Birthweek cake number 4!! Chocolate marble with white chocolate shavings #mezzapica #chocolate #marble #cake #yummy #birthweek
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__sarrah__ : Hell yeah @danielmostyn that's the only way
jennifer_nye : @danielmostyn @__sarrah__ I'm sure there is enough to go around :)
__sarrah__ : Yummm depends on how much I eat today hehe @jen2213 @danielmostyn
instaregrettingthis : @__sarrah__ @jen2213 @danielmostyn if I eat any more cake I will explode!
__sarrah__ : Lol still got this cake and then your cake sooo much cake it's ridiculous!!!!!!¡!!!!!! @instaregrettingthis @jen2213 @danielmostyn
jennifer_nye : @instaregrettingthis and I will be very plump...
__sarrah__ : Totally worth it look at this cake!!! @jen2213 @instaregrettingthis @danielmostyn
__sarrah__ : Okay Wednesday coz I forgot to bring it and I'm at the bus lol #sorry @jen2213 @instaregrettingthis @danielmostyn
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