IBF World Champion Robert Garcia 16 years ago! In his first title defense. Now one of Boxing's great trainers. #fightinggarcias #ibf #bOxnard #worldchamp #mikeygarcia #MexicanStyle #rgba #oxnard @teammikeygarcia @rgbaboxing @_rgarcia3 @elieseckbach @brandon_rios1 @gengenrios6 @thomasdulorme
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amr1shahin : The look on robert garcia's face said it all
robertmira : @amr1shahin I remember Robert Garcia when he was fighting. He always gave it his all!πŸ‘Š
amr1shahin - bishopp184 - i_a_s_boxing - boxing_throwbacks -
Oct 24, 1998 | First title defense of the IBF strap for @rgbaboxing | 16 years ago today #Goodnite
goodnite -
captainmexico20 : @rcnobulto809
photosbygris : @raulrocha16718
caribeboi1 : Ohh that's him haha wheres the fight where he got knock the fuck out by a cuban @cules_barcelona
vickrodr : @georgie_ratata_k24
marcortiz0521 : @rek_ortiz
dav8mar : @elieseckbach
gunsgarcia79 : @olmossteven @l_camacho8
mig3santana : @ozuna_k
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@teammikeygarcia I hoping that Mikey is able to get his dispute resolved. So we can all this up and coming superstar. I feel Garcia can and will make a lot of noise in the boxing world. #bOxnard #mikeygarcia #freemikeygarcia #boxeo #MexicanStyle #great #worldchamp #wba #wbc #wbo #ibf Vamos Mikey! @elieseckbach @rgbaboxing @brandon_rios1
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robertmira : My top 5 fighters are 1 Juan Manuel Marquez tie 2 Chino Maidana Mikey Garcia 4 GGG 5 Alex Dilamagini
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@brandon_rios1 #bOxnard #rgba #mikeygarcia #boxeo #boxing #worldwar3 #boxing
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elchemir : Wack ass fighter
lautarotobalo : Diego Chavez beat him
robertmira : @lautarotobalo he was winning the fight until the ref DQ him. But my favorite fighter is @chinomaidana Vamos Chino
lautarotobalo : Yeah of course , chino is a true warrior
edgomez1 : Dude has heart and never gives up comes to fight
robertmira : All of @rgbaboxing come to fight!!! @edgomez1 got to love how he gives it all he has in him!πŸ‘Š
banuelostony : Dude is a less than average fighter. A lot of heart
knicks_33_ : Watsup @nolimit_drillin
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Make sure to check our latest interview with Mikey Garcia @teammikeygarcia Link on the Bio @rgbaboxing #boxing #boxeo #boxer #sandiego #nomasboxing #goldenboy #golovkinrubio #gennadygolovkin #toprank #mikeygarcia #mexico #mexicans #mexicodf #mexicocity #vivamexico #floydmayweather #Mannypacquiao #robertgarcia
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Major shoutout to @teammikeygarcia for the likes. Cant wait to see you fight againπŸ‘πŸ‘ŠβœŒ#wladimirklitschko #klitschko #teamklitschko #obsessedwithboxing1 #klichko #heavyweightchamp #thebest #boxer #boxing #boxnews #thechamp #legend #champion #ΠšΠ»ΠΈΡ‡ΠΊΠΎ #Π’Π»Π°Π΄ΠΈΠΌΠΈΡ€ΠšΠ»ΠΈΡ‡ΠΊΠΎ #throwback #wklitschkofans #beastmode #fight #thebest #boxnews #boxingthrowback #boxeo #fight #weready #garcia #heavyweightchampion #mikeygarcia #iloveboxing
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nakmuaynangfas : How long do you train?
wklitschkofans : @nakmuaynangfas want to say he trains near two months before each fight
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If anybody else was wondering where former featherweight world champion #MikeyGarcia has been.. according to a recent interview with FightHype.. he is still entangled in a contract dispute with his promoter #TopRank... but says he is "Hopefull" for a 2015 return.. Garcia, who has been out of action since January, also stated that he is unlikely to return to the super featherweight division right away.. even a return lightweight was unlikely.. he stated that he would be looking for a catch weight fight around 138 for his return... #Boxing #Standnfight
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matmax13 : Might need to find a new trainer also Robert garcia fighters keep on losing and don't make weight
princesaad5454 - lukehills1991 - jesusdrinksbeer - talk_of_sa -
@teammikeygarcia 34-0,28 KOs #boxing #boxeo #hbo #toprank #Boxing_Bros #edit #boxingedit #sports #Garcia #MikeyGarcia
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boxing_bros : @mr_boxeo πŸ‘ŠπŸ™
matmax13 : When he fighting again?
boxing_bros : @matmax13 we've all been asking the same question
_alexisramirez : πŸ‘ŠπŸ™
boxing_bros : @_alexisramirez πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
iammarioruiz : Real dope!
boxing_bros : @iammarioruiz thanks bro
lalosboxing : #FreeMikeyGarcia
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Epic fuckn night!! My boy #GGG won by 2nd round KO.. and got some dope ass selfies with #MikeKellerman #SotoKarass and #MikeyGarcia #Epicnight #iloveboxing #GolovkinRubio πŸ˜πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ’•πŸ’•
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lifeisapartyy : @209nancyrodriguez oh so you'll put up a collage of this bit NOT Vegas?!?
lifeisapartyy : When we partied with canelos dad!!
209nancyrodriguez : @annett02 lmao... i had to boo! I couldn't potentially come out on TV and not look fly 😜😜
209nancyrodriguez : @lifeisapartyy those files were lost.. who had the picture we took with canelos dad?
lifeisapartyy : @209nancyrodriguez Angie!!
lifeisapartyy : *skangie
j_delgado.r04 : We must do it again @209nancyrodriguez
209nancyrodriguez : @j_delgado.r04 we definitely will!
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With The Undefeated Champ Mikey Garcia .... #Boxing #HBO #MikeyGarcia #StubHubCenter
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hurricane469 : Trying to get at Danny Garcia
priiime_tiiime : I hope it happens !!! Wouldn't that be epic @hurricane469
brunogsp : Future pound 4 pound king!! Amazing fighter!! πŸ‘ŠπŸ’¨
priiime_tiiime : @brunogsp hell yeah he is a very special fighter ...cant till he fights again
mr.dragonav : Is he still with top rank?
priiime_tiiime : @mr.dragonav for the time being yes but he is going to court trying to get out of contract with top rank so thats why he has been inactive
mr.dragonav : I remember that bro I just didn't know if he was still with them or not but once he is off of T.R. roster I think we will be seeing a lot of him since he is such a great fighter.
priiime_tiiime : Yeah I hope he gets some big name fights . So many good fighters in that division @mr.dragonav
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Couldn't tell if my dad was stoked meeting Mikey Garcia. Seriously though, this was an excellent live fight card. Thanks @lamandie for helping me photobomb Ruslan, I know you think he's hot. And thanks Mikey. And yes, that's me repping my #sfgiants all the way from LA! #MexicanStyle #StubHubCenter #golovkinrubio #mikeygarcia #ggg
golovkinrubio - ggg - mikeygarcia - stubhubcenter - mexicanstyle - sfgiants -
suppernicca : Ayee dats sick
lamandie : Love u!!!! πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹
teammikeygarcia - sfgamerbabess - israeloluna - avasmyprincess -
#hboboxing #boxingafterdark #stubhubcenter #ggg #mexicanstyle thanks to #donaire for the seats next to #mikeygarcia #boxing #boxinghype #ringside
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_mzmell - duncan_macleod3 - speedbagscissorhands - michelledelamor -
#ggg #mikeygarcia
ggg - mikeygarcia -
almenovag - boxingguru - tarynzigterman - nuka2493 -
#newyorkknicks #madisonsquaregarden #basketball #melo #carmeloanthony #philjackson #mikeygarcia #sports
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Ayeeee! Saw Mikey Garcia on the way out. #boxing #boxeo #thesweetscience #MikeyGarcia
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_fast_freddy : @danaenaev hahaha I bet lol
_fast_freddy : @alpha_king_600rr hell yeah hes a warrior. Did u watch the fights earlier?
_fast_freddy : @sudholz89 thank you : )
alpha_king_600rr : No but I heard the news my boy Donaire got ko'd! Smh
_fast_freddy : Yeah dude I was going for.him everybody there was cheering for him it hella sucks how he went out dude I was like wtf! @alpha_king_600rr
danaenaev : Yeah it might be the end for the Filipino flash
_fast_freddy : @danaenaev who knows I felt bad to see him lose like that it sucks :(
danaenaev : @_fast_freddy I did too. He's always been exciting and one of my favs.
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Boxing familia Eduardo "big G" Garcia and his two sons, Mikey and Robert Garcia. Great Boxers, World Champions, Trainers #traineroftheyear #Trainer #Boxing #Boxeo #RobertGarcia #MikeyGarcia #TeamRGBA #Boxeomexicano #MexicanFigthers #Stubhubcenter #Carson #Mexicanstyle #Oxnard #HBOBoxing #Boxingfamily #Ringtv #Legend #WorldChampion #Sports #Fighter #Coronaboxing #Boxinghype #Ringmagazine #fighteoftheyear #TeamGarcia #lasvagas #Boxingboxeo #boxingfanatik #boxingplanet #Mexicanboxer
trainer - traineroftheyear - boxing - hboboxing - boxeomexicano - boxingfamily - mexicanfigthers - boxingplanet - oxnard - boxingboxeo - fighteoftheyear - teamgarcia - stubhubcenter - teamrgba - boxingfanatik - boxeo - legend - lasvagas - fighter - mexicanboxer - boxinghype - worldchampion - robertgarcia - sports - carson - mexicanstyle - ringmagazine - coronaboxing - ringtv - mikeygarcia -
solvenue : Nice!
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#dboxedition #boxing #mikeygarcia #Shoutout to @teammikeygarcia for showing some love
dboxedition - boxing - shoutout - mikeygarcia -
robertmira : Yes @teammikeygarcia is one cool dude @dboxedition
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#dboxedition #puebloboxing #boxing #boxeo #box #TopRankPromotions #toprank #freemikeygarcia #mikeygarcia #140 #RobertGarcia #oxnard #thefuture #superlightweight #JuniorMiddleweightDivision @teammikeygarcia @rgbaboxing
box - pacquaiogarcia - 140 - mikeygarcia - toprankpromotions - boxing - toprank - thefuture - boxeo - dboxedition - superlightweight - oxnard - puebloboxing - robertgarcia - juniormiddleweightdivision - freemikeygarcia -
the_real_david_rayos : Damn to 126 to 140 just like that
dboxedition : @the_real_david_rayos wonder why he skipped 135
white_two_1812 : @sirdurruthy @teammikeygarcia
jmata711 : Let see who's king of the Garcia.
jmata711 : He's got the tools to stop anybody at 140.
dboxedition : @jmata711 I been having a feeling that arum wanted to set up #pacquaiogarcia for a while now look he is at 140 and pacman going back down too. I predicted this over a year ago
jmata711 : so did I man.. @dboxedition Bobby's toy's an money makers.
jmata711 : Danny Garcia vs mikey Garcia first.
rgallonegro_boxx - jmata711 - bigglexo - southpaw.69 -
#dboxedition #puebloboxing #boxingjunky #boxingfanatik #boxing #boxingnews #boxingedits #fightedits #boxingmemez #hbo #TopRankPromotions #teamgarcia #RobertGarcia #mikeygarcia #dsg #Swift #dannygarcia #Oxnard #Philly @teammikeygarcia @dannyswiftgarcia @rgbaboxing @_rgarcia3 @elieseckbach Part 3
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kenkhan786 : @dannyswiftgarcia
devon_zimmerman22 : Sick ass pic bro!
dboxedition : @devon_zimmerman22 appreciate that bro thanks
leodan7 : Pretty much
spartanelitetraining - _joorgie - jmir12 - ewoah -
#dboxedition #puebloboxing #boxing #boxinguniverse #boxingjunky #boxingfanatik #boxingmemez #boxingedits #box #boxeo #GarciaGarcia #TeamGarcia #Swift #dannygarcia #dsg @dannyswiftgarcia @teammikeygarcia #hbo #toprank #mikeygarcia #RobertGarcia #philly #oxnard Part 2
boxingmemez - teamgarcia - garciagarcia - dannygarcia - boxeo - dboxedition - boxingedits - oxnard - robertgarcia - boxingfanatik - swift - boxinguniverse - box - hbo - mikeygarcia - philly - boxing - toprank - puebloboxing - dsg - boxingjunky -
mr_boxeo : Awesome edit πŸ‘
kingofgrafix : πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
dboxedition : @mr_boxeo @kingofgrafix appreciate that, this is my favorite one out of the four I made.
queezelle : Fuk no dsg would woop dat ass
kingofgrafix : @dboxedition super clean looks legit
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#Great #Fight but #Who #Wins ? @teammikeygarcia vs @jmmarquez_1 .. Im leaning a lil towards marquez but dont get me wrong a give mikey a big shot #Mexico #MikeyGarcia #JuanManuelMarquez #GarciaMarquez #MarquezGarcia #Boxing #HBO #TopRank #Oxnard
great - garciamarquez - juanmanuelmarquez - mexico - wins - boxing - toprank - hbo - who - fight - oxnard - mikeygarcia - marquezgarcia -
tyjuan300 : Marquez schools him
jose_shmurda : Are you kidding? Marquez would kill him
jose_shmurda : It's gona be another Garcia vs Salka,
greatestmexicanothateverlived : Marquez no doubt.
mikeegz805 : Slaughter is ridiculous ....I honestly Dnt even think Marquez would even win.....I like the young smart Mikey in this one
mikeegz805 : @fredrok1
cjs_dad805 : Don't underestimate Mikey he can box the main difference would be the experiance and power I don't think Mikey could handle anything over 135 he has been dropped at 130 by two light hitters and now instead of fighting at 135 he went up to 140 he's in trouble. I think marquez knocks him out in 9
boxingtwentyfour7 : Thats all im@saying dont under estimate .. Marquez counting punching and power plus he has a chin so mikey wuld have to work hard for thay W @cjs_dad805
tyjuan300 - ismaelperez727 - jus1que1911 - k.florezz -
I think the world just wants to see @TeamMikeyGarcia back in the ring. I don't care what promoter, or network he's on. Garcia has everything it takes to become one of the sport's top p4p fighters. And at Jr Welterweight, the great match ups for Garcia are endless! We wish Mikey and his team the best during their legal battle with Top Rank. #FreeMikeyGarcia.
freemikeygarcia -
daniel_jovan : His inactivity is gonna hurt him. Despite still being in his prime. Ring rust is hard to beat
mobreezy75 : Hell yea!
callhimcisko : @nat__montiel @srgt_canales @kingvela let my boy fight tho!!!
bhattal93 : He's really good but does get dropped abit
aaron_maravilla : He got a WEAK ass chin. N he ducked Gamboa
94mrtwo : @kinglouie24 yeah hope he signs with gbp
robertmira : Weak Chin he's only been drop twice in 36 fights hahaha
frankwhite.jr : Why is he in jail ?
cblack8393 - 60yroldwhitemansays - lamaquinamatthysse - fam_chino -
The WBO has declared Orlando "Siri" Salido as its new 130 lb Champion now that Mikey Garcia will be moving up to Jr Welterweight. “We’ve been thinking about going up in weight a lot. You know, a year ago, we didn’t even make the featherweight divison. So my body has been definitely, definitely growing. I’ve been training and training just to stay in shape but I can no longer make the 130-pound division. So we had been planning to move up in weight class when we do return,” said Garcia. “We don’t have any plans yet but I’ve told the WBO that when I do return, that I’d like to test it out. I would maybe want to get a fight between 135 and 140, maybe get a catchweight to see how I feel for that division. Maybe I’d fight fight at 138 and see how that works out. Maybe I can come back down to 135 if I feel that I can make it. But as it stands right now, I don’t think that I can make it to 135. I think that maybe a catchweight of 137 or 138 would work for a fight." “That really just made it very hard to make it back to 130. Right now, I’m walking around at 156, but I was as high as 161. So it’s just very, very hard for me to say right now what weight class I’m going to be competing in officially but I do want to come back at a catchweight between 135 and 140 and see how I feel.” News via:
g_fl0res : @jayy_r0d
thescarytruthaboutboxing : I don't think it's a smart move for Garcia to move up to 140 lbs. But who knows maybe he handles the weight well. We will have to see
juanp_chaparro : @jarafed buenas fotoooo fedeeeeee mike gracia es ley
ghbetito : Boxing at Chanel 54 Azteca
fightflicks : Risky jump. I hope he carries it well
_frankieped : @_charlieped
jabbingjoe : Nice because that's where Matt Remillard is can wait until my brother is home
louvillarreal77 : Yikes, at 140?? Crawford, or Mathhyse! @sader.m
mexicanchistes - coach_rb - on_my_way_now - judithpapin17 -
Danny Garcia vs Mikey Garcia at 140, who wins? #iEditBoxing
ieditboxing -
imendoza0913 : Mikey!!
centeno805 : Danny too big lol
chakalaka23 : Who da fuck is mikey???
loloktano : Micky Garcia is a great fighter that doesnt want to fight Salido again in 130 and doesnt want to fight anyone in 135 and jump to 140. The same thing that Broner did.
kdt.war.ready : @geanbean87
n_939_787_n : @prmichupo28 y aqi qe cres
prmichupo28 : @n_939_787_n mycky
n_939_787_n : Pa mi qe garcia jajajja no no enserio aqi le boy a dany toy seguro vas a ver si se da @prmichupo28
juanitoaz_ - zain1_ - kdt.war.ready -
The business side of things... #terrys_take #MikeyGarcia #rgba #Boxing #Boxeo #Boxe
rgba - mikeygarcia - boxe - terrys_take - boxing - boxeo -
terrys_take : @inkedup_joe_dirte You know what man, I actually think he could get a big name. Think about it, he sells pretty well. Respectable kid. People like him. Maybe he can do a Mayweather and take off 18 months, come back, and get a Marquez type deal....
inkedup_joe_dirte : Nah he's cool but 18 months and he'll be a ghost to most people
inkedup_joe_dirte : But i guess depending on what weight he'd come back he might get a decent name
terrys_take : @inkedup_joe_dirte Yea that's what I'm thinking man. By the time he cones back he might be a full fledge Welterweight
inkedup_joe_dirte : Possibly so i guess a decent name wouldn't be out the question
1alexanderjordan : I wonder if will retire? Couple months ago in a sexnack interview he said he wanted to retire soon
1alexanderjordan : Seckback
terrys_take : @1alexanderjordan Wow really? That sucks. He's young...
oohkillemboxing - 55justice_mamba - esportudo - monique_balboa816 -
It appears that Mikey Garcia will be moving up to Junior Welterweight in his next fight! I think this is a great move! Maybe not for Garcia, but for boxing. Who would be a great fight for Garcia at 140?? Off the top of my head I would love to see him fight Omar Figueroa!!! Since he too is moving up to 140. #mikeygarcia #jrwelterweight #robertgarcia #boxing #omarfigueroa #mannypacquiao #pacman #hbo #showtime #floydmayweather #tmt #boxislife @boxingrap @boxinghighlights @pr3ttyrickboxing @realtalkboxing @boxingguru @lalosboxing
boxislife - hbo - floydmayweather - mikeygarcia - showtime - pacman - boxing - omarfigueroa - tmt - robertgarcia - mannypacquiao - jrwelterweight -
tyjuan300 : Figueroa is with Haymon so that won't happen he'll likely fight Vargas or Provo next
wasabi_pie5o : πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
rogeliomontanez - victoriadewong - alexlunaofficalfanpage - br951 -
#MikeyGarcia has vacated his title and will move up to 140 when he returns #iEditBoxing
ieditboxing - mikeygarcia -
jessejamesmendoza : @teammikeygarcia
moore_above_avg_2 : @357_sp get familiar
jeb_10 : @stupendoussteve @chrisbadass_ Against Danny Garcia?!?!
chrisbadass_ : That would be a sick ass fight. But I could picture bitch ass @dannyswiftgarcia ducking him. @jeb_10 πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’
cultleadr : Mikey is wayyyy too small for Danny or for any 140 for that matter. Crawford fight seems more reasonable but still a tough fight.
jay_24_ : @wendellljr pa las 140 !!!
diego_shmurdaa : Against Broner?
22bigdaddy22 : @teammikeygarcia
juanitoaz_ - zain1_ - 22bigdaddy22 -
Mikey Garcia sube a las 140 lbs, Orlando Salido campeón OMB. El presidente de la Organización Mundial de Boxeo, el boricua Francisco “Paco” Valcárcel confirmó a través de su cuenta de twitter que Mikey García ha decidido subir a las 140 libras y abandonar su cetro OMB de las 130 libras. De esta manera, el hasta hoy monarca interino Orlando “Siri” Salido se convierte en el único monarca súper pluma de la entidad. Felicidades SIRI SALIDO!!
pistoolpete : @mp8boxing pues el problema creo hoy en dia son las promotoras y los peleadores, no quieren tomar el riesgo de pelear contra los mejores, demostrar que quieren ser los mejores y entonces ganar mas $$$ , y en lo personal critica constructiva sin insultar a ningun peleador y estar abierto a las opiniones y puntos de vista de otras personas y fans πŸ‘πŸ‘Œ, Mikey Garcia a mi en lo personal le ganaria a Danny Garcia simplemente por el echo que Mauricio Herrera le dio muchos problemas en vista de otros criticos Danny perdio esa pelea, Mikey es muy tecnico y creo que le daria mas problemas a Danny , Mickey es muy certero lo boxearia mejor que Mauricio Herrera, pero hey es boxeo todo puede pasar, lo que pienso que seria muy buena pelea
chamito43 : Salido es un gran campeón y humilde persona en hora buena paísa
mp8boxing : @pistoolpete estoy de acuerdo contigo mikey tiene con que puede boxear puede fajarse y pega duro. En cuanto alas promotoras y boxeadores pues es culpa de las organizaciones como pueden decir que el mejor libra por libra es el principal peleador que evita rivales esto lo unico que hace es lastimar a este deporte y ayudar a otros ( ufc ) mma . Pero en fin esperemos que esto cambie
pistoolpete : @mp8boxing si ojala mejore porque hay peleas que ni ganas de verlas la verdad, como la de Danny Garcia contra Salka, pffff me hizo perderle todo el respeto con esa pelea , pelear con un rankeado #77 pudo haberlo matado o lastimado grave
mp8boxing : @pistoolpete ruslan provondikov vs jose luis castillo eso si no c enserio en que estan pensando al hacer esta pelea pero en fin . Saludos y espero volver a tener una conversacion de estas buen dia πŸ‘ŠβœŒοΈ
pistoolpete : @mp8boxing saludos, buen dia βœŒπŸ‘Š
robertvalncia : Y puroobregon mi compa
guero_1108 : @woody_415 NOW dat Garcia vs Pac lookin like a real challenge
mannykidprince - lorefitness - graf_karim - sayeinzunza -
#sirisalido now WBO super featherweight champion. #mikeygarcia decided to move up to 140 lbs and try to get a big pay day to fight @emmanuelpacquiao #boxing #WBO #130lbs
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Shoutout to the champ for liking the graphic I made for him πŸ’― @teammikeygarcia #MikeyGarcia #TeamMikey #Oxnard #Boxnard #EGOGraphics #RobertGarcia #RobertoGarcia #RobertGarciaBoxingAcademy #RGBA #Boxing #Boxeo #EGO #BoxingEGO
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george1096 : That's wassup
angelo_viterale : Johnny tapia
charichard_ : This is bs I made this graphic !
hershey7484 : Fight Crawford
mralvarez77 : Fight anybody fucker you haven't fought in a long time
xxtitomendez : Mikey garcia is big time overrated. In my opinion . he wants Top Rank to pay him more money but he hasn't done shit to derisive it. Guy fights people smaller then him or washed up. He got his nose broke in the salido fight and quits. While Lomachenko fights a salido 20 pounds over weight and finishes the fight no excuses. Garcia would get murdered against Crawford.
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MIKEY! @teammikeygarcia come back soon champ! #EGOGraphics #MikeyGarcia #RobertGarcia #RobertoGarcia #RGBA #RobertGarciaBoxingAcademy #Oxnard #Boxnard #Boxing #Boxeo #Boxer #BoxingHeads #p4p #KO #LetsGetReadyToRumble #HBO #Showtime #ShoBox #TopRank #GoldenBoy #GBP #BoxingFan #Fight #FightFans #EGOSWORLD1 #YoutubeChannel #EGO #BoxingEGO
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russ_thebarber : @boxingego yo is his brother robert training Nonito still or is his pops back to training him full time?
dreamluv79 : 😍😍😍😍
89pato : @russ_timelessbarbers nonitos pops training him last I heard bro
ron_g_81 : Now fam a beast. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘Š
russ_thebarber : @89pato Fosho I read that right now but I know last fight garcia was in his corner but his pops trained him too..thanks
gcmarquezjr : Moreno Valley's own. He and I go to the same barbershop, Carlos's Barbershop off Heacock Street. Haha can't wait to see him back in the ring
georgie_ferrari : Yes we need you back champ!
ram_mark1991 : Can't wait to see him back in the ring
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SHOUT OUT TO THE BRO @teammikeygarcia TO ME THE MOST EXCITING BOXER TO WATCH ON THE PLANET! ALWAYS SUPPORTING SINCE DAY ONE, ROCKING THE KP MEXICO SHIRT! #makemovesthatcount #positivemomentum #kpworldwide #mikeygarcia #blessings
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hectorhiphop : I need one g a Puerto Rican one or Mexico one
bggabe25 : i need that shirt!!! @iamjasondayap
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