When people aren't happy with themselves, they get a kick out of seeing you do bad. But the battle doesn't belong to you. Reserve your energy for accomplishing your goals. #dontworry #behappy #miserylovescompany #wonthedoit
behappy - dontworry - miserylovescompany - wonthedoit -
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#word #miserylovescompany this is a tortoise race and u my friend u silly rabbit will never win. #curve βœ‹ until then I'm gonna keep stunting my stuff πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ
curve - miserylovescompany - word - strunting -
kl0ve02 : #strunting
luigimt85 : True story
jetset_r33m : #swerve
jay_escante732 - gracie781 - urboyisback2 - blondieflacavega -
#positive #positivity #positivethoughts #goals #achieve #determined #miserylovescompany
determined - goals - positivethoughts - positive - positivity - miserylovescompany - achieve -
roxi_fashunn_life - wardroberitual -
As long as your happy that's all that matters. Forget what anyone else thinks! I'm far from perfect and that's perfectly fine with me. Please don't hold me to a standard that I don't hold for myself! My only judge is God! #whyamialwaysatopic #miserylovescompany #youwouldobetterifyouknewbetter #imgoodbutthanksanyways
youwouldobetterifyouknewbetter - miserylovescompany - whyamialwaysatopic - imgoodbutthanksanyways -
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Holy moly! Anyone else feelin' the love? ❀️ #hurtssogood #blessedtobeable #happypain #miserylovescompany
miserylovescompany - hurtssogood - blessedtobeable - happypain -
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We sit back and laugh at u bitches I know you don't like that I'm leaving you behind and if I keep moving at this rate you'll never catch up but this is a tortoise race and you silly rabbits a never win ctfu lml #haters #theygonehate #itstherejob #miserylovescompany #itellnolies #freevell #freejojo
miserylovescompany - freevell - theygonehate - freejojo - haters - itellnolies - itstherejob -
pooh_gotit_ : πŸ’―
hon_ebrown : Lol...wassup
firstlady111 : Lol hey Tanisha @hon_ebrown we gotta link
hon_ebrown : I know lets do a ladies night
satin_maneater83 : Call me. 216-239-4689. I just got out the hospital
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We are all having a #sickday #miserylovescompany especially when it's #furry
miserylovescompany - furry - sickday -
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Happy Monday. There will ALWAYS be people who are so miserable they will go our their way to TRY to bring someone down. I always say I've worked so hard to be where I am so I refuse to stoop to anyone's level. #therealmvp #illonlylookdowntoseemyshoes #miserylovescompany #watchme #thebestisyettocome #onlythestrongsurvive #lastlaugh
watchme - onlythestrongsurvive - therealmvp - illonlylookdowntoseemyshoes - thebestisyettocome - lastlaugh - miserylovescompany -
betta1122 : Out not our*
janet_luv_2232 : I like this
betta1122 : Oh btw today is Tuesday but it sure does feel like a Monday. ....lol
janet_luv_2232 : I had to post this @betta1122 people are haters
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Hollaaaa βœŒοΈπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹ #goodvibesonly #miserylovescompany
miserylovescompany - goodvibesonly -
_beccaxo2 : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
dianaxox_ : I'm reposting!
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Good morning. β˜•οΈ #goodmorning #nobadvibes #goodfuckinglife #letemhate #miserylovescompany #namaste
namaste - goodfuckinglife - miserylovescompany - letemhate - goodmorning - nobadvibes -
jazzysmommy1 : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
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People who hate her, hate me. People who love her are just as judgmental & hate me. #truthtuesday #thetruthdoeshurt #outcast #loner #lonerstatus #ratherbealone #miserylovescompany #impayingforhermistakes #idontwannabe #solangeknowles #jamielynnspears #livinginhershadow #herusedtobefriendsturntheirheadwhentheyseeme #foolish #foolishness #catty #petty #meangirls #stuckup #iamnotmysister #iamme #letmebe #free #getmeoutoftheghetto #thestruggle #idontbelonghere #ibelonginCALI βœˆοΈπŸŠβ˜€οΈ
ibelongincali - impayingforhermistakes - catty - livinginhershadow - miserylovescompany - stuckup - free - loner - herusedtobefriendsturntheirheadwhentheyseeme - jamielynnspears - outcast - lonerstatus - thetruthdoeshurt - idontwannabe - petty - meangirls - iamme - foolishness - idontbelonghere - thestruggle - solangeknowles - truthtuesday - getmeoutoftheghetto - ratherbealone - foolish - letmebe - iamnotmysister -
josofly_12 : If u can't be urself around pple then ✌️!! U feel me!! Lol 😜😜
bomoquie : Just be yourself u a beautiful love u@en_mis_suenoz
yerqspw - nujerze523 - mira_miri_go - plott_dickenz24 -
So the bestie wants nothing to do with me cause I told her the truth! Oh fucking well, would you rather someone take advantage of you, lower your self esteem and threat you like a second choice? I'm sorry for being a good friend and not wanting to see you get hurt! Now you can just go fuck yourself!!! #stupidbitches #miserylovescompany #fu
stupidbitches - miserylovescompany - fu -
sexer1 : Nice pic.
chev1uan : Uh oh
madmother2000 : oh well then f .them lol . and u look good in ur oic cus
deli__snow : Thanks ☺️
luz_elenia_ : Oh boi😳😁
mylifeinmascara - madmother2000 - sexer1 - chev1uan -
I seen this and had to repost it. Ppl, if this relates 2 u, please getcha MFN minds right... It seems it's more IDIOTS these days, #damnnnnn #idiots #UcangetAidsItDoesntDiscriminate #WeedIs4Letters #LearnHistoryCorrectly #SuicideIsKillingYourselfDumbBiotch #ummmm #ohwell #kansascitylimitz #knowledge #music #listening #mood #alwayzgood #mentalHealth #cantMakeULoveMe #GoPlease #miseryLovesCompany #Happy #workoutFlow #mixologist #Hustla #kansas #SayWhatUWant #FuccU #smdh #sympathy #duckdoff #distance #keeping2myself
goplease - keeping2myself - smdh - distance - saywhatuwant - miserylovescompany - kansas - damnnnnn - sympathy - ucangetaidsitdoesntdiscriminate - kansascitylimitz - listening - alwayzgood - duckdoff - workoutflow - learnhistorycorrectly - mood - cantmakeuloveme - suicideiskillingyourselfdumbbiotch - mentalhealth - mixologist - ohwell - idiots - fuccu - music - weedis4letters - hustla - ummmm - knowledge - happy -
melli_rankz : If you want to achieve your hugest aspirations and overcome your greatest challenges, identify and apply the principle or natural law that governs the results you seek!
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Barefoot... And in the dark. That's the kind of day I'm having. #feelmypain #work #badday #andthistooshallpass #workflow #philips #3rdshift #graveyardshift #socallife #hashtagsfordays
philips - graveyardshift - feelmypain - workflow - miserylovescompany - work - 3rdshift - badday - andthistooshallpass - hashtagsfordays - socallife -
puentes562 : Lol, errthang going wrong today. I want somebody else to feel my pain. #miserylovescompany. Hahaha
puentes562 : @spicoli78
spicoli78 : @puentes562 Suck to be you man. Haha
deadpoet36 : Suck it up vato!!!! @puentes562
melilepe : Geeez
kin680 : Shit i hope i dont have a barefoot on hot pavement kinda day when i go in...
puentes562 : @deadpoet36 what should I do, godfather?? Lol
deadpoet36 : Be a man!!!!! @puentes562 LMFAO
supastrong - mschevious - janeen_anthony - deadpoet36 -
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jemi_smom - selenaronquillo - pnayrican879 - tramos0627 -
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sportsluver90 : Omg..I love this post!!
jenni_temptresssalon : Just keep smiling around them.
liljoe3179 : @sportsluver90 πŸ‘πŸ‘
ryonr38 - freshazzjuice - still_keya0917 - goczo2k -
Haha, byeeee! #ihavebetterthingstodealwith #illbeatthetop #youllstayatthe bottom #miserylovescompany
youllstayatthe - illbeatthetop - miserylovescompany - ihavebetterthingstodealwith -
katelynnmckay : πŸ‘Œ
chrissyr87 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
jenncoutu - mlpetro - _.farmersdaughter - decemberleanne -
Bitches. Be. Tripping. #miserylovescompany
accusetheinnocent - miserylovescompany - 99problems - fuckouttahere - standtrial -
lowercasegod : #accusetheinnocent #standtrial #fuckouttahere
lowercasegod : #99problems
jeskabunny : CAUTION: NOTHING AHEAD.. #alwaystrippingonnothing
lowercasegod : NOTHING
lowercasegod : @jeskabunny
reneseford : Lol
lowercasegod : No not funny jen! @reneseford lol
trishsaysno : @lowercasegod I'm sorry I accidentally sent you pictures of me with my mom's box of Ferrero Rocher. I didn't mean to taunt you. I was just really baked. πŸ’–πŸ’•πŸ˜‚πŸ
willyywangg - reneseford - datblkkidjason - undertheboditree -
I will never understand why the same jealous ass broad has to try and throw dirt on my name smh silly rabbit don't you know that Isaac tells me EVERYTHING and at the end of the day no matter what lies you come up with he still loves ME... Now all you did was cause problems I posted this cause I know you and your bum ass squad of bitches will look at it or it will be shown to you, so I thought I should give you some kind of warning to let you know the next time you see me we will be having a talk.... Now go back to your pathetic little life stuck at the bars taking other women's men home and just try and I say try because we know that you won't stay out of our relationship... Pfffttt I guess the first pass I gave your ass wasn't good enough welp I'm all fresh out this time.... #miserylovescompany
miserylovescompany -
___lovely___t : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
nicoled_303 : @___lovely___t some bitches will never learn their place until a real woman has to put them in it
di_lovie : Don't let anyone slander name and anyone that does needs to get help. Some people take pride causing problems, because they have nothing better to do with there time. Well saud cousin show them hoe to handle it like a lady and with class. Probably something they may need to learn. These girls in need to grow up and act like women or have some teach them what that really is. Remember your beautiful on inside and out. #wellsaid #strength #class #aintnowbodygottimeforthat #lol
di_lovie : BTW i meant how to handle it like a lady
nicoled_303 : @di_lovie it's okay my man don't believe the lies he smart enough to know she's a miserable ass lame bitch.. We talk about everything and laugh at her for being so worried about me... Like I said misery loves company and I will always be a lady cause at the end of the day my fat ass paychecks are still coming in and I'm successful at what I do and have a man that loves me and my kids are beautiful, healthy, smart, and happy so I'm just gonna keep being happy cause that will only make the haters hate more πŸ‘
di_lovie : Good for you cousinπŸ‘Œ
taurus__21 : Damn you go Nicole! Where going to have to talk about what's going on at the game Wednesday! @nicoled_303
bellezaylatina - harlemking84 - ___lovely___t - dboy303 -
miserylovescompany -
tiff_fineazz - ravonjrmother - precious_lovingher_2 - 2beaut_i_full -
Never let them see you sweat ! #SmileBaby #MiseryLovesCompany #CantSitWithMeTho πŸ’ Thanks cuzzo had to smile at them @wisdom_54
smilebaby - miserylovescompany - cantsitwithmetho -
eyes_thighs_tattoos_ : No blonde πŸ˜”
joriiea : @eyes_thighs_tattoos_ no. I needed a change.
eyes_thighs_tattoos_ : Its cute though 😍😘
joriiea : @eyes_thighs_tattoos_ thanks boo 😘😘
cocodippedinchanel - ikeepitbriefwithubitches - mii_sogorgeous - sexislim36 -
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msbrittanyn - yonguemichael -
#behappy #stayreal #miserylovescompany
behappy - stayreal - miserylovescompany -
Trust me... I knew all along. Ha! Pull the trigger next time. #igotthosetextmessages #dummie #stupid #miserylovescompany #yourboyfriendgotagirlfriend #yourgirlfriendaintloyaljustaskme
stupid - yourgirlfriendaintloyaljustaskme - igotthosetextmessages - yourboyfriendgotagirlfriend - miserylovescompany - dummie -
fanc417 -
πŸ˜‚ #ohwellyoustill #lazyeyed #baldheaded #gaptoothed #tucan and still livin with the same fakes you tried outrunning before you done realized you was just as fake yaseff. #miserylovescompany #sadgirlsporvida #familyaintforeva #anewmeaningtothewordfriends
gaptoothed - baldheaded - anewmeaningtothewordfriends - miserylovescompany - tucan - sadgirlsporvida - ohwellyoustill - familyaintforeva - lazyeyed -
cat_head_fuzz : Awesome!
sasshole : @cat_head_fuzz right!! AHAHAH! Nowadays people aren't only two faced.. BITCHES RUNNIN AROUND WITH TEN DIFF MASKS IN THEY POCKETS
cat_head_fuzz : Lol! You're so funny @sasshole !!!! πŸ˜‚
miriamponce24 : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ‘
kirsten46 - godlessinluxury - petradactyl13 - bijanshah -
There's no discrimination #miserylovescompany
miserylovescompany -
loyalladykb - baby_sheabutta -
Sure do lol #miserylovescompany
miserylovescompany -
kimbrooks34 - _erickaaaaa_ -
Found these very, very old Feed The Addiction lyrics going through an old box in my room today. Throwback to when we first started. Miss those days. @crispell2210 @instagramless_sean #fta #lyrics #music #foreverago #thirdsongweeverwrote #metal #miserylovescompany #basicshit #wevecomealongway #throwback
foreverago - lyrics - thirdsongweeverwrote - basicshit - miserylovescompany - metal - fta - music - wevecomealongway - throwback -
instagramless_sean - giuliarovanholo - deannaredhead - meaningfulsongs -
#miserylovescompany #dontretaliate #theyjustmad
theyjustmad - miserylovescompany - dontretaliate -
beautyqueen89_ : πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
nishacole83 : Let #KARMA whoop that ass for ya!
brittany305l - ovadalocals - kimmyann34 - beautiibaker -
You ain't a saint. #idowhatiwant #WorryAboutYourself #MiseryLovesCompany
worryaboutyourself - miserylovescompany - idowhatiwant -
no_1_butt_u - msgina_red - harryy1975 - drosa95 -
Sorry to the haters that couldn't phase me πŸ™ŒπŸ‘‹βœŒοΈ#MiseryLovesCompany #HiHaters #YouMadTho #Winning
hihaters - miserylovescompany - youmadtho - winning -
joec004 - _forever__youngg_ - _gab_ri_ella_ - codyclark666 -
Baby girl sleeping in the dirty backseat. She's upset bc I'm upset. #MiseryLovesCompany right? LOL
miserylovescompany -
chandlerainsley - tamml18 - sandya89 - _eylolo_ -
Misery loves company... Shake the haters...stay on the grind... Its your journey... #realtalk #haters #truth #miserylovescompany
miserylovescompany - haters - truth - realtalk -
stay_focused_remain_steadfast - rafelina_michelle - getgamegroup - bosssmoothmom -
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