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disappears6replace : this is by far my fav instagram acc, you should DM ME! ⭐
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Miso Smoked Salmon Carpaccio with Umami Pearls, topped with Miso Cream, garnished with Sea Asparagus and Chives. #LCCCulinary #CulinaryCrafting #SalmonCarpaccio #ContemporaryCuisine #4ManTeam #ThePearl #MisoYummy #AppetizerStation
salmoncarpaccio - culinarycrafting - thepearl - misoyummy - 4manteam - contemporarycuisine - lccculinary - appetizerstation - usodummy -
jahhlel : #misohorny
mrt.n : #UsoDummy @jahhlel
bryskynite24 : #usolie @jahhlel work my ass
mwuah908 : How would I eat this? Would I eat the cream on it's own? Or do I mix the whole thing together with a spoon? (:
mrt.n : @mwuah908 I would slice a piece from the miso cream and have it with a piece of the each bite. You could do the mix method like spreading the butter on bread as the cream did have a similar texture. It's all preference (:
mrt.n : the salmon each bite*
mwuah908 : Ohhh I see. That's pretty awesome and it looks very sophisticated! Good job Martin!! πŸ‘ It looks really good!
mrt.n : @mwuah908 Thank you! 😊
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Rice university entrance 21 from 5-8. Come try our kimchi or tonkotsu ramen!! #foodtruck #misoyummy #ramen #houston
ramen - foodtruck - misoyummy - houston -
janno2109 : Are you gonna be at the food park this Friday
thorninc : This is amazing, as usual!! Could totally go for some considering I have a double ear infection and sore throat!! 😷
tricia_nguyen : Looks soooo goodπŸ‘―πŸ‘―
misoyummytruck : @janno2109 we're going to be there tomorrow night for dinner. @thorninc we miss you, come by soon!!
leftylloyd : @misoyummytruck U anywhere today for lunch boss?
misoyummytruck : @leftylloyd not for lunch. Dinner we will be @houstonfoodpark tonight.
dixiesdesserts - gordo.con.queso - nezzuhh - docdreidel -
#misoyummy #nofliter #ramen #yumyum @yawnzzzzz
yumyum - ramen - soupslut - misoyummy - nofliter -
fillebrigitte : Beauty
cyndmcc : way. That looks awesome.
yawnzzzzz : #steam
pennyg505 : #soupslut
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Miso salmon with snow peas and sesame peas #salmon #nourish #lornajane #Lornajaneclarkson #thefitwoman #misoyummy
salmon - nourish - lornajane - misoyummy - lornajaneclarkson - thefitwoman -
gemkenessy : Can you be my personal chef please? I can't afford to pay you but I will offer to do all your school corrections???
lacuju : Sooooo delicious!!
rawcorehealth : Wow!
rawcoreliving - perfectbodytea - lilliancuttsdesign - rawcorefitness -
Turkey kale miso soup with kelp noodles. #seatangle #seaweed #misoyummy
misoyummy - seatangle - seaweed -
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Serving lunch at the museum of fine art till 2. Take a lunch break and swing on by! #misoyummy #foodtruck #mfah
foodtruck - mfah - misoyummy -
char1ie_pham : I'm hungry now!
misoyummytruck : @leftylloyd at the fine art museum till 2. Tomorrow we will be at Camden pearl for dinner 5-8
misoyummytruck : @char1ie_pham I'll deliver it to you lol
janno2109 : Ahhh I've been wanting some, can I take a bag xtra hot Cheetos and use those for sushi lol
misoyummytruck : @eli_janice if you can't catch us today. We will be at Pearl midtown from dinner from 5-8.
misoyummytruck : @janno2109 @leftylloyd Sorry guys, we won't be out tonight after all but you can find us Friday @houstonfoodpark 5-9pm!
janno2109 : @mescamilla92
nwatruck : Very cool!
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I'm on a boat 🚣 #mikissushi #dragonfire #misoyummy #nemo #sushiheaven #happytummy #rollout #imonaboat
sushiheaven - nemo - misoyummy - rollout - mikissushi - dragonfire - happytummy - imonaboat -
dvlwearsprada52 : Love me some good sushi!!! Looks great!
sengaly : It was amazing!! @dvlwearsprada52
vonnie.g4 - he_hates__me - jamesanthane - jessica_orozco_ -
Dinner time 😍 salmon marinated in a ginger miso vinaigrette, then oven roasted with a bit of soy sauce. And veggie "fried" farro #fitfood #misoyummy
fitfood - misoyummy -
cimamacita10 - abigailgrace11 - amandac250 - runalymiazgarun -
Now serving at the museum of fine art till 2. Swing by on your lunch break and grab some #misoyummy! Don't forget you can text in your order for pick up. Have a great day!! #foodtruck #houston #hotmamafries #kimchiramen #slawpdog #hotmamafries
houston - kimchiramen - hotmamafries - misoyummy - slawpdog - foodtruck -
nwatruck : Wow like it!
ddvu13 - chapinvasquez - nwatruck - jen__joy -
Tomorrow we'll be serving at the Museum of Fine Arts from 11-2. Swing by and grab a quick lunch with us! #misoyummy #kimchiramen #foodtruck #houston
foodtruck - misoyummy - kimchiramen - houston -
misoyummytruck : Museum of fine art @leftylloyd
churrascotruck : Looks so good !!!
leftylloyd : @misoyummytruck where yall at?
misoyummytruck : We're suppose to be at the food park tonight but my partner David has some family stuff he needs to take care of. He has a wake to attend to tonight and a funeral tomorrow. We won't be out for the rest of the week. Sorry @leftylloyd
leftylloyd : @misoyummytruck sorry to hear that man. I'll just hit U up on Monday
misoyummytruck : For sure! @leftylloyd
leftylloyd : @misoyummytruck I need my fix
misoyummytruck : @leftylloyd tonight rice university, entrance 21 from 5-8. Swing by.
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By @johnlgnd via @RepostWhiz app: #tbt #Roxy @chewybears23 & @djwkd23 #misoyummy
misoyummy - roxy - tbt -
chewybears23 : Booty hanging out
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Who needs a liberal arts education when you got some "hot mama fries" #MisoYummy #Houston #FoodTrucks #FreeFood #PylandCulture
houston - freefood - misoyummy - foodtrucks - pylandculture -
andrealynne94 - ba_lak_k - kaleigh.ariana - southernrooster808 -
Hey it's food truck Monday at the University of St. Thomas #FoodTrucks #Houston #MisoYummy #Ramen #Sushi #PylandCulture
ramen - houston - foodtrucks - pylandculture - sushi - misoyummy -
viavanessaaa - espaderosss - rence_and_repeat - seven.floors -
The miso poutine at Renner's is out of this world delicious! We love the vibe and food here, it's totally our fav neighborhood spot! #barfood #foodporn #poutine #divebar #happyhour #misoyummy #multnomahvillage #rennersgrill #bestfoodpdx #swpdx #igers #igerspdx #igersportland
swpdx - barfood - multnomahvillage - foodporn - bestfoodpdx - misoyummy - igersportland - igers - lindzelouformayor - rennersgrill - poutine - igerspdx - happyhour - divebar -
calleydbaby : You should be the mayor of The Village. You are the best cheerleader #multnomahvillage has! #lindzelouformayor love it!
lindzelou717 : @calleydbaby what can I say, love my neighborhood! And I def like the sound of #lindzelouformayor it has a nice ring to it!!
lindzelou717 : @le_ann876 Renner's is the best!! You will love it and everyone that works there is awesome! πŸ‘πŸ»
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mindofmaggie : #vegan#whatveganseat#miso#soup#gmofree#noodles#mushrooms#vegansofig#healthy#fall#motivate#yum
mike.fresh : Like it!
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Food truckin it with this crazy kid! #foodtruckshouston #foodtruck #food #happy #smiles #chillynights #houfoodtruckpark #misoyummy #nofilter @misoyummy
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What a Fish! #tuna #starter #thebrewery #misoyummy 🍣
tuna - misoyummy - starter - thebrewery -
jay3mcee : 😍
alexrowe91 - jay3mcee - sonaabd - oli_harding -
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laural228 : Mmmmm I need some singo sushi in my life 😍
absolute_nugget : Yes my love come ! 🐟🍱🍜 @laural228
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sarah_holland - marksremarks -
Sushi Date! 🍺🍢🍻🍱🍣πŸ₯ #bajaroll #cucumberwrap #sakibombs #misoyummy #somethingsneverchange #stucktogetherforlife #thisisbecomingaweeklytradition #weregoingtoneedaridehome @anghnrdz
stucktogetherforlife - weregoingtoneedaridehome - thisisbecomingaweeklytradition - somethingsneverchange - misoyummy - cucumberwrap - bajaroll - sakibombs -
bigheartedleeann : Ooooo where's this
shernandez8991 : @bigheartedleeann at the Kabuki at westgate
bigheartedleeann : I thought so but wasn't sure. Looked a little different
alexsanchezhlf - bigheartedleeann - flowerizzle - jegalaviz23 -
Never let me near the #HoustonFoodPark when #high&hungry. I could be liable to but n try any & everything if left unsupervised. #MisoYummy #chickenfries #beef #BahMi
good - food - krazy - goodfood - misoyummy - chickenfries - high - houstonfoodpark - delicious - bahmi - mealoftheday - yummy - beef - eggontop - fries - goingbackformore - sandwiches - familyfriendly - picoftheday -
stuffluvr83 : #eggontop #delicious #goingbackformore #yummy #food #goodfood #sandwiches #fries #krazy #good ##picoftheday #mealoftheday
pacomontoya : Whoah. That looks good.
stuffluvr83 : It so was. Try headin out there some time @pacomontoya
pacomontoya : I know bro. I do need to get out there.
stuffluvr83 : Somebody there will have SOMETHIN for everyone. @pacomontoya #familyfriendly
pacomontoya : Or EVERYTHING for me. 😁😜😁
stuffluvr83 : Have you seen or heard of the Food truck festival comin soon. Me and the Mss are still trying to decided on that or renaissance festival @pacomontoya ?
mitchburnz - hungerhouston - milknhoney85 - hlzo1005 -
Can't wait to make my own miso soup!! 🍲🍲🍲 Woohoo! #gommedatmiso #sodelicious #cantwait #whatsfordinner #misoyummy #wholefoodsfinds
cantwait - wholefoodsfinds - gommedatmiso - whatsfordinner - misoyummy - sodelicious -
azangel69 : You should make some for me ;)
azangel69 -
a lil piece of magherita.. omnoms. #foodie #foodcoma #foodgasm #foodporn #foodiediary #eatfirstthinklater #pizza #misoyummy #love
foodcoma - love - foodporn - foodgasm - misoyummy - foodiediary - eatfirstthinklater - foodie - pizza -
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#muiishimakirritos #misoyummy #houfoodpark #houston #art #date #saturday #awyiss
houston - art - misoyummy - awyiss - date - muiishimakirritos - saturday - houfoodpark -
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And the kale salad obsession continues - kale w sesame miso vinaigrette & other good shit #homecooking #healthy #foodie #foodporn #instafood #kale #salad #asianish #miso #misoyummy
miso - foodie - kale - salad - foodporn - healthy - misoyummy - instafood - asianish - homecooking -
nonofu : @eatmelasvegas lol I was going to say - there's been no talk of kale in our convos
eatmelasvegas : Yah, they're mostly fried chicken-related conversions πŸ—
nonofu : @eatmelasvegas that's tomorrow!! I'm so excited πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—πŸ—
mamichele : What do you put in yours that makes it yummy?
nonofu : @mamichele I make it with acidic dressing (from citrus and/or vinegar) and let the kale sit overnight. It gets wilted so it's not so hard or bitter but its still crunchy. Love love it! And I'm also into chickpeas and avocado. Super filling. I'm going to experiment w the dressing - add grated ginger and maybe lemon zest not just juice. This one is good but could be better. How you doing?
mamichele : @nonofu Mmm gonna try this. I don't really like kale because it has a strong taste but I think it's because I've been preparing it wrong this whole time. Thanks for the tip. I'm doing good. Same ole. When are you going to LA for the Sanrio convention thing?
nonofu : @mamichele take the ribs off too. Let me know how it goes I'm really surprised it's so good
nonofu : @mamichele sorry didn't see the rest. I'm in la Halloween week wed-sun
sanriosushi - la_petronila - chefjohnrock - u1a2b3c4d5e -
Miso yummy #misoyummy
misoyummy -
sepnguyen : Where?
cleepy : @misoyummytruck came to my office for lunch. The kimchi ramen was pretty damn good
v.ginna -
MISO YUMMY food truck was at my apartment complex tonight so I thought I'd give it a try for dinner! "Hot Mama Fries" and "Seaweed Crunch" for dinner tonight! #foodtruck #misoyummy #getinmybelly #camdenliving
camdenliving - foodtruck - misoyummy - getinmybelly -
ashcraftba : How was it?
rumkimannan : @ashcraftba really good! The "Hot Mama Fries" were the best! Lol Just the right amount of spicy!
carissahc - laila3932 - lauren.e.meyer - ashcraftba -
The only reason I'm happy about being at work today...Miso Yummy kimchi ramen & pot stickers!!! @misoyummytruck #misoyummy #thiskimchiismakingmedrunk ;-)
misoyummy - thiskimchiismakingmedrunk -
megwburnett - bshipley930 - lauraaych - ambertiemann -
New breed of black & white cookie bound for the oven. White miso shortbread + black sesame seeds. #misoyummy
misoyummy -
annietaypitt : Dayum!
aldelaune : I want to try!
wgmurphy : Yummmmmm
sidneyfry - lizzierho - wgmurphy - ellechiang -
Some good eats today from Miso Yummy at the Houston Food Truck. #foodporn #MisoYummy #FoodTruck
foodtruck - misoyummy - foodporn -
davecalid - klavier_esto - jackelynp - loravenkova13 -
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