A day old and still beautiful πŸ©β˜•πŸ“°
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pvencill : #mavenmercantile #oohlala #sundaybreakfast
running_granny : I want that.
pvencill : @running_granny definitely not clean eating πŸ˜‚
running_granny : Ha ha ha. I just made Sandy's Kitchen Jambalaya over cauliflower rice. Yummy!
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Our first of many autumn treats to come has arrived this morning. The wonderful folks over at @mavenmeals / The Maven Mercantile baked us this beautiful apple tart to serve this weekend.
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burienpress : #burien #burienwa #coffeeshopcorners #coffeelife #coffeeland #coffeeusa #seattlebakery #seattlecoffee #seattlefood #emeraldcityeats #bestofemeraldcity #appletart #freshisbetter #mavenmercantile #mavenmeals #buriensfinest #burienpress
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So thankful for our neighbors and good friends at @mavenmeals / Maven Mercantile. Tonight we had the pleasure of celebrating their two year anniversary of moving into the neighborhood. Now it's hard to imagine Burien without them. | #mavenmercantile #buriensfinest #burien
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burienpress : #burienpress #mavenmeals #burienwa #btownbeat #seattleartwalk #emeraldcityeats #seattlefood #seattlesfinest #seattleeatery #seattlecatering #bettertogether #marchtomay #thatpnwlife #explorationgram
mavenmeals : Awe shucks!! Thanks @burienpress! We love you too!
emiknikora : Nice pic!
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This was so good! #appletart #mavenmercantile #burien
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murberdraws : That looks delicious!!
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Even one of our favorite places to eat is ready for Fall~ not only is her food amazing but look how adorable its decorated! πŸŽƒπŸπŸ‚Love this little local eatery. #eatfresh #mavenmercantile #glutenfree #local #natural #freshingredients #pnw #burien #nutritious #flavorful #panini #soyummy #stuffed
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happyplacecreations : Love this
anne803 : First time there today and I will return!!
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Best breakfast sandwich!!! farmers market sandwich at #mavenmercantile @mavenmeals #burien
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mavenmeals : Thanks @odizzle3!!
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Maven Melon πŸˆπŸ‰πŸ’• #mavenmeals #mavenmercantile #popsicle #watermelon #cantaloupe #melon #summertime #fresh #fruit #comeandgetit
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khazzard3 : I forgot! Breakfast of champs tomorrow!
pjpies : yes!
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Maven Mercantile brunch great breakfast sandwich! Also love the greeter. @mavenmeals #mavenmercantile #farmersbreakfastsandwich #raspberrycreamcheesedanish #chocolateslmondroll #burien
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mavenmeals : Thanks @odizzle3 !
burienpress : Good choice!
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Awaken me, to this kingdom I'm in, I pray Lord... #morningseries #goodeatin #socalityseattle #socality #mavenmercantile #eatlocal #upperleftcorner #wander #burien #bestofburien #livelocal #livewashington #saturdaybrunch #thatpnwlife
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Not a bad saturday morning. #mavenmercantile brunch, #burienpress americano, and the fact that both of these are within 2 miles from my house. #livelocal #livewashington #ilovethisplace #burien #bestofburien #socality #socalityseattle #igers #igers_seattle #thatpnwlife #northwestisbest #buylocal #eatlocal #pnwisbest #eatwell #coffee
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tashtag06 : @instaelise213 - that looks sooo good!especially the iced coffee!
instaelise213 : @tashtag06 it is! πŸ’žβ˜•
eitaknna : ❀️Maven and BP!!
marnin529 : That looks delicious!!
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#mavenmercantile #honey
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Aloha friends! I will be hosting a sale with my latest Spring Collection of dreamcatchers, in about 90 minutes, over at my @mavenmercantile shop...Hope to see you there! #MavenMercantile #dreamcatcher
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kikidelight : Love!
ringosgirl : Oooh I'm loving your island infused colors 😍😍😍
ljquirama : @natis_gar
laurenbowyer : i may need to chat with you about one for nells room! πŸ’—πŸ‘
modernmaven : You know I'd love to make one for you girls!!! @laurenbowyer
modernmaven : Thank you Sarah!! 😘 @ringosgirl
modernmaven : Thank you so much @kikidelight !!
safelynestled : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ love it πŸ’˜
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If these became a thing on Saturday mornings at #mavenmercantile who's in? #breakfastsandwich
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our daily wake up call. Jack Bisi.
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_mrsbebo_ : Ditto @danabisi ! I love this neighbor thing!!!
danabisi : @modernmaven #mavenmercantile
danabisi : #adenandanais #hellomaypole #kickeepants
danabisi : #jennylind
allieroyall : This melts my freaking heart!
olivenemily : So sweet. I adore the Jenny Lind too.😍😍😍
modernmaven : I love seeing your dreamcatchers!! They look beautiful here. What sweeties you have ❀️
lianabird : @danabisi is this the land of nod toddler bed? I really want to get Remy this one!
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modernmaven : Yay!! This makes me so happy. Thank you for sharing 😊
kerrinamanda : #mavenmercantile #dreamcatcher #handmade #dream #inspire #gogetyours #feathers #sunset #wv
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Happy #BlueFriday 12% off all cookies!! #gohawks #mavenmercantile
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Just in time! #giftcards #treatyourfriends #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile - treatyourfriends - giftcards -
giftrewardclub : Pretty!
scottpoms : Can you transfer my balance to a card?!?
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That's it for 2014! Thank you....EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!! You've been such amazing support of me and my shop. I am truly thankful for you. All orders are officially shipped out! My etsy shop will be back open on January 5. And, I will be planning another IG sale with some new goodies shortly after that. Have the most beautiful holiday with your loved ones. Love to you all. xoxo Tara
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katyannev : πŸ‘πŸŽ‰β€οΈ Awesome! You are amazing!!
jillylyn : Thank you my very talented friend! xoxo @toriiiiibrook_ gave her friends their dream catchers last night and they all loved them. Right... @jadynhoward2 @love_laugh_cali @carducci99 ? 😊
love_laugh_cali : Yes!! πŸ’— they are super cute!! @jillylyn
modernmaven : Yay!! This makes me so so happy. Thank you @jillylyn and @toriiiiibrook_ ! I am so glad you liked them @love_laugh_cali
toriiiiibrook_ : Yes! They all loved them! Thank you so much. By the way, the soundtrack is on full volume in the house everyday!! πŸ˜‰
carducci99 : They are so cute!!!πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› thank you so much!πŸ˜‰
jadynhoward2 : Yes! They are so cute I love mine! πŸ’™
cocomondo : Where i can buy this ? Very beautiful
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Quite possibly one of my favorite pieces yet. I have a few openings left for custom pieces to make it in time for Christmas, over at my @mavenmercantile shop...then taking a break after Friday to relax and enjoy the holidays. xo
mavenmercantile - handmade - dreamcatcher -
modernmaven : Oh yes! I would love that so much. And maybe I can come your way to exchange them 😊. Want to email me? taraLgray@me.com @dappledwhite
dappledwhite : Ok, I'll be shooting you an email shortly!
jamieloveskauai : @modernmaven your work is so beautiful. I can't wait to receive mine. Kindred spirit. 😘
jamieloveskauai : @modernmaven I think this one is mine! I'm so excited. The loveliest I've ever seen! Xo
modernmaven : It is 😊😘 its my favorite of all I've done @jamieloveskauai and it's on it's way!!
mamainlalaland : Gorgeous!! Love these colors!
tinaamarina : @pinkpaperhearts
juwairiahk : @bubbliee
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Turkey Meatloaf with handmade marinara! #lunchspecial #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile - lunchspecial -
keiththress -
#latergram #btownbeat #mavenmercantile #burien #ilovethisplace
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We've got some really delicious seasonal offerings lined up for you thanks to our friends at @mavenmeals.
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burienpress : #burienpress #burien #mavenmercantile #burienwa #pnwlife #freshisbetter #cake #delicious #eatthis #mavenmeals
mavenmeals : These delectable little sweets will be available to order for thanksgiving at www.mavenmeals.com. Enjoy!
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I am excited to add some new pieces to the @mavenmercantile shop....mobile style dream catchers. Getting ready for a sale very soon! #mavenmercantile #dreamcatcher
mavenmercantile - dreamcatcher -
modernmaven : Thank you friends!! I am excited about how they are turning out @inourelement @pinksuedeshoe @one_wild_and_precious_life @carlylynn79 @watchinmystep
modernmaven : Thank you Katy 😘 @katyannev
modernmaven : You got it πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜ it will be here waiting for you girls to have happy tropical dreams @duchessandlionco
modernmaven : Thank you thank you!! 😘😘 @alair306design @nicole_hum_stitchery @mermaidinctattoo @joyfinderspath
oppositeoffar : Really loving these new mobiles @modernmaven πŸ’›
mrsbailey206 : 😍😍
bricsgirl : I've missed all of your beautiful, colorful posts, I want you to know that I've read them all and would comment on each if it didn't seem a bit excessive πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you have a brave soul Tara, and I have just loved you since I first found you on here a few years back. I'm glad Hawaii is starting to feel a bit like "home" for you. Like I said, you are brave. I admire that in you. I love that word for you. πŸ’•
modernmaven : Oh Ashlee! That really made me get teary eyed... I appreciate all of your kind words and your support so very much. Some days I don't feel very brave. Some days I wonder if I've completely lost my mind! And then others I feel very proud of what we've done. Thank you for your friendship...I love that we met a few years ago through these squares and have been able to watch each other and our families change and grow. So much love to you @bricsgirl
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How fantastic is this photo of her new serape wrapped dream catcher with @sam_thrive360living sleeping matryoshka dolls?? Thank you so much for the post Sam!! I love when you guys show me your #mavenmercantile dream catchers in their new homes
mavenmercantile -
shotgun_sandi : Can't wait to give mine as Christmas presents!!
casadecupcake : 😍😍😍
sam_thrive360living : How sweet of you to share! Your dream catchers are breathtaking and I'm so lucky to have one to call my own now. 😘
modernmaven : I am shipping yours out tomorrow! @shotgun_sandi
gingerhearts : Beautiful! πŸ’œ @sam_thrive360living 😘😘
mahsa987 - thecrystalcapricorn - westside_montessori - pamelatte45 -
awesome mail day! the most beautiful dreamcatcher from @mavenmercantile arrived today. in love with it!
mavenmercantile - etsy - jjabrams - supporthandmade - dreamcatcher -
penguino : #dreamcatcher #mavenmercantile #supporthandmade #etsy #jjabrams
potterpixie : Beautiful!!!!
mavenmercantile : Yay!!! I am so happy it made it safely. This is one of my favorites 😘
mavenmercantile - thefrostys6 - twigsandwool - moonovermaizes -
It's here! Salsa Verde Braised Chicken Stuffed Poblanos. #lunchspecial #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile - lunchspecial -
rachelrasmo - annieaster - aadamack - rachm6 -
Thanks #Burien it has been an awesome first year! We'd love to see you tonight #btownbeat #btown #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile - btown - btownbeat - burien -
colibri_homestead : Happy anniversary!!!!
tezoro : Happy one year anniversary!!! Crazy how time flies!!! Hope you're having a great time tonight :-)
mavenmeals : Thanks to everyone who came out tonight! What a fun evening!
annieaster - aadamack - rachm6 - emmjay_ -
Italian Sausage & #Kale Stuffed #Delicata #lunchspecial #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile - delicata - kale - lunchspecial -
nicolec79 - happyhourhealth - gooiegoose - wendlandcd -
#eatlocal #mavenmercantile #burien #lovemycity #paleo #goodeating
mavenmercantile - paleo - eatlocal - lovemycity - goodeating - burien -
lynnervision - kelseyofanne -
Kale Caesar & Spicy Italian Sausage Soup #lunchspecial #burien #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile - lunchspecial - burien -
nicolec79 - tbuczak - aadamack - emmjay_ -
Roasted Beet Lasagna is back!! Get it while it lasts! #mavenmercantile #burien
mavenmercantile - burien -
Having a #bloodymary brunch? You should probably stop by! #mamalils #mcclures #mavenmercantile
mavenmercantile - bloodymary - mcclures - mamalils -
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03SEP-⚠️STILL a work in progress 🚧🚧 #decorating #masterbedroom #decoratingfun #mylittlebuffalo #bubblewrappd #chrissiegrace #modernmaven #mavenmercantile #monograms @westelm #armylife
chrissiegraceart - monograms - bubblewrappd - decoratingfun - modernmaven - masterbedroom - mavenmercantile - armylife - decorating - mylittlebuffalo - chrissiegrace -
bubblewrappd : β™‘
karisobm : #chrissiegraceart
bubblewrappd - sfcswartz - ak_baldwin1999 - collin_atlas -
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