More than Music - means a lot for me! Thank you for all: #facethefact @mliwofficial @jte810 #mliw #deadramones
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zeisomat : @alampino Wahnsinn wie gut! Echt Top!
jte810 : Killer! Who did the tattoo?
alampino : @zeisomat danke๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜ƒ
alampino : @jte810 facethefact tattoo in Linz - Austria! Uli is The Name of The Artist. Thanks:)
ironpete82 : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ
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I'm back!!!!!! Still love my needles ♥ #crossstitch #xstitch #modernlifeiswar #mliw #feverhunting #punkasfuck
crossstitch - modernlifeiswar - feverhunting - punkasfuck - mliw - xstitch -
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St Louis 10/3/14 with Hard Evidence, Cross Examination, Shaved Women. Tickets at #modernlifeiswar #mliw
modernlifeiswar - mliw -
van_jovi : @nathanpionke
calebquales : ๐Ÿ™Œ
alanc314 : Cannot wait.
savastaa329 - mikey_loughman - alanc314 - ironmind666 -
In 2003 I went to my first show at the legendary FSU/FUK garage. One of my good friends was playing an all local show there and with the garage being right down the street from where my folks lived, I walked down to hang out. It was chilly outside, but the garage got humid quick. The walls were covered in mattresses, and there were figures hanging from the ceiling to swing from. If I had to identify a single catalyst for the way my life headed, it was that night in a garage in Iowa, surrounded by a bunch of mattress moshing weirdos, covered in sweat, fucking shit up to aggressive music. Everything I knew about hardcore, punk, and metal up to that point was completely shattered and I went to school the following days with a sense of pride, like I knew a secret that few others did. That, several nights a week, a bunch of kids like me got together in a garage and stopped giving a fuck. A couple months later I saw MLIW play in the very same garage on the corner of First and Ellen. It was a band that played with such aggression and heart, I never wanted that set to end. Ten years later and they release a record heard all over the world, still filled with as much heart, frustration, anger, and desperation as the first time I saw them in the midst of a cold Iowa winter, in a garage filled with a bunch of my freak friends. Some time nostalgia gets the best of you, but I can't help when I listen to this band to think of all the things that led me to where I'm at now, and couldn't be more thankful for every moment. Forever, The Outsiders.
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alexvx_frostwolf : I love this band. Love this album.
t_jdetweiler : Chills reading this. Spot on
jackstenerson : This band is the reason I started listening to hardcore
fubargmann : This is awesome.
madelinewill : Seriously. They're my pride. Never was proud to be from Mtown until them.
kristin204 : โค๏ธ
jedediah47 : Perfect
adamjaredrhoades : Just got the chills. Best of times my dude!
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I don't know what I'm still doing here. #mliw #witness #marshalltown
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nick_muck : Every song.
shawnxstl : @nick_muck young man on a spree + I'm not ready back to back = my life.
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Heck yea October 5th #mliw #modernlifeiswar
modernlifeiswar - mliw -
mikeyessss : Lucky
snowyotter : What!!!!
snowyotter - wide_open_wound - brandonstrate - lissabear1 -
#escapethefate #etf #tjbell #motionlessinwhite #mliw #mlw #chrismotionless
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xxmurphyyyxx : @carleigh_maree
carleigh_maree : @xxmurphyyyxx :')
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#motionlessinwhite #mliw #mlw
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My love, my way. #mliw #wherespeter
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travisreilly : Haha. I see you, you raging Malaka.
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#chrismotionless #mliw #mlw #motionlessinwhite
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#JustToLetYouKnow #FoodForThought #MoneyBoyMuzik #ABG #September20 #ROSECASTLE @iambonniebenji @BrokeNiggaTurntRich #MLIW #Highlights #Weup
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swir07 : Lovely ! Fallows me :)
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Modern Life Is War - Witness (4th Press: Transparent Purple /?) #modernlifeiswar #MLIW #witness #deathwishinc #lifelinerecords #LP #vinyl #vinylporn #vinyladdict #vinyligclub #vinyljunkie #vinylcollection #nowspinning #vsco #vscocam #vscophile
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glennespinoza : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
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Always liked this band. But after seeing them half a year ago at groez im addicted to their stuff. So much energy! #mliw #modernlifeiswar #deadramones #hardcorepunk #witness #greatalbum
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kevinsideout : Favourite band ever. Listened to this as well today.
andy_wan.kenobi : Top 10 for sure here! @kevinsideout
kevinsideout - brammibal - sashaging - xtyranoxsaurus -
Modern Life Is War #modernlifeiswar #mliw #feverhunting #vinyl #vinyleveryday
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In #Chicago today for #riotfest? ๐ŸŒ‡๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽธ 1pm this afternoon on the rock stage, my hubby's band Only Crime is playing. Don't miss it! #onlycrime #goodriddance #descendents #blackflag #MLIW #bane
descendents - onlycrime - blackflag - chicago - riotfest - mliw - bane - goodriddance -
mommaxbee : Burritos! ๐Ÿ˜
cas_jax : Are you here too?!?!
jenniferlynn_ : @cas_jax No, I stayed home ๐Ÿ˜” I was worried about booking a flight & going into labor.
cas_jax : Ugh bummer!! I just got so pumped thinking maybe you decided to come! But yeah, good call to stay grounded. I will send lots of hugs and easylabor vibes back with @papidalby for you โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
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As a "tourist" you always take pictures with your food. Best day with someone who I can call brother. @jte810
modernlifeiswar - mliw -
traycrebecca : #mliw #modernlifeiswar
nicolehamilton320 - ericajamz - birnkay - wolfdadddy -
Biffel @jte810
modernlifeiswar - mliw -
klaeton_killyrself : Jealous of that hang. PS-yesterday was the five year anniversary of you and @jte810 saving my life. Two of the best humans Ever๐Ÿ˜˜
traycrebecca : @klaeton_killyrself wish you were with us. We definitely talked about how proud we are of you. Im glad we were there for you that night โค๏ธ
klaeton_killyrself : Wish I could have made the trip. Instead I moved into a new place. First time in two years not living homeless out of a duffle bag:/...
traycrebecca : @klaeton_killyrself best news I could possibly hear! More be proud of! Congrats congrats to you!!๐Ÿ˜˜
traycrebecca : #modernlifeiswar #mliw
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#mliw #witness
waylatergram - mliw - witness -
emollience : #waylatergram
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#punk #poppunk #punkrock #poprock #hollywoodundead #motionlessinwhite #miw #mliw #hwud #rock #posthardcore #postmetalcore #metal #metalhead #tumblr #tumblrtextpost #textpost #justinbieber
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frank_is_lyfe : I yell at them and defend her,I love her,she's my sister,anyone who go's anywhere near my sibling negatively will be destroyed : Same, like, leave that person alone, it only matters if they're happy with themselves or content at the least, it's no one else's business. Same, it's messed up beyond belief and help. Thank you, I feel the same for you. You and I share a lot in opinions and I'm greatful for that since a lot of people I do talk to, shy away from stuff like this or just say stuff they think will please me, like I'm not disrespecting myself here, but really, if I don't don't like something you do, say, or anything else, what does it matter to you; what does my opinion mean to you?...nothing, so carry on being who you are, regardless of my thoughts, although I wouldn't yell horrible things at someone in the first place, I'd keep the thoughts to myself should I think anything of the sort. No, I wouldn't dare judge you or ridicule you for being who you are; which by the way I think is great, I like who you are. Same, it's saddening that whatever you do, there's always gonna be a flaw in it or in you that people will point out and toss about with their friends to torment the hell out of you with. I'm glad your parents let you off the hock and you've been able to be home schooled, I've tried for that, but I'm not allowed because I have anxiety so they think getting me into social situations like school will help...I'm really sorry about that, you deserve nothing of the sort, you seem like such a lovely person, with respectable thoughts, and morals, and I admire that. It's honourable. I'm glad you do, and I'm thankful for then for doing that for you too. That's crap, and complete shit, trust me when I say, if I knew her I'd have something to say, and I'd help you in anyway I could to tell them to back off even with my anxiety and shit. I'm glad she has you though, you're a great sister. @frank_is_lyfe
frank_is_lyfe : Oh my god thank you,I'm about to cry.... It's sad,really,that nice people are the ones who are bullied,my sister,she is really sweet,so this is why I came to hate bully's. I'll take to you later,I have no wi-fi at my house and I'm about to leave so,I hope you have the most awesomest day! Your so nice,I glad someone agrees with me on these things. Bye! : Anytime, you're adorable. Please don't, you're welcome by the way, but I'm awkward with people who cry, but anything to help if you do end up teary eyed. I know, it's heartbreaking, especially when they're so nice they won't stand up for themselves because they don't want to offend the person being an asshole to them in the first place. Ah, I'm sorry about that, again, she has my hope, and anything else she may need...Idk that sounds a little odd, but hopefully you get what I mean. Okay, bye, I hope you'll have fun. Oh I get that, that's shitty, I hope your wifi will come back soon, or you'll be able to get some. Thank you, I hope the same for you, it was great talking with you. Aww, thank you, you are too, anytime you want to talk to someone about anything, or just to rant, you know where to find me, and you know you won't get judged while you're with me, this is a judge free zone, I promise to you. Aww, how could I not, everything you've said is true, and I think the same as you with it all. Bye. *waves at you*. :) @frank_is_lyfe
frank_is_lyfe : *winks and waves* thank you so much! I'll talk to you soon! If you ever need to talk to someone,talk to me,I'm here always,but I might not be able to reply immediately because I don't have wifi,but,once I get the chance I'll reply! *winks like Frank did in the Na na na video* : Hahah, awww. Smiles at you like your icon. Although looks stupid because no one can compare to Frankies smile. You're more than welcome, always. Aww, okay, have a great day, and stand up for yourself should you need to, and imagine me being there with you should you need support. :) thank you, means a lot. It's fine, I understand. No wifi is horrible, haha, man I love that video and wink, Frank was too adorable. @frank_is_lyfe I don't need your name by the way if you don't want to give it to me, but I feel like telling you mine since I consider you a friend now, I'm Samantha, but Sam or Sammii is preferred, thank you.(: if anyone is mean to you or your family I'll ninja kick them like Mikey said in the na na na video. ;)
frank_is_lyfe : Lol,and my name is Haylee,you can call my Hayhay if u want,bye Sammii! : Aww, thank you I like that nickname, HayHay. Haha, bye. Talk to you soon. x @frank_is_lyfe - plxnetarygo - she911_ - thisisgospelmykilljoys -
scrape / crawl #mliw #feverhunting
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#relatable #motionlessinwhite #mliw #CropPhotoSquare
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zoaayyy : @atelophobiiiaa
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Iowa, I'll be inside you in a month @jakexhartman @blayhn @xlucasx08 #ModernLifeIsWar #MLIW #DEADRAMONES
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carleylowe : How many moneys is the show?
lurkxxx : @carleylowe I don't know. Probably $15?
carleylowe : Okay I'm down! Just un-RSVP'd a wedding ๐Ÿ˜Ž
lurkxxx : @carleylowe I'll rent a trailer to haul your gunker there
carleylowe : I hate you
jakexhartman : just bought my ticket
lurkxxx : @jakexhartman where did you buy your ticket??
jakexhartman : @lurkxxx there's a link on Vaudevilles site - prettyxricky - stay.foul -
#STC4LYFE #mliw #brothersinarmsforever
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Another good show announced. It's been awhile since MLIW rolled through. #mliw #modernlifeiswar
modernlifeiswar - mliw - minnesota - minneapolis -
jefe_dsp : @mliwofficial
jefe_dsp : #minneapolis #minnesota
jefe_dsp : @sscott2484
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Announcing Modern Life is War #MLIW all ages show on Oct 4! Tickets on sale tomorrow.
mliw -
crashcuddle : @vaudevillemews is the bill full?
jscholbrock : Yes!
bobecker - 1337schall - glad_dadland - xheart -
black jeans. black shirt. black shoes. Modern Life is War, Amityville, NY. @mliwofficial #modernlifeiswar #mliw #musicphotography @drstrangerecords #longisland
modernlifeiswar - mliw - musicphotography - longisland -
the__donovan : @amityvillemusichall
nicoletteelvie : ๐Ÿ™Œ
1_3_1_2_ : These rule will you be uploading anymore photos from this show?
xmikox516 : hey, thanks man. yeah, hoping to get some stuff uploaded to my site this weekend. @1_3_1_2_
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Just Being Me #MLIW #Pesoooo #AllBAndGang #MBGShidd Photo By: @timdotgp.
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#Osoarragant #MBGShiddMan #ABESolid #Cinco #MLIW #DreamsWorthMoreThanMoney Photo By: @timdotgp #Turrnt
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Another @angelaowens photo. How does she do it? 8/30 Bowery Ballroom NYC #mliw #modernlifeiswar #flannelsuperman #sleevesarefortheweak
modernlifeiswar - flannelsuperman - mliw - sleevesarefortheweak -
chriswielk : @justinholman๐Ÿ’ช
exfkaty : This photo owns
gooniepete : Thanks for a dope weekend and some bruises.
sousduck : That's my hand in front of your middle finger!
ryanmitchellll : @facetsquared wtf it was last night?
facetsquared : @ryanmitchellll oh fuck
tom_keady : @sweetbabynicky417 look for my scary old man face
sweetbabynicky417 : @tom_keady saw that yesterday Hahahah, creep-core
joanna.wilson - artcoreillustrations - aliendanceparty - katephilipson -
#MLIW #IowaInAmityville
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#MLIW #IowaInAmityville
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wade_winston_wilson7 - marianbrks - joseph_john_ - evilsal -
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