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Sometimes a beer and fam is the only thing that gets you through. #missyougrandma #youllalwaysberemembered #restinpeace #loveyoualways
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Our grandma, my sister & I all in the same dress. #ripgrandma #missyougrandma
ripgrandma - missyougrandma -
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My grandma loved pansies. This evening I went out in the yard and found this one lone volunteer pansy that just decided to show up. It made me think of my grandma and feel like she's letting me know she's here in spirit. 💕💖 #pansies #pansy #flower #missyougrandma
pansy - pansies - flower - missyougrandma -
knitnatural : Sounds like she bloomed to say hi
thewackywindmill : @knitnatural, exactly!
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Me and my old man. #missyougrandma #lovealways #family
missyougrandma - family - lovealways -
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My all time favorite pic of my grandparents. I miss my Grandma so much. Seems like she's been gone for ever but it hasn't even been a year 😔 #MissYouGrandma #SeeTheHeartOnHisChest ❤
seetheheartonhischest - missyougrandma -
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When your grandpa sends you something 😭😭😭😭😍 "those we love don't go away, they walk beside us everyday, unseen, unheard, but always near, still loved, still missed, and very dear" #junefirst #missyougrandma #alwaysinourhearts #gonetoolong
gonetoolong - junefirst - missyougrandma - alwaysinourhearts -
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#jupiterjones #still #traurig #weinen #missyougrandma #exboyfriend #liebeskummer #schokolademachtglücklich #duhastmeinherzgebrochen💔
weinen - traurig - liebeskummer - schokolademachtglücklich - exboyfriend - still - jupiterjones - missyougrandma - duhastmeinherzgebrochen💔 -
cstarh : Nice!
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6 years #gonebutnotforgotten #missyougrandma #picfrom18yearsago #shewassoproud #loveyou #missyou
loveyou - missyou - gonebutnotforgotten - picfrom18yearsago - missyougrandma - shewassoproud -
leah_ilana : That's a great picture
jlshaltrecht : Miss you mom every day❗️
jlshaltrecht - leah_ilana - rmeyrowitz - zuzannaszewczyk -
A year ago today, you left us grandma. Not a day goes by that I do not think of you. But I always felt that you waited for me to get my college diploma. You knew what it meant for me and I knew what it meant for you. I miss you grandma. Please continue to look over all of us. #missyougrandma #throwbackpic #restinginparadise 👼❤️
restinginparadise - missyougrandma - throwbackpic -
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Jus for u grandma jewel! #restinlove #missyougrandma #memorialtattoo #cowgirlbettyboop
cowgirlbettyboop - memorialtattoo - missyougrandma - restinlove -
tyreenagouveia : Who did ur tat
cowgirl_tisha25 : I went to @inkanddreams in kalihi
kalihi_46 : Omg i fucken love it.grandma jewel and betty boop DA BOMB.HOW MUCH U PAID
cowgirl_tisha25 : @kalihi_46 thank u 😘😘😘 I paid $150
lanandmaka - x0x0_des - _haaheo_44 - trkftmom -
Missing you a little extra this weekend grandma. ❤😞 #youshouldbehere #missyougrandma #heavenistoofaraway #myguardianangel
youshouldbehere - heavenistoofaraway - missyougrandma - myguardianangel -
theknox_effect : 💯
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I will always catch these 2 hugged up watching TV😢🙏 #grandmaloveisthebestlove #missyougrandma #panamanianqueen
grandmaloveisthebestlove - missyougrandma - panamanianqueen -
soypana2 : Yes sir bday is Wednesday I'll keep u posted @freck_white
tash_b_utiful : 🙋🏽 hey girl
soypana2 : @tash_b_utiful morning💞💞💞💞👋
freck_white : Wutchu planning mama?
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Bodas de ouro dos meus avós, como eu era e sou a neta mais nova, entrei com as flores. Que saudade, daria um dia a menos da minha vida para te los pertinho novamente. #missyougrandma #missyougrandpa #family
family - missyougrandma - missyougrandpa -
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THIS is immortality my darlings!! 💚 #MadeByHer #RestInPeace #MissYouGrandMa
madebyher - restinpeace - missyougrandma -
melendez_cindy -
#missyougrandma #illalwaysloveyou #wishyouwerestillhere #illvisitanytimeican #hearttoheartsneeded #wishitwasntlikethis
hearttoheartsneeded - illalwaysloveyou - missyougrandma - wishyouwerestillhere - wishitwasntlikethis - illvisitanytimeican -
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🌅 "They who we love and lose are no longer where they were before... They are now wherever we are" A year ago heaven rejoices with her presence among them, today (5.22.2016) they send me this beautiful sunrise to commemorate her arrival as bringing peace and comfort as my grandma did while she was here. #sunrise #nofilter #love #caracas #venezuela #missyougrandma
love - caracas - nofilter - venezuela - missyougrandma - sunrise -
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Grandmas flowers from her old house in Park Forest are starting to bloom #spring #flower #flowers #peony #peonies #bloom #blomming #flowerpetals #photooftheday #amykatherinephotography #grandmasflowers #garden #grandmasgarden #nature #naturephotography #missyougrandma
garden - peony - nature - spring - grandmasflowers - blomming - grandmasgarden - naturephotography - flowers - bloom - peonies - flower - amykatherinephotography - flowerpetals - missyougrandma - photooftheday -
mwolfer6 : That awesome pic
amykatherinephotography : @mwolfer6 thanks
rosi.visuals : Wow!!
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#dishman #family #missyougrandma #funeralday
funeralday - missyougrandma - family - dishman -
jazay21 - chefrickie87 - itzplayboiduh - chavez_gt -
Lots of memories at my grandmothers house in Grand Junction, and this will be the strangest. Plenty of people AND a food truck at the estate sale! I would have loved to hear what Grandma Maydell had to say about all of this . #missyougrandma
missyougrandma -
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#myfamily #mylife #mum #dad #brother #grandma #cat #missyougrandma 😞#love #indian #youcantbreakus
dad - myfamily - love - brother - youcantbreakus - cat - indian - mylife - grandma - mum - missyougrandma -
deekushman : #family 💪 #smallfamilybutunited
jojokitti : Love it
midnightraverclothing : Too nice
mina_k_k : @midnightraverclothing 🤗 thank you x
ktrash87 - heartbeforefashion - __killaklan__ - impudentrussiancat -
Let Your Soul Venture.👙🐳🐙 #TodaysAdventures #AdventureOn #Pictures #Beach #LifesABeach #Hookipa #GrandmasBeach #MissYouGrandma #Love #Life #LiveIt #LoveIt #Maui #Hawaii #OnABeachInHawaii
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maimai.fili : Holy hotty 🔥
lovelymahealani : Lol. Look who's talking gorgeous! ❤ @maimai.fili
maimai.fili : Wee you at graduation last night? I seen your brother that's why. Lol
lovelymahealani : No I was gonna go but I didn't have a ride. And my sister came and got me. @maimai.fili
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Babies make everything better💕McKenna helped me make grandmas favorite treat today, I think it's safe to say she got her sweet tooth from grandma😂 yes they are GF DF SF and everyone LOVED them, I even added Arbonne's new protein boost 😁👍#winner #firstbirthdayinheaven #missyougrandma #cakedecorating #yesitsgf #anddf #andsf #andiusedarbonneproteinboost #theywereahit #everyonelovedthem #shemakesmesmile #alldressedinpink #gmasfavcolor
everyonelovedthem - anddf - shemakesmesmile - winner - andsf - andiusedarbonneproteinboost - cakedecorating - gmasfavcolor - theywereahit - yesitsgf - alldressedinpink - firstbirthdayinheaven - missyougrandma -
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#GreenHair #Love #missyougrandma #life
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#missyougrandma #almost2yearswithoutyouhere
missyougrandma - almost2yearswithoutyouhere -
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Your birthday brings back memories, of laughter and of tears, of all the celebrations held, throughout those precious years. As you’re now watching over me, I hope that you can see, how much those memories we made, will always mean to me. I’ll always cherish times we had and smile just at the thought, I hope you know the magnitude of joy your life here brought. On holidays and birthdays, it’s so hard to be apart, Like every day that falls between, your memory fills my heart. You’re with me now where ever I go, you’re part of all I do, I’ll celebrate your special day and the gift of knowing you. Happy 1st Birthday in heaven grandma, I love and miss you beyond words 😢 #missyougrandma #firstbirthdayinheaven #may20 #alreadycrying #makingcupcakes #arbonneproteinboost
arbonneproteinboost - firstbirthdayinheaven - alreadycrying - may20 - missyougrandma - makingcupcakes -
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#greatgrandma #missyougrandma #loveshimsomuch my gran with my boy she loved him so much
loveshimsomuch - greatgrandma - missyougrandma -
shalandaturomsha434 - mbear_diamandou - cdixon089 - renee_william -
Throwing it back to Kalee's 6th grade graduation! With Kalee and my Grandma! #throwbackthursday #missyougrandma
missyougrandma - throwbackthursday -
craf23 : Ahhhh grandma!!! ❤️❤️❤️
bryn_rose08 - khaber147 - craf23 - dawncrawford29 -
I've been thinking of this lady a lot lately. #MissYouGrandma #tbt #happyearlybirthday
missyougrandma - happyearlybirthday - tbt -
Melhor presente é chegar em casa e ter este botão me esperando! Direto da roseira de minha avó... A cada vez que recebo, é como se eu ainda pudesse sentir seu cheiro, suas mãos macias, sua delicadeza, e todo aquele sentimento e lembrança de minha infância juntas, que saudades! Obrigada vô Pepo por sempre se lembrar de mim ❤ #grandpa #rose #missyougrandma #grandmother #loveofmylife #flowerslovers
grandmother - loveofmylife - grandpa - rose - flowerslovers - missyougrandma -
sinceyouaregone - ideiaseambientes - nataliacarnelos - karol_ferreira2 -
#Tbt Me And My Beautiful Grandma #Rip Can't Believe 5/27/07 Makes 9 Year's :'( ! I Remember this Day like it was Yesterday when I Graduated Grandma Was So #HappAndProud :-) #MissYouGrandma O:-) #LoveAlways #YourBaby #Shanny !!
yourbaby - lovealways - happandproud - missyougrandma - shanny - rip - tbt -
mrs_pierce148 : Awww love ya!
29shanny : Love You More :-*!
geaux.getta : Miss seeing your grandma. Never knew she passed. Sorry for your loss
29shanny : Thank You! geaux. getta
m3cca - kiara_lee_b - illmakeurday1227 - vaeh_nick_jenny -
#nofilter #missyougrandma family can hurt but family can also express a love like no other. I felt a lot that day when there was no rain minus the fall of tears every now and then. There were somber smiles and some genuine laughs when a bug flew in the car with me and my little cousins with horror on their faces. There were beautiful speeches and a very random sermon. There was a peacefulness and sadness, there much more that I wish I could remember and not have missed. There is something new about today and everyday on.
nofilter - missyougrandma -
brunogtorquato : Thanks for sharing. 😔 I've had a similar experience, I know how much it can hurt. Stay tough. Keep hugging your loved ones and don't hesitate to cry together. Hugs, Tiff
ram_rod93 - belindabii - __piaa___ - ayo_o_leao -
Grandma saing hi. Tell me that cloud does not look like a turtle. #cloud #cloudwatching #turtle #grandmasayinghi #missyougrandma #watchingoverus #palmtrees #missyou
turtle - grandmasayinghi - missyou - cloudwatching - watchingoverus - palmtrees - missyougrandma - cloud -
katlynnejones - lyftwoman -
I miss you so much I really wish you were here so I can al you why to do😭😔#missyougrandma
missyougrandma -
medinacookies303 - dianavannesa89 - tp_priince - summitcastle -
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