Alright alright I know. It's been a while. Like, 3 months? It's been a really really really busy summer. The busiest. But now I'm back, my first day of school is tomorrow, and here's a chapter. I'm sorry I haven't written one during the summer, but well it's takes me like a half an hour to an hour to write one chapter, so yeah. Many excuses. Have you guys missed me? No? Ok. This chapter is a little shorter than usual, but i just wanted to get a chapter out today, so yeah. Hope you enjoy :3 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Tags: @delibear14 @datmcpixel @kolping_crushers_rock @pjpie1 @smiksmek @neon_starrs @minedownforwhat @leah_chambers_ @anna.garcia @laura_drawz @__faithy__ @derp__._._weird_._.__derp @_shiann_benja_ftw @fangirllove15 @graciereadabook @crazychickplaysmc @joslyntapia @prestons_bby @someseriousstuff @kellenplaysmcraft @heeeeeey_its_anna_
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bajancanadian_fangurl : Chapter 50 (Mitch's POV) It's hazy, but I remember the kiss. But I can't seem to remember what happened afterward. It's deleted from my mind. I didn't mention it to Jerome, cause I didn't want him pushing me. I'm thinking, maybe it's time that I ask her. It probably is. Right now. (Laura's POV) I'm laying on my bed thinking right now. I have a headache. I'm still thinking about the night before. I hear a knock on my bedroom door. Its morning, and Jerome and Louise decided to have an early brunch with each other. "Who is it?" I ask. "Me," Mitch says. I quickly sat up. Is he coming in to talk to me about the kiss? I'm really not in the mood. Umm, what to do what to do.... "Hello?" Mitch asks.
bajancanadian_fangurl : "Umm, err, come in!" I quickly said, silently smacking myself in the head. The door opens and Mitch comes walking in. "Hey," he says. "Hey what's up?" I say, feeling a little uncomfortable. He sits in my bed next to me. I turn my head to look at him. He looked nervous. "So Laura....." he says. "Yep, that's my name," I say. He chuckles. "When I first met you, I knew that you were gonna be a big part in my life," he says. I nod. "And a little part of me wants to be, umm, a little more than friends...." he says. I was shocked. I didn't think that he actually liked like me. "Mitch-," I start to say. "Laura will you be my girlfriend?" he says quickly. A moment of silence passed. "Mitch, I, umm, I'm not ready," I say. His face looks confused. "I still need a longer break ever since the Ethan thing," I say, " And I think, for a while, we should stick as friends." Mitch sighs. "Alright. For now," he says, and leaves the room. (end)
bajancanadian_fangurl : ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ If you want to be tag, just comment! And please give suggestions and feedback about the story! Thanks <3 #bajancanadian #fanfic #teamcrafted #mitchellhughes #mitch #benja #benjalove #bajancanadianfanfic #minecraft #love #mitchhughes #mitchfanfic #fanfiction
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Only Jerome can have the whole thing eh? 😏😏😉😉😌😌 I made this! Woo I did something 😂😂 Goodnight everyone. I'm going to sleep before 11.. I'm so proud. 😂 #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes #mitchelldonaldralphhughes #merome #meromehuceti #jeromeasf #jeromeaceti #jeromerobertaceti #jeromevsgaming
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anime_for_life_bruh : Merome needs to be like a real thing. Dating please 😍😍😍😣😍
mitchxjerome : ^^^ 😍😍
poofy.bajan.dancer : Wait I don't get way happened…
blast_taylor.18 : im so happy, cause they dont do videos as muc together now, and people thought they were mad at eachother, but now we know that theyre not mad at eachother😅
xxpsychoticjesterxx : Yesssss
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💕 I like the song I did this on a bus so.. 😁 Hope you like it. #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes #mitchelldonaldralphhughes
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megan4658 : Its amazing😍👌
butterfly_fly.away : 😍
benjandbaccedits : Oh my lord. ITS AMAZING. WHATS THE SONG. I LOVE IT
bajan_is_the_bae : Yea what song ?
mc_shipper_for_life : Oh mer gerd amazerng!! 😍😍❤️❤️
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This... Edit.... I like it but I don't... I don't know. Tell me what you think maybe? It took so long and the timing.. Uhh the timing took forever on a bus #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes #mitchelldonaldralphhughes
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meromeislife : Wow. I just realized I made it look like he summoned the color change. Omfg
dat_posh_life_girl : DO a Skylox or skytato edit with wiggle or I am sexy and I know it
bajan.canadians.girl : Thank you for all your help :P
bajan.canadians.girl : :)
amymerida : What's the song? LOVE IT BTW😍
meromeislife : Carousel @amymerida
xmckee12 : Could you start putting the name of the songs you use in the comments? @meromeislife
amymerida : THANKS ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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I'm happy with the way this came out - #ashleymarieegaming#minecraft#youtube
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From 1 to Jerome... Hmmm... Credit: @benjaislove I made an edit, but I don't know if I should post it. 😁 it's not crazy like my 4am ones. I just don't know if it's worth posting #bajancanadian #mitchellhughes #mitchhughes #mitchelldonaldralphhughes
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ilyse_houser_11 : Mitch
amymerida : Post it post it post it 🙌
mitchxjerome : jerome
thefrogbear : The smolder aggh
thefrogbear : Btw, everyone look up ASF zombies Irl. You will enjoy it ;)
elitegamersgg : I REMEMBER THAT QUESTION!That was the best one!Btw,post dat edit!
audrey523 : T3ll me bajancanadian is not adorable @dancing_is_my_obsession
dancing_is_my_obsession : He is
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I'm so proud of him <3 Tag him maybe? ^.^
dont_ask_im_lauren : @bajancanadian
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bajans__world : 💗
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Don't hate me for this repost 😂 I'm going to be at xc for awhile and then I have hw tonight. So I don't know how much I can be on tonight.😔
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everythingbajancanadian : Tags: #bajancanadian #mitchellhughes #mitchhughes #teamcrafted #minecraftyoutubers #youtubers #minecraftonly #minecraft
mitchislove_mitchislife : @everythingbajancanadian hey wazzup
_teamcrafted_ : I honestly love this edit, the turtle is so fab. 😂💁💕
youtuber_library : Aww I have homework too. Good luck
lil_benja : @kristen_63 @bajancanadian_fanficz @riley_smiley_16 😂😂😂😂 lmfao
ashleigh_jennings : I was like this when @mrsyndicate read 2 of my messages on his stream last night literally made my day
riley_smiley_16 : 😂omg haha😂 @lil_benja
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I don't understand why people hate Mark. He's so nice and sweet and funny. {#markiplier #markfischbach #youtube #youtuber #sweet #funny #pewdiepie #felixkjellberg #cutiepiemarzia #marziabisognin #jacksfilms #jackdouglass #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #danisnotonfire #danhowell #phillester #amazingphil #phan #phandom #markiplites}
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pewdstomypie : your page is amazing! love it!
itsjustavee : he does seem awesomeee
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School sucks butt bro✌️☺️ {Andrea} • @bajancanadian @jeromevsgaming • Creds: me ._. • Tags: #bajancanadian #benja #asfjerome #jeromeasf #bacca #merome #myedit #minecraft #mcyoutubers #youtuber #youtube #mitchellhughes #mitchhughes #jeromeaceti
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to_fye6 : Mitch how old are u
benja.gamer : 1. I'm not Mitch, his Instagram is @bajancanadian 2. He is 20. March 3rd, 1994 is his birthday. @to_fye6
ceebedits : This is so cute 😍
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Do you guys think I should finish those imagines I did awhile ago? #benjacanada #banja #canada #bajancandian #benja #mitch #mitchell #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes #minecraft #youtuber #minecraftyoutuber
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He looks wet... Credit: @meromesuniverse There was person wearing a Power Moves Only shirt at school today...... Just... Okay.. #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #mitchelldonaldralphhughes #mitchellhughes
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_kaywaa_ : hahaha I caused his wetness
meromeislife : Lovely, @_kaywaa_
aintthatluke247 : Hahaha what a boss @meromeislife
mitchxjerome : omg when i get my pmo shirt for christmas, im gonna wear it on most dress down days
poofy.bajan.dancer : No duh
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My editing skills doe :D // #impressive @bajancanadian #benja #benjacanada #mitchhughes #cute #kitty #cat #polaris #aww #adorable #minecraft #youtuber #crafting
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hawai_mc : BOOOOOOM
benjaislove : :dd @hawai_mc
dat_posh_life_girl : 🐠
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He's like "Hmmm... Jerome I guess :3" // @bajancanadian #bajancanadian #benjacanada #benja #mitchhughes #slurpalicious #slurp #minecraft #youtuber #cute #crafting
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kristianna.mkw : That was the best! 😂
benjaislove : Ikr! 😂 @kristianna.mkw
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I drew link, and to be completely honest, his eyebrows are more on point than my life is
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stone_vs_caveman : Awesome
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I like this... I like this a little too much. Credit: @hellafangirls I'm about to go to school. Comment below something. It can be random, funny, you could rant about something or just say something to me you might want to. Whatever you want. I want to come back and read all that you have to say 💕 #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes #mitchelldonaldralphhughes
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bluebear323 : & I have school too first day -_- : Power Smut Only : Wtf was that Idek...
omg_someone_just_literally : 🗿
meromesuniverse : i put the D in everyboDy
merome_is_my_life : poop
acld_ : What is tums backwards😳
heyitsalexx17 : This might become my new twitter photo X)
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|| I'm So Unpredictable I'm Posting Within Ten Minutes OooOoOOoOoooooOooo
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bajancatnadian : #bajancatnadian #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes
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|| I Think I'm Gonna Make This Divider Idk But I Don't Want To Go Back To School FROSTED FLAKES I'm Sometimes Random af
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bajancatnadian : #bajancatnadian #bajancanadian #mitchellhughes #mitchhughes
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• i can't sleeeep so i'm staying up watching icarly get on my level
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hellafangirls : {#bajancanadian #mitchellhughes #mitchhughes #minecraft #merome #quote #youtube #youtubers #youtuber #gamer #mcyters #mcyter #mcyt #minecraftyoutube #minecraftyoutuber #minecraftyoutubers #teamcrafted #4}
asabear01 : Watching White Chicks.... (Has anyone seen that?😂)
hellafangirls : OMF YES @asabear01
asabear01 : #getonmylevel
taycrafted : @asabear01 I LOVE THAT MOVIE
baileyysmithhhhh : Yas!😂 @asabear01 I was watching friends.😂😂😂 - baileyysmithhhhh - quote.strong - til_5679 -
😍 #BajanCanadian #MitchHughes #Inlovewith #SoCute #SoCool #MitchellHughes #Adorable #Cool #Cute #RockMe #Minecraft #Minecrafter #Youtube #Youtuber #MinecraftYoutuber
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ppl_faceq : This is the best...
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• i just wanted to post this before i went to sleep bc i like it c: goodnight everyone. you're all perfect and beautiful. sleep well my babes <3
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hellafangirls : so many steps
asabear01 : Really??
hellafangirls : yeah 😰 @asabear01
asabear01 : 😢
taycrafted : This is perfect
fullmetalbooty : @erexmin .
erexmin : @bertholdtsbooty OMF
sorryihaveswim : 😭😭😭 stop it it's perfffff
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• this theme is a lot of work but i really don't want to change it because i really like making the trxye edits and everything im just worried about time but if i don't have enough time to make them then i will change it. but for now i think it'll stay. - ^^^ that was more for me than for you guys sorry ily
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hellafangirls : {#bajancanadian #mitchellhughes #mitchhughes #minecraft #merome #quote #youtube #youtubers #youtuber #gamer #mcyters #mcyter #mcyt #minecraftyoutube #minecraftyoutuber #minecraftyoutubers #teamcrafted #4}
peiercethevic : ur a disgrace
peiercethevic : to all the shirleys out there
hellafangirls : i'm sorry momma ;D; @peiercethevic
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I like this. Credit: @allthoseyoutubefangirls I'm really tired so I'm going to sleep ( early! 😱) goodnight everyone! 😘💕💕💕 I have school tomorrow so... The posting will be all over the place unfortunately. #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes #mitchelldonaldralphhughes
bajancanadian - mitchhughes - mitchelldonaldralphhughes - mitchellhughes -
allthoseyoutubefangirls : Thank you for giving credit!!
jordanmaran : This makes it sound like Mitch is a violent stalker and I don't know if the idea of being stalked by a violent Mitch scares me or excites me...
meromeislife : Hmmm... Violent MItch stalking you.. Ill take all the noticeability I can get 😂 @jordanmaran
jordanmaran : Yeah but imagine like he was your ex and he was really protective over you, then he cheated on you and you dumped him, so he was angry and wanted you back and fuelled by rage, he followed you around and would message you saying he knew where you were, and then when you went on a date with someone, he would show up and invite them outside then beat the shit out of them. And then when you tried to get away from him by going on holidays or moving house, you would see him a few rows away on your plane, or he'd be in a shop in your new town. Then whenever you ran away again he would approach you and say "you can try and try but you'll never get away from me"
jordanmaran : I don't know if I'm scared by that thought or aroused.
meromeislife : And this is how imagines were born. 😂😂 @jordanmaran
jordanmaran : *shrieks like a dying whale*
jellommainia : Omg I love this song
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How I see him, and also some fapping 030 #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #minecraft #youtubers #teamcrafted #minecrafters
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setosorceror_fanpage : Mitch: :p
dem.jason.edits : Oh god... Mitch probably printed them
dem.jason.edits : Saved them
dem.jason.edits : Put them in a box for his children to see
teamcraftedallday : @dem.jason.edits Wtf!? XD
dem.jason.edits : Don't question me
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Do you get it... It's called animals and I have a cat there.. He he.. If you want the version without said cat just ask 😊 Tell me what you think of this. #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes #mitchelldonaldralphhughes
bajancanadian - mitchhughes - mitchelldonaldralphhughes - mitchellhughes -
merome_is_my_life : I see wachya did there
meromeislife : I'm glad we are on the same page. @merome_is_my_life
youtuber_library : I LOVE THIS SONG!!!
verharris : Why is Mitch sooo freaking attractive?!
mer0me : THE FEELS
haileycoslow : @verharris don't we all ask that question
thatbballkidd : I like this one! 😊
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Hey guys I know some of you can art! I can't lmao. I just kinda wanted to ask if you could draw or art my boyfriend and I @flexplaymc. Now you're thinking. How can I art? When I don't know what you guys look like ?!?!? Well. There's a picture of us on skype on @tumblrvideoedits 's ig account and my personal is @destiny.7 <<< so the winner will get a follow c: Everyone who enters will get a like spam! Tag it under #deslix and tag me❤️ Good luck!
deslix -
everythingbajancanadian : I can't find it? @mario40164_renders
everythingbajancanadian : Just Kik me. My username is atrueminecrafter @mario40164_renders
mario40164_renders : My bad. Its Mario40164 @everythingbajancanadian
flowergurl197 : Can I draw a picture of you &boyfriend? :P?
everythingbajancanadian : YES @flowergurl197
itssomeserious_mitchfangirl : YAAS U HAVE A BF NOW MITCH IS MINE😏
everythingbajancanadian : 😂😂😂 @itssomeserious_mitchfangirl
itssomeserious_mitchfangirl : Well, #SorryNotSorry
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☾Throw back to pax east ☾ ≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫ ☾Should make a post with all my paxeast high lights☾ ≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫≫ ☾TAG THEM? @bajancanadian @therealrpm
poshlife - mcyoutubers - teamcrafted - mitchhughes - milkman - dukeofpowermoves - gamers - mitch - xrpmx13 - powermovesonly - youtube - ryan - poshlifeclothing - bajancanadian - benja - minecraft -
benjasbooty : #bajancanadian #xrpmx13 #milkman #benja #mitch #ryan #dukeofpowermoves #mitchhughes #teamcrafted #powermovesonly #poshlife #poshlifeclothing #gamers #minecraft #youtube #mcyoutubers
the__eskimo : @bajancanadian @therealrpm
shredder445 : Where is the bacca!
shredder445 : ?
benjasbooty : @shredder445 the bacca was on the best to Ryan signing stuff I have a picture with him I kept running in Jerome the whole time at pax
c.l.i.f.f.o.c.o.n.d.a : Ayyyye I went to pax east 🌚
fatimadiamond1 - thebaeaccount - bj_6512 - 0whiteni -
BAEjanCanadian. Get it? Cause he's bae... heehee... #bajancanadian #mitchhughes #mitchellhughes #youtube #benja #bae #swagswagswag
bajancanadian - bae - mitchhughes - benja - swagswagswag - youtube - mitchellhughes -
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I feel like no one would notice if I left this account 😕 {#danisnotonfire #danhowell #amazingphil #phillester #youtube #youtuber #markiplier #markfischbach #pewdiepie #felixkjellberg #jacksfilms #jackdouglass #mitchhughes #bajancanadian #jeromasf #drewmalino #cutiepiemarzia #marziabisognin}
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danisliterallynotonfire : STOP YAS WE WOULD
itsjustavee : I WOULD
youtuber_culture : Awh. Ily 💕💕 @danisliterallynotonfire @itsjustavee
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Chapter 40: Jerome's POV: I set down my phone and rubbed my temple with my thumb. "What the actual fuck?" I muttered. Ashley got beat up? She doesn't even trust Mitch right now! She's also staying at his house. I pushed down whatever jealousy I had in my stomach. Is it bad I kinda expected Ashley's looks to one day get her in trouble? At least she wasn't raped or anything. Mitch just told me she was beat up badly. Not good. But it could've been worse. I just wonder who did it. I sighed deeply and ran my fingers through my hair. "Damn.." I muttered before I sat on my couch. So much has happened. I don't even want to think of everything that has happened. Is it too hard to have a normal life with Mitch? I looked at my phone and noticed Mitch texted me again. But when I read the text. I dropped my phone. (Sowey for cliffhanger and short chapter ;-; im very busy but I needed to write the next chapter badly. Enjoy!)
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