Yesterday I started using #metaderm for my #pustularpsoriasis we'll see in 12 weeks whether it works well or not. Using it on hands, too. Lots of inflammation and pain at the moment
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johndsimpson : Ouch. Feel better.
kouklakim : Thanks, John. Been living with this about 4 yrs now & am praying for remission. Should add the hashtag #notcontagious !
creativejewelrydesignsbycheryl : Hope it proves to be the fix you're looking for. Looks miserable. ❀️
metaderm : @kouklakim - Can't wait to hear all about your journey! Please give us a shout if you need anything! Liz
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It's been one year since I started using @metaderm eczema products and I couldn't be happier! My skin is the clearest it's been in years and I don't look like I'm about to turn 33 in 3 months! Thanks #metaderm #hausbio #eczemarelief #clearskin #nofilter #workselfie #beauty #flawless #smile
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fab_torres : I miss you! πŸ˜”
crystaltorrestejano : @fab_torres OMG I miss u too! I was just talking about u guys to hubby this weekend! Let's meet up soon! 😘
metaderm : You look gorgeous!!
my_boys_123 : Chulisima!
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As December draws to an end, I sometimes wonder why we had to go through what we went through. It showed me that family will always be my pillar of strength and to rely on your God given instincts. In October this year, I said enough to topical steroids and yes to a cleaner diet, tsw and a greener home. It was like my whole life was turned upside down and everyone in my family had to make changes whether they liked it or not. When you see your sons eczema consume his face and everyone pointing their fingers at you, blaming you, it really changes you as a person and as a mother. I thank my own mother who has been my absolute pillar of strength. She forced me to take him out, get some sun, get some sea water and breeze and basically made me forget that my sons tsw. I stopped being a paranoid hermit thanks to the people around me who love me and want the best for me. I share these heart breaking before and after photos because I don't want other moms to think they are alone if they are going through this and that their baby can heal with time πŸ™ #love#instagram#instafam#metaderm#amber#hazaid#diet#healthy#eczema#eczemababy#baby#slowly#healing#insideout#support#lovemymom#mommy#mommylife
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laneybooo : @lorena__o yes i have. How is his precription gg? My son is a little bit diff because just a little steroidal use made him sick and caused his eczema to worsen terribly. So i cant use it on him. I know how fustrating it can be. Sometimes it isnt our fault. I ate terribly in the early trimester with my first son and he didnt have eczema.
lorena__o : What's "gg"? I can relate. I wasn't as natural and healthy with my first and he has never even had a pimple or diaper rash. His skin is buttery as can be. Thanks for sharing your journey! It's a long and rough one.
lorena__o : Just posted a pic of my baby and you can see his spot on his face.
laneybooo : @lorena__o gg= going
laneybooo : @lorena__o yes i agree. I think alot has to do with the accumulation of toxins as we go older and possibly having a more sensitive kid.
lorena__o : It's going well so far! He's teething so he has that spot that won't go away. He has been on probiotics since he was 1 month old. He's 4.5 months now. I've had to go on the total elimination diet and after a few weeks I'll start reintroducing things. Eczema has rocked our whole world, to say the least!
brandoko15 : Just casually stalked your instagram lol. I am so glad your son's skin is healing and getting better. My son is 5months and going through a similar thing. Eczema all over his body but worst on his face. I see people stare at him and others make comments and speak to me as if I am doing something wrong. It is so disheartening and I am doing research constantly, making trips to gp and everything I can just for him to get better. Thanks for this post. X
laneybooo : @brandoko15 hiπŸ€— yes I know the look that people give despite our best efforts. Over time I've just developed thicker skin and refused to look at people's expressions when they see my Son. Funny enough now a days when I don't cover his patch, they just ask me if its a milk rash. It takes some time but here's to ur Son's eczema getting better!
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Starting to understand a lot more this month. Wanting to play with the boys and wanting to be a part of all the fun and games. This little boy is growing up so fast. Gosh how I love ur cute ears 😘😘😘 #baby#growingup#cute#happy#bblogger#eczema#eczemababy#metaderm#life#mommy#siblings#boys#instafam#instagram
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lumis.kitchen : Thanks to you I ordered metaderm! Hoping it will work for us Us as well :)
buffalogalgrassfedbeauty : Love!
theartofbabing : Amazing!
hanidee_ : Merry Christmas!!
laneybooo : @buffalogalgrassfedbeauty πŸ˜€ @lumis.kitchen yes dear. Be patient with it. It doesn't work like steroid cream but I saw gradual and sustained results over a few weeks. It helps control flareups. I pray it will work for ur baby πŸ™ update me! @theartofbabing πŸ˜€
laneybooo : @hanidee_ merry Christmas πŸŽ‰ gorgeous!
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Been clear the past few days that I've been soy free. Oh me oh my, I've not seen his leg this smooth and bump free for months. I'm crossing my fingers that going soy free will also help his stubborn area heal fully πŸ™ #instagram#instafam#tsw#beauty#boys#baby#cute#smooth#skin#lovely#eczema#eczemababy#metaderm#bblogger#healing#metaderm#amber
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Few months ago I asked my hubby why we didn't have more pics of my second born in the house and he just replied that he didn't want to be reminded of #tsw and his #eczema flareups. It wasn't a selfish remark, it was the truth. Tsw and flare ups are painful and stressful and they put families through a lot. Recently through a very kind recommendation from a fellow eczema Mommy here on Instagram, I decided to eliminate soy as well. I'm already off dairy, eggs, nuts ( except coconut), wheat and now soy. I'm totally Chinese so giving up soy is a big thing for me. If anything it's been 4 days into being soy free and his legs have been surprisingly flare free😌 oh my.. Can't wait to see what happens when I add soy back into my diet. I recently tried adding wheat and there was a mixed reaction - so it's hard to tell. Well, elimination diet makes me a hungry monster but anything to help identify this boys triggers. #eczema#teething#boy#tsw#amber#hazelaid#metaderm#love#sibling#family#mommy#mommylife
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instasoph_chi : sunshine is very healing and anti itch for eczema sufferers!
lumis.kitchen : I agree eliminating soy is no fun at all :(:( I miss it being off of it for only 3days. So great that you have a good idea of what his triggers are and for how long!
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Hi left cheek πŸ‘€ The patch was extremely red and oozy the last 2 days but calmed down and started flaking today. Food based triggers usually flare for a few days and only subside by the third or fourth day. Environmental triggers usually flare up for a day or two and go away quick. His vaccination flareup lasted much longer but all in all I feel less stressed now a days because at least we are becoming more aware of his triggers and I have my bottle of metaderm near me always . Whereas in the past, I felt so overwhelmed because I had no idea what was causing his flare ups and I had no cream or lotion that worked. #thankful#grateful#healing#metaderm#work#instagram#eczema#flareup#instafam#instagram#brothers#mommy#mommylife
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isaybela : ☺
lumis.kitchen : Ahaha that's where I am, not knowing what causes flare up and not knowing which cream works 😭definitely the vaccines did it though..I am so shocked! I see that you are a big fan of metaderm! I may try it out :)
laneybooo : @lumis.kitchen yes when I first started his tsw, I only ate chicken soup and brown rice and veggies. I also switched out all detergents for soap based detergents and washed my hair with dr bronner.. Yes I used metaderm because all other creams made it worse. At first metaderm didn't seem to be doing something but after a week, I could see his skin start improving. And now 2.5 months after tsw, with lots of trial and error, I am finally starting to identify his triggers. Hugs dear hang in there πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
lumis.kitchen : @laneybooo thank you for your detailed reply!! My baby looks like she got burned :( but so hopeful when I see posts like yours! Motivation to adapt to my new diet:) thank you for your kindness😊
laneybooo : @lumis.kitchen yes that's how my boy looked like too. His skin looked worse on topical steroids than before. His skin looks really scaly, really burnt, really raw and oozing and all I did was worry about it all the time. I know how stressful it can be but I also didn't want to go back to steroids cause it didn't help my baby's skin. Advice on food would just be cut out the common allergies like - wheat, fish, nuts, eggs, dairy and soy and than slowly add them back in to see if it causes flare ups. Initially it felt like my baby reacted to everything but slowly, u get the hang of testing for reactions. Hope ur baby gets better soon :-)
lumis.kitchen : @laneybooo ooh I have cut all those things except for almond..better to cut out too.my husband had eczema and knows the tendency fr skin to get hooked on steroids so that's why we are trying the natural method As well. Im so happy you recorded your sons recovery!
laneybooo : @lumis.kitchen oh thats great that ur hubby can actually warn u abt steroids. My hubby had eczema as a toddler but he just avoided seafood and saw a homeopathy doctor and got better. I tried the same thing but got no where. My son still has some healing to do but I'm glad that we stopped with the steroids. Not easy dear but ur little one will get better πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™
lumis.kitchen : @laneybooo he looks so good now though, great mama he has β˜ΊοΈπŸ’• in feeling hopeful too! Was feeling alone but was amazed to see your journey! Cheers to our little ones and natural healing🍹
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Little one has been teething and drooling again! It always seems to give him a week's break or so and than starts up again. Every time that happens the sides of his mouth get red and irritated. Thankfully I spritz on some #metaderm and apply a layer of Vaseline over and it helps soothe it. Also I think I unknowingly ate some pine nuts or sunflower seeds at our staycation and it made him scratch his cheek spot bloody. I had an old friend (who has been a life long eczema sufferer) , tell me that the the need to scratch is so bad because of the underlying itch. She also told me it's hard for kids to express just how itchy it can be and that made me realise that getting angry or frustrated at the whole scratch and bleed situation wouldn't help anything. I guess that's why avoiding the "itchy foods" is also super important. Things like salmon, nuts and eggs make him scratch and itch a lot. But it isn't easy for me to eat out at all - no nuts, no dairy( makes his eczema flare), no eggs, no red meat and salmon. It's tough but it's worth it. #heal#eczema#eczemababy#eczemababyface#problems#healthy#dairyfree#instafam#instagram#metaderm
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buffalogalgrassfedbeauty : Wonderful!
metaderm : Has sunflower in particular been tough for him? I would like to send you something we are currently developing to try on that stubborn area, but it does have sunflower oil. Let me know if you are interested 😊
laneybooo : @metaderm yes his face is clearing up despite a recent vaccination that resulted in a bad flareup. What's left is that stubborn area that he can't help scratching when he's tired, frustrated or just plain itchy. Since metaderm has helped his skin so much, I would like to test it out to see if it helps. Thanks Liz :)
gardenharvestsoaps : πŸ‘ Would you like to be featured in GHSoaps' catalog (either via image or content)? πŸ“§ Inbox me.
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2 months since his tsw: wow. What a journey it's been and continues to be. Here's a quick comparison. Top left pic shows when he first started his #tsw, the bottom left shows a month after and pictures on the right shows his current skin 2 months later - still healing but not looking so burnt, raw and red. #healing#baby#tsw#eczema#gut#healthy#mommy#life#mommylife#metaderm#moments#skin#bbloggers#instafam#instagram
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jassslovesyou1 : @laneybooo want to make some cash? Dm me
eczema_mom : So much better!
secretly_obvious : I'd love to help you!
laneybooo : @eczema_mom Thks 😁 still have some ways to go and he got a mini flareup at my moms place today. Combination of heat and tiredness and also when he's cheeks isn't covered, it tends to react to the environment a lot more and makes him itch. When it's covered only the area outside the plaster starts getting red. Uncovering the trigger takes a lot of detective work!
norjesika : How long u used steroid cream before?i apply hydrocortisone to my baby face for 2 months and already stop a few days ago.Nothing happens to my baby face yet but im so worry about the tsw phase.
metaderm : Such progress! And such a handsome boy 😊
squashedmochi : wow
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Little nugget cheeks are starting to calm down a week after his vaccination but his lower legs are still super itchy and bumpy. His plaster is all crinkly because of his constant drooling!! He's been scratching his stubborn spot more frequently this past week but the amazing thing is that his skin seems to be able to heal much quicker and doesn't seem as " thin " as before. Call me crazy but I'm hopeful that in a few weeks time, I won't have to stick that ugly plaster on his beautiful face anymore. Almost 5 months since his eczema appeared. Almost 2 months since tsw. It was the hardest thing I had to go through but I think it made all of us closer as a family and also way more tolerant, understanding and loving. I know his skin isn't perfect but these past few weeks I've been treating him like it is and going about daily affairs without thinking or worrying abt his eczema and it's been so much healthier for me. In the past the worry was all consuming but now I'm starting to let go of it and just trust that his body, our bodies will heal itself eventually πŸ™ #hope#eczemastruggle#babyeczema#healing#eczemaface#love#baby#slowly#everyday#saturday#loving#boy#babies#mommylife#mommy#moments#instafam#instagram#metaderm
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eczema_mom : He will get stronger! I've read positivity actually can help heal our body! Keep it up. That's awsome!
metaderm : @laneybooo - Great job, Lane! Tsw is so hard, especially with a cute little baby like your guy. He sure looks like he has turned a corner and his skin looks very healthy 😊
laneybooo : @eczema_mom ☺️ Thks babes :)
laneybooo : @metaderm yes it's doing so much better Liz 😊Especially after a vaccination! I was expecting a lot worse, so grateful that his skin is back on track to healing!
lumis.kitchen : Hi lane! May I ask how and what you used for plaster? My daughters body looks much better with metaderm but her face she scratches until it's raw even with scratch mittens 😭
laneybooo : @lumis.kitchen hi dear, I'm using smith and nephew brand Opsite Post-Op breathable plaster. They come in a green and white box. 2.5 inch by 2 inch. These have been the only thing that stays on his skin. If u are using metaderm spray, let it dry before applying. If u are using the cream, don't apply the plaster so soon after applying as it has some slip to it.
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Repost from @laneybooo using @RepostRegramApp - 6 weeks + off steroid application. The top left most picture was him on the last day of steroid application ( cheeks so swollen) and the top centre and right most was the week following the withdrawal πŸ˜ͺ tat week was so scary and so awful. The bottom row are some of his recent pics and yes he still has flareups, his left cheek is still pinkish and the most challenging to heal and we still have good days and not so good ones. But overall, I am thankful that little one doesn't have cheeks that looks burnt, hot, swollen and oozing πŸ™ #grateful#thankful#tsw#healing#slowly#eczemababy#eczema#natural#hazelaid#amber#love#babyboy#metaderm#clean#healthyeating#glutenfree#instafam#instagram#teething
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0becomingx : What are you using now for his eczema I hope your baby gets better soon
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Today his cheeks didn't react to the heat or his tiredness or outings: normally his cheeks get redder when he needs to take a nap also but surprisingly that didn't happen today. We made sure to give him an extra water bath when we got home and he's been wearing his hazel necklace which has already started getting a bit grey already 😐 little boy has always been wearing an amber bracelet\anklet and is now wearing his new #hazelaid necklace and yes it's all so very hippie but hey it's natural so why not!? Such a pity that these natural eczema\ teething aids aren't easily available where I live. #eczema#metaderm#amber#detergentfree#hazelaid#hazelwood#babyboy#eczema#tsw#cheeks#mommy#moments#mommylife#instafam#instagram
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metaderm : Lovely photo. Looking forward to seeing that little cheek all clear 😊
eczema_mom : Never heard of hazel necklaces. I'll have to look into it. Cute photo!
laneybooo : @metaderm me too!
laneybooo : @eczema_mom yup check their website hazelaid
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Little boys skin is changing. Six weeks into #tsw and his arms ( top left pic) are starting to feel baby smooth and the eczema patch on outer arms have been gone for 2 weeks. The #eczema on his outer legs are still there (top right) but they are not as dry and as scaly. Previously his outer legs would look quite red and his skin was very dry and snake like. Now he still gets flare ups on his legs but they are more controlled and go away faster. I spray metaderm 2-3 times a day on his arms\legs\face, we've changed to a detergent free laundry cleaner and the air has been haze free for weeks and it's really helped his skin so much. He has never had baby smooth soft skin but now I can't stop touching his smooth arms. *we've never applied steroid to his arms or legs because the eczema there was very mild and it would come and go unlike his cheek area- we applied the most steroid on his left cheeks. #healing#instagram#instafam #healingjourney#healthyfood#glutenfree#dairyfree#babyboy#babyeczema#moments#8months#life#soap#detergentfree#metaderm
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lets_live_right : Super cool!
orchid_armani : Have u try renewlotion? I thought your baby eczema is on the face only. My son is still using renewlotion now and he didn't get any flare up or dry skin on any other areas anymore apart from his face. This is due to steroid i guess since i used to put steroids on his cheeks before hence his face skin (cheeks) are more sensitive. He still occasionally have flare up especially when I purposedly eat prawn πŸ˜…. Thought of giving his immune system a wake up and hopefully one day he will no longer allergic to it πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….
laneybooo : @orchid_armani nope haven't tried it :) he has it on his legs ( mild) but it only started during the time we were using steroid on his face. Never saw it before that.
laneybooo : @mumuchya he's 8.5 months
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#hazelaid necklace arrived two days ago and I'm waiting to see if it helps . But it's hard to tell because the weathers been cooler and we've been giving him a water bath every time he comes back from an outing which seems to calm his eczema. His cheek spot is healing and yesterday it was all dry and peeling, which was a welcome change from raw, reddish\purple and oozing. He even tried scratching it once and it didn't bleed as much 😌 Well development wise, he's half crawling and he loves to eat - fruits and veggies πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ» #eczema#slow#healing#instagram#necklace#love#metaderm#metadermbaby#amber#life#moments#8.5months#instagram#instafam
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metaderm : He is the cutest little boy!!!
laneybooo : @metaderm Thks! He's looking cute because of ur wonderful product πŸ™πŸ˜„
cheechunnnnn : I used that for my son and an amber teething necklace. Loved those!
laneybooo : @cheechunnnnn I just got it too and so far so good! The metal safety clasp seems a little bit rough on the skin so I'm thinking of getting another one but with a lobster clasp... πŸ˜€ hope it works on my little one
cheechunnnnn : Ours was metal too. I actually clear nail polishes it so it wasn't directly rubbing on his neck / skin.
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Metaderm love! #metaderm #hausbio #hausbioceuticals #psoriasis #psoriasiswarrior #12weekstoclearskin
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nitikachopra : awww I love this!!! xo
metaderm : Oh, that is adorable! ♥️ right back at you!
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So nice to have clear skies and clean air! Picking up more cotton clothes for the little one and just enjoying Friday! Little one stubborn patch at the cheeks are starting to dry up and even though he managed to squeeze in a scratch a few days ago, it healed surprisingly fast and didn't ooze or bleed that much. I've been airing out the patch a little everyday and putting on his #scratchsleeves πŸ™ heal patch heal #eczema#drbronners#healing#metaderm#metadermbaby#familyday#outing#bbloggers#mommy#love#brothers#boys#easy#short#instafam#instagram
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Occasionally the boys give me some time to straighten my hair - took me less than 5 mins with this shorter length. Short hair is so much easier to maintain and although I still miss my long hair, this is so much less hassle. I know my baby hair is all over the place but let's just ignore it ya πŸ˜„ #work#straighthair#metaderm#mommylife#moments#instagram#instafam#gettingready#fotd#short#easy#family#bbloggers
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metaderm : Beautiful!
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My little baby and me πŸ’— #eczema#healing#learning#family#brothers#boys#8months#crawling#teething#love#mommy#moments#mommylife#metaderm#instafam#instagram
love - instagram - family - moments - mommy - boys - healing - learning - eczema - brothers - metaderm - 8months - mommylife - crawling - teething - instafam -
aubrielle_love : Aww, such a cutie! πŸ’œ
emergingenergy : ✨
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A smile to light up my day. When his face was much worse I used to carry him close to me to ward off as much attention as possible. Also because I wasn't ready to deal with all sorts of remarks and strangers then. Now, I've started bringing him on walks and I'm pramming him a lot more. Even though we do get lots of suggestions, questions, remarks and a few nut cases, I try to brush it off and move on. It's my son and it's my struggle and I truly want to share my experience, with the right genuine people πŸ˜ƒ oh ya, he scratched his cheek last night ( been a week or so that he hasn't scratched) and surprisingly it didn't look that bad this morning when I cleaned it. Of course it's the worse part of his face still but as time goes by his skin is healing bit by bit and seems to be getting stronger. #metaderm#metadermbaby#love#eczema#love#family#tsw#life#mommy#moments#smile#positive#healing#healingjourney#instafam#instagram
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eczemacism : Looking good!
lovingfit_fam : Outstanding!
laneybooo : @eczemacism Thks πŸ˜ƒ still some way to go!
laneybooo : @lovingfit_fam Thks!
metaderm : He is so cute!!
smellgoodcompany : Adorable
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Styling courtesy of his brother πŸ˜‹ No matter how much his eczema likes to command attention, I try to remind myself that I have to grow him to be much bigger than that. To be more confident than that. To be stronger and more positive than that. Though it may be a part of you, you'll always be adorable and sweet and a little fierce πŸ˜† and we'll still adore u. #babyboy#cool#adorable#cutiepie#darling#metaderm#healing#mommylife#tsw#family#love#life
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Pardon the sleepy face boy but the jam packed weekend with the brother and father totally wiped out his energy. I didn't eat anything too different over the weekend. Maybe a little less fresh fruits and vegs and more trips out of the house + gathering with family but that's it. His cheeks and legs were pretty itchy last night so perhaps something in the environment triggered the extra redness too. I'm going to eat the same foods next weekend but give him more water baths to see if it prevents a flareup. And yes his drooling is crazy even though his top 2 just emerged!!πŸ˜–πŸ˜–#eczema#eczemababy#eczemadiet#cheeks#babyboy#8months#update#metaderm#love#family#tsw#mommylife#mommy
love - 8months - mommylife - metaderm - family - mommy - update - eczemababy - tsw - eczema - babyboy - eczemadiet - cheeks -
fit_joyful_mama : Love!
bellalinabath : So cute!!
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#donateaphoto to #npf to help #psoriasis. #johnsonandjohnson is donating one dollar for every picture shared. This is not a recent photo, I'm managing my psoriasis with the help of #metaderm.
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apicgiveback : Greatness!
namastebookshopbk : namaste πŸ™
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kimbrayla7 : I use that kinky curl
metaderm : @desimarie21 - Glad to hear you are trying MetaDerm! Just remember to use MetaDerm at least twice a day for best results. If you have been using any oral or topical steroids, send me a note at lsutton@hausbio.com for more tips. Please keep us posted on her progress! Liz
baker.fitness : Good work πŸ‘
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What a difference 3 days makes - mini flareup on Sunday and he's almost cleared up today ( back to same old dish washing and food) . Today also marks 1 month away from topical steroids and yes although we applied it infrequently, my baby's skin got hooked and super bad within abt 2 months of usage. The last picture is where his actual eczema originated from and where steroid cream was applied from the beginning, unlike other parts of his cheeks and it is a struggle to heal. It was looking much better in the middle of October but the crazy itch took over and he literally scratched and dug at it until the patch turned purple and was looking so bad. I had no choice but to place a breathable plaster over it or his skin would never heal because of the daily numerous scratching episodes. I know it needs to air to get better but that linear scab u see in the last picture happened within seconds of airing and him digging at it 😒 this stubborn patch is getting to me! #eczemababy#healingjourney#eczema#moments#trying#diet#love#life#family#happy#metaderm#faith#hope#allergies#soap#instafam#instagram
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darrellnhoney : @laneybooo we also took a bath once a week then. If she got too sticky, I just wipe her down with warm wet cloth to clean her then moisturize with Metaderm soon. I literally moisturize her every 2 hours or like whenever we change diapers. My whole day ends just by moisturizing her 😜 water washes away our skin's natural oil and because my baby' skin is different than others, I still don't give her a bath every day but every other day :)
darrellnhoney : @laneybooo just make sure that his skin is not infected. If you suspect it is, take him to the doctor and they will swab it to get culture. Staph infection is not good. My daughter ended up with one and she was given oral antibiotics for it. I think it's like 10 days long, it did help too.
laneybooo : Ah. I still give my little one baths twice a day ( with v v little soap) cause of the hot and humid weather over here. Otherwise he gets a heat/ dirty rash on his body. And I also follow with coconut oil and metaderm and Vaseline on his body. It's very tedious but I only moisturise 2-3 times a day mainly on his cheeks and his lower legs. Wat is ur little girl allergic to in terms of food?
laneybooo : @darrellnhoney
darrellnhoney : Yes, it's a long list! She's allergic to nuts, milk, dairy, cheese, shellfish, eggs, vanilla, to name a few :( @laneybooo
laneybooo : @darrellnhoney oh - my kid also reacts to diary, nuts, shellfish, chilli and eggs!! I have yet to test : wheat, banana, beef. Does she get her reaction immediately? Cause I'm breastfeeding my boy so his reaction usually comes the next day.
darrellnhoney : @laneybooo yes she does if it's food, her mouth would turn red and her lips swell 😩 and probably her tongue too, she gets itchy all over too... I always get scared and closely watch her breathing when she has a reaction. We also ebf to these days. But when it comes to environmental allergic reaction (like polyester or grass), she would flare up really bad the next day
laneybooo : @darrellnhoney but it's so good to know that it's more under control now a days. Since u are ebf, do u also avoid all the food she's allergic to?
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Ah... One of the bumps along the road to healing. Over the weekend, we had a bit of an indulge at a vegan restaurant for birthday celebrations and we also changed the dishwashing and laundry liquid ( pretty sure laundry didn't affect) .. I noticed intense drooling which we haven't seen in some time even though his two top teeth have already broken through- back gums seem to be giving him issues now πŸ˜“ it's crazy how just last week, his face was doing so well and a few changes over the weekend can cause a flare up again. So today strangers just asked " heat rash" I'm learning to go with the flow and treat flare ups like sign posts to eventual healing#babyboy#eczema#slowly#healing#cutiepie#metaderm#family#mommy#mommylife#8months#love#instagram#instafam
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sabun_al_anas_hq : Try my organic soap..for elergik skin...organic
sweetsweetpenguin : Same here, girl. We think that we tried everything, take out some food ingredients, then her skin gets better! So we think this is it! And then next day it's all out for no reason :(
nicolemjardim : Love it!
metaderm : Poor little guy. Hope it passes quickly.
laneybooo : @sweetsweetpenguin yup. But at least I can roughly tell when he's gonna get a flareup mainly because of new foods I try 😐 so it isn't completely unexpected. I've read that some moms go through many flare ups when testing foods on the elimination diet so that's something I will have to brace myself for as well! @nicolemjardim 😬 @metaderm yes he's looking good again!
darrellnhoney : Is he breastfed or formula? I asked because my baby has serious allergic reactions to milk and dairy. M
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Brothers they may be with diff personalities😊 big one is pretty easy going while little one has been really fierce 😐 (esp when it comes to his toys and food). Little ones face was redder today but could be due to the intense heat before the rain and his frequent tantrums 😠 anyhow a guy in the lift still asked if he had milk rash ( which is pretty awesome in my book ) because it's a much better reaction than what we got from strangers a few weeks ago 😒 #stepbystep#ambernecklace#eczema#healing#slowly#love#siblings#brothers#boys#baby#love#family#metaderm#skin#bbloggers#instafam#instagram
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bijinblair : Such handsome tots!
aimninex151 : The good as gold posh stick and milk lotion worked on my babies 😍www.perfectlyposh.com/poshbyaliciap
laneybooo : @bijinblair Thks babes 😘
darrellnhoney : Cutiepies
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They say he looks like my hubby and I really have to agree. I tried putting on #scratchsleeves this morning but with the kind of intensity that he scratches with, it still makes the cheek spot red & raw - So had to go back to breathable plaster which he is learning how to rip off πŸ˜• waiting for the original spot to heal enough so that it isn't so delicate and is much less itchy! It's the only part of his face that still oozes yellow fluid. The eczema on his arms are gone but the bumpy texture on his lower outer legs are still there. I am clueless y this is! Going to try introducing suspected trigger foods into my diet next week to try and figure out which foods aggravate his eczema 😐#eczema#babyboy#family#metaderm
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cheechunnnnn : So pretty!
fit.wilde.andfree : Love It! πŸ’˜
laneybooo : @cheechunnnnn Thks 😁 @fit.wilde.andfree 😁
metaderm : @laneybooo - What a beautiful photo of you both!
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Such a joy to bring him for walks 😍😍😍 previously the hazy skies would always aggravate his cheeks and make him itch but with the current clear sunny skies, bringing him for walks is such a joy and so relaxing. Never gonna take such simply daily activities for granted anymore πŸ˜› #babyboy#eczema#healing#metaderm#sunny#walks#park#mommy#preciousmoments#mommylife#instafam#instagram#tsw
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Oh my he caught a wonderful night sleep and was all contended this morning and his face was πŸ˜™ gorgeous. Soon got red after a walk downstairs but still I am always grateful for moments of calm smooth skin πŸ˜ƒ Food wise he loves carrots, apples, pears, pumpkin, spinach and brown rice. He's been eyeing chicken dishes, so probably will let him try some chicken stock soon. This wheat, diary, egg, red meat, nightshades and peanut free diet is tough work for both of us but I've seen a remarkable positive change in his energy and activity level as well as alertness. Now a days everyone has difficulty in keeping up with him😬don't mind the baby food ard his mouth- had to take this pic before he moved. #babyboy#happy#active#bbloggers#family#baby#8months#lovely#healing#tsw#eczema#love#instafam#instagram#keepcalm#metaderm
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A little progress shot of how little one looked like just 3 plus weeks ago when we took him off topical steroids ( pics on the left) and how he looks right now. If the picture isn't as sharp, it's only because it's so hard to get a still shot of him as he's always moving! I'm sharing personal pictures because I hope others who are going through the same thing don't feel alone and stay positive. I've started to bring him out more because the haze has subsided and because his skin is gradually looking better. Ppl may look and ppl may stare or give their opinion but it doesn't matter to me anymore cause what's most important is that he's growing, active and healthy and his skin is healing at its own rate in its own time. #eczema#healing#growing#babyboy#babyeczema#eczema#bbloggers#progress#slowly#family#mommy#mommylife#metaderm#instagram#instafam
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darrellnhoney : @laneybooo thank you :) hang on there mama& just keep using it! Those days are gone for us and if not for Metaderm, I would not know where will we be right now. We still use it these days as her moisturizer. Your little boy is so preciousπŸ’•such a handsome little man!
darrellnhoney : @metaderm you are our found success :) Couldn't be more thankful to y'all and all the genius behind this wonderful cream!
cefaircloth : What a beautiful baby!!! You are blessed.
laneybooo : @darrellnhoney aww thkssss for the kind words of encouragment 😘😘😘 metaderm is truly amazing @cefaircloth ☺️☺️ Thk u!
laneybooo : @mumuchya yes it's topical steroid withdrawal. His eczema got a little better on it for short time then got worse and redder and spread to parts that were unaffected previously. I used it three separate times and each time it got worse. So i stopped applying it completely. I stay in Singapore
sweetsweetpenguin : Hello! My baby also is going through this. She started having a little eczema when she was 3 months , and Doctor proscribed some topical steroids. Dumb me used it in my baby for a few months on and off. Not a while ago I found out about red skin syndrome and steroids withdraw and immediately stopped it. I switched her formula to goats milk and all food to home made organic food. Also wear only cotton clothes. It's so hard to watch your baby suffer 😒 it does not go away, but I know if I go to the doctor they only thing they are going to proscribe is steroids:( what helps your baby with that ? Thank you so much :) I am glad I found you :)
laneybooo : @sweetsweetpenguin helloπŸ˜„ really sorry to hear abt ur baby too. Many a times moms like us don't know any better so we listen to others and the doctors and we just apply what they give us. For me, I had no choice but to stop his steroids application because it was making him sick and making his skin look so so bad. His skin got " addicted" very quickly and I noticed that only the parts I had applied steroid would be super red and the eczema would not subside anymore and spread instead!! πŸ˜• What helped my baby is fresh air\ metaderm spray\vaselin\ avoiding the common eczema food triggers\using soaps to clean the house and using plant based detergents and a lot of patience and also wearing cotton clothes only! Metaderm works but it takes time if ur baby's eczema is severe. It doesn't work overnight but it seems to slowly heal the skin and has done wonders for my baby 😊
laneybooo : Oat baths & only using little amounts of dr bronner baby mild for dirtiest parts of his body.
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Hazeless sunny skies on my birthday means bringing both boys outside to burn some energy and get some vit d. But my little one has acquired a new nickname " fire engine"- because of his recent persistent whining and crying and screaming. It's not because of his eczema in case u are wondering.. More like a bad case of teething and separation anxiety. Everyone kind of runs a mile away when he starts his engine sounds. Occasionally though, he does give a cheeky wide smile exposing all 4 teeth! #birthday#mommylife#mommy#metaderm#seperationanxiety#31#8months#drivemecrazy#fireengine#crying#babyboy#eczema#tsw#teething#growing#instafam#instagram#bbloggers
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amybysouthmua : Loving this!😘
metaderm : He is so adorable!
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Little one is going to turn 8 months in 4 days time and my birthday is tomorrow. If bday wishes do come true, than all I want is for him to heal heal heal. These past few months have been an extremely testing time for me. Living on a wheat, diary, nuts, eggs and processed free diet has made me realise how fortunate "normal skin" individuals like myself have been. We can have a tasty treat from time to time and not worry about a flare up or a bleeding scratch fest. We can use whatever detergent we want and not worry about red itchy skin. We can come into contact with products and touch materials without having to think twice about a subsequent reaction. These are such simple mundane things but clearly I've taken it all for granted. Over the weekend, his cheeks have gotten redder and there might be a few causes for it - top two teeth are pushing through his gums. He has 4 teeth now πŸ˜€ / I accidentally ate some fried fish with crust that most likely has egg / put him in a pants that belonged to his brother( irritation from the old detergent in the fabric). But overall, he's been extremely clingy these few days so it might be linked to his teething after all #eczema#babyeczema#8 months#heal#baby#babyboy#love#drooling#teething#metaderm#journey#instagram#instafam#happy#growing#mommylife#mommy
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Almost 3 weeks since we went off steroids and yes we have good days and not so good ones. To keep his claws away from the itchiest part of his cheek, we had to leave a breathable plaster on it for the past few days, otherwise it would be a bloody mess. But he still manages to find a way to squeeze in a scratch especially if the plaster gets loose or at those people moments when it's off for his skin to breathe. These past few hazeless days have been so good for his skin- less irritation and its been easier to differentiate his true eczema and the steroid inflicted eczema. I'm just wondering what I'm going to do if and when the raw patch heals up? Would he scratch it again? I can't possibly keep it covered up all the time 😐hmm.. What do I do? #eczema#metaderm#slowhealing#love#babyboy#goingtobe8months#bbloggers#mommy#behappy#life#familytime#family#healingjourney#skin
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metaderm : @laneybooo - He is getting better and better! The MetaDerm spray does help with the itching. You can spray as often as you want. Once he gets a little older, he can even carry it himself and spray as needed. 😊
laneybooo : @metaderm I'm actually reaching for the spray all the time now. It's so much faster and quicker to apply and it allows the breathable plaster to adhere better. Thank u so much for letting me try it out because now I know that the spray version is God sent for super active toddlers 😊 yes he definitely looks so much better now compared to 3 weeks ago and those who saw him going through tsw have also asked what he's been using ☺️
metaderm : @laneybooo - So glad it is helping. Poor kid. With your wonderful attention, I am sure his skin will be healthy again soon!
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