Hy-bro cinema presents: X-MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST...
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My Magneto and Professor x artwork. #jamesmcavoy and #michaelfassbender I love their friendship and bromance in real life :) #xmen #magneto #professorx #charlesxavier #popart #photoshop #vector
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adameast : Dope!
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Why are they so awesome!!! ✖️✖️✖️ #love #xmen #amazing #mutantandproud #marvel #Michaelfassbender #jamesmcavoy #cherik #mcfassy #hughjackmen #charlesxavier #magneto #wolverine #XMenDaysOfFuturePast #xmenselfie #gorgeous
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star_is_a_fangirl : THESE DORKS
mutant.and.proud : Ikr!!?!?!?😂👍 @star_is_a_fangirl
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// Okay my heart officially melted. -
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blondekell77 : The man has perfected goofball sexiness. Why isn't there an award for this?
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fnnys0_ : cooool @VinesBeLike
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3 of my favorites! Who's yours? #magneto #loki #khan
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benedict_edits : Khan
twd_fanspage1 : follow for TWD daily 😝
tomhiddles_edits : Magneto and loki
stardustfacet : Khan, Maleficent (pre 2014), & Lestat
hyeryeon_kn : Khan ♥♥
nolahorror : Mag Fuckin Neto
maireadmalesco : These 3, Sweeney Todd, & Joker
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I'm going to illustrate all my favorite movies and TV shows starting with this one from the movie #frank 👽 pls do yourself a favor and watch it you won't regret it
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silentcricket : 👍
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ysbethg : Me encanta!
melissafassbender91 : Hilarious, hahahaha
laurritacarloni : @paolita0412 tmb es #FatFan
paulabrokat : 😍😍😍
castlejanie : Love him!!!
paolita0412 : Tu chongo ideal @laurritacarloni
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My #84 film on my all time film list goes to Prometheus (2012). This is going to be another film on this list that is going to cause some controversy, but not only do I say that this film greatly deserves a spot on this list, but it should be, in my opinion of course, considered one of the greatest science fiction films ever made, and here are my reasons why. First of all this film screams AWESOME from every aspect of the film, whether it be the storyline, dialogue, directing, acting, intelligence, visual style or just the draw dropping effects. This film, directed with visual grit and grace by the masterful Ridley Scott, has our mind, body and soul gripped throughout its entire runtime, and at least for me, I was never ever bored. With an outstanding cast, led by a tour de force performance by Michael Fassbender, to an electrifying script blazing with humor, intelligence and fear, all the way to its beautiful and terrifying visual effects and imaginative landscapes, this film not only was the best film from 2012 for me, but it is one of my favorites of the genre. Thank you Mr. Scott for coming back after 30 years to the genre that you helped redefine. Just a groundbreaking and monumental achievement #film #filmaholic #cinema #cinephile #masterpiece #greatness #movies #lovefilm #lovecinema #top100films #prometheus #michaelfassbender #ridleyscott
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imthemovieguy : Seen it IMAX 3d man it was awesome!
hcaulfield37 : Lovin' the love for Prometheus.
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- bruh. Michael Fassbender makes my heart hurt, hes hot as fuck. damn son. i am just having a row of them obviously haha. #michaelfassbender
michaelfassbender -
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I hate my fucking sister. I was literally watching my movie today and she just barges into the fucking living room sits down and just starts talking. Like I wasn't even there watching a movie. J literally had to turn it up to like the 40s and she was like, "TURN THE TV DOWN. ITS TOO FUCKING LOUD." Like, WELL I WOULDNT HAVE TO TURN IT UP IF TOUD SHUT YOUR DAMN BIG MOUTH. And just now I walked into the kitchen to get dinner and she comes over and starts complaining about how my mom didn't cook it good enough and I told her to just eat it and she yelled at me for it and then my mom yelled at me for It too ?? Like, sorry that your other daughter was saying that your food was shit. I'm just gonna not eat anything because I'm not eating with my asshole of a family. I'll just go to bed starving as long as I don't fucking have to deal with them. {#marvel,#xmen,#Eriklensherr,#michaelfassbender}
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ghastlygadreel : Sorry
hauntedean : Jesus Christ I know what you mean with family jfc don't be sorry babe,, im sry you had to go without food bc that always sucks but heyo at least u don't have to listen to ur shit sister or be yelled at in ur room
ghostdreel : Gees, I'm sorry you have a suck ass family, I feel ya, but now you can be happy with yourself and get some peace and quiet and maybe even watch the movie without interruptions possibly??
ghastlygadreel : I can't watch the movie in my room, sadly. I don't have a DVD player or anything and my tv is sucky. @ghostdreel
ghostdreel : Aw I'm sorry:( I guess find something cool to do until you get the chance to watch it alone!
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Final Post Of The Day! Sorry I couldn't post UV code challenges in a while, but here we go again! To win the UV code you must answer the following question. The winner will be announced in the next 24 hours. Question: If you could be any X-Men, who would you be? WOLVERINE DOESTN COUNT! (It's obvious most of us want to be him) Comment Bellow 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇 Let the best X-Men win! Thanks guys for an awesome day, have an awesome night! #XMenDaysOfFuturePast #XMen #BluRay #DVD #UVCode #UV #HughJackman #JenniferLawrence #MichaelFassbender #BryanSinger #Marvel #ComicBook #Comic #Book #Superheroes #Heroes #Hero #Superhero #JollyKubrick #MovieNews #MovieReview #MovieReviewer #Movie_Reviewer #Movies #MotionPicture #Cinema
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_lj_konks : Magneto, today almost everything relies on metal so you could help build structures and help people, this could be a global phenomenon, you could save lives in the military or even stop terrorism even if you use it for bad you can always redeem yourself by stopping a shooting, you could also even take bullets out of people who have been shot, that's why I would be magneto
mattyferdywordy : Multiple Man.... then you could be your own best friend and there'd finally be two of you to get everything done!
childish_jeremino : Cable because there is nothing more badass then being a half robotic time traveler!
will_drosche19 : Storm because to be able to control the weather and climate is pretty dang awesome!
ms_twilightzone : 1. Mystique! Coz you can change to any human and characters you wanna be. Extreme and yet complicated. 2. Nightcrawler! You can teleport anywhere♥
ben_mcmurphy : Kitty Pryde, Iceman, Magneto, Mystique have Incredible Super Powers!
alanpenav : Yoshi
letisolis95 : Magneto 😍💀
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ERIK MY VERY VERY ANGRY BABY {#marvel,#xmen,#magneto,#eriklemsherr,#michaelfassbender}
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ghastlygadreel : FUCK
ghastlygadreel : I MESSED UP A TAGG
ghastlygadreel : JEUSS
ghastlygadreel : #Eriklensherr
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lauren___machelle : Cutie
imnotthequeen : @carolavcoraline kill me now
ysbethg : Lo amooo que sexy! Bello!
melissafassbender91 : I LOVE HIM SOOO MUCH!!!
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Heading to bed to dream of James :) Night everyone-Nel : : : : #JamesMcavoy#actor#BlueEyes#CharlesXavier#CrushMan#DaysOfFuturePast#DOFP#FirstClass#Ginger#IDOL#Prada#Menwithaccents#marvel#ManCrush#mcm#ManCrushMonday#ProfessorCharlesXavier#ProfessorX#ProfessorCharlesFrancisXavier#qotd#redhead#SexyGinger#Scottish#WHATAMAN#XMenDaysOfFuturePast#xmen#xmendofp#MichaelFassbender #McFassy#hawt
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lhaulrik : Me too xD ❤️💚💜💙💛
ninasaghebi1 : He is so pretty in this pic love it😍😍
mutant.and.proud : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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El miguee #michaelfassbender
michaelfassbender -
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mell25_ : @maritheconchord and half delicious 😂😍
d_glover34 : @meggs46137 😁
camieborda : That episode is 18x4 ;) and James MacVoy went there too 19x5 very funny
anakarengonzalez18 : @officialmichaelfassbender pls upload the full interview 🙏
imnotthequeen : @carolavcoraline omg omg omg omg omg
davemichael1988 : So handsome
ramonamarie : Oh my!
melissafassbender91 : I just love when he laughs...
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#perfect #color and look at those elegant fingers. #michaelfassbender #liferuiner #sexyfassy #nofilter #blueeyes #ginger
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X-Men: Days of Future Past. One of the longest running comic book franchises, the X-Men's seventh big screen adventure adapted one of it's most popular source material stories. Combining the casts of the original trilogy and the 2011 prequel, the story begins in the year 2023, where the mutants are in an all out war against the seemingly unstoppable Sentinels. They decide to send Wolverine back in time with the help of Kitty Pryde to the early 70s, when the Sentinels were created. He must join forced with the young Charles Xavier and Magneto to stop the Sentinel program and set the future on a more peaceful path. Director Bryan Singer returns to the franchise he helped create, yet had been absent from since the excellent X2, and it's a welcome return. This feels like the X-Men movie sequel we've waited years for. The time travel elements, which can make or break a movie, mostly work here, basing it around the almost immortal Wolverine helps. Having Stewart and McKellen back in their signature roles is also great to see. And since the movie essentially erases the mistakes of The Last Stand, the story is left open for any number of options for either cast. The action is epic, with newcomer Quicksilver having the standout scene, although he unfortunately disappears shortly after. Fassbender and McAvoy, are the standouts as I could watch either of them in these roles all day. It's a return to form for Singer and the entire X-Men franchise, and with Apocalypse just on the horizon, the future is very bright.
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anthonygtan : I felt that the entire X-Men franchise was a little uneven in tone as a whole @blu_world_order It started out well and this was early days before Marvel had the muscle to do it themselves. The films were finding their footing and as stand alone films, they were great (except for The Last Stand - wrong director - but also because Fox panic after Singer bailed) but as an overall franchise, it's not as great as say the current Marvel produced movies. If X-Men were done by Marvel themselves, I feel it would have been very different and maybe truer to the essence of the comic books
blu_world_order : I definitely agree with that. Both Fox with X-Men and Sony with Spiderman have squandered their opportunities in the past as they scrambled to keep their rights as Marvel grew in power. And now they are both trying to emulate what Marvel does. I like the X-Men franchise in spite of itself most of the time because I like the characters. So much more could have been done after X2 and they could have equalled the MCU if proper steps would've been taken. @anthonygtan
anthonygtan : Totally spot on @blu_world_order That's because the guys who are running the team in Sony and Fox doesn't know the comicbook universe well enough to adapt, they are were approaching it from a stand point of how to make a blockbuster and not a comicbook movie. They got part of it right when they got fanboys to direct them in Bryan Singer and Sam Raimi but after the initial success, the suits just went $$$ hungry. Simon Kinberg is not Kevin Feige who came from within Marvel and is able to take the essence from comic book world to replicate it in the movie world hence the MCU, it's a mural win win, the history of comics fund the movie and the movie in the MCU fund the comics by introducing new characters, case in point: Agent Coulson.
59russo59 : Enjoy Quicksilver's work in American Horror Story
blu_world_order : Very true, Marvel gets it right because they come at it from a grand perspective. Plus having Disney backing them gives them unlimited funds to do what they want to do. @anthonygtan
blu_world_order : Yeah, he's a good actor, capable of very different types of roles. @59russo59
anthonygtan : And they have grand ideas too like announcing Civil War (which already have a big audience in the millions of comic book fans around the world, I am one one them) So much that it cause Warner to hit their panic button to announce their slate of comic book movies but I am not holding my breath on that. And Disney knew they had a winning formula so they are adapting the MCU into the Star Wars universe by also doing stand alone movies of certain characters in between their tent pole movies.
blu_world_order : Yeah don't even get me talking about Star Wars haha. I'm so excited about the possibilities of what they can do with that franchise. @anthonygtan
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Cutest couple ever!!!
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wolf_laurent : nice picture, check out my page
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Hugh Jackman ❤
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maryefo : Esta envivo ❤ @breshann_
maryefo : Según xD
breshann_ : Ay :c necesito "estudiar" para fisica u.u
maryefo : JAJAJAAJA #Badluck 😂😢 @breshann_
breshann_ : Haha ya se :c
maryefo : Estudiar y estas en el insta 😂😂😂 no tienes vergüenza 😂😂😂 @breshann_
breshann_ : Haha dejame xD
maryefo : 😂😂😂 ta gueno puej @breshann_
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X-Men: Days of Future Past and its actors are nominated in quite a few categories of the People's Choice Awards! Here are the nominees and their categories, go vote at the link in my bio! #PeoplesChoiceAwards #xmendaysoffuturepast #xmen #jenniferlawrence #jlaw #hughjackman #annapaquin #ellenpage #halleberry #michaelfassbender #juliannemoore #mockingjay #VOTENOW
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you abandoned us all charles #xmen #xmendofp #michaelfassbender #magneto
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// Me: Um... Michael: What? Me: Me: Me: You've got a little something... right there... *points to stache* Michael: How did you get into my bedroom? •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I'm not sure if I'm gunna leave this posted BC what is happening in this pic? 😂😂😂 We'll see how your reception is to Michael looking like a French poet from the 1600s. - QOTP: Facial hair on men Y/N? - AOTP: Depends! I like clean shaven but sometimes the rugged look is just too hard to resist!! -
phulee_0.0 : I think he's still very much handsome in any way. 😘😘
tom.is.bae : Yes, facial hair♡
fan.doomed : Fandom hug ❤️ pass it on :)
gracewinstanley : @sodafloss
scarlett.j : Have you seen my bio 😂😂 @tom_fcvkn_hiddleston
drinkmoriartea : hey abigail would you like to sfs? (:
mcfassy_hiddlesbatch : @drinkmoriartea can we do it tomorrow? I'm going to bed :)
drinkmoriartea : @mcfassy_hiddlesbatch sure I'm sorry, I got sidetracked
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We're being battered by a hurricane ATM 😔 And a woman's already died in London by being knocked down by a tree 😔 RIP ❤️ - #michaelfassbender #fassy #fassbender #actor #irish
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mcfassy_5eva : Pic cred: @fassavoy2.0
the.light.of.the.evenstar : oH MY GOLLUM HIS eYES
xxjuneighteenxx : Very best!
all_the_xmen : Awww, sorry sweety. You'll just have to wait it out 💕
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healthyp22 : 👏👏
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#dailyfassbender #michaelfassbender #fittodiefor #babydaddy #rp @michaelfassbenderlove 😭😭😭 oh, the lust.
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juliefred_thing : Lordy....
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I like how this one turned out 🍌🙊🙈 - I'm off to school in about an hour! 😭 I don't know if I wear shorts or jeans cause the weather is like, meh? And I have to wait for some person to come over to look at the tree in our backyard 😂😂 - ((#Avengers #AvengersAssemble #XMen #FirstClass #RavenDarkholme #Mystique #JenniferLawrence #Loki #TomHiddleston #NatashaRomanoff #BlackWidow #ScarlettJohansson #Magneto #ErikLehnsherr #MichaelFassbender #Hawkeye #ClintBarton #JeremyRenner #Shield #Marvel))
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x_avengers : F4f?
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Thanks for the 100 likes guys and girls 😉 #fandomsrule #ErikLehnsherr #CharlesXavier #Magneto #ProfessorX #jamesmcavoy #michaelfassbender #xmen #Marvel
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I'm going to start QOTD again, because I feel like I'm a but boring on this account - QOTD: what's your favourite fandom? - AOTD: Marvel #marvel #xmen #michaelfassbender #evanpeter
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