🎢 My girl 🎢
mikupup -
tanyalochridge : Miku always looks so happy!!
kristyleecatlady : That seating is everything!
oliribera : Me encanta el hello @leslie_marin
pnkssbtch420 : @kuheyelea
sneakersjeansandallergies : Flower words! @troispetitesfilles
jhawkk : Let's make one of these!!! @_maddelinee_
dollchic : @caylaji cute feed
retrochicmum : Major chair envy 😍
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we are very proud to see our portrait of #mikupup has made it to her portrait wall! thank you, miku and @keikolynn! #chezgrey
chezgrey - mikupup -
meganbe : Do you do commissions?
tinalibby : @meganbe yes! we started an etsy shop, #chezgrey, because we love to do exactly that--the link is in my profile 😊
dinkersanddoo - blainerr - 35livelovelax - ecofinery -
I ❀️ Miku. #mikupup
mikupup -
mattheweustace : @cat_eu yes!
irischoi89 : So cute! I love the wall color too! may I ask the name of paint color?
keikolynn : @jade_melissa that would make my year 😍
keikolynn : @irischoi89 I'm not sure but I will try and find out for you!
anuxa : @liviarezgon achei sua cara hehe
liviarezgon : @anuxa que amor πŸ’•
wanessa.mra : @waleskam
waleskam : Ainnnn @wanessa.mra
graeshela - mio_ferreira - lady_jour - lia_willow -
Check out this bikini babe. #mikupup loves her seashell top by @kimblygrace!
mikupup -
lexmaria : @kiapatra
marirosas9 : @fatimavasconcellos
_a_mar : @lauren_rochelle206
lauren_rochelle206 : @_a_mar mermaid pup!!
snapshotfashion : @ashaleighhh
momjeans98 : @lllabs
ohberry007 : @soyneil
abkhorram : @ashrenee308 bella is going to look this happy at the beach 😍😍
maureenbphotography - graeshela - horse_lover_jr - alysindigo -
People always ask me where (or from whom) I bought Miku, and the answer is that she's adopted, of course! She's the best and most perfect dog in the world; she doesn't have a mean bone in her body and I swear she might secretly be a unicorn. Please consider adopting, if you're looking for a furry companion. There are so many precious animals in need of a loving home, and it's the most rewarding experience. Share your love for your adopted pup with #AMothersRuv to spread the good word about adoption! PS @barkbox is giving 10% off with code MIKUPUP and donating $15 of each purchase to @badassbrooklyn rescue group (or 10% from, which is where you can buy this tote). 🐢🐢🐢 #barkbox #mikupup
amothersruv - barkbox - mikupup -
geovanasleite : @clabouhid 😍😍😍
crissylou5 : @nokaoi13 πŸ™Š
nokaoi13 : @crissylou5 u need da kine
ellenebetween : @dirshtikdrek
hooluvsya : So sweet ❀️
sienna0rose : awww love this! so sweet xx
magjeet : Omg and she could carry the rat in it! @run_darling
ctomaska : @tanilea this is awesome 😍
maureenbphotography - pati.john - oopsiiedaisy - jessica.kica84 -
@ilemonroy knows the way to my heart. This illustration of #mikupup and me brought tears to my eyes 😍
mikupup -
misikus : How cute!
sepidbth : Good present for it..
newdarlings : This is so cute!!
ilemonroy : @ryapie Thank you so much. You're so sweet
keikolynn : @sleepingplanes πŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺπŸ”ͺ
blits111 : @racksbyracks adorbs
turquoisesky : this to too cute! I want someone to illustrate my kids ❀️
jessicolah : haha, that giant cookie in the background! With a bow on it!
_dedeadelaide_ - naningui1 - greenowleyes - simplijoli -
Great day for a Dog Park.
mikupup -
neversosweet : Miku is smiling! 😊
dougstoned : you did look familiar...
blits111 : @racksbyracks
amanda.comstock : Hah a tiny version of my dog. How cute!
ingridbaq : @danielapayanm
juliianalmeida : @maryanamartinss quero 2
tatianaasantos_ : @zuritaluana
hall_little : @rosiemeach
danyrofficial - nickboni - bellamarie_fitness - fuckyounerdy -
Portrait of a flower child, by @tinalibby and @robertlibby (chez grey on @etsy). I might be biased, but I think #mikupup is definitely the best muse of all time.
mikupup -
virginiemillefiori : So cute!
nothingbutapigeon : Adorable!!!
caserz1986 : Love love!
tinalibby : what artist could resist? 😘 I'm so glad miku approves! can't wait for it to join her wall!
newdarlings : Aww!! πŸ’•
jendoesyourhair : @heytherefeliciaj
rhymeswithallen : @chihuaffle
thelittleavocadoshop - emily_rodriguez.02 - miriam_299 - jewel_exclusive -
@presleythedingo, pianist. #mikupup, patron of the arts.
mikupup -
newdarlings : Too cute! ☺️
andreakerbuski : Good seeing you today! Safe travels back home! 😘
keikolynn : @andreakerbuski so glad I ran into you!
thestylebutton : Cute!!
flyingsafirs : @ecobeautyvivi aww! Sweet hearts!😍😍😍
_animalier_ : YES YES YES πŸ™ˆπŸ’•πŸΎπŸ•
snapshotfashion : So sweet! πŸ’™
presleythedingo : I miss Miku!!!
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Giving Miku a private performance.
weeklyfluff - dogsofinstagram - dingo - houndsbazaar - petsofinstagram - petscorner - instadog - dogcrushdaily - petcostar - mikupup -
presleythedingo : #instadog #HoundsBazaar #petsofinstagram #dogsofinstagram #weeklyfluff #petscorner #petcostar #dingo #dogcrushdaily #mikupup
cofdeb : Just like her daddy
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a very special pet portrait for a very special #mikupup--the frida kahlo treatment! worked together with the hubz for this one. πŸΆπŸŒΊπŸ‘‘
petportrait - etsyprepromo - petlovers - chezgrey - devilsinthedetails - instaartist - instaart - dailyetsysales - petsjubilee - etsyfinds - etsy - mikupup -
tinalibby : #chezgrey #etsy #etsyfinds #etsyprepromo #dailyetsysales #petsjubilee #instaart #instaartist #petportrait #petlovers
tinalibby : @keikolynn 😘
tinalibby : the flowers are detailed with gold leaf, and the necklace with opal leaf. #devilsinthedetails
chentzu82 - andres.silvera - peachandtweed - hellolovehandmade -
@presleythedingo and #mikupup are doing their best not to look at me.
mikupup -
oluiskar : Your dogs are so adorable!!!! @keikolynn
patricia_monet : Absolutely in love with this room, esp this rug πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
keikolynn : @fidgette this is actually my cousin's house!
mandypie : I just bought this rug myself!! It's so perfect!
_jessica__t : My dog does that too, once I pick up my phone to take a pic of him he looks away πŸ˜‚
hautehair_n_makeup : @snikki_o @dphambam
tanyalochridge : Silly pups - "no pix, please!"
dhellosunshine : Oh they need to learn some poses like my boy! @keikolynn
waywardandfree - celina_praca - dasha_shutko_ - crookedlovemakeup -
Miku is arguably the most well behaved passenger of this road trip. #mikupup
mikupup -
daphnasimon : ❀️she is so adorable!
mickeyparadis : πŸ‘ˆnew fashion & style account β€οΈπŸŽ’πŸŽˆ
tinahaywood : Most behaved and cutest too!!! πŸ˜ƒ
theburlapbag : So good! And that pizza pin πŸ‘Œ
melody_barabe : Nice shot 😊
thomaspeterst : No kiss
anniemated22 : @mercedesbl my new favorite
mercedesbl : @anniemated22 thank you for sharing!
fleur_dusud - major_laiza - resendecristhiane - thereadersite4u -
One more, because I'm feeling sentimental. This little gal came into my life eleven years ago, and I never could've guessed how much she would change my life for the better. My mom adopted her for me around Easter, so even though we don't know her exact birthday, I've always celebrated it during the holiday. Which is perfect, because I always call her my little bunny girl. I even tried to name her Bunny (and Unico, and Cheese, etc.) but my mom nixed it, in favor of Miku. Now, I can't imagine her with another name, and I certainly can't imagine a better companion (she is perfection). Happy 11th, my little #mikupup! #adoptdontshop
adoptdontshop - mikupup -
thefoxandfern : What a cutie! πŸ’•
kmccone573 : @zoekharasch
elblogdelupi : She is so perfect, what a lovely story πŸ˜­πŸ‘πŸ’•
elenalaurent : I would be very happy if you have a look at my Fashion Illustrations ♥
hourglass_consignment : She's American Eskimo and Pomeranian @apricotsushi
apricotsushi : @hourglass_consignment thanks!
evtrafton : @greenwithoutenvy @jennifertran723
2gingerdogs : Happy birthday, previous Miku! Isn't it amazing how much they add to our lives?
celina_praca - felicia78fab - cris8acupcake -
Miku and I wish you all a Happy Easter! Bunnies for life! #MikuPup
mikupup -
vanesfrances : @miswaa
miswaa : Omg I was just about to tag you in this @vanesfrances so adorable
kayykaypaige : @odavis7 follow this guy, your life will be better.
s0fterthanshad0w : @electrette everything I could ever want in life doe
vero_lais : que tal este tatuado @alejandrolenin
alejandrolenin : @vero_lais πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
renyl : @mjoyingit I can't even!
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Miku says, "Happy Easter, everybunny!"
anna_barua : @anushikha_
anushikha_ : Aiyooo😊ki cute.😚 Topsy😁@anna_barua
ishitaa23 : Awww...soo cute πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
itslindar : @jchujmu 😎
nadine_zara : @nadia_madeleine 😻😻
leiatambem : So cute
steffinic : @plurrrfect I'm dying
plurrrfect : @steffinic πŸ˜­πŸ’–πŸ™
ilpaesediiaia - thereadersite4u - li.melanie -
Amazing talent by @addie_storm of my daughter @keikolynn and her #mikupup
mikupup -
addie_storm : @hourglass_consignment Wow thank you so much!!! Honoured ☺️
roxyryder1029 - thisfellow - cheechmarie - lalizlindsay -
πŸ’•πŸ’žπŸ’– *~ 2 cute 2b 4gotten *~ πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’•
jaclynsalem : So much adorable in one photo. πŸ‘“πŸ‘“
ssshushy : @jillian.dez you and Rudy should do this!
megsyjaneau : @robintailclothing
robintailclothing : @megsyjaneau 😍
jillian.dez : So cute! @ssshushy
kitty_galor3 : @dirtyfootrose pimpin
love_amika : So cute!
thefoxandfern : Adorable! ❀️
celina_praca - antodreft - thereadersite4u - srna05 -
Dear @violetclair, you are my new favorite person. This little illustration of #mikupup is going to look great on her gallery wall. 😍😍😍
mikupup -
jameswordlife : @keikolynn @violetclair is a superstar! πŸŽ‰πŸ”₯πŸŽ‰πŸ”₯.
violetclair : @jameswordlife thank you! And especially thank you for telling me about this super lovely lady. πŸ’–πŸ’•
queenofthefire : So cute!
megsyjaneau : "Her gallery wall" - she has enough to have one of her own? 😳 πŸ˜„ Love this artwork too, BTW. The colours are delicious 😍
keikolynn : @megsyjaneau yes, because I'm a crazy person πŸ˜‚
megsyjaneau : @keikolynn we live in a "little dog house" too - never thought I'd be one of those people but our babies are spoilt rotten (the dog we had growing up was not a creature you could love so I really didn't understand how people even liked their dogs 😝)
mhollyoak32 : It so cute did you do it
nadiadetzel : @luu_detzel_
shivnes_attack_my_body - siyavuyajim - kociucha -
elhuevomalo : @jaybirdflowers
babyingrid : GENTE, QUERO. @amandagagliardi
amandagagliardi : @babyingrid não, pera. O que é essa foto?????
babyingrid : quero ele, o cachorro e a almofada @amandagagliardi
prauchner_ : @renatanhalt que coisa linda 😍
callmekarahartnett : @horeehounddx we don't necessarily know each other but since we're cool af on instagram, I feel the urge to share hot men + cat pillows + tattoos with you πŸ’ #sorrynotsorry
horeehounddx : πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» I approve! @callmekarahartnett
josphat.njenga : Waw
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Mother / daughter portrait. #mikupup
mikupup -
tanyalochridge : Cuties...both of you! Clever & cute!
missjcoleman : So much to love in this picture πŸ’•πŸ’•
elblogdelupi : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
daphnasimon : @keikolynn OHH MY she is so cute! You've gotta check out our dog breed rings - we have a pom too!
keikolynn : @daphnasimon I saw the charm but didn't see a Pom ring - are you out of stock?
daphnasimon : Hi @keikolynn! If you don't mind can you email us at The pom ring is the same pom as the necklace, they are all made to order. Would love to collaborate!
missnanavanleuven : That dress
mrsc0c0 : @danielleinpix πŸ’‡πŸ½
streifen_liebe - bec_may_bloom - md_dl - dream_evil_666 -
Little baby. #mikupup
mikupup -
melissamaxwelldavis : Aw, your pooch is cute. 🐩
thestrangeramongus : @snwsnw <3
rose.hybride : @keikolynn you're welcome! I love when people notice that my teeth are straighter πŸ˜„
i_miss_sunshine : awhh... so cute πŸ˜πŸ’‹ @keikolynn
rheaa96 : @mabellematta97
jennamaex : you are so beautiful.
j5picy1_ : Hope that you can make an account for Miku haha. She is super sweet and adorableπŸ˜ŠπŸ’“πŸ˜
mrsc0c0 : @danielleinpix your next cut
more_pap - itsinthebagblog - pale_july -
Back at home with the babies. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™Œ
mikupup -
taylor_nico : @csp1203
yysweet96 : ❀
mamajules66 : @betsbesser
lady_ady : Adorable ❀️
getbeautybutler : Hi I have a Japanese spitz called miluku I'm so missing him at the moment so thanks for posting this :) is your dog a Japanese spitz?
getbeautybutler : Shall I post a pic so you can see him !!
keikolynn : @getbeautybutler she looks like it, but she's half Pomeranian and half Eskimo!
getbeautybutler : She's beautiful il send you a pic of my baby in your email :) I'm a long way from home right now so I'm really missing him
dgokar24 - socheries.couture - bellethruthelookinglass - ohyouimpliedit -
I made a wonky eyed #mikupup cookie at the @nordstromrack luncheon. This is what happens when I'm away from my dog.
nordstromrack - mikupup -
elblogdelupi : Awwww 😍
misaisms : I thought of @cristinaflores @sarahlsue
almaosanchez : @anaya_pbnj Bee
trebiemander : Her little glasses... <3
yennyths : @ale_luchita :D
ale_luchita : @yennyths si la viii! β™‘ bellisima!
liveiratik : @madam_tiffy
sarahlsue : @misaisms loveeeee this!!!
haithemeni98 - michelle.ceccarelli - souk_ette -
Best valentine of all time! 😍😍😍 #mikupup
mikupup -
havenvonderhaar : @shittyghost you need Missoni m&ms. Corn chip flavor.
shittyghost : @havenvonderhaar I almost tagged you! I was going to get some with your face face chocolates.
arianebolivarr : @rachel.bolivar
thesparkproject : @notguilty77
jadore_paula : @tati_cutrone like yours!!
melissamoox3 : @jamesnou puppy covered chocolate
girlnamednicole : @parakufishing
poutyjoanie : @barbell_marky
rafaela12_19_ - salinaconley - asazare56 - sariously_ -
Miku and Lacy always sleep in the same bed. I love my girls 😍
mikupup -
andreakerbuski : That is so sweet
keikolynn : @littledead_ she's half! And half Pomeranian.
littledead_ : My fiancé and I are looking at an American Eskimo at a shelter. She seems like she has the perfect temperament. Obviously Miku is great with cats (huge plus), how is she with other dogs and kids?
keikolynn : @littledead_ in all sincerity, Miku is perfect. She does bark when the doorbell rings, but that's it. She loves kids, dogs, cats, skunks, bunnies, ferrets, horses, etc. She doesn't have a mean bone in her body. And triple high five for adopting!!
littledead_ : Thanks! I love that you included that she loves skunks. :) She sounds like the perfect dog. I will most certainly keep this in mind when we go to look at him! :)
keikolynn : @littledead_ haha, it's true! My mom used to have two skunks 😊
lahederahelix : Awww so cute!
karytsukino : So cute!!!😻
lizzie_james68 - madulima0 - unevenkiki - moononokehime -
Bobby and I teamed up with @expressrunway to share five of our favorite date spots in Brooklyn. Check them out on! #LoveExpress
mikupup - loveexpress -
leeeohnor : @mrs_jgarcia i must have the dress
mrs_jgarcia : I love it @leeeohnor it is so you love!
stelo2410 : What lipstick are you wearing??πŸ’„
bearcatla : 😍
mish_shel : Aww. Love Miku's little shoes
jacknlily0313 : You guys are perfect 😍 love you both!
keikolynn : #mikupup
jordanaaribeiro : @bruumatte 😒😒
nys_garcia - marrymecincy - yantinurzannah - zulving -
Look, ma! I made my bed! I updated all of my bedding (minus the cat and #mikupup), thanks to @westelm and @ks_saturday! Enter for a chance to win $2,000 for your own Saturday-style room refresh. Http:// #WElovesaturday
welovesaturday - mikupup -
keikolynn : @alydarling believe me, we need a bigger bed. It's a little too cramped!
theon6 : @tiography_ nice 😍
leticiavanessa_ : @katherinenascimento
fineefox : Wow😻
meherangiz_ : @keikolynn what is the stand to the right of the bed ? And where from
ohheytay : @thatskhuu omg that's the frame I bought lol
thatskhuu : @ohheytay lol πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
fancyfashioncastle : I have that same exact floral wall deco! Thrifted it! @keikolynn
cpaigephotography - luxgallryyyy - t.j__92 -
In honor of Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow, yesterday (thanks for nothin'), here's a photo of Miku and me, during last week's blizzard. Even #mikupup looks over it (although, I think she was just bummed that she lost one of her boots).
mikupup -
thats_naz : Sunglasses in the snow? 😎
antonellarigo : What lipstick is that? πŸ’„@keikolynn
carriebradshawlied : This is SO CUTE.
dianasaur_rex : @bethanycorn @sailawayray I love her
sailawayray : @dianasaur_rex so adorable!!
eerinbee : @womanxking
evieladd : @jules_atkins this looks like you!
jennos_ : Malibu_27
c.rafaelm - chris.s.pham - little_french.panda - karii2.0 -
My little gal. #mikupup
mikupup -
horseandunicorndrawings : πŸ’‹
prettyspecialpieces : So cute
emmajayne_designs : Cute pic! ♥
elektriktwist : So cute!
susy1113 : So precious!!!
blufabricc : @soulstairs
orangesharpiewords : That face! 🐢😍
sissidibartolomeo : Love coat *.* ..from?
fran_carina - _akita_girl_ - madai.ortiz - seriouslyah.nis -
Took a little time to hang with #MikuPup at the Studio.
mikupup -
sweetgirlles : @jodihighrollerr oh my word.... It's perfect.
aut0matic_st0p : Lol @argiemitra was he at the studio with you? that's the love brigade couch!
thisfellow : @timrwatson Miss you, brother!
thepeachpolkadot : That couch is literally the greatest couch I've ever seen πŸ‘‘
jameswordlife : God damn you are just the best human being on earth Hahahah.
muthador : Cool ^^
thedreamofasnail : @cano8 el mueble de casaa O.o
morganamoras : 😻😻😻😻😻😻
the.bowdries - swankhunt_ins - cesarguanipa - urbandreamxx -
I love this sketch of #mikupup and me, by @sophieandlili. If you want to know the way to my heart, it's with anything that features Miku.
mikupup -
gammou : Cool !
annimierdame : That's so cute πŸ’•
sumerstarks : @autumanempire
agriethira : @erieleri
lilane : @ukayayuu !$$
erieleri : @agriethira ak latihan jg git biar Bagus ky gini... Ini Unyuu bnr πŸ˜„πŸ˜±πŸ˜πŸ˜
house_of_mia : @sophieandlili yay! ❀
laurenaufiero : Pssssst ☝ @bpratt__
naturallybeige - joycelets - vi_fullbuster - bijona_t -
Miku thinks every day should be a snow day. Not sure if she got the stick to build a fire or a snowman, but either way, she was pretty excited about it. #mikupup
mikupup -
coffeebeforetalky : I want dis pup @louiealexander22
louiealexander22 : @coffeebeforetalky what kind of dog is that?
ukflygirl : Beautiful pup❀️
styletravellove : Awww.πŸ’š
coffeebeforetalky : Half Pom half Eskimo @louiealexander22
spacekells : @hollyjacqueline aw
elblogdelupi : So cuteee!!!
prettyspecialpieces : Love it..blends in with the snow
danilo.lindolfo - zahra_rainy - beshoo____ba -
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