Been working on a lot of new stuff lately. Got a lot of shit backed up but I'm working toward doing another show and more collaborative work. Slowly but surely things will happen until then here's my cosmic time stipple. #artwined #merkwined #lairlife
artwined - merkwined - lairlife -
matt_sabbath : Damn this is insane dre!
lsdre : @matt_sabbath thanks a lot man I appreciate it!
carlayfriess : You've got so much patience😳
matt_sabbath : You should totally get some prints of this done
lsdre : @carlayfriess haha I try to! You know patience is a virtue
baghouul : Dude you got the dot work down to a T ! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ @drediapers
lsdre : @baghoooooul haha thanks dude I appreciate it. it took awhile finally got it though!
lsdre : @mia.solange haha too kind! Thank you we try!
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Scooter line with @b_smoooth this is what happened when to fucking hot outside to skate. @diccfartinez @stogss #houston #merkwined #lairlife
houston - lairlife - merkwined -
diccfartinez : B succulent
gnathhan : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
b_smoooth : #westsideplayershit #bloodinbloodout #scooterlife #lemonpepper πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―
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BEST FUCKING PACKAGE IN THE MAIL TODAY! Thanks @thenumerogroup for the package! everyone go support and listen to @medusa_1975 if you know what's really good. #lairlife #medusa1975 #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife - medusa1975 - : Sliders and beer tonight
diccfartinez : Hail Meduser
junkyardboogie : Yaaaay its here! better enjoy the fuck outta that shirt n shit! love you bubb.
darnperez : I need this
lsdre : @jeslugo Lauren's car still my b
peterb3music : Glad you like our album! Rock on! PeterB, Medusa orig. Voxx
lsdre : @peterb3music of course it kicks ass! Thanks Pete
riffhutch : Yes!!
peterb3music - thenumerogroup - bresusschrist -
Fuck yea dogs! #merkwined #lairlife
merkwined - lairlife -
missespuffer : Doogies!!!
babyyygorl : @choualan YOUR SHIRT *heart melts*
lsdre : @bloodymanevixen Go to sleep!!!!! Hahahaha
choualan : both of you go to sleep! @bloodymanevixen
babyyygorl : @choualan no you! Lol ily imy
tony_b_low - madmax2317 -
Happy birthday @vegastraaaassh626 you stinky fucker ! Lair life! #merkwined #lairlife
merkwined - lairlife -
brotherdaryll : Happy birthday @vegastraaaassh626! Sick shirt @drediapers @musthrash !!
brooklyn_gal82 : πŸ’šπŸ’š
flex10armedrobberies - slimcherubs - tony_b_low - fekeesh -
Listen to @medusa_1975 their back and here to stay.. #merkwined #medusa_1975 #firststepbeyond #lairlife
merkwined - lairlife - firststepbeyond - medusa_1975 -
el_guapooooo : Versace : 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
junkyardboogie : ξŒ¦ξŒ¦ξŒ¦ξŒ¦ξŒ¦ξ€Žξ€Ž
peterb3music : Thanks for liking our album. Peter B, orig. Medusa voxx
blowgarian : Medusa head on me like I'm Illuminati?
lsdre : @peterb3music πŸ™πŸ™ thank you for making kick ass music!
nehtoe59 : What's up man! What's your number g!
lsdre : @nehtoe59 what's good dude ! 7023393446!
slimcherubs - tony_b_low - hypnotize_skateboards - easyriderrecord -
Happy fuckin Father's To my favorite vato! #lairlife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
sharlenne_ : Your dad is a vato. Haha. I miss your whole fam.
funkyruben : Tell your dad happy Father's Day.
lsdre : @bumfromhell fuck yea ha
lsdre : @funkyruben thanks buddy miss you! Lemme know when ur in town again!
lsdre : @sharlenne_haha he is, I know dude we should have a session soon!
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You've got a serious problem @drediapers... #wakeupdre #LairLife #merkwined @stogss @toledothaleast
merkwined - lairlife - wakeupdre -
lsdre : Power nap
mike__white : Ha past out with the phone to his ear
chairman_connor : Amazing
blowgarian : Pander
ashtronomerrr__ : I love how far back the #wakeupdre hashtag has gone back!
diccfartinez : @ashtronomerrr__ it's never ending with Andre hahaha
slimcherubs - truemanhooker -
This is my best friend and he fucking shreds. @diccfartinez @freelsdsbadtrip #merkwined #lairlife #BADTRIP
merkwined - badtrip - witch - lairlife -
___razer___ : Fuckin awesome, miss you guy's already!
pop_tarttt : \m/
chookichris : πŸ‘Š
lsdre : #witch
slimcherubs - easyriderrecord - jessicaachantal - _cvmiwhite -
Your dope laced blood shows me new highs...bloodlust..druglust..count drugula arise!!! #lairlife #electricwizard #merkwined
merkwined - electricwizard - lairlife -
diary_of_a_humiliated_man - qualityexpresstshirt -
It's about that time again...fuck summer! @stogss #merkwined #lairlife
merkwined - lairlife -
lsdre : @stogss les go
diccfartinez : Poolside chill to skate at 8 to fix this rail to dust
louozc : imy boys
lsdre : @wednesdaystellar I knowww where have you been??!!!
louozc : if one of you ever feels like picking me up I'm down to hang! I just feel bad asking for rides lol but I really miss you guys!
lsdre : @wednesdaystellar well were gonna hang soon!
slimcherubs - michaelschifano - psych_void - itsczar289 -
@drediapers surrendered to itis.. @chanorific happy birthday again player. #wakeupdre #LairLife #merkwined @stogss @junkyardboogie
merkwined - lairlife - wakeupdre -
lsdre : Pure dust
devoflaaco - timmmc_ - denaboy -
Do your ears a favor and listen to some heavy riffs by @greatelectricquest. Keep fuckin shreddin dudes. #merkwined #lairlife #thequestrips
merkwined - thequestrips - lairlife -
lsdre :
welcometocel : 😱 insane
greatelectricquest : Good looks brother! Thanks for the kind words! @drediapers
greatelectricquest : sat. July 19th?! Quest to sin city. See if you can get that date going brotha! @greatelectricquest
lsdre : @greatelectricquest fuck yes!hopefully I can work something out, I'm gonna try my hardest!
greatelectricquest : Hell yes! @drediapers
tlxx_ - lancemontague1612 -
@welcomeskateboards @pharmacylv #LuneDawg #LairLife #merkwined
lunedawg - lairlife - merkwined -
prophet_heem : Clean ass pic
martineznicole28 : Luna. ❀️❀️❀️
slimcherubs - michaelschifano - heytherecookiebear - creativemag -
Here's @theshrine literally tearing everyone a new fuckin asshole! Crowd surf solo. Bless the fuck off! #merkwined #lairlife #psychodemayo2014
merkwined - psychodemayo2014 - lairlife -
crypttrip : So gnarly
lsdre : @crypttrip you guys defiantly should have been melting faces also!!!
crypttrip : Listen to the homies @ditchwitch666 you'll dig their shit!
lsdre : @crypttrip fuck yea thanks dogs
joe_mob - dbklv -
Stevie Wonder is fucking awesome... #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
dreeewv : That's on my board
dreeewv : Little Richard
dreeewv : See you in a week big dewog!
diccfartinez : @dreeewv hell yeah drew
martineznicole28 - _cvmiwhite - lsdre -
Happy bday to this g right here! Lets fuckin party! #lairlife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
blowgarian : Happy Birthday Keif!
bbuffone : Let me party with ! Hahahah have fun!
lsdre : @bbuffone couldn't handle it lol!!!!!!! Jk
bbuffone : Hahahah you're probably right though! You guys have a good time!
_lexlutherrr : Hell yea haaappp burrrday
junkyardboogie : Yeeee!
_cvmiwhite - ___razer___ - gaby1441 - ladyhaazzee -
Happy 21st birthday to one of my best buds @mfkyle. Now go buy yourself a cold one! #merkwined #lairlife
merkwined - lairlife -
omicronpersei8 : Happy birthday playboi! @mfkyle
mfkyle : @drediapers @omicronpersei8 thanks dawgs!
joe_mob - _cvmiwhite - squeakyloop - darth_kooter -
Happy 21st birthday to @mfkyle fucking love you dawg. @stogss #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
flex10armedrobberies : Happy birthday half squat!! @mfkyle
mfkyle : @shelbynorth28 too!
santino_paladino : @mfkyle happy 21st brotha
blowgarian : #steggs πŸ™Œ
chookichris : happy bday dude! @mfkyle
mfkyle : @flex10armedrobberies @santinopaladino @chookandretti thanks gangsters! @diccfartinez love you too dawg!
truemanhooker - nestorrr8a - ray_rader - joecoolwatah -
This new park rips. @stogss @toledothaleast #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
tony_b_low : I wish I could skate again
mmashh : Where is that, the new one off Durango?
diccfartinez : @mmashh eastern and St. Louis
slimcherubs : You work tomorrow @diccfartinez
slimcherubs - michaelschifano - shickquatro - programedtosmokegrams -
My cousin sent me some of his doodles and the sickest shirt ever, hyped... #DanWebster #mycousinrips #LairLife #merkwined
mycousinrips - danwebster - lairlife - merkwined -
devoflaaco - ray_rader - ___razer___ -
Good Fukin times🍻🍻 #lairlife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
shelbynorth28 : Making braided hair look dope
brooklyn_gal82 : Love my boizzzz
lsdre : @shelbynorth28 hahaha I'm gonna so that shit again!
lsdre : @brooklyn_gal82 love you toooooo!!! I miss ya!
brooklyn_gal82 : @drediapers #missYOUtooo
toledothaleast : I'm really really ridiculously good looking
lsdre : @toledothaleast I love that color on you
_lexlutherrr : Hell yea my niddas, killin it!!
flex10armedrobberies - jessicaachantal - _cvmiwhite - psych_void -
Rhythms for endless minds @kadavargram πŸ™….. #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
slimcherubs - _cvmiwhite - ___razer___ - _bitchbutton -
Showing y'all how itis is done #wakeupdre #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife - wakeupdre -
slimcherubs - _cvmiwhite - squeakyloop -
@b_smoooth has the sickest posters. #thegoonies #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife - thegoonies -
squeakyloop - lsdre - jdm_dreww -
Dead meadow #merkwined #psychodemayo2014 #lairlife
merkwined - psychodemayo2014 - lairlife -
_lexlutherrr - junkyardboogie - matt_sabbath -
@harshtokegoons @theshrine @kadavargram and #pentagram. Id give anything to relive this night all over again. #pyschodemayo #LairLife #merkwined @drediapers @junkyardboogie @stogss @moonhowlers
merkwined - pentagram - lairlife - pyschodemayo -
lsdre - ello_james_ - -
Blew my fucking mind @harshtokegoons... #LairLife #merkwined @stogss @drediapers @junkyardboogie
merkwined - lairlife -
ello_james_ - lsdre - jayreubs -
Tweesst on the beach round two @stogss #Houston... #merkwined #LairLife
houston - lairlife - merkwined -
granadosin : You guys are in Cali ?
slimcherubs - martineznicole28 - lsdre -
On the road again with these fucks @stogss @drediapers and @junkyardboogie. #LairLife #merkwined #merkmission
merkmission - merkwined - lairlife -
jessiephusaurus_rex : Be safe guyzzzzz 😁
toledothaleast : I fuckedup , gnar car!!!!
blowgarian : Yea boi! Bottled water @drediapers
lsdre : @blowgarian with toothpaste in it
blowgarian : @drediapers hahahaha I was wondering what's in your mouth
zachbox : California?
diccfartinez : @zachbox yeah dude
jessicaachantal - _cvmiwhite - flex10armedrobberies -
@deathxmachine and @diccfartinez have the lair blues. #BADTRIPLIVES #merkwined #lairlife #1713 #freelsd
1713 - badtriplives - freelsd - lairlife - merkwined -
welcometocel : Looks fun
jessiephusaurus_rex : Dopeness! 😁
roflrachele : @deathxmachine you never serenade me like that
deathxmachine : @roflrachele you'll be there next time boo..
lsdre : @_zmoisao_ fuckin aye I know my friends are musical masterminds haha
lsdre : @_zmoisao_ well their a serious band they usually go jam at the studio but this is just us hangin out on a normal day haha
lsdre : @_zmoisao_ haha yea dude u should've went, but there's always next year , we're gonna be out there soon!
junkyardboogie : @_zmoisao_ yeah its to bad you couldnt make it!!  deffinatly somthing will come up. Cauuuse i wanna meet you! 
squeakyloop - dead_witch - colt_forty_five - eppie_may -
@drediapers @junkyardboogie @stogss Sunday never seemed soo far away. #LairLife #merkwined
merkwined - lairlife -
lsdre : Can't fucking wait
welcometocel : Damn i wish tickets weren't so expensive πŸ˜”
junkyardboogie : Yesssssss yessssssssss
moonhowlers : Yeah see ya there guys ha
matt_sabbath : You lucky people!!
creativemag - moonhowlers - matt_sabbath -
Visual serenity with @drediapers and @junkyardboogie. #LairLife #merkwined #maryjanefalls
maryjanefalls - merkwined - lairlife -
see_no_evi1 : Yessssss
jessiephusaurus_rex : Wish I could of joined
welcometocel : Idk why im just now seeing this i hiked this with some homies last year that trails so fun
diccfartinez : Nah it's like a hour and a half @webbbbster
junkyardboogie - prophet_heem - lsdre - breannabrady_ -
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