetings on meetings!πŸ’Ό #BensonBrownFaucher #BBFLaw #LawFirm #Law #Lawyer #Attorney #Reliable #Trustworthy #NC #Triad #Piedmont #Guilford #Greensboro #GreensboroNC #GSO #SoGSO #HighPoint #WSNC #Legal #Lawsuit #Accident #Motorcycle #MotorcycleAccident #Car #CarWreck #Land #Condemnation #FamilyLaw #Divorce #EminentDomain
attorney - carwreck - condemnation - guilford - familylaw - accident - motorcycle - lawyer - triad - law - lawsuit - sogso - highpoint - land - wsnc - motorcycleaccident - divorce - reliable - nc - legal - trustworthy - bensonbrownfaucher - bbflaw - greensboro - car - greensboronc - lawfirm - piedmont - gso - eminentdomain -
rexamilleon - diamonds_and_pearls_gifts - the_lucky_one23 - stillmomentsphoto2009 -
Spent my morning waiting for that orthopedic surgeon.. Because that's how everyone wants to spend their day! #surgeon #orthopedics #stitches #torntendon #roadrash #navalhospital #medical #nasty #gnarly #scars #motorcycle #sportsbike #motorcycleaccident #rough #pain
torntendon - roadrash - motorcycleaccident - gnarly - sportsbike - medical - scars - navalhospital - orthopedics - surgeon - motorcycle - pain - nasty - rough - stitches -
young1866 : @1white_russian you okay? Miss ya.
kaass_law : ✌️
derekheide : Hahahaha. Oh I know that wait all to well! What did you break?
1white_russian : Fractured the growth plate, and a tear in the tendon that flexes the toes. @derekheide
clynnpickering : Tanya! 😫πŸ˜₯
1white_russian : @clynnpickering I know 😒 it'll get better though!
stefaniann11 - discoverdoctor - dcgantt44 - lawtigers -
May is motorcycle safety awareness month! It's important to look out for our two-wheeled friends on the road. Visit our blog to learn how you can share the road safely: kanner-pintaluga-atlanta.com/category/blog/ #Motorcycle #Bike #Car #Vehicle #Car #Traffic #Safety #Awareness #MotorcycleAccident #CarAccident #Accident #PersonalInjury #PersonalInjuryLawyer #Lawyer #LawOffice #Legal #Attorney #Florida #Georgia
attorney - personalinjurylawyer - lawoffice - accident - traffic - motorcycle - personalinjury - lawyer - georgia - motorcycleaccident - car - caraccident - florida - legal - bike - safety - vehicle - awareness -
kaass_law : Nice pic!
kblawyers - slsconsulting - loveaffairjewelry - lawtigers -
Damn it hahaha. Gracias a Dios estoy vivo y es en lo único que puedo pensar. #motorcycleaccident
motorcycleaccident -
rossie20 : Cuídate 😚
kaass_law : Nice pic!
brendar9 : Valenciaa! Todo bien? Cuídate muchísimo
emiliano_franco : Noobillo😐😞
erickd_valencia : Hola a todos, me chocó un carro a mi Moto pero estoy recuperándome bien, no fue nada tan grave gracias Dios. Gracias por sus buenos deseos, los quiero. @val_estala @mb_silvia @gerry65 @bautista_alexia @paoletteauditore @brendar9
erickd_valencia : Eso que quiere decir cabron? Hahaha @emiliano_franco
ivana_amors : Mejorate pronto Dany saludos por allá c:
amemillan : Ojala y te recuperes pronto Erick, saludos.
delgadomyriam - ivana_amors - ms_ibarratooshort5 - erickd_valencia -
Had this hose to get the blood out from my lungs for a few days… And finally got it off last night… Feel so free now…!!! #crankaddict #jakarta #indonesia #motorcycleaccident #accident #bintarojaya #bintarosektor5 #akrapoviΔ‡ #scooterlife #scooter #maxiscooter #michelin #mp3 #piaggio #piaggiomp3 #touringscooter
crankaddict - akrapović - piaggio - bintarosektor5 - bintarojaya - touringscooter - accident - michelin - motorcycleaccident - jakarta - scooter - indonesia - scooterlife - maxiscooter - piaggiomp3 - mp3 -
m_thiem : Feel better soon!
jujujulie87 : Cepat sehat om
wc2884 : Get well soon bro..
manu2009 : Get well soon oom..
jqqj : Get well soon bro..
thecyclingdept : Get well soon
deryfirst : Gws om..
kaass_law : ✌️
bmw_motorcycle - fransiskusputra - pashapahlevi - lawtigers -
This is what your bathroom counter looks like when you're nursing fairly massive abrasions from a motorcycle crash, but seriously, screw my knee. My bike is fucked... AGAIN... >:o #firstaid #homecare #neosporin #curad #silvergel #antimicrobialpads #gauze #compressionwraps #slowlyhealing #motorcycleaccident #aftermath #lifeontwowheels #bikerash #mypoormotorcycle #hydrogenperoxide #nexcare #bandages
antimicrobialpads - nexcare - slowlyhealing - bandages - compressionwraps - gauze - curad - aftermath - lifeontwowheels - firstaid - mypoormotorcycle - homecare - motorcycleaccident - silvergel - neosporin - hydrogenperoxide - bikerash -
tmodded : Sucks, as long as you get back on!
wolfnickwolf : @tmodded I will never be scared off two wheels. I fixed what could be fixed on the side of the road and rode it home. She'll live to be ridden another day.
kaass_law : Nice pic!
splent2112 - witkneeuptown - whitney_walczyk - kaylinschoen -
gotta be careful out here on those #motorcycles thankfully the dude is still #walking in one piece #communipawave #jerseycity #accident #motorcycleaccident be safe out there my ppl
walking - accident - motorcycles - motorcycleaccident - jerseycity - communipawave -
vandal___savage : Ouch. Not good.
rmassa722 : Wow
edbrooklyn1279 - popfromdax - badnews_scully - 420germ -
Rust in peace my beautiful princess zelda :( hey look there's a little piece of me on the ground #zelda #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #hurts #owie #down #smashed #heartbroken
motorcycleaccident - zelda - down - heartbroken - owie - motorcycle - hurts - smashed -
livingdeadsarah : Duuude no bueno
kaass_law : Nice!
theecaitlynrenee - hellobreeny - stinna08 - lawtigers -
#motorcycleaccident broken clavicle, DR pyper fixed it all up
motorcycleaccident -
kaass_law : Nice!
lawtigers -
The three of us have gone through so much these past 5 days. I admire these two women. My mother and my sister-in-law. They are God fearing women. They are mentally stronger than anyone that I know. If it wasn't for the grace and mercy of God that kept my brother alive surely he would be dead. The three of us stayed by his side since he has been in the hospital due to a tragic motorcycle accident. I am so grateful that God gave him back to us. The only other person missing in this picture is @jess_m3 , she stronger than she knows. #motorcycleaccident #familyfirst #godsgraceandmercy
familyfirst - godsgraceandmercy - motorcycleaccident -
jessabelle_27 : Glad he's ok. I'll be thinking of your family πŸ™
jess_m3 : Love all of u and glad I will be there soon❀️
mztanshe : Why is mom over there like she don't know she's in a picture? Tell her to look in that camera and say cheese...lol
jaienerdfit : @jess_m3 πŸ’—
jaienerdfit : Lol idk lol she wasn't ready lol @mztanshe
kaass_law : Nice!
ajg407 - classidominican - thatguybradley31 - mjrkk -
5 broke ribs A broken clavicle Both lungs bruised Thank you for the prayers for my Daddy. Him and his motorcycle were only a little beat up. Continue with prayers, please. They're keeping him a few days at the least. I love you, Daddy. πŸ’• #motorcycleaccident #dabombdotcomatthepromwithyourmom #isaac4supremeruler #ninjaadam277
dabombdotcomatthepromwithyourmom - ninjaadam277 - isaac4supremeruler - motorcycleaccident -
mccoy_micah5 : Praying!
tylerc371 : Praying
mickeychaela : @mccoy_micah5 @tylerc371 @tjedens @mckenzie_swaney @alessandra_mia @carol.brooke @russchapman @marrionette_97 Thank you all so much! πŸ’•
tylerc371 : You're welcome!!
heather_jh15 : Mike-chael! Praying!!!
kaass_law : ✌️
_sldr121510 : I had no idea I can't believe that we will deff be praying for you & yalls family!!
mickeychaela : Thank you so much, Sydney! We really appreciate it! @_sldr121510
carol.brooke - keyscale_battalion - jacob_a_durham - hannaking22 -
This month is motorcycle awareness month! Ladies and gentlemen, this is the fourth motorcycle fatality this week and it's only Tuesday! Please be aware of your surroundings and use common sense when you turn in front of a biker. Think twice before you look down on your phone, take a bite of food, reach over to the passenger or back seat. You never know who's wearing hat helmet! #mototcycle #accident #awareness #awarenessmonth #motorcycleaccident #fatality #drivesafe #think #besmart
accident - motorcycleaccident - besmart - mototcycle - drivesafe - fatality - awarenessmonth - think - awareness -
kaass_law : Nice!
patenaude6 - crsla22 - missana_2girlsiadore - mattdacop -
My shoulder is turning all kinds of colors now. Oh and I'm taking this time off to grow a beard like zzTop #broken #motorcycleaccident #r6 #r6crash #beardgoals #mustache
broken - r6 - r6crash - motorcycleaccident - beardgoals - mustache -
killerkennakins : You ok? Told you the bike was a bad idea. πŸ˜‘
lostgirl619 : According to a story on face book, beards are super dirty.
kaass_law : Nice pic!
jaysen_casillas - viollet_nielsen - hudsonsthunderbuddy - bssantone7 -
#MondayMemories bcuz I'll never forget the moment that the last time we've both met was down at the North Canton fairgrounds right by Hoover High School. Life was too short for him & I wish I could've watched him break dance one last time for this year instead of last year & in the past. He had taught me alot of great things especially from the high school times whenever I had played soccer & to all of the school dances in which that I'd be doing toe-touches & all of that crazy stuff I did. I loved watching him dance bcuz it made people including myself follow into his foot steps of creativity, hard work & inspiration. He's definitely going to be missed by a whole lot of people from Springfield & for those who all know him quite well, pray for him & cherish the moment to make a wish for yourselves & to create opportunities by moving forward. He's now in a better place & that's called "Heaven". You all can look up at him to the sky & watch him break dance all day & night. The one thing he had told me was to always believe in myself & to always believe that I can do everything I want & that nobody would take that advantage away from me. That meant alot to me. I'll never forget the moments & the greater times we've had & I'll miss him so much! I'll always keep dancing for him! Nothing's easy, rest easy Matt! And to his brother Jake, if you need anything man, let me know. We'll have to catch up some day & we'll definitely hang out soon & talk. I got you bro and also I'm praying for your mother that hopefully she's ok. @jakezupan πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ’ƒπŸ™πŸ’―πŸŒŸ Matt's quote to me: "Always believe that you can do it, because if you believe in yourself that you can do it, then that's all it matters man." #RestEasyMatt #LongLiveMatt #MattZupancic #memories #3vo #restinpeace #prayforthezupancics #motorcycleaccident #like
3vo - like - motorcycleaccident - memories - longlivematt - mondaymemories - restinpeace - resteasymatt - prayforthezupancics - mattzupancic -
darkkiller217 - s_cvernotzy - katlynichole111 - richardarlencolejr -
#CarAccident #MotorCycleAccident #SlipAndFall
slipandfall - caraccident - motorcycleaccident -
Hi guythsss mishhyouu Kalalabas lng ng ospital Done mag pa xray #MotorcycleAccident #xrayssss #igdaily #motherSOMEDAY
xrayssss - igdaily - mothersomeday - motorcycleaccident -
Had a motorcycle accident last Tuesday… The first hospital said everything fine and no broken bones… Told me to go home… And a couples of day later I can't breath properly… And ask my mom to take me to ER… Where the second hospital told me I have 3 broken ribs and I also have 1.5cm cut on my lungs… I had two surgeries and stayed in intensive care unit for 2 nights… #crankaddict #jakarta #indonesia #piaggio #piaggiomp3 #mp3 #michelin #maxiscooter #scooter #scooterlife #akrapoviΔ‡ #accident #motorcycleaccident #bintarosektor5 #bintarojaya
accident - michelin - motorcycleaccident - akrapović - jakarta - scooter - indonesia - piaggio - piaggiomp3 - scooterlife - mp3 - maxiscooter - bintarosektor5 - bintarojaya - crankaddict -
m_thiem : What! Glad you're on your way recovery.
23_motoworks : Gilaa emang loe bro..hahah..get well soon πŸ™
misshotrodqueen : Speedy recovery!
donny.r : Get well soon bro
lorrainebun : @crankaddict gilee.. butuh apa slaen alcohol?!!
crankaddict : I need you to take care of me… @lorrainebun
lorrainebun : @crankaddict buat apa ada emak loe and bini loe, cuy?!! Haha
crankaddict : I think you'll do better… @lorrainebun
bgrfixedfaction - liam_sak_khian - nelindahavidz - kharismaeffect -
Remember kids, never ride a sport touring bike over gravel.... Rear wheel spun and it pinnned my leg. My knee will recover. My bike? Well... That'll be a very long road to recovery. #motorcycleaccident #lifeontwowheels #wound #blood #scab #pain #busted #broken #motorcycleride #motorcycle #crash #mad #upset #mistake #stupid
stupid - pain - motorcycleaccident - upset - blood - scab - wound - broken - busted - motorcycle - crash - mistake - motorcycleride - lifeontwowheels - mad -
whitney_walczyk : Evan did the same today
sassmouth_ : Ahh I hope you heal quickly
wolfnickwolf : Thanks Zoe! @sassmouth_
ericunderwood88 : Owch! Hope it your leg and bike get better soon!
tashban : Damn. Feel better!
wolfnickwolf : @tashban thanks man, bike is FAR worse off.
katrinasommer - alexbaseball3 - sassmouth_ - a_buck32 -
God is simply AMAZING! My father has not been out of the house (other than doctor's visits) since his #MotorcycleAccident almost a year ago. Special thanks to my Uncle HotRod and everyone else who helped transport him to the cookout. #Thankful #Blessed #RoadToRecovery We are still taking donations to help our father walk again. If you would like to donate, click the link in my bio or send me a DM. http://www.gofundme.com/u4l8j8 Thanks! #Donate #GiveBack #Fundraiser #GoFundMe
motorcycleaccident - fundraiser - giveback - blessed - thankful - roadtorecovery - donate - gofundme -
kissmytute - complexgemini66 - cuteazzjae - damiangbrown -
Kids stay away from motorcycles I was found 100ft from the one I was driving. Road rash up and down my right side, stitches in my elbow, and a swollen ankle. Lucky I walked away from it and didn't get hurt more than I did. #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #roadrash #superlucky #hospitaltrip #supersore
hospitaltrip - roadrash - motorcycle - motorcycleaccident - supersore - superlucky -
katiexoxo815 : @aesthetics_driven feel better soon! 😊
adventuresofzach : Whaaaaaaaaat!!!!!!!!!
kellimelisaaa - kyleauger9 - katiexoxo815 - sharp_shooter_sharbel -
And this is walking from my backside... I do walk side ways idk why but I trust my right leg more so that could be the reason... So I know I haven't updated anyone on my progress but 7 months later after my accident and 13 surgeries in a month and half time frame in walking with a cane.... I'm not doing it full time cause my balance is still an issue but I'm getting stronger and stronger everyday!!! #progress #motorcycleaccident #cane #pimpwalk #brokenlegs #pelvis #lumbar #spine
cane - motorcycleaccident - spine - pimpwalk - brokenlegs - lumbar - pelvis - progress -
sweetievelyn3 : Good job πŸ‘πŸ‘ you are doing great! I love u so much 😘 πŸ™
ndstheprince : @sweetievelyn3 thank you love you too!!!
merthe_jimmy - bricer1 - ironman_1108 - gsxr600cc -
So I know I haven't updated anyone on my progress but 7 months later after my accident and 13 surgeries in a month and half time frame in walking with a cane.... I'm not doing it full time cause my balance is still an issue but I'm getting stronger and stronger everyday!!! #progress #motorcycleaccident #cane #pimpwalk #brokenlegs #pelvis #lumbar #spine
cane - motorcycleaccident - spine - pimpwalk - brokenlegs - lumbar - pelvis - progress -
navdaddy : Good job bro!
ironman_1108 : Man!! Keep it up!! Really glad to see you walking though.πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ™Œβœ¨πŸ™πŸ‘£
ndstheprince : @navdaddy thanks bro.... And @ironman_1108 I'm doing my best bro!! Thank you for the kind words
navdaddy - maxbeaverhausen - ironman_1108 - gsxr600cc -
Found a video i took of my friend kevin back in middle school. Great memories! Can't believe you're really gone :( R.i.p I'll miss you dearly. #gonetosoonbutneverforgotten #rip #memories # kevincorey #20yearsold #wheniseeyouagain #motorcycleaccident
wheniseeyouagain - motorcycleaccident - 20yearsold - memories - rip - gonetosoonbutneverforgotten -
_janylie_ : I'm sorry for your lost #kevincorey
lexstasy33 : Thank you
trina_rogers - stephaniebl4ck - _barb_o - wardlaw.jenna -
Asi termina mi día #accidente en #moto #Motorcycle #accident #Motorcycleaccident Pero bueno, lo importante es estar #vivo jaja
accident - motorcycle - motorcycleaccident - accidente - vivo - moto -
lucas_mouesca : Ahora a revivir la colo!! Jaja vos ya no tenes arreglo (?
lucas_mouesca - ignaciio098_ - danillojolie - gaston.vallina -
#beawareofbikes #motorcycleaccident #loudpipessavelives #hopehesok just happened in Dedham
beawareofbikes - loudpipessavelives - hopehesok - motorcycleaccident -
life_as_mely - nikki0417 -
#beawareofbikes #motorcycleaccident #loudpipessavelives #hopehesok just happened in Dedham
beawareofbikes - loudpipessavelives - hopehesok - motorcycleaccident -
life_as_mely -
Very pleased & even impressed with #TampaGeneralHospital and their whole trauma team. You guys have done great. December will be 2 years that I've put my trust and faith into your team....and thankfully, I am always getting better. I know I still have much to go through and time left, but I'm ready to get to that marathon. I am dying inside and out without running, but just having the hope to get back to it, is what keeps me going. Till then, let's get this ankle/foot on that act rite! #surgerylife #motorcycleaccident #myteamthough #imready
myteamthough - tampageneralhospital - surgerylife - motorcycleaccident - imready -
juliogomez08 : You'll get over it !!! Train for the ironman series !! Short diatances first!!! Water is the best teraphy!!! @theog_pocahontas
mandy_b188 : This is the best thing I've read all day!!! I'm so happy/excited for you!!! I know how heartbroken you've been about running, now you know there is hope! Love you! Miss your face!! πŸ˜πŸ‘†πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
theog_pocahontas : I'm trying to have as much faith as possible. Thank you so much love. Always been the.pne rite there when I needed it most..love you always & miss your face too. @mandy_b188
slick_talker101 - 50shadesofpolo - mandy_b188 - killin_em_softly86 -
#pelvis #squats #gym #deadlift #brokenleg #motorcycleaccident #medicalsience
medicalsience - brokenleg - motorcycleaccident - squats - pelvis - gym - deadlift -
champange_princessxx - brittneyskylar - kirigould - evanberard_ifbb -
Sila klik link di bio kami untuk baca selanjutnya #motorcycleaccident #roadtax #OpsWarta #PDRM #roadblock #JalanLokeYew
roadblock - roadtax - pdrm - jalanlokeyew - motorcycleaccident - opswarta -
setialeman - lidobrickfields - razziahkhan - everlyn_huilin -
Blows my mind to think it had already been 3years ago today I was in that near deadly motorcycle accident , God has truly blessed me and given by giving me another chance to walk this beautiful earth! #motorcycleaccident #coma #neardeathexperience #injuries #fracturedskull #paralyzed #blind #deaf #brokenJaw #brokenleg #brokenback #brokenface #brokenknee #brokenshoulder #harleydavidson #hd #may212012 #chopper #bobber #blessed #pins #plates #rods #scars #screws #stitches #stillalive #fighter #goingstrong #faith πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ™πŸΌ
blind - stillalive - harleydavidson - faith - deaf - fracturedskull - goingstrong - blessed - bobber - paralyzed - chopper - coma - screws - rods - injuries - brokenface - stitches - brokenshoulder - fighter - motorcycleaccident - may212012 - scars - brokenleg - hd - brokenknee - neardeathexperience - pins - plates - brokenjaw - brokenback -
dcdylan88 : @mikedelahunty @autumns_mommy11.10 @notsafe @denise_ordaz πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™πŸΌ
forrestkrhoads : Glad your ok brother... #praisegod
dcdylan88 : @forrestkrhoads you & me both bud, the lord surely has bigger plans for me! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
lifted4life88 : Yep I'm glad you pulled though bro. You sure scared the shit out of me so stop crashing things. You have done it enough @dcdylan88
dcdylan88 : @lifted4life88 haha you and me both bro, it's a trip this feels like so long ago, but at the same time feels like yesterday...
that_guy_named_roger : God does wonders man glad your good and safe man @dcdylan88
dcdylan88 : @that_guy_named_roger yes he sure does!! Had my fair share of miracles through this accident alone! But thanks, you & I both!
that_guy_named_roger : Anytime buddy !
mrspewpewboom - mairabarbosalopes - throttlecrackerracing - that_guy_named_roger -
#motorcycleaccident #lessonlearned #ridesafeguys
lessonlearned - ridesafeguys - motorcycleaccident -
hanengggg_ : Aww. Anyaree sayo
craaaazyjc : aksidente motor..
hanengggg_ : Yan . ingat ingat din
onampaiak - hanengggg_ - xxirene.mcneal -
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