Tickets just went on sale for #mliw at #boweryballroom 8/30/14. I got mine. Can't wait to see my friends from back home again.
mliw - boweryballroom -
eichmancometh : Thank you buddy!
moonchaplin - say_car_ramrod - daddyfatjosh - itsjohnmanuel -
Spots secured! @birdseye #mliw #ohjoy
mliw - ohjoy -
no_values : It's 2 tickets you fools @jessegasface @death_by_carrot
jessegasface : Sorry dude
no_values : @moonchaplin you'll be here right?!
hurricanegene : Don't break an arm
eichmancometh : 41.50 is the price for only half of a ticket
no_values : @eichmancometh I payed the other half in broken bones
eichmancometh : Gahhh
moonchaplin : Hey babe!! As long as I can work while I am out there I will be there! So hoping it all works out perfectly! #partydayandnight β€οΈπŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ‘
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#motionlessinwhite #mliw
mliw - motionlessinwhite -
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So scrape your heart up from the bottom of the barrel. Keep your faith in the path that's growing narrow. Kill the doubt inside you head. We overcome. We push ahead. #mylovemyway #modernlifeiswar #mliw
modernlifeiswar - mylovemyway - mliw -
thisisdans - xcanwestartagainx - craftbeer_records - t.frsn -
YAYYYY!!!!!!!! @mliwofficial #mliw #modernlifeiswar #DEADRAMONES
modernlifeiswar - mliw - deadramones -
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!!!!! Those who know me know nothing more needs to be said here #mliw #myhappyplace
myhappyplace - mliw -
nothingtonothing : WHOA
nothingtonothing : I know where I'll be august 30th
no_values : @nothingtonothing I won't be shattering the bones in my arm this time
nothingtonothing : Thank goodness
moonchaplin - - minniepie - goldenxgloves -
Ticket info & Line up in the coming days! #modernlifeiswar #mliw
modernlifeiswar - mliw -
bennyhatesyou : @repossesed i'm going back!
xmadjoex : Yes!!!
gotmynailsdid : @screamingmoon
screamingmoon : @gotmynailsdid ok. Done.
repossesed : @bennyhatesyou lets do this
wolfdadddy : @blue__eyes
blue__eyes : @wolfdadddy fuck yes !!!
skunksareholy : @mliwofficial can I come? Birthday weekend.
streetsnacks - canadia_n - nurasyrafzakaria - dima_truehardkorchik -
Ticket info & Line up in the coming days! #modernlifeiswar #mliw
modernlifeiswar - mliw -
beardscience : @fantasticat let's go!
chazxcore : Awesome!
trauclair : @eroehre πŸ’€
madvices : #ghettoblaster
nikhilmis : Does tht mean nyc soon? I hope it does
chrishoneck : Yep NYC the next night at the Bowery. @nikhilmis
erinlovesroscoe : @martinbuechlertattoos
xmadjoex : Yesss!!
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Modern Life Is War -- Stagger Lee 7" #mliw #modernlifeiswar #staggerlee #seveninch #equalvision #vinyl #vinyljunkie
modernlifeiswar - equalvision - staggerlee - vinyl - seveninch - mliw - vinyljunkie -
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Montréal Life is War #mliw #🍁 merci pour tout. See you asap
mliw -
greg_vorster : Hit up the standing wave at habitat on the St Lawrence river , someone will know what you mean>
davofever : @greg_vorster i wish next Time. Dont have Any Time to do that and no bodyboard with me. Any good swell near yr home? In France right now its the Worst summer ever for Waves
greg_vorster : Too bad. No waves in summer here, wait til sept/oct
princessepancake - claraone - veenne - thibalsurfcompany -
#modernlifeiswar #staggerlee 7" #equalvisionrecords #mliw
modernlifeiswar - staggerlee - mliw - equalvisionrecords -
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I had an awesome time in San Antonio and Austin this weekend. Hung out with the best people, and saw some wild bands. I picked up a few things along the way too. Modern Life Is War - Self Titled 7" - Wedding Press Modern Life Is War - Self Titled 7" - Test Press The Sisters Of Mercy - First And Last And Always LP Modern Life Is War - Last Show Print Bitter End - Texas Dates #modernlifeiswar #mliw #thesistersofmercy #doktoravalanche #bitterend #lifelinerecords #deathwishinc
thesistersofmercy - bitterend - modernlifeiswar - lifelinerecords - mliw - deathwishinc - doktoravalanche -
mark_champion : Forgot to get mine off you.
kandebo : @littlexcritter congrats on the MLIW records!
littlexcritter : @kandebo thanks man. Still got a few tests, the s/t mispresses, and the final show box to track down.
mymindwntblnk : I totally forgot to check out bitter ends merch... fuck me
helloxmexmeetxthexrealxme - kandebo - dangdano - corpus_made_punk -
All good cretins go to heaven #riptommy #ramones #werealldeadramones #mliw
ramones - riptommy - mliw - werealldeadramones -
tomwhittaker27 - indierockpunk - captain.wataru - ultravivid -
This would be a great opener for that 'reunion show in heaven' #mliw #deadramones #riptommy #fucktheglorydays #oldfearsnewfrontiers
fucktheglorydays - riptommy - mliw - oldfearsnewfrontiers - deadramones -
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This man is my idol #chrismotionless #motionlessinwhite #mliw #mcm #idol
mcm - mliw - idol - motionlessinwhite - chrismotionless -
wecantallbeperfect - that_swagy_cfang - flawless.okay - amorbandaz -
Were all dead ramones #riptommy #mliw
riptommy - mliw -
i_am_a_destroyer : YES!
taylorsunday : Afterlife reunion show?
emilytron - pork_cheeks - reansouthard - bigcountryvb -
#MLIW bummer dude
mliw -
tomcinko - shipwreck_karpathos - brikostinger - roulantclothing -
They're all D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S. 😞 #rip #tommyramone #ramones #deadramones #modernlifeiswar #mliw
modernlifeiswar - tommyramone - deadramones - ramones - mliw - rip -
jonelfer : RIP! Her bli det Ramones pΓ₯ ΓΈre i dag gitt.
insta__finstad - es79_ - jonelfer - cookeetheclown -
Head over to to see set videos from @turnstiletribe, @thestorysofarca, @mliwoffical, and @terrorhardcore! Much more coming soon! #turnstile #tssf #mliw #terror. @joekarably
tssf - turnstile - mliw - terror -
yung_arab666 : Is this gonna be an annual Fest? I hate I missed it but I'd love a chance at redemption!
southeastbeastfest : @yung_arab666 yes. Already lining up for 2015!
tomrulesall : One day we will play this #barbariantx
rorysuperdupersexytime : @xbetteroffdeadx I believe almost every set was filmed, but it will take time for him to post them up.
xbetteroffdeadx : @rorysuperdupersexytime very cool, one of the funnest sets I've played.
joekarably : @xbetteroffdeadx No unfortunately neither Bishop or Point Blank were filmed, not sure about PB but I know during Bishop were getting set up for another band. Sorry!
xbetteroffdeadx : @joekarably damnnnn bummer. Good looks though
mosesedge : @mashguts go watch the Terror set. πŸ‘Œ
positivexoutlook - deen_mckinney - ground_dweller - kiasaysfuckyou -
Black Jeans black shirt black shoes. Mom and dad approve, though. #almostpunk #mliw #deadramones
mliw - almostpunk - deadramones -
julesxdoe : tough
chrisseandlions : Hi @julesxdoe
sebastianlux : #allblackerrrrthaaaang
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The old fears are still here. Still new frontiers are still waiting. If the fear cripples you and you lose your chance to try. You'll have to live with your own wasted life. #mliw #deathwish #feverhunting #punkforlife #ironmind
deathwish - feverhunting - punkforlife - mliw - ironmind -
mayffins : Cremonsito de tema
pucheart : Freshquishimo!! πŸ‘Œ
mrmarquez - cynthiamadlon - andrew_chip - edwardcarrillocrisis -
Modern Life Is War - My Love. My Way. Life Line Records 10 under license from Deathwish Inc. On black/gold vinyl out of 1200 (pressed in 2007) In my eyes this is a flawless record, the raw energy and passion and desperation are just palpable on this record. This is as good as it gets. "This marks the return of a threat..." #modernlifeiswar #mylovemyway #MLIW #midwesthardcore #threefavouriterecords @jte810 @eichmancometh @sjarm @joelifeline
modernlifeiswar - mylovemyway - mliw - threefavouriterecords - midwesthardcore -
death_by_carrot : That band is sooo overhyped you cray
melaniejade6 : One of my favorites always
nocig : Plaatje
gijsxedge : You cray cray @death_by_carrot their reunion show earlier this summer at Groezrock was hands down the best/funnest show of the year.
gijsxedge : And that's why I love you @melaniejade6
losingshape : Such a good record
death_by_carrot : Must be some boring shows out there hahahaha ❀
alma_appelmoes : πŸ‘Œβ€οΈπŸ‘Œ
wescoakley - michael235 - eichmancometh - outofworkaholic -
πŸ’™πŸ’™ quero casar com essa banda toda vez que escuto πŸ’™πŸ’™
modernlifeiswar - mliw -
gutoxxx : πŸ‘
xcaiomomix : @blindpunch !!!!
blindpunch : @gutoxxx πŸ‘Œ
blindpunch : @xcaiomomix 😜
blindpunch : #MLIW #modernlifeiswar
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Day 8: Album you've considered selling. I dunno, I guess these two do less for me now than they used to. Can't say they're remotely 'go to' records when I dunno what to listen to.
greenvinyl - feverhunting - mliw - collection - iv - modernlifeiswar - records - vinyl - julyrecordaday - screamo - hxc - day8 - lomaprieta - challenge - deathwishinc - music - whitevinyl -
chatping : #julyrecordaday #challenge #music #vinyl #records #collection #day8 #lomaprieta #iv #screamo #hxc #modernlifeiswar #MLIW #feverhunting #greenvinyl #whitevinyl #deathwishinc
milkgiraffe : @chatping IV is the only Loma Prieta record I don't have on vinyl. If you are gonna sell it, let me know!
chatping : @milkgiraffe I think I may prefer it to anything else of theirs. May also prefer it to MLIW, and I'll definitely be keeping it for a good while yet!
alessandrofurino - botondhonor - stegaclothes - afiqakram -
#greenday #mychemicalromance #mcr #bringmethehorizon #bmth #blackveilbrides #bvb #sleepingwithsirens #sws #motionlessinwhite #mliw #bloodonthedancefloor #botdf #fallinginreverse #fir #ofmiceandmen #omam #askingalexandria #aa #slipknot #suicidesilence #ss #piercetheveil #ptv #alesana #hollywoodundead #hwud
aa - mliw - hollywoodundead - alesana - ofmiceandmen - bvb - bmth - blackveilbrides - motionlessinwhite - botdf - ptv - sleepingwithsirens - mcr - fir - bloodonthedancefloor - piercetheveil - omam - bringmethehorizon - slipknot - ss - mychemicalromance - hwud - sws - suicidesilence - askingalexandria - greenday - fallinginreverse -
3cali_5europeans : Pretty much all - tommymmcgrath - 3cali_5europeans - nothing_but_bands_pandas -
mliw -
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Some might say I have poor impulse control... I say I win at life #impulsebuy #mliw #marshall #amp #geetar
impulsebuy - marshall - mliw - geetar - amp -
kimwuu : Can you write me a song about pancakes and blankets lol
coops2403 : @kimwuu ok but it'll be death metal
kimwuu : Hahahaha interesting!
rockmusicmarketing : You Have To Start Marketing Your Music Online! Click The Link On The BIO To Start Today!
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#chrismotionless #motionlessinwhite #mliw #austincarlile #ofmiceandmen #omam #vicfuentes #piercetheveil #ptv
piercetheveil - austincarlile - omam - mliw - ofmiceandmen - vicfuentes - motionlessinwhite - ptv - chrismotionless -
washammgmt : Awesome! Check out our company and roster! We work with great bands on labels like Solid State, InVogue, etc!
winterinremorse - - reexcom - 1.800.bands -
"Just a factory workers son, from a rail road town, and yeah I can feel the steel mills rust" #millwright #whataview #mliw
mliw - millwright - whataview -
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Too cool! @chedgepcc is terminally rad! Thanks for posting @mliwofficial πŸ‘ tattoo by @wickc #deadramones #tattoo #modernlifeiswar #mliw #deathwishinc
modernlifeiswar - tattoo - mliw - deathwishinc - deadramones -
sludgepie : @scumbird
ellettcheyne : @renetalks
patrickisrad : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
sinkorskate : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
chedgepcc : Thanks for the artwork @terminalradness legend!
stacymichelson : So cool!
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Morning jams and detail shot of yesterday's #tattoo #tattoos #music #mandala #sawyerink #expire #MLIW #cruelhand #girlswithtattoos #art
tattoo - art - tattoos - girlswithtattoos - sawyerink - mliw - expire - music - cruelhand - mandala -
sunnysoulshine : @sawyer_ink Rad! Rad! Rad! -- on a side note: our air conditioner at work gave out on us at 2:00pm today. πŸ”₯Practically melted! Hair sticking to sweat- not cool. Haha! Also -- everyones jaws drop when they look at my arm! Fun to experience thanks to you! I'm on cloud nine ☁️ with creative energy! ✨πŸ’₯πŸ˜„
sawyer_ink : That sucks! And good, I'm really glad you like it! It was a fun one, thank you! @sunnysoulshine 😁
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Incase any of you were wondering this is my sick vinyl set up. Old school RCA head, two huge fucking fishers and of course my yamaha p-220 turn table. With the exception of the turn table all of this belonged to my father when he was a teenager. My whole life I grew up listening to everything from blues, acid rock, classical, our real American southern rock and roll! He gave me this when u moved out on my own. After a long day I turn on my stereo 'till the rhythm melts my bones cause I'm a #deadramone #vinylprincess #mydadsahippie #family #rca #yamaha #fisher #mliw #daddysgirl
family - yamaha - vinylprincess - daddysgirl - mliw - deadramone - fisher - rca - mydadsahippie -
dun_dun_duun - mathematicalmind - hellodearwnd - a_jones89 -
Xmas time in Summer β˜€οΈπŸŽ… Thx #deathwishrecords 2 LP vinyle from @toucheamore & hxc tees from the great @mliwofficial. Just got it at midTime between FrπŸ‡«πŸ‡·ce and Nigeria. Go blues
modernlifeiswar - mliw - deathwishrecords - toucheamore -
davofever : #toucheamore #modernlifeiswar #mliw
davofever : @eichmancometh do you plan Another US tour this Autumn winter ? Another record?
eichmancometh : No full tours but will have some weekend things here and there. Hoping to work on writing done new stuff this winter!
davofever : @eichmancometh great. If i can come. I Will. Houston was rocknroll
allanhortonahp - noxpeace - sweet_penez - rose_aamore -
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