Preview show cut and ready to rock. @whisperfilmsuk @nfluk BBC ONE at midnight. #jasonbell #osiumenyiora #markchapman #goldengatebridge #bbcnfl #sb50 #superbowl #sanfrancisco
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realchandlerbing : Which on are you?
mrshollyn : You make it sound so easy!
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#markchapman #jaredleto #chapter27 @jaredleto #drawing #fanart
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daniel_lei_studio : <3
devaniekurtiscobainleto : #jaredletoisthetwinkieking FURREAL!
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Whaaaat !!! 😐 убйца Леннона ... #MarkChapman#murder#JohnLennon#Beatles
beatles - murder - markchapman - johnlennon -
ksumazurova - vitalik_kucherenko - damndamnnn - elena_prosk -
Psycho Killers❤ #charlesmanson #tedbundy #johnwaynegacy #richardramirez #markchapman #jeffreydahmer
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hitman1601 : Lol
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Talented and incredible actor 🎬📽 . . . . #jaredleto #requiemforadream #harrygoldfarb #chapter27 #markchapman #dallasbuyersclub #rayon #suicidesquad #thejoker #actor #movie #oscarwinner #echelon #musician #rock #music #marsiscoming
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pari_land : @yasaminb ببین چه نقشا توپی بازی کرده
yasaminb : @pari_land ژووووون
fuck_yeah_jared_leto : Please don't repost my stuff and cut the tag off. Thanks.
x30secondstomarsx : @fuck_yeah_jared_leto actually I just saw this on a Jared Leto hashtag like this, I didn't cut any tag off, the person who posted before me obviously did.
x30secondstomarsx : @fuck_yeah_jared_leto If you had the tag, let's say somewhere in the middle, yeah I would've credited you, sorry but this was the way I found it on IG, from ANOTHER echelon account. lots have people have reposted your photo and cut the tag off, that's the way I found it on here, so sorry
ahella.khattab : damn!!! That moment when u realise that he is the same guy... *goosebumps * #jaredleto
ela.6182 : @mary.7798
mondayat1101am : 👍
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vikaymay : @juliaymay 👌👌
mondayat1101am : 😉
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I'm going to kill..John Lennon. Chapter 27 #chapter27 #markchapman #jeredleto #movie 😶😶
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John Lennon and his killer. #johnlennon #markchapman #thebeatles #yokoono #newyork #newyorkcity #legend #hero #imagine #paulmccartney #ringostarr #georgeharrison #killer #lp #photo #rip #jaredleto #gun #murdered #derfangerimroggen #book #rock #hippie #peace #rocknroll
georgeharrison - hero - newyorkcity - newyork - photo - killer - rip - yokoono - murdered - rocknroll - markchapman - imagine - ringostarr - legend - jaredleto - hippie - peace - gun - derfangerimroggen - paulmccartney - book - lp - rock - thebeatles - johnlennon -
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Обновление коллекции: оригинальный альбом Джона Леннона и Йоко Оно "Двойная фантазия" Последний прижизненный альбом Джона Леннона. В каком-то смысле роковой. Именно с этим альбомом подошёл за автографом убийца музыканта #МаркЧепмен после чего дождавшись Леннона у входа отеля "Дакота" куда тот возвращался после студии 8 декабря 1980 года выпустил в него пять пуль. Четыре пули попали в цель и через 25 минут Леннон был мёртв, а Чепмен сидел преспокойно под фонарным столбом на месте преступления и читал "Над пропастью во ржи" #johnlennon#yokoono#doublefantasy#markchapman#jeromedavidsalinger#thecatcherintherye
jeromedavidsalinger - doublefantasy - markchapman - thecatcherintherye - маркчепмен - johnlennon - yokoono -
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Старой работе - новая жизнь. #traditionalart #art #chapter27 #markchapman #killerofjohnlennon #acter #jaredleto #films #funart #oldschool #chaptertwentyseven
art - acter - chapter27 - killerofjohnlennon - markchapman - films - funart - oldschool - traditionalart - chaptertwentyseven - jaredleto -
beleeve_in_karen : 👍
ithadtobeyou : 😄
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It's almost midnight, the show has come to an end, and so has our day with @markchapmansport! Goodbye all round, and everyone is off to hop into a taxi back home before the next busy week ahead, which includes Chappers commentating on NFL games on Tuesday! Whew! Thanks for having us Chappers! 👋🏼 #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
thomasfoster_ - hollieanncopas - viawheeler27 - elles_church -
After a long day, it's 10:30pm! It's the start of MOTD2, a trademark part of Sunday nights for many. The trio discuss the weekends matches, and the main stories in the world of football. All while being supervised by the Premier League trophy! 🏆⚽️ #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
hollieanncopas - makeupbymere - nicoparri - muaxoxoart -
The final touches to tonight's squad are being made! Mic'ing up Chappers and the panel, and they are given the last little touch up from make-up before Match of the Day 2 goes live at 10:30pm! But before that, there's time to squeeze in a little rehearsal too! #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
hollieanncopas - beemaedxo - mandiiemartinez - kararemii -
It must be almost time for kick off on MOTD2, as Chappers is changed into his new clothes and hops into make-up for some touching up and a chat with Claire, the make-up artist! #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd #mua
mua - motd - markchapman - bbccareers - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
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Next, Chappers pops between the editing suites and helps to decide what clips to show for the funniest moment I football, and best goalkeeper saves of the day features. ⚽️ Then it's out into the VT room, where Chappers, Shearer and Ramsey practice talking though their proposed analysis of certain games over the footage that the production team have put together. 👍🏼 #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
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The days football matches are over, it's 6:50pm and Chappers is off to tie up loose ends with the production team. First up, he pre-records the trail that goes on BBC1 before the news, and before Match of the Day 2. This is called the 'match top'. #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
engineer_mua : This one is definitely nice
sasbie : Give my daughter a job. A graduate that's worked her socks off..... 😘
hollieanncopas - charlieehassell - pol.rch - sophiecolesmua -
During the games, the production team all have their own tasks to complete in preparation for MOTD2. Chris (left) is drafting and editing a MOTD2 blog post ready for the BBC Sport website, he chats with Shearer and puts his analysis into words, it can be found here: Gena is the Production Assistant and is the organisation guru! She's ensured lunch is ordered, clothes are ironed, taxis are booked and that everyone is happy. Yes team! 👍🏼 #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
sasbie : Please give my daughter a chance to prove herself. She's studied so, so hard at uni. Why won't anyone give her a chance?
kaylaaa_sj : @genholly
georgiegrandfield : 👍🏻 @genholly
kaylaaa_sj - sch_2016 - hollieanncopas - muaxoxoart -
It's time to settle in for the afternoon! Chappers greets his panel guests, Alan Shearer, Newcastle United legend and Chris Ramsey, former QPR manager, and the three prepare to the watch the 3 matches taking place that afternoon. Taking their places on the sofas, with a coffee and crisps in hand, the trio watch the games on the multiple screens in front of them, making notes on the game sheets provided- to discuss later. ⚽️✏️ #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
sasbie : My daughter needs a job in broadcast media. She's worked so hard getting her degree. Please give her a foot in the right direction. Thank you.
bbcrecruitment : Hiya @sasbie! Our Production Trainee Scheme opens on Monday, and we have lots of other trainee schemes and jobs on offer! Head over to to see what your daughter is interested in, and can apply to! Thanks ⭐️
chrisward103 - bex_whitley - hollieanncopas - thedutch14eva -
Lights down, cameras off.. And MOTD2 Extra is a wrap for this week! 🎥 But there's no rest for the sporting world, as Chappers has his mic removed, and is straight off to another BBC building, to prepare for MOTD2, kicking off at 10:30pm! 🏃🏽 #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
sasbie : Please give my daughter a chance to prove herself. She's studied Broadcast media at university. She's a very hard worker. Please help. She's prepared to work for nothing. Thank you
sch_2016 - hollieanncopas - elizabethgracexx - live.with.ellie -
It's 12:15pm and that means one thing, we're going live. The production team run the famous opening montage of the show.. And the guys are on, chatting about the games to come that weekend, as well as the Euro draw, which happened the night before. Throughout, tweets and texts are flooding in, and MOTD2 Extra seems to be going smoothly! ⚽️📲 #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
sasbie : My daughter has worked so hard at uni in broadcast media, please give her a chance to show you what she's capable of. Thank you
andreaferras - thomasfoster_ - hollieanncopas - peterd1993 -
The rest of the panel for MOTD2 Extra have arrived! Conor McNamara, Neil Custis and Mark Lawrenson, ex Liverpool defender are mic'ed up to join Chappers this week. This is all coordinated and organised by the cheery floor manager, Marco. 👍🏼⚽️ #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
sasbie : Please give my daughter a chance
mariacaram - hollieanncopas - nikolasfb_ - nicoparri -
It's time for MOTD2 Extra! First things first, let's check everything is working... Mark tests out his microphone by reading notes he has made on the football stories in that day's papers. After, he reads the opening script of the show out loud. Reading the script out loud also checks for spelling and grammar errors that will need to be edited before going live. 🙌🏼 ⚽️ #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport #motd
motd - bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
bex_whitley : Ah dream job 😍😍
sasbie : Please help..... My daughter needs a job in broadcast media. She studied at Brighton uni. She's an amazingly hard worker. Thank you
camerondlwalker - nikolasfb_ - hollieanncopas - cw2002 -
We've managed to score a goal (whole...) day with @markchapmansport ⚽️. Today we'll be posting pictures and videos of what he does in a day at the BBC. Stick with us to see behind the scenes snippets of the day, and how the amazing @bbcsport team put together BBC's Match of the Day 2 and Match of the Day 2 Extra! 👍🏼 #bbccareers #dayinthelife #markchapman #bbcsport
bbccareers - markchapman - dayinthelife - bbcsport -
sasbie : Please give my daughter a job. Look at previous. Thank you
camerondlwalker - nikolasfb_ - hollieanncopas - viawheeler27 -
swimmer. latest addition to the trinity bookcase. #markchapman #art #thoselips
art - markchapman - thoselips -
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Hmmm...can't make up my whether or not I would be inviting more trouble into my life by reading this! #thecatcherintherye #danger #johnlennon #markchapman #killer #book #disaster #temptation #yesorno
killer - disaster - danger - thecatcherintherye - book - markchapman - johnlennon - yesorno - temptation -
channelindependent -
#nowplaying #blondie #che1290 #chrysalisrecords produced by #markchapman #rarebluemusic #monsterislandmusic #redadmiralmusic #bmi #1980shit #vinyl #vinylwhore #vinyljunkie #vinyljunkies #vinylcollection #vinylcollector #records #recordcollection #recordcollector #wax #waxmonster #waxmonsters #waxcollector #waxcollection #sl1200 #technics #digginginthecrates #cratedigger #cratediggers
rarebluemusic - vinylwhore - bmi - chrysalisrecords - cratediggers - vinylcollector - monsterislandmusic - vinyljunkie - records - blondie - markchapman - vinyl - recordcollector - waxmonsters - recordcollection - digginginthecrates - nowplaying - cratedigger - waxcollector - che1290 - redadmiralmusic - vinyljunkies - technics - wax - 1980shit - vinylcollection - waxmonster - waxcollection - sl1200 -
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Spontaneous Mash-Up continues today and tomorrow at the Hamilton Studio/Gallery from 10am to 4pm. Thanks for all the support so far. It is truly appreciated and so encouraging! #AlexHamiltonStudioGallery #SpontaneousMashUp #Storeroomclearance2015 #AlexHamiltonPopArtist #AliceinWonderland #assemblage #MarindaduToit #DreamingofColours #MarkChapman #BrendaFassie #Artdoll #Popart #Ceramics #EllaCronje
aliceinwonderland - brendafassie - alexhamiltonstudiogallery - alexhamiltonpopartist - storeroomclearance2015 - popart - artdoll - marindadutoit - assemblage - dreamingofcolours - markchapman - ellacronje - spontaneousmashup - ceramics -
barnabylefrench : Is the Tank Girl still available???
alexpopart : @barnabylefrench Unfortunately not :(
cuau_atelier - captain_kika - karmashek_v_goroshek - uct_hiddingh_hall_library -
The Alex Hamilton Gallery/Studio will be closed tomorrow 16 Dec 2015, but will reopen for two more days of spontaneous Mash-upping and Storeroom emptying on Thursday, 17 Dec and Friday, 18 Dec from 10am to 4pm. Then I will fall over and take a break! :) Viva Art! #AlexHamiltonStudioGallery #9BarronStreet #WoodstockCT #woodstocknotexchanged #FridaKhalo #AlexHamiltonPopArtist #assemblage #MarindaduToit #Wrestlingmask #Ceramics #MarkChapman #Barbie #EllaCronje #SpontaneousMashUp #MashUpExhibition #SouthAfricanArt
alexhamiltonpopartist - mashupexhibition - southafricanart - wrestlingmask - 9barronstreet - spontaneousmashup - ceramics - alexhamiltonstudiogallery - barbie - fridakhalo - marindadutoit - markchapman - woodstocknotexchanged - ellacronje - woodstockct - assemblage -
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Love these new Mark Chapman ceramic pieces available,for this week only, from The Hamilton Studio Gallery. Check for availability on Facebook Album. #MarkChapman #ceramics #AlexHamiltonStudioGallery
markchapman - alexhamiltonstudiogallery - ceramics -
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#DanesInterestingFacts Here is a photo of the legendary #JohnLennon autographing a book for an alleged fan by the name of #MarkChapman. This same "fan" would shoot Lennon in the back and shoulder 4 times killing him 6 hours after this photo was taken. Chapman stalked Lennon for 3 days but had been plotting his murder for a while after hearing John Lennon say that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus Christ. As a "Man of God" Chapman took offense to this comment and felt it was only right if Lennon died for his comments. He had also planned to target other celebrities but claimed Lennon was the most accessible. After shooting Lennon and leaving him severely wounded in front of his New York home, Chapman sat down and continued to read The Catcher In the Rye until the police arrived and arrested him without resisting. Chapman was sentenced to 20 years to life and has since been denied bail 8 times. Moral of this story: Be aware of the affect you have on others. Sometimes you have power that you don't even recognize. People who look up to you pay attention to everything you do or say and sometimes live off that. The decisions you make in life, may affect those surrounding you without you knowing.
danesinterestingfacts - markchapman - johnlennon -
nic_jayo : Not only that if that man was a man of God in his own right he would have left the "revenge in Gods hands".. People are sick. religion is so brainwashing, matter of fact poison
danesolyriqual : @nic_jayo Very true. However when I say moral Im looking at the outcome of the entire event dating back to his comment. And even though you're at liberty to speak freely his comment is what drove Chapman who was not right in any way to do what he did. But my comment can relate to anyone. For example this idiotic rapper Stitches somehoow has fans and a huge tattoo of "Fuck A Job" on his face. Now as a young fan that sees his favorite rapper with the words fuck a job on his face Im going to think thats cool. Thats why I say you're unaware of the affect you have on others around you. Doesn't have anything really to do with right or wrong
danesolyriqual : @nic_jayo I cant agree with you more about "religion" I believe the Bible is a man made government tool created to keep order. But thats a whole other topic lol Not saying I dont have faith in a Superior being but a lot of stories I find very fictional. And the 10 Commandments are actually 10 Laws.
nic_jayo : Bad examples of people have existed since time it's self .. Stitches has always been an irrelevant rapper picking up minds who have already be brainwashed by scum.. Escaping there own reality which is a backdraw of a society based on pushing a lack of discipline on the minds of the youth for the purpose of population control and fear agenda. I ask who started endorsing trash rap over conscious rap??.. The racist 1 percent.. Who enables Islamic, Christain and radical extremists??? Still the racist 1 percent.. They play both side actually to create moral tension. The bible is real but repainted like all the old religious art.. the negro Hebrew man Yahshaya( God is salvation) was given a white Greek name Jesus known in Greek as the son of Zues..Even Hispanics can't help but say hey Zues when they pronounce it. They keep us dumb so slaves don't know where they came from smh. While we praise the mighty son of Zues smh. Probably in 200 hundred years they gonna have stitches pic for the name of Tupac.
danesolyriqual : @nic_jayo Oh lawd!!! I would really hope not. 😡
nic_jayo : It's historically accurate.. Many historical figures race has been painted over.. Especially if they were impactful
doctor_rockpool_33 : 👏 very true I believe Lennon did cause his own murder.
doctor_rockpool_33 : 👏👏 very very true true
ajanicolex3 - mccree81 - bengaliii - danesolyriqual -
Sorry for not post more of John💚I have to study!😑Ugh!!!Ok This is the last image of John😭😭I can't say more... 💚💚💚💚✌ - #JohnLennon #Rip #RipJohnLennon #LastPhoto #Why #8December #Photography #Photographer #MarkChapman #Color #80s #1980s #Died #😭 #Peace #Lovd #PeaceandLove #YokoOno #Band #TheBestBand #Idol #Legend #TheBeatles
8december - lovd - color - photography - rip - yokoono - 1980s - band - markchapman - ripjohnlennon - johnlennon - legend - died - lastphoto - thebestband - photographer - peace - 😭 - why - peaceandlove - 80s - thebeatles - idol -
classischarming : 😩😩😩😩
paul_mccartney__ - akira_sas - pizazzx - _tracecan_ -
El 8 de diciembre de 1980, en Nueva York, #MarkChapman asesina con 5 tiros a #JohnLennon. Alrededor de las 10:50 pm, poco después de que Lennon y Ono volvieran al Edificio Dakota, el apartamento de Nueva York donde vivían, Mark David Chapman, a quien Lennon le había autografiado una copia del álbum Double Fantasy unas horas antes, y quien esperaba en el lobby junto al portero de reemplazo José Sanjenís Perdomo, disparó contra Lennon por la espalda cinco veces en la entrada al edificio (Sanjenís Perdomo fue quien lo acusó y el único testigo del hecho). Fue llevado a la sala de emergencia del cercano Hospital Roosevelt y fue declarado muerto a su llegada a las 11:20 pm. Puedes leer esta historia completa en nuestra sección #HorroresHumanos en ► - LINK en BIO #UnDíaComoHoy #Personajes #Música #CulturaPop #Historia #CulturaGeneral #TalDíaComoHoy #Culturizando
música - undíacomohoy - horroreshumanos - culturapop - historia - markchapman - culturizando - johnlennon - culturageneral - personajes - taldíacomohoy -
licantropo27 : @dilmara_medina
ramonernesto.romeromartinez : Tanto pedo a ese wey.
karensanz17 : 😭
mirthanunezperdomo : @Mira el testigo!!! @claupakita
claupakita : Omg nuestro pariente hizo justicia a lennon @mirthanunezperdomo
daliah58 : Lamentable muerte para lA musicA
intergalactic_enigma : @jguacaran133
jguacaran133 : Bastardos, seguro pagaron por su muerte! @intergalactic_enigma
ignacio1505 - sofiacabrer - leo_idozorbe - chechi_873 -
Such a great man. #johnlennon #imagine #peace #markchapman #35yearsagotoday #8thdecember1980 #loveyouforeverandever
loveyouforeverandever - markchapman - johnlennon - 35yearsagotoday - peace - 8thdecember1980 - imagine -
gianlucavar - danielbisanti - mukangaroo - yoshikotmamina -
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