Vertical Illusions #redinterior #hoodridehi #verticalIllusions #minitruckinhi
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808fiftyclothing : @_maukamele I think imma buy the bagged one. And finish her up. This one is the hood ride hahaha.
_maukamele : Hahahaha rajah!! Unko waylons old one ? @808fiftyclothing
808fiftyclothing : @_maukamele yeah. That's the plan hahahaha.
_maukamele : @808fiftyclothing i been thinking bout that truck the past 2 weeks lol
808fiftyclothing : @_maukamele buy um. Mainthing someone gets it lol.
_maukamele : @808fiftyclothing do it make her sick! Lol
jshiigi : Sick sticker. ๐Ÿ‘
808fiftyclothing : @jshiigi mahalo!
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my first car show. #tbt #throwbackthursday #nissan #nismo #hawaii #aloha #minitruckfam #minitruckinhi #toytrauma #ttfam #girlfriendsponsored #in4mation @in4mhawaii @in4mants @butigroovin @alohakingshi @nissan
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tonyceeee : @micheleyy_ well yeahyou took it so of course it's nice! lol ๐Ÿ˜˜
mhgz : ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜›๐Ÿ’
hidetakura : @tonyceeee nice!!!
tonyceeee : @hidetakura thanks man!
tonyceeee : #hawaiiiilestwhips
tonyceeee : oh thanks man! screen shot shout out #tumblr lol
tonyceeee : @superdorifto
tonyceeee : #stancexhawaii
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#spotted a #toystory toy Rollin through Waipahu. #minitruckfam #minitruckinhi
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rrichvrd : @reeexxxcitybitch
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small kine chrome package. on our way to the #toytrauma fam BBQ. #nissan #minitruckinhi #girlfriendsponsered
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pimp_cee : Nice wheels
tonyceeee : tenks! @pimp_cee
brock_a_feller : Still get those rims?
tonyceeee : @brock_a_feller yups
brock_a_feller : Like sell em or trade?
tonyceeee : trade? can for your pattys?
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top:stock. middle:about five hours after buying it. bottom:three days after I bought it. couldn't have done without my fam. @toytrauma @micheleyy_ @kili_killz @kukilakila808 and Kalei and of course my parents. #tbt #throwbackthursday #ultimateshowdown #almightycruz2012 #nissan #d21 #toytrauma #js4kix #js4kixlifestyle #rogue3industries #minitruckinhi
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kumu13 : #kingcabbingit#,#spacecabbing# Gucci two times!!!!
b_skeen : Who went paint your truck?
tonyceeee : @kili_killz yeahyou! new hashtag for this truck!
tonyceeee : @b_skeen me and my boy dis um rattle can, over night til one in the morning lol chronic status
tonyceeee : did*
b_skeen : @tonyceeee good from far but far from good! Hah! Das how mine too!
tonyceeee : @b_skeen hahah yups yups!
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