Renowned fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto and @AdidasY3 have collaborated again to create bold renditions of Football’s reining champions of Europe, @RealMadrid jerseys. More on #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #adidas #yohjiyamamoto #realmadridcf
fashion - yohjiyamamoto - adidas - marcustroy - clothing - realmadridcf - menswear -
bogartp16 : Mira esto @alba_perezc
alba_perezc : @bogartp16 precioso...
bogartp16 : Jajaja
chase_esteban : @kevie_kev
br.hope - jus_87dreams - dildec - asaphcueto -
@ingodwetrustnyc is a brand that believes in locally produced goods. With that being said all their pieces are designed and constructed in house. We are huge fans of their Barn Coat. More on #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #MYIGWT
fashion - clothing - myigwt - menswear - marcustroy -
ingodwetrustnyc : 😘
ouwepaparazzi - donavelli - revolteagainst - sneakyyj -
I don't have any idea what pic is this. Oh wait, TROY!!! Hahaha #marshmallowbaby #marcustroy #lookup
lookup - marshmallowbaby - marcustroy -
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@_tackma stands for They Can All Kiss My A** which goes hand-in-hand with their motto "Seek No Approval". They stay true to their words by showcasing pieces that unique blend classic silhouettes with a rebellious twist. We love their black leather moto jacket from their Fall/Winter 2014 collection. More on #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #tackma
tackma - fashion - clothing - menswear - marcustroy -
werld_famous : πŸ’ͺ
youjinphalange - amoshousworth - _neetzie - smallyg81 -
Following up with the release of their innovative ZeroGrand shoe, @colehaan is releasing exclusive styles available only at the renowned retailer @mrporterlive. We are huge fans of the ZeroGrand shoe and particularly love the navy piece! More on #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #colehaan #zerogrand
fashion - footwear - menswear - marcustroy - zerogrand - colehaan -
amoshousworth : @proskeneo
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Kuya eating my rice krispies πŸ˜‚ #marcustroy #son #iloveyou
iloveyou - son - marcustroy -
condumnofun - yuusjoey - maxinejuleslizardo - lady.vega -
Since 1988 @EdwinJagger has been creating handsome grooming products for men. From shaving creams, shaving soaps, aftershave lotions, and razors, they add an English touch to the shaving experience. More on #grooming #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #edwinjagger
grooming - fashion - edwinjagger - menswear - marcustroy -
eneuri - penthouse201 - remi.akhdar - huliojanson -
Palladium X Marcus Troy X Spongebob🍍 + Odd Sox cc: @karmaloop @karmaloopkrp @selkoe πŸ™ŒπŸ™
primetime - notprimetimewiththegoldchains - spongebob - marcustroy - wholivesinapineappleunderthesea - deionsanders - dope - streetstyle - boots - oddsox - karmaloop - campjames - karmahaulic - krpstyle - sockgameuntouchable -
tdun1 : #Karmaloop #MarcusTroy #SpongeBob #streetstyle #Primetime #DeionSanders #SockGameUntouchable #WhoLivesInAPineAppleUnderTheSea #NotPrimeTimeWithTheGoldChains #CampJames #OddSox #krpstyle #karmahaulic #dope #boots
dividewatches : Nice pic!
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For the coming Autumn and Winter 2014 season, @wantessentiels has created a Japanese inspired collection. They have also created an all leather version of their Kastrup backpack. More on #accessories #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #wantessentiels
wantessentiels - fashion - accessories - menswear - marcustroy -
tashasita - bogartp16 - benandbouletrading - krsp_andrew -
Tumbling is his new found activity! Lol #tumbling #marcustroy #didnteventeachhim #kids
didnteventeachhim - tumbling - kids - marcustroy -
kylarevita - enzo_inaussie - kmlizardo - andylicious23 -
Today, @redwingheritage releases the Blacksmith, an ultra versatile boot based on a work style from the brand's archives. Now it has transcended into the world of menswear but it still maintains the craftsmanship and durability if the boot was called to work. More on #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #redwingheritage
redwingheritage - fashion - footwear - menswear - marcustroy -
phlop : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
orijeans : Hey! We're tailoring selvedge jeans on your measurements! Check us out!
tactusjack : Top notch
amoshousworth : @why_not_vafashion
nam_228 - sop_mireezy - nathan_deleon456 - _neetzie -
While the little girl is sleeping, here's my kuya Troy. Non stop playing with this boy. So cute. #marcustroy #playtime #allday #everyday
playtime - allday - everyday - marcustroy -
jasonjay.jimenez - andylicious23 - mikkaruth - zsanpedro86 -
@marcustroy putting me to shame with his Goro's arsenal. I'll see you in November if you know what I'm saying. πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅ #goros #marcustroy
marcustroy - projectlasvegas - goros -
guillaume_dg : You better be buddy ahah! Let me know whem you go
joshytime : @cottonsheepsf
_thenorthside : πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
katjrousseau : Love love love it @marcustroy
cottonsheepsf : Nice
jrmkrl : #projectlasvegas
avokeuyalian : πŸ‘Œ
xinnanwang : Japan
youseejaysee - packrat_store - 26pigeons - aina_mtl -
Yesterday's morning nap of my babies πŸ‘ΆπŸ‘Ά #marcustroy #maxinejules #babies #ilovemykids #family
maxinejules - ilovemykids - family - babies - marcustroy -
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Check out this blue bad boy. On show at Project Mandalay Bay. @projectshow @stylecommuter @bloggerproject #hookandalbert #doubleedgerazor #grooming #style #allenedmonds #bisonmade #shaving #dapper #marcustroy
style - marcustroy - doubleedgerazor - allenedmonds - bisonmade - grooming - shaving - dapper - hookandalbert -
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Cream or soap? It's a weighty subject... #marcustroy #wetshaving #style #suits #doubleedgerazor @projectshow @stylecommuter @bloggerproject
doubleedgerazor - style - marcustroy - wetshaving - suits -
mrwill92 : Soap every time. @edwinjaggerusa
edwinjaggerusa : Can't go wrong with a hard Edwin Jagger soap.
preston_prince - _fancy_pantz__ - mongrelrva - menessentials -
We are huge fans of @baxterofca's line of hair products and for the past few days we have been using their clay pomade. What we particularly appreciate about the pomade is that it does not flake or dry out as the day progresses. More on #grooming #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #thebaxtereffect #baxterofcalifornia
fashion - thebaxtereffect - menswear - marcustroy - baxterofcalifornia - grooming -
joshy_gold : Any good on trini/indi hair ?
marcustroy : @joshy_gold yup
chase504 - remi.akhdar - huliojanson - civilgrooming -
πŸΎπŸ’¦πŸšΏ off to the north 🍁 to our Canadian friends in Montreal at #MarcusTroy 😊
marcustroy -
paula_n_stormers : @comecleansoap Oh, ok... I'll check it out. My bad, for not looking first, thank you. 😜
comecleansoap : @paula_n_stormers that's ok!! thanks for looking 😜
paula_n_stormers : 😁 you're very welcome!!! (Btw that dog looks more like Toto *cairn terrier, giggles) πŸ‘ ✌
comecleansoap : @paula_n_stormers ur right heheh
originalsandretros : @crownthequeens
kayatascikar : @yaseminkyra
nicholasmaldonado_ : @melaniasvetlania @b_moxx
comecleansoap : @boomerdoodle
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@clarisonic revolutionizes skin care treatment with their Aria Facial Sonic Brush. You can choose from three varying speeds best suited for to your skin type. More on #grooming #skincare #marcustroy #clarisonic
skincare - clarisonic - grooming - marcustroy -
sneakyyj : @gabinator21
ch_z : @vasiliy_karpenko
romannurgaliev - tashasita - _iamkingly - gabinator21 -
@swimsofficial is a Norwegian brand that focus on practical, high-quality and weather-ready but stylish apparel. Be ready for the inclement weather with their camouflage galoshes. More on #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #SWIMS
swims - fashion - footwear - menswear - marcustroy -
swimsofficial : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
joncarlotapia - yanxtan - kobland - sneakercloset -
Wow! I'm 1! #MarcusTroy #baby #1monthOld πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„
baby - 1monthold - marcustroy -
winchellesky : Gulat face! Mukang Bubbles talaga. :)
danmaja : Such a pogi boy talaga!!!!!!
fitfastwraps610 : πŸ™ŒπŸ‘
joycathlyn : happy 1 month baby pogi 😘😘😘
kaskia - maritoy - mademoiselle_joy18 - yurath -
We are also huge fans the women's look book for @levis Made and Crafted Fall/Winter 2014 collection that was made with help from @WilderQuarterly. Their Cherise coat is a beautiful piece. More on #SMMF #fashion #womenswear #marcustroy #levis
smmf - womenswear - fashion - levis - marcustroy -
nabil416 : @lovenore @alizaesmail
kiyoshateixeira - gramwalms - wazza_g - soje__ -
In preparation for the cooler months, @levis Made and Crafted has created a look book showcasing their new pieces for Fall/Winter 2014 with help from @WilderQuarterly. This reversible sherpa vest is one of our favourite pieces. More on #looks #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #Elvis
elvis - fashion - looks - menswear - marcustroy -
donavelli - wilderquarterly - gregoryallencompany - supersalami_ -
Blackmagic Design has designed a compact digital film camera that packs a huge punch. With the Pocket Cinema camera, you can now create film quality images without bearing the weight of a large film camera or carry around a cumbersome tripod.More on #gadgets #marcustroy #blackmagicdesign
gadgets - blackmagicdesign - marcustroy -
deltronprime : @ashakur
claudjaj - scorpioj86 - aaronamat - neeleshmistry -
For 25 years, Helen Kaminski has been creators of fine lifestyle accessories. Their Kaminski XY range consists of traditional handcrafted pieces for men. While the summer months are slowly coming to a close, it’s not too late to get some shade with this classic hand braided raffia fedora from Kaminski XY. More on #accessories #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #helenkaminski
helenkaminski - fashion - accessories - menswear - marcustroy -
arezoo8891 - kollarclothing - donavelli - grapev -
@PINTRILL is a Brooklyn based street wear accessories brand that specializes in fabricating dope pins. We are huge fans of their emoji inspired pins! More on #accessories #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #PINTRILL
pintrill - fashion - accessories - menswear - marcustroy -
iamaustinmiao : YES!!!
pintrill : πŸ™
chrismuzar : I'm about to cop these @mariannebautista πŸ’―
maximillianlepold - holabobito - mirabelli - archerhardgoods -
Toronto based brand #NEEDSANDWANTS @byseanbrown successfully pushes the menswear envelope again with their Linen Fishtail shirt, which we are huge fans of! More on #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy
needsandwants - fashion - clothing - menswear - marcustroy -
bgrzb - eneuri - antmerida - -
With their eyes on performance, style and function, @ISAORA presents an upgrade to your typical workout gear with their No Sew Welded running short. More on #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #ISAORA
fashion - clothing - isaora - menswear - marcustroy -
donavelli - shopdyg - remi.akhdar - tashasita -
You're too big for that Kuya πŸ˜‚ #carrier #feelingbaby #marcustroy
carrier - feelingbaby - marcustroy -
avent_unlimited - janapatriciatai - krustykrabbypattty - lady.vega -
Ladies, @converse and @missoni did not forget about you when they designed this Chuck Taylor All Star Fancy sneaker for their latest collaboration. The upper features Missoni’s iconic zigzag pattern. More on #SMMF #footwear #womenswear #marcustroy #missoni #converse #wearsneakers
wearsneakers - womenswear - smmf - marcustroy - converse - missoni - footwear -
eneuri : Too cool!
nabil416 : @alizaesmail @lovenore
lovenore : No more chucks @nabil416
donavelli - just.ray - gregwharris - p0l0_nos -
Canadian footwear and accessories retailer, @littleburgundyshoes, has teamed up with @Vans to create a one of a kind shoe that is available for both men and women. More on #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #LBxVans
lbxvans - fashion - footwear - menswear - marcustroy -
yourihollier - jackh333 - ezavitz - iamkenza -
To compliment the new Jack Purcell footwear, @converse has updated the Fall 2014 Jack Purcell apparel collection. The pieces are both fashionable and weather-ready. This Wool Trucker jacket is one of our picks! More on #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #jackpurcell #converse
fashion - menswear - marcustroy - converse - clothing - jackpurcell -
thenarcicyst - thediscoinfiltrator - benandbouletrading - starkmade -
We are excited for the coming Fall 2014 because @converse is introducing an all-new version of the classic Jack Purcell sneaker. The Jack Purcell Cross Stitch features a waxed cotton cross-stitch detail, while the rest is outfitted in tumbled leather. More on #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #jackpurcell #converse #wearsneakers
wearsneakers - fashion - footwear - menswear - marcustroy - converse - jackpurcell -
k2the : I'm really liking these shoes I just wish the lower soul was black instead of white
starkmade - br.hope - eneuri - benandbouletrading -
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