Rest in Peace Sue. Literally met her a few months ago when she coordinated a Bike Blessing at a local church to ensure our guardian angels would keep us and our bikes safe this season. Unfortunately she lost her life to probably some unaware driver. I don't get it!! Why can't drivers pay attention in Maryland?! Seriously, if you see a bike, don't be stupid! Don't cut em off, don't race em, don't dodge them, let them have the right of way. I'm talking for the safe motorcyclists. For all the riders in the world, be aware and safe out in this crazy world. May God watch over us and our bikes. #bikelife #bikeawareness #drivers #riders #motorcycleaccident #prayers #ripsue
motorcycleaccident - prayers - ripsue - drivers - bikeawareness - bikelife - riders -
robi_spice : Sorry for your loss.
msbuiskii : Thanks @robi_spice
miktalika : Wow that happen in millersville? I was just up there when was this @msbuiskii
msbuiskii : @miktalika I found out yesterday. So it had to have happened yesterday or the day before
reglindz : @msbuiskii 97 isn't a joke once you hit certain speeds. If this is the accident I'm thinking of bc there were two accidents this past week, a group of bikes were trying to pass a rider and the clipped each other. Either way, a fallin rider is sad #RIP
truckersteve : Hope your having a good day, thanks for the rad pic! @truckersteve approved
ayiti_cheri22 - poppingbottlez - yazzy0129 - 1paz_ -
Finally got my stitches out! My incision opened up! 😳 Everything is okay... For now. #looktwicesavealife #gixxer #bikersofinstagram #gsxr #motorcycleaccident #carpaltunnel
motorcycleaccident - gixxer - gsxr - looktwicesavealife - bikersofinstagram - carpaltunnel -
motoxj : @gixxer_girl_xo your welcome. 😎
yamaharider1971 : Wishing you speedy recovery....
gixxer_girl_xo : @yamaharider1971 thank you!!
jeremeyt27 : Still wishing you a quick recovery from NC 😊
writh23 : Hoping for a full recovery!
gixxer_girl_xo : @jeremeyt27 @writh23 thanks guys!!!
samantha_anne_popejoy : 😊 prayers for your recovery lady.
100.percnt.juic3 : Hoping you a have quick recovery! Been a year for me, lady cut across traffic on me... Broke everything from the hips up except right arm and left me 1 thumb lighter and 5 plates/35 pins & screws in my arm / elbow, so u feel ya... No worries tho, the scat looks quite sexy on you actually.... ;) @gixxer_girl_xo
blancae75 - xaul77 - miss_indy22 - ty_pappas -
Still recovering from the bike accident last week #motorcycleaccident #scrapes #roadrash #bumpsandbruises #thatbikerlife #suzuki #gsxr600 #crotchrocket #cantwaittorideagain #dontask
roadrash - gsxr600 - motorcycleaccident - crotchrocket - scrapes - cantwaittorideagain - dontask - bumpsandbruises - thatbikerlife - suzuki -
maribella1696 : tu si eres peludo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ajr_ecuadominican : Lo q TE gusta (not me) u know what I'm referring too
guzman_tiffy90 - _ecua_0_0 - maribella1696 - latinpridewz -
My best friend Jake was in a serious motorcycle crash 2 weeks ago. Suffering many injuries he will be out of work for some time. A fund has been started to help with his expenses. Any donation to the link below would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys! Http:// #help #donate #miraclerider #motorcycle #veteran #gofundme #harleyrider #crashvictim #prayers #donationsneeded #motorcycleaccident #ohio #cleveland
harleyrider - crashvictim - help - motorcycleaccident - miraclerider - veteran - prayers - donationsneeded - motorcycle - cleveland - ohio - donate - gofundme -
jimhollenbeck : What happened to jake??
insta_h0ney : Will say my prayers for him! @danalangshaw
danalangshaw : Thank you all for your support and prayers. It means a lot. Love you all!
tony_mancuso_ - jennanicoleee - sam21ryan - ohjanababy -
IF YOU OR SOMEOME YOU KNOW HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN A MOTORCYCLE OR AUTO ACCIDENT CONTACT CYCLELAW for your free case of Evaluation call 24 hours a day seven days a week at 1 - 800-669-7700 or Text 1-818-943-4231 DON'T GET SCREWED BY THE INSURANCE COMPANIES GIVE US A CALL!!
hafizdiallo : Sisi @skyrach
fadgm : @Ocinorttal
r8kingz : @adr3nalinb3ast
jdelseni : @joshkleinman
aliselman__ : @alinaanouh_
_yungtibz : Shitt!! Hope dat guy was alright
fujimoto3 : 😳 @jdreal21 @rostilldgaf @p2dalee @st33low @jrob67
cray_baker : @jooelioo @leddgend @stevequartuccio
m_t113 - yoseph11 - waiiloso - talha0475 -
9/29/13 9/29/14 Can't believe it's been a year! #motorcycleaccident #wantaghparkway #wasnotmytime #toofast #beforeandafter #brokenulna #openreduction #internalfixation #missriding #soonenough
brokenulna - motorcycleaccident - soonenough - beforeandafter - wantaghparkway - missriding - wasnotmytime - internalfixation - toofast - openreduction -
nyfabi : Oh my!!! Já fez um ano? πŸ™
meninaveneno80 : @nyfabi went by quick... 😊
monsterrcreations - nyfabi - pamgr23 -
So sad you never know when your time is coming I was just talking to her at church on Saturday.... #RIPSue #BikeLife #SoDangerous #MotorcycleAccident #SligoTeacher
ripsue - sligoteacher - bikelife - motorcycleaccident - sodangerous -
klfw18 : Wow how that happen. Sorry to hear this @asexypeacock
msdiivabrii_ : I can't even believe this Ashley.
klfw18 : Don't answer that I read it
msgodivaforever : I'm so sad, she was such a joy!!
j0nny_g21 : I just heard earlier today. It's so sad..
theedollshow : Wow. I just spoke to her on sabbath. I didn't even know her. She asked me about my sari. Prayers for her family and friends. Wow.
carfeeta : Oh wow...
beautyfulsight : Hurts my sudden. I just saw her on Sabbath.
cwillz13 - iamdarylcurry - beauty_fashionista_827 - jac_rippa -
That's gonna be on bad scar πŸ‘Œ #motorcycleaccident#stitches#scar
scar - motorcycleaccident - stitches -
hey_its_savi99 - mrburnzzz - alexa021199 - drillbit915 -
Really missing riding the bike right now #mybaby #hondamagna #motorcycleaccident # damnthispicturelookscool
mybaby - motorcycleaccident - hondamagna -
wassmann2010 : @jgoss1017 is it done dude or you can still ride it
jgoss1017 : @wassmann2010 it needs alot of work man cracked radiator,bent forks,tanks dented in, new pegs, blinkers and front fender
wassmann2010 : @jgoss1017 when you buying that new bike
jgoss1017 : @wassmann2010 hopefully around march
wassmann2010 : @jgoss1017 what bike you thinking about getting
jgoss1017 : @wassmann2010 either a dyna wide glide or victory highball
wassmann2010 : @jgoss1017 get that victory
jgoss1017 : @wassmann2010 I want it so bad
ellehart17 - kslough - brooklynnnboo - leigh903 -
i love this handsome daddy of mine with all my heart. πŸ’™ thank god you're still here with me and tyler today. πŸ™ i'll always be your little girl, no matter if you're mad, upset, or disappointed in me. πŸ’– #tenyears #motorcycleaccident #daddy #love #smile #rolemodel
tenyears - love - rolemodel - motorcycleaccident - smile - daddy -
inkedup905 - bebamuahh53 - dustincoblentz - ty_dollla_signn -
My parents and their matching leg stabilizers 😁 2 weeks ago, they were involved in a serious motorcycle accident. My dad broke his leg in 3 places and had it reconstructed, and we're still waiting to hear back about my mom's MRI as to what the extent of her injuries are. They're both hanging in there, and I'm so lucky they're alive πŸ™πŸ’— #family #love #parents #injuries #motorcycleaccident #stabilizer #blessed #strength
strength - love - motorcycleaccident - family - prayers - pleasepray - blessed - parents - stabilizer - injuries -
beccajh : #prayers #pleasepray
ladycannabis_ : πŸ™πŸ™β€οΈβ€οΈ
witchydee : Keeping good thoughts xxoo
k_kres : β€οΈπŸ™
madjaxsmom2421 : Thinking of them always!! πŸ˜˜πŸ’œ
inkedup905 - spalmss - breakfastattiffers - emilykatella -
Solo ride to snake canyon, Mulholland. (My jacket was placed on the side)
bikergirlsofinstagram - riderich - _killswitchbikes - asiangirl - socalsportbikes - socal - cbr - ducati - 2wheels1love - girlswhoride - bikerqueen - ninja - bikeswithoutlimit - bikersofinstagram - drivingpretty - sportbikelife - bikerchick - bikerkingz - motorcycleaccident - cyclelaw - losanageles - clutchpop - killswitchbikes - bikerbabe - highheelsandwheels - bikerboysofinstagram - bikelife - dropagearnation -
gsxrob750 : Heading out next week! (:
sally300x : #bikerbabe #bikerchick #girlswhoride #bikersofinstagram #bikelife #2wheels1love #ninja #cbr #Ducati #bikergirlsofinstagram #bikerboysofinstagram #cyclelaw #sportbikelife #highheelsandwheels #bikerqueen #asiangirl #socal #losanageles #bikerkingz #socalsportbikes#clutchpop #riderich #drivingpretty #motorcycleaccident #bikeswithoutlimit
sally300x : #dropagearnation #_killswitchbikes #killswitchbikes
annettecarrion : Woooooo!
keeza1414 : Sick bike tho!πŸ‘Œ
joshadams12 : @cheriparelwood here ya go. White bike and white helmet
ajl91102 : Is that a kawasaki ninja 300
socal_misfit : Cute
naturalterrain - poppii_chuloo_ - nikki_edmondson - timm.kebernik -
@cyclelaw made me pose like this. We've been friends way before instagram existed.
bikergirlsofinstagram - riderich - _killswitchbikes - asiangirl - socalsportbikes - socal - cbr - ducati - 2wheels1love - girlswhoride - bikerqueen - ninja - bikeswithoutlimit - bikersofinstagram - drivingpretty - sportbikelife - bikerchick - bikerkingz - motorcycleaccident - cyclelaw - losanageles - clutchpop - killswitchbikes - bikerbabe - highheelsandwheels - bikerboysofinstagram - bikelife - dropagearnation -
sally300x : #dropagearnation #_killswitchbikes #killswitchbikes
annettecarrion : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ all your comments!
carachaps : πŸ˜†awesome #s
emck4766 : @_mikeward @houses_of_the_holy
kenz0benz0 : Mate sa page , c'est pas une pisseuse elle !! @tommy57540 @nico_las14
tommy57540 : Lol toute petite cicatrice @kenz0benz0 @nico_las14
exellentmotorsports : Nice!
ddleeee : 😍😍😍
poppii_chuloo_ - nikki_edmondson - martyboy02 - misio2502 -
#brackenridge #atx. Please pray and sent love to @atxsparky67. Was involved in a very serious #harleydavidson #motorcycleaccident here in #atx. Stable but in #icu, many broken bones. #nothisfault (hopefully) waiting on accident report from #apd. #love #peace #healing
icu - love - harleydavidson - motorcycleaccident - peace - apd - healing - nothisfault - atx - brackenridge -
lillie.ritter - inkedup905 - motoregitimi - howboutthemdawgs772 -
My motorcycle accident...The car I cut in front of had just signaled for me to go in front of them, so I did, and then boom! By law it's my fault of course, but I wasn't trying to be a typical biker asswhole either. So here it is! If you look closely you can see me fly up, my legs in the air, and then roll on the hood and fall off. #biker #bikerchick #kawasaki #motorcycleaccident
biker - bikerchick - kawasaki - motorcycleaccident -
oreoface : Omg r u ok?
whitney_eli - cattmoty33 - hotbikerbabes_ - laurengagne -
Bruising on my thumb 1 week later πŸ‘ #motorcycleaccident #brokenwrist #brokenbone #brokenarm #bruise #lornajaneactive #nofilter #lornajane
motorcycleaccident - lornajane - brokenwrist - bruise - brokenbone - lornajaneactive - nofilter - brokenarm -
kerrysqueezelouise : Looks painful! I hope it's helping well angel, one week down! X
itsmyarutto : Oh noooo I just finally noticed my thumb healing after two months I dislocated it trying a handstand on a board lol
miszbex : 😭 it takes ages! @kerrysqueezelouise and @itsmyarutto ... But at least its intact so no real complaints here!
missbcross : 😨
milkthatcowpopelaina - supansa83 - jesssy73 - glenno1000 -
#fbf #flashbackfriday to #cbssoapsindepth Not long after I left #y&r #TheYoungandTheRestless I was in a #motorcycleaccident that took me out of commission for a good long while. This is the generous profile published about me during that time. Shoutout to @zacharyquinto on the beach with me and #jeannecooper who is deeply missed. RIP
jeannecooper - fbf - motorcycleaccident - y - theyoungandtherestless - cbssoapsindepth - flashbackfriday -
editdroid2 : “Biker chick is on a roll” I get it. HAHAHAHAHA!!😜
singingjules : Take a picture of the next page... I'm still reading
lulukirton : I'm with @singingjules. I was also squinting to read this article of which ai knew nothing before this fbf. #ConsternatedSisterFace
rachelkimsey : I'll fix it- I swear @lulukirton and @singingjules 😊
lovezacharyquinto - xxlasian - paleohoneybadger - betocarbajal -
#motorcycleaccident #bikewreck #suzukigsxr #gsxr750 #gsxr #98gsxr #srad #sosad #watchformotorcycles People please watch for motorcycles I was coming home last night when a car pulled out in front of me and stopped. Had to slam on my brakes and hit the passenger side door. Just take that extra moment to pay attention to what you are doing. Worst part is. She tried to blame me. She was in the wrong and her insurance will be paying to fix my baby
srad - motorcycleaccident - gsxr - bikewreck - gsxr750 - sosad - suzukigsxr - 98gsxr - watchformotorcycles -
snapshothero : Glad you're okay Mike! #fuckthatbitch
snapshothero - nickgingersorg - busa0223 - paleohoneybadger -
battlewounds - accident - motorcycleaccident - memories - walkedaway - ayear - throwback - flashback - hardtobelieve -
1968dave : Ouch that had to hurt, glad you walked away from that. :-)
_lws_lysh_ : Sooooo very glad that u didnt get much worse! Id b lost without u my girl <3 @tabitha_cozad #ILoveyousomuch #missyou #
tabitha_cozad : I know. It was bad enough though. @lyshdawn_
_lws_lysh_ : @tabitha_cozad glad ur alll healed up <3
paleohoneybadger : :( glad it wasn't worse
tabitha_cozad : Scars to tell me story now. @lyshdawn_ & I know @paleohoneybadger I'm glad it wasn't worse!!!
jerrod_oklahoma - laneusmc - 88_duckett - jerryk262 -
Crashed my bike. i was speeding trying to take a short cut to get to work I missed my turn hit the brakes but was going to fast so my rear tire skid and lost control, the bike tossed me over the handle bars and fell on its right side sliding to a stop. Bikes cosmetically fucked up nothing I see that affects the performance. I have Trama on my right thigh. I was going about 35-40 MPH and my thigh hit the throttle and break leaver and my body hit the windshield. nothing's broken I'll be bruised up real nice. No road rash other than a blister on my left hand. Idk if its the way I landed Cuz I flipped one maybe two times before I hit the ground but my heal/ankle is sore. My shoulders are sore too. Again I'm fine I got real lucky... If You look closely you can see the throttle tube and kill switch box along with the front break leaver!
bikeaccident - crash - bruise - ouch - highside - aftermath - pain - accident - roadrash - motorcycleaccident - crashandburn - motorcyclecrash - bikecrash - highsidecrash - injury - painful - motorcycle -
lisiboo : Get well soon
emmadoll8288 : Omg! :(
chris_and_nitro : @lisiboo hook it up with a ct scan off the record
chris_and_nitro : #bruise #crash #roadrash #bikecrash #motorcycle #motorcyclecrash #ouch #pain #painful #injury #highside #highsidecrash #accident #bikeaccident #motorcycleaccident #aftermath #crashandburn
love_pink9196 : Get better @chris_and_nitro
paleohoneybadger : :( glad it wasn't worse
lyndamullenit81 - drew_j4 - yurizellars - madalenericeiii -
#tbt to the second worse day of my life, even though it feels like just yesterday. "Death smiles at us all, all a man can do is smile back." - M.A. #throwbackthursday #motorcycleaccident #unluckybutlucky #blessed
throwbackthursday - unluckybutlucky - blessed - motorcycleaccident - tbt -
paleohoneybadger : Oh no :(
ungawa750 : Sometimes moto gear is uncomfortable, but necessary. Ride safe.
samdoe20 - jackieetracy - danosthename - mattheasmarquez -
Honestly never gonna ride a motorcycle in my life. So glad she is okay. #motorcycleaccident
motorcycleaccident -
lovamez_cyrus : Omgg πŸ˜”
its.paige.ashleyyy : Omg what happened? 😱😭 is she alright?
kimberlyadiaz : ♥♥♥ xoxoxo Sammy
eduardo11moya : Who is Samantha ? What happened?
_katyy_fagg_ : @eduardo11moya she is my sister and she got into a motorcycle accident
eduardo11moya : Ohhhh I remember her from the day she came with your mom! Will she be alright?
paleohoneybadger : Prayers
marzzss - lovamez_cyrus - trosteps - martin.isaacson -
My snuggle buddy helping me during recovery on this rainy Seattle day β˜”πŸƒπŸ‚πŸŒ‚ #lazyday #lemonbeagle #dogsareagirlsbestfriend #motorcycle #motorcycleaccident #motorcyclegirl #yamaharaven #seattle #hellofall
hellofall - motorcycleaccident - yamaharaven - lazyday - lemonbeagle - motorcycle - motorcyclegirl - dogsareagirlsbestfriend - seattle -
faelgaulds : Snugglebeagles are the best!!
brockwig : I miss you guys!
twosmellylemonbeagles : @brockwig We miss you too! ♥😊
lovelywifearmylife - 2regalbeagles - elliemaeandizzy - anyutkasm_and_bonnie_thebeagle -
Hey Followers! This post is about my amazing cousin who was in a horrible accident. (Read next post for details on his story and how you can help) Any help is appreciated! If you are in the Laverne area be sure to hit up @crossfitlaverne this Friday to take part in the fundraiser. If not you can donate to Chad through the Marino foundation. (100% of proceeds go directly to Chad) Thank you all for your support!!!!
beastmode - crossfitlaverne - crossfit - chad - crossfitcommunity - workout - marinofoundation - laverne - fundraiser - trueinspiration - cflv - wod - motorcycleaccident -
honkytonksoul : #crossfit #fundraiser #chad #trueinspiration #workout #motorcycleaccident #marinofoundation
honkytonksoul : #crossfitcommunity
honkytonksoul : #WOD #beastmode
honkytonksoul : #CFLV #Crossfitlaverne
honkytonksoul : #laverne
dylm5 - aviva313 - marissa_sanders - alyssamichellestevens -
Details on Chads accident and how you can help donate through the Marino Foundation. This post was copied from @crossfitlaverne post about Chad and their fundraiser this Friday benefiting him. Thanks for all your support!!! #crossfit #thankyou #motorcycleaccident #needyourhelp #amazingperson #trueinspiration
beastmode - crossfitlaverne - crossfit - motorcycleaccident - crossfitcommunity - workout - laverne - thankyou - trueinspiration - needyourhelp - wod - amazingperson - cflv -
honkytonksoul : #crossfitcommunity
honkytonksoul : #WOD #workout #beastmode
honkytonksoul : #CFLV #Crossfitlaverne
marissa_sanders : So sad 😞
honkytonksoul : #laverne
fittest_addiction - love_imagination - bearspaleobite - motivapparelco -
Ever seen a dead man walking? #motorcycleAccident #wreck #recovery #hmu
hmu - recovery - motorcycleaccident - wreck -
paleohoneybadger : Lucky you
jeremiah_hester : Yes indeed!! @paleohoneybadger
courtneyfritsche - _eysa_ - beelee98 - justdancevero182 -
My poor hunney.... #brokenbike #motorcycleaccident #ouch #roadrash #brokenwrist Like a good agent State Farm is there with a #newmotorcycle gezzz...
brokenbike - roadrash - motorcycleaccident - newmotorcycle - brokenwrist - ouch -
hpetsmarie : @dezinmami right!. Matteo turned out of our street and some dip shit didn't see him... I heard it. All our neighbors heard it. He is a rider so I have to respect it, but damn I'm starting to feel it is too dangerous :0/
sdevanko : Oh nooooo. So scary and glad it's not worse. It happened today?
momma_meg : So glad he's ok 😬scary
hpetsmarie : @sdevanko yesterday. It was super scary! I drop all my apps for the day and stayed home with him..
dezinmami : Glad he's ok!!!!!! We're on that #soa too hard they're feeling the pressure hajahhahaahhahaha @hpetsmarie 😜
hpetsmarie : @dezinmami lmaoooo!!! I got him to grow out the beard and he has been riding. He needs a jacket and he'll be set...
paleohoneybadger : Glad he's ok. My brother got into an accident today where the driver wasn't looking and clipped him on the highway. No broken bones though.
hpetsmarie : @paleohoneybadger SMH ppl need to pay more attention. No broken bones is good news...
elavvvvsubb_054 - whitmeganjones - couperrhoda - coollikefonziee -
Lmao... this boy got a cast... #brother #lilbro #cast #brokenelbow #motorcycleaccident #tryingtodotricks
cast - motorcycleaccident - lilbro - brokenelbow - brother - tryingtodotricks -
la_mona2014 : Wow
_dayzintheeast - daan_ny - kephyr - jen7731 -
Because I have the best physical therapist, EVEEEER. And he wanted to take a picture with my leg πŸ˜„ #osr #firecupping
cupping - physicaltherapy - pt - gym - osr - mside - firecupping - motorcycle - roadtorecovery - motorcycleaccident -
ascruggs1 : Haha! He looks so proud
jmee_b : #motorcycleaccident#cupping#physicaltherapy#mside#gym#motorcycle#pt#roadtorecovery
whiiitt : Looks painful. What does that do?
kristyyw : my knee hurts looking at this lol
ashleyynolan : I miss everyone there!!! I actually loved physical therapy! @jmee_b
chrissy_sue91 : @jmee_b awwwww its kyle!!! Hope you're doing well Jamie!!!
shortbusshorty - rileymrichards - ann_sophieherbst - hlawson6 -
Finally got to see my hand after my carpal tunnel surgery!! Get my cast off Tuesday! πŸ™ŒπŸ’™ Still needs some more healing. πŸ˜’ #motojunki #motorcycleaccident #gsxr #riderich #instamotogallery #bikersofinstagram #carpaltunnel #surgeries #surgeries #surgeries #looktwicesavealife
riderich - motorcycleaccident - gsxr - looktwicesavealife - surgeries - motojunki - instamotogallery - bikersofinstagram - carpaltunnel -
katheline_ : Have you gone to the doctor? @casxsie
dblr85 : I've said it once I'll say it again your a fuckin #G can't wait to see you riding again!
lime_kawi : @gixxer_girl_xo hope everything heals fast!!!
iwiky55 : Dayuuuuum 😳
obiwanjoshinobi : Hope for a quick recovery :)
jthompson757 : I got one of those hope it heals fast
writh23 : It's healing nicely!
lunaliz317 : im.sacred now...... !
ari_es13 - scottydeec - johnysyharath - sie_alai -
Got burnt from a motorcycle muffler last night. After putting medicine it became like this. This is so disgusting but not painful. #alphamalejhong #rantsofalonelyheart #lgbt #lgbtph #qotd #potd #bimanila #gay #gaymanila #singlehood #outandproud #begay #asiangay #motorcycleaccident
qotd - lgbtph - gaymanila - gay - motorcycleaccident - alphamalejhong - outandproud - potd - singlehood - asiangay - lgbt - rantsofalonelyheart - begay - bimanila -
kirstie_lee07 : @kev_cheti
emlim18 : Napaso ka na, may likes ka pa din. Hahaha :p
alphamalejhong : Haha tro
alphamalejhong - jasondimpleboy - phonedogg - bibberatskie -
Prayers go out to this fellow skater!!! #hitandrun #skaterdown #motorcycleaccident #crash #Skateordie #skatelife #thrasherhallofmeat #thrashermagazine
skatelife - crash - motorcycleaccident - skateordie - thrashermagazine - thrasherhallofmeat - hitandrun - skaterdown -
reggie_skates17 : yaaa dude!!!πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯😦😦 @jondziewinski
victory_cult :
lleb_72 : praying for him to πŸ™πŸ™
bboardsintl : Praying!!
jayden_driftteam5 : Tbh you cool and chill and funny asl ur good at skating but not better than me
reggie_skates17 : boii u always sayin u better at skating!!! play me in a game of skate g!!! @jayden_driftteam5
jayden_driftteam5 : Okay let's go then
reggie_skates17 : ight u bout to get fucked up! @jayden_driftteam5
eric_torres_70 - righteoushomie - sal__l - kellen_maloney1 -
His battle scars #motorcycleaccident #hehasadeathwish
hehasadeathwish - youreajerkbigbrother - motorcycleaccident -
blacjo : #DribbleSheet
kellie_leolani : #youreajerkbigbrother @blacjo
mikloeddy8008 - grant_seitrich - forrestgump4469 - kelseyjonasova -
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