I don't know if this is going to work out. We need YO because we're lacking power in our lineup and a CF. Ozuna can be a great addition to the Tigers because he's more controllable over his contract options We can also give Detroit 2 AAA SP because they're farm system is lacking pitching. #MLBTradeRumors #mlb #marlins #MarlinsNation #marlinsbaseball
mlb - mlbtraderumors - marlinsnation - marlinsbaseball - marlins -
gerardo_pirela : @spencer_lozano09 @kingofthetrill7
ju22in : Good plz do it
patrick.thom : Lol @julian.rosa
_jae.choi_ : Is this gonna happen LOL?
jacobwanc : @marlins look at this
king_mike33 : I like this trade but doubt it is gonna go down in the next 45 mins
hypedmatt : We lose this trade if it happens
w_swantek : Yo is a free agent after this season and wouldn't re sign with us
ginie___ - axel.araiza.27 - uzi900_1 - cristian.gabuardi -
Plz No Single A Pitchers Again. #MLBTradeRumors #marlins #MarlinsNation #marlinsbaseball
mlbtraderumors - marlinsnation - marlinsbaseball - marlins -
hunter.v.8 : Probably traded him for $5 and a pack of gum 😐 @russell.206
king_mike33 : I'm tired of minor leaguers for major leaguers like WTF!?
ianfernandezz : Same here. @king_mike33
justin_sexton_14 : If they are a top prospect then i have no problem
king_mike33 : Problem is they aren't @justin_sexton_14
_javlmorales_ : I guess we aren't "educated enough" to understand THIS trade either!
jzollerart : Wow 2 T Ball All Stars and a 5 cases of Gatorade ! Seems fare !
lil_kev11 : Im done
ginie___ - n.y.m_nation - axel.araiza.27 - uzi900_1 -
Marlins are aggressively shopping Haren and Hand for young controllable arms. Toronto Baltimore and Yankees have interest. #MIAMI #miamimarlins #marlins #MarlinsNation #marlinsbaseball #mlb #MLBTradeRumors #letsgofish
mlb - mlbtraderumors - letsgofish - miami - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - marlins - marlinsnation -
yankeescountry : Nooo we don't want them there trashh : @yankeescountry Yankees are looking for SP I'm pretty sure he's one of only options left unless you want Matt garza and his 5.00+ ERA
justin_sexton_14 : Your whole fucking team is trash @yankeescountry
kyle_tobey84 : This is good news. Maybe we can see if someone wants Prado for young arms. Idk about ozuna : @kyle_tobey84 Prado is out of the Market unless Mike Hill surprises us
kyle_tobey84 : I wouldn't mind if he trades Prado for a good young arm
dsm1304 : Yanks are looking at prado I thought
michaelnanosky : Saw you reported we are looking for controllable arms then Heyman reported it later! You beat heyman lmao! Good report dawg!
ginie___ - n.y.m_nation - axel.araiza.27 - uzi900_1 -
Yankees are interested in Carter Capps. Marlins want Top 5 Prospect Greg Bird problem is Greg Bird is fan favorite of the Yanks and We also love our πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ heater. If they trade him I'm done. #MIAMI #miamimarlins #marlins #MarlinsNation #marlinsbaseball #mlb #MLBTradeRumors #baseball
mlb - mlbtraderumors - miami - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - baseball - marlins - marlinsnation -
carloskgf : If capps leave im dont with the marlins i would lose complete respect
michaelnanosky : Has to be for right price but I would trade him....
michaelnanosky : People have to understand our farm is weak and we are in need of prospects..... Some people just don't understand we are bad and we are sellers right now...
kamgurley101 : I hope
_javlmorales_ : NO DONT TRADE HIM!!!!?
shelnut_ : Mike Hill is an idiot! I swear DJ did a way better job! "I hope our fans are educated enough to see what we're doing here" yeah wreaking the organization is what your doing this is total bullshit! Look at all the guys like Miggy and Anabal Sanchez who were with the organization and got traded away a and went on to win a World Series! These morons in Miami don't know what they are doing if they keep some of these guys they can win! We don't need anymore damn prospects!
_rkv_raul26 : Don't trade capps!
diego_heredia10 : Nooooo
ginie___ - metscenter102 - mr.roman07 - kevinnicolas7 -
Jake clearly loves his new @marlins hat! #jakebradley #dallimoretriplets #marlinsbaseball #mlb
mlb - jakebradley - dallimoretriplets - marlinsbaseball -
shea985 - tasseyt59 - rynlakvold - lisa_bronchik -
Pitchers The Marlins Could Have Gotten From The Dodgers With MLB Experience. BOXED In Red #MIAMI #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #MLBTradeRumors
marlins - mlbtraderumors - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlinsnation - miamimarlins - : @parevalo1612 About our FO being fine. We want Loria out of here and Sampson and Hil. Hire an actual GM that won't trade their acquisitions mid-season
parevalo1612 : They were suckinggggggggg and costing us moneyyyyy! A lot of money!!!!!!! : So the 2012 fire sale was because everyone was sucking : @parevalo1612
parevalo1612 : We won that trade homie and yes exactly
captainbubbs : @parevalo1612 that's a fact
rogersierra117 : Leave mike hill and put Jennings back at GM
rogersierra117 : I would rather have the money lol
ginie___ - miamimarlins.central - borde0220 - jsenat2 -
Thank you @mlatos35 and Michael Morse for all you have done! We will miss you here in Miami. Best of luck to you both in LA and Atlanta. #Marlins #Miami #miamimarlins #MarlinsBaseball #MarlinsNation #MarlinsCenter #MarlinsNews #MarlinsReport #Trade #Baseball #MLB #Atlanta #LA
mlb - marlinsreport - la - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlins - baseball - marlinscenter - trade - atlanta - miamimarlins - marlinsnation - marlinsnews -
bleacher.feature : F4F?
marlinsreport : @bleacher.feature sure
ginie___ - mr.roman07 - axel.araiza.27 - jsenat2 -
Trade has been officially Finalized.#MIAMI #miamimarlins #MLBTradeRumors #mlb #baseball #letsgofish #marlins #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #marlinsfamily
mlb - letsgofish - marlinsfamily - miami - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - baseball - marlins - mlbtraderumors - marlinsnation -
joannaa.21 : 😭😭
dsm1304 : Or has it been?πŸ˜‚
lil_kev11 : Good luck nothing i wanna see both of them play wayyyyyy better than they played here so that they can show the marlins they had potential
_javlmorales_ : Mike Hill hopes the fans are "educated enough" to get Miamis plan... ?? -_-
miamispartan : They were not performing. Latos only recently
micalisimo6 : Educated enough? When we going to see a winning team? This Marlins FO is full of bullshit
ginie___ - thefakemaxguerra - axel.araiza.27 - cristian.gabuardi -
Scratch that. IT'S STILL NOT OVER... 😩 #Marlins #Miami #miamimarlins #MLB #Baseball #Trade #False #frontoffice #MarlinsReport #MarlinsNews #MarlinsCenter #MarlinsNation #MarlinsBaseball
mlb - frontoffice - marlinsreport - false - miami - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - baseball - marlinscenter - marlins - trade - marlinsnation - marlinsnews -
ginie___ - mr.roman07 - jsenat2 - orioles.central -
Mike Morse With His Final AB as a MIAMI Marlin #MIAMI #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #mlb #MLBTradeRumors #letsgofish #michaelmorse
mlb - mlbtraderumors - letsgofish - miami - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - michaelmorse - marlins - marlinsnation -
andreagonzalez7629 : It's fucked up that they even asked him or Latos to suit up. : @andreagonzalez7629 They haven't officially Announced the trade.
andreagonzalez7629 : I hate the Marlins so much right now.
aim427 : A repeat of the 2012 season... any marlin fans have that type of perspective?
andreagonzalez7629 : I wanna publicly apologize to @mlatos35 for having used a bad word when I reffered to him. It was Totally out of line on my part. I'm a loud mouth yes, cuz I have an excitable personality but that gives me no right to insult someone in the manner I did. I woman enough to know when I've made a mistake, and in this case I was the asshole. Best of luck to Mat and Mike. They will have a better season anywhere they go.
darkshadows0915 : πŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜”πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜” @mlatos35
kyle_tobey84 : @aim427 in the 2012 season we traded our players for GOOD prospects
adrianxx4_ : And it was a strikeout
ginie___ - miamimarlins.central - axel.araiza.27 - jsenat2 -
And It is officially OVER. I hope. Hopefully Morse gets an AB. #MLBTradeRumors #MIAMI #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #mlb
mlb - mlbtraderumors - marlins - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlinsnation - miamimarlins - : Wow
casey_jackson34 : Idiots
hennry.ramirez : Wow
hennry.ramirez : can't believe price went to the blue Js : @hennry.ramirez eh I like it but dont
william_wiley4 : Hurry
ginie___ - miamimarlins.central - axel.araiza.27 - mr.roman07 -
Still waiting. (Credit to #Miami #Marlins #miamimarlins #MLB #MarlinsNews #MarlinsReport #MarlinsCenter #MarlinsBaseball #Baseball #Trade #tweet #frontoffice
mlb - frontoffice - marlins - miami - tweet - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - baseball - marlinscenter - trade - marlinsreport - marlinsnews -
dodgers_dugout : Same Here
brokenbatbaseball : yep.
events_miami : You drawing is very nice!
twentythreetimes_ : πŸ‘Š
ginie___ - miamimarlins.central - axel.araiza.27 - mr.roman07 -
Here's how the Fish take on the Nats today in game 3. #LetsGoFish #LGF #Marlins #Miami #miamimarlins #MarlinsCenter #MarlinsNews #MarlinsReport #MarlinsBaseball #fish #Trade #frontoffice #NewName
frontoffice - marlinsreport - letsgofish - miami - fish - marlinsbaseball - lgf - marlins - newname - marlinscenter - trade - miamimarlins - marlinsnews -
miamimarlins.central - pirates.strong - axel.araiza.27 - mr.roman07 -
Waiting on Oliver Hector's physical... can we just get this over with already??? #Marlins #Miami #miamimarlins #MLB #Baseball #Trade #Waiting #Confusing #NewName #terrible #frontoffice #fish #MarlinsBaseball #MarlinsReport #MarlinsNews #MarlinsNation #MarlinsCenter #LGF #LetsGoFish
newname - fish - lgf - trade - baseball - marlinscenter - marlins - marlinsnews - confusing - mlb - frontoffice - letsgofish - miami - marlinsbaseball - terrible - miamimarlins - waiting - marlinsreport - marlinsnation -
mrmetsnews - _alexgonz_ - transactionsmlb - pirates.strong -
Again!!! So once again the Madness. Trade hasn't been accepted yet. #MIAMI #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #MLBTradeRumors #mlb
mlb - mlbtraderumors - marlins - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlinsnation - miamimarlins -
darkshadows0915 : Omg
editorsmlb : Wtf
weejinator2200 : Well at this point I'm not sure that this is actually happening
cristian.gabuardi : I saw latos come in, i'm at the game today
lil_kev11 : I thought it was?!?!?!
ginie___ - metscenter102 - miamimarlins.central - mr.roman07 -
We still got Danny on the team. I wish the best for them against Mad Max scary right. Today's game will not be locally televised for some reason. #MIAMI #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #letsgofish #danharen #mlb #baseball
mlb - letsgofish - danharen - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlins - baseball - miamimarlins - marlinsnation -
darkshadows0915 : It's on MLB Network : @darkshadows0915 Its not being televised locally on FS-Florida is what I'm saying
darkshadows0915 : Oh
weejinator2200 : Dee is back! That will help, right? Maybe? : @weejinator2200 We need G
lil_brando_ : When is BIG G comin back : @lil_brando_ 1-2 weeks
lil_brando_ : O alright
ginie___ - n.y.m_nation - axel.araiza.27 - metscenter102 -
PROSPECTS? MORE LIKE LITTLE LEAGUERS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME FRONT OFFICE?!?!?! (All credit to #Marlins #Miami #miamimarlins #MarlinsNews #MarlinsCenter #MarlinsNation #MarlinsReport #MarlinsBaseball #Trade #Worst #prospects #terrible #frontoffice #Mad #NewName #fish
newname - fish - frontoffice - marlins - worst - mad - marlinscenter - trade - marlinsnews - prospects - miami - marlinsbaseball - terrible - miamimarlins - marlinsreport - marlinsnation -
mets_central : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mets_central : Want to look at our prospects stats? : I think I could pitch better lol God damn that's just blastfimous just horrible
thefuturewealthgenaration : Can i ask you a question ⁉
marlinsreport : @thefuturewealthgenaration sure I guess?
marlinsreport : @thefuturewealthgenaration what is your question???
dodgers_dugout : That Sucks
ginie___ - mr.roman07 - - orioles.central -
DONT BE ALARMED. #MarlinsReport #New #NewName #StillMe #StayCalm #Marlins #Miami #MarlinsCenter #MarlinsNews #MarlinsBaseball #MarlinsNation
stillme - newname - marlinsbaseball - staycalm - marlins - miami - marlinscenter - new - marlinsreport - marlinsnation - marlinsnews -
miamimarlins.central : I like the new name
marlinsreport : @miamimarlins.central thanks
whitesox_bulls_report : What was it?
ginie___ - - whitesox_bulls_report - miamimarlins.central -
Bobble head doll wall @ @marlins stadium #bobblehead #baseball #marlinsbaseball ⚾️🐬
baseball - marlinsbaseball - bobblehead -
florida_scores_and_news : Wow that's a lot of bobble heads
dcschaub - rynlakvold - austinbmartin - george___t -
Those 3 pitchers that we are getting are unknown yet #miami #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsgame #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #mlb #baseball #letsgofish #matlatos #michaelmorse
mlb - matlatos - letsgofish - marlinsgame - miami - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - baseball - michaelmorse - marlins - marlinsnation -
jzollerart : Well that's all he is worth in the open trade market. Latos is no big prize 4 - 7 inconsistent and mediocre at best.
andreagonzalez7629 : Screw the Marlins
andreagonzalez7629 : I'm a Morse trade two mlb players for 3 dorks with nothing to offer...yeah that's real smart...screw the Marlins and screw Dan Jennings..he is a hypocrite! : @andreagonzalez7629 Id rather have Dan Jennings as GM and Final not some Suckkups like Hill And Loria Sampson
andreagonzalez7629 : And I hate Dan day he praises a player like if he was God's gift to baseball, and the next day he can become that players worst enemy..hello..thats because he doesn't know how to be a coach.... What a jerk.
mlatos35 : @andreagonzalez7629 I'm sorry but you don't know me...we've never hung out.. We've never spoken before but cool judgement on someone you literally know nothing about... πŸ‘
joshc16 : @mlatos35 Good luck in LA bro, glad you got your velo back
austin__m : @mlatos35 I go to dodger games a lot, if you start pitching for the Dodgers I'll come support bro. Good luck
ginie___ - miamimarlins.central - ghfghcghgg - mr.roman07 -
More Updates on the Deal. Morse would go to ATL #miami #miamimarlins #MLBTradeRumors #mlb #baseball #letsgofish #matlatos #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball
mlb - matlatos - letsgofish - miami - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - baseball - mlbtraderumors - marlinsnation - : Don't know yet
sethguillen : @c_perez22
adrianxx4_ : Carlos Gomez to mets for Zachary wheeler and Wilmer Flores
zford_12 : Wtf dj is screwing are chances to at least win a game fire him. And get a real manager #firedj
christini7 : I don't care for morse
drakk.u : @zford_12 the season is over bro πŸ˜‚ they are thinking for the future, and lol latos 4.48 era and morse hittin like salty
darkshadows0915 : πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ˜­πŸ˜”
zford_12 : @drakk.u ik the season is over duh and if they are thinking bout future get a real manager πŸ˜‚
ginie___ - _allsportsnews___ - axel.araiza.27 - miamimarlins.central -
Hanging @ home with my jellies & the @marlins @miamiamarlins #jellies #jellyfish #obsession #allthingsocean #relax #marlins #marlinsbaseball #baseballgirl #baseball
allthingsocean - baseballgirl - relax - marlinsbaseball - marlins - jellies - baseball - obsession - jellyfish -
an_dree__uh - muppstagram - courtney_michell8 - the.prentice -
A moment of history. πŸ‘πŸΌ #Marlins #Miami #Ichiro #Suzuki #2900 #milestone #MarlinsCenter #MarlinsNews #MarlinsNation #MarlinsBaseball #MLB #Baseball #IchiroSuzuki
mlb - 2900 - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlins - ichiro - ichirosuzuki - baseball - marlinscenter - milestone - marlinsnation - suzuki - marlinsnews -
bravesnews101 : I hope he reaches 3000 soon.
marlinsreport : @bravesnews101 He won't this season. He will next season though.
bravesnews101 : @marlinscenter if he decides to play another year. I expect he will though.
sport.edits314 : #1moreyearsuzuki
sport.edits314 : #3000
nickfunk1 : #questfor3000 - everything.bluejays__ - teamcarmine - mlbgiants -
I was expecting the Tigers because they didn't have a 1B. But Braves are 3rd team on list. Don't expect Marlins to get anything from them. #miami #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsgame #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #MLBTradeRumors #letsgofish #mlb #baseball #matlatos #michaelmorse
mlb - mlbtraderumors - letsgofish - marlinsgame - miami - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - baseball - michaelmorse - marlins - matlatos - marlinsnation -
shelnut_ : The Tigers have Miggy but he's out for a few more weeks I think so morse would play for that time then he will be useless to them
dsm1304 : And Harper homers
zford_12 : Tk should just walk Harper all he does is throw fastballs high whee Harper likes it gosh needs more control
mr.roman07 - ghfghcghgg - ackarmasports - jsenat2 -
Congrats to Ichiro on getting his 2900th hit on an RBI Double #miami #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsgame #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #mlb #MLBTonight #baseball #letsgofish #ichiro #ichirosuzuki #milestone
mlb - mlbtonight - ichirosuzuki - letsgofish - marlinsgame - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlins - ichiro - baseball - milestone - miamimarlins - marlinsnation -
camerons_sports_cards : Thoughts on the game so far?
eton11 : Imagin he retire with like 2950, I hope he signs a one year deal with Seattle next year
ginie___ - n.y.m_nation - ghfghcghgg - mr.roman07 -
CRAZY STORY: okay so i was pissed off that i was second in line to get #maxscherzer to sign and he only autographed one ⚾️! a security guard popped out of the dugout minutes later and asked if i was the loud fan from cali. i nodded and he tossed me an authenticated game used ⚾️, said scherzer wanted me to have it! i can find out more info about the ball by typing in the serial # on the sticker. possibly one of the balls he tossed in his no hitter game earlier this season???😎 #marlinspark #marlinsbaseball #happyfan
maxscherzer - marlinspark - marlinsbaseball - happyfan -
angelsamigos : You're fearless! Awesome! πŸ‘
mpc6 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘great job
jla102 : nice... your big mouth paid off! 😊
brigsugarbee : That's awesome...thanks for giving cali the rep of having loud annoying fans that travel...LOL JK!!! πŸ˜‰πŸ™‹βœŠ
poontangpie : THANK YOU SO MUCH @maxscherzer31!!!
nsimas26 - brigsugarbee - mr.kingb - minhho24 -
For the love of baseball ⚾️ #marlinsbaseball #letsgofish @cnelly713
marlinsbaseball - letsgofish -
lojochri - cnelly713 - senor_joe - emodena13 -
Happy late Father's Day #baseball #baseballgame #marlins #marlinsbaseball
marlinsbaseball - baseball - baseballgame - marlins -
smilesalotkalah - giobamaa - natalie_oleksak - hannahmandatta -
So Welcome Back To The Dugout Mat. #miami #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsgame #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball
marlins - marlinsgame - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlinsnation - miamimarlins -
jonnyboy964 : @lil_brando_ πŸ˜‚
joshc16 : He's signing lol
mreddycorrales : It would kinda be awesome if they end up not trading him 😈
n.y.m_nation : There's a mat in the dugout?
jayten_dorvault28 : He's so good I hope they keep him
kyle_tobey84 : @jayten_dorvault28 what's the point? He's a free agent after this year and we aren't going to give him an expensive contract. We need to trade him for good prospects.
ginie___ - mr.roman07 - teamcarmine - ghfghcghgg -
Morse and Latos Health Issues Holding up the trade! #MLBTradeRumors #mlb #baseball #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #letsgofish #matlatos #michaelmorse
mlb - matlatos - letsgofish - marlinsbaseball - miamimarlins - baseball - michaelmorse - marlins - mlbtraderumors - marlinsnation - : @jgraphs16 Everyone's confused
marlinsfishtank : They are worried about health problems
jessesteelers7 : Who are we trading them for : @jessesteelers7 Marlins haven't announced yet.
jessesteelers7 : Ok thanks
nando_diaz : 3 unnamed pitchers if the deal does go through right?? : @nando_diaz Unless the 3rd team gives us something yes
nando_diaz : Awesome lets hope !
brotherhood_beisebol - fielders_choice_22 - thefakemaxguerra - cristian.gabuardi -
Uh oh: It might fall apart. #MLBTradeRumors #miami #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #mlb #baseball #letsgofish #letsgofish
mlb - letsgofish - miamimarlins - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlins - baseball - mlbtraderumors - marlinsnation -
zakthrowsitdown : Lol totally typical
darkshadows0915 : So Latos & Morse might stay? : @darkshadows0915 Don't know yet
thatmantrace : Once Morse gets out of his slump he will be one of the keys to the Marlins I think : @thatmantrace How if he just got traded.?
thatmantrace : It's not official yet : @thatmantrace Ik it's not official but he is getting traded.
eleanorkalle : #somuchyes πŸ™Œ
ginie___ - mr.roman07 - miami_mars - skowvegasfootball -
I stand corrected. #miami #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsgame #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #mlb #baseball #letsgofish #michaelmorse
mlb - letsgofish - marlinsgame - miami - marlinsbaseball - marlins - baseball - michaelmorse - miamimarlins - marlinsnation - : @transactionsmlb Yes precisely
robertlarosa7 : So technically latos is still on our team? : @robertlarosa7 Hasn't left because it hasn't been official
_jae.choi_ : Who are we getting from this? : @_jae.choi_ Don't know yet because there's a 3rd team involved in the trade.
_jae.choi_ : What team besides dodgers : @_jae.choi_ don't know yet : Braves @_jae.choi_
peloterito2715 - dougiemcbuckets_21_ - gustavo_leandro13 - will_m_2 -
Good News: Marlins SP Henderson Alvarez had successful surgery to repair a Torn Labrum and the team is optimistic that he can return by spring training. #miami #miamimarlins #marlins #marlinsgame #marlinsnation #marlinsbaseball #mlb #mlbbaseball #baseball #hendersonalvarez #letsgofish
mlb - letsgofish - marlinsgame - miami - hendersonalvarez - marlinsbaseball - marlins - mlbbaseball - baseball - miamimarlins - marlinsnation -
whitesox.nation : ^ ok
a_leveqy9 - owen_canes - axel.araiza.27 - cristian.gabuardi -
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