#typerpost but this My papa (Malaya) Y'all Pray for My Dad , Malaya Grampa
typerpost - motorcycleaccident -
child.of.king.jesus : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
reginathedancer33 : Of course I will pray πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
rayme_j : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
cierra_pink : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
tytycutelove21 : Feel better. I will shout out you
bae_cute_or_na : We sure will pray ok πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ @pooh_laylay
_princess__brooklyn_ : You Definitely Have My Prayer Boo 😘😒. Hope He Get Well Soon
ava__tha__diva : His Is In Our PrayersπŸ™πŸ™ Hope He Turns Out FineπŸ‘Œ
bae_cute_or_na - mizzbarbiedoll - _koko_2_ya_ - tytycutelove21 -
Yesterday I rode my #bmx #bike #aka #adapt #amputee #aweseamputees #amputeeswhodontlisten #recovery #ridebmx #motorcycleaccident #dontdrinkanddrive @chopcult #overcome #staystrong
ridebmx - dontdrinkanddrive - recovery - motorcycleaccident - staystrong - aweseamputees - whyweride - ftw - bike - adapt - amputeeswhodontlisten - bmx - amputee - aka - overcome -
bigdavehotbitches : #whyweride #ftw
chadd_prosser : Hell yeah!
michaelbortmas : Good job man keep it going stay strong
paranoidbmx : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
jirehprinciple : Have a great day!
alex_schuler : Fuck yeah dude so awesome!
motorwolf : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
thechrisfox : Keep going man mad respect!!
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🌸Tragedy To Purpose🌸 "Circa 2005, after 2 months in ICU, 9 skin graft surgeries, and reconstruction on both knees, left hand and right foot. Lessons learned the hard way will stick with you forever." @brittanymorrow 🌸 "This girl was practically skinned alive when she fell off a friend's motorcycle, at 17 years old, wearing almost no protective gear. After months in the hospital and training to walk again, she got her own motorcycle license, became an instructor, started a non-profit (rockthegear.org), and promotes motorcycle safety." @ugandaministries
accident - recovery - strongwoman - safetyfirst - wearyourgear - motorcycleinstructor - findyourpurpose - learnedthehardway - surgery - motorcycleaccident - icu -
brokenmadebeautiful : #accident #icu #surgery #motorcycleaccident #recovery #learnedthehardway #motorcycleinstructor #wearyourgear #safetyfirst #strongwoman #findyourpurpose
m1cey : wow!
ugandaministries : Legit! Thanks for featuring our dear friend @brokenmadebeautiful !! She's pretty much every super hero rolled into one girl, except she's got a cooler ride. Hah.
brittanymorrow : Thank you so much @brokenmadebeautiful And @ugandaministries . Made my whole day :)
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My first ever motorcycle accident... #accident #motorcycleaccident #motorcycle #hurts #scars #bruises #bruised
accident - motorcycle - motorcycleaccident - hurts - bruises - scars - bruised -
oveliaayu : Ka lisa ihhhhhπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
raniayuuu : Lawan nya gimana ka ica??? :| get well soon yaa @calledlisa
calledlisa : @oveliaayu iiiihhh... Ayu....
calledlisa : @raniayuuu lawannya kegores pintu mobilnya. Hahahaha...
evanbudianto : Mabok pasti ini
calledlisa : @evanbudianto kagak, yeee... Memang kamu, van?
_lolalole : .........
calledlisa : @_lolalole pertama kali ini, lol...
youngblooded -
Not feeling good,went Down on our bike Cuz of a fucking asshole stupid driver.. Ugh #pained#hurt#broken#neck#pain#fucked#hospital#nobueno#babe#hurt#couple#down#biker#problems#motorcycleaccident#πŸ˜ͺπŸ˜“
pain - neck - motorcycleaccident - hospital - problems - pained - hurt - down - broken - biker - nobueno - fucked - babe - couple -
_mynumberone : Get better soon .
she_aintpam : Hope you get well soon. ❀
sd_rasta : Haven't met, but the power of the most high Jah will take care of your recovery, thank him for the blessings ,smile and forgive, humble, you got this, bless up iyah, selah
ruby_liiciious_92 : Omg hope you guys get well soon
eriicao619 : Prayers n speedy recoveries
manzanaresalejandra : Pochita T_T
kritzzzia : Oh my word! May you heal as you are meant to. Abrazos hermana
cali_goon : Hope your well soon...
austinsmith421 - kaddu_britto - _mynumberone - mc_rona -
My other passion I retired from riding bikes in 2010 #motorcycles #motorcycleaccident #daredevil #passion #music #fitness
daredevil - music - motorcycles - motorcycleaccident - fitness - passion -
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My morning drive to work. Lol #rushhourproblems
arizona - rushhourproblems - motorcycleaccident - lol - accident - music - bmw - traffic - az - happythursday -
jmee_b : #az#traffic#arizona#accident#motorcycleaccident#music#bmw#lol#happythursday
babytommy711 : That pile up almost got in the way of me going to the gym good thing I had time to ditch it n go the back way!
jmee_b : Lol vin got cought up in that mess lol I was stuck in traffic from a cop motorcycle accident on 101 @babytommy711
carrielovee - mgomes911 - dukedaze666 - bella_mel_90 -
Not the way you want to start out your morning. #oops #Crash #MotorcycleCrash #MotorcycleAccident #BadDay #BMW #Yamaha #MVAgusta #InstaMoto
crash - motorcycleaccident - instamoto - yamaha - mvagusta - motorcyclecrash - badday - bmw - oops -
marinesjnc : Ahhhhhhh :0 :(
evankayeotis : sick pic
adamstackzz12 : #NO #OH #MY #GOD... I SUDDENLY GOT A #BIKELIFEHEADACHE...!!! #POOR #BIKES @freedomcyclemagazine
monsterfairings : Ouch
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I cried when I first saw this.... I miss him so much. He was a cool dude.... STOMP IN HEAVEN MITCH! #stompinheaven #RIPMitchAdamLucker #RIPmitchlucker #mitch #mitchell #mitchwemissyou #mitchelllucker #mitchlucker #imissyou #suicidesilence #legendsneverdie #october20 #novemeber1 #staystrongjolie #staystrongkennedie #Staystrong #talentedmusician #talented #motorcycleaccident #death
suicidesilence - staystrong - ripmitchadamlucker - october20 - staystrongkennedie - stompinheaven - imissyou - talented - staystrongjolie - death - mitchelllucker - legendsneverdie - mitch - ripmitchlucker - talentedmusician - novemeber1 - mitchlucker - motorcycleaccident - mitchell - mitchwemissyou -
thesilentsuicide : F4f?
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Heres my transformation tuesday!! Its only been just over 4 months since I fractured my spine #gettingbacktonormal #tt #transformationtuesday #accident #soproud #itsrough #keeppushing #luckytobealive #motorcycleaccident #thehumanbodyisamazing #backbrace #sohotlmao
transformationtuesday - accident - itsrough - motorcycleaccident - luckytobealive - tt - keeppushing - gettingbacktonormal - soproud - thehumanbodyisamazing - backbrace - sohotlmao -
mgla9 : woah @VinesBeLike
sassafras2e40 : Good to see you're doing good.
blondiemcblazin : Thank you, you too @sassafras2e40
sassafras2e40 : I'm tryna get there.
sassafras2e40 : Lol
tibromedical : Email manager@tibromedical.com for free products!
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If the bull knocks you off, you don't become scared of it. You get back on that bull and show it you're not a fucking pussy #backonthebike #blessed #motorcycleaccident #yamaha #fz8
yamaha - fz8 - blessed - motorcycleaccident - backonthebike -
chunko93 - dyson_is_dyson - laurenxxmarie03 - brookemndes -
All busted up #broken #jaw #teeth #motorcycleinjury #motorcycleaccident #gsxr
broken - motorcycleaccident - teeth - gsxr - jaw - motorcycleinjury -
machiux88 : Will it heal completely ?
scribbles956 : I hope so. I need to get bone graphs before i can get my dental implants. I lost some bone there so its going to take some time.
melissapiedra1 : Oooh u need your wisdoms extracted.! @scribbles956 come to az, I'll get u an appt. Lol
claudialove3 : Not your pretty #chompers
scribbles956 : Im enough pain for now wisdom teeth will wait til im better then ill head over to az ;) @melissapiedra1
scribbles956 : I know costing me about 9k to get them fixed and i gotta wait.... sucks :( @claudialove3
slinkitydoobop : #throughTheWire
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The new GSA approved by santa! #gs #gsa #gs1200 #gs1200lc #gstrophy #bmwgs #bmwrental #bmwmotorrad #laplandbike #mototours #motorcycletours #nordkapp #motorcycleaccident #enduro
laplandbike - gs - motorcycleaccident - nordkapp - motorcycletours - gstrophy - mototours - gsa - bmwmotorrad - gs1200lc - gs1200 - bmwrental - bmwgs - enduro -
amy0sokoo : wow
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The bike that I was on the day of the accident. Traumatic day for me. Chris is now selling his bike for $2000. Foot peg broke, needs a new shifter part. That is a 6k bike its a 1200 cc Harley Davidson torque monster! #buell #forsale #motorcycleaccident #harleydavidson #biker #needitgone
buell - biker - harleydavidson - motorcycleaccident - forsale - needitgone -
saratyler33 : @lukechappell97
lukechappell97 : It's a nice looking bike @saratyler33
eagleriderdubai - cameren911 - voodoocyclehouse - biauasia -
#smiles with @juancarnarvon and our friend (and nurse) TingTing. Rain + motorcycles + taxis pulling out in front of you = bad combo. #hospital #saturdaynightfever #wompwompwomp #motorcycleaccident #youshouldseetheotherguy
smiles - youshouldseetheotherguy - motorcycleaccident - wompwompwomp - hospital - saturdaynightfever -
heyheyjessierae : Oh no! Healing vibes for your honey!
onbeskof : Jirre jissus
nicolawoerns - finebloomhaenelhiggins - lapmco -
AMPUTEE because a drunk driver. #motorcycleaccident I want to use this app again. #runningmate #AKA #amplife #amputee #amputeelife #amputeestatus #ridebmx #recovery #motorcycles #manup #motorcycletouring #harleydavidson #chopcult
ridebmx - chopcult - amplife - recovery - motorcycleaccident - kayaking - amputeestatus - harleydavidson - runningmate - kayak - manup - aka - amputee - amputeelife - motorcycletouring - motorcycles -
bigdavehotbitches : #kayak #kayaking
kinetic_motorcycles : Suberb
mandymx3 - madmanjones - cgwalters23 - delfrikin -
This was 100% me when I almost died in my motorcycle accident on Sept 16th 2009. I heard the bike was the first things I had questions about when I woke up in the #Hospital.
bike - motorcycles - motorcycleaccident - hospital - toys - mylove - mygirl - bikes - mybaby - motorcycle - bikeboyz - bikeboys -
travissalsman : #MotorcycleAccident #Motorcycle #Motorcycles #Bike #Bikes #BikeBoys #BikeBoyz #Toys #MyBaby #MyLove #MyGirl
sportbikesignin : Nice
shofner_films : Superb!
travissalsman : πŸ‘Œ
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Photo shoot with @sally300x #bikersofinstagram #bikergirlsofinstagram #bikerchick #bikerbabe #killswitchbike #cyclelaw #sportbikelife #twowheelsandheels #bikeswithoutlimits #bikerzunite #bikerboysofinstagram #throttlelife #nikond600 #ATGATT #girlswholean #bikerqueen #alpinestars #dainese #sportbikes #streetbikes #motorcycles #throttlelife #brappp #motorcycleaccident #lovelife #2wheels1one #realrider #ducati #killswitchbikes #LACMA
bikergirlsofinstagram - bikerbabe - twowheelsandheels - killswitchbike - lovelife - atgatt - ducati - throttlelife - girlswholean - bikerqueen - dainese - bikersofinstagram - bikeswithoutlimits - sportbikelife - bikerchick - motorcycles - motorcycleaccident - bikerzunite - 2wheels1one - realrider - sportbikes - alpinestars - killswitchbikes - nikond600 - brappp - streetbikes - bikerboysofinstagram - cyclelaw - lacma -
mike_le007 : Sweeeeeet
themago23 : @mike_le007 thanks!!
officialjjl - flyinggstarr - f.zi - mew2384 -
#LACMA photo shoot with @sally300x #bikersofinstagram #bikergirlsofinstagram #bikerchick #bikerbabe #killswitchbike #cyclelaw #sportbikelife #twowheelsandheels #bikeswithoutlimits #bikerzunite #bikerboysofinstagram #throttlelife #popclutch #ATGATT #girlswholean #bikerqueen #alpinestars #dainese #sportbikes #streetbikes #motorcycles #throttlelife #brappp #motorcycleaccident #lovelife #2wheels1one #realrider #ducati #killswitchbikes #bikerkingz
bikergirlsofinstagram - twowheelsandheels - killswitchbike - lovelife - bikerqueen - atgatt - ducati - throttlelife - girlswholean - bikerzunite - dainese - bikersofinstagram - bikeswithoutlimits - sportbikelife - bikerchick - motorcycles - bikerkingz - popclutch - motorcycleaccident - 2wheels1one - realrider - sportbikes - alpinestars - killswitchbikes - bikerbabe - brappp - streetbikes - bikerboysofinstagram - cyclelaw - lacma -
twowheelsandheels : Wow 😍😍😍
e.o.s._photography - f.zi - noco - melissacano -
Bryce and I are approaching our one year anniversary. For me, diagnosis of invasive #breastcancer for Bryce #motorcycleaccident both of us thankful to #God for our lives but still struggle with our trials! #Godisalwaysgood and we #areonlyhuman but Greater is He that lives in us then He who lives in the world. #victoryinchrist
areonlyhuman - godisalwaysgood - motorcycleaccident - god - victoryinchrist - breastcancer -
stephmidthun : So awesome. Yes you are both conquerors! And an inspiration!0
bevhuggins : When I am weak He is strong. You are special workers in the Kingdom of God. β™‘β™‘β™‘
cowgirlsammie - bevhuggins - artur_kaloi - clayton76 -
Then he said "enough photos get the fawk off my tank" special thanks to @themago23 and his lady for getting this amazing shot ✨#LACMA #Ducati848
ducati848 - lacma -
twowheelsandheels : 😍😍😍😍😍
bikerdeee : I loveeeee thissss !!!
gavatron93 : @megmmss
megmmss : @gavatron93 I want a picture with you like this
gavatron93 : Let's do it @megmmss
megmmss : @gavatron93 would probably be my favorite photo. but it would be better if your in uni😍😍😫
throttlelife : @sally300x agree with @bikerdeee love this shot!!
notucku : Whatcha thinking?attraction?
terry_fields - arianabutterccups - miidou_ - vic_el_jarhead -
After my 3 wods and lunch and decided to go for a drive and it took me to Caballero Woodlawn West Cemetary and visited Danny Recinos one of the kids I got to work with and prepare for competition in my bodybuilding days.....it's was an emotional moment for me because this kid was awesome and the way he passed away was tragic.....RIP DANNY I miss you kid
bodybuilding - dannyrecinos - usmc_cf_greg - motorcycleaccident - rip -
usmc_cf_greg : #usmc_cf_greg #dannyrecinos #bodybuilding #RIP #motorcycleaccident
niclaheney - marcos_silva014 - maksgoncharov - elbony_2014 -
Daniel I miss you I can't stop thinking about you I have funny memories not bad memories I know that you are in a better place know I'm so sad this feeling hurts so bad it's the worst pain ever you are the smartest and hansom uncle in this universe I respect you becouase you have that personality that if you don't get respected the you would not respect the other person and I can't believe the a motorcycle took your life Daniel you don't know how much I miss you Daniel your so protective you teached me stuff that I will do when I grow up it was hard just seeing you go in the grave in the dirt I just can't believe you died your in my heart forever 10/7/14 this pain is unbelievable it hurts so bad I cry when I see a pic of you or a song you died at the age 24 and I know that you are up their in heaven with your puppy rocky Daniel I love you so MUCH that nobody can't UNDERSAND how much I love you with all my heart 😭😭😭😭😭❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️ #MOTORCYCLEACCIDENT
motorcycleaccident -
xobrooke_nicolexo : Ik we don't talk. But stay strong. He's looking over you and will still be there for you.
lezandra_velez07 : Thank you so much❀️ @xobrooke_nicolexo
xo_reneerita_xo : Ik u can make it through this he loves u and God wanted the best for guys and a he in a better place babe I love uπŸ˜˜πŸ™πŸ˜­πŸ˜“
silvialozanom : Love u Lezandra! ! Stay strong, pray for him!!...He will always be in your heart β™‘...
lezandra_velez07 : Thankyou and I love you too ❀️❀️ @silvialozanom
lacrosseplayer6 : Stay strong he will always b in ur heart and always watching u. If u need anything text me. 😘
lezandra_velez07 : Thankyou Jessie ❀️❀️ @lacrosseplayer6
lacrosseplayer6 : Np
bobby10123 - lacrosseplayer6 - stephanie_arredondo - sophiaarredondo_ -
Some of you may have noticed (or not, I'm a little self conscious) I have some deep #scars on my left #ankle. I was in a #motorcycleaccident a few years ago and had to have several #surgeries to put my leg back in working order. It was a long process over the course of several years with lots of medical complications along the way. Since learning to walk again I have become a #Crossfit #coach, a certified #yogateacher and a #trainer to people at all stages of mobility and recovery. It is one of the joys of my life. Learning to feel #strong again in #bodyandsoul has been a journey of years. There was a time when I wanted to cover my scars with a #tattoo so I wouldn't have to see them and be reminded. I love than now instead I am moved to put a #shiny #gold #temporarytattoo on my ankle instead because I'm #proud of my #journey and how far I've come. Thanks @flashtattoos #flashtats for making my scars beautiful. And #thank you out ther for your #loveandsupport #feelingshiny #feelinggrateful #lovingyou
trainer - coach - shiny - gold - journey - flashtats - strong - thank - tattoo - crossfit - motorcycleaccident - bodyandsoul - loveandsupport - scars - temporarytattoo - proud - yogateacher - feelingshiny - lovingyou - ankle - surgeries - valleycrossfit - feelinggrateful -
dannitroclark : You get it girl!
laxfitmomma : Our scars write a book. Why would you erase your story? ❀️.
dreamwell84 : πŸ‘
rockindee : 😍
bleghh_ : God bless! :) <3
headbro : Good shot!
spirituallyfly : Beautiful!
fitdude.5 : Wow nice - You should check out my profile if you wanna see some truly insane results ;)
headbro - adventuresofsaraclare - garretwwoh - malissaphflurry -
This is the watch my dad was wearing when he was in the motorcycle accident in July. It broke on impact and has been stuck at the time of the accident ever since. 12:16. #watch #motorcycleaccident #time #neardeathexperience #ThatTimeMyDadAlmostDied #scary
scary - thattimemydadalmostdied - motorcycleaccident - time - neardeathexperience - watch -
rach_chrest : .......speechless
mdshiell : Too close a call. See u soon.
k1ngmuzz - lenlyn992 - modaainc - kimtetreault -
#splintLYF πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the left is from a torn ligament a few months ago (thankfully don't need to wear it anymore) righty however is stuck with me for 6 weeks
splintlyf - motorcycleaccident - brokenwrist - splint - brokenbone - splintlife - tornligament - brokenarm -
missbcross : You need a bubble
babychickenrubbingoil : Nooooo. I hope you recover quickly. Take care of yourself love.
miszbex : 😘😘😘 thanks @babychickenrubbingoil and it's good to have you back! 😘😘❀
miszbex : #splint #splintlife #brokenwrist #brokenbone #brokenarm #motorcycleaccident #tornligament
michigandaddy : Cute. Good luck
jenallen2010 - beckster13 - mmaneevese - annamaries94 -
Wow Life Is Crazy Never Know What Could Happen When You Wake Up Each Day. Sleep In Paradise Jalissa Otero. You Will Never Be Forgotten You Always Kept It Real, Always Funny With A Beautiful Smile, Always Fly & Put Alot Of Men In Shame With Your Grind. #restinpeace #rip #sip #sleepinparadise #motorcycleaccident #brooklyn #bk #beautiful #wow #lifeiscrazy #ripjalissaotero #respect #respected
beautiful - sleepinparadise - ripjalissaotero - sip - motorcycleaccident - wow - rip - bk - respected - brooklyn - restinpeace - respect - lifeiscrazy -
andyd516 : Sorry dude. RIP
_d1ner0 : Rip
droc_179 : RIP
mahkickgameizabeast : Sorry for your loss bro. RIP
nevasleeponno1 : RIP
piscesprevail - summertimeking - luckyl3fty_luciana - shinepo_atk -
Rest Easy Justin #Cousin #Family #BMW #MotorcycleAccident #Motorcycle #Accident #Manheim #Lancaster #Pennsylvania #PA
lancaster - accident - manheim - motorcycleaccident - family - pennsylvania - pa - bmw - cousin - motorcycle -
jimgray007 - mooney.nanette - viamotoshop - etailored_david -
Going through a group message I was in with my family while I was in the hospital and never read any of it until now and I came across this picture my little sister took.. I can't believe that's me laying there just 4 weeks ago in the ICU. I'm lucky to still be here and I still have a long road ahead of me! #motorcycleaccident #lucky #alive #blessed #emotional
emotional - alive - lucky - motorcycleaccident - blessed -
saratyler33 : @lukechappell97 yea I am. I have to do rehabilitation. And I just got an attorney to handle my case. I'm suing the lady that caused the accident. She stopped out of nowhere in the middle of the lane
saratyler33 : @lukechappell97 i don't remember the accident or half that day or most of my time in the hospitals. so what I was told is that sept. 22nd me and my now ex were on nadeau rd and there was a SUV in front of us and as both the car and him were going down the road the SUV stopped for a garbage can in the road.. Chris put to much on the front brake and it caused the back of the bike to flip up and I got thrown over him and the handlebars and I hit the back of the suv and I ended up in the other lane and almost got hit by a Ford F-250. Chris said when he got up and came to me.. my eyes were open, mouth was bleeding and I wasn't responsive
lukechappell97 : Fucking wankers. They don't give a shit. The other day a lady pulled out in front of me and I was luck to get passed but she was on her phone. I would be interested in that bike if you lived in the UK @saratyler33
lukechappell97 : I hope you feel better soon and don't let that accident put you off motorcycles all together. @saratyler33
saratyler33 : @lukechappell97 idk when I'll get back on a bike but I kept having dreams while in the hospital about getting back on
lukechappell97 : What have your parents said about it? @saratyler33
saratyler33 : @lukechappell97 my dad is very helpful and supportive
lukechappell97 : That's good. @saratyler33
crimson.truth - links_princessa - monkeynikki_ - marie__antoinette18 -
thank you thank you thank you to @motochicboutique for hooking me up with a new sticker since the first one I bought wound up being on a totaled car. You're the best girl! My new car looks a million times better with my sticker!#motochicboutique #motorcycleaccident #motorcycleaccidentsurvivor #april29 #2014
motorcycleaccidentsurvivor - april29 - motochicboutique - motorcycleaccident - 2014 -
motochicboutique : @racheljesslyn Lookin' awesome!! 😍 You are soooo welcome my dear!! Safe riding and safe travels!! 😘
racheljesslyn : Thanks girl! @motochicboutique
motochicboutique - finebloomhaenelhiggins -
Catch us at the #FIU #HomecomingTailGate this weekend.. You can't miss our New big Blue #305NoFaultFlag.. We are your Accident Team #Team3nf #305NoFault #CarAccident #MotorcycleAccident #CallMe 7869753467
305nofault - motorcycleaccident - fiu - homecomingtailgate - caraccident - team3nf - callme - 305nofaultflag -
lunatick305 : I'll most likely be heading out there
jjaaayyyy123 : Pleaseeeee.ull be Goin to bed by time game starts.! Lol @lunatick305
natasha_sotto3nf : Nice!!!! πŸ‘Œ
laz_vipnation : @jjaaayyyy123 don't be mad cuz u can't hang homie..
jjaaayyyy123 : Lol
jjaaayyyy123 : Not Def like I used to ..I'll live with it.lol.@mvplaz12
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* * * * η₯ˆγ‚Š * * * Hey guys, so I've got some bad news... * My grandfather got in a motorcycle accident. He's in the hospital now but could you I ask a small favor? Maybe shoot a small prayer for him? The officer said he was lucky he was wearing his helmet, the complete back of it cracked open. He fractured his right foot, they did surgery on his left leg also, I guess the bone was sticking out of it. He had a rather concerning brain bleed but it's gone down, thank goodness. He's broken multiple ribs but he's expecting to recover So yeah, if you could just say a small prayer, nothing much. Every little bit helps... Thanks guys. Love you all <3 * * * η₯ˆγ‚Š * * * ≧≦~Hashtags~≧≦ * || #Prayers || #PleasePray || #MotorCycleAccident || #ThankYou || #Otaku || #Otaku4Life || #Anime || #Anime4Life || #TheRisingOtaku || * * * 【End~ η΅‚γ‚γ‚Šγ€‘ * * *
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randomlazygirl : Hope he gets better πŸ™
nami_nguyen : Pls follow me <3*-*
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Just got scheduled for my #surgery at #Emory. Have to get all my shoots in before November 10! Can't wait to be done with all this. #Recovery #motorcycleaccident #acl #knee
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krizdabartendah : Yay!!!!! It's almost over!!!!!!!!
tigi_89 : Why am I nervous when it's your surgery? Lol
thomascolvinstudios : Still dealing with that??? Sheesh!
curlykinkyressap : Aww!
rachael_daylong : Yay! Hopefully I'll see you before then.
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