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Confession 5. When I was 7, my sisters and I would catch bees, wasps, and flying insects in topperware. When we got back to our house, we would microwave them. I know it sounds morbid. We originillay did it to one bee after stinging our sister as revenge...and then we began a war against them. But who hasn't tested the mortality of insects as a child? #beekiller #confessionfive #aye #foreal #bees #wasps #wheniwasseven #wow #morbid #truth #sorry #memories #microwaves #topperware #family #attackontitan #eren #collossaltitan #titan #erenjaeger
family - confessionfive - titan - microwaves - attackontitan - topperware - wasps - erenjaeger - wheniwasseven - foreal - beekiller - aye - memories - wow - collossaltitan - bees - morbid - truth - sorry - eren -
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Tis' the season. Check out our wide variety of appliances for the perfect gift this Christmas. #appliancedepotsd #appliancessd #sandiego #appliances #refrigerators #dishwashers #christmas #tistheseason #jolly #microwaves #washers #dryers #bestplace #feelingthespirit #joyful #merrychristmas #cheerful
dishwashers - washers - feelingthespirit - refrigerators - microwaves - cheerful - appliances - appliancessd - appliancedepotsd - christmas - sandiego - jolly - bestplace - merrychristmas - dryers - tistheseason - joyful -
gabbim1621 - manufaves -
#tbt with my Prince Charming 😻 #microwaves #mikerowewaves
microwaves - tbt - mikerowewaves -
shayna_maray - bigmike0124 - gabbyhoward_ - annihilasian_kozplay -
Omg! Microwaves now in my 'new school' cantine, life just got easier. πŸ˜„πŸ”Œ #Microwaves#new#school#love#easylife
new - school - microwaves - love - easylife -
zlatanovic.ivana - ___princess___yemenia___ - nicole_fisnik - ilvana_s -
Yes, things have changed. I had an awesome childhood and even though I got whoopins I was not abused. We had more respect, bigger imaginations, happy with what we had. We got 1 (one) Xmas gift...period and it was awesome. Yes...times are different.. #NoTV #mindcontrol #microwaves #majormedia
microwaves - notv - mindcontrol - majormedia -
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happy bday to my sister chromatit!! you're so hot you denature my proteins;) ❀️❀️❀️ #microwaves #stove #oven #Pb(NO3)2
pb - stove - microwaves - oven -
maddiebirer : ily❀️❀️ microwaves
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a wonderful solution to all this daily bombardment of #EMF radiation from the things we use everyday (#microwaves, #cellphones, #TV, #wifi)? Orgonite. This suppressed #crystal #technology balances the energy in the surrounding environment, utilizing the #Piezoelectriceffect with #quartz crystals to transmute these negative (DOR) frequencies into positive, life-force energy. Orgone (#etheric) energy is prevalent throughout the universe and is the invisible spectrum around us. If knowledge of the etheric plane is suppressed from humanity via a corrupted and junk science community (ie #Tesla), then of course we will have no idea that we're being bombarded. ("Why do my ears ring? Why do I feel depressed and negative all of a sudden?")....we can build #orgonite from basic materials. #WilhelmReich discovered orgone energy in 1935. Like Tesla, his findings were kept secret from the masses. They sent him to prison where he was later murdered. He was a good man and a genius. He developed the #cloudbuster to bring rain, and that design was later slightly altered/upgraded to the #Chembuster by #DonCroft. I built one of these devices, and after 3 days, it calibrated to the environment, and it's been raining heavily in California ever since. It hasn't rained this heavily and for this long in over three years. We are bringing the fight to the #geoengineering operation. More and more people are building orgonite and we are currently winning the weather warfare fight. We need more people to fight the good fight! Rise up! #CaliforniaDrought #chemtrails #gwentowers #GroundWaveEmergencyNetwork
cellphones - quartz - geoengineering - etheric - tesla - wilhelmreich - gwentowers - microwaves - chemtrails - chembuster - groundwaveemergencynetwork - technology - californiadrought - emf - tv - wifi - doncroft - crystal - orgonite - piezoelectriceffect - cloudbuster -
azna1115 : Awesome post πŸ‘
ziplockm80 : @anarchyawakening
anarchyawakening : πŸ’₯AWESOME @ziplockm80
mindspindave : @azna1115 @anarchyawakening πŸ™πŸ™
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The πŸ„Photo of the DayπŸ„ from Bora Bora, French Polynesia. Via Jenn Hobbs #PhotooftheDay #BoraBora #MicroWaves #CloseUp #Surf
borabora - surf - microwaves - closeup - photooftheday -
partywavesd : :)
globalsurfadventure : Super! πŸ‘ 😊
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I'm not sure what's about to start happening at 1am but I'm a little scared. #lifeintheadks #floods #microwaves #whoknows
lifeintheadks - floods - whoknows - microwaves -
joan_taylor : Ha ha I never saw that before!
frenchpastrychef : Mabye that mean there is going to be some fog
heidihojo : @arhuizing so glad you survived whatever happened at 1am!!! πŸ˜‚
arhuizing : Me too @heidihojo I was a little scared there πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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#futurescientist #infrared #microwaves #museumofscienceandindustry
futurescientist - microwaves - museumofscienceandindustry - infrared -
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Enjoying my favorite past time- watching @bigmike0124 get in to his video games! Not much has changed over the past 6 months that we have video chatted just about every night, but I wouldn't want it any other way. πŸ’• #microwaves #mikerowewaves
microwaves - mikerowewaves -
bigmike0124 : I love you so much
cassannmartin : @bigmike0124 I love you even more baby, I don't know what I'd do without you 😘❀️
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Best idea ever. let them cool first #marshmallows #microwaves #heat #yummy #amazing #delosh #tasty #sugar #bestideaever
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positivonly : yeah @VinesBeLike
cristiex3 - violinman22 -
Mobile phone tower in New England, cunningly disguised as a tree. I can only assume this is to fool birds into landing on it whereby they get fried by high energy radiation and fall, ready cooked into the gaping maws of people who wait around at the bottom for piping hot fried sparrow. #murica #microwaves #friedanimals
friedanimals - murica - microwaves -
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"I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!!"πŸ’• This amazingly handsome man is my best friend and better half and #mcm!! I love you to the Kuiper Belt and back πŸ’˜πŸ‘« #microwaves #mikerowewaves
mcm - microwaves - mikerowewaves -
bigmike0124 : I love you too babe
bigmike0124 - xrebekahann - theandroiddata - gabbyhoward_ -
#sciencefacts #physics #light #electromagnetic #electromagneticspectrum #waves #radiowaves #visiblelight #gamma #gammarays #xrays #ultraviolet #microwaves #infrared - The electromagnetic spectrum ♦️is a range of all different types of electromagnetic radiation. ⚑️ --- Radio waves πŸ“» have the longest wavelength in the electromagnetic spectrum ♦️and are responsible for everyone's everyday communication needs. πŸ“±πŸ“Ί-- In space, sometimes stars ⭐️ and gases πŸ’¨ emit radio waves! πŸ”Š --- Microwaves 🍲 have the 2nd longest wavelength and are useful since they can penetrate through clouds, ☁️ smoke, πŸ’­ snow, ❄️ haze, 🌁 and light rain β˜”οΈ. ~ A Doppler radar πŸ“‘ uses microwaves 🍲 for the Doppler effect. β˜€οΈπŸŒˆβ˜”οΈβ„οΈβ›…οΈ ~ Microwaves 🍲 can also give you information about the structure of galaxies! 🌌 ---Infrared light ♨️is the next shorter wavelength ~ night vision goggles are able to detect the infrared light ♨️emitted by our skin πŸ‘ and objects with heat. πŸ“› ~ In space, 🌌 infrared light ♨️ allows you to map the dust between stars! ⭐️⭐️ --- Visible light, πŸ”† is the only electromagnetic wavelength that humans can see. πŸ‘€ ROYGBIV ~ stars ⭐️, fireflies 🐞, and light bulbs πŸ’‘ all emit visible light πŸ”†. --- Ultraviolet radiation is what our Sun πŸŒ• emits (causing sunburns 😎) and what our ozone layer ☁️☁️☁️protects us from. ~ Bumblebees 🐝 however, are able to see ultraviolet light! --- X-rays are used by dentists 😷 to capture an image of your teeth πŸ˜„ and for airport ✈️ screenings of your luggage. πŸ’ΌπŸ‘œπŸ‘πŸ‘› ~ Black holes ⚫️ produce large amounts of X-Ray light, in addition to comets, hot gases in our universe also emit X-rays. --- Gamma-rays πŸŽ‡ have the smallest wavelength, are the most energetic form of light, and are generated by radioactive atoms and in nuclear explosions. ⚑️ ~ Medically, gamma rays πŸŽ‡ are used to kill cancer cells and to peer inside your body. Supernova explosions πŸŽ† produce gamma rays πŸŽ‡ in addition to pulsars, neutron stars, 🌠 and black holes! ⚫️
infrared - light - xrays - microwaves - sciencefacts - ultraviolet - gamma - waves - electromagneticspectrum - gammarays - radiowaves - physics - visiblelight - electromagnetic -
moniv32 : Like it!
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You make me brave πŸ’˜πŸ‘« #SomeoneILoveSunday • #microwaves #mikerowewaves
microwaves - mikerowewaves - someoneilovesunday -
bigmike0124 : I love you more 😜
cassannmartin : @bigmike0124 whatever you say! I love you on every day that ends in y!!
bigmike0124 - overkilljoy - tankthe_hank - gabbyhoward_ -
#metal #thrashmetal #thrash #heavy #metalhead #metalheads #metalgirl #metalchick #blonde #followback #f4f #follow4follow #l4l #likesreturn #like4like #cats #microwaves #potatoes #curlyhair #please #rabbits #British #girl #teen #filter #selfie
heavy - teen - rabbits - metalheads - metalchick - selfie - microwaves - metal - curlyhair - follow4follow - followback - blonde - girl - filter - potatoes - metalgirl - please - british - thrashmetal - metalhead - cats - likesreturn - f4f - thrash - like4like - l4l -
di_raff : Follow4follow?
metallitour : Lovely
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#microwaves #suck
suck - microwaves -
lozogaga - elisamariacioni - alma_gonzalezzzz - torressalvador1996 -
Oldest microwave I have ever seen. It should be in a museum #oldassshit #tacoma #microwaves
tacoma - microwaves - oldassshit -
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Pipoca feita sem óleo no microondas 😁 #Pipoca #Popcorn #microondas #microwaves
popcorn - microwaves - pipoca - microondas -
nicolemsg : Hum... eu ganhei uma pipoqueira que faz a poca sem óleo, mas o sabor não é o mesmo. .. prefiro com manteiga e sazon β™‘β™‘β™‘
kittagirl : Fiz no microondas e botei manteiga por cima @nicolemsg
nanisampaio - geleiap - leleosantos84 - olhodejipe -
Ripple Effect #water #wind #windwave #microwaves #ripples
water - ripples - microwaves - windwave - wind -
araschiii : Awesome
aminaotyrba : 😍😍
tashaberryy : Peaceful *_*
kromokosmo : Great!!!
__calzone__ : @svitlana_lee @natali__galkina @araschiii @aminaotyrba @tashaberryy @kromokosmo thank you for the comments 😊✌️
a_shot_of_ri : Awesome
__calzone__ : @a_shot_of_ri thank you! this was a puddle in the dirt lot up at loch:)
__calzone__ : @a_shot_of_ri well more like a pool of water lol
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Having the best weekend so far with my other half 😘 #microwaves #mikerowewaves
microwaves - mikerowewaves -
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Bref, j'ai fait des popcorns. #KingOfPop #instapop #instacorn #vivelemaïs #cooking #microwaves #food #pornfood #ÇaDéborde
kingofpop - food - instapop - cooking - microwaves - vivelemaΓ―s - pornfood - instacorn - Γ§adΓ©borde -
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Posting proof that my microwave was, at least for 10 seconds, clean. #cleaning #microwaves #microwaveovens #nukulars #shiny
shiny - microwaves - cleaning - microwaveovens - nukulars -
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Shit thank god!!! I hope I burn my hands and freeze the fuck out of my tongue! THANKS MICROWAVES!!! πŸ˜πŸ”«
npscozzari : @corrinebey πŸ˜‚
picobella11 : @jake4er @caterinaw13
caterinaw13 : @picobella11 I'm dying!!!!!!
jessijade8 : @rmbphotoak 😹😹
rmbphotoak : Lol 😹 @jessijade8
abriellemaryjane : @yannnaaa_ @zakooties @kay.stina @iamcoraldolphin
iamcoraldolphin : Lmfao hate that @abriellemaryjane
cynthiabrrss : @lysserr_94 πŸ˜‘ hate microwaves
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$5.00 at Harris Teeter. And so what I couldn't find my cork screw. The bottle still needed to be drank #classy #wine #microwaves. #drunkingproblems
drunkingproblems - wine - microwaves - classy -
_fro1o - __tonybahama - miceltics -
#microwaves #hotdog #eeeeats #foodventures #cartoons #anoushtalkstostuff #leftovers
foodventures - cartoons - leftovers - anoushtalkstostuff - microwaves - eeeeats - hotdog -
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#sup #morning at #elyaque #elyaquebeach #playaelyaque in #microwaves warming up for the #swell about to arrive at north of #margaritaisland #islamargarita #venezuela #caribbean #caribe #marcaribe on my @fanaticsup #prowave 8'5 #lifeattheocean #standuppaddle #surf #waves #olas
surf - screenshot - goprovzla - swell - microwaves - gopro2 - elyaquebeach - caribe - waves - marcaribe - elyaque - margaritaisland - goprove - caribbean - playaelyaque - gopro - lifeattheocean - morning - olas - standuppaddle - prowave - islamargarita - sup - venezuela -
thevoicesofvine : Niccee @davenwilson
kernel2222 : Rad
tombrendt : #goprovzla #gopro2 #gopro #goprove #screenshot
psngiftcode : Lovely! We are giving away PSN Gift Code. This is limited offer. Check our Profile on how to join!! @psngiftcode
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• I fell in love with you because of the million things you never knew you were doing • πŸ‘«πŸ’˜ #mikerowewaves #microwaves
microwaves - mikerowewaves -
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Balanced breakfast. #yogafood #pescetarian #rawfood #raw #supersmoothie #superfood #greenjuice #yoga #yogi #yogalife #yogadad
greenjuice - yogafood - raw - supersmoothie - yogi - sushi - pescetarian - yogalife - superfood - sallad - rawfood - smoothie - yoga - yogadad - microwaves -
thehogamat : Brill!
barbastark : Fasiken vad goda grejer du gör. Snart får man åka till dig och köra yoga retreat och äta bra mat ;)
k79lust : Mmm såg gott ut
jlusth : Mat behöver inte va kött, sås och potatis. Kall mat är fantastiskt gott. #sushi #smoothie #sallad Sluta att använda #microwaves sätt näringsinnehållet först. @barbastark
901610 : What did u put in the smoothie @jlusth
jlusth : Cacao-powder passionfruit papaya banana coconut milk and water flaxseeds pumpkinseeds oats. On top shiaseeds psyllium-husk. @901610
missfaves - klasikleva - dylanstrill - whatimholding -
Opinion!!! With a the research coming out about microwaves and the damage it can cause our bodies because of the way it "cooks" our food, I often wonder if the rays it kicks out can hurt the food next to it... ie... My vitamin cabinet to the left. I've taken my vitamins out... What do you guys think?... Are they safe in there? #theessentialway @ouressentiallife #microwaves #cancer #food #vitamins #explore #health #opinion
vitamins - cancer - food - microwaves - explore - health - opinion - theessentialway -
artbysebastianexl - teammusclesport - emma.london -
"Good tests kill flawed theories; we remain alive to guess again." #Popper #Eggs #Microwaves
microwaves - eggs - popper -
sovie94 - matte__f - sarahderat - adiaulin -
Dat face πŸ˜πŸ˜‚β€οΈ #microwaves #mikerowewaves
microwaves - mikerowewaves -
bigmike0124 : We are so cute
cassannmartin : Yes you are 😘 @bigmike0124
bigmike0124 : So are you baby
cassannmartin : Not as cute as you though @bigmike0124
bigmike0124 : No babe
cassannmartin : Yassss @bigmike0124
bigmike0124 : No
bigmike0124 - overkilljoy - tankthe_hank - gabbyhoward_ -
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