Just your daily random goat encounter #hiking #hike #hikingbuddy #goats #trails #germandshepherd #moseswalk
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indusoutdoors : nice!
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Greetings my beautiful peeps!! Last year after my trip to Egypt, I was at outside praying to our Mary's statue. I was so excited saying "God, I'm so grateful I got to see you in Mt. Sinai! I did the ultimate climb, the Moses walk! The world needs to hear our stories, Cuz these last 7 yrs of my world travels with you have been Epic, let's not waist another moment, the time is now God!" I was so pumped & excited! After I walked in the middle of the mass & there he was, the priest screaming with a stern voice "Do not Rush God, do not give him a deadline, his timing is everything, walk with Faith, Trust Him!!!" Ok then message well received! Lol Well fast forward 8 months later, I'm now getting paid to speak at events in front of 20, 100 of people which eventually turn into thousands if not millions from around the world 🌍 who'll be inspired bout my journey with God. After what I've experienced with God, I say this with such Faith, Believe in yourself, Believe in your dreams, Believe in him Cuz he'll give you everything in his own ways & his own time πŸ™ŒπŸ™ #egypt #mtsanai #wheresrosa #rosastravelspots #faith #godswork #godslove #godsplans #godscalling #godscreation #godsexistance #inspire #moseswalk #godstiming #trustgod
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world_wide_rosa : @gmejorado thank you girl, mine too 😁gods been so good to me πŸ˜‰
farhahasan21 : Whoaaa wud love to visit inshallah...
world_wide_rosa : Have Faith @farhahasan21 he's waiting for you & he will send for you in his own time πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸ™
amirdesmondchandra : Nice pic
world_wide_rosa : @amirdesmondchandra thank you πŸ™ŒπŸ™
corazondemelon_ : Gorgeous photo!
corazondemelon_ : Love our GodπŸ™ŒπŸ™
world_wide_rosa : @corazondemelon_ thank you love, it's amazing I'd never thought my destiny would end up here with God πŸ˜‡πŸ™ŒπŸ™im forever grateful 😬
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Greetings from Luxor, Egypt Bitchezzzz!! This was my trip from last Oct. Man I love the Middle East Cuz I get to follow Gods footsteps. I've learned that during Hard times I Should to pray to God not to make things easy for me but instead to give the Guidance & Strength to get me Difficult times that way I can come out more Wiser & Stronger then I use to be. So far so good πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸ™πŸ’ͺ #wanderlust #god #godslove #godswork #rosastravelspots #wanderlust #wheresrosa #signaturepose #luxor #egypt #moseswalk #jesuswalk #sacredplaces #holyspirit #holyfamily #womanscurves #worldtravels #womenwithcurves #strength #wisdom #love #compassion #humble #lifeisgood #grateful #gratitude
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ahmedmounir562329 : I love luxor and you;-) ;-) @world_wide_rosa
world_wide_rosa : @ahmedmounir562329 I love you guys too πŸ˜‰ you guys are so awesome & so loving. Never have I felt such love from Egypt πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’š
parispeanut777 : This is awesome!
world_wide_rosa : @parispeanut777 thank you, Egypt is an awesome destination to experience πŸ˜ƒ
corazondemelon_ : πŸ™ŒπŸ™
world_wide_rosa : @corazondemelon_ thank you Love 😘😘
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@R3hab war 2014 definitiv eins der Highlights auf dem Open Beatz Festival! Darum haben wir ihn auch dieses Jahr wieder verpflichtet πŸ™ŒπŸ‘πŸ”Š #openbeatz #r3hab #edm #electro #bounce #wallofdeath #moseswalk
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412liveradio : Badass! We're digging it!
rina_yo : @lorygloory123 😱
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Greetings from Mt. Sinai, Egypt. How lucky am I to get to pray where Moses spent time here with God. I've been blessed enough with everything so I made a special prayer to everyone the world as well. We all deserve to experience Gods work at it's best :) #worldleader #womenscurves #worldtraveler #jesuswalk #moseswalk #egypt #mtsinai #rosastravelspots #heaven #luckiestpersonever #prayers #theworldshouldpayme #armcandyoftheworld #happiness
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world_wide_rosa : @atdaa thank you so much. Best destination ever :)
ahmedamereg : Good morning my new friend. thiz stupid Business Insider article
ahmedamereg :
world_wide_rosa : @ahmedamereg I'm going to look into this :)
osobear1976 : I so wish I was there. Beautiful pic.
world_wide_rosa : @osobear1976 make your prayers cuz they've work for me :)
osobear1976 : Right on.
world_wide_rosa : #wanderlust
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Greetings from Mt. Sinai, Egypt Bitchezzz!! I present to you my awesome tour guides. I'm so grateful they didn't judge cuz the last 1/2 getting to the top was brutal. This moment was suppose to be meant for a Holy Father prayers. Instead for me it was Holy bad words!! Oh please God don't judge me, this was freaking hard! Lol This for me was the ultimate climb & a spiritual experience of my life! If I can climb up to be with God then I can do anything!! :) #wheresrosa #worldleader #womenscurves #worldtraveler #moseswalk #mtsinai #egypt #rosastravelspots #godswork #godsworkatitsfinest #heaven #theworldshouldpayme #armcandyoftheworld #tourism
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wael.fouad_2015 : @crazichik egyptian woman πŸ˜‰
world_wide_rosa : @wael.fouad_2015 indeed I am :)
wael.fouad_2015 : @crazichik i like your smile
demirrazad : πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒ
world_wide_rosa : Thank you @demirrazad I've got friends from all over the world 😊
demirrazad : very nice frΔ±endship πŸ‘ @world_wide_rosa
world_wide_rosa : @demirrazad it really is, I'm so lucky ☺️
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Greetings from Mt. Sinai, Egypt Bitchezzzz. This is my resting stop on my way to reaching the top of Heaven where Moses spent 40 days/ nights with God. I was the only Mexican in my Russian group so therefor I got my tour Guide, yay for me. Awesome now This means I'm gonna make my way to Russia. Yes, everything is a sign to me :) #mtsinai #egypt #worldleader #womenscurves #worldtraveler #armcandyoftheworld #rosastravelspots #signaturepose #theworldshouldpayme #moseswalk #russia #signaturepose #happiness #luckiestpersonever
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wael.fouad_2015 : @crazichik sinia waiting u again
world_wide_rosa : @wael.fouad_2015 oh yes it is :)
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Greetings from Heaven at Mt. Sinai, Egypt. You wanna know what a heaven feels like, here it is. I started my climb at 2:00 am & finished at 6:00 am. This is my reward for doing the Moses Walk. I'm the Luckiest Person cuz I get experience Gods work at it's finest. This is my destiny to experience his work, write about & speak about it to the world. The man is real this is why I'll go wherever he wants me to go. Stay blessed everyone :) #worldleader #womenscurves #worldtraveler #heartwarming #mtsinai #egypt #moseswalk #godsworkatitsfinest #jesuswalk #godswork #rosastravelspots #tourism #theworldshouldpayme #armcandyoftheworld
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world_wide_rosa : @elrey83 thank you friend. One day Luis with Gods will you'll be here too :) you're right the video doesn't justify how it really feels when you're there in person. Boy I'm a freaking lucky :)
toddsondgroth8 : @elrey83 I'm on it. Have a blessed day brotha!!!
osobear1976 : Awesome. You are more then welcome to bring me the world :)
corazondemelon_ : So awesome!! You are definitely blessed!! πŸ˜šπŸ’•
world_wide_rosa : @osobear1976 I'm happy to hear that :) the whole point of my journey to inspire the world to follow their own dreams :)
world_wide_rosa : @corazondemelon_ oh Mujer I'm beyond blessed Mujer, I can't believe his Diosito made all this for me :)
corazondemelon_ : Yes I agree! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•
world_wide_rosa : @corazondemelon_ make your list & never deny what's in your heart. He'll deliver everything & anything you want out of life in his own time :)
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Greetings from Mtn Sinai, Egypt Bitchezzz. This is the cave is where Moses spent 40 days/ nights when he climb the mountain to speak to God. Please excuse my beautiful appearance Lol It took me 4 hrs to climb that I started at 2:00am. Climbing this mountain forever changed my life. I definitely put Egypt up there along with Jerusalem as the most Spiritual sacred destinations that I've been to. Can't wait to go to Saudi Arabia to see more bible sites. #godschildren #godswork #wisdom #womenscurves #worldtraveler #spiritualpath #god #faith #moseswalk #moses #mtnsinai #sinai #bible
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corazondemelon_ : Wow!! So awesome that you get to see all these places!
world_wide_rosa : @corazondemelon_ thank you girl, it's crazy cause I never dream of such a beautiful meaningful spiritual journey like this :)
wael.fouad_2015 : @crazichik that in egypt ?
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#Invisible #walkonwater #moseswalk #adidas #redsea #clearwater
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ranakhalil_23 : Very nice Adidas ad. @amr_elafifi :)
amr_elafifi : @ranakhalil_23 Ahh mezabathom!! El mafroud yezabatouni be 7aga ;)
moustafaabdelkader124 : @amr_elafifi et3'yart ;-)
ranakhalil_23 : Sara7a ah ehreehom hashtags w mail to all TSSO for likes w they can consider yZbatook b 7aga @amr_elafifi
amr_elafifi : Sa7 kida ya @ranakhalil_23 ana mo3tamed 3alaik we mish 7ansaki ;)
amr_elafifi : @moustafaabdelkader124 etghayart gamid we enta mish fahim el 7al2a el gedia!! Walla shanab shawer @a__leee
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Lmfao.This is fucked up. #moseswalk #moses #smh #wigfail #fuckedup
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My bestfriend was rocked . #Friday #PoconosWeekend #CollegeLife #BestFriendAdventure
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simply_shinee_ : Ctfuuuuu :) ... Whyyyyyy .?
pleshetta__style : Ctfu ! @simply_shinee_ Idk. Wtf just happened for us to lay on the floor?
simply_shinee_ : Smh you got me yo ... I was done from all that a$ap
pleshetta__style : Ctfu . Or maybe that 2-3 mile walk from the looks of my shoes . #MosesWalk
simply_shinee_ : Smh yea that slave walk did it
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Stairway to heaven.. Mt Sinai, Egypt
stcatherines - stairwaytoheaven - moseswalk - egypt - tencommandments - 4000steps - mtsinai -
thakim80 : #mtsinai #stairwaytoheaven #4000steps #egypt #stcatherines #moseswalk #tencommandments
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#mothersday #urbangarden #parlsey #thyme #tomatoes #portugal #hotpeppers #basil #rosemary #moseswalk #josephscourt
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