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So it's been 3 months now and I still can't believe you are gone😭 Everyday that passes I think of you and how much I still wish you were here with us. You brought so much laughter and smiles to us all and you were are role model and I'm so blessed that God gave us you to have as a grandma and now you are our guardian angel in heaven. I know we will always be watched by you from above and we will be looking into the sky and see your beautiful smile with papaw right next to you. I miss you both so much and love you till the end of time😍😘 #missyougrandma
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dandanshabambam : Believe me it does it better with time! But it sure does take a while
music_is_life_266 : No matter how much time goes by I'm still gonna be sad and wishing she was still here. Like my dad and I and had a discussion after her passing that we thought she would live forever and she went through a lot in her life and we thought that nothing could bring her down and when she died..... That really hurt me a lot and I just miss her so much bestie it hurts @dandanshabambam
dandanshabambam : I know exactly how you feel bestie! And I know people say that all the time but actually know how you feel! When I lost my grandfather in the 8th grade I didn't think I was gonna make it. But look at me now. Yeah it still hurts. Yeah I still miss him but with time I was able to get better
music_is_life_266 : Thanks bestie you really know how to make me feel better and it's great that I have you in my life and understand me and what I got through @dandanshabambam
dandanshabambam : I'm always gonna be here. Always ❤️
music_is_life_266 : 😊😍😘 @dandanshabambam
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Rockin' my grandma's bracelet today. #RoseStasiak #MissYouGrandma
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imlisalou : Awesome! ♡
justdoba : Love it and love you! @justkandace
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Så kom gravstenen endelig op, og vi fik gjort det smukt ved bedstemor❤️ #missyougrandma
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#HeartWalk #ForTheCause #MissYouGrandma #Family
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Cousin love ❤ @natalieann_nj #missyougrandma
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My 18th birthday. This woman next to me always putting up with my antics. Miss her dearly! #fbf #missyougrandma #ilooklikeaboy #stupidface #antics #shenanigans #birthday #loveher #grammadoris
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misskme : @emmettam Jake will love this one if he thought I looked like a boy in the last one ;)
mckenziewilsonn : What up with that hair
misskme : @mckenziewilsonn same style as now... It was just pulled back ;)
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. . . Miss you Grandma (Babaanne) Rest In Peace 2 years already, can't believe it Always had 1 eyebrow lol . . . #missyougrandma #rip #restinpeace #oneeyebrow #godblessher
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_buuu_05 : Rest in Peace Grandma she was and will always be an Angel @smuushhh_
missyigit : LOL #typicalturk
startashkent : Awww ❤ nur içinde yatsın. Quick questionnnn tho and super random because of your hashtag 😔🙈If your kids have unibrows how long do u wait for them to be plucked or waxed?
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#missyougrandma #restinpeace #iloveyou #restinparadise #bestpersonievermet #remymartin #vsop #grandmaandi #bottles #resting #emotional #family #vietpride #wishyouwerehere #mygaurdianangel #watchoverme #missyou #shots #gognac #thegoodstuff @Daina Leigh Garcia soon to be Higbee #thankyou
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gumbo_styles : @savagehigbee thanks bro bro
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I love springtime here in our new house. The rose bushes bloom....roses were my Grandma Joan's favorite flower and she had a whole rose garden in her backyard. I love that when they bloom I feel her here with me. I miss her badly, and think about her almost every day. She left this earth way too soon but I'm so thankful that I know that one day I'll get to see her again, hug her, and thank her for the legacy she left. #missyougrandma
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lindybmason : ❤️🌹
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#Goodmorning #turnt #turnup #missyougrandma #producer #productive #producerlife #lifestyle #ambition #motivated #breakfast #hungry #focused #cincinnati #riding #hip-hop #rap #rnb #pop #work #hardwork #cincinnatibound #cincy #Cincinnati #cinci #gogetit
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djmelissun : Hahahhahah
mightyprodzach : diggit
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Let me tell you what cancer cannot do... It cannot cripple love It cannot erase memories It cannot kill hope #cancerislimited #missyougrandma
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kathrynnotkatherine : Love this.
rachelynn98 : Odrey this is beautiful, I miss her so much
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Wonder what ever happened to that car? #missyougrandma #TBT
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#tbt #missyougrandma
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#tbt Kauai side with my Ohana!!! #bringbacktheDAYS #missyougrandma
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voice0f_truth : @peenabu10 guarantee
godzsoja808 : @jimbojamz808
godzsoja808 : Miss grandma too Jo boi! Miss my mom also! #lovedemboth @voice0f_truth
godzsoja808 : @jus10ber
godzsoja808 : @melz2168
voice0f_truth : Always and forever in our hearts
melz2168 : I miss everyone!
melz2168 : @des_lokahi
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You'll forever be in my heart ❤️💔❤️ #missyougrandma
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alexisohalexis : ❤️
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houseofsummer : ♥️♥️♥️
cain_brian : love it!
therealrickmasters : 😁
vanessa_kardashian : Check @fitnessandfortune
beverleyjkoehler : :) @Thirsty_Gal
essincejolene : Yeah @davenwilson
inhisclothes : <3
angeloromagnoli_4 : #gorgeus #Germany #Europe #northerneurope #vacay #notmine #imworkinginstead #ugh #jealous #iwannago #sopretty #pretty #clocktower #vacation #twinsister #beercapital #austria #austrian #roots #grandmashome #heritage #missyougrandma
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Its been a whole year and oh how it doesn't seem real. #MissYouGrandma
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xocara930xo : 💙
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I have never seen 2 people more in love and it kills me that more people don't take love as seriously. Whenever I need inspiration or have doubts I will always look up to you two ❤️😇 #lovebirds #myangel #grandparents #missyougrandma #rolemodels #foreverandalways
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I miss you terribly Grandma! I'm happy that you are not suffering anymore and that you are at peace. #restinpeace #rip #grandma #loveher #love #missyougrandma
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My favorite pictures of all time 😭💕 #missyougrandma
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_maddie.hill_ : Awwww😭😭😍
chipdaddy : Oh my gosh!!!
meganhfarrell : What a lady xo
gravitydefier98 : Love her!
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Product of my Grandma's teachings "Respect women" "Self educate" "Make other people smile with my smile" "Be Great" "Always be better every single day" #MissYouGrandma #GrandmaFonz
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1fonzie : @west_indiann n yes I miss her so much
west_indiann : @1fonzie I'm sure she'd be proud *hugs* x
iambrittanyyyy : Handesome☺️
katara_007 : Nice...
1fonzie : @iambrittanyyyy thank u
1fonzie : @miss_jen07 thank u
katara_007 : U r welcome hun @1fonzie
re._eli : 23 lol
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"AWAKE" - It brings me back to your bedside, with every heavy breath and eyelid flutter. -- One last look and then you were gone. I miss your warm embrace. Your never ending support and the ability to make mistakes feel as if they reaffirm our character and who we really are. "Only time can tell us how we can carry on without eachother" -- And while there are days I feel like we can't... we still seem to manage by with the memories of you we have left. It's a heavy worry that I will begin to forget your soothing voice, the little nuances and quirks that made you, you. -- I adored your laugh. And I hope I never forget its sound. Or how endearing it was for you to cover your own laugh with your hand. You were so self conscious of your dentures but the most brave and bold woman I have ever known. These memories make me incredibly sad. But they also make me feel invincible. It is true. Every day can still start with "a beautiful and blinding morning, with the world outside beginning to breathe." -- And yes, I will always remember. #awake #missingyou #missyougrandma #joshgroban
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A decade later on this day and I still think about you every single day!! I always looked forward to spending my summer vacations with you!! This is how I love remembering you...HAPPY!!! 😇 #missyougrandma #mybutterfly #myangel #myrolemodel #rip #restinparadise #alwaysinmyheart #love #truelove #family
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ms_tee44 : rip mama👼
salome_uh : Lovely pic
ms_raquel_ : 😔 rip mama
delish617 : Aww!! I just teared up looking at her smile..
olidia1216 : I can't believe how the time goes by. I miss her as well. This special lady took care of me so many times when I was a little girl. Mi Tia Nena.
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Together at last💜 #love #itwastruelove #rip #missyougrandma
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Good night to bring out Grandma Gerber's afghan.... #keepingwarm #missyougrandma
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Pastor Marvin Winans eulogizing my grandmothers funeral! #missyougrandma
missyougrandma -
brelyevans : Sorry for your loss....
keishlibraswagg13 : 👌👏👏☝💞
hammondgal : Prayers up bro
dmajor5 : Condolences
heatherh23 : Praying. Hugs.
trishdimples81 : My prayers🙏 are w u and your fam bro! @kcknight238
judystephens44gmailcom : My prayers go out to all of u guys kc love you!!! All hang in there!!!!
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Reminds me of grandma but the toast would of had a lot more butter!! #missyougrandma #rolemodel
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#MyLight #MyTeacher #MyLiddleWoman #MissYouGrandma You dont have to wrry anymore.... #RIPGma #OFF #FamilyFirst
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marty_5000_ : @thagr8est23 @epda400 @_yellasgaal_
amber_parker21 : What happened @marty_5000_
thagr8est23 : We gone miss u #GrannyDukes #RIP 😢😢😭😭🙏🙏☕☕
mrs.streetman13 : @thanathanater
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"I'll remember you & all the times we used to..."💔 On the eve of my grandmother's 3rd year anniversary this song really hit home. I was crying like a baby but I needed that cry. #lukebryan #drinkabear #missyougrandma #032312
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My BEST of the best.. #latepost #mywedding #ryanviviwedding #mylovelygrandma #myhusband #wifeandhusband #missyougrandma #hugandkisses #11okt2014 #love #loveyou #bestoftheday #bestdayever
love - hugandkisses - mywedding - ryanviviwedding - latepost - myhusband - 11okt2014 - wifeandhusband - bestoftheday - mylovelygrandma - missyougrandma - loveyou - bestdayever -
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Had a good time up north at grams and gramps house reminiscing over when grandma was still with us. Miss her bunches and it is definitely weird knowing she won't be waving out the window everytime we leave. @taylorannbennett #doctor #drinks #cribbage #bigstarlake #family #missyougrandma #baldwin #loveit #wannagobackto2014
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jayquinones : nice picture. Lets follow each other. I am a real estate investor. What do you do? also follow me on facebook, my page is in my bio.
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Retour dans ma plus tendre enfance... Celle où ma grand-mère était encore présente ❤️ #laurel&hardy #souvenirs #missyougrandma
laurel - missyougrandma - souvenirs -
gaetancr17 - nonii68 -
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