There's this boy that stole my heart. πŸ˜˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Ά#MarcusTroy
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invictusjun : πŸ˜˜πŸ‘Ά
mustlovemom : Cute! 😍
bubbleslim : Thanks Chinks!Playtime with roccio when they get a little bigger! πŸ‘ΆπŸ˜Š
bubbleslim : @mustlovemom
mustlovemom : Prom date!!! @bubbleslim
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For the second time, Parisian label @bwgh and @puma collaborate to create a new Fall and Winter 2014 footwear collection. The Dark Denim featured here is one our picks from the collaboration. See more of our picks on marcustroy.com #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #BWGH #PUMA
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dj_iran : @airforcemontana @classicmaterialny #salute #needthese
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Tomorrow, July 26th, the highly anticipated @RonnieFieg X @Puma XT-2 "Achromatic" sneaker will be released. The sneaker is minimalist in it's aesthetic but the materials used to construct the shoe are far from it. What are your thoughts? More on marcustroy.com #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #ronniefieg #puma
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juscallmebuddi : Number 1 it's my bday 2morrow I gotta cop
manandbag : Like it!
coreocreatives : Like it!
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A few weeks ago, @colehaan introduced the lightweight Zerogrand. The brand is adding more variation to the innovative shoe with more striking colourways. We love this navy and yellow colourway! See the rest at marcustroy.com #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #colehaan #zerogrand​
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markmunroemusic : Cool!
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by @marcustroyblog "This week we visited the @jeanshop at their new location at 37 Crosby St in New York city and a couple of pieces caught our attention. Their Mid Vintage jeans is one of our favourite pieces! More on marcustroy.com #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #jeanshop" via @PhotoRepost_app
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This week we visited the @jeanshop at their new location at 37 Crosby St in New York city and a couple of pieces caught our attention. Their Mid Vintage jeans is one of our favourite pieces! More on marcustroy.com #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #jeanshop
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jeanshop : @marcustroyblog @marcustroy thanks for stopping in and checking out the new shop. #jeanshop #crosbystreet
marcustroyblog : @jeanshop our pleasure!
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@Troubadourgoods spent many years searching for the perfect overnight bag. After an unsuccessful search, they decided to create their own. The Weekender is one of our favourites. More on marcustroy.com #accessories #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #troubadourgoods
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Yesterday we had a preview of @converse's Fall 2014 collection. We have a couple of great pieces to share with you all. More to come on marcustroy.com #wearsneakers #converse #footwear #menswear #marcustroy
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alexisbelon : You got a converse plug? Incred.
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@CraneandCanopy is dedicated to producing high quality and wonderfully soft beddings. Add a touch of elegance and comfort to your bedroom with their Linden Black Border beddings. More on marcustroy.com #home #marcustroy #craneandcanopy
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nickyweinberg : @shevyweinberg
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My boy! ❀️ #son #firstborn #motherandson #marcustroy #iloveyou
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giselloovvee : Cute nyo dito just πŸ˜„
mackypadillalizardo : Myyyy family
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@Jardine__ continues to impress with this black quilted leather bomber jacket. It looks super dope. More on marcustroy.com #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #jardine
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@florsheimshoes was founded from humble beginnings in 1892. Their Limited Ninety-Ox is designed for the gentlemen who have an appreciation for the oxford's timeless silhouette. More on marcustroy.com #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #florsheim
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My current situation; talking shop with a mate I respect and follow; the man himself @marcustroy. #projectshow #NewYork #lifestyle #menswear #fashion #culture #art #marcustroy #troyalexander
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alexxtroy : @projectshow #projectready
edwinakulego : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
skylarker69 : love this!
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PROJECT NYC| great meeting @marcustroy @projectshow ______________________________ #nyc #tradeshow #thecool #menswear #mensstyle #mensfashion #fashion #fall14 #fashionforward #dope #dapper #swag #style #sartorial #selectism #blogger #marcustroy #swagger #lifestyle #ootd #blankcanvas #boutique #streetstyle #bethecool
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marcustroy : Great meeting you!
thomdlaw : My two favorite cool people @marcustroy
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By now some of you must be familiar with @danielwellingtonwatches, the minimalistic white face of the watch is immediately recognizable. Their Classic Sheffield is a perfect his and hers timepiece. More on marcustroy.com #accessories #shematchmyfly #fashion #menswear #womenswear #marcustroy #danielwellington
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jamesvta : Lovely!
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We discovered @woolfellmtl while we were strolling through Saint-Laurent street in Montreal during one sunny afternoon. At first sight, we were immediately impressed by the accessories style and level of craftsmanship. We love their Hair on Hide collection, check it out on marcustroy.com #accessories #fashion #menwear #marcustroy #woolfellmtl
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Charge more than just one device with @bluelounge Sanctuary4's charging station. This is a perfect device to own if you want to have a dedicated charging station at home. More on marcustroy.com #gadgets #marcustroy #bluelounge
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The Ripstop Camp cap can easily be called a @LegendsLeague essential. We particularly appreciate its simplicity and durability. More on marcustroy.com #accessories #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #LLseason
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The good people at @multeeproject have created a striking 24K gold version of their classic Type-2 Carabiner. More on marcustroy.com #accessories #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #multeeproject
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Pagaling ka Anak! 😞 #marcustroy #matamlaynabata #iloveyou #sorethroat
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@zanerobeaus began in Sydney, Australia and it has grown over the past decade into a global menswear brand. We are huge fans of how they execute the ribbed cuffs style on their pants. Their Dynamo Chino is one of our favourite pieces. More on marcustroy.com #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #zanerobe
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deerays_ : These are so good!!
doronbond : @marcustroyblog these are cold!
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@LEXDRAY cites Japanese craftsmanship and superior fabrications as the inspiration behind its pieces. What we appreciate the most is their approach to functionality. Plus, their Tokyo bag happens to be one of our favourites! More on marcustroy.com #acccessories #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #lexdray
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mr_shakur_ : Dope.
tactusjack : Dope
gregsczebel : This is rad
gregsczebel : And #Dope.
lexdray : Thanks for the love @marcustroy!
marcustroyblog : @lexdray anytime, it's a great bag!
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Sick baby 😞 #oranges #marcustroy #getwellsoon
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em.liz : Aw I always sliced oranges for the gals too when they get sick. Get well soon Troy πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
justinelizardo01 : @em.liz Thanks Em! Brought him to the hospital this morning with Macky. Temps 38.1 since last night. Turns out his throat is sensitive. 😞 He's taking antibiotics already tho.
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So bored Ma! Lol #bored #marcustroy #cloudywiththechanceofmeatballs #overandoveragain
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janapatriciatai : troy sa bed ka sumalampak
justinelizardo01 : @janapatriciatai hahaha ikr! Mas gusto pa sa floor. Tinapat pa niya fan sakanya.
obstinaterd : cute
justinelizardo01 : @obstinaterd thanks Denise! πŸ˜€ big boy na..
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The Lunar TR1 is @Nike's newest footwear silhouette, it is a versatile shoe that can be used to train for multiple sports. What particularly appreciate about this new silhouette is that it does not look like a hard core training shoe. But we are not taking for granted the amount of technology that has been put into it either. More on marcustroy.com #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #nike
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@Komono and Jean Michel Basquiat have collaborated to produce 6 unique watches utilizing the artist's classic works. We love the contrast between the clean face and the use of Basquiat’s artwork on the band. More on marcustroy.com #accessories #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #komonoxbasquiat
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mr_aznar : Dope
the_shakattack : @mo922
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Our editor @joncarlotapia recently took the new 2015 Subaru WRX sport for a drive. Read the full experience on marcustroy.com #automotive #subaru #marcustroy #WRX
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yn0tt0ny : @sinister_77
harry_offthehook : My lease is up soon πŸ˜ƒ
marcustroyblog : @harry_offthehook it's definitely worth the drive!
harry_offthehook : @marcustroyblog πŸ‘
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The Commuter collection by @levis was designed with cyclists in mind. They blend innovative fabrics such as water/stain repelling with advancements in breathability and insulation into their classic Levi's styles. Here are some of our favourite pieces from Levi's Fall 2014 Commuter Collection. More on marcustroy.com #clothing #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #levis #commuter
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troycasso : @uriteurite
nickyweinberg : @cnickie
noteapparel : @sgahogan
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@ColeHaan has introduced the lightest shoe they have ever created, the #Zerogrand. We are huge fans of the full-grain suede in ironstone with the white bottoms! We also appreciate the futuristic approach to the outsole and how the shoe maintains its classic aesthetic. See the rest of our favourites on marcustroy.com #footwear #fashion #menswear #marcustroy #colehaan #thefutureis
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unabux : Cool one!
tashasita : Ridiculous. I love those!! Hubs NEEDS them.
ash_toronto : @taraleighrose
rougebtq : Beautiful
tactusjack : Dope
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Wondering. #iloveyou #marcustroy #babynomore
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Svartere enn Siv Jensen. #kicksonaplane #marcustroy #airforce
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mohamedsaeed1 : Cool!
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Mi Qasa. #qasa #y-3 #kicksonaplane #marcustroy #lifeasafish #MEHE.
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sonnysehjpal : OMG!!! Most RVRE kicks ever
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World meet Maxine Jules, ooops! Sorry, wrong baby. Lol Marcus Troy!!!! Cant wait for you to meet your sisteeeer!!! #babylove #marcustroy
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