#mommyduty love this kiddo #mommygotskills #princess2 #baby
baby - mommyduty - mommygotskills - princess2 -
kalssendofabwraps : Love the caption in your bio and of course this pic. Babies are heavens treats on earth
yadezelali : But israel is killing children😞
yadezelali : Stop the war!
tatihinds1 : Those hugs from tiny arms are the sweetest!! @mrssabat85
mrssabat85 : @kalssendofabwraps I agree. @yadezelali if I could I truly would @tatihinds1 the absolute best in the entire universe πŸ’ž
eda_smith - jstatum - tamaragentle - traluvmil -
#NewDo. #PrincessMileyah #MommyGotSkills
mommygotskills - newdo - princessmileyah -
rai.bean - celebritystrands - lovingleah1103 - ismile11 -
I've been on mommy duty! Made this for my SweetLai! We are a very laid back chill family, and she's a true #georgiabulldog fan # so it makes since to have a #Floorpillow #Mommydaughtertime #mommygotskills #shesews #shesaphotographer #itsmylife
mommydaughtertime - shesews - georgiabulldog - floorpillow - itsmylife - shesaphotographer - mommygotskills -
kimtone4 : Cute!
ni_kita_3_2_1 : Awesome!!
kimtone4 - kande_yam - nikia_nichole - whosgonnastopme -
Lexie missed it πŸ˜πŸ˜›πŸ˜πŸ˜‹... #dinner #pizza #cheese #garlicdough #yumm #thnxma #first 1 #extracheesey #mommygotskills
cheese - mommygotskills - yumm - thnxma - dinner - garlicdough - extracheesey - first - pizza -
aknilakoop : Omg omg nooo😭
aknilakoop : No seriously man, this hurts.πŸ˜”πŸ˜•
virgo_chicka - sexy.jayy - independantlady - le_chubbiivonii -
Can't mess with this lil chunky butt #repost #princess #proudmom #princess2 #mybaby #mommygotskills
mommygotskills - princess2 - mybaby - proudmom - princess - repost -
jag_lebg : Omg this is so cute :)
mrssabat85 : @jag_lebg she was having too much fun being so cute
jag_lebg : I see that, she is adorable @mrssabat85
tatihinds1 - kpqueen93 - momlife.14 - mrs.iris -
Happy 11th bday to my Liyah boo Zebra print cupcakes #mommygotskills #mybaby I made her what she wanted #party #sleepover
party - sleepover - mommygotskills - mybaby -
mrswatson6 : I want u to make me a bday cake
ms_skinnythick1 : @mrswatson6 ok just let me know when
mrswatson6 : July 19th. Can u do patron colors. Lbvvs
ms_skinnythick1 : Yes @mrswatson6 dm me your number
mrswatson6 : Ok
mzbaelicious - mz.isis69 - skinnychick82 - k__pooh -
Happy 11th bday Liyah boo 1 of 2 cakes #mommygotskills #myfirstborn #myliyahboo #loveher
loveher - mommygotskills - myfirstborn - myliyahboo -
mz_kimmie87 : Happy birthday LiyahπŸŽˆπŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸ’“ enjoy luv u much!!!
mz_kimmie87 - myiah_jai - family1st83 - dailavonnn -
Still can't believe I'm a mom to two gorgeous little girls #repost #mommy #mommygotskills #baby
baby - mommy - mommygotskills - repost -
griseldablanco222 : 😊😊😊😚😚😘😘
abero_a : Awww que dios te bendiga tu nueba bebe
mrssabat85 : @abero_a gracias
abero_a : The nada
kirbie02 - wanderlust_z - tamaragentle - metalgirl404 -
Our first DIY summer project!! #dressup #closet #DIY #pinterestinspired #mommygotskills πŸ‘—πŸŽ½πŸŽ€πŸ‘ πŸ‘›
dressup - mommygotskills - diy - closet - pinterestinspired -
jessicabrownie1179 - pinkbtrfly - rita805 - noemi426 -
Did my Yonni hair #mommygotskills
mommygotskills -
alovejones_thing12 : @wannabonna21 yea right Def not your work lol
wannabonna21 : U ratchet lol I did do it lol it 2 days lmao
keli_1230 : This is cute
wannabonna21 : Thanks love
kdraime - keli_1230 - conchettamarie - dopeass_caramel -
Posted for #tbt old to me but new to you. Back when my mom braided my hair #mommygotskills
mommygotskills - tbt -
naturallywraped - richhomieizme - _lovington - swagcece_23 -
Yummy #girlcancook #yum #mommygotskills
mommygotskills - yum - girlcancook -
texmexirican - redswil89 -
#2k14 Prom & shout out to my mother for making my dress #2k14Prom #MommyGotSkills
2k14 - mommygotskills - 2k14prom -
fuzlu : Beautiful.
___sun_sh_nay2k18 : Thank you sir :-) @fuzlu
hey_everyone_ : Love your dress it is beautiful
___sun_sh_nay2k18 : Thank you hunn :-) @hey_everyone_
maya_ricann : Tbh idk u but I like ur dress
___sun_sh_nay2k18 : Thank you :-) @maya_ricann
dey_baddie : Rate:10 😌
___sun_sh_nay2k18 : Thanks hunn @dey_baddie
m_say12 - the_names_cazz - daiysa_trulyy - nisheenishaan -
I hooked my baby up before his it's week of summer camp #mommygotskills
mommygotskills -
i_am_mqdirector -
Let's go fly a kite... @lovemydangio @visitstockton @stocktonca #mommygotskills #lovemykite
lovemykite - mommygotskills -
tashaego : I can go to sleep with a smile on my it!
cnvigil : I can't wait to have moments like these with my baby! Very blessed the morales family!!
lovemydangio - lizmedina209 - missesyu - ffm_mel -
Kaedy's Cake (with finger marks) #Birthday #Party #BubblePuppy #MommygotSkills
party - mommygotskills - birthday - bubblepuppy -
beautiful_disaster31 - wifeytarp - aleice30 - sfulaytar11 -
Mommy pierced baby girls ears #pierced #princess #mommygotskills
mommygotskills - princess - pierced -
tamarebanks : What a lil cutie pie!! I just wanna kiss her up to peaces!! 😘😘😘
kirbie02 : πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œwhat a pretty baby
mrssabat85 : @tamarebanks come baby sit anytime @kirbie02 I'm always biting them lil cheeks. Love them to pieces
angiec_2 - jde2 - rellypw - amandalevy87 -
Mommy won her a FISH ! #mommygotskills
mommygotskills -
misscheeeks : I got John seven only three have survived its only been two weeks
xo_claudiadee : @misscheeeks i have no idea how to take care of fish πŸ˜– i bought some last year and they died the next day. Lol i hope this ones lasts at least a couple weeks !
thatbaddred_boricua - kayysandra - roqui_04 - tempdoog -
#mommygotskills #birthdaygirl #4
birthdaygirl - mommygotskills - 4 -
luvmesumdyl : HBD Daughter😘
gorg3ousladi_54619 : Awe thanx @luvmesumdyl cant wait to do her bday collage 2morrow
jus4sha - themotivated_43 - sheis_awesomee - samgucci -
"Mommy, can you draw me a dolphin?" #mommygotskills πŸ˜€
mommygotskills -
fergg34 - akelly74 - katelyntyler - lhansil -
Yall ain't ready!! #nofilterneeded #MaysWedding2014 #mommygotskills
mommygotskills - mayswedding2014 - nofilterneeded -
jessiebooski : @prettyl80yb yes ma'am.
jessiebooski : @prettyl80yb fuschia and a grape purple
bella_dame_b : What are those exact colors @jessiebooski
bella_dame_b : Ok
bella_dame_b : I love those colors purple is my fave color (my wedding color)
jessiebooski : @prettyl80yb I can't wait to see what you're decked out in!!! Lol
tashadtee : Congratulations Jessica!! Excited for you & Tito!
jessiebooski : Awwww Thanks @tashadtee it's been a long time comin!!! Hahaha
alesha_c - romancenovelist - shellaneemarie - tashadtee -
Now, time to fill these bad boys! #creativejuices #Easter2014 #mommygotskills
easter2014 - creativejuices - mommygotskills -
amandashley7 - lovely_pmp - mz_krina_d - alesha_c -
baby girls hair. #mohawk #mommygotskills lol #prettygirl #vaeh
vaeh - mohawk - mommygotskills - prettygirl -
ladiitee85 : Awww i love it.
mr_mrs_turndwn4wut : (Mrs) go gurl!!!!
___justqueen - tycarterypr - sydmiles07 - laurenfuhrman1 -
Got down on my babys hairπŸ‘ŒπŸ™†πŸ™‹πŸ’†#MommyGotSkillsπŸ’
mommygotskills -
yes_im_blessed_ : Did u perm it?
yes_im_blessed_ : The straight perm😊
ps_itsjenny : Noo never, flat ironπŸ˜‰ @shes_so_complex
yes_im_blessed_ : @ps_itsjenny you did a great job!!πŸ‘
ps_itsjenny : Thank u she put ma ass to work πŸ˜₯ lol @shes_so_complex
fxckdaf3ds : Nice
ps_itsjenny : Thank u @fxckdaf3ds
guns_n_butter - tina_here83 - lil_kay_86 - mrdopewhistle -
Just finished! Mighty God...#HatDay nuh good again! DWL mi all put caterpillar, butterfly amd all! And what is #lilblue doing? SLEEPING while mommy SLAVES LOL#CrazyHat #KidCity #mommydaughtertime #artandcraft #mommygotskills #
hatday - artandcraft - crazyhat - mommydaughtertime - mommygotskills - lilblue - madhatter - kidcity - aliceinwonderful -
garfene : Let's see how long Nai k keep that on her head.
pennysprings : Pls ensure we see pics of Nai... To access who wore it best... Sure we all know the winner
ticki_jo : Lawks when Gabbie reach dem stage ysh cuz I dont jave an artistic bone in my body. Good job #CB
barnescn : Now you know I wanna know! @ticki_jo #cb?
lesliannbelnavis : Love this @terrikarelle creativity to the max
terrikarelle : @lesliannbel hope it fits! Lol @ticki_jo I wudda help you but u see dat feisty comment πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜…
lesliannbelnavis : @terrikarelle if it doesn't just ball up and tape some newspaper on the inner part of the hat (like a padding) and see if that works. #artsecrets lol however I am sure it will fit. Very cute
bearwifeyblessmother : This is a cute hat love it @terrikarelle
naenea_xoxo - janhibbi - kgh876 - candybear_vybrations -
#FeedingTime #BabySitting #MommyGotSkills
mommygotskills - feedingtime - babysitting -
neverholdmedown - nikkinicolem22 -
#mommygotskills #2hours #feelingproud #easterbonnet
2hours - mommygotskills - easterbonnet - feelingproud -
patgonzales10 - ja_liisa - trini38 - ms_alleyne -
#chickenchowmein#chickenlowmein#awesome #guyanese #guyanesechinese #mommygotskills#yumm #yummy #yum #yaaymee #imsohappy #spoiledrotten #picoftheday #dinner
yummy - guyanesechinese - imsohappy - chickenlowmein - guyanese - chickenchowmein - mommygotskills - yumm - yaaymee - dinner - yum - spoiledrotten - picoftheday - awesome -
heavensdelifrankie - princessenvy - cutdewi - dg1287 -
Me & my #minime😍 earlier today nd this is her now #mommygotskills😎 #shehappyimhappyπŸ˜† @yanahpooh πŸ˜˜πŸ˜™πŸ’£
mommygotskills - minime - shehappyimhappy -
yanahpooh : Thx
sunshine007_ : @tropikalcupcake Thanks girl had to runnin wit mommy lookin like a duck jkjk love you lil boo @yanahpooh
tropikalcupcake : Lol ikr she gotta be fly like mommy!!!
yanahpooh : Ily too mommy πŸ˜™πŸ˜™
sunshine007_ : Everybody ain't able like you nd @yupshecalimade just wet nd go @tropikalcupcake yall over here flossin lookin like yall fresh off the banana boatπŸŒβ›΅ jkjkπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I 😍 yall 2 lol😊
tropikalcupcake : Lmfao you r crazy!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€@thebananaboat
yupshecalimade : πŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
moewetta : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
yupshecalimade - cocky_ti3 - jt_taylor310 - chrisyboo89 -
#mommygotskills πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ just saying! 😜 Getting better everyday. Got my #babydoll to practice on 😍
mommygotskills - babydoll -
neotericnim : πŸ˜‚ smh!!!!!! But yeah, you got skills!
catiusca4 : Oh, bem pretinhos! E ja estΓ£o a crescer! Kkkk
easter_princess : Great job!!!!
ooa7517 : Good job mama
faniame0718 : @fcr9 i still can't do it lol
fcr9 : @faniame0718 nonnnn!!!!! MΓͺme avec le bon cheveux de Isa? Girllllll that would be playground for me :)
aoanidalva - marti86er - easter_princess - tatyuxka -
My Alexandria just got her hair done....pressed and curled by her mommy! She looks so Purrty! #MommyDidThat #MommyGotSkills
mommydidthat - mommygotskills -
monicalajune : My favorite.... Don't tell the others... Lol.. @fit4royalty
fit4royalty : @myrankg Thanks...I hate doing hair. Least favorite of my parental responsibilities!!! Lol. @monicalajune If I told you that you were her favorite auntie, would you tell? Lol
_angela_d_dubbya : U pressin hair?? *grabs keys and the arm of my child* lol
fit4royalty : @i_am_a_dubb lol
godsarmyfitness : Cute
syndi7_24 : I thought she was a model...go head peanutbutter..umm keke remember when u thought I had good hair?
sanginfool : She looks so much like your mom
fit4royalty : @sanginfool She does....
louhollisstyle - jenn232372 - pakids2 - skylarrnicole -
Fresh haircut...he's soo cute! #mommygotskills #paysomeoneforwhat #diy #lovemesomehim
lovemesomehim - mommygotskills - paysomeoneforwhat - diy -
kblair8808 - ladyqs1 - jaguar_323 - beneljad -
Birthday Cake. #latergram #mommygotskills
mommygotskills - latergram -
kp090289 : Oh my god. How you've managed to not be fat living with your mother is astonishing.
dianadvs : @kp090289 lmao my ass is bigger though
kp090289 : That is a small price to pay...
rugfiglot - sinceresociopath - deviousfashionista - cherrypie0932 -
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