Fuck it, Marty's gonna have a few pops tonight too. Could climb to within 6 points of the wild card. Pre game warm up time. #NJD #martysbetter #jackncokeondeck #illseekhelpinthesummet
jackncokeondeck - illseekhelpinthesummet - martysbetter - njd -
deecarano - thunderbabes - bigalsmunchies - x_aimee -
Lets go #NJDevils! ❤️
therock - love - datenight - njdevils - icehockey - letsgodevils - husband - newjerseydevils - hockey - devils - picoftheday - martysbetter - getyourjerseyon -
kmat714 : Be safe getting home
bendifulblog : The fact you're also a devils fan just makes me happy!! #godevils ❤️❤️❤️
jessrunshappy : Hehe thanks @bendifulblog!! ❤️👍😉
jessrunshappy : @kmat714 we were! The train broke down for a bit but we made it home by midnight 😊
jessrunshappy : Ahhh @tbeni42 I didn't catch it!! That's so cool, thanks for letting me know! 😂
jessrunshappy : Haha @sushi_dragonfly it was just what my frozen fingers needed! 😝
jessrunshappy : Hehe @bjvola I definitely did! It was nice to see my boys win for a change though! 😂❤️
pattyrivas13 : Hey I was there too! :)
lmteranrodz - rlasagn - dreejay - spurious23 -
Martin Brodeur played in this crease 😍😍😍😍😍 #LetsGoDevils #MartysBetter #MB30 @brandondevils
mb30 - letsgodevils - martysbetter -
brandondevils : Blue and yellow
alexandraaa_ann : 💙💛💙💛
successentourage : Message Me, I have an opportunity for you!
jrsymusicman - korinniemariiie - steppietini - staceylynne_30 -
#NewarkStyle #MartysBetter @brandondevils
martysbetter - newarkstyle -
nickchrisafis : I like your car! @alexandraaa_ann haha she's a beaut!
alexandraaa_ann : @nickchrisafis thanks!!!😍 she's even got a devils logo on the back of her😏 ultimate devils car hahaha
brandondevils : Sexyyyyy.. You should see me driving it
mikepersaud_ - bertancarmo24 - http.manmythlegend - nickchrisafis -
No words.. #martysbetter
martysbetter -
A tribute to the greatest goaltender of all time #30 Martin Brodeur!
mb30 - nhldevils - myhero - nhl - thankyoumarty - newjerseydevils - records - 125 - brodeur - legend - martysbetter - hof - 691 - 1995 - 2003 - marty - 30 - shutouts - goat - martinbrodeur - 2000 - inspirational - wins - stanleycup - save - goalie -
justinsharon : #MB30 #MartinBrodeur #Marty #MartysBetter #Brodeur #ThankYouMarty #GOAT #StanleyCup #1995 #2000 #2003 #NHLDevils #HOF #NHL #goalie #legend #myhero #NewJerseyDevils #save #inspirational #records #wins #shutouts #691 #125
samsshark - 0ptimist09 - cooperglass - cam_andersen -
Hopefully, I get to bump into the greatest NHL goaltender of all time. #MartysBetter
martysbetter -
jeffoconnor87 - michaelcapko - tau_jr -
That awkward moment when...#martysbetter-sarahloves2run
martysbetter -
theweezye : @steveo_998
anferneenj - katie_grierson - jgeller1989 - 4shl33_linn -
#tbt #GOAT rookie gems found at my parents house. #martysbetter @nhldevils
henrik0 - martyhas3 - tbt - martysbetter - goat -
rmfox927 : Didn't he divorce his first wife to marry her brothers ex wife?
kayanks16 : Is there a dislike button?
bcc624 : I had the card on the left, is it worth anything
therealmikeynap : The hate is so strong @rmfox927 @kayanks16 #martyhas3 #henrik0. @bcc624 maybe $20?
bk6286 - swebs29 - elamaral - jerocimo -
#tbt to prob the coldest sporting event I have ever attended. Stadium series at the stadium, only devils fan on a party bus of rangers fans. #martysbetter #NJD #henrikkkkkk @richie914 @quazzi87 @mike_sheehy drinking jack at 8 in the morning 🍻
henrikkkkkk - tbt - martysbetter - njd -
instajuice14 : Wow @mike_sheehy looks real #healthy here
mcalbi721 : @instajuice14 lol
richie914 : Why are you motherfuckers so tall
s_e_x_ym_a_r_i_a - epirone521 - thunderbabes - cballiet8 -
Alongside @hendricksalex at her first NHL game. Thanks for bringing me! #rangerssuck #martysbetter
rangerssuck - martysbetter -
efried8 : Who won? 😊
jcattt - eloiseandangus - drf62 - k_h_risk -
In honor of @martinbrodeur retirement thank you for all the amazing wins and 3 stanley cups #martysbetter #shrineofmarty
shrineofmarty - martysbetter -
brittani126 - frank_hotaling - maddiegonzalez - helfy31 -
Thank you Martin Brodeur for all you have done for the New Jersey Devils and the game of hockey. You are among the elite legends of the game with names like Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe, Patrick Roy, Teemu Selanne, Jaromir Jagr, and so many more. With a record of 691 wins, you have cemented your place in history as the greatest goaltender of all time. I'll be looking forward to the near future when you are inducted into the Hall of Fame. Thank you Marty. #martysbetter #mb30 #alwaysadevil #njdevils #jerseysteam #greatestgoalieofalltime
mb30 - greatestgoalieofalltime - alwaysadevil - njdevils - jerseysteam - martysbetter -
njdkm_ava1525 - seann_michaell - danjacinto7 - -
The greatest goalie of all time and one of my favorite athletes and childhood heroes. Thank you for 3 Stanley Cups and 20 years of unbelievable saves and unforgettable memories. Congratulations on an amazing career and come home to New Jersey where you belong.. #MartysBetter
martysbetter -
ronesewell13 : Mine to
supaadupaasteviee - saintmatthew11 - ashole_94 - knorth27 -
Woof, don't be that guy in a #blues Brodeur shirt. #martysbetter #brodeur #njd #njdevils #devils #nhl #hockey
njd - njdevils - devils - hockey - nhl - blues - brodeur - martysbetter -
itsdylon7 : Should be half off
justinlaumann - av_maiorov - suproge - colinberard9 -
Because Martys Better!! Grew up watching the Devils play and he was the only goalie I've rooted for, for 20 years. Now he has announced his retirement so I think it is very appropriate. The man is a soon to be hall of famer and a legend of the sport and of goaltending! #TheRealKing #MartysBetter #AlwaysWas #Legend #HallOfFamer #MartinBrodeur #NJD #NJDvsTOR
tswift - njd - njdvstor - therealking - halloffamer - martinbrodeur - hatersgonnahate - alwayswas - respect - legend - martysbetter -
mellldavis : #bestthateverdidit
jrvanavery : #Respect #HatersGonnaHate #TSwift
nic_va : Lol at your tswift hashtag
lesl.smith - ashuhlay7 - stevensoncain - a_romaa -
Happy retirement to the greatest goalie of all time, Martin Brodeur. Thanks for all the memories Marty! #MartysBetter
martysbetter -
mwaggs01 -
Thank you for everything. #mb30#brodeur #martysbetter #kingshaverings #devilsarmy #msgkillas #njd #nhl gotta hold it down for my dude @dudemanlisenbro #ThankYouMarty
mb30 - devilsarmy - msgkillas - njd - nhl - thankyoumarty - kingshaverings - brodeur - martysbetter -
heel_panos : I'm a Rangers fan but I have so much respect for Marty
dah_gawd : @thenightmarecontinues_ I respect that. Hard being a Devils fan in queens lmao.
heel_panos : Haha I hear that!
prusso714 - heel_panos - ralphest - kristinskudera -
MB30 forever❤️ glad I grew up watching the greatest goaltender of all times and he was on my team🔴⚫️⚪️ #LetsGoDevils #MartyForever #MartysBetter
martyforever - letsgodevils - martysbetter -
jake_from_statefarm_9 - cassbass_ - devilsman98 - mzaho1989 -
#MartinBrodeur, my idol, announced his retirement today. He was the reason I wanted to become a goalie. Thank you and congratulations on a #HallOfFame career. #Devils #Blues #NHL #Legend #MartysBetter #Idol
devils - nhl - halloffame - martinbrodeur - idol - blues - legend - martysbetter -
irios3 : #k
jaybraccio - hockeygoddess24 - ballard_32 - astarsfan10 -
Why be a "King" when you can be a God @martinbrodeur @nhldevils @nhl #MartysBetter #GOAT #Legend #30
30 - goat - martysbetter - legend -
r_corcoran : Cause you have to start off as a king and work your way up the cooperate ladder
will_veltri12 : Lmao @r_corcoran
youwont_noballs : @r_corcoran @worildsgreatest by the time he was Henriks age, he had 3 cups 😝 32 and he's not getting any younger!
r_corcoran : So he's going to win them when he's 40 and be the oldest goalie to do that
fryteknology - crapfangle - robbie0924 - xxjml -
Sad to see him hang up his skates. So many memories watching this dude stop hockey pucks #martysbetter #Brodeur #legend #30
30 - brodeur - legend - martysbetter -
erinsimon3 : #henriksbetter #Lundqvist #goingtobealegend #hewears30better
rodonnell117 : @erinsimon3 how dare you.
kaitcornellod - ev_cornell - noahzark31 - frankleflane2k5 -
I know most people don't take sports as serious as I do, but today my favorite athlete of all time retired. I became a Devils fan because of 2 people, my father and Marty. It has been an honor to watch you play the past 20 years. The Stanley cup win in 2000 after my father passed away still gives me goosebumps to this day. You will always be a New Jersey Devil. Not ashamed to admit I shed a few tears today. #GOAT #martysbetter #martinbrodeur #njdevils #bestever
martinbrodeur - muchrespect - njdevils - bestever - goat - martysbetter -
bigalsmunchies : Can't believe what you guys did to him @mcalbi721 lol jk. He's a legend . He will be a assistant coach with Devils next year. #thankyoumarty
mcalbi721 : @bigalsmunchies #muchrespect
jaynal69 - quazzi87 - epirone521 - bigalsmunchies -
Thanks for the memories that will last a lifetime #ThanksMarty #MartysBetter
thanksmarty - martysbetter -
bogeweber - leslie_chang - mustin_joreno - trishhjuliano13 -
Thank you Marty! #Marty #Brodeur #NJD #Devils #OnceADevilAlwaysADevil #GOAT #MartysBetter
marty - onceadevilalwaysadevil - njd - devils - brodeur - goat - martysbetter -
jerzygirlz - swaggadactyll - taraann1201 - kquiznos -
Happy trails to one the best to ever lace em up. #brodeur #martysbetter #nhl #hockey #njd #njdevils #devils #thankyoumarty @ryeadams @ryan27lucas
devils - njdevils - thankyoumarty - njd - hockey - nhl - brodeur - martysbetter -
_buff_daddy - - akimov_denis - ritzi_10 -
What a career by one of the greatest goalies to ever stand between the pipes. Martin Brodeur. Also happy to be in such an memorable picture as well 😉 #MartysBetter #NJD
martysbetter - njd -
richiepods : Will be remembered as a blue
alecburckley - angiegent322 - thedino11 - jtpalladino -
Awesome career! Thank you Marty! #martysbetter #retirement # NJD
retirement - martysbetter -
mikhailbennett : Nice Pic!
kateefeeney - david_joey - johnmike87 - fdjc38 -
#ThankYouMarty #MartysBetter I'm crying right now. Greatest New Jersey Devil in history
thankyoumarty - martysbetter -
kane_gautieri : Aren't we all 😭😭😭😭
defreitas19_ - dream_chaser_13_ - hitmen_kyle - schlinky777 -
Can't believe the legend is finally hanging up his skates. This man is one of the biggest reasons I fell in love with the greatest game!can't wait to see his number 30 up in the rafters and hopefully a statue #martysbetter #691 #lousreplacement
lousreplacement - 691 - martysbetter -
keeks2294 - gzebrower - kimmzimmer - amolnar19 -
Can't believe the all time best goaltender to ever play the game has officially called it a career, I remember when I was young and growing up watching Brodeur play made me want to be a goalie and be a life long Devils fan and that is what I still am to this day all thanks to this legend #MartysBetter #MB30 #NewJerseyDevils
mb30 - newjerseydevils - martysbetter -
eyetaliano : Happy New Year! Are you ready for a BIG year!
kbrodeur30 - kylemckenna17 - timmoconnor9 - aprego39 -
Thank you Marty Brodeur for the past 22+ years you spent with the Devils organization. Thank you for all the memories you have given me and for being one of the reason I fell in love with the New Jersey Devils . Here's to you hanging up the skates . #martysbetter #NJDevils #OurDevil
ourdevil - njdevils - martysbetter -
bennylergg : @wizechef Who??
nhlbythenumbers : ?
bennylergg : @nhlbythenumbers ..?
nhlbythenumbers : Your comment
bennylergg : @nhlbythenumbers that was too that other kid . Who asked why you liked your own photo hahah . Not to you .
nhlbythenumbers : Oh lol should've tagged him then
bennylergg : @nhlbythenumbers yeah I should of :/ hahah apologize for the confusion . Side note . Keep up the good work .
nhlbythenumbers : Thanks I will #LetsGoDevils
richarddio - cpriedel - bravebrewworld - __brittanyann__ -
Retired. #NJDevils #GOAT #MartysBetter #ThanksForTheMemories
thanksforthememories - njdevils - goat - martysbetter -
mrstruegrit32 : 😲😵😟😟😕
bennylergg - oldmanarmy - mrstruegrit32 - sierrakellie -
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