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Three's company
midtowneastseries -
cre8ivenode : great man
jenliban : I love you Urban fotos!!
shinozed : Where is spiderman ?
kate_karsten : Awesome !!!! The soft light😍😍😍
dwuiks : It Looks like a drawing :D
hirozzzz : #midtowneastseries
annabel_tamara : Awesome
constant_amnesia : Amazing pics man!!
frednahg7 - boyaa_ - shroof_loughani - alfiealdo -
midtowneastseries -
instaglam39 : Love
adurnwirth : Love this!!
smaller18 : Mad men-esque
krd_lodi : Wild.
joke_honor : Absolutely love your stuff man
joke_honor : @yourboifabs
loungenavy : Male female
htwoshop : Nice
3to_n - semenignatey - rserrasen - evgenia_fi -
different day, same traffic
midtowneastseries -
pattyj : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
imjoee : <-- I got NYC photos
marzenka_ : Shiny cabby
sh3jd : I Like This! πŸ‘€
reemwonderland : ♥
so_may : Looooove
lustylipstick : @odd_kid yea girl lmaoo
hirozzzz : #midtowneastseries
belalexandre - hiyouyeahyou - enruso - limelightsuite -
yesterdays grey
midtowneastseries -
hirozzzz : #midtowneastseries
lavr_r : Great
samhorine : Love a good #fogstagram
ma_rtyy : Love love loveπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ
caktty22 : I can feel. ..
allypallygentleman : Is tomorrow's bright sky bro
qni_chan : Vanishing point........
1983_diego : Nice πŸ‘
elif1220 - 3to_n - valida22266 - macgeeksummer -
Jammed #midtowneastseries #nyc
nyc - midtowneastseries -
ovan : Good light my friend!
thomas_k : So awesome bro! πŸ˜πŸ‘
bichicienta : Great
kate_karsten : It's Fantastic!!! πŸ™†πŸ˜ƒ
katkattykat : Absolutely great!
worldonpause : wow
cre8ivenode : ah... holy great!!!
perfectly_flawedme : @hirozzzz Great shot
doubleplusgood - markus_yamada - paulgeorgemason -
#breakyoneck and #reflect w/ the Chrysler Building #midtowneastseries #nyc
reflect - nyc - breakyoneck - midtowneastseries -
winston30 : Perfect shot
svotra : Great photography! And this shot is pure awesomness!
cemregurbuz : Amazing! perfect! 
radifa.13 : WOOWWWWW
craigles96 : Amazing
fermin_gcia : Great!!
mackarelly : Lovely reflection shot!
onemagicreflect_sean : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
1001_moments - macgeeksummer - carlososuna74 - semenignatey -
right up my alley #midtwoneastseries #nyc
nyc - midtwoneastseries -
cmykchicago : <3
laurenepbath : Nice feed man!
theoreticalyield : Awesome.
ketty_____ : Perfect
antigone__ : I LOVE ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS! 😁
barefootwithjen : Were u standing in the middle if the road...Watch out ! Lol
guldhundarna : Cooool
strawberry798 : I love the yellow taxi!
kateb1990 - flemm7ng - shroof_loughani - alfiealdo -
Little man #midtowneastseries #nyc
nyc - midtowneastseries -
bobbyanwar : Great!
daisybza : Amazingggggg!!! 😲
andy0317 : You should capture manhattanhedge
eerichangg : Great capture! ^_^
kaz_52 : The great divide...nice shot πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
chris.rivera : Incredible!
the_atl_aaron : Huge.
_ronnie_p : Is there anyway we can take the picture and set it as background
carolinaasacchii - flemm7ng - shroof_loughani - wong_em -
farawaypeople #midtowneastseries #nyc
nyc - midtowneastseries -
marce2lo : πŸ‘Œ
kate_karsten : ξ€Ž
hirozzzz : @marce2lo thanks again!
hirozzzz : @k8karsten love how you drop by my feed once a week and give me all this love!! ;)
cathleenmaclearie : @hirozzzz wow... your images are really beautiful. really really beautiful....
wonderland_shot : Wow!
x80sgrl : Great perspective.
o_a_h_t : You have such a beautiful eye! Each picture is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing!
naberoku - shadow_design - swanalhashemiah -
busy night lights #midtowneastseries #nyc I work in midtown, hence why this series fills up faster than the rest ✌ #nyc
nyc - midtowneastseries -
hirozzzz : wow, really? @chrisozer big thanks man for the introduction! @rycar only following back if I'm invited to the big event with you and ms Savannnnnah. Hahaha, thanks dude.
greasemonkey11 : Good eye
laylah : ξ€’Great shotξ€’
cafu10 : Fantastic eres phenomenal desde panama
hirozzzz : @greasemonkey11 thanks
hirozzzz : @cafu10 gracias, besos y saludos a todos.
hirozzzz : @laylah thanks :)
mat_red : You are so good.
najbilal - happyhhs - schwestereva -
distant reflections #midtowneastseries Reflection of the #chryslerbuilding from a few blocks away. Biglens blur since natural blur didn't work with the reflection #nyc
nyc - chryslerbuilding - midtowneastseries -
alo_ruiz : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
j7aima : 😱😱fantastic!
sezaro13 : Amazing
felo_ek9 : This is my favorite, nice shot
enruso : Perfect !!
redwashed : Awesomeeeeeee
kat_in_nyc : wow
kexy : Ha!
ve__ve__ - lucky_kraski - sashrok - alinnemascarenhas -
In the heart of the hustle and bustle #nyc #midtowneastseries
nyc - midtowneastseries -
rjj___ : Hi! Just wondering If u ever come across carrie's apartment front from sex & the city could u take a sneaky pic, just this one time exception, love love that show, come on! It's a request from Australia! Lol! Pleaseeeeeee πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Š @hirozzzz
marce2lo : Good one! Do you shoot them in face??!!?!?! I can t do it but i guess in NYC it's easier, no one cares. Have a nice day, i hope to get better and go out and shoot because i m sick since my feature. πŸ‘Š
hirozzzz : @lyserosa she is, I agree :)
hirozzzz : @lyserosa kinda like you!
hirozzzz : @marce2lo yes, just shoot in the face. Simple. Haha. Feel better soon Marcelo!
catharumi : Cool one !
chris_blough : This is incredible
crisp1202 : Great photos man. You made a follower out of me.
maximus4001 - mnovo16 - shroof_loughani -
blurry Queensboro bridge #nyc
nyc - hirozzzz_fences - midtowneastseries -
marcusnjones : Awesome detail.
drdente : Hi! Good pics you have!!! You shot with iPhone only?
hirozzzz : @drdente thanks, yes!
lamsnap : Nice DOF!
hirozzzz : #hirozzzz_fences
mat_red : You have such great vision. Can I borrow your eyes sometime? :P
kho_world : @saygirl
saygirl : @kho_world #chainlinked
greaphotos - shroof_loughani - swanalhashemiah - heartilyanimated -
Raindrops keep falling on my head #midtowneastseries Tudor City, same spot from yesterdays post. Natural blur with the trick I mentioned before. It was a wet day yesterday, but looks like Gotham is going to make up for it today. Happy Weekend #nyc
nyc - midtowneastseries -
davocity : Super rad. Did you help sell the DoF with some extra blurring or is that as shot?
hirozzzz : @davocity that's as shot
davocity : Wow...I didn't know you could get that from a sensor as small as the iPhone's! Nice work πŸ‘Š
hirozzzz : @davocity tricky, but if u can learn to mess around w/ the focus so it focuses on something up close, it works awesome. Thanks!
davocity : One more thing...do you use the stock camera app or one that gives you manual control of focus and exposure? I find (at least on the 3GS) it's tricky to get a good balance between foreground and background lightness when trying to get a shot like this.
jess.yoo : Amazing!
jllvrde : This is incredible
gigitarrago : Goooooooo.........ooooooo.......ood
ilya389 - marveli57 - macgeeksummer -
Foggy day nyc #midtowneastseries From Turdor City in midtown. #nyc
nyc - midtowneastseries -
cillani : Really nice feed! :)
jgdarrigo : Good pic
malinstalberg : Great shots!
matsumotokazuo : Great!
thell1s : Its really "big city life" in your pictures! Love them all and you Really show the beauty in the city. Great shots like they say above.
miguelteixeira : Wonderful album.
julljulia : I agree with former comentators! All your photos aare amazing
gannette : très belles photos πŸ‘
vanityandvinyl - dinasiagian - annaradiona -
Scattered #raindrops #midtowneastseries Another rainy day. Construction site in front of the U.N. #nyc
nyc - raindrops - midtowneastseries -
hirozzzz : @marzenka_ thanks Supa Cat 
hirozzzz : @nq75_gf Thanks Nelia!
_sher : how'd i miss this one? nice shot! kinda bummed that its finally going to rain this upcoming week. ca>ny 😁
hirozzzz : @_sher get nice fog pic for me ;)
guey_rogelio : Oorah
hello.eri : I've been really busy, sorry to miss these! Love your new series!
hirozzzz : @hysterika it's alright Erika! Thanks for dropping by :)
saveriocine : Nice
gia11906 - chadlos - hello_kayden - shroof_loughani -
Damp, it's just been that kind of week in nyc #midtowneastseries 1st Ave 50th st #nyc
nyc - midtowneastseries -
thomas_k : My kind of picture 😍😍 Love the tiny silhouette and that impressive architecture as background!
hirozzzz : @thomas_k as of late, I've been a little obsessed with catching faraway people in this big city. Lucky catch on this one, with just the one man crossing the street. Thanks!
thewildvelvet : What a great talent !
rianassaaf : Perfect moment!
aceropalus : Great picture!
fabio_brandao : Wonderful. Spectacular :)
mikon6 : Nice shot dude!
msoderlind : Amazing photos man!@hirozzzz
bdoor0258 - gia11906 - theeskeletto - iki98 -
I would be lying if I said I wasn't inspired by @chrisozer on this one, check him out, you won't be disappointed. #midtowneastseries Same spot as my last post, on a bridge next to Detmond Park over FDR drive #nyc
nyc - hirozzzz_reflections - puddlegram - midtowneastseries -
mdek : Whoa!
mdek : Omg yes!!!!! @malloryelainee he inspires me. Just found him thru my brother @jonmic
gastonwals : Very good
hirozzzz : @malloryelainee Mal! F*** this S*** that, appreciate the flattery, but keep it rated PG! Or we're going to have a talk. Haha @mdek thanks again!!
beveon : Brilliant catch, so cool!!
hirozzzz : #hirozzzz_reflections
twheat : So great! #puddlegram material
hirozzzz : @twheat yessir! #puddlegram😊✌
goaldiggin - nasshraa - macgeeksummer - ambientphotography -
City beyond the fence #midtowneastseries From above Peter Detmold Park FDR and the UN building #nyc
nyc - hirozzzz_fences - midtowneastseries -
jet_carrillo : My favorite @hirozzzz
premiumview : Love this shot!
hirozzzz : @hysterika still waiting on the one u did for the train ;)
hirozzzz : @premiumview thanks Johnny
premiumview : @hirozzzz Thanks for the likes bro! I enjoy your feed! Great work
uptowneastnyc : Great shot! Nice meeting you yesterday!
ejbozeman : Wow!
hirozzzz : #hirozzzz_fences
nes87x - rich_photography96 - shroof_loughani - carolerose -
Breakyoneck - #midtowneastseries
midtowneastseries -
katkattykat : PerfectπŸ‘
fredbandeira : Super Hiro!
jcl_paris : Distinctive touch! Congratz
mashgram : Nice shot!
dbenami : Big
bloched : Nice!!!
jerry1011 : Awesome man! Looks like I missed a few of your posts! Just catching up on some sick pictures!
winston30 : Awesome
lifeofmaya - markus_yamada - andrewdragoniv - iki98 -
down under - #midtowneastseries
hirozzzz_reflections - midtowneastseries -
hirozzzz : @jaelynne17 thanks Jamie!
hirozzzz : @deena21 although we lost each other again, lol, but nice meeting you too.
i0ana : Brilliant
hirozzzz : #hirozzzz_reflections
vakhography : Excellent picture
shweeeen : Loveee
nadinemiranda : Officially in love w nearly every photo I've seen here.
ryan78418 : Wow!η΄ ζ™΄γ‚‰γ—γ„β€ΌοΈŽ
vlandetta - macgeeksummer - stefan_seidlein - kayqb -
Madison and 52nd #midtowneastseries
surreallcertified - midtowneastseries -
josheinwechter : such a solid feed you have bro!
punkrawkpurl : I can't believe that I hadn't been following you yet! your feed is chocked full of wonder & I am excited to following along... finally. πŸ˜‰
sejob : Soo Beautiful Mate! What apps you use?
joelfarbman : Fantastic, you should tag it wheredoesthepathlead
relev8 : This photo is now -surreall- certified! Can you please tag the photo with #surreallcertified ?! Thank you
hirozzzz : @surreall #surreallcertified ✌
hirozzzz : @sejob sorry just noticed your comment. Just snapseed, you should check @ampt for tutorials.
carita81 : I love itπŸ˜ƒ
_ondikoi - imjoee -
Reflect - #midtowneastseries
midtowneastseries -
clok_moitie : Superb, Hiro.
hirozzzz : @anniebilly thanks annie :)
hirozzzz : @augustnetta Thanks bud :)
hirozzzz : @takeamono thanks! :)))
hirozzzz : @clok_moitie thanks claudia :)
hirozzzz : @clok_moitie Oops Claudine!
grainfed : Incredible shot!
hirozzzz : @grainfed thanks Adam
icewave810 - meltemdurann - mirrandaax -
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