Cacharro Memorial Grounds. #miami #wynwood #fotingo #rustbucket #methlabinwheels #igersmiami #305
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georodriguez : @saltwaterdreams thank you!! 🙏
georodriguez : @sanskhakis He's got a nice collection of clunkers
georodriguez : @seoul_motion thanks...I think..😝
sanskhakis : @georodriguez These guys have worked on my clunkers forever. Nice!
sanskhakis : @georodriguez If you can get inside the shop during the week they have art all over the garage walls
georodriguez : @sanskhakis I'll check it out next time my car breaks down, which is like every month.
sanskhakis : @georodriguez I get a nail in my tire, which is like, every month.
onlythatmoon : Awesome
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