Good luck too @ditto_the_porcupine. Today marks the rest of his life...He begins a new journey (: Keep your head on straight...You can achieve anything when you Put your mind to it.I believe in you (:. I chose this picture because it makes me think of determination. And you need determination (: I love you 😊.
army - loveit - uniform - depressing - determination - igers - basic - military - militarybrat -
nommonsterizcrasy : #Military #Army #Uniform #Basic #MilitaryBrat #loveit #depressing (lol) #determination #igers
ditto_the_porcupine : Thank you!!!!! You are seriously the best! I love this picture! I'm gonna miss you so fucking much! I love you!!!
nommonsterizcrasy : Your wellllcommmeeee (:
dopemilitary : follow us!
k3ndall_07 - rreod.nosduh - barnie_2_be_2016 - charlie.pratt -
mixedracebabiesig - ig_babies - tbt - mrb_iammixed - mixedkids - mixedgirlsandboys - airforce - perfectlyblended - militarybrats - sweetestblendedbeauties - trendykiddies - trendy_tots - theswirllife - thismixedworld - ig_kids - siblings - cutest_babies_swaggg - militarybrat -
lynnya_k : #sweetestblendedbeauties #siblings #mixedracebabiesig #mixedgirlsandboys #militarybrats #MRB_IAmMixed #mixedkids #perfectlyblended #theswirllife #trendykiddies #thismixedworld #trendy_tots #tbt #cutest_babies_swaggg #ig_kids #ig_babies #militarybrat
do_it_for_love - abrilaxy - alenausaf - shanayy28 -
#militarybrat mom- #usnavy dad- #usarmy πŸ™‹ salute!
usarmy - usnavy - militarybrat -
notymeleft - spongeyy16 - rgutter65 - its_me_pat_rice -
#tb #militarybrat
tb - militarybrat -
drakejuliusvogl - _delaniesmith_ - bbolt88 - oliviaosterhage -
Oh my goodness. I can't believe I'm doing this! I'm going to throw up by the time I get to end of purchasing this ticket!!!!!! I'm so excited I'm fighting back tears. I've seen my parents once since I was 17 &I turn 22 next month! Not to mention I'm meeting my dad at the airport because he's finally coming home from deployment! #armywife #armywifelife #milso #justmoved #surprise #militarybrat #holycrap
armywife - armywifelife - justmoved - surprise - milso - holycrap - militarybrat -
pinkdaze : πŸ’ƒyay
dollartreeanxietyyy : I'm so happy for you!!!! This is so great
dollartreemisses - daniellex14 - anchored_in_hope - livingnvegas -
wearing a hat like daddy's #militarybrat #militarykid #militarybabies #navybrat #alrikgaius #kulitnumber2 #mylittleman #minigilbert
mylittleman - militarykid - navybrat - minigilbert - militarybabies - kulitnumber2 - alrikgaius - militarybrat -
kobetetsuya - insta_aila - marygrace187 - pearson.betty2015 -
No filter.can make this look good. But it's soooooo good. #hawaiiandinner #stayinghome
hawaiiandinner - militarybrat - stayinghome -
eddiejwk : #militarybrat
gvenegas84 : Spam dried rice Eddie. Frozen peas and carrots + white rjce+spam + oil!
gvenegas84 : Spam fried
eddiejwk : I already started drying it. You owe me a spam poootooooe! Lol
gvenegas84 : Lol no don't dry it. Haha
eddiejwk - gvenegas84 - nadia10 -
Had to get a family picture with the colonel!!! It was wonderful to celebrate my daddy's 33 years service to our country! I'm so proud of him!!!! #greatnight #greatpeople #familytime #ilovetheseguys #militarybrat
ilovetheseguys - greatnight - familytime - militarybrat - greatpeople -
toy5tory_2 - niceynic31 - sbellyballance - _37pudding37 -
Guys, I could die. The cuteness overload. He's trying on my boots. I'm trying so hard not to be that "emotional wreck" of a mom seeing him do this, but I also know if he ever did put on those boots how proud I would be. Coming from an army mom and dad, it could happen, but pleasseeee don't grow up too fast. Even if he ever wears the uniform, he will ALWAYS be my baby boy (I get it now, Mom!) ❀️😘 #ohjoseph #myboy #myson #militarybrat #babygiggles #armybaby #armyboots #boots #uniform #sergeant #singlemilitarymom #militarymom #kcco #chiveon
chiveon - kcco - myboy - armyboots - ohjoseph - militarybrat - boots - uniform - armybaby - sergeant - myson - militarymom - babygiggles - singlemilitarymom -
whitewave_aquarian : ❀❀❀❀❀
jayden516 : πŸ’šπŸ˜ #ArmyStrong
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Escorting my dad to the #Airforceball #militarybrat #daddysgirl
daddysgirl - airforceball - militarybrat -
rweilie - itsdee23 - yllekspencer - misszepeda_6 -
Hanging with this pretty girl. Talking about all the Disney princess' and how they loved Mikey too.πŸ’™πŸ’–
specialneeds - sarahlynn - militarybrat -
ondrea_a : #specialneeds #sarahLYNN #militarybrat
pikachu_togepi - nicoleamber99 - dkpd2812 - embre -
The two people i look up to the most and our my hero's. My parents. They just finished The Air Force Marathon 26.2 miles. So proud of them. πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š #hero #myfamily #airforcemarathon #marathon #Airforce #Chief #military #militarybrat #militaryfamilys #respect #loveourtroops #loveourmilitaey #positive #fitnessandhealth #fitness #fitfamily #fitnessandhealth #health #strong #encouragement #toughchick #strongatanyage
loveourtroops - myfamily - hero - fitnessandhealth - encouragement - loveourmilitaey - fitfamily - respect - strong - marathon - airforce - positive - airforcemarathon - toughchick - chief - strongatanyage - health - fitness - military - militarybrat - militaryfamilys -
negrolokako : I need to practice for that
manda7503 : I'm so jealous!! That is at the top of our marathons we have done and we haven't gotten to run it since 2012 😭
tough_chick555 : @manda7503 oh yea?! They said it was great weather too. Maybe next year.πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
powerfulbeyondmeasure624 : Damn 55 and still running like that. F****** crazy. Lol!
tough_chick555 : @powerfulbeyondmeasure624 hell yea!πŸ‘ i come from a family that works out😜 gotta love it.
powerfulbeyondmeasure624 : You know it girl! ;)
moose0331 : That's awesome
tough_chick555 : @moose0331 right!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
mr305wiseguy - agon23_ - _pain_is_love_ - omoreno11 -
#militarybrat #itsamilitarything
militarybrat - itsamilitarything -
v_jacobsmommy : Love her dress , what a doll 😊 @featherandfilly
shopminichuck : Oh man, she's PERFECT 😻
bannortoys : Your ballet moccs make me want a little girl!
wisebirdsco : It looks so cute!!! 😍
myhiroshima : Aw... Pew Pew
wisebirdsco : Can I use this pic on my site? I don't have any of it being worn. 😊
yelenala - cillannebchamp - sharedpaqee - peekabloombaby -
florida - germany - militarybrat -
zaristides : Oh my too COOTE - just look at those suspenders!
calethiadeconto : @zaristides United Colors of Benetton! #Germany #Florida #militarybrat
oliviahack1 : Adorable!
melindalovedean : 😍
jennyboa : holy adorableness!
greedeepeedee : So good!
gbarnabei : The cutest child ever!
lanafutura - chelsism - fionalanders - melindalovedean -
I edited this so just my hair was colored, the rest black and white, but I thought it looked weird sooo here's me. Smiling. No filters xD And I actually kinda like this pic .-. Anyways, yesterday I asked my parents if I could go to a party today, I was saying who is going, my dad asks "Is Alexia going" Me: who? Dad: The really skinny girl. I looked at him confused then he said "Alexia, sounds like anorexia, the skinny girl, it's suppose to be funny" I stared at him some more and said that's not funny. I was going to say eating disorders aren't funny but I didn't want to seem too upset about it. Which I'm not. But idk. Afterwards when I was thinking about it I decided yeah, she will be there. With me. Were going to dance to burn calories and avoid the food like it's the plague. But I have a feeling Mia will be with me... Argh Idk. Btw mY HOUSE IS EMPTY. Almost. Haha there's like a few things left, then everything will be packed by Tuesday, and were leaving Friday morning. Day before homecoming. I didn't really want to go anyways soo ya. #Me #ana #mia #ed #ednos #eatingdisorder #anorexia #bulimia #starve #skinny #deb #depressed #depression #sad #broken #militarybrat #starving
starve - starving - ana - ed - bulimia - sad - broken - eatingdisorder - deb - depression - anorexia - me - mia - ednos - depressed - skinny - militarybrat -
sungarochelle_ : Sooo pretty! πŸ’•
medicine_forthe_broken : Aw, thanks 😳☺️ @sungarochelle_
ericsona : Tbh- you're so gorgeous and we are very close, i can tell you anything❀️
medicine_forthe_broken : Omg, you're so sweet :3 and aww, yess ^.^ Me too 😘
medicine_forthe_broken : @ericsona
lastmanonmoon : Omg beautiful!! Marry me :p
medicine_forthe_broken : Haha, so sweet 😘 @lastmanonmoon
sungarochelle_ - ericsona - hells_blazing_angel - fruitsalad95 -
This is how I'm spending my Friday evening. My dad is in the air force & has been in Korea for the past year and a half (dad & hubby deployed a month apart). Well I have been Skyping with my dad the last few days & we decided to surprise my mom! (Or we're trying too) I'm flying into the same airport as him & taking the shuttle up to Cheyenne together. My mom will have zero idea that I'm coming until she sees me get off the shuttle with my dad! I'm working with less than a months notice here so I really hope this works out! #armywife #armywifelife #milso #airforcebrat #militarybrat #dreambig #liveyourlife #believe #thelittlethings
thelittlethings - milso - armywife - liveyourlife - armywifelife - dreambig - airforcebrat - believe - militarybrat -
niaklewis : Oh my gosh, that's crazy long!! My fingers are crossed for you that everything goes super smoothly.
brittnyeee : @anarmywifeslife I'm also surprising my family by going home for Christmas. My husband is in the army and we recently moved from California to Virginia, the first time I've ever moved away from my family. I used Orbitz and realized it's cheaper to just buy 2 one-way tickets. I spent about $250 on my plane ticket there. I've yet to buy my one to come back home but I still have a few months. But it shouldn't cost more than $550 for both tickets. Hopefully you can find a good deal :)
anarmywifeslife : @brittnyeee oh my goodness. That's a huge difference! Yeah, bless my husband's heart his feelings are definitely hurt that he can't just jump up and visit family. But he wants to go to a school in NY when he gets out. My parents live in Wyoming, the opposite side of the country. So seeing them as a family is just really hard with a dog!
medsdeals : Love it the idea :)
pinkdaze : Great idea
jessttc : Omg so cool I hope it works out!!!!
kaylaryman : Hoping the best for you! I've been struggling to keep my surprise a secret for months and it's all down to the last week!!!
dollartreeanxietyyy : Awesome idea!!!
jessttc - craftierbyb - corl.margie - dollartreehauls -
Le dije que me dolían las piernas y me empezó a dar masage. He can be so sweet β™‘ #militarybrat #miniño
miniΓ±o - militarybrat -
karinmonterna - icandream75 - flipo20 - bettyruiz90 -
Finally a smile out of Bug ... I think he's finally excited πŸ™Œ #movingday #armylife #mommysman #militarybrat
armylife - mommysman - movingday - militarybrat -
ceyvondraw - cooleysadie - kkjmommie - jrenea03 -
Hahahahaha the commissary is worth the trip! #militarybrat
militarybrat -
kskan4 : Just buy fooooood!!
mamastucky : ❀️BAHAHAHA! @kskan4 She bought lollipops for her patients! 🍭🍭🍭
avajunemoon - weeskan - skanny79 - meatloafforapenny -
Eating breakfast with this #militarybrat ;P his dads in the #army, if you can't tell haha
militarybrat - army -
thisbeardisreal - kuppekake -
Happy Birthday Air Force. #airforce #militarybrat
airforce - militarybrat -
eodwife08 : πŸŽ‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
lotsymemories - eodwife08 -
When my dad sends me selfies because hes bored at work. 😊 #daddysgirl #militarybrat #oorah πŸ’•πŸ˜˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
daddysgirl - oorah - militarybrat -
jessie_deguzman - 14.christina_ - crazylover243 - nadia.ann -
Started talking to recruiters #enlisting #army #airforce #militarybrat #armedforces #military #armystrong
armystrong - airforce - enlisting - army - military - militarybrat - armedforces -
m1467n : What they say?
crazy_girl_sam : He's coming back next week so we can talk more about college options he sounds promising @m1467n
m1467n : Oh cool
crazy_girl_sam : Yeah I'm excited @m1467n
redneck9983 - neshaloveesu - brooke_roderick - danielle_caldwell -
#militarybrat #travel #love #diversity #wanderlust #friends #family
wanderlust - love - family - quotes - diversity - travel - friends - militarybrat -
travelbrat : #quotes
themisunderstoodcouple - beemerq - smutbag - mintnotion -
militarybrat -
julynnshay - andrealbonilla24 - caligirlsmiles - bdoll526 -
#TBT to a career fair that gave out army hats! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ #2ndGrade #IThink #MilitaryBrat #IGetsMilitaryDiscount #MaybeMyFutureJob #IGrewIntoMyEars
2ndgrade - igetsmilitarydiscount - igrewintomyears - ithink - maybemyfuturejob - tbt - militarybrat -
obeydahlia_ : You look the same 😫😭
jojooh96 - mariyah_onfiyah - ohmylordyitstay - _sorrybro -
A little #tbt action for you peeps πŸ₯ on this beautiful #throwbackthursday!! Top left: my sister Jessica, my mom and I when we lived in Austin. Top right is my sister Jessica and I when we lived in Tucson. Bottom left is my sister Jessica, myself and my dad when we lived in our other house in Tucson. And bottom right is my sister Jessica, myself and my sister Lynn on our last family cruise. Always value family - whether it's by blood, connection or both; and always remember where you came from. Whether that's a good memory or a bad one, it snapped who you are today. Hopefully you like who you are, if you don't - you are the only one that can change it. #militarybrat #bikinigirl #swolfie #gymrat #motivation #workout #travel #inspiration #crazylife #gains #aesthetics #physique #progress #fitfam #fitspo #sisters #fitness #fitnessmodel #mylife #gymlife #beyou #bodybuilder #beastmode #gymbarbie #doyoueven #trainhard #shredded #family
motivation - fitnessmodel - fitfam - family - bikinigirl - shredded - workout - crazylife - beyou - swolfie - tbt - aesthetics - doyoueven - mylife - sisters - fitspo - trainhard - beastmode - gymlife - throwbackthursday - travel - physique - bodybuilder - militarybrat - fitness - progress - inspiration - gymrat - gymbarbie - gains -
chrismicha : Love it!!
dancing_elixir : @chrismicha me too πŸ˜†
markklanac : Sweetness! I love it! πŸ‘Š
dancing_elixir : @markklanac aww hey thanks!
kimberley_jones1126 - trapzilla555 - zoeypomeranian - johnny_34_ -
#liamscott #cutestnephew #militarybrat #finallyhere #myheart
finallyhere - cutestnephew - liamscott - militarybrat - myheart -
kelseycleckner - rachelbendgen -
15yr old me right before I left Germany. This was probably one of the last pictures I took before moving to GA. #Tbt #Germany #Kaiserslautern #KTown #HighSchool #MilitaryBrat #ForgotWhoWasInThisPicWithMe #ThatCoatWasHuge #FUBU
tbt - kaiserslautern - fubu - ktown - forgotwhowasinthispicwithme - highschool - germany - militarybrat - thatcoatwashuge -
bereboo_17 : #LookinLikeNelly
pirate_quincy : handsome
sweet_happiness - brimichelexoxo - praynappy86 - craigobrist -
#tbt to last week visiting Bran at CMR. Tired to be an officer cadet, didn't make the cut πŸ™Š #militarybrat
tbt - militarybrat -
cjclorey - jedwards_8 - ashleyovens - laurak99 -
Me and my little love. #family #babe #baby #mylove #myheart #myworld #mommysgirl #mommydaughter #memories #life #love #loveofmylife #sweetbabe #mommysgirl #mama #mixedkid #mixedbaby #militarybrat #japan #japanjourney #japaneseadventure
life - loveofmylife - love - japaneseadventure - mixedbaby - myworld - japan - baby - babe - mixedkid - myheart - mommysgirl - japanjourney - family - memories - mommydaughter - sweetbabe - mylove - mama - militarybrat -
natashagram_ : Gorgeous ladies! How is it driving on the other side?!
andistrong : @natashagram_ I'm getting used to it now but at first at night when I saw headlights I panicked lol
kfezzz - iamjskee - lakehavasu - __jazzy_xo -
Dog tags and aviatorsπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’ͺ #militarybrat #seniorpictures #seniormodel
seniormodel - seniorpictures - militarybrat -
bryen_bartgis : 😍😍😍😍😍
halicarr : Such a pretty girl!!
baylee_bartgis : Thank you Hali!!!❀️❀️ I miss you😭 @halicarr
baylee_bartgis : I heart you dad @bryen_bartgis
hay_ann_lake : So uhm... You seem to be a little too gorgeous.. Can you take it down a notch?πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜
torrimari3 : Wow.😢😍😘
_xoxox_alli : Tbh:your really beautiful and I remember living down the road from you and hangout with you rate:bms date:no
bekah_bug - danceak112 - s_kistler - cassidylovedance -
My well behaved child and I. Her first commanders call! πŸ‘ΈπŸΆ #militarybrat
militarybrat -
eswank : @_deeeeeezy_ she was really good today. She was probably overwhelmed by the amount of people around her
_deeeeeezy_ : I'm so proud of her! She did so well!
_krissssten - bsweetn - __mscee - prangel38 -
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