If you need me, I'll be buried in this til December. #miracostacollege #anatomy #prereqs #doireallywanttobeanurse #Heavenhelpme
anatomy - miracostacollege - prereqs - doireallywanttobeanurse - heavenhelpme -
riveramama3 - sbreeaun92 - bill.medrano - raulzee -
Flashback to our first home game #MiraCostaCollege #CollegeSoccer #6
miracostacollege - collegesoccer - 6 -
car_waitforit_los : #GameFace
habytz : Cheko Nasty!
jjorozco19 - juanis06 - _georgeedward_ - magicconch72 -
miracostacollege -
juliecedilloo - mgilhooly - luzgio - cesarrico88 -
#blackenedcatfish #blackened suppers ready #pescetarian #miracostacollege lunch
miracostacollege - pescetarian - blackened - blackenedcatfish -
lilhomiesteph - keexyfaceloves - luckynlve - gquaye -
First Home Game Today Against SBVC! #CollegeSoccer #MiraCostaCollege #LockerRoom
miracostacollege - collegesoccer - lockerroom -
eddie_benito7 : Goodluck bro !
checo_06 : Thanks bro
checo_06 : @eddie_benito7
olazaba7 : Next to my old locker haha. Good luck this season checo
soccrifice : Nice pic!
checo_06 : Thanks Arturo & Goodlukk to you too! @olazaba7
car_waitforit_los - socal6myers - juanis06 - austingenevay -
I did my first Mosaic this weekend. #nailedit #mosaic #pumpkin #halloween #diy #miracostacollege #firsttry #pinworthy #fall #marthastewart #decoration #instadaily #localart
decoration - firsttry - miracostacollege - halloween - nailedit - pinworthy - diy - fall - localart - marthastewart - instadaily - mosaic - pumpkin -
dannysparxx : @monikameow28 I left ht in April. I work in an office/warehouse now. And I couldn't be happier. I have every weekend off and all public holidays. ๐Ÿ˜Š
punkinfanta : Badass!
punkinfanta : Ps... what's a holiday?
dannysparxx : @punkinfanta this magical time where a light shines down on you and you are lifted to another level of nirvana known as not working. A level where it is YOUR choice whether or not you end up at a mall on a crowded holiday.
punkinfanta : This sounds mystical and unreal lol
dannysparxx : @punkinfanta it's definitely nice. The regular schedule also gives me time to do other things, like take a class on making mosaics ๐Ÿ˜Š
dannysparxx - iconickle - gamerbunnie - kojimatoys -
Spotted @arnieramos18 repping FC Modesty at soccer practice the other week. Check out the other gear at @modestyattire #modestyattire #soccer #sticker #lion #miracostacollege
modestyattire - sticker - soccer - miracostacollege - lion -
modestyattire : Rad!
arnieramos18 - nyleator - carlosuo - crespo.lisa -
Study session! #miracostacollege #whendowestudyanatomy #tuesdaynight
whendowestudyanatomy - miracostacollege - tuesdaynight -
bjpchevy56 - juliecedilloo - itsbrittnydarling - celitaslove -
Going to class.... But first, let me take #selfie! #miracostacollege #hurryuphalloween!! #hiiiiii
hiiiiii - selfie - miracostacollege - hurryuphalloween -
joe_villegas : You're so pretty Mija!!!
angelb63 : Lmao! No mamas.
misslilmonster : @joe_villegas thanks joe! Love ya!!
misslilmonster : @angelb63 why not??
sireunice923 - zombies1021 - corinaa22 - ricah8 -
miracostaathletics - miracostacollege -
mcc_spartans : MiraCosta athletics pages can now be found on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Follow us for our latest updates on our student athletes #miracostacollege #miracostaathletics
mcc_spartans - melanie125 - jessicaaluceroo - dommiboi -
#miracostacollege #theatre #youreondeck #audition #2classes2graduate #idowhatiwant
audition - theatre - idowhatiwant - youreondeck - miracostacollege - 2classes2graduate -
laineylilywoo - adamoliveras - juh_mall - theburdie -
Because I've been awake improving myself physically and mentally and you don't.. But don't worry, takers need people like you. #mac #apple #27inch #iphone #wirelesskeyboard #wirelessmouse #defaultbackground #suitsmejustfine #webpagesandpapersduewereminimizeforthisshot #5ambeachrun #4miles #healthybody #healthymind #structure #nomoreinsomnia #stoked! #miracostacollege #onestepatatime #usmc #marines #promotionwarrant #ssgt #ribbonstack #jtac #NONEofyouknowmyhustle #A||A #ABC #ByAnyMeans #taker #quietwintercomingsoon
nomoreinsomnia - apple - defaultbackground - structure - webpagesandpapersduewereminimizeforthisshot - promotionwarrant - suitsmejustfine - mac - wirelesskeyboard - jtac - ribbonstack - 4miles - quietwintercomingsoon - a - abc - taker - noneofyouknowmyhustle - usmc - miracostacollege - onestepatatime - wirelessmouse - healthymind - healthybody - iphone - stoked - 27inch - 5ambeachrun - marines - ssgt - byanymeans -
atomup11 : Damn killa..
november_kelly : @atomup11 playtime is over.
atomup11 : Guess so.. That fucker is almost as big as my lil ass tv lol
november_kelly : @atomup11 haha get outta here! I couldn't help it! I love big screens and big butts! Lmao naw but, you know my ways.. Either I go all the way or don't even bother..
november_kelly : @atomup11 I'm ALL IN these days. Days are a lot easier to deal with that way..
lunatic_living : Shug doesn't have a pot to piss in nor does he have any homies
november_kelly : @lunatic_living haha you're a wild dude. Keep living the dream! Your IG / lifestyle is insane! ๐Ÿ‘Œ
killuminati247b - a_chainzzzz - leannerz - themurdersquad -
Great day today on a beautiful day at the beach with some of the leadership from intervarsity different campus from MiraCoast College an Palomar College. #NorthCountyintervarsity#MiraCoastcollege#palomarcollege
miracoastcollege - intervarsity - miracostacollege - palomarcollege - northcountyintervarsity -
juanmorales90 : #intervarsity#miracostacollege
0marialva0 : Why wasnt i invited??? I work 2 streets down!
juanmorales90 : @0marialva0 I post a picture 2 days ago. An I told everyone is Invited to come. Did you saw my picture??
ladeedaellaa - joshbyrd4 - ari88delapaz - jpobies -
Arman playing a tune he wrote after our practice for the show. Wish I could play like that (wish I could even play piano lol). #piano #music #miracostacollege #rehearsing #practice #original #guitar
guitar - rehearsing - music - miracostacollege - practice - piano - original -
reyreyrey0 - myfeetwon7touch_theground - jakejustice88 - michell_keys -
Been so busy with work this week. Rehearsing for what might be my final show for a while. School's coming, and everyone I know's busy. Hope things are okay with everyone. #rehearsing #miracostacollege #guitar #piano #performance
guitar - performance - miracostacollege - rehearsing - piano -
murasings : Wow!
simhitz88 - instamartygram - mainxpersuasion - jeremiahhharvey -
Yay for new friends!๐Ÿ‘ #miracostacollege
miracostacollege -
mads_eckstein - jd_parker15 - johannadancer15 - laymaz -
School newspaper.#MiraCostaCollege
miracostacollege -
cata.kirsten : Upaaa felicidades
julianitarico : Gracias cata
_toph3r : Que cosa con estos anglo parlantes que no saben distinguir Colombia from Columbia Hahaha. Tienes que decirles @julianitarico
julianitarico : Obvio kike. Aca escriben el nombre de Colombia asi. Pero no te preocupes ya le dije al periodico
julianitarico - _toph3r - jennyydoll - -
#MiraCostaCollege# First week of class
miracostacollege -
elianamontano : Que rico @julianitarico que Dios bendiga!!!
angieinwxnderland - juliecedilloo - elianamontano - thatericguy39 -
August 19, 2014 || First Day of College #MiraCostaCollege
miracostacollege -
channyboo808 : Ohhh balasangggggg!!!! Very proud of you ๐Ÿ’–
thelovelylivi : You look soooo perf๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ’•
bclari25 : Enjoy college life...miss ya
_kmhx : Tbh I still think it's weird that all you c/o 2014 graduates are leaving! It's kinda sad. Good luck in your first year!
aloha_shoyuuu : Tbh: Remember when we first met when you were in 8th grade and i was a sophomore?? lol classic.
iverson808 : Tbh I miss u and I hope ur havering fun in college
j3nni15 - sarahmiyahira - - isabelbayron -
Yup, I'm reading Gender Communication for class. Yay me. ๐Ÿ‘ฆ๐Ÿ‘ง #gendercommunication #online #mcc #miracostacollege #finalsemester #fall2014 #student #genderedlives #reading #highlighting #august #lasttime #major #communication
major - lasttime - highlighting - august - communication - gendercommunication - mcc - finalsemester - genderedlives - student - online - fall2014 - reading - miracostacollege -
juliecedilloo : @vanessaburton94 I'm taking English m/w 9:39-11:30 //art m/w 12:30-3:25 math t/thu 11:10-1:15! Nice to meet ya!looks like I'm playing with paint while your in hort!
vanessaburton94 : @juliecedillo_ Dang, nice. xD What's your major?
juliecedilloo : @vanessaburton94 what is hort?haha!i am majoring in liberal arts๐Ÿ˜„
vanessaburton94 : @juliecedillo_ Plant science, and cool. :) Is it your first time in miracosta?
juliecedilloo : @vanessaburton94 that's sounds so cool!i wanna take a class like that !do you get to play around with succulents ๐Ÿ˜? Yes I'm a freshy haha
vanessaburton94 : @juliecedillo_ I might but I am going to have to do a lab tomorrow on radish seeds. xD
juliecedilloo : @vanessaburton94 haha sounds like fun!!๐Ÿ˜„
vanessaburton94 : @juliecedillo_ Yeah, so far. :p you should take this class as a life science requirement
aniikamemo - caseyloveloo - vinnieboy92 - the_red_lotus_flower -
We are at it again !! #miracostacollege #automotivetechnology #withbrandontagging @buemr
miracostacollege - withbrandontagging - automotivetechnology -
estrellatheincredible_ : I'm here too!
tonythetiger1204 : In an auto class ?
tonythetiger1204 : @estrellatheincredible_
anav94 : @tonythetiger1204 shouldn't u be paying attention lol
tonythetiger1204 : Haha shut up
estrellatheincredible_ : No not an auto class ๐Ÿ˜‘ I'm at school too.
beto_cg3 - surge_d21 - buemr - tedd1990 -
Back To School We Go!#miracostacollege #education #mom&daughter #family #backtoschool
miracostacollege - education - backtoschool - mom - family -
elsievoigt - julenelevin - diddilybop - joanied_ladyliberty -
#vscocam first day
miracosta - vscocam - miracostacollege -
beto_cg3 : #miracosta #miracostacollege
chrisgonzo_09 - n.a.r.l - ltsergy - statuslucky -
Back to school... ๐Ÿ““โœ๏ธ๐Ÿ“š๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ”ซ๐Ÿ’” #GoodMorning #Funny #GoodbyeSummer #BackToSchool #Ewww #SchoolSucks #Help #College #Student #MiraCostaCollege #Homework #Studying #Blah #CoffeeTime #SelenaGomez
funny - goodbyesummer - help - schoolsucks - studying - miracostacollege - ewww - blah - selenagomez - college - homework - student - backtoschool - goodmorning - coffeetime -
selenagomez1801 : Follow 4 follow likes 4 likes โค๏ธโค๏ธ
capulet760 : Hahahaha tater! You would!
mushellie : I saw this & was bout to tag u in it but then realized u posted it haha love u friend hope u have a good first day bck!๐Ÿ˜˜
janelle_kathleen - bmaloy20 - chelseamichellerenee - melinda_cochina -
Lost in the sauce on this small ass campus, but I'm walking around playin' it off like G though!!.. Smdh lmao Is this North-seeking-arrow magnetic North or true North?!! lol #attentiontodetail #giftandacurse #militaryveteranproblems #miracostacollege #MiraCosta #oceanside #fall2014 #freshmanproblems #firstdayofschool #mapreading101 #step2
freshmanproblems - militaryveteranproblems - oceanside - mapreading101 - giftandacurse - miracostacollege - firstdayofschool - attentiontodetail - step2 - miracosta - fall2014 -
derrickt87 : Lmfao definitely grid. Find two know buildings on the man and draw intersecting lines through them. Where they meet-up is where your stand. Lol #Resection
november_kelly : Toliver is that you?!! @derrickt87 I was an arty FO and JTAC in my days mane! I'm all too familiar wit all that. I was using the clock tower as a reference point my nigg! Lmao!!
november_kelly : @derrickt87 how you been?!!
derrickt87 : Yea man this is me lol, I was joking I know you got it by how you said it. I'm still in the army. Lol working behind the fence.
november_kelly : @derrickt87 I never knew you even enlisted! How you like being a nasty soldier? Haha jk jk how long you been in? What's your rank? MOS ?
derrickt87 : Hit my phone up
juliecedilloo - derrickt87 - victoria2620 - antoniotantra -
Day 1 Complete #MiraCostaCollege #College #BackToSchool #FreshmanAgain
freshmanagain - miracostacollege - college - backtoschool -
monicaagee : Dudee Did You Get Into all Your Classes ?
bryan_v123 : @evalin07 thanks!! @monicaagee yeah, I got enrolled into all mine. Why? Did you get put on the waiting list?
monicaagee : Yeaah -.- And I Got Kicked Out Cause The Class Was Full !!
bryan_v123 : @monicaagee did you get wait listed for all your classes? Or just the ones for today? Damn that sucks!! You should've applied for priority enrollment!
_aracely_hernandez : Good luck Bryan ! I wish you nothing but the best โœจ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘ @bryan_v123
bryan_v123 : @_aracely_hernandez thanks! Good luck to you too in San Marcos!!
_aracely_hernandez : You're Welcome! & thanks to you too!
monicaagee : Only For my First One ! But My Other 3 Are All Good I Was Just Pissed Cause I Woke Uo early For Nothing -.-
_aracely_hernandez - elfutbolero97 - aaallvvyyy_bre - ramirez423 -
First day of college โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ“šโœ๏ธ #miracostacollege
miracostacollege -
diego123456789003 : Good luck
valevrgs : Omg ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โญ๏ธโญ๏ธ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ’ช
irene2986 - selkies626hmu - itsbonheur - queencm__ -
#playstation3 #playstation #gta5 #gshock #gta #mtnDew #Redbull #ps3 #ps2 #psn #ps1 #ps4 #Xbox #Xbox1 #xboxone #Xbox360 #gamertags #gamergirls #igoturgirl4 #immrwhiskers #mrwhiskers #mw3 #blackops2 #callofduty #cod #bo2 #troll #art2272 #MiraCostaCollege
playstation - mtndew - psn - blackops2 - gta - mw3 - xbox360 - gshock - xboxone - immrwhiskers - art2272 - gta5 - ps2 - ps3 - ps1 - ps4 - troll - playstation3 - mrwhiskers - igoturgirl4 - miracostacollege - callofduty - xbox - gamergirls - xbox1 - bo2 - gamertags - redbull - cod -
jhollywd9 - xxsleeping_with_silencexx - ballin_is_legit_life - imsoveer -
First day or school #miracostacollege #followme #instagood #merp #girl #blonde
followme - girl - merp - blonde - miracostacollege - instagood -
kariben56 : Maybe I'll see you!!!!! #excited
naomiantionette : Aww without me :(
bentim1994 : You look beautiful
baila07 - d_roge44 - kyrabalourdas - kellygrebb -
Look what came in the mail! I got a certificate of achievement in CSU general education and my AA degree in Liberal Arts emphasis in social and behavioral sciences from Miracosta College! #MiracostaCollege #certificate #AA #yay #stoked #waytogo #Ididit #CSUSMhereIcome #newbeginnings #smiles
aa - smiles - yay - certificate - csusmhereicome - miracostacollege - waytogo - ididit - stoked - newbeginnings -
jessiewoodford : Yay! So exciting!!!! Congratulations Anissa!
tbnavarro : Congrats, luv u haste la Luna!
aniikamemo - hijo_del_palenque - jessiewoodford - proudmilitarywife89 -
my job has been taken to a whole other level: my face on school ads. #miracostacollege #studentworker
miracostacollege - studentworker -
dance_ana : #Youresofamous
germillemadison : #fangirling
mikallispeters : #SignMySchoolAd
strubez : Nice bow tie
themarisataylor : HAHAHHAAH
misssyfrance : IT'S OKAY TO BE LATE??!??? ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ณ๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฏ๐Ÿ˜ต
heytherekiarlo : Omggg so cute
cotoia_95 : Omygod. Saw you at school Reden and I was like "I KNOW THAT GUY!"
jennettey - rosyvosey - icabal9 - 651_koski_760 -
#goodbyes I would that I'm going to miss them but that wouldn't be factual. The truth is I've missed them since the first week that we met and missed them even more as I watched them grow over each week. Some of them trusted me enough to tell me about their journeys and I am eternally grateful. It's the fuel that keeps me motivated to find a way to improve our school systems. To quote @profantblack "so sit, talk to these kids for more than two minutes and in less than one minute you'll spend the rest of your life changing the world so that they can fit in it" #truestory #ilovemystudents #miracostacollege #summerbridge2014 #6weeksisntenough #soproudofthem #ourfuture
truestory - goodbyes - miracostacollege - ourfuture - 6weeksisntenough - soproudofthem - ilovemystudents - summerbridge2014 -
astoldbytiffany_ : *i would say
may.blanca : ๐Ÿ‘Œ
hungrypersian - timikatimika - clumsyisclassy -
#miracostacollege #friends
miracostacollege - friends -
luisangelpr021 - asonxoxo - missmikmo17 - 1kenzie_lynn1 -
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