Our clinical trials compared MetaDerm to other popular eczema treatments. What we found is that MetaDerm is the most effective treatment available. #metaderm #hausbio #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #medicalresearch #tsw #itsan #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree
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oskessel : I'd love to try your scalp spray for my scalp psoriasis. I'm in Toronto, Canada. The shipping doubles the price of the product. Anything you can do to help me out?
metaderm : @oskessel - Sorry about that. Contact us at & we will see what we can do. Thx
oskessel : @metaderm thanks! Will do :-)
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Throwback Thursday with MetaDerm. Here is how we can help you get your skin summer ready. No filters, just results. Thanks again to @camo_cutie98 for posting this last year. #metaderm #hausbio #herbal #organic #itsan #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #steroidfree #nofilter #tsw
psoriasis - organic - metaderm - hausbio - dermatitis - baby - eczema - herbal - tsw - itsan - nofilter - steroidfree -
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Happy Earth Day! #metaderm #hausbio #health #love #herbal #organic #eczema #psoriasis #baby #steroidfree #earthday
psoriasis - earthday - love - metaderm - hausbio - baby - health - eczema - herbal - organic - steroidfree -
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Summer is almost here. Are you ready? MetaDerm promises 12 weeks to clear skin with no steroids. #metaderm #hausbio #herbal #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #tsw #itsan #medicalresearch #natural #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree
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k_laalee : Hey everyone!! Sorry @metaderm for barging in on your postπŸ˜” i reallyyyyyyy need some advice! So a few weeks ago I started breaking out on my hands really badly and scabbing, which has always happened when I wear bandaids, I went to my allergist and low and behold, I'm allergic to latex😫 so now I have to do the dishes with no gloves and my skin is freaking out and burns whenever I wash them(I don't have a dish washer)... So I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations on dish soap that is for sensitive skin and not going to give me major breakout?
metaderm : @k_laalee - Hey Kayla, no problem! That's what this is here for. Personally, I use our foaming wash for everything, even the dishes. It helps me. What about other folks? What do you use?
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Herbal medicine that is scientifically proven. If you have eczema, psoriasis or severely dry skin, MetaDerm is your solution. #metaderm #hausbio #health #tsw #herbal #organic #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #medicalresearch #itsan #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree
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No more itchy babies! Proven, safe & effective. MetaDerm. #metaderm #hausbio #health #organic #eczema #psoriasis #itsan #seborrhea #natural #tsw #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree
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Proven safe and effective. We are the real deal. Look on our website for links to published clinical trials. When used at least twice a day for 12 weeks, 85% of eczema sufferers had their skin return to health. #metaderm #hausbio #love #herbal #eczema #psoriasis #baby #medicalresearch #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree #nofilter #tsw #itsan
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codijean_ : @heckjones
cefaircloth : This picture is so heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time
mi_emilia : Am a number 1 fan of #metaderm πŸ™‹
darrellnhoney : We are one of the 85% :) thanks @metaderm
metaderm : @mi_emilia - We are your number 1 fan! So happy Charlize has her skin healthy again! It has been almost 2 years now, hasn't it? Hope all is well for you & your family in Australia! 😊
metaderm : @darrellnhoney - We are so happy that Disney's skin is healthy again! She is such a little cutie. So glad she is not itchy anymore! 😊
darrellnhoney : @metaderm thank you! Our day wouldn't be complete without our daily dose of MetaDerm hehe Her skin is incredibly smooooooth & healthy now :) <3<3<3 thank you again
viridddianaa1oo1 : Yeah i think thats what he has, it starts out dry n he scratches it n it looks like that @jesssekaaaleannne
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You can do it. We can help. For eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and dry skin. Steroid free. Proven efficacy. 100% guaranteed. #metaderm #tsw #itsan #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #dryskin #12weekstoclearskin
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mi_emilia : @rexygarcia ... follow them !
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Safe, effective & guaranteed. #metaderm #hausbio #herbal #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #medicalresearch #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree #nofilter #tsw #itsan
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meelsagram : @metaderm I have dermatitis on my back and psoriasis on my forehead/scalp. I live in Australia and your postage is quite expensive but I'm really keen to try- can you recommend a product for me to try initially?
meelsagram : @metaderm due to postage, I'd be keen to get one product to cover both. Thanks x
metaderm : @meelsagram - Yes, the postage is quite high to Australia from the states. Sorry about that. I would recommend starting with our psoriasis spray. It is very effective and can cover a large area like the back easily. It also works well on the hair since it evaporates quickly and does not leave a residue. Hope that helps! If you have any other questions, please ask here or email me at Thx!
semeia : @saees002 you should try this
captainfrankk : I stopped riod creams for meta derm. Nothing weird happend.
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This photo was first posted May 2013 & this little sweetie is still eczema free. Thank you @cefaircloth for posting! #metaderm #hausbio #love #herbal #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #natural #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree #nofilter #tsw #itsan
psoriasis - love - metaderm - 12weekstoclearskin - hausbio - dermatitis - baby - tsw - eczema - herbal - natural - itsan - nofilter - steroidfree -
kaybea88 : @perlypaws I keep seeing ads for this product. Supposed to be good for Eczema!
cardsbybee : @metaderm have you had any results with this product from people with other/similar skin issues? I have pityriasis lichenoides, not sure if this product will work on my disease
metaderm : @cardsbybee - I have not heard of anyone trying MetaDerm for that skin condition, but it is worth a try. Can you email me at and I can explain the trials we did and what we found. Thanks, Liz
cardsbybee : Thanks @metaderm I have emailed
cefaircloth : I know that chunky little thigh!!! That's my Penny! We love MetaDerm. My three girls and I use it as lotion nightly! We only have flare ups when get off our MetaDerm routine for a while. @perlypaws @kaybea88 @cardsbybee Hope it works for you.
arnoldjdonato : Doing good!
toniwhitehead : @telliott1983 maybe a thought for mads?
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Are you ready for summer? We can help.12 weeks to clear skin. #metaderm #hausbio #lherbal #organic #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #tsw #itsan #steroidfree
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No steroids, proven results. #metaderm #hausbio #itsan #tsw #eczema #psoriasis #baby #dermatitis #12weekstoclearskin
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pvorganicsoapscom : I like your picture
melissa_ann3084 : Works awesome for me!!!!
metaderm : @melissa_ann3084 - Thanks for sharing!
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In your face psoriasis *Drops Mic* #metaderm #hausbio #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #medicalresearch #nofilter #12weekstoclearskin #itsanewday #nosteroids #tsw #flare #skin
psoriasis - metaderm - flare - 12weekstoclearskin - nosteroids - itsanewday - hausbio - dermatitis - baby - medicalresearch - eczema - skin - tsw - nofilter -
just_being_me_1999 : If any of you guys struggle to wear make up because of your skin i highly recommend the simple cleanser, toner and moisturiser and the talc free foundation from avon just £10 (£5 atm on offer)
dreamofjiny : @christinagrace84 is this product really good? Did you really see improvements in 12 weeks? Beside this what else did you do? You got great results.
christinagrace84 : @dreamofjiny . I swear by it! That picture was the difference between being treated at a DR with light therapy and meds with no relief. The after shot was exactly 12 weeks later using only metaderm! The only other thing I've done since is try to eat at clean and gluten free as possible. I still use metaderm during flare ups
dreamofjiny : Thanks I will soon be ordering @christinagrace84
cefaircloth : @dreamofjiny I love this stuff!!! My three girls and I use it!!! Miracle for my family and no scary steroids for my babies
dreamofjiny : Hi. @cefaircloth but do you all have psoriasis. My daughter and I both do and mine is pretty bad now. I refuse to go see a Doctor because I'm tired of all medication that don't work.
cefaircloth : My mom has psoriasis and just started her 12 weeks. I took some before shots and I will defiantly post her results. Fingers crossed! My girls and I have eczema. If you try this, I pray you have as much luck with MetaDerm as we have had. @dreamofjiny
captainfrankk : Finally proof that traditional med. Is the route to go
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MetaDerm - for the hotties. #metaderm #hausbio #health #itsan #eczema #psoriasis #tsw #dermatitis #baby #natural #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree
psoriasis - natural - metaderm - 12weekstoclearskin - hausbio - dermatitis - health - eczema - baby - tsw - itsan - steroidfree -
andrewriley85 : @faygraceharris
carbon_sti : πŸ’₯πŸ‘€
tonydurston : @tiina_m
tiina_m : @tonydurston
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Throwback Thursday! Liz K. was one of our first advocates & we sure do appreciate her. We are very happy to know that MetaDerm has helped her skin. #metaderm #hausbio #love #tbt #eczema #psoriasis #baby #12weekstoclearskin #nofilter
psoriasis - love - metaderm - 12weekstoclearskin - tbt - hausbio - eczema - baby - nofilter -
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12 weeks to clear skin. No side effects. #metaderm #hausbio #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #medicalresearch #tsw #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree
psoriasis - metaderm - 12weekstoclearskin - hausbio - dermatitis - medicalresearch - eczema - baby - tsw - steroidfree -
team___flawless : πŸ‘Œ
atticandalley : πŸ‘πŸ’š
stylewithkate : Great!
iamerikasmith : I ordered both cream and spray for my 8yr old(reg) and 11month old (baby) it necessary to use both the spray and cream? Or are they the same? I've been using both
metaderm : @iamerikasmith - Hi Erika, you can use them together or separately. As long as you use MetaDerm in some form at least twice a day, you are good. If you want to use it more frequently, for hydrating or combating the itch, that's fine too. There really is no wrong way to use MetaDerm! Hope that helps. Thx, Liz
iamerikasmith : Thank you! Our main struggle with eczema is the itching...really hope this product helps. Thanks again
metaderm : Sure! I am really optimistic that it will. In our clinical trials, 85% of people had their skin return to health when they used MetaDerm for 12 weeks. What we have seen is that kids sometimes respond even quicker. Hopefully that is the case for your kids. Btw, your 8 year old can carry the spray around and use it whenever the itch is bothersome. That can help a child be more in charge of their eczema 😊 Please keep us posted on their progress!
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No filter! One day before my 32nd bday and I'm feeling/looking fab! Went for a long walk this morning...this mama is ready to start working out! Ready for another wonderful year...another year wiser so they say πŸ˜‰ #aries #birthdaymonth #april9 #tomorrowismybirthday #nofilter #glowing #metaderm #eczemawho #clearskin #beauty #newmommy #newbraunfels #texas
newmommy - april9 - metaderm - beauty - clearskin - eczemawho - newbraunfels - glowing - tomorrowismybirthday - texas - aries - nofilter - birthdaymonth -
kdyanne : It's going to be the best year yet πŸ‘πŸ‘
newmomtips : You look great and ready to bring it on!
coachcrysmg : I hope you're having a wonderful week!!!
metaderm : Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous!
mrtejanoswagg : Looking great
itsmybirthdaybish : FM$$$
youthtothepeople : Very cool!
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Because your baby wants a full night's sleep just as much as you. MetaDerm works. No harsh ingredients. No steroids. This before and after photo was taken after just 3 days of use ❀️ #metaderm #hausbio #baby #love #eczema #psoriasis #nofilter #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree
psoriasis - love - metaderm - 12weekstoclearskin - hausbio - eczema - baby - nofilter - steroidfree -
katiecreamer : @megrh2173
10020club - tierney_sutton - eczema_psoriasis_hives - chloesaw_ -
Thank you, Nancy! We have worked hard to keep the cost of MetaDerm low. We want it to be reasonably priced so people can afford quality care. #metaderm #hausbio #herbal #eczema #psoriasis #baby #steroidfree #tsw #health #medicalresearch
psoriasis - metaderm - hausbio - baby - health - medicalresearch - eczema - herbal - tsw - steroidfree -
metaderm : @keziah_mae_xo - You can use MetaDerm cream everywhere. It is safe enough for all parts of your body. We hear from many people that it is their favorite facial cream because it does not make their under eye concealer clump 
carbon_sti : πŸ‘Š
syaluvmiji : How to get it. Im frm malaysia
metaderm : @syaluvmiji - You can order directly from our website at You should also be able to order through Amazon.
metaderm : @syaluvmiji - If you have any questions, please just email me at Thx, Liz
syaluvmiji : @metaderm ok tqsm!
hersheys_babygirl : I just received mine today. I pray this works!!!!
metaderm : @hersheys_babygirl - Can't wait to hear how MetaDerm works for you! Remember - use the cream or spray at least twice a day & more often if you can! Liz
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Topical, effective, steroid-free. #metaderm #hausbio #herbal #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #medicalresearch #tsw #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree
psoriasis - metaderm - 12weekstoclearskin - hausbio - dermatitis - baby - medicalresearch - eczema - herbal - tsw - steroidfree -
mandlerose : Hi! Does it work for dishydrotic eczema? I don't have a problem with dry skin, but I have little blisters all over my hands. Which i assumed was contact to propolyne glycol i now think its actually nickel in my food which is impossible to not ingest. I also have rosacea would it help with that? My skin is just one big hot mess....
metaderm : @mandlerose - Sorry to hear about your skin. When we tested MetaDerm we did not break out the different categories of eczema. We combined them all together. MetaDerm did show an 85% effectiveness rate when it was used at least twice a day for 12 weeks. We have not yet tested MetaDerm on rosacea, but have heard from people that it does help their rosacea. We do offer a 100% money back guarantee. Please let me know if you have other questions. Liz
mandlerose : Ok great! Thanks for the reply!
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We love to see babies get their skin back to health and really appreciate your photos! This sweet baby used MetaDerm for just two days & now has clear skin. We do usually need to use MetaDerm longer to see such results, but needless to say we are very happy to hear when MetaDerm works quickly! Proven, safe and effective, MetaDerm's herbal extracts deliver nutrients that help skin get back to health. No steroids, no parabens, just healthy skin. Because babies have better things to do with their time then battle eczema! #metaderm #hausbio #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #love #baby #tsw #steroidfree #nofilter
psoriasis - love - metaderm - hausbio - dermatitis - eczema - baby - tsw - nofilter - steroidfree -
missjennifermiller : πŸ’•πŸ’•wonderfull
kimberlyrhose : i bought this for my baby with eczema.. and it seems like it made it worse:(
metaderm : @kimberlyrhose - Oh, no! Let's figure this out so we can your baby's skin back to health. Were you using another product at the same time? Or had your baby recently come off steroids? Also, can you tell me if it was the cream or the spray & how long ago this was? If you want to talk to me directly please just email at Thx, Liz
kimberlyrhose : yes i was using hydrocortisone.. do i have to stop using steroids first to use this cream? i have the eczema cream.
metaderm : @kimberlyrhose - No, you can keep using other medications. Not seeing your baby it is hard to say exactly what is happening - and as the person who runs this account, I am not personally an MD, but it sounds like it could be one of two things. 1) Steroid creams have a tendency to rebound - they will make the skin better for the short term, but then it will flare again. Depending on how long it has been that you are using the steroids, it could be this. You do need to taper off steroids slowly (check with your doctor) and you can use MetaDerm during this time. 2) It is possible that your baby's skin is not tolerant of one of the emollients or the wax in the cream. Allergies & sensitive skin are different in everyone. If this is the case, the spray would be a better option. If you want to email me with your information, I can refund your cream and send you a spray free of charge. Just let me know. Obviously, the most important issue is to get your baby's skin healthy again. Liz
tierney_sutton : Super cutie baby!!!
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Take care of your bunnies with MetaDerm. #metaderm #hausbio #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #bunny #steroidfree #tsw
psoriasis - metaderm - hausbio - steroidfree - dermatitis - eczema - baby - tsw - bunny -
analyn122182 : How to order? Thanks
metaderm : @analyn122182 - Hi Ana, we are on Amazon & also available through our website at
dainajay : how to order if I'm from the Philippines? Is your products available in New Jersey and/or Austria? Got relatives there.@metaderm
metaderm : @dainajay - We ship globally from our own site at We are also available on Amazon.
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Throwback Thursday & a great example of MetaDerm Scalp Soothing Spray. This is after 3 weeks of use. MetaDerm Spray evaporates quickly, does not sting, and does not leave residue in your hair. #metaderm #hausbio #scalp #dandruff #herbal #organic #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree #nofilter #tsw #tbt
psoriasis - organic - metaderm - 12weekstoclearskin - tbt - hausbio - dermatitis - baby - scalp - eczema - herbal - tsw - nofilter - steroidfree - dandruff -
cefaircloth : @akadebbieh see!!!
metaderm : @kitty_lacubana30 - You can definitely use this on your scalp. You can also use our psoriasis cream on your scalp & all of your skin. All of our products are very safe & gentle, yet effective. People in our trials had severe and/or chronic disease. MetaDerm is available on Amazon and tomorrow we have a First Friday sale. All items are 20% off.
kitty_got_eeeem : yeaaaaaaasasaa ty OK
metaderm : @cefaircloth - 😊
metaderm : @akadebbieh - How is your skin doing?
team___flawless : πŸ‘Š
ceci_liftandlove : Yea this is my second time on a 6 week steroid treatment within 2 years. I would really love to not experience this anymore. I walked into the hospital looking like a burn patient 😩 it aucks when even health care professionals are shocked to see my skin. Its so embarrassing and even the check in nurse was like "omg what did you do to yourself!" As if I'd really wish this up in myself. Literally covered head to toes in rashes. Even had to see 2 different Dr's
metaderm : @ceci_liftandlove - Oh, that is awful. Very sad to hear that. But, I am really happy you are going to give MetaDerm a try. According to our clinical trial information, it is the most effective treatment available. You can start using MetaDerm as soon as you get it, even if you are in the middle of steroid treatment. It can help you transition off the steroids as your doctor has you taper off. Please keep us posted on your progress! Liz
truly.aricole - ultracur - pavanaskin - judymanncatrescue -
We love to hear about babies getting their skin back to health without steroids! #metaderm #hausbio #health #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #natural #steroidfree #tsw
psoriasis - natural - metaderm - hausbio - dermatitis - health - eczema - baby - tsw - steroidfree -
this_is_rhia : @metaderm how much is the shipping fee to the Philippines?
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Brand new! Download our free app today. #metaderm #hausbio #health #app eczema #psoriasis
psoriasis - app - health - metaderm - hausbio -
mi_emilia : Wow!!! Will it work outside US?
mi_emilia : Whats the exact app name ? Couldnt find any under hausbio or metaderm... i suspect am only limited to au apps 😣
ylbbjoy : You got me. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Though it would be super handy.
cefaircloth : Lol
metaderm : πŸ˜‰
tierney_sutton : ❀️❀️
atticandalley : Very clever😢
athinaparis_ : Thanks for sharing πŸ™
ubplussg - pavanaskin - tierney_sutton - judymanncatrescue -
Are your hands red, raw, inflamed? 12 weeks is all we ask. MetaDerm - because it works. Thank you @mar_ibrahim90 for sending us these your great before & after photos! #metaderm #hausbio #eczema #psoriasis #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree #nofilter #tsw #healthy
psoriasis - metaderm - healthy - 12weekstoclearskin - hausbio - eczema - tsw - nofilter - steroidfree -
melinnezzz : @a_e_innes
cutekillzwins : @ahhhshelly
10020club - tierney_sutton - phangirl4life - judymanncatrescue -
MetaDerm Baby Eczema Spray. Simply mist baby's inflamed skin. Safe. Effective. MetaDerm. #metaderm #hausbio #love #organic #eczema #psoriasis #baby #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree #nofilter #tsw
psoriasis - organic - metaderm - 12weekstoclearskin - hausbio - tsw - eczema - baby - love - nofilter - steroidfree -
_just__nelle : My baby #LondynMarie
arihyu : Hello @metaderm are you shipping here in the philippines? Im suffering with my psoriasis. I had it on my head,forehead,legs all through my body.. i hope your product can help me.. thank you
metaderm : @arihyu - Yes, we do ship to the Philippines. You can order from our website at We would love to help you find a solution for your skin.
arihyu : Thank you @metaderm 😊
truly.aricole - pavanaskin - tierney_sutton - judymanncatrescue -
Love this term! Coined by @davidwain #metaderm #hausbio #organic #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #tsw #medicalresearch
psoriasis - organic - metaderm - hausbio - dermatitis - medicalresearch - eczema - baby - tsw -
tessjones3 : Love this!
ceci_liftandlove : I've been suffering with my eczema consuming my body I just ordered the large lotion and 2 foaming washes. I hope this puts me out of my misery.
metaderm : @ceci_liftandlove - You poor thing. Please keep us posted. Liz
10020club - nergia - tierney_sutton - arnoldjdonato -
Carrie @cefaircloth, you rock! Thank you for taking the time to post such a great review! We love to hear that MetaDerm is helping you & your family. Amazon really is a great way for other people to hear about us & finally get relief for their skin. Thank you!!! #metaderm #hausbio #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #steroidfree #tsw #bestoftheday
psoriasis - metaderm - hausbio - dermatitis - bestoftheday - eczema - baby - tsw - steroidfree -
cefaircloth : @metaderm we love it!!!
10020club - tierney_sutton - eczema_hub - judymanncatrescue -
Thank you, Gretchen! We are so happy to hear when babies get their skin back to health with MetaDerm. Healthy skin can be achieved without any harsh ingredients or steroids. #metaderm #hausbio #herbal #organic #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #natural #steroidfree #tsw
psoriasis - organic - metaderm - hausbio - dermatitis - baby - tsw - eczema - herbal - natural - steroidfree -
darrellnhoney : @ashley.traeger if your baby's skin is infected, she may need an antibiotic. My daughter had staph infection on her cheeks when she was 3~4 mos old. She was on oral antibiotics for 10 days. It healed but tiny bumps are still visible & that's when we started applying MetaDerm on her :) Since then, we've never had any oozing weeping skin, no more staph infection, no more steriod creams! She's 6mos now and we couldn't be any happier. She flares up from time to time but I have learned to manage it with MetaDerm on our side ;)
ashley.traeger : Are the items that are sold on Amazon the same items sold on your guys website? Cuz I know that some items like doterra essential oils that are sold on Amazon are watered down. Do you recommend ordering from Amazon or directly from the metaderm website?
metaderm : @ashley.traeger - Yes, the items are the same. Just make sure you are purchasing from Amazon or HausBio and you are good. Thank you for chiming in @darrellnhoney 😊
ashley.traeger : Thanks!! @metaderm and @darrellnhoney how long did it take to see improvement?
darrellnhoney : The first 24hrs it was hard to tell coz she was flared up from head to toe @ashley.traeger I did applied it like 4-6x a day, as soon as I notice her skin drying up, I apply soon. Only took 3 days to clear up :) I was in tears and her skin was super smooth for the first time after she was diagnose with atopic dermatitis! It was always like sand paper and very dry and flaky.
ashley.traeger : @darrellnhoney I know how you feel! When my baby's cheeks cleared up the first couple times it made me so happy to see her soooo happy. I really hope this cream works for her. I actually saw your review on Amazon.
darrellnhoney : I know with eczema, it's a trial and error... I swear with all the over the counter moisturizers we've tried, all the different strength of steroid creams, I had a little faith on anything! But I'm so thankful I found this one amazon & gave it a shot! It changed our lives big time @ashley.traeger
darrellnhoney : @metaderm you know we are believers ;)
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Gentle. Safe. Effective. #metaderm #hausbio #herbal #eczema #psoriasis #baby #medicalresearch #tsw #12weekstoclearskin #steroidfree
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tiina_m : @tonydurston check this page out
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She's been so clear these days & I totally was not cautious about her "allergies" :(( I had some sardines last night & she woke up with this... No wonder why she couldn't sleep good last night! Now #MetaDerm needs to work its magic fast fast fast! #flareups #thestruggle #goaway #mommyfailed #allergies #gottadobetter #shessosensitive
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darrellnhoney : #nolikey
itsmarimc : My poor girl 😭
itsmarimc : Give her loves from Aunti Marmar 😍❀️
darrellnhoney : @itsmarimc little Dardar says "Wuv yu Auntie Marmar" <3<3<3
metaderm : @darrellnhoney - Oh, no! Poor little sweet girl. Sending serious MetaDerm vibes your way 
darrellnhoney : @metaderm it was my fault >.< she has not seen an allergist yet but I just know she can't tolerate seafood... But just a couple of applications, her face looks so much different now :) #thetouchofmetaderm
metaderm : @darrellnhoney - Hooray! So glad to hear that ξ€Ž
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MetaDerm 100% Organic Baby Spray. Safe. Effective. Non-steroidal. Goes on light, does not sting, dries quickly. So safe that once you have tested it on your child's skin for any possible reaction (which we recommend you do with all baby products), a toddler can carry the bottle themselves and spray whenever their skin is itchy. How about that for letting a child have some control over their eczema? #metaderm #hausbio #organic #eczema #psoriasis #dermatitis #baby #natural #steroidfree #nofilter #asthma #tsw
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mi_emilia : So true β™‘β™‘
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