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My nephew looks just like his mother. Who he misses every single day. He got called a girl today & just sang, "that's cuz I have eyes like my mama". He's glad he looks like her... I've seen him talk to her while staring into the mirror. I love this boy.
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β € β € β € β € β € β € Crystal gems β € β € πŸ”Ί β € β € "Okay okay I think I got it!" Lapis declared setting down the magazine probably like the 50th one she had looked in since they needed something with the insignia of the team. "Lapis you've said that for the last 50 outfits." Peridot grumbled glancing away from the holographic screen. "Nono I'm serious!" The ocean gem assured giving a curt nod. The outfit quickly flashed off into a navy blue dress that dipped down on her chest and had a long skirt down to almost her ankles except in the front where it stopped half way down her thighs. "How about this style?" She asked whirling around revealing the tanktop straps that just went straight down to her hips leaving her back and gem revealed. "It looks fine like the last 50." Peridot sighed leaning back on the couch and crossed her arms. "It needs some touches though!" The blue gem declared once more flashing on a ribbon that tied around her waist into a bow with a star on the middle. By time she had finished flipping through magazines she had added small stars at the top of the dress and two star clips in her hair. "Have you found anything?" Lapis asked plopping down on the couch beside her. "I got one idea in mind." Peridot replied as a new outfit appeared on to her, (I haven't tested the colors eh) it was a green sleeveless top that covered her neck with a loose black scarf tied with a star. She had pants thats were just slightly above the waist line and went down into knee high boots that had a point towards the top. "Wow how did you pick one so fast!?" The blue gem questioned with a small shine in her eyes as Peridot glanced at the screen turning it towards her. "Internet." She replied blandly. "Inter-what?" Lapis asked tilting her head in confusion. "Internet." "Whats a internet?" "Urgh Nevermind." β € β € β € Open rp β € β € Yes I'm afraid of art theft so don dat lol quick short rp I just randomly got an idea of so merp? 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 #stevenuniverserp #stevensuniverse #steven #space #stevenuniverse #meow #mirriors #open #oceangems #ocean #oceangem #openroleplay #gem #garnet #pearl #amethyst #rp #peridot #jasper #lapis #lapislazuli
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crystal.lapis.lazuli : Messing with Lapis in general is a death wish, but she just giggles "They're like fluffy Robabies, but more clumsy!" She loves the Robonoids, giving them nicknames and drawing faces on them. She grins "Also they already have faces!" : @crystal.lapis.lazuli "And there supposed to fix things?" She inquired being made the connection. "They seem inefficient." Peridot stated then turned her head towards Lapis. "My Robonoids aren't supposed to have faces." She scowled with a small sigh. "Maybe someone should give you one of these so you stop naming mine." The gem mumbled with a small roll to her eyes.
crystal.lapis.lazuli : She laughs "Dogs don't fix things, they do stuff for diseases I think. They're cuter with faces, everything is cuter with faces!" Lapis shrugs "I don't want a dog, I already have to take care of Jasper under the ocean." She just shrugs : @crystal.lapis.lazuli Peridot just pondered on the subject for a moment. "So they heal?" She asked tilting her head. "So nothing is cute without a face, that's nice to know." The gem replied closing the screen since she had about seen enough of a dog. "Are you implying Jasper is as hard to take care of as a dog? Because I wouldn't deny it probably..." The gem mumbled under her breath as she crossed her arms. "Or you just don't want two responsibilities?" Peridot continued.
crystal.lapis.lazuli : Lapis hesitates "I think that they identify them, not heal them…" She laughs lightly "Jasper is harder to take care of, actually. And I think the ocean life, Steven, and Jasper is a tad too much to take care of as it is. Dog's need to be trained and they follow you around, I can't deal with that." : @crystal.lapis.lazuli ((Sorry I keep taking so long trying to juggle everything irl ^-^;)) "Oh." Peridot gave a dull response about the whole dog thing since she was about clueless on the subject. "I'll believe it did you hear on the ship she wouldn't stop nagging me and pestering me I'm surprised I didn't crash." The gem gave a little rant waving her hands in the air as little motions as she spoke. "So you don't like clingy things?" She asked.
crystal.lapis.lazuli : //no problem// Lapis nods "Oh trust me, I heard her yelling." She listens along to the story and laughs lightly at the hand motions. She laughs "Clingy things make me feel trapped and tied down, it's probably because of my freedom complex or whatever."
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β € β € β € β € β € β € Pick up lines β € β € β € "Peri!" Lapis yelped her loud footsteps ringing off the wooden stairs and the loud swing of the door opening. Today Lapis and Peridot had been left at the temple as the Crystal gems were on a mission. They finally trusted them slightly not to break the temple. It was a good thing to since Lapis refused to fight and Peridot couldn't really do anything without all her technology back at homeworld. The ocean gem right as she ran in tripped on her own feet and tumbled across the floor. "Uh..." Was the only response out of Peridot as she glanced away from her hologram screen. "I'm okay!" Lapis smiled her head popping back up to gaze back at the green gem. "Ooooh what are you working on?" The ocean gem asked brushing navy blue strands of hair back into place. "Just some calculations." Peridot responded flatly as Lapis sat down beside her on the couch. "What are you cal-cu-lating?" She asked slowly peering at the screen. "Just something on the gem monsters we've fought." She answered. "Oh..." She replied slumping down and just staring at the wall. It wasn't her favorite topic since she slightly could relate to it. There was a long boring silence before the two so much so Lapis just slowly slumped down raising her legs up and down instead of just leaving. "Lapis." Peridot finally spoke up making the other gem turn her head over to her. "Yea?" She replied "Baby you're hotter than the bottom of my laptop." She smirked receiving a blank stare and a blink. "Whats a laptop?" Lapis questioned with a tilt to her head. Peridot was silent for a second since this backfired worst then her actually knowing what it meant. "Nevermind." The green gem sighed turning back to the screen. "Noooo I'm curious now!" Lapis declared starring down Peridot. P2 below
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lapis.lazvli : She sighed turning the holographic screen to the ocean gem. "A laptop is a portable computer." She explained pointing to the picture she made on the screen. "Woah thats cool....but whats a computer?" She asked shyly rubbing her arm. Peridot groaned showing a picture of the rectangular thing that was apparently a "computer" Lapis nodded sorta understanding. "Wait so you said I'm hotter than the bottom of your lap-top?" She repeated which made her realize at that moment. A bright navy blue blush. "O-Oh uh..." She stammered getting a complete silence from the green gem whp had a light blush now to. "Thanks I suppose." She replied turning away from Peridot placing her hands over her heated face. "Uh no problem." The green gem smirked with a small chuckled. 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Open rp 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 #stevenuniverserp #stevensuniverse #steven #space #stevenuniverse #meow #mirriors #open #oceangems #ocean #oceangem #openroleplay #gem #garnet #pearl #amethyst #rp
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#Life 0nly #mirriors 2 different ways, it can be a #downwardSpiral or spin into #BeautifulWaves Surround yourself with #positive #Influences, & you'll see the #universe opens #windows for a #brighterfuture #bEtheBestyoucanBecome #noNeedtObeheldBack
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β € β € β € β € β € β € β € Escaping β € β € β € β € β € β € β € β € β € Peridot quickly streaked down the mountain her mind whirling with a 1000 different thoughts. There wasn't time at all for her to even process anything at the moment though. A blue spear slammed half in the ground right next to her as she served out of the way. The crystal gems they found her they were coming to... well she didn't know what actually but her guess was death. Her armor was busted from her being ambushed and from the crash landing of her pod not to long ago. She couldn't repair it either now it was just, dead weight on her. With her slowing down from way more physical exertion and they gaining up on her. As much as she hated to do this but she slid off one of her arms and chucked it at one of them. She then proceeded with the next one and kicked off the shoes taking off tons of weight letting her streak across the plains a lot faster. With the gems serving past the gear she had left for them to trip on under the taller grasses. "How long is she just going to keep running!" Amethyst yelled annoyed as her whip lashed out trying to string around her feet but Peridot lept up stumbling forward with her legs screaming in pain. Either way even if her armor was fine she probably would of had the same problems shaking her head out of these thoughts as spikes grasped at her heals dragging her down to the ground with a loud thud as it retracted back. β € β € β € β € β € β € P2 below
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su.gem.pearl : (( daarrn i want to reply to this but i'm having a brain block hm give me sometime haha )) : @su.gem.pearl XD Okay I'll look forward to it ))
su.gem.pearl : The crystal gem ran swiftly across the ground, as they tried to catch up with a rapidly disappearing Peridot. It was their duty to secure the last homeworld gem before she disappeared off the face of the Earth. They knew that Lapis had Jasper as a prisoner with her, at the bottom of the ocean, and Garnet had led them on this new trial, to find Peridot, out of fear that she'd find a way to destroy Earth, let alone where they were. Out of fear, more than anything. Damn it, Pearl thought, as they tried to keep her in check, and she quickened her pace, managing to land a slam of her spear beside her, narrowly missing the other gem, before both Amethyst and Garnet overtook her. It wasn't long before they saw her stumble forward, collasping on the ground, as they rushed up, Pearl getting there first. She pointed her spear at the gem, her eyes narrowed at Peridot's exhausted form, “It's over, Peridot. Stop fighting us, you can't win,” she replied. Her eyes however, wandered to Peridot's face, and she was surprised to see... Tears? She never thought that she'd ever see a Homeworld gem break down like... This. Out of concern, she, although, holding her spear steadily in her hand, she stooped down, her blue eyes focused on green irises, flanked by Garnet, Amethyst and Steven for protection. Crouching down, facing Peridot, she sighed, attempting to expain their actions. “We're not who you think we are,” she half mumbled, in reply, “We just want information, and for you to stop fighting us, because we don't want to do so. We'll fight only if you do, Peridot, make your choice.” The crystal gems were relatively peaceful, it seemed, unless trouble called, and they never really fought unless it was initiated first. Or not unless that person was a direct threat,, and right now, the homeworld gem looked like she could hardly withstand a metre of walking.
su.gem.pearl : (( finally overcame my rp block hell yes )) : @su.gem.pearl Woo now lets see if my 7 am brain can reply XD)) Peridot just sat there silently with quivering lips, honestly she didn't know what to do. There was that one chance she'd tell them but then homeworld wouldn't be a place to go back to, tell them and possibly get punished well at least as far as she knew. There was also trying to escape but that was a bad idea in itself. Hell sitting and thinking about right now being slightly disconnected from the world around her, she really didn't know what there full plan was. All she knew is she was sent to reactivate the kindergarten and start the mass production once more. For what purpose she didn't know she wasn't here the first time so she wasn't sure what the diamonds wanted with this. It was hard for her to even understand what information they wanted they basically had seen all of it by now. As much as she hated to this and guilt was already rising in her. With a shaky breath to recollect herself she glanced at them for a second and finally gave in. "What do you want to know?" She muttered it seemed like her best option at this point, who knew if homeworld would even come back for a gem like her and she sure couldn't leave Earth. "I don't know everything I hope you guys understand that I'm just some Tech gem." Peridot had added with a more bitter tone edging her voice.
phantom_fairytail_guild : Comes down sliding and gets weapon out of chest leave her alone @su.gem.pearl
su.gem.pearl : Pearl looked back at her fellow gems, and earned a nod from them, and she sighed uneasily. “We know that you're a tech gem, but you're not useless. But more than anything, why are yo— they coming back to fight us? Why do they want to,” her throat felt dry as she continued, but she forced herself to continue, “Destroy us?” She gripped her spear tightly in both her hands, staring straight at Peridot, silently beseeching her to give them her answer, and yet showing her vulnerability at the same time. “We don't need to know much. We just need to know why. The reason. Please.” Amethyst exchanged a look with Garnet behind her, not really understanding her approach, but Pearl did want to gain the other gems trust. They really weren't as bad as they appeared to be, it was a personal defence mechanism of sorts, she thought. : @su.gem.pearl She sat there and thought about how to put it, slowly raising a shaky weak arm to lay on her lap she began to speak. "I would say for the same reason as the first, but I was not there to actually witness" She paused for a moment. "They want to reactivate the kindergarten to create more gems as you might of known already, there's something different about Earth I suppose it just works better, well apparently." Peridot continued on glancing at the others for a moment. "They want to destroy you because you're fighting against them it's a normal reaction, they would care less if some minor gems missing for who knows how long were killed." The gem ended falling silent turning her gaze back on the ground. "Is that all you need, if so what are you going to do with me now?" She asked, spilling those words was like giving on homeworld but what could three gems do against a whole army was beyond her.
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β € β € β € β € β € 🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚 I'm in love with truth 🌚 🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚 and 🌚 🌚 🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚 sick and tired of this youth 🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚I want it to be easy 🌚 🌚 🌚🌚🌚 🌚 🌚🌚🌚 but 🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚 I'm queasy at the thought of it 🌚🌚 🌚 A shakey breath passed from her aero lips as she skidded across the sand heart beating out of her chest. "Wait stop I don't want to fight!" She pled catching her footing. Lapis was one those gems who didn't care about the war, why couldn't they just work it out was all she asked but she was ignored. The ocean gem had been dragged to attack Roses base now since her power was considered strong, at least strong enough to gain Yellow Diamonds approval. "Then why are you here?" The other gem questioned bitterly. "You think I wanted to be dragged here?!" Lapis snapped as the gem retracted her weapon back towards herself. The enemy had a weapon of a large sword that curved down and the hilt  attached by a chain. "No but I feel yer using a cheap tactic to get out of fighting me or lowering my guard." She snarled swinging the sword by the chain to where it was just flashing blurs. With out a word the sword came flying forward giving Lapis barely anytime to react, with her hands flying up her arms covering her face leaning forward slightly as water rushed towards the front of her slowing the sword to float within the current of the water. The other gems eyes widened for a moment then lowered her gaze as the ocean gem back up slowly her eyes wide with fear. "I don't have time!" She snapped raising a hand made of water up to slap the gem far back. Letting the water drop with a heavy crash as screams of retreat were called since another section of Roses army had arrived. Yellow diamonds army scattered running to the warps to the galaxy warp. Heavy panting as Lapis came to a stop at the Galaxy warp and Yellow diamond being the last one with her. "So were you even fighting I couldn't see you except for that last part of escape." Yellow diamond asked coolly her yellow irises slowly moving down towards Lapis. P2 below
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lapis.lazvli : "Oh yes I did maybe you just didn't see me with all the hustle." The ocean gem chuckled scratching the back of her head. There was a long pause between the two. "Do you take me for some kind of fool?!" She snapped back handing Lapis making her stumble back grasping her face. "No ma'm..." She whispered gazing down at her feet. "All this power wasted, pathetic!" The diamond ranted pacing back and forth. "Look at me while I'm speaking!" She snarled grasping a chuck of navy blue hair tugging the ocean gems head up. "You know what you are right?" She questioned receiving a nod. "You have the 2nd highest rank out of all them and you choose to be a pathetic coward as show." Yellow diamond obviously wasn't letting this one slip by. "I just don't think war is the option..." Lapis mumbled her eyes darting to the side and back up at the larger gem. "Just get on the warp Lapis." She spat obviously fed up. With out question Lapis turnes around and began to step forward when a sharp pain swelled into her back and chest. With a gasp and shaky hands looking down at the sharp yellow sword like shape stabbed straight through her gem and out of the center of her chest. "W-what?" Lapis stuttered her wide eyes twisting to the leader. "We don't have room for gems like yourself." She answered sourly pulling out her arm that was transformed into a sharp point. Lapis grasped her chest realizing her Gem was cracked to, her strength draining emencly from the sudden physical strain. "Wasn't enough to make you retreat into your gem yet?" And with that she slashed her stomach kicking her to the ground. Lapis yelped there was no defense for her nor anything to do, nothing but except defeat and retreat, to forever placed in a mirror. 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Open rp 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 I'm just going with yellow diamond being extremely aggressive so idk HERES HOW I SEE LAPIS'S GEM CRACKED and you might be wondering why Yellow doesn't like weaklings so the weak die yay 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 #stevenuniverserp #stevensuniverse #steven #space #stevenuniverse #meow #mirriors #open #oceangems #ocean #oceangem #openroleplay #gem #garnet #pearl #amethyst #rp
galvatrxn : This is an open rp?
lapis.lazvli : Yup
galvatrxn : K
galvatrxn : What's the setting? Like the gem homeworld or earth?
lapis.lazvli : Well where ever the Galaxy warp is probably on Earth who knows
galvatrxn : Okay
galvatrxn : I fly towards planet earth. I see someone by a crystal like pad. I land down and looks at yellow diamond.
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I love my little girl :3 princess is to cute #pitbulls #mirriors
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She seen herself in the mirror xD #mirriors #pitbulls
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🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚One night 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Before I get started I rly wanted to do a fluffyish Japidot rp so oops lol also tagging just random accounts yeeeaaaa 🌚🌚🌚🌚 Peridot mindlessly tapped away at the keyboard the small taps of the light green surface on the desk extending across a windowed wall. Outside just laid space, Peridot was sat in a smaller room or a temporary room since some idiot in the technology department broke the doors to a whole group of gems head quarters and it would take who knows how long to repair. "What are you even working on?" A loud voice rang in the green gems ear making her jump the chair floating back with a push of her feet on the ground. "Jasper!" She snapped angrily scooting back over to the screen  and glancing up at the much larger gem before her. "Oh wow I thought you knew I was here." She chuckled with a small smirk making Peridot glare at her. "Of course I wouldn't have known I'm working!" The green gem replied angrily flushing in embarrassment. "You're always complaining how loud I am and then you don't even bother to notice psh." Jasper sighed shaking her head. Peridot just rolled her eyes with huff before turning the chair back to the screen and began to type again. "Well you could at least answer my original question to so what are you working on?" The orange gem repeated making Peridot clench her small fist. Inhaling deeply and breathing it out quickly to calm her explosive anger. "I'm working on coding to fix what one of your barbarians did." Peridot explained bitterly making Jasper raise an eyebrow. "What did they do this time?" She questioned curiously not even shocked at Peridots words. "They decided to get into a fight and ended up breaking the power source to the doors of Hall A door 3." She replied turning back around crossing her legs in the chair as Jasper sat back on the bed. "Urgh I'm surprised I haven't shattered there gems yet." Jasper grumbled leaning her elbow on her knee and rubbing het forehead. P2 below
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garnet.crystalgem : {Omg, I was like really shy to tell you this, but I seriously love your account and roleplays, please don't ever leave this fandom. ヽ(*≧ω≦)οΎ‰} : @garnet.crystalgem Oh you >u<)/ don't be shy I don't bite lol but thank you so much I'm glad you like my rps, I really like this fandom so I think I'm going to stay for a while. Do you rp? Maybe we could rp one day :D and thanks again I really appreciate it ≧◇≦))
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🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚 There and back again 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Stirring slightly as Lapis's senses came back to her. Blinking open her eyes she noticed she wasn't under the water, she was Malachite. She was laying on a long soft cushion with her head propped up on another and a large thick soft piece of cloth covered her up. "I think shes awake!" A loud voice yelled making the ocean gem slowly turn. Glancing around at the room (I really don't remember what it looks like uh) she noticed a sense of familiarity. //Was this Stevens house?// She thought to herself. Slowly sitting up to realize how sore her whole body was, probably from being fused so long. Sinking back down halfly due to pain then the other half it being so comfy she didn't exactly want to get up. "Lapis!" A recognizable voice yelled tackling her making her flinch in pain. "Hi Steven." She mummbled sitting up as he squished her into a hug. "Steven I don't think its a good idea to-" Pearl interrupted but stopped by Garnets hand on her shoulder. Lapis limply hugged the quartz back as tears started to stream down his face. "S-Steven..." The ocean gem stuttered getting teary eyed to from overwhelmingly emotions. He saved her, who knew again he had done it. He had saved her from Jasper from the gems who had changed. She just couldn't as tears fell from her eyes. "Uhhh what do we do?" Amethyst whispered quietly glancing up at the other crystal gems since Lapis and Steven were just in there own place crying. "Um." Pearl whispered back getting a shrug from Garnet who walked off and the rest slipped off. P2 below
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lapis.lazvli : "I-I'm sorry." Lapis mumbled out of nowhere. "Sorry for what?" Steven sobbed out. "F-for putting your life in danger just for me." The ocean gem replied sniffling. "Your my friend why wouldn't I?!" He bursted out letting go of the hug and looking wide eyed at her. //Friend?// she froze for a moment then after silence an urge to hug him was just there and she did. "L-lapis! You're crushing meee...." he wheezed "O-oh sorry." She apologized letting go of him. They were silent for a second again before laughing softly and wiping there tears away. "What did you guys do with Jasper?" She finally asked. "We made her retreat into her gem and bubbled her." Steven explained. "O-Oh." She nodded at least Jasper couldn't get anywhere now. There was a long pause between them. "Steven?" Lapis asked. "Yea?" "Whats this?" She asked breaking the serious mood and pointed to the thing they were sat on. "Oh this is the couch." He answered. "This?" She asked poking at the soft cushion thingy. "Pillow." She rose the cloth covering her to. "And thats a blanket." He laughed with a smile at the little knowledge at Earth things she had. "There's so many things you haven't seen here. Are you going to stay though...?" He asked his tone lowering as her gaze lowered. "I have no where else to go... I can't go home, space is dangerous, I never really liked this place either..." She whispered glancing down. 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Open rp 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 I rly like Steven and Lapis interaction there friendship I need more lol also I got the picture from @/lapis.gem thanks c: 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 #stevenuniverserp #stevensuniverse #steven #space #stevenuniverse #meow #mirriors #open #oceangems #ocean #oceangem #openroleplay #gem #garnet #pearl #amethyst #rp
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🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚The new side 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Due to recent events Peridot had switched sides to this war, she wasn't exactly 100% happy but her anger was swallowed into silence for now because she knew this was a "right" way to go. She let out s hefty sigh, she ended up being dragged into this adventure so go find some sort of gem monster. She was in the back, Garnet was in the front with Steven bouncing all around her. Pearl was glancing around talking about the area and Amethyst was chatting with Steven. "Urgh if only Jasper was here." She mummbled not admitting she felt out of place and unwanted. "So what's the plan here exactly?" Peridot asked crossing her arms with a lowered stare. "Well we both could take teams to spilt off and look fot that gem?" Pearl answered turning back to look at the gem. "Oh if you're just looking for gem activity I can just scan and pinpoint the location." She sighed giving the suggestion. Just receiving a big "What!" From all of them and a clear from Garnet who was assumed to be the leader. Letting four of her fingers float up into a screen. "Scanning the area." She said aloud to bring up the tab to start the scan. Drawing a plus sign as to specify a widespread scan of both ways of the latitude and longitude of the area. Though in the short amount of time that took place everyone had crowded around her. "How are you doing that?" "Is that like a computer?" "Can I try?!" Were all getting yelled at. "Don't you Clods know anything!" Peridot snapped tapping the screen letting the scan begin. "And stop breathing on my shoulders." She grumbled moving away from them. "Scan completed!" Read on the screen as the map popped up showing a dot towards a more forest looking area. "The most recent gem activity besides ours seems to be that way." The green gem explained pointing to the right of them. 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Open rp 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Its kinda short because I wanted to finish before getting to school x.x 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 #stevenuniverserp #stevensuniverse #steven #space #stevenuniverse #meow #mirriors #open #oceangems #ocean #oceangem #openroleplay #gem #garnet #pearl #amethyst #rp
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su.gem.pearl : She didn't understand Earth culture too well either, and understanding wasn't even a valid statement. They had spinning tea cups for rides when a teapot wasn't even needed, and arcade games which required drivers to break the rules and run down or crash into everything? Nuh uh. After instructing Steven to stay back with Peridot, they had charged, and ended up in a rather... Sticky situation. Pearl winced as she stood up, making her way quickly to Peridot's side. “It's stronger than it looks,” she heaved out, her spear reappearing in her hands. By then, Garnet had managed to aim a well timed hit at the monster's single eye, temporarily blinding it, “Aim for its eye, we'll take care of the rest.” After awhile, Amethyst managed to tangle up its hands, causing its movement to slow down. : @su.gem.pearl Peridot stuck with the Steven now, knowing him getting hurt was like a death wish waiting to happen probably. Trying to take precautions for both of there sakes but the thing was so unpredictable it made her slightly angered. The gems gaze turned towards the quickly running up Pearl who began to speak. "No kidding." Peridot huffed listening to the explanation of some kind of order. With a nod she moved out of the way that would give her time to have a more precise aim at the eye. Shooting at it watching the monster struggle in the few seconds with the tangled hands and being hit repeatedly. "How do you know when they die?!" She asked to anybody charging another shot to just be blocked by the eyelid with a small groan having to aim again her eyes darted around just make sure that nothing was going to come up out of nowhere.
su.gem.pearl : Another shot clearly fired past her, and Pearl managed a small, focused smile, as she lept and twirled right through the tangled, messy arms, her spear held up in her hands, and she stabbed her spear right through it's neck, and the creature shrieked, just once, before it dissolved into a simple gem. Garnet scooped it up, looking at it closely, before she created a bubble to hold it, intending to send it back to the temple later, as they headed back to the house. After exchanging a few words with Garnet, Pearl walked between Steven and Peridot, ruffling the smaller boy's hair, while she turned her gaze to Peridot, cocking her head to the side in question, “Hello? Earth to Peridot. Are you okay?” (( ahh sorry for the late reply !! i was overseas w/o internet unu )) : @su.gem.pearl Peridot gave a sigh in relief watching Pearl kill the creature and a gem just falling down from it. Afterwards she kinda dazed out of reality more in her questions and thoughts then to the others. When Pearl started speaking to her though she jumped in small fight being thrown out of her thoughts real fast. "Uh I'm fine." She stumbled on her words then took a small breath recollecting herself real fast. Glancing to the side as she saw the other two she guessed heading back to the warp pad and began slowly following them. "Is this a normal thing for you guys?" She asked slightly intrigued by the topic now that she had witnessed it for herself. //I wonder how long they've been doing this.// Was also another thought that was put into her endless thinking head. ((It's okay hope you had fun though lol))
su.gem.pearl : “Normal?” She chuckled lightly at the other gem's curiosity, and then smiled lightyly. “We can almost do this for a living, to be honest!” Too much... She thought. Far too much. They were on missions almost every day, if not, at most on a weekly basis. This was all for just proecting Earth from the threat of the Homeworld gems, or from any gem monster, or anyone deemed a particular threat. They botj watched Garnet warp the bubbled up gem away, and starting heading for the warp pad to warp back to the house, to get some rest. Gems don't need sleep, Pearl thought, but perhaps a walk would suffice. “All we do is to protect this place from threats, and it's not easy, to be truthful. Depends on what we're up against?” (( ahh thank you haha and yeah i did uwu )) : @su.gem.pearl "A living?" She repeated, //So they do this just because or something...// Peridot pondered on the questioned that was soon answered. "And you've been here since war one which was 6000 something years ago." Peridot quickly spoke out that to herself mostly, but then she was silent for a second. "Is there any particular reason for this planet?" She asked slowly she always quite found it interesting that from descriptions they decided to fight for this planet but the reason she never really got around to asking. She sure couldn't understand why to be honest, to her there wasn't much to the earth but she knew this was the right thing for her at least.
su.gem.pearl : The gem was silent for a moment before her response. “Honestly, we never did know much about Earth until Rose's rebellion. We fight for Earth, because... Well, that's what Rose would've wanted.” She felt her eyes tearing up without warning, and she quickly swiped away the offending tear with her free hand, and looked back at the Peridot. “We do this often enough, and sometimes, we have many missions to cover, not just here on Earth. It's a matter of keeping Steven safe too. We'll do anything to make sure that he's unharmed, really. Instinct, if anything.” She walked up the side of the hill, heading in a different direction from the gems. “I'm going to take a walk. You can come along, if you want?” : @su.gem.pearl Peridot nodded, "Everyone speaks so highly of her don't they friend or enemy." She mummbled placing her hand on her chin and her other on onto her elbow. //To bad it seems to be she's quite possibly missing or the Steven?// She was drifting into her thoughts again wishing she had more data on this supposed rebellion leader Pearl seemed to slightly getting choked up on. Peridot didn't continue to ask anymore questions on the subject not wanting to start an uproar of some kind. The gem continued to listen. For a second she was shocked being invited to go just walk, she glanced at the others slowly vanishing off in the distance and not wanting to be left with just them she just gave a small nod and caught up to Pearl.
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Walk in the lightπŸ™β˜οΈ......#art#mirriors#photograph#glasseye#canon#photolive#lifethroughthelens#reflections#nightphotos#randomlens#photomecrazy#
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🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚Beach walk 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 "Show me around?" The ocean gem asked tilting her head in slight confusion at the young crystal gems idea. "Yea you never really got to see the town last time, because uh... you know." Steven replied his eyes sparkling with excitement. "I don't know Steven..." Lapis replied glancing down as her feet a small part of her really didn't want to go out there. "Oh come it'll be fun!" Steven pled grabbing her hand and tugging her to the door. Stumbling forward Lapis waved her other arm. "W-wait Steven I-I-" She stuttered as he opened the door and they were out on porch. "Oh come on, beach summer fun time buddy." He smiled elbowing her side. After a small silence she finally broke a small smile "Oh fine." She agreed as Stevens face lit up. The quartz quickly ran down the steps on to the sand with Lapis following closely behind as they made there way into town. Stepping on to the boardwalk as Steven sat down catching his breath while Lapis looked around at the small bunch of people who were carried away with there lives. "This place is... odd." The ocean gem mumbled glancing down at Steven who quickly jumped to his feet. "Well that makes it better." He gave a curt nod and began walking again. "So are we going to a place?" Lapis asked after glancing around again as they walked. "Yea sure I can take you to the Big Donut." The crystal gem smiled. "Whats a Do-nut?" She asked putting the word together slowly P2 below
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🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚Rescue 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Peridot sighed heavily as she stood on the shore of the ocean where signals had traced Lapis and Jasper. Glancing at the screen tapping places for it to scan there was no doubt she was underwater. "This is beyond tedious." The gem sighed. She had to get Jasper who knows what Yellow Diamond would do, she wasn't the most reasonable out the 3 leaders of the gems. Peridot sighed looking at the water, her armor couldn't go in there it would short out and she spent a lot of time fixing limitations it had. With unbelievable amount of stubbornness to herself she slowly took off the cylinder shaped legs that actually made her slightly taller. Next she slid off the ends of the arms letting the fingers attach themselves instead of floating there to reveal her actual hands. //She better be grateful I'm doing this I swear.// The gem gritted her teeth and placed a foot on the water. Squeaking from the sudden temperature change on her physical body she backed away from the water. "You know what Jasper can save herself its okay." Peridot declared walking over to her stuff but just sat there next to her arms and legs. //No no I have to.// The gem thought walking over back to the lapping water. Putting one foot down trying not to second guess herself but before that time a large wave came sweeping up in a matter of seconds and began to drag her under. "Wait I didn't sign up for this!" She snapped outloud before she was dragged by the current straight underwater. She tried to see what was going as she was tossed around. An array of bubbles cleared up letting Peridot finally see what was going on, Jasper was fighting with Lapis underwater. P2 below
openroleplay - garnet - mirriors - stevenuniverserp - steven - oceangems - open - gem - rp - space - meow - stevenuniverse - stevensuniverse - oceangem - pearl - amethyst - ocean - : Immediately Peridot face palmed herself but wasn't shocked in the slightest. Getting thrown back and forth with out a notice till she slammed into Lapis. "What? Peridot?!" She gasped quickly turning her head around to look at the green gem who latched on to her. "Sorry about this." Peridot replied in a drowned out voice slamming her head on Lapis's to envelope her into an escape pod that would just float up on to the surface. Jasper glanced up at Peridot with an unamused glare as Peridot motioned her to come towards the shore. Climbing on the shore and flopping back on the sand as Jasper caught up. "You idiot you had a whole disadvantaged Lapis would've overpowered you sooner or later!" Peridot snapped back sitting up as Jasper sat down. "I could of handled it." Jasper replied like the hard head she was. Peridot just punched her the arm with her small fist that didn't nearly have the strength she possessed. "Stop trying to act tough I know she would of kept you under." The green gem sighed her gaze lowering. Jasper just rolled her eyes and glanced out into the distance. "Are you going to keep your hair like that?" Jasper asked changing the subject while Peridot was waiting to dry off. "Keep my hair like wha-?" She asked stopping when she felt her hair down at her shoulders. "Oh come on this is going to take forever to fix!" Peridot yelled angrily. 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Open rp 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 If you do not understand why there having a random chat on the beach its because they can't get home tbh and Peridot needs to dry off before putting on her legs and hands o: because I saw this thing if it was just armor and ya 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 #stevenuniverserp #stevensuniverse #steven #space #stevenuniverse #meow #mirriors #open #oceangems #ocean #oceangem #openroleplay #gem #garnet #pearl #amethyst #rp
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🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚Bottom of the sea 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Lapis stared up at the soft moving waves as they moved along with the tides. It was probably the only thing that calmed her in this situation. Her and Jasper had unfused but the ocean gem kept her chained right beside her on the seafloor. "I mrrpphhhuussbei." Jasper started to speak mumbling out since she couldn't talk underwater. The blue gem lifted the water around her slightly curious of her words. "I don't get it." She repeated her head rolling towards Lapis who tilted hers in confusion. "Get what?" She asked quietly. "You have the strongest powers of most gems I've seen yet you don't use them." She continued with a huff. "I do sometimes...." Lapis mumbled slumping and hugging her knees. "But never to fight, with a power like that you literally lift all of the water off this planet and yet freak out and run." Jasper continued her rambles as Lapis tilted her head down away from her vision. "There's no use in fighting..." The ocean gem answered. "Sounds like cowards talk to me." She huffed making Lapis's head shoot up. "Don't you ever think!" Lapis snapped with a shaky fist placing her finger tips against her temples. "What good is in fighting what good is seeing the people you love die because we destroy each other!" The ocean gem yelled her hands gliding to her face to catch her tears. "I-I don't understand how thats hard to understand." Stuttered Lapis through small sniffles and just receiving Jaspers head turned away. "Stop whining I just wanted an answer." She sighed as the ocean water came plunging down at her head. 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Open rp 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 ((I have more ideas with the bottom of the ocean so expect some more rps lol)) 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 #stevenuniverserp #stevensuniverse #steven #space #stevenuniverse #meow #mirriors #open #oceangems #ocean #oceangem #openroleplay #gem #garnet #pearl #amethyst #rp #peridot #jasper #lapis #lapislazuli
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Making this mirror thing a tradition !! πŸ’š #stpatty #green #mirriors #town
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Got the @thisispvris album #whitenoise album a few days ago. This band's sound is so different and grabbing. I was hooked from first listen. Favorite songs #stpatrick #myhouse #holy and #mirriors
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🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 🌊 🌚🌚🌚 🌚🌚🌚🌚 Space 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Finally Lapis had escaped, a weight of distress had finally lifted itself from her shoulders. Now she was dancing in the Galaxy's and stars of the never ending universe. The ocean gem had taken a small detour though to visit a familiar favorite place of hers. There was a large body of water just floating in space, and her being the Ocean gem she loved it without an explanation. It was large way larger than Earths ocean. Truth is she never found the end to it. Landing softly on the water her wings retreating into her back. With a small smile she began to glide on the slowly ever moving water. Trying to avoid the glaciers the mass had created by twirling around them and twisting around it on one foot. Brushing her blue bangs back as she slid on the edge flipping up side down lifting the water up letting water droplets seep through her fingers. With a small laugh that got louder and louder. Joy was all she felt just like old days, there was no war no fights no death no chains it was free. Thats all Lapis wanted was freedom. Yet she had a desire to go back to the homeworld. Rising water to step onto a jutted out glacier to sit on the ledge to watch the universe. Small glows of galaxies light years away brimmed in the dark never ending vacuum somehow this was home to her. She found beauty in this and not Earth. It was hard for the ocean gem to understand why the war was over such a terrible planet and why we had to kill one another just to loose. She sighed with a small huff leaning back on the cold glacier it didn't bother her much it kinda was just there. Shutting her eyes she let her mind wander for a moment before returning home. 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 Open rp 🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚 #stevenuniverserp #stevensuniverse #steven #space #stevenuniverse #meow #mirriors #open #oceangems #ocean #oceangem #openroleplay #gem #garnet #pearl #amethyst #rp
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rp.freak15 : Hi Lapis ~Josh rp1
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Mirrors samples. Get these while they last. Will be listing on Facebook individually...when we have time #illuminationslighting #lightingshowroom #mirriors #custom
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