"My skin has never felt cleaner." - @erikatheicyone Read more in her review here: http://bit.ly/1zlHXT4 Do you feel the same with your Soniclear? #michaeltodd #soniclear #beautifulskin #reviews #antimicrobial
reviews - soniclear - beautifulskin - michaeltodd - antimicrobial -
melly_cakez : ♡♡♡
iliketotalkblog : Love my soniclear! 💕❤️💕❤️
rndb777 : I wanna do a review!!! 😁🙌❤️
mybeautybunny - imaanisnb - brenda0388 - wickedelle -
Empties! I finished these a couple of weeks ago. 1. #michaeltodd charcoal scrub was nice but I want to explore other charcoal masks and scrubs before I commit. 2. #amoreoacific brightening serum was nice but not enough that I would pay full price 😮 3. #mariobedescu renewal cream I loved and will purchase at some point 4. #algenist oil was ok but didn't do enough for my oily skin #empties #samplefreeby2016 #sampledout #usemorespendless #productjunkie #skincare #productosterminados #terminados
mariobedescu - terminados - samplefreeby2016 - productosterminados - productjunkie - algenist - michaeltodd - skincare - amoreoacific - usemorespendless - sampledout - empties -
craftygrams : Thank you for all the info!
beautywhimsy : @craftygrams Of course 😊
bellereneebeauty : I really like that charcoal scrub. I've been meaning to repurchase it!
beautywhimsy : @bellereneebeauty That's awesome! This was my first time trying anything charcoal, so now the product junkie in me now wants to go buy tons of things 😱
goldenbluempire - projectbeauty01 - beauty_101_bliss - wimommandy -
New #weekending post #ontheblog !! Check it out ✨ be sure to #follow and #subscribe for #fabulous daily updates {link in bio}
puritymadesimple - sayyes - ontheblog - philosophy - sayyestocucumbers - yestocucumbers - subscribe - fabulous - purity - yesto - follow - michaeltodd - michaeltoddtrueorganics - weekending -
righttoremainfab : #purity #puritymadesimple #philosophy #sayyes #sayyestocucumbers #michaeltodd #michaeltoddtrueorganics
righttoremainfab : #yesto #yestocucumbers
instishaa : Hey .. How's Michael Tod's skin care line ?
michaeltoddusa : Thanks for sharing @righttoremainfab 😘
righttoremainfab : @michaeltoddusa of course! Use your products day and night. Got rid of everything else I used to use, except purity by philosophy for my makeup remover. The best natural product line out there ! 😊
righttoremainfab : @instishaa I adore michael Todd. I tossed all the other stuff I used to use, high and low end. My acne cleared up within days. It's amazing. Check out my Must Haves for 2015 post on my blog for more details.
victoriarivera315 - george_carby - hassellmaryann - instishaa -
#review coming up soon! I've been using this a number of weeks now! #michaeltodd #ageless
review - michaeltodd - ageless -
crusheduk - littlebuttonsboutique - bericebaby - mummymatters -
also ordered a whole dry skin care regimen from #MichaelTodd, 20% off thanks to @thatgirlshaexo 😁
michaeltodd -
thatgirlshaexo : Let me know how you like it!! Enjoy!💗
maivasconcellos - baru1309t - hohokimal - louisegh -
The month of love #February favorites #lipstick #skincare #haircare #yvessaintlaurent #iloveskininc @itsskin #clinique #clarisonic #michaeltodd #kamibonoto #facialserum
february - yvessaintlaurent - lipstick - skincare - facialserum - clinique - clarisonic - michaeltodd - kamibonoto - iloveskininc - haircare -
michaeltoddusa : So glad you love our toner @theonee_merald 😘
theonee_merald : @michaeltoddusa thanks for making this amazing and refreshing toner. I have been using it consistently for more than a years. :)
craigelsx - mabel.wilk.z - rickoking - cloud9skin -
I normally don't order a product more then once because my face gets tired of it. But this is my third #MichaelTodd order @michaeltoddusa I've even got Tom and my mom hooked on his brand. 👍 lookem up, natural ingredients, no nasty chemicals, and removes makeup!!!
michaeltodd -
castillo_reese - rachaelmarie89 - april_dieckman - katelynfpeterson -
Look's like Michael Todd's Soniclear is a huge hit! Brandi Glanville loves hers! #repost of @michaeltoddusa : Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star @BrandiGlanville showed us some love on twitter! So glad you love your soniclear and the charcoal scrub! #rhofbh #brandiglanville #michaeltodd #soniclear#beautifulskin #clearskin #skincare #glutenfree#jojoba #celebritylove
glutenfree - clearskin - celebritylove - brandiglanville - jojoba - skincare - soniclear - michaeltodd - rhofbh - beautifulskin - repost -
mariedenee : Whaattttt is this?
michaeltoddusa : @mariedenee it's a cleansing tool with an antimicrobial brush to get your skin soft and clean!
toptiermedia : @mariedenee we have some new clients that I'd love for you to review if you cover beauty - Michael Todd (the Soniclear and facial cleansers are amazing), LATHER (bath products and candles are to die for!) and Gentle Hair Removal (works on all skin tones!)
mariedenee : Ohhh email me!!
idoitforthebunnies - sleepcleancare - healthydiva - mariedenee -
#FOTD #lorac #covergirl #bareminerals #michaeltodd #makeup #mirabella #mua #hairstylist #hair
fotd - covergirl - makeup - hairstylist - lorac - hair - mirabella - michaeltodd - mua - bareminerals -
nitikab : @officerwiggum
officerwiggum : @nitikab I wantz
amychurch.vibrantlashes : Hey have you tried the Younique product line? If not you should check out the link in my bio and let me know what you think 😊💄
sparkles.spitup : great photo.
jacey_sonnier - maribaby112 - hm_artistrybymaria - yousefm227 -
I could tell you how happy receiving this box made me, but really words wouldn't even give justice to that emotion. #MichaelTodd #TrueOrganics #SkinCare #ImFreakingExcited
skincare - imfreakingexcited - michaeltodd - trueorganics -
rachelface : So when is spa day? 😄
iliketotalkblog - mrswieberdink - ya.eisner - sophiaisabelxo -
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star @BrandiGlanville showed us some love on twitter! So glad you love your soniclear and the charcoal scrub! #rhofbh #brandiglanville #michaeltodd #soniclear #beautifulskin #clearskin #skincare #glutenfree #jojoba #celebritylove
glutenfree - clearskin - celebritylove - brandiglanville - jojoba - skincare - soniclear - beautifulskin - rhofbh - michaeltodd -
ashleydillahunty : 💁💁
twelveofoctober - mizzalonzzo - joshweatherl - infinitypulse -
How does #MichaelTodd #Soniclear brush compare to #Foreo #Luna and #Clinique brushes? Find out today on the blog!
sonic - instagram - beauty - instalove - sonicbrush - skincare - luna - igers - instaglam - clinique - clarisonic - bestproducts - bblogger - bestfaceforward - review - beautyproducts - faves - beautybff - soniclear - bbloggers - michaeltodd - foreo - hgstatus - instapretty - picoftheday -
glamorable : #bbloggers #bblogger #beauty #skincare #sonic #clarisonic #michaeltodd #sonicbrush #soniclear #beautyproducts #faves #hgstatus #bestproducts #bestfaceforward #beautybff #igers #instagram #instalove #picoftheday #instapretty #instaglam #review
michaeltoddusa : Thank you for the review @glamorable !
beautybykrystal - davis.kat - cosmeticsaficionado - _its._.erin_ -
Loving my #MichaelTodd #Soniclear brush system! Spoiler alert: it's gentler than Clarisonic's Sensitive brush ;) Blog review coming up on Monday!
sonic - instagram - beauty - instalove - sonicbrush - skincare - igers - instaglam - clarisonic - bestproducts - bblogger - bestfaceforward - beautyproducts - faves - beautybff - soniclear - bbloggers - michaeltodd - hgstatus - instapretty - picoftheday -
caro_sbeautyworld : Is he Great? 😊
glamorable : @caro_sbeautyworld Tune in tomorrow to find out ;)
neversaydiebeauty : nice photo!
collective_beauty : I so want this, it sounds fabulous!
norahlovesmakeup_mua : can't wait to hear your thoughts
moxiereviews : I'll have to check out the review! Love the purple color, too!
thefabzilla : Wow, I should try this!
blushingnoir : I love this pic!! I think I need to try this out on my bod
norahlovesmakeup_mua - msjayc327 - mommacarry - neversaydiebeauty -
I am so happy with my #paulaschoice skincare and my #Dior star foundation! My skin looks so much brighter and happy! Also the #soniclear by #michaeltodd works wonders! Yay for healthier skin! 🙌 #skincare #closeup #process
skincare - soniclear - michaeltodd - closeup - dior - process - paulaschoice -
michaeltoddusa - coriiieh - sweetkara_lyne -
Didn't get to thank you properly @cherryl01 ~ first day trying #new #skincare line ~ #lovingit so far ~ #sensitiveskinproblems #MichaelTodd #trueorganics #sensitiveskin #dryskin #thankyou! #sosmoothing ~ 😌😌^_^'
sensitiveskinproblems - trueorganics - sosmoothing - skincare - thankyou - michaeltodd - sensitiveskin - new - lovingit - dryskin -
isenfilms - prettygoodness - blssd09 -
#Makeup #beauty #beautyreview #review #locaovermakeup #michaeltodd #lotion So I bought this lotion thinking that it's organic and it will be good for my skin... But I hate this product with a passion. This one is made for oily skin and supposes to be "lite" but when I use this on my skin it feels like grease... Super shiny and makes my skin look greasy... Personally I would not recommend this product for oily skin like its suggested for...
beautyreview - michaeltodd - locaovermakeup - beauty - review - makeup - lotion -
mrs_frierson14 : Me either I love some of his stuff but not big on his moisturizer lol... I'm oily too & I've actually been loving the sephora brand moisturizer I got mine for 8 bucks
healthyfitofficial - cataline__ - sexywomenphotos - luvsummeikup -
A little Michael Todd haul 🙈💁 So so excited to try this baby out! Hopefully it does some magic on my acne/oily prone skin 😁 #michaeltodd #soniclear #skincare #haul
skincare - soniclear - haul - michaeltodd -
michaeltoddusa : Enjoy! 😉
michaeltoddusa - txangel87 - eglad0123 - samkeaysxo -
New video. Review of the Michael Todd Pumpkin Rich Facial Mask. Go Watch It! link in bio ⚠️💻 #michaeltodd #facemask #review #youtube
review - michaeltodd - youtube - facemask -
jailovebeauty : I love the charcoal jojoba oil face mask from Michael Todd it's so moisturizing
fanymariee : @jailovebeauty yes ive heard great reviews about that one as well
beautyandbourbon : I love a good face mask! Check out my latest skincare blog posts!
michaeltoddusa : Your skin looks great! 😍
fanymariee : Thank u @michaeltoddusa
cbaez91011 - her_nunu4life - taylorsouzza - serve2news -
"When you find a product that really works for your skin, it’s time to jump for joy." - @mybeautybunny If you have normal to oily skin, have you tried our Antioxidant Carrot Multivitamin Serum? http://bit.ly/1BOtFBo #skincare #michaeltodd #beautifulskin #antiaging #serums #antioxidants #greatskin #instagood #clearskin #reviews
greatskin - clearskin - serums - instagood - skincare - reviews - beautifulskin - michaeltodd - antioxidants - antiaging -
mybeautybunny : Love! ❤️❤️❤️
wickedelle - nattie_29 - annebrand - xofrancis_ungerxo -
Day 26| Worth The Splurge 1. Jenny's splurge is food. You can never go wrong there! 😋 2. Tima barely does a full face of makeup and usually doesn't spend much on brushes. She is so happy with her purchase and luckily it'll last her for a long time! 3. Meghan's beauty product she isn't afraid to splurge on is glam glow's supermud clearing treatment! This skin-clearing mud visibly draws out dirt and congestion! 4. Yasmin doesn't mind splurging on her Michael Todd Acne/Oily Full Skin Regimen kit! She's used MANY skincare products and this is the only one to not only clear her acne fast, but fade away her scars too! And look! It's currently on sale! 😜 5. Nancy would 110% of the time splurge on MAC lipsticks. She prefers the matte and amplify finishes. They are very moisturizing with great color payoff. Go MAC! 👄 #dearbsk #lipstickleague #photochallenge #day26 #tag #februarytag #monthlytag #blog #blogger #bestfriends #bff foodporn #michaeltodd #skincare #beauty #makeup #makeupbrushes #mac #lipstick #glamglow #mudmask
makeup - beauty - blogger - day26 - skincare - februarytag - mac - tag - glamglow - photochallenge - dearbsk - bff - mudmask - blog - lipstick - bestfriends - monthlytag - lipstickleague - michaeltodd - makeupbrushes -
gracejunglee : @jenhalee You would... #BIGmac
mybeautybunny : I love @michaeltoddusa products! #crueltyfree 🐰❤️
kelsiroseofficial - couponingwithpanda - jessica.hufford - fashionstatementsbyq -
They came 😍😍😍 went about 3 weeks without my michael todd & damn does it show
sohappy - michaeltodd - veganskincare - crueltyfreeskincare - michaeltoddtrueorganics - vegan - crueltyfree -
sataniswaiting : @michaeltoddusa #michaeltodd #michaeltoddtrueorganics #sohappy #veganskincare #vegan #crueltyfreeskincare #crueltyfree
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Which speaks more to your personality: Quilted Queen or Leopard Luxe #soniclear #michaeltodd #clearskin #beautifulskin #style
soniclear - style - beautifulskin - michaeltodd - clearskin -
catcries : leapord luxe!!
iliketotalkblog : I like both but quilted queen is my favorite!
mylifeasbrig : Leopard 😍
sipsavorseesd : Leopard luxe!!
aprilscott1123 : Quilted Queen ♡ Even my husband thinks the new designs are "pretty cool". Keep them coming!
imaanisnb - live_love_laugh_says_me - maramchahine - msjuliette12 -
New video up on my channel #michealtodd honey and oat deep pore cleanser product review😊 link is in my bio #youtube #youtuber #youtubeguru #beauty #beautiful #BEAUTYTIP #beachlover #beautyguru #beautytips #beautylover #beautyaddict #beautyjunkie #beautytricks #makeup #makeupgeek #makeupguru #makeupjunkie #makeupaddict #makeuplover #followmeplease #fotd #product #review #skin #skincare #skincareroutine #skinroutine #cleanser
beautiful - product - makeup - beauty - fotd - youtubeguru - makeupaddict - skincare - followmeplease - skin - beautyjunkie - beachlover - beautyaddict - beautytricks - michealtodd - beautytip - skinroutine - skincareroutine - makeupjunkie - makeuplover - cleanser - youtube - michaeltodd - beautytips - beautyguru - makeupguru - beautylover - youtuber - review - makeupgeek -
antoniettanacc : #michaeltodd
yelospa : Love your profile! Hope to connect more with you :-)
labeaubrow : Dope!
godajurg : Like it!
theresab_ - skin_healthfulness - yelospa -
this was an awesome swap on msa! the lancome moisturizer is my favorite! #swaps #beautyswaps #loreal #michaeltodd #birchbox #lancome #mysubscriptionaddiction
lancome - michaeltodd - swaps - mysubscriptionaddiction - birchbox - beautyswaps - loreal -
teetubes : Love it!
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How I keep my skin hydrated 👧 #EvianFacialSpray #MichaelToddIntensiveOrganicCreamEyeTreatment #EvitdermaTonerNourishment #EvitdermaCintense #MACMineralizeSkinHydatingMist #SkinCare #Makeup #Evian #MAC #MichaelTodd
evitdermacintense - evianfacialspray - makeup - macmineralizeskinhydatingmist - mac - skincare - evitdermatonernourishment - michaeltodd - michaeltoddintensiveorganiccreameyetreatment - evian -
d_rosebeauty : Kindly follow our ig dear. We sell glamglow mask in full size jar and sample sachet. @keripiktempejuleha @henyharun @missdwindi
ratu_peninggi_langsing : Like
desilicious_nat : Woohooo very proud for supporting this flawless skin beauty!
henyharun : @desilicious_nat couldn't have done it without you 😙
henyharun : @keripiktempejuleha konsultasi aja sm dermatologist dear. Mrk akan lebih tau. Dibanding kita coba2 trs salah. Soalnya penyebab jerawat kan macem2 ya ? Ada yg hormonal ada yg krn alergi sesuatu. Baiknya konsultasi aja ama dokter kulit. Make sure byk minum air putih, jerawat jgn di kopek2, mau tidur muka harus bersih.
thebeautymaidblog : Love your pics!! I have a beauty and skincare blog, id love you to check it out!? (Link in my bio) thank you!!😊💋
fashionista_ba : 😍
anna_uswa : Love
taniakharima - hildaharjadi - reginaoctavianiz - verasitompul -
Because you know I'm all about that mask, bout that mask.😎 #michaeltodd #pumpkin #sosmooth #facemask #nofilter
nofilter - sosmooth - michaeltodd - facemask - pumpkin -
beautyandbourbon : I love a good face mask! Check out my latest skincare blog posts!
gsafi - cassielynn95 - beautyandbourbon - abbylehmer -
About to try this skin peel by #michaeltodd.
michaeltodd -
michaeltoddusa : Love to know what you thought @girlsalley !
princessamarita -
Have you tried our Citrus Spray Hydrating Mist? This wonder mist balances and replenishes the skin without ruining makeup so it can be used any time as an instant pick-me-up! http://bit.ly/1A3PAO5 #skincare #michaeltodd #makeuprefresher #glutenfree #aloevera
skincare - makeuprefresher - michaeltodd - aloevera - glutenfree -
polarbelle123 : Ooooh I bet it's lovely!!!
lifeismyrunway : Not yet but I want to!
glowofgrace : Ooo this looks amazing!
paintedlipstick : @michaeltoddusa I love this spray! Especially in this hot Australian weather every time i walk past my room I give my face a quick spritz
lizalope : Yes love this stuff! Almost finished with my first bottle. Got my 2nd bottle already in stock. ^^
crisloveszavala - mayaxd14 - cicilovesgod - blackbettybgb -
My Michael Todd is here and I am so excited to try it 😝👌🙈👍💜 #love #purple #excited #michaeltodd #charcoal #detox #instadaily #face #trueorganics #fun #weirdo
charcoal - love - purple - trueorganics - face - michaeltodd - weirdo - fun - instadaily - detox - excited -
michaeltoddusa - rachieefoster - super.sullivan2015 - thomasmoua -
@littleblushingbirdie loves our Mask Madness Trio! Have you tried any of these masks? http://bit.ly/1zAcWMo #michaeltodd #skincare #facialmask #charcoalmask #pumpkinmask #milkandhoney
skincare - facialmask - michaeltodd - milkandhoney - charcoalmask - pumpkinmask -
littleblushingbirdie : @michaeltoddusa thanks for the repost! I really have been loving everything I've tried from your line!
xtianaland : Loveeeee
fancynancy1717 - wickedelle - impastabe - nadiakhan87 -
#MichaelTodd haul. By haul, I mean I ordered intro kits of 2 types because I need both oil/acne control and anti-aging. Just enough product of each to see if my skin likes it. I blame @alexandreagarza ;-)
michaeltodd -
michaeltoddusa - alexandreagarza -
MY RECENT EMPTY PRODUCTS Tresemme Heat Protectant: I spray this on my hair before I straighten or curl it. It doesn't leave a residue on my hair, and it makes my hair soft and manageable. I want to try a different heat protectant so I won't repurchase this right now, but I like it. NYX Dewy Finish Setting Spray: Not sure why I bought this... my face gets oily throughout the day so I definitely don't need a setting spray to make me even more "dewy." And this kind of felt like hairspray on my face but didn't prolong the wear of my makeup. Will not repurchase. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner: Best quick-drying antibacterial brush cleaner ever. I posted a full review a while back. Will for sure repurchase. Maybelline Fit Me concealer: Favorite. Will repurchase forever! Simple Sugars body scrub: So so soooo good. Also posted a thorough review a bit ago. Will repurchase. Michael Todd organic cotton facial wipes: Did not like these at all. I hated the scent, they weren't moist enough so they felt like they were tugging on my skin, and they didn't remove all of my makeup. Will not repurchase. 💕😊
makeupremoverwipes - fixplus - makeupdupes - fitmeconcealer - tresemeeheatprotectant - makeupreview - jaclynhill - sephorahaul - simplesugars - makeuphaul - tresemme - beautyhaul - brushcleaner - cinemasecrets - nyx - desimakeup - maybelline - bodyscrub - nyxcosmetics - wakeupandmakeup - instareview - nicoleguerriero - ultahaul - makeupswatches - anastasiabeverlyhills - drugstoremakeup - michaeltodd - makeupcollection - settingspray -
shashe909 : The matte Nyx one supposedly isn't any different than the Dewey. Idk though I only have Dewey haha .. Interested to.find out!
megswish926 : @jillianbeauty I use Urban Decay De-Slick and I have a love/hate relationship with it. It definitely feels like hairspray which I hate... but I think it keeps me matte longer than if I used nothing.
beautybyktrina : @jillianbeauty you should try this new heat protectant from Tresemme. It's from their new Runway Collection, it's called the Get Sleek Hair Protection Spray. It's phenomenal!! I love it so much more than the original heat protectant from them!
simplesugars : Thanks for the awesome review 😘😘 so so so glad you loved your scrub!!
missleslie20 : @jillianbeauty Have you tried Neutrogena Makeup Remover wipes? I prefer the ones in a blue package. They are about $4.99/pack of 25. If you like them, they can be bought in bulk on Amazon
pinklady1827 : I just finished my nyx dewy makeup setting spray too. I got another one, it works for me because I have dry skin. I use the tresemme heat spray too.
jillianbeauty : @missleslie20 Yes I love them!! I go through makeup wipes like crazy so buying them in bulk would be amazing lol I'll check it out, thanks!!
jillianbeauty : @pinklady1827 That's awesome it worked for you! I kinda wish I had dry skin haha
missselene49 - jennymsan - andreaa_barela - carolynclarkmua -
Photo de famille ^^ je viens de recevoir une bonne partie de la marque @michaeltoddusa que j ai commandé directement sur leur site. J ai mis environ 10 jours a recevoir mon colis et pas de frais de douane 👍 il ne me reste plus qu a tester tout ça !! Hâte de savoir si ces produits me conviennent 🙏 belle journée a tous 😘 #michaeltodd #soin#creme#exfoliant#gommage#masque#nouveauté#test
gommage - nouveauté - masque - soin - exfoliant - creme - test - michaeltodd -
righttoremainfab - xorabeauty - chloetroadec - green_glitter_beauty -
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