I've had Intel that someone thinks they saw my precious boy in the #newportbeach #costamesa area with a tall thin "stand-offish" man who also had another dog. Please continue to like/share and spread the word and his photo and keep a look out. Big thanks to those that have! It's working! I'm offering a reward, I just want him back with no questions asked! I'm truly devastated over his disappearance. #missingdog #lostdog #missingdogs #lostpets #lostdogs #founddog
missingdog - costamesa - founddog - lostdogs - lostpets - missingdogs - newportbeach - lostdog -
seashellsxx : reposting!! I pray you find yer baby! keeping eyes and ears open ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
alliecotton - cbcusa - heisenberg949 - chupacabraz -
Kobe is that u ? #kobe #sheltie #dog #taipei #taiwan #pet #cute #missingdog #miss #love
cute - missingdog - love - pet - dog - kobe - taiwan - sheltie - miss - taipei -
iamnono - francescagramegna - - since_yulun -
Isn't she adorable...?...just found her in my driveway...anyone who has a good home for her...pls e mail me... #lostdog #boxer #girl #dog #missingdog #Jacksonville
boxer - missingdog - girl - lostdog - dog - jacksonville -
skinner_kz - lizzombified - rawr689 - betterstickers -
Missing dog in the Southwind high area! No name on the tag but the collar is blue and green! I'm stuck with him thanks to somebody 😑 and I won't just throw him on the street! Small dog, shitzu or poodle mixed dog. #missingdog #help
missingdog - help -
_todewa : If i didn't read the caption i would've called this dog Dallas lol !
_deeeejch : Ooh that's my dog !!!!
slayedbyjayde_ : Lol i know! Twins girl! @_todewa
slayedbyjayde_ : Lol you lying or nah 😹 @_deeeejch
_todewa : Right lol !
_deeeejch : Or nah bring me my dang dog. Dog stealer 😂
slayedbyjayde_ : Okay my reward amount is $500 you got me??! Lol. @_deeeejch
slayedbyjayde_ : Nah make that $1000 @_deeeejch
kay.mays - caityjee - portianichelle - dollfacetasha -
#missingdog #brittanyspaniel #americanbrittany #abr #maine #americanbrittanyrescue
abr - americanbrittany - missingdog - brittanyspaniel - maine - americanbrittanyrescue -
lisavivian : Good luck, I hope someone find him!!
lisavivian -
Sooooo we found this dog this morning and we cannot find the owner. He's in the area of Southwind high!!! Blue and green collar if you know who he belongs to Dm me or something! Looks like a poodle, shitzu mix. #Help #help #missingdog.
missingdog - help -
kay_marieeee : Lmaoo! Thats hilarious cus normally people say some nice stuff for a missing dog ! @slayedbyjayde_ @cb______
kay_marieeee : That just was unexpected lol!! @slayedbyjayde_
slayedbyjayde_ : Haha right!! Ima send him to Chris lol @kay_marieeee I asked Brandi and lee was like nope he want a pit.
kay_marieeee : They don't need a pit smh! lol I hate for him to have to go the pound though 😣
slayedbyjayde_ : Right! If they don't tell me an address when I call ima have to give him to someone who wants him @kay_marieeee
ms.asiarose : 😍😍😍
anababe01 : Go by a vet office and see if he has a microchip in him
slayedbyjayde_ : I found the owner!!! @anababe01
skippo2k19 - shop_at_macys - thekeyof_d_natural - reesiemfnree -
Hey everyone please keep an eye out and if you see him let me know thanks #bendigo #lostinbendigo #missingpup #missingdog #lovedanimal #needstobereturned
bendigo - missingdog - missingpup - lovedanimal - needstobereturned - lostinbendigo -
kirstyym_ -
She's still MIA ... 😿😔😞 REWARD if found #Lost #FidoAlert #MissingDog #MissingPet #Chihuahua #Chulita
missingpet - chihuahua - missingdog - lost - chulita - fidoalert -
besos_oxox : 😩poor chulita...let's hope she's safe and being spoiled 🙏
iamlenaro : Noooo !!! I'm sad for you I'll pray for her safe return 🙏🙏💜💜
robz_562 - kushcakes206 - elhefay - th3ballboy -
$2000 REWARD for #MISSINGDOG in Los Angeles please share!!! #LOSTDOG #LOSTANDFOUND #MISSING #reward
reward - lostdog - missingdog - missing - lostandfound -
evermainard - kittythom - liannix123 - gilachristie -
⚠ALERT⚠ Wilson is missing! This dog means everything to Suzanne. Keep an eye out for him. Right outside of luling off highway 90 going towards seguin. Please help us get him back to his loving home. Everyone misses him 💔 #missingdog #wilson #luling #lulingtexas #dog #missing #bassethound #heartbroken #alert #highway90 #seguin #love #home #country #woods ##cute #help #lulingdogs #laws #luling #animal #welfare #society
cute - bassethound - love - help - missing - luling - highway90 - society - woods - alert - welfare - home - seguin - wilson - missingdog - country - dog - lulingdogs - lulingtexas - animal - heartbroken - laws -
ghostgamer4 - mashayshayy - roman_blaunt - bassethorus -
Have you seen Louie?? #helpfindlouie #helplouiegethome #philly #Philadelphia #missingdog #dogsofinstagram #repost #doubletap
missingdog - dogsofinstagram - doubletap - helpfindlouie - philadelphia - philly - helplouiegethome - repost -
rani2902 - dogflavinho - leothefrenchton - kimocoton -
Keep a look out for Indy he went missing around Sahara and Durango ! You can text me 702-205-0695! #missingdog #indy #help
indy - missingdog - help -
ugly_dckling_ : Reposting
itslarissag : @ugly_dckling_ thank you!!!
ugly_dckling_ : NP (:
xoxosaesh : I'll live near there so I'll keep a look out for this sweet little baby
tricia_mae_summers - dennimr - smok3ahontass - conceitedtrex -
MISSING DOG!!!: Today my dog ran out of the house around 7pm. We live in Charles county if you find him please message me. He responds to Merlin(like the wizard) and he is very sweet and pitiful. And I miss him so much. Please help me find him. He has a collar on with him name and my parents phone numbers. #missingdog #merlin #charlescounty #missingmerlin
missingmerlin - merlin - missingdog - charlescounty -
dani.flips : 😭🙏
nymphetamine_engel : Oh no!
nymphetamine_engel : I hope you find him soon :c I wuv my wiggle puppy
hannah.785 : I'll share on a lost pets page, is that ok?
double.sara : @nymphetamine_engel thanks. @hannah.785 that would be great
lexie_1117 - hannah.785 - iheartsyncro - _calla_here -
#missinganimal #lostdog #missingdog
lostdog - missingdog - missinganimal -
#lostdog #missingdog #missinganimal
lostdog - missingdog - missinganimal -
If anyone is missing this poor little cutie please let me know! #missingdog
missingdog -
thejaysonpatrick : @iamgatespitts ?? Is this duke
iamgatespitts : No they look just alike though duke is a darker brown @thejaysonpatrick
thejaysonpatrick : Oh ok. It really does look like him tho @iamgatespitts
iamgatespitts : Yeah it does I thought was and had to ask mom @thejaysonpatrick
thejaysonpatrick : Hahaha @iamgatespitts
marcmoore_ - trista_olier - theofficialgat - sheffboy_rd54 -
bayarea - skyline - missingdog - pacifica - spca -
cforcami : Please if you've seen my friend Anne's dog Duke, contact me!!! He was last seen 10/21 around Pacific Bay Circle in San Bruno. #Skyline #Pacifica #bayarea #spca #missingdog @annegreene77
annegreene77 : @edenraiders88 yes he is a Yorkie shitzu. Please help me repost him to ur IG.
amy.norman2015 - lisa_inez91 - _pattay - monkeylovin -
Missing dog alert!!! Her name is Dorah, shes a french bulldog. She was last seen by 42ave and sw 8th st. Her owners name is Sarah and if anyone has seen her they should call 407-575-8771 She went missing this afternoon sometime. Please share and repost. #rescuedog #miamidogs #miami #help #lostdog #missingdog #brickell #itsalwayssunnydogwalkers #coralgables #coconutgrove
missingdog - miamidogs - coconutgrove - miami - brickell - itsalwayssunnydogwalkers - rescuedog - coralgables - lostdog - help -
puppymugs : @aholsniffsglue
rick152510 - chatimebrickell - puppymugs - mrs_heikk -
This guy needs a home. Extremely friendly and well behaved. Contact me if you or anyone you know wishes to adopt him.
runawaydog - missingdog - pitbullmix - adopt - founddog - pitbull - lostdog - sanpablo - dogs -
herm_diggity : #lostdog #missingdog #runawaydog #founddog #adopt #Dogs #pitbull #pitbullmix #sanpablo
cn0v0a_43 : What a cutie @herm_diggity wish I could take another in but my little studio is packed. Good luck finding him a home!
iloverlyu : @herm_diggity Is he good with other dogs? Would love to have him. I have an enormous backyard. Let me know!
herm_diggity : I have not been able to let him interact with other dogs? Hes great with people. Hell he literally walked up to our porch and just chilled there the rest of the day. lol... Ill let you know, will probably have him meet Marley.
herm_diggity : @iloverlyu
iloverlyu : He is a gorgeous dog.
teriann62 - djdonjulio2209 - nery143 - tuthman07 -
HEY SEATTLE! We have a stolen Yorkie! She has been missing since April and turns 10 this month! If you have seen her or know anything about her disappearance, call the number listed!! Help her get home!! #seattledogs #seattledog #lostdog #stolendog #missingdog #bringmehome #yorkie #yorkiesofseattle #yorkshireterrier #yorkiesofig #seattle #seattlepets #dogsofseattle #petsofseattle #seattlepup #pnw #repost welovedogs
yorkiesofseattle - stolendog - yorkiesofig - pnw - seattledog - lostdog - petsofseattle - repost - yorkshireterrier - seattle - missingdog - yorkie - seattlepup - dogsofseattle - bringmehome - seattlepets - seattledogs -
miss_booradley - duke_and_docholliday - wallikaymama - cristinsfsheba -
The sweetest little dog is missing only one year old! If anyone has seen him or know any one that has him would be helpful!! He is microchipped. Went missing in the Dover shores area but he could be anywhere near there! His name is monkey! Direct message me if you have any deets. #lostdog #missingdog #monkey #wheresmonkey #newportbeach
newportbeach - lostdog - missingdog - monkey - wheresmonkey -
lisajlorenzo : Make fliers!!! It's the best way! I live near there so I will keep an eye out. My friend lost his Frenchie and someone who saw his flier had her at her house because she saw the pup wondering (and no collar).
karifrancesduran : @lisajlorenzo I think the owner put up fliers ! I might just make some of my own.
jessieleenix : Thank you for sharing @karifrancesduran ❤️ I have made flyers and they are up everywhere and been passing them out but any help is appreciated.
christinatrejo - isaray_722 - jeremydinneen - grazigirl -
PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: AmigosLosAngelinos My dear friends @adelaidecrock & @mink_gto and I are in search of a small dog that goes by the name, #TommyLee. She holds her head on a tilt and is wearing a red bandana. If you spot her please give this number a call 312.888.0095 #MissingDog #SummonTheTroops Any leads are greatly appreciated. ~ Ariel, Adelaide & Jillian
missingdog - summonthetroops - tommylee -
adele_dazeem_losangelos - _itsebonique - adelaidecrock - lilbert86 -
I found this sweet girl on campus yesterday. She was very friendly. She had a collar, but no tags, and was well-fed. She didn't have a microchip so she is at the Terre Haute Humane Society now. I know her owners are out there somewhere. I hope they find her. 💜🐶 #prettygirl #boxer #doglover #straydog #puppylove #isu #oncampus #loveher #nofilter #doglady #boxersofinstagram #adorable #precious #sweetheart #dogsofinstagram #missingpets #animals #pets #stray #dog #puppy #missing #humanesociety #terrehaute #sweetpuppy #collegelife #missingdog #lovedher #helpthisdog #nokillshelter
lovedher - collegelife - boxersofinstagram - dogsofinstagram - stray - missing - animals - helpthisdog - sweetheart - boxer - straydog - prettygirl - precious - humanesociety - sweetpuppy - loveher - nofilter - missingdog - nokillshelter - doglover - doglady - dog - isu - puppylove - terrehaute - pets - missingpets - puppy - adorable - oncampus -
yourfreescholarship : neat
shelbyrenee_14 - stevengema - marks.helen2015 - jennayybug -
What. The hell. Is this. There are patches of fur plastered to the fence, and a giant charred femur bone. Either someone burned a deer or a big dog??? #arson #animalwelfare #missingdog #crimeorcleanup
crimeorcleanup - missingdog - animalwelfare - arson -
protectpets - kdogrescue - voice4dogs - signfordogs -
MISSING!!!!!! These two pups were last seen in Pflugerville in the Falcon Pointe subdivison on 10/13/14. For more information and to see more pictures contact @bebutlittle Please help by sharing and passing along this info, let's help get these fur kids back home to their family! #caninesofaustin
petstagram - caninesofaustin - dogsofinstagram - instadog - lostdog - iflmdog - dogsofaustin - lifeanddog - missingdog - austindogs - dogstagram - instapets - petsofinstagram - atx - pets - austin - dogs - texas -
caninesofaustin : #austin #atx #texas #dogsofaustin #austindogs #missingdog #lostdog #dogsofinstagram #dogs #pets #petsofinstagram #instadog #instapets #dogstagram #petstagram #iflmdog #lifeanddog
sushigirl_atx : @caninesofaustin oh no! I hope they find their way home.
caninesofaustin : @sushigirl_atx we hope so too!
mydoxiedaisy : 😔 We are in Pfville and will be on the lookout. Fingers and paws crossed for a safe return home.
caninesofaustin : @mydoxiedaisy thank you! We hope they're found soon and reunited with their family
spikeandzira : Posting on Twitter, hope they get home safe.
caninesofaustin : @spikeandzira thank you so much for sharing on twitter! It's wonderful to see our community come together to get these fur kids back home with their family
jennandrewsmith : Oh noooo! Breaks my heart! Hope they are found soon!
baxterschmaxter - rachelashleigh - stephanie_bruno - aliyaboo -
H μικρή Δάφνη αγνοείται. Χάθηκε στις 5/10 στους Θρακομακεδόνες. Αν έχετε κάποια πληροφορία τηλεφωνήστε στο 6945150595
help - missingdog - find - dog -
kobefranki : :(
mantogika : #missingdog #help #find #dog
speedball81 - melania_paokara - steve_kis - christos_katsavo -
Heart broken! Please come home! #missingdog
missingdog -
hannah.gymnast10 : Hope you find him!🙏😔😫😭🙏
lori81862 : 🙏🙏🙏🙏
bea_kiddo : Hope u find her
princessbuttcup : Have you checked Craigslist??? We are really hoping you find her. I can't imagine what you are going through. 🙏❤️
stinamarie1981 : Yes, I've been checking everyday several times a day :(
hannah.gymnast10 - lindsw34 - lori81862 - jessagroup -
Great news! The Oahu boston terrier ohana, our friends, and the community have all pulled together and we found Albus! So many were involved in the effort; so THANK YOU, all of you, who joined the effort to reunite Albus with his family. He was very tired after five days on the road. Thankfully he has his own bed to sleep on tonight!! #windward #kaneohe #windwardoahu #bostonterrier #kahaluu #ahuimanu #kahekili #hygienicstore #templevalley #valleyofthetemples #96744 #waihee #lostdog #missingdog #lostbostonterrier #missingbostonterrier #founddog #mahalo #thankyou #grateful #albus #albusthebostonterrier #oahubostonterrierohana
missingbostonterrier - templevalley - windward - mahalo - 96744 - bostonterrier - thankyou - kahaluu - grateful - lostbostonterrier - lostdog - missingdog - albusthebostonterrier - kaneohe - valleyofthetemples - hygienicstore - kahekili - oahubostonterrierohana - founddog - waihee - ahuimanu - windwardoahu - albus -
ktskeel : Awesome news!!
surflessonshawaii - anbo6 - hawkeye04 - retrophone -
Still missing. Anuk. Valley Village/North Hollywood. 9 year old Shih Tsu. Please call if seen 818-472-7648 $700 reward. #missingdog #anuk #shihtsu #dogrescue #northhollywood #valleyvillage #reward
shihtsu - missingdog - valleyvillage - anuk - dogrescue - northhollywood - reward -
vincentnelsoncash - vezom_ - signfordogs - banpyeongchang -
Please help us find Monkey by liking or sharing this photo. Every effort helps. My best friends heart is broken and I would love for everyone to help her find him. #missingdog #lostdog #newportbeach #costamesa
newportbeach - lostdog - missingdog - costamesa -
karifrancesduran : #wheresmonkey
maddiemsmith : Monkey!?:((((
fitlady21 : #incredible shot
smile_always93 - brandos_rando949 - katsimp6 - christianreyess -
The search continues for my sweet boy in the #newportbeach #costamesa area. Just by liking this photo and/or sharing his photo can circulate. Please help get him home. Someone may have him and not know what to do but he is chipped so I'm hoping they figure it out and don't decide to try and keep him! #lostdog #missingdog #dog #shihtzu #maltese #lostdogs #missinhdogs
missingdog - missinhdogs - shihtzu - costamesa - dog - lostdogs - maltese - missingdogs - newportbeach - lostdog -
alliecotton : Oh no! I'm so sorry Jess! I'll keep an eye out.
krstamac : Have you been able to locate him via the microchip website?
jessieleenix : Microchips unfortunately aren't locators @krstamac. The company knows he is missing and to contact me but first someone needs to bring him to a shelter or vet where they can scan him where they will be notified he's missing.
michelechantel : 💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 love you jess!
callmechrist : Oh no Jessie, good luck finding him!! Sending positive vibes your way for his quick return home ❤️
chanelle_martins : So awful I hope you find your baby! I would be devastated! 😢💔
karli_kuhns : I'm so sorry piglet!!!! 😔 I'll be praying for you guys love you
miacono29 : 😥
cat_dupont - rachfost55 - brittscameron - hydroclothing -
To anyone and everyone who lives in Miami @yoventura #tatum #justinbieber #emabiggestfansjustinbieber#onedirection #katyperry #love #missingdog #missing #miama #beach #america #jbff #justinbieberfanfiction #justinbieberimagines #yoventura
miama - yoventura - onedirection - katyperry - missing - beach - justinbieberimagines - justinbieberfanfiction - justinbieber - jbff - missingdog - emabiggestfansjustinbieber - love - america - tatum -
khsti : Great @VinesBeLike
cokelena - _leocalisto - lolbiebsss - gloria_plenkina -
HELP @feliciapennanen find Max! #missingdog #dogsofinstagram #chihuahua #contact Felicia #puppylove #lost #OshawaFriends #InstaSize #please #share 🐾🐶
chihuahua - missingdog - dogsofinstagram - lost - please - share - instasize - thankyou - oshawafriends - contact - puppylove -
feliciapennanen : Thanks @meaganchristinee 💕 I really appreciate it
meaganmcleann : wish I new more people in that area, but hopefully it helps ! @feliciapennanen
meaganmcleann : MAX has been FOUND! yay! #thankyou everyone ! 🐾
patvoleota - tagapp - _crispou - wlliemm1688 -
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