#bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #farmlife
bittersweet - farmlife - moresweetthanbitter -
morganhass : The color!!!! Love!
ruanekrista - ncemom - sl_dougall - kelseaurchin -
It's been real, folks, but my this is the last of em! #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #ihavemybodyback #finally #hellounlimitedcaffeine
bittersweet - finally - ihavemybodyback - moresweetthanbitter - hellounlimitedcaffeine -
chelsealthigpen : YAY FOR YOU for making it this far!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ that's awesome :)
jessicaperdue : That's awesome. And a little heartbreaking. Don't spill a drop! That stuff is liquid gold as far as I'm concerned. You're a good mama!
shami_jo : @chelsealthigpen thank you sweet friend!! @jessicaperdue you are SO RIGHT! Liquid gold!! πŸ’›πŸΌ
ja_corcoran : Have you told Knox? I would recommend getting him a Carl's Jr. gift card or something along those lines when you go to break the news to them
smyelton - beth.corcoran.bc - courtneychikas - jillthigpen629 -
Last homecoming πŸ’ƒ ✨ #moresweetthanbitter
moresweetthanbitter -
lindsey_foxyymama : Nicole!!! You look stunning! Seriously everything about this picture just says YES! Your hair, your dress, your shoes, your smile! @nicole_csutoros
nicole_csutoros : Thank you guys 😘
alyssa_varneyyyyy : You are actually perfect 😍😍
lou_dunn : Ohmygosh. OMYGOSH. Who knew you could be more fab? ❀️❀️❀️
laurenmarie918 : 😍πŸ”₯
mckennnakeith : So pretty!!😍
nicole_csutoros : Thank you! 😘 @mckennnakeith @alyssa_varneyyyyy @lou_dunn @laurenmarie918 @lindsey_foxyymama
margaretmoyes : Hottie alert
andreamauco - seafox9745 - yadafactor - daltandpepper -
Celebratory breakfast/dinner to celebrate our last shifts in Roanoke! #bittersweet #psych #moresweetthanbitter #deuces
bittersweet - psych - moresweetthanbitter - deuces -
jordanarnolvance : Where are you going??
jordanarnolvance : @nicholemichener
nicholemichener : @jordanarnolvance I'm going to the University of Maryland Medical Center for Mother/Baby :)
sthorpe0112 - music_bae99 - lauralielove97 - noah287 -
4 more work days, 10 day break & then my career starts. It's almost the beginning of the rest of my life . #bittersweet #moreSweetThanBitter #USN #iDidntWannaBeJustAnotherNavyWife #TookMeFiveYearsToActuallyDoThis #SoExcited
bittersweet - tookmefiveyearstoactuallydothis - soexcited - usn - ididntwannabejustanothernavywife - moresweetthanbitter -
estcequetuaimeslesexe : U ready or nah? Lol
kneeuhhh : Nahhhh boot camp gonna kick my Ass @estcequetuaimeslesexe
estcequetuaimeslesexe : It's really not that bad...keep a positive attitude, besides being away from ya Fam....the hardest thing is living with 60+ females too many many Chiefs (literally) not enough Indians
kneeuhhh : Lmao @estcequetuaimeslesexe I think I'm just scared of the swimming and push-ups. I'm not too worried about anything else
estcequetuaimeslesexe : trust me you will be fine!! we will talk later im going to txt you tonight
kneeuhhh : Okie pokes looking forward to it @estcequetuaimeslesexe
kneeuhhh - goddessxrose - jadaleee - lamour_p -
Last day with this baby. You were a great little car.. It's just too bad you couldn't shift yourself. Got real tired of that. πŸš™πŸ’¨ #pontiac#g5#bittersweet#moresweetthanbitter#byebye
bittersweet - g5 - pontiac - byebye - moresweetthanbitter -
alveina - gwenylynn - angsiemens - hellokim82 -
First day back to "school" #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #freedom #hahaha #ireallydidmissherthough
bittersweet - ireallydidmissherthough - hahaha - moresweetthanbitter - freedom -
camwoww - marissa.c.lea - _briannamarshall -
Last day of work 😎😁 #finally #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #lifeguardswag #byeKAP
bittersweet - finally - byekap - moresweetthanbitter - lifeguardswag -
cicely_paige - meganjoy47 - kenziepaige27 - taylormarieaudi -
After 10&1/2 years at the egg, picked up my last pay check... #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #somethingsneverchange #itslikepeniswithaD
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter - somethingsneverchange - itslikepeniswithad -
cheryloberg - mred6 - lindsleymarie - ms_frann -
A face that clearly represents my feelings #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #movingon
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter - movingon -
emily.y.yrose - celburton - churnbabychurn - bouselhoff -
We, the 2015 senior RhythmSteppers, just marched our last Puxico Homecoming parade. #marchingband #drumline #quints #snare #senior2015 #homecoming #parade #moresweetthanbitter
parade - moresweetthanbitter - quints - marchingband - drumline - senior2015 - snare - homecoming -
amandadeanne16 - tylergingerich4 - michellewu_19 - barrrelracing15 -
Mini H in the foreground. The Sof & Lolo Lew in the background. My Dad's yard. He went for a walk with the kiddos. Not moving as fast as he used to. #bittersweetmoment #moresweetthanbitter #alwayshardtobidafarewellfornow #kentuckysummers #repthesouth
alwayshardtobidafarewellfornow - repthesouth - kentuckysummers - moresweetthanbitter - bittersweetmoment -
hort_cbe : The dog closer to the Sof is Honey, the neighbor's should-be-loved-more dog that the kiddos enjoyed befriending. They wanted to bring her i to the house.
danie1689 -
Last first day😊 #seniors #classof2015 #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
seniors - classof2015 - moresweetthanbitter - bittersweet -
kxlsxv : awwww
sanasaeed2u : 😍
nandini_sosiah - koko__08 - blackboxracer - jarret_57 -
With love in my heart and tears in my eyes as I drop "My Número UNO" off at school. It's his first day as a SENIORπŸ‘‘ I remember his first day of pre-K having this same feeling #bitterSWEET #moreSWEETthanbitter #My❀️
bittersweet - my - moresweetthanbitter -
irockoutnikki : 😩😩 time to get another one in that oven
iamminglee : ❀️
anaykhair : Now I know he has a girlfriend now Erin lol
itzmycourt : Austin Powers! Maaaan time is flying by!
iammick_t - christyles1 - akatude22 - lovnmemor -
Walking away with 4 years of amazing memories with my wonderful coworkers. #πŸ˜”#lovetheseguys #manilovemyteam #ontothenext #growth #byefelicia #teamwestridgeforever #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #butstillbittersweet
teamwestridgeforever - bittersweet - lovetheseguys - moresweetthanbitter - byefelicia - growth - ontothenext - manilovemyteam - butstillbittersweet -
alchemx : I'm jk u kn I got mad luh fa da Ridge.
jusme_justai : @ajsobomb what property? Lol damn it woman cldnt stay away huh?
ajsobomb : @jusme_justai I'll be working from the corporate office!! You know I luh me some JSCo lol! I'm sooooo happy to be back home where I belong lol
iheartkathyy : Whaaaaaaaaat!?
ajsobomb : @iheartkathyy lol yup I'm no longer at Westridge lol
ajsobomb : @alchemx you're huuuuuurt don't ever say the Ridge πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
iheartkathyy : Where are you? I was gna go visit the other day when I was in the area
ajsobomb : Awww...I'm now working at the Corp office in SF. Corina is still there & so is the Maintenance crew! I know they'd love to see you πŸ˜ƒ
sardigglesworth - jjackson85 - awiaclothing - patrizia121 -
Yesterday was my last Sunday Funday working at RJs for a while, now it's my turn to have a SFπŸ’. #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #somanybloodymarys
bittersweet - somanybloodymarys - moresweetthanbitter -
malacajo : πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’
graceeure : I'll be back @malacajo πŸ’•
davehead41 : Looks delish ;)
courtneyalease - racheldooley0204 - nicole96amber - jih422 -
Smash out #lastday #moresweetthanbitter
lastday - moresweetthanbitter -
ajstarky : I never got to visit you 😒
slrobards : I loved that place, why you wanna leave??????πŸ˜’
hydeferkranus : Nooooo I'll miss you :(
brianterada : πŸ’™ time for a new job!!
weltorskeltor : @brianterada πŸ˜‰
nattyclaire - kelsyzarick - brianterada - ianhones -
My last week wIth the Applebee's fam, going miss them #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter @kingleonidusiii
bittersweet - pinoystyle - pinoyreppin - filipinosdoitbetter - moresweetthanbitter - flipsalwaysflexin -
demetricanicas54209 : @korii_bby Thank you for filming
shayboggie : Dude. .. so pissed I didn't get to see you when I was out there! You suck
krissyd505 : Awe noooo don't leave
demetricanicas54209 : @shayboggie You should've called me. Your son is a big boy now
shayboggie : I did! Unless you changed your number. @krisguz0209 did too. I can't believe you and Jackie baby is so big. He is sooooooo handsome! Yes my baby is 7.... going on 16
demetricanicas54209 : @shayboggie It's still the same, did you guys talk to Greg
shayboggie : Nope.... called him too! He didn't answer either! I am so feeling unloved lol. But I heard he has 3 babies now. It's about time! I remember when I was the only one in the group with a kid lol
nach_yos89 : @missmayyraaaa BAHAHA!!!
esc_o - demetricanicas54209 - mofashooo - nach_yos89 -
It has been 7 years since I decorated my first board as a TA in summer camp. Now I am decorating one of my last. πŸ˜‚ #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #doodle #instadraw #instadoodle #cartoon #forsummercamp #shouldntbringworkhome #λ‚™μ„œ #κ·Έλ¦Ό #두듀 #μŠ€μΌ€μΉ˜
bittersweet - 두듀 - forsummercamp - doodle - moresweetthanbitter - instadraw - λ‚™μ„œ - κ·Έλ¦Ό - shouldntbringworkhome - μŠ€μΌ€μΉ˜ - cartoon - instadoodle -
bramzs : So guud!! :)
sp00ky.p.russia : @suzieoro GO SUSANNA GO
aimee_q_lee - daviddjo1 - soomin_lo - suzyanna19 -
Last day working at Trinity Christian School #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter -
_regal7 - heartmade_poet - _______escobar - __alwayshere -
Caught him on the sneak. lol Later Bro! Have fun! #SanDiego #Vacation #Bye #BitterSweet #MoreSweetThanBitter ...........P.S.You aren't allowed to have more fun on vacation than I did.
bittersweet - bye - vacation - sandiego - moresweetthanbitter -
eman301 : Smh. This is a business trip. BUSINESS.
meatzamboni : Sure. "Business"
parachutingpandas : "BusinASS" trip lol
trilljesus : Left my hoodie in your car btw
meatzamboni : I know. Can't miss that bright ass thing. Lol
savethewaffles - bahh_dennis - parachutingpandas - vacationcouple -
US-ies with my Fav people @ifcumber @tiararainnelle on my 'last night as a New Yorker' (for a while). @njsignature and @dantehawkinsonline we didn't get a pic! :-( #officiallyaCalifornian #bicoastallife #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #seeyouverysoonNYC #HelloLA #WhenGodsaysGO #GO #makingdisciplestotransformtheworld #NewYorkwillalwayshaveaspecialplaceinmyheart
bittersweet - seeyouverysoonnyc - whengodsaysgo - hellola - bicoastallife - moresweetthanbitter - makingdisciplestotransformtheworld - go - officiallyacalifornian - newyorkwillalwayshaveaspecialplaceinmyheart -
tiararainnelle : SMH!!!!!
tamishonline : Lol @tiararainnelle ! Please, hear?
msmjm25 : Congrats on the move...I knew u would go for it when u mentioned it to me 😊😊
tamishonline : Yes!!! THANKS Michelle!!!! @msmjm25
makeupbymalaika : Best wishes to you on your new journey, Tamish! I can't wait to come visit :) Now whose gonna unweave me for free ninety-nine! LOL Love you much, sis! @tamishonline
c_a_m_era : Glad I saw when I did. Love u!
tamishonline : Thanks @makeupbymalaika and @c_a_m_era !!! Love you all much. I'll be back in July and Sept.
tamishonline : And LOLOLOLOL @makeupbymalaika re: your hair. Come visit soon!!
theafronick - jglenn623 - dancingbuttrfly - lola_duh -
#moresweetthanbitter #USA
moresweetthanbitter - usa -
jennyl910 - latinunicorn - dammitxjanet - colinthomaslewis -
Last day of high school. #Bittersweet #MoreSweetThanBitter #HasntHitMeYet #VSU18.
bittersweet - hasnthitmeyet - vsu18 - moresweetthanbitter -
nickknacc_ : aww my baby 😩
nuke_bechillin_ : Congrats girl, welcome!!! Don't get trapped inThe fuckery word of the wise. It fades quick.
memyself_n_tye : Ok. Thanks Verna !! @nuke_15
lexyykiana - brandireine - date_thegreat - therealtjtaylor -
Farewell #computerLab. Too many hours spent in this room. #bitterSweet #MoreSweetThanBitter #CountDown #8DaysLeft #HastLaVista ✌️
countdown - bittersweet - 8daysleft - hastlavista - computerlab - moresweetthanbitter -
juneylaphlai - tytheshyguy - may_c55 - lilybonobo -
My last ride to @lifevineyard in Creekside. #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #movingday! #620Alumcreek #lifein614
bittersweet - 620alumcreek - moresweetthanbitter - movingday - lifein614 -
tiffanyann84 : Where ya moving to???!?!
sarahstepp : 620 Alum Creek, @tiffanyann84 ! And we're not moving.. The church is moving, and closer to you, so you'll have to come check it out :)
lucy.whinnery : Here we go! #newbeginning
tiffanyann84 : Might have to :) @steppiddydooda
trombonesarecool - jthomasmeyer - gan_draves - jessepoland -
I can't believe how fast time has slogged along.. 5 days until graduation! I don't know whether to freak out with excitement or cry... πŸŽ“πŸŽ‰ #moresweetthanbitter #probablynotgonnamissthis #seniorsunday #lastone #partyhardd
partyhardd - lastone - seniorsunday - moresweetthanbitter - probablynotgonnamissthis -
ellagroff - xo_haleighxo - john.damore - miagroff -
Got my plum ass lipstick on today. Last day of not being 21+ #BitterSweet #MoreSweetThanBitter
bittersweet - moresweetthanbitter -
chelseajanae12 - letty_sketty - ssouthernbelle21 - zulymendoza_ -
My last night behind this counter. #moresweetthanbitter
moresweetthanbitter -
closekoichi - brandon_hart21 - yustinriddle - smiththeawesome -
And just like that four years have passed. Graduating Cum LaudeπŸ™Œ #capandgownpickup #classof2014 #thisishappening #9moredays #moresweetthanbitter
classof2014 - capandgownpickup - moresweetthanbitter - 9moredays - thisishappening -
viv_torres : So proud of u😍😘😁
thatgirlb : @viv_torres thank you PM 😍😘
samantha_ms1 : 😍😍
ybi24 - arlismj1 - samantha_ms1 - beautymark_99 -
my last final exam is complete! senior year is just about overrrrr! now all that's left to do is walk across that stage!! aaaaaaahhhh!! I'm graduating! #calu2014 #imreallygraduating #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #imgeeekedfrfr #lol #gradtobe
bittersweet - imreallygraduating - gradtobe - imgeeekedfrfr - calu2014 - moresweetthanbitter - lol -
xbeyondaveragex : Yaaaaaas bitch πŸ‘πŸ™Œ
brilliansie : Congrats hun !
i_lovetaz : you readdyyyyy?! @xbeyondaveragex
i_lovetaz : thanks girl!! @brilliansie
xbeyondaveragex : Yup one more paper & 1 final & I'm done πŸ˜β€ΌοΈ I'm the first for our department πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚
i_lovetaz : I knowww lol I'm in the row behind you! you going to the dinner & rehearsal? @xbeyondaveragex
xbeyondaveragex : I'm not going to dinner but I'll b at rehearsal will u call me when dinner almost over
i_lovetaz : yep I got u @xbeyondaveragex
brilliansie - _google_it_b - ___mariab - akfortysvnn -
Today I packed up and left Athens to come back home for the summer. I can't believe my freshman year at UGA is already over and I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for the friendships and memories I've made this year. Thank you everyone who made it so special. Here I come sophomore year! #100happydays #day29 #bittersweet #moresweetthanbitter
100happydays - bittersweet - day29 - moresweetthanbitter -
jenaquinn : This makes me dizzy
s_prosser_10 - betsyloeschen - brielsutherland - averylutz -
Excited for BK or nah ? Lmao 😍 going home !!!! Boy was freshman year something beyond great. Officially a sophomore in college. How time flies πŸ˜ΏπŸ˜«πŸ˜¬πŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈπŸ˜‚πŸ˜ #diquebittersweet #moresweetthanbitter #summer
summer - diquebittersweet - moresweetthanbitter -
panthbro : 😍😘
lamuneca718 : Yyaaaasssssss πŸ™Œ
kayy_sass : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…πŸ˜˜πŸ˜ @lamuneca718
juicyjers_dfa : Haha mad cute
kayy_sass : 😬 @juicyjers_dfa
juicyjers_dfa : 😍☺
shmoney_gtizo - clementinee_0627 - adamthepromoter - _shamoney18 -
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