Just glad he's ok. It could have been worse. @bryan_polarbear #motorcycleaccident #brokenleg #brokenhand #brokenbike
brokenhand - brokenleg - brokenbike - motorcycleaccident -
mari_loves_abe : He hit a truck that made a left during a green light 😞 @jdmluck
da.funk : is he okay?? @mari_loves_abe
nessayyxx_ : Omg... what happen?
mari_loves_abe : @da.funk thankfully he is. @nessayyxx_ read my previous comment.
brenscami : I remember him from the hospital, hope he gets well soon!
nessayyxx_ : Ohhh daym that's crazy.. good thing he's okay
jdmluck : Glad he's okay, wishing him a speedy recovery
jackievas76 : I'm glad he's ok
nessayyxx_ - billllll23_ubmc - brizzyy22 - da.funk -
Getting there☺ #recovery
pink - nikes - az - legs - love - recovery - motorcycleaccident - gym - mountainside - mside - fitness - muscle - workout - instafit - fitfam -
jmee_b : #gym#workout#fitness#legs#love#motorcycleaccident#muscle#instafit#nikes#pink#fitfam#mside#mountainside#az
ascruggs1 : Yes! Get it get it
hazeboyy : Like it!
mgomes911 - halieerae - sweetbeautybysonya - jessiica_maree -
I would like to send bunch ah thanks to @kevinspence @bobalomas @currysurr @mothradeath @stephsayre @section8joe @cactusflower_ @shitluck @sonyamckelvey I love you guys! #shitluck #rideon #ridebmx #motorcycleaccident #recovery #amputee I'll be rolling cool in therapy now.
ridebmx - recovery - motorcycleaccident - rideon - amputee - shitluck -
starlasaz : πŸ’•
gdoran46 : Still rockin the beardπŸ‘......hope your recovery goes well
currysurr : There wasn't much I could do and I haven't been able to come down and see you yet, I figured this would make you stoked.
danteruozzo58 : Dude when i heard this happened i felt horrible mam i just looked back to the times we rode together your an awesome guy hope to see you sometime soon goodluck with everything and i hope your okay dude #drivesober
maxbeaverhausen : Hope you will recover Soon. All the best! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
bigdavehotbitches : It was so awesome @currysurr and your and everyone else's support means the world to me
crazymikejones : Glad you got the package man!
luke06081 : Are you going to get a prosthetic leg? Or are we gunna have to get you a wcmx like wheelz
belstaff5 - spiper83 - mintjaruphun - crazymikejones -
Swelling is finally letting up on my left foot. #motorcycleaccident #recovery
recovery - motorcycleaccident -
krizdabartendah : Its going to be all over before you know it keep your head high.... Praying everyday for you!! πŸ‘ΌπŸ‘£πŸ‘ŒπŸ™
calvenmitchell : Thank you much @krizdabartendah
indie_gaal : High five !!!
onibi.oni - krizdabartendah - hartv.olie - oshanetheartist -
Poor lil joey.. #MotorcycleAccident β™₯
motorcycleaccident -
hhedges96 - shelbydesirae27 - nikkayjo - kyler_johnson52 -
Today in occupational therapy. #rugerdog #recovery #motorcycleaccident don't drink and drive!! Look twice safe a life
rugerdog - recovery - motorcycleaccident -
juelsberger5 : OMG!!!! U look so good, I'm so happy u got to see your baby!!!!! That must hVe been the eat feeling in the world! I love u!!!!!
bigdavehotbitches : Enjoy the ride bitches
delfrikin : Good to see you smiling and out and about man!!!!
spiper83 : Yaaay ruger got to see u. Bet he was as excited as u. Looking good babe. U got this!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘see u soon😘
cactusflower_ : Rugie boy!! Glad you were able to see him🐢 how'd you get him to sit? Bet he was crazy excited to see you
bigdavehotbitches : My mom, aunt, and I said sit 10 times @cactusflower_
motorwolf - brittany613 - cactusflower_ - rhondaroo25 -
You can make it through it primo. I know you can. Dios es grande, igual que tu. Por eso todavia estas aqui con nosotros. We are all waiting for you!!! #bikerswatchforthem#pray#for#Jason#primo#motorcycleaccident#wakeup#please#imissyou
jason - motorcycleaccident - for - pray - primo - please - bikerswatchforthem - wakeup - imissyou -
findacelebrity : :) @itsdaven
anjelly_19 - kayberry_ - norajacobo - cerenajosephamolina -
#bigburn #nalgaquemada #raspones #motocicleta no morΓ© bike for me agradecido a dios por estar vivo πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
bikeaccident - nalgaquemada - raspones - motorcycleaccident - motocicleta - bigburn -
malejaquinteroza : Ay dios por poco y te matas
americadeltoro : Que??? No invnts cuando fue esto?? @raniuxxx
raniuxxx : ase dos semanas 😒😒😒😒 @americadeltoro
americadeltoro : Auuch!! CuΓ­date mucho @raniuxxx adiΓ³s moto?? O no pero con mas precauciΓ³n??
raniuxxx : no mΓ‘s moto la vdd por ahora @americadeltoro
cecccilee : NO INVENTES!
raniuxxx : ya se super mal vdd 😒 @cecccilee
raniuxxx : #motorcycleaccident #bikeaccident
kattiuskavero - pingo38 - karlagaur - yowwkoww -
The leg wound has officially healed 13 months later. I do not think I know anyone else with a better or bigger scar!? #relieved #scar #scarenvy #recovery #fasciotomy #veingraft #femoralartery #motorcycleaccident #survivor
veingraft - motorcycleaccident - survivor - relieved - femoralartery - fasciotomy - scar - scarenvy - recovery -
scott4180 : @goggy85 scar of gayness!! Rofl
ste0108 : Got there in the end, you've done well πŸ‘
jaycrank - scott4180 - little_vegan_traveller - ste0108 -
#flashbackfriday #gettingbetter #thankgod #newlife 🐸🐸🐸
bikeaccident - thankgod - newlife - motorcycleaccident - brokenjaw - gettingbetter - flashbackfriday -
raniuxxx : #brokenjaw
raniuxxx : #bikeaccident πŸš²πŸ’¨
larreguiisandy : Que bienn...Sabess que aquii cuentas con tu amiguiizz al igual q a tus demas amigois por cual quiiere cosa
c4424 : Glad your getring better bro
bee__romero : Pues gracias a Dios te estas recuperando aunque sea lento.. Echale ganas @raniuxxx 😊
raniuxxx : thank u bro πŸ™ŒπŸ™ @c4424
raniuxxx : y si eso es lo ke ago niΓ±a @bee__romero
bee__romero : Pues si necesitas algo ya saves.. Suerte y que sigas mejorando niño😽 @raniuxxx
issymarrrr - anny_g24 - natyrockdriguez - _monse_rojas_ -
From the motorcycle accident hurts like hell !!!! #accident #motorcycleaccident #motorcycleporn #motorcycle #hurt #ohthepain #leg #injury #fuckit #cafeporn #caferacer
ohthepain - fuckit - motorcycleaccident - leg - caferacer - hurt - accident - motorcycle - cafeporn - injury - motorcycleporn -
bica_bangz : Bruised legs= hot
acousticpaul : 😎 lol @bica_bangz
bica_bangz - jfed343 - ssnmb4 - seanaboots -
Good way to start the morning.. #kickinass #recovery #motorcycleaccident #therapy don't drink and drive
kickinass - therapy - recovery - motorcycleaccident -
luciapet : ❀ them!!! #staystrongbdhb
bigdavehotbitches : I may go see them on the 17th idk we'll see @luciapet
crazymikejones : If we can sneak you out,they'll be in austintown Sept 10th
motorwolf : Best way to start the morning!!
wuxixict : πŸ˜ƒ
stuckbesideohio - 0harley_davidson8 - devineenergy - luciapet -
First trauma patient of the day... And I need caffeine. 😊 #dontdrinkanddrive #headtrauma #emergencyroom #lifeanddeath #motorcycleaccident #ER #blood #DoctorOnDuty #surgery #repair #ilovethisjob #BuhayMD #alcoholbreath #awake #confused #SavingLives #passion #igers #photooftheday #GodIsTheHealer #48hrs #livelife #livethelifeyoulove
repair - alcoholbreath - dontdrinkanddrive - savinglives - blood - emergencyroom - 48hrs - confused - awake - igers - ilovethisjob - surgery - doctoronduty - er - livelife - buhaymd - motorcycleaccident - headtrauma - lifeanddeath - passion - godisthehealer - livethelifeyoulove - photooftheday -
life_explosion : Have an awesome day :) Stay Gold :)
janzednanref : @life_explosion Thank you. You too, enjoy the day! 😊
hayzlecab : Yowo! Kangilo
janzednanref : @hayzlecab maopen gud na saw, tanggal agtang 😜
hayzlecab : Na itsa gud nako ang fon jan kay pag open nako sa IG kana jud ang ni bungad. Di makaya ug tan-aw oi. Yowo!
instartestically_aph : Fuck kasakit!! Jan whyyyyy??? Why did u post this! Hahahah
itaken518529 - alyssamiaxxi - ms_chawnee2 - r.snider92 -
TBT Almost lost my life!! #tbt#angelswatchingoverme#kawasakizx6r#motorcycleaccident
motorcycleaccident - tbt - kawasakizx6r - angelswatchingoverme -
__cristaal : I'm kidding πŸ˜‚
errnesstoavilaa : @ogmartinmesa hahahah fag!! That's from when I had my motorcycle accident! TBT dumb ass! Lol
ogmartinmesa : Well ur still a dumbass and cant get no ass ha ha loser
errnesstoavilaa : @__cristaal la neta ke si lol
bigrube21 : I was going to say! AGAIN! Lol
booboo_garcia7 : Menso @errnesstoavilaa
kawafcknsaki : I know the ones on your knees are not from the motorcycle accident.
errnesstoavilaa : Haha fuck u tony! @kawafcknsaki it's possible knowing me huh lol @bigrube21
axdriana - caligurlnuvie - 11oscar - granalex -
Steel toes and helmet saved me 3 years ago. #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #alabama #guntersvile
alabama - motorcycle - motorcycleaccident - guntersvile -
bikerchick78 : So glad u survived!!!!
momnb777 : Close call Dennis. Glad you made it okay.
maryanne91152 - dudu_vieira15 - kid_qik - momnb777 -
Physical therapy #selfiebitches πŸ‘«
werecute - love - pt - motorcycleaccident - selfie - osr - mountainside - mside - roadtorecovery - osristhebombdotcom - fit - smile - happinesskinda - selfiebitches -
jmee_b : #osr#pt#love#smile#mside#osristhebombdotcom#roadtorecovery#selfie#motorcycleaccident#werecute#happinesskinda#mountainside#fit
3hod05 : @mzavip !!!!!
kristyyw : #vaginashot
ascruggs1 : #guasa
carrielovee - nicholemaariee - alyssafelixx - t_hamm5 -
A beautiful soul was taken from us on Tuesday; he left behind a beautiful girlfriend, kids, friends, and family. You made such an impact in our lives in such a short period of time. May you rest in peace Jacy. Everyone, look out for motorcycles; and if you ride, please please please be careful out there. 😒 #looktwicesavealife #motorcycleaccident #fallenrider
looktwicesavealife - fallenrider - motorcycleaccident -
kidpuertorico : May he rest peacefully
itsdatngo : Rip brotha jacy .All riders out there be careful
railroaderswife : @jessie_hearts Oh Jess... I just told Dat that you guys are in our thoughts and prayers. I'm so very sorry for your loss...
myaristo420 : Rest in peace jacy we have lots of for u.. U will b miss in our hearts
staceeetran : 😒
gaby_marqruiz - ashx0xoley - rsxdanny - mariadelsol -
Always wear boots on a #motorcycle " #motorcycleaccident #safety #savinglives
savinglives - safety - motorcycle - motorcycleaccident -
annaseamon - krystal__1205 -
The aftermath... #TBT #MotorcycleAccident #2010 #CompoundDislocation #ExposedFemurAndPatella #ToreEverythingInMyRightKnee #SawMyOwnFemurPoppingOut #EndToMyLegModelCareer #NoMoreSexyLegs #ArthritisOnBothKneesNow #GangsterLimp #Accident #GoodTimes
accident - motorcycleaccident - exposedfemurandpatella - toreeverythinginmyrightknee - compounddislocation - tbt - goodtimes - arthritisonbothkneesnow - nomoresexylegs - gangsterlimp - sawmyownfemurpoppingout - 2010 - endtomylegmodelcareer -
fucking_cisco : I remember that
boyleheightschica : Wtf!!! Damn !!!!! And ewwww lol that sucks but atleast you're alive that's what really matters @g_rod1988
yesimacedo : Gangster limp πŸ˜‚
meinelite_bikerz : Aii weii
jonrodguez65 : shave your legs
thatdudejay913 : Stop lying. You got cut shaving your legs that day lol
jonrodguez65 : lmfao
santi20_ - yez__marie - bluehd01 - _yesenian -
Poor baby. #motorcycleaccident #stillrunsthough #champion #hondamagna
nevergonnastop - champion - stillrunsthough - motorcycleaccident - hondamagna -
dejoseph5 : Mom told u they are dangerous
jgoss1017 : @dejoseph5 I kno. Shit happens though
sigesq : Hope you made it out of there okay..
jgoss1017 : @sigesq I'm good for most part just bruised my back up pretty good
sigesq : Still ride-able?
jgoss1017 : @sigesq still runs but needs a whole new front end more or leee
sigesq : @jgoss1017 Duct Tape any lighting fixtures and let's ride. That's what I did, hell - I still need to take my cracked windshield off. #RideTilWeDie
jgoss1017 : @sigesq haha I wish dude. My forks are ben and the fender is stuck on the tire. #nevergonnastop
steph_b92 - rackemrufus - kenny_bergmann4 - pkanedotnet -
Swelling is finally going down. Now just need my ankle to let loose. #legpress #brokenleg #motorcycleaccident #suckitwes #painful #physicaltherapy
brokenleg - suckitwes - motorcycleaccident - legpress - painful - physicaltherapy -
codyroschelle - crosenzweig - arstrot - strothkamp -
#Accept #MotorcycleAccident
motorcycleaccident - accept -
christinerosepm : Sino @mayfetot ?
mayfetot - christinerosepm - sangwyn -
4 months later starting to look pretty good. Don't have full movement back yet but I still have 6-8 more months of physical therapy so I'll get there! Thanks again everyone for all the support! #Brokenbones#fracture#motorcycleaccident#bikelife#Yamaha
yamaha - motorcycleaccident - bikelife - fracture - brokenbones -
aliinspired : Healing nicely! These things take time, you will get there!
writhracing : I feel your pain bro
tp_turbo : Thank you! @aliinspired. And yeah, I'm hoping! Haha. Thanks!!
tp_turbo : Yeah man, no fun at all. Hopefully your making a speedy recover! @writhracing
writhracing : @tp_turbo it's going lol
tp_turbo : Damn, well best of luck bro. You planning on getting back on a bike again right? @writhracing
writhracing : @tp_turbo yeah check out my personal page @writh23
jeremylabarbera - hedge_3 - abaylayy - palmtr333s -
Healing up slowly.. Right ulna bone is still shattered. 😫 Wishing I could just get back to normal! Today marks the TWO month mark since my accident. I'm blessed to be alive. πŸ‘Ό Scheduling a carpal tunnel surgery. #killswitchbikes #bikelife #bikerqueen #riderich #plates #motorcycleaccident #screws #looktwicesavealife #trauma #downbutnotout #gsxr #600
riderich - 600 - motorcycleaccident - gsxr - looktwicesavealife - downbutnotout - screws - trauma - killswitchbikes - plates - bikerqueen - bikelife -
_ikandi__ : Get well soon!!!
gixxer_girl_xo : @_ikandi__ thanks girl!!
spdrcr76 : Speedy recovery!!!
baby_cakes88_05 : Holy shit! Just saw some of ur pictures. I was luckily not injured anywhere near as badly as u were. Had I been riding without my dad I woulda been a lot worse off. I'm glad to see ur improving! πŸ‘ major props for staying strong! Wishing u a speedy recovery! Keep ur head up! And lastly ride safe! Be careful with all the idiot drivers!!
gixxxerrabitt : It takes time hun, but ull get thr. Keep being strongπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
outlawztib27 : Don't rush your recovery. Make sure you heal right. Be strong it'll all be better with time.
robertk1021 : :( I hope all goes well and you get full mobility so you can ride again!
stuntfabrk : That's some serious hardware you got there. Stay strong πŸ’ͺ and ride again πŸš²πŸ’¨
marcelo_gomezz - gudfukchuck - nato_gj - francispenney -
Back to work after motorcycle accident #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #BACKTOWORK #EMS #EMT #workinghard #work #healing #unstoppable
motorcycleaccident - work - unstoppable - emt - backtowork - motorcycle - ems - workinghard - healing -
sally300x : Code 3!!! Code 3!!
naivah_ahh_ahhh_ahhhh - sally300x - mrcruz896 - annaseamon -
1 year later, at least it looks cool on an x-ray #thatspermanent #brokenclavicle #motorcycleaccident
brokenclavicle - thatspermanent - motorcycleaccident -
lisasangi - midwestflores - ked_128 - jessicarae64 -
In a Kentucky State Park,, My cousin hit a patch of Gravel on a twisty Mountain road and went down. The Sportster slid off the road and about ten feet sown a ravine. He's ok ,,road rash on both elbows. Two car loads of college guys pulled up to help, one guy had a climbing rope and we pulled it up, haha we were back riding in fifteen minutes?! #crash #Harley #sportster #Kentucky #rockhouse #wreck #motorcycleaccident #roadtrash
sportster - crash - roadtrash - motorcycleaccident - wreck - kentucky - harley - rockhouse -
whiskeygarage : #love
greaterdetroit : @whiskeygarage there was no whiskey drinkin.until After the crash! Haha
coogitsu321 : How's Ross and how's the bike?
greaterdetroit : @coogitsu321 , Ross has very painful road rash on both elbows and a sore hip. We pulled the bike up without much damage other than cosmetic. It was an amazing experience!
dirtroadjournal - lupart - born_scum - philly_custom_cycles -
Well I guess that explains that. #Motorcycleaccident #Airlifted sucks, hope he makes it.
airlifted - motorcycleaccident -
yeathatsher_mia - ronae89destiny - jesslgeorge -
#myfriend scotty #lost his #arm in a #motorcycleaccident #thirtyyearsago and he is a #stillpissedoff #grump #dontdrinkanddrive
dontdrinkanddrive - motorcycleaccident - lost - thirtyyearsago - grump - myfriend - stillpissedoff - arm -
cicciobuffa -
Who else agrees? #motorcycleaccident#looktwicesavealife#bikelife#rideordie#Yamaha
looktwicesavealife - rideordie - bikelife - motorcycleaccident - yamaha -
ab7am - decker_b_ - mach1inc - anthony_cann -
Another investment #motorcycleaccident
motorcycleaccident -
jimfcknjames : Alright bro I'll let you know. Thanks @gusgusmightygus
x_racer18 : @gusgusmightygus you need a bike nigga
gusgusmightygus : I want one but just been tied up with bills and stuff u know the drill lol but wee need to open a shop but u playing @x_racer18
x_racer18 : @gusgusmightygus you foos ain't down
gusgusmightygus : @x_racer18 I'm saving up but u playing
x_racer18 : I already have money saved. I'd sale my bike to get shit started @gusgusmightygus
gusgusmightygus : @x_racer18 I'll sale my car fuck it I'll ride bike :) txt me if serious
x_racer18 : You text if your serious! @gusgusmightygus
08_viri - louie_gt86 - butterflypoopingunicorns - elizabet.m12 -
#nationaldogday me and my vicious pitbull Jazmine snuggled up after my #motorcycleaccident . She never leaves my side. #pitbulls #pitbullsofinstagram #vicious #lmao #loversnotfighters #cuddlebuddy #bigbaby #bighead #bigheart
pitbullsofinstagram - nationaldogday - lmao - motorcycleaccident - bigbaby - pitbulls - vicious - cuddlebuddy - bigheart - loversnotfighters - bighead -
bellastoise - puto_da_acelera - adrianaiguanaa___ - kirra_alohilani -
Thank God @aaronbangers30 is okay , as for his bike .. well it can be fixed. #bikelife #bikerbabe #bikerchick #bikeproblems #motorcycleaccident #motorcyclecrash #zx6r #ninjazx6r
bikerchick - motorcycleaccident - zx6r - motorcyclecrash - bikeproblems - bikerbabe - ninjazx6r - bikelife -
blu_jays_ : omg wtf happened 😱
ramonpf_91 : Damn...
jocelinilina - j_rider7802 - st3vie_w0nder - toeyparadox -
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