Admin: "When Sebastian teaches math it isn't as boring. BUT ITS STILL BORING! *pouts* Sebastian: "Thank you?" #boysoverflowers #sunbae #goojunpyo #geumjandi #otp #kdramas #relateable #mathstinks
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rubio.means.blonde : Omg
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#mathteacherslie #mathstinks #probablywhyimbroke
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Like this picture and tag me in one of yours and I'll do a like spree😘✨🍍 #thevampirediaries #stefansalvatore #mathstinks #perfect #tvd #thecw #tagmee #likee #likespree #illdoall #elenagilbert #itsashtonirwinsbirthdaytoday #feelingnice
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banshxx_roden : F4f?πŸ™ˆ
xdoppelgangerx : You betchaπŸ™‰ @_lydia__slays
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I never have been good with numbers. I still am terrible with them, my future children will find me useless when its time to help them with math. However, I will be great with Psychology, History, Writing, Comp, Economy, Sociolgy and any other class that involves creative thinking because that's the side of my brain that I get along with lol. So I can relate to this student. #ISuckAtMath #MathStinks #IHateMath lol
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mathstinks -
rrpizz11 : Go to sleep
tantan1190 : I agree ant....
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Sometimes I get bored in math class so I look around and doodle the losers in the class who actually listen to the lesson. There's a doodle of @cassiecaskinz In the dead center, then one of @j.coopy.rad.lad in the top right, then emerging out of Cassie's face is the rejected attempt of Graham's head from behind, then the very left is a failed attempt at drawing @andreacordoba haha she was too far away man I couldn't see right. #doodle #figuresketch #portrait #figuredrawing #sketching #peoplewatching #mathstinks #schoolsover #heckyeahsummer #sorryaboutyourfaceandrea #icandobetter
peoplewatching - figuresketch - doodle - sketching - sorryaboutyourfaceandrea - schoolsover - figuredrawing - icandobetter - portrait - mathstinks - heckyeahsummer -
dog.boy : andrea is my favorite omg
j.coopy.rad.lad : Andrea in the picture looks like the girl who ate the chubby bars in mean girls
andreacordoba : #itsokayaboutmyfaceseth
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Nothing seems to be working for maths exam #tiredasfuck #mathsucks #mathstinks #mathsisgay #mathsiskillingme
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When you realize your just now leaving when campus, when class got out at 3:20....Math and I are not friends.... #StudentProblems #MathStinks
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studypath : We can help you to be friends with maths
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I got my notes and paper, my sprite, and watching math videos. I have a test on Tuesday. So hating myself right now I dread math. But I got to do this for my familia. #allpartofthejob #higherpay #gottodothis #mathstinks
allpartofthejob - higherpay - gottodothis - mathstinks - wheresthesnacks - needmorecoffee -
mybabies4ever7 : #needmorecoffee #wheresthesnacks
yesi_villegas : Good luck! πŸ‘πŸ‘
mybabies4ever7 : @yesi_sedano thank you! Also need prayers! :)
mrs.royalrebel.queen : Ugh I hate math too..I sux at it! My cashee on Wednesday
mybabies4ever7 : @mcrebelqueen good luck mija! I'm taking a test at my work to become permanent employee at the school district. Passed everything else accept math. Praying I pass this time!
mrs.royalrebel.queen : Oh cool. Good luck! Yea If I pass my cashee I graduate this year....I missed by 4 points last time...I hope we get it lol
purple49ers : I pray you pass. I know how much you want this job and your great at It
studypath : If you want help with maths questions then follow us
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Late night humor #mathstinks
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me currently πŸ˜‚ #mathstinks
mathstinks -
olivia.ant : same. 😐πŸ”ͺ
alyssa.wood : Don't forget about your current event thingy too πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜
saltlife900 : Goteem
studypath : If you want help then ask us
studypath : We will help you with your maths problems
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We are almost DONE with Finite math! #itsbeenalongtimecoming #mathstinks
mathstinks - itsbeenalongtimecoming -
lbbratun : Happy Earth Day!
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Last exam at 9:00am!⏰ My brain is mushy 😒 #stats πŸ™… is #terrible β˜•οΈπŸ˜©πŸ“šπŸ“‰πŸ“Š #mathStinks #crycry #painful #sad #almostOver
almostover - stats - crycry - mathstinks - terrible - painful - sad -
deborajael87 : This is definitely me almost every night lol. Good luck on your exam!! πŸ‘“πŸ“–
e_lenkaa : I actually love the feeling of being in bed early just to unwind or watch classic movies but tonight is not one of them πŸ™ˆ lol thanks Debbie @deborajael87
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Coffee and Math Homework this morning! Gotta love my coffee! The math... Not so much!! #mathstinks #coffee #homework
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__brittneyxoxo - abowhay12 - kristir2 - esthertalley -
The struggle πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜’πŸ˜² #mathproblems #schoolfirst #nofunneeded #iloveart #iloveacting #ilovedancing #ihaveagift #itsnotmath #mathstinks πŸ‘Ž @kjguzman816 @may_may314
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????????????????? Y homework, y????????????????? #homework #homeworksucks #schoolsucks #idontwantwomework #math #mathstinks #nohomeworkplease
schoolsucks - homeworksucks - idontwantwomework - mathstinks - nohomeworkplease - homework - math -
stampylover2014 : I hate my homework tooπŸ˜†
marshallladymav56 : I do that a lot πŸ˜‚
_tara__123_ : @pencil_paper_11 I do that with like if my teacher is standing and talking i get out a pad and start drawing but I always get caught he yells at me and says "TARA GET THAT OUT OF MY SIGHT!!!!!!"
crazy_ethan_2003 : Lol @_tara__123_
_tara__123_ : @_crazy_ethan what it's true!!
crazy_ethan_2003 : Lol
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Math test 1. Me 0. I HATE MATH. Okay rant over. 😝😁😣😣😬 #mathstinks #whysohard #iwanttobeagenus #selfie
mathstinks - selfie - iwanttobeagenus - whysohard -
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Ahahahahaha! This made me laugh so hard! Here's my equation: math+steph=skateboarding unicorns #ilikewordsnotnumbers #idontlikewordsdisguisedasmath #grrrrrr #itsatrick #mathstinks
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cchristeeny : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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2nd out of 3 classes from this book DONE!!! I BARELY got an A and it just about killed me!!! Hoping I can keep it together for the last section... Spring Break cannot be long enough! #whywasinotbornwithamathbrain #ithoughtelementarymathwouldbeeasy #mathstinks
whywasinotbornwithamathbrain - mathstinks - ithoughtelementarymathwouldbeeasy -
lindsaybangart : Math ruins my life!
summerdawnsylvia : I hear you @lindsaybangart! One plus from taking these classes is that I actually understand how my kids are taught math now. I feel sorry for parents who have no clue how their children are expected to do their homework... Bill REFUSES to check the kids math homework - so it is now MY nightly job. I am learning, but that doesn't mean I like it!
malcolmlovesstella : I'm in a Math & Finance class right now and it's kind of blowing my mind.
jennylu22 : "And then Satan said, 'Put the alphabet in math.'" Worst. Idea. Ever. πŸ˜–πŸ’©
summerdawnsylvia : @malcolmlovesstella - Math and Finance would be great to learn about, but not for me... good luck with that! πŸ˜„ @jennylu22 - I agree wholeheartedly!!!
malcolmlovesstella : Also, isn't it kind of funny how important good grades are as an adult? Wish I would have had this ambition in high school!
summerdawnsylvia : @malcolmlovesstella Right Whit?!?! I could have had straight A's easy-peasy in High School if I actually would have tried! I guess it is different when you are spending your own money and time on school...
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Happy Pi day! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜Ž Who knew math could be so interesting?! 😳☺️#mathstinks #whatispi
mathstinks - whatispi -
arduncan62 - pamelagrady - jackieloggins - sarahjane2005 -
#thedress #whiteandgold #lol #funny #commoncore #mathstinks #math #mathproblems #momlyfe #kidsbelike #meme #lmao #thingsthatmakemegiggle #school #homework
meme - funny - school - lmao - whiteandgold - thedress - kidsbelike - thingsthatmakemegiggle - lol - momlyfe - homework - mathstinks - commoncore - mathproblems - math -
nickichicki5909 : My friend sent this to me over the weekend & I almost peed my pants 😹
hi.im.gosuuuu : @t.f.2raffles
officialsketchysteve - t.f.2raffles - xo.fashion360 - haikufilmreviews -
I picked up some Math practice books for my girl today since that seems to be her tough area in school. #workinghard #mytwin #mathstinks #sheskickingbutt βœ…βž•βž–
workinghard - mytwin - mathstinks - sheskickingbutt -
arielfaith09 - nicole_2907 - akm502 - molo67 -
She's really not feeling Math today #mathstinks
mathstinks -
cbeamguard5 - mshighlyflavored - marygraceozmint - sarahpaigee13 -
Yep! That is so true. #mathstinks #nogoodatmath #totallyme
totallyme - mathstinks - nogoodatmath -
morenitha654321 : Great!
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Sometimes I don't think I am. #mathstinks #russiain2days #makeupwork #beforeileave #toomuch
makeupwork - mathstinks - beforeileave - russiain2days - toomuch -
ladysignalot : @that_onechik Hang in there girl. I'm rooting for you! πŸ‘
emilylindfors - that_onechik - melhoweareyou - naimy_renee -
Trying to survive MATH170 with this beauty! #friends #mathstinks
mathstinks - friends -
lukepayne55 : pay attention in class sir
stinsonrogers : I'll reel it in @lukepayne56
lukepayne55 : the math can make you feel something
stinsonrogers : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @h_daawwggg
mackenziekeaton : Hey @ellikyriacou
gipson_brown - elli_ioanna - sarahpaigee13 - awakenchurch_ -
Sooo....yeah still hate it!! I tried haha the struggle today no bueno! One more week and hopefully I pass! 😬 #mathsucks #mathstinks #sorrynotsorry #ineedhelp #lol #kickingmybutt #ugh #helpmebabyjesus #needsleep #migraine #selfie #thanksobama #lol #ok #goodnight
thanksobama - ugh - helpmebabyjesus - goodnight - migraine - selfie - ineedhelp - lol - kickingmybutt - needsleep - ok - mathsucks - sorrynotsorry - mathstinks -
lizar88 : Lmbo too funny
joe23martin : Glad it can be of entertainment for you guys lol it's the truth though lol @musicage3 @lizar88
8altagracia8 : Same
joe23martin : Glad I'm not the only one :/ @8altagracia8
_kathyvilla : Math is awesome! 😁
joe23martin : when you understand it sure! When you don't πŸ˜‘ lol just can't get it! @_kathyvilla
_kathyvilla : Hehe true! I hope you pass though 😊 you got this!
joe23martin : Hope so too! It's just murdering me lol thanks! :) @_kathyvilla
jewis.jjrl - _startingover7 - moonlightnalee - faithfultofreedom -
No way I can get through more math without any #chocolate in my system!! #Mathstinks
mathstinks - chocolate -
emma_whoo - sofia_katarina - carodecoss -
#ihatehomeworksobad #mathstinks #lookincool #runaway #lol
lookincool - mathstinks - ihatehomeworksobad - lol - runaway -
primrose_everdeen_mellark_ - jaeya.brach - sheberly - reesedelxc -
I could NOT figure out George's math. Asked Hank to help, he solved it in under five seconds. I fail third grade math. #boys #math #mathstinks #school #mathismean #classof2020 #classof2024 @hank_eichstaedt
boys - school - classof2020 - mathstinks - classof2024 - math - mathismean -
hank_eichstaedt : Under PI seconds
marneyike : Show off.
l_coop10 : Oh. I see what he did there πŸ‘†πŸ˜‚
jillybean630 : #mathsmarts @hank_eichstaedt
kcallan17 : #mathishard
tonyamichalec - jillybean630 - kcallan17 - l_coop10 -
It's probable that it's dinner time mom -stahl #mathstinks #gottalovemytutor #goldentutor
mathstinks - goldentutor - gottalovemytutor -
kellyjo406 : Hahaha Stahl is so witty! Miss you guys 😒 @ajoygeorge
ktsterry : Squeaky man!!!
lucyledyard - ktsterry - kellyjo406 - emkroll -
Ugh fml I want to go to sleep!!! "One of the best things in the world and one of the worst, MATH & STARBUCKS" #college #sleepy #mathstinks #studytime
sleepy - mathstinks - college - studytime -
iliaanaa_ : Is that college algebra?
de_beaux_reves.tx : Yup 1314
iliaanaa_ : Ugh I had that, and I didn't like my final grade :/ ima probably re take that class.
de_beaux_reves.tx : Who did you have as a professor? Hey I need your phone #
angellopez00 - bounce_datt_ash -
Got bored in math yesterday so I started doodling on grid paper πŸ™ŠπŸ˜ #gotbored #mathstinks #iheart1D #OneDirection #LiamPayne #ZaynMalik #NiallHoran #LouisTomlinson #HarryStyles #Directioner #noshame #proud #fuckyouu #iloveOneDirection #somuch #snapchat #doodle #gridpaper #cute #funny #hahah #dork #hearts #lovethembunches
cute - liampayne - gridpaper - lovethembunches - snapchat - louistomlinson - noshame - niallhoran - mathstinks - onedirection - dork - iheart1d - funny - hahah - somuch - doodle - proud - iloveonedirection - harrystyles - directioner - fuckyouu - gotbored - hearts - zaynmalik -
grvcxn - sassy_larrystylinson -
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