The last 48 hours have been insane, 2 events and a stupid amount of driving all in the name of milkshakes and sweets, no day off for me this week but I cannot thank my rock @joe_m for being there to provide me with support and cuddles and for not laughing at me when I nearly cried because I couldn't reverse into a space that I wanted on the first attempt πŸ’• bring on this weeks 3 events on top of the shop being open and deliveries happening πŸ‘Š #vagabondsmilkshakebar #milkshake #milkshakelady #selfie #me #blackandwhite #beyondtired #glasses #lipstud #events #sweets #ilovemyjob #tired #sunday #curls #curlsfordays
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jeverett__ : Is the shop opening in okehampton? As I live Plymouth but went to the jam yesterday
nicolethemilkshakelady : Okehampton is on my list of towns that I want to open in @streetskater771 at the moment the shop is based in Crediton but I do a delivery service πŸ‘ and yeah man remember you from yesterday you were fucking killing it man
jeverett__ : Yeah, that's awesome and thankyou!
joe_m : Support and cuddles standard πŸ‘You got into the space just fine! Love you πŸ˜˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
__.charr.lottee : I saw you at the dog show today πŸ’˜i was going to buy an Oreo milkshake but it had just started to rain so I bought a 1pound sweet bag... Nom nom nom!!πŸ’—
nicolethemilkshakelady : But I didn't @joe_m it took a few attempts and a lot of potential years and a lot of swearing. Love love xxxxxx
nicolethemilkshakelady : OMG @myylifeaschaarlottee that rain was mental today I got caught in every shower and was soaked right through πŸ˜‚ my van was soaking as well haha hope you enjoyed your sweets though 😊 x
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Kelis #secretsolstice #milkshakelady
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noeyedearr : Bro dia perform lagu Runnin' tak?
manicjango : @noeyedearr Oh yeahhh! Goyang bro.
secretsolstice : @manicjango nice shot!
noeyedearr : Haissss best sey!
manicjango : @secretsolstice Thanks!!!
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Miss this girl so much can't wait for thanksgiving break. #Missher #cafejax #milkshakelady #thanksgivingbreak #collegelife
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