On the road again. We are headed back to our home state of California for some beach time and to do some more prep for our drive up to Alaska this spring. The van needs some tlc. Anyone have a trusty GMC/Chevy diesel mechanic in Southern California? #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
malimish_airstream : @mevans6453 sure thing. Let us know when you're near. We'll be glad to share what we know.
roadtorichesblog : Looooove your feed!
vegfalia : @thatsirieee
thatsirieee : @vegfalia what a beautiful family!!! I think I know what to do with my life. ;)
thatsirieee : @vegfalia ^^^^family road trips!!
vegfalia : heehawww! am I one of your family members?๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜˜ @thatsirieee
thatsirieee : @vegfalia hell yes! Come over anytime! ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜
vegfalia : Be there in .0000002sec๐Ÿ’จ ๐Ÿ˜Š @thatsirieee
jackintheairstream - kazahn20nis_wocaqu - siralmeena26set_wocaqu - hffgjh53 -
#Repost this beautiful photo by @malimish_airstream - Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear! #GoRVing ใƒปใƒปใƒปโ€จOn the road again! And this time we are caravanning with our buddies @upintheairstream. See them in our dirty side mirror too? We are off to explore southern Arizona with a quick detour to Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon because no one should ever skip them when so close. #2airstreamsintherearview #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #airstream
malimishintherearview - airstreamintherearview - gorving - 2airstreamsintherearview - airstream - repost -
malimish_airstream : โค๏ธ
maxlayn : Good shot!
kedroncaravans : @malimish_airstream Nice pic!!!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘
sicardrv - adventurevinyl - gnewhall - thewanderingcs -
On the road again! And this time we are caravanning with our buddies @upintheairstream. See them in our dirty side mirror too? We are off to explore southern Arizona with a quick detour to Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon because no one should ever skip them when so close. #2airstreamsintherearview #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #airstream
nvstateparks - airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - 2airstreamsintherearview - airstream -
northern_migration : You guys are such an encouragement! Bless you x : I love it there sm ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™
malimish_airstream : @everhartfamily Possibly after Tuscon.
malimish_airstream : @northern_migration โค๏ธ
malimish_airstream : @ktins If you swing thru Savannah, Skidaway Island State Park is awesome.
ktins : Ah I wish we could get the coast this time but we're headed to Jackson Mississippi today ๐Ÿ˜Š thanks for the suggestion though!
lizlaw : @kathrynganderton You need to follow this rad mobile family!
malimish_airstream : #NVstateparks
ohwvmi - gary_j_funk - onroadmagazine -
On the road again. We haven't been out of southern California since October so it's time to fix that. Hello there, Nevada! #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
giny80 : What a great adventure! Have fun!
rollingmom : Come meet me in Reno @malimish_airstream
jolodrake : How about New Mexico? Any plans that way!
malimish_airstream : @jolodrake I wish. Meeting my parents in AZ and then back to CA to take care of some stuff.
malimish_airstream : @rollingmom I don't think we will be near Reno :(
sorobme : ๐ŸŽŠ๐Ÿ™Awesome!!โœจ
perfectfitchica__ : @conradcamellino umm it's definitely not a fake account i just don't have that many followers
passengerclothing : rad
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After 20,000 miles and 5 months, we are just 1 state shy of seeing all 50 states. Even though it never really was a goal to visit them all, when we are this close, it just has to be done. Alaska, we are coming for you this summer!!!
sarahbyu1 : Awesome!
mindfuleuphoria : @hangin_ten
lizziejcarter : โค๏ธ can't wait to see your Alaska pics @malimish_airstream !
ahinr : @undeniably_kate I see this in our future.
b3nc : Insane! @breathtaking_grace
breathtaking_grace : Sooo jealous! @b3nc
undeniably_kate : @ahinr near future?
ariannaalcorn : @lennyfpaul
b.jenyr - silasthesprinter - malimish_dan - oohamanda -
On the road again. After 5 months away from our home state, we are on our way back to California. Most people don't explore their own backyards (including us), so we will be making more of an effort to do so. Thanks for the awesome goodbye, Arizona! ๐ŸŒˆ #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #rainbow #whpontheroad
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - whpontheroad - airstream - rainbow -
freefrommisery : We'll be around for a beach hang!
journeywithhappiness : We are heading West for winter too! Can't wait to see what you inspire us with!!
vadventurekerr : That rainbow!
foxydots : Amazing picture!
brentbucho : #SomewhereOverTheRainbow......#SafeSojourns
corvusalyse : You guys inspire me everyday to work even closer to being able to afford my own Airstream, even if it means buying an old one and revamping it!
adinfinitum7 : Whoo hoo! So excited to see where you go in my home state.
adinfinitum7 : My LA kid faves: Museum of Natural History, LACMA (go see Metropolis II) and Olvera St. for fun and treats.
thebackroadsproject - d.dokina - svetlana_mch - jyukimya -
On the road again. It's mid-October, we are smack dab in the middle of the US, with plans to trick-or-treat in Los Angeles. So, you think we travel fast now? Haha. Saying goodbye to Kansas and speeding thru Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, while high-fiving friends and national parks along the way. ๐Ÿšƒ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ๐Ÿ’จ #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
happy_camper_co : Kudos! You guys are amazing!
_nicholas_williams_ : U got any plans in Santa Fe?
oldmansneakers : Where in Texas will you all be traveling?
thesaffles : If you pass through Oklahoma City, Big Truck Tacos is a family favorite for a quick meal and Cuppies and Jo for homemade cupcakes and coffee. And of course, the OKC Bombing Memorial is absolutely moving to see in person. Enjoy your quick jaunt through our state!
brentbucho : Viva` LA
glampingrutadearteyvino : Maybe come to visit us at the baja . your airstream needs to visit some vintage airstreams you are welcome in valle de GUADALUPE Mexico # glampingrutadearteyvino
airstream_mckinsey007 : love the rear view mirror shot! on the road again!
adriapascuet : @nur_3 - ftooom_f22 - followthesunapparel - sergeimigunov -
On the road again! After spending a couple wonderful weeks in Minnesota, we are now making our way into Nebraska and Kansas to collect some more junior ranger badges. #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #sunset
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - sunset - airstream -
dan_cassiano : ๐Ÿ” ๐Ÿ”๐Ÿ”
livinlightly : We'll be in Nebraska Tuesday! Where you guys headed?
malimish_airstream : @livinlightly we are moving pretty quickly to get back to the west coast in a couple of weeks unfortunately. We'll be in Kansas by then.
livinlightly : No worries! Safe travels!
leftnleaving : You going through MO at all?
malimish_airstream : @leftnleaving No, we are headed southwest from here. Trying to get to LA for Halloween.
leftnleaving : Gotcha! Cant wait to see the kids costumes!!
malimish_airstream : @leftnleaving Coming thru the southwest again this winter?
sergeimigunov - dcmdb - kosheleva24 - konstantynkotwicki -
On the road again. We are heading back to Minnesota! We traversed eastward along the boundary waters just two months ago and now we are back again. Starting Monday we will be helping @exploreminnesota to spread the word about this beautiful state by becoming ten-day Minnesotans! We are extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them and to come back to see the autumn colors. Our journey across the North Star State will take us from the twin cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul all the way west to Fargo-Moorhead. If you know of any great places to see peak autumn color along our route feel free to shout it out! #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
trainman45 : The kids would get a kick out of Paul Bunyan Land in Brainerd
mattson_m : Glendalough State Park has a wonderful bike trail and Inspiration Peak has great views:
jenife99 : Check out Stillwater :) Teddy Bear Park is a fun park downtown. Boom Site is north of town, fun to explore and right on the St Croix.
malimish_airstream : @mattson_m Thanks so much for the suggestion. We will look into those spots!
malimish_airstream : @jenife99 Fun! Thank you!!
naomiliester : Welcome! Was just in my hometown of duluth the past couple of days but spent most of it at gooseberry falls! The north shore is starting to change was beautiful. Im now biased and think stillwater is a must! ๐Ÿ˜„ the downtown is so fun--gotta check out the lift bridge. Check out the boomsite along hwy 95...stop at the historical marker and take the stairs down to the river. It is beautiful!.
mamacita.rita : Welcome! You've taken some spectacular photos of our state! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
carrie_jeanne : @desertrat21 yes!!!
tifspiff9 - logen.tamer - rovingriveted - airstreampark -
On the road again. We are heading into new territory once again. Iowa!!! On the agenda? Herbert Hoover National Historic Site and a nice state park to relax at for a bit. #airstream #airstreamintherearview
airstreamintherearview - airstream -
corbin86 : I miss the corn ๐Ÿ˜ฟ
rbaburina : Keep your eyes peeled for bald eagles when driving up the Mississippi. If you do head to Effigy Mounds, ask a local where they are serving the best catfish and bluegill these days. Have a blast and breath in deeply the smell of all that rich topsoil!
haverlee : Bummer. About 3.5 hrs away. No worries! Catch you on your next loop ๐Ÿ˜‰
catherinelinnie : Aww take me there next time! I wanna visit. One of my good friends is in Des Moines for med school (:
janel_brown : Love Iowa...will be following these photos extra close. Love those corn field..."Iowa, that's where the tall corn grows"!
turkbot : The classic towing pic, I have one too!!
sallytomat0 : Welcome!
rvcozygirl : Ice cream capital and grotto cool stops in IA!
tifspiff9 - jmelur - ozod37shooter - mr.vitalya -
On the road again. Today is going to be a four state kinda day. Kentucky to Indiana to Illinois and finally into Missouri. Planning on checking out the arch and filling our bellies with some St. Loius BBQ! #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
emilybybee : I hope you're headed straight for the Balloon Glow tonight! One of my all-time favorite St. Louis traditions!
emilybybee : And the botanical garden is also amazing. And free on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
pastorkevinwright : Bogarts for BBQ. None better!
malimish_airstream : @jolodrake I think we will be in town tomorrow to check out Lincoln's home. Will you guys around? Would love to meet up.
foxydots : We did the arch last month! Go up in it if you can, it's awesome!
jolodrake : Yes yes if "tomorrow" is today, Saturday. Are you coming NE after St. Louis? Are you heading to Chicago?
jolodrake : I will keep checking.
malimish_airstream : @jolodrake I'm going to direct message you my number.
aqualanna_ - caydencash - ad9837173 - katekateee11 -
On the road again. Today we are off to Kentucky, the Bluegrass state. We will slow down our pace here for a bit to savor some time with friends in Old Lou, eat a hot brown, sip on some bourbon and work on our southern accents, y'all. #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
malimish_airstream : @swanstreaming We have plans from noon until late on Saturday. Sunday we are free in the morning and around lunch time.
swanstreaming : @malimish_airstream Lunch Sunday would work. Any place you know?
malimish_airstream : @swanstreaming Cool. There's the North End Cafe on Frankfurt Ave?
malimish_airstream : @swanstreaming Or Dish on Market? Or the Cracker Barrel?
malimish_airstream : @swanstreaming Or Ghyslain on Market.
swanstreaming : @malimish_airstream Ghyslain is only 11 min away. Let's do that. 1pm? Earlier?
malimish_airstream : @swanstreaming Noon is better for us. Is that cool?
swanstreaming : @malimish_airstream Sure. See you there!
chim_racoon - silver_conch_travels - ocddaddy - alinka_karta -
On the road. ๐ŸŽถCountry roads... take me home... to the place... where I belong๐ŸŽถ #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #westvirginia
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - westvirginia - airstream -
nicholsken : @malimish_airstream find Holly River state park.
bethyb4 : It's a beauty. Especially in fall ๐Ÿ‚
alisaelder : Welcome to West Virginia the state of the wild and wonderful enjoy your stay here it is a beautiful state some of the attraction are Holly River, Coopers Rock, Cass Railroad, Hovaters Zoo, Seneca Rocks, Blackwater Falls,and many more wonderful attractions.
jdran76 : Yay! My home state!! enjoy! I grew up 20 minutes from New River Gorge! My dad tells stories from the time before the bridge was built... When they had to drive down one side of the mountain, over the river, and back up the other side! It's been a few years, but I think you can still drive the road down to the river and you pass under the bridge several times! Lots of โ†ช๏ธโ†ฉ๏ธ! There is a yummy pizza place in Fayetteville called Pies and Pints! Babcock State Park has a beautiful grist mill and is a nice place to visit or Hawks Nest Stats Park has a tram you can take down to the river. In Beckley, a great stop is the Exhibition Coal mine, you take a ride into an old mine and they give an educational tour and there is a recreated coal camp you can tour as well. There is also a really nice youth museum next door. I would love to meet your beautiful family...But, I'm two hours north now. Have a safe trip!
darlesincharge : Mountain mama!!!! Now I realize why this song was in my head when I woke up this morning! ;)
dars_fuu : ะขะฐะผ ะบะฐะบ ะฑัƒะดั‚ะพ ัƒั€ะฐะณะฐะฝ ัะทะฐะดะธ...
laurie571 : I'm from the panhandle
vladskin_ : Wrong turn?
alfadi_photography - dreamybrownfox - westvirginialivin - jpadventures -
On the road again. We are headed to our 43rd state... Virginia!!! Planning to see historic Jamestown, Shenandoah National Park and taking some time to celebrate our middle kid's 5th birthday. Phew. It's going to be a busy few days for the Mish crew. #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
birchandpine : @malimish_airstream about forty minutes!
malimish_airstream : @birchandpine Awesome. We'd love to meet up!
local_soul : My husband and I will be volunteering on an organic farm in Brightwood! Virginia is absolutely lovely!
birchandpine : @malimish_airstream let us know if you're in the area and we can make that happen!!
auntiecb : I always loved Virginia, look up ***Waterford, the entire town is on the National Register of Historic Places. It's history come alive.
charlesrenfroe : Great campsite on park at Shenandoah Parkway above Charlottesville, Appalachian Trail goes right through middle of it, lots of "through hikers" on it๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ
rivitedtodd : You guys coming to Asheville?
malimish_airstream : @rivitedtodd I wish we were. We love Asheville. Maybe next time.
aqualanna_ - thekrashs - olle_gator - ad9837173 -
On the road again. Saying goodbye to New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia and our awesome hosts @cecicat & @mlin1974! So much walking and memories made ๐Ÿ—ฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Š I was so close to getting my most awesome rearview shot yet but was a split second too late capturing fireworks over the Philadelphia Flyers stadium. Doh! Off to the Delmarva Penninsula (Delaware, Maryland and Virginia) we go! #goflyers #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #phillyflyers
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - phillyflyers - airstream - goflyers -
thekrashs : Enjoy Rehobeth Beach! Spent some family weekends there as a child, when we lived in Delaware for a couple of years. Even though it's really built up since then, your kids will still love it. :)
jamiedorman324 : @philly4flyers LOOK AT WHERE THEY ARE!!
seejanespic : Def walk through old New Castle it's part of the National park service now, good little bit if history. The boardwalk is fun...Funland is a Delaware beach rite of passage for a kid.
seejanespic : And Ryan's mini golf on the roof of the boardwalk!!
philly4flyers : @jaydotcreative Omg!!!
jesscurren : Mmmm... Taffy at Rehobeth beach. Sooo yummy. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
la_flowergirl : โ™ก that Delmarva peninsula !
jesussauvage : @renaud.sauzedde lis le profil โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜
aqualanna_ - thekrashs - aaronnindahouse - twinroses77 -
On the road again. We are headed to another new state for us... New Jersey. Excited to meet up with family for a few days and explore NYC and the garden state with locals. (P.S. Apparently RVs are not allowed on NY parkways due to low clearance under some of their old arched overpasses even though we easily cleared every single one with room to spare. Though some people still like to toot their horns and wag their fingers at us.) #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
includingtacos : Ah. Cool. Thanks for the info!!
littleitalianpirates : Yay! I am from NJ and second @roryblane on going to Pt. Pleasant. If you do head out that way you could also stop by the Allaire Historical Village.
hellobakery : @malimish_airstream we would love to have you at Jersey Shore Airstream Haven in Dennisville! It is the perfect stopping point to visit the shore.
malimish_airstream : @hellobakery That might work for us. Is that a campground?
hellobakery : @malimish_airstream Yes! Airstream only right outside Sea Isle City.
malimish_airstream : @hellobakery Cool. I will look up prices and availability.
artorical : Any impromptu meet-ups?
hellobakery : @malimish_airstream BTW, you may like Grounds for Sculpture in Hamilton as you travel through NJ. ๐Ÿ˜Š
thekrashs - aluminumb_nutz - olle_gator - twinroses77 -
On the road again. It was tough saying goodbye to Rhode Island today. So much to see in such a small place. But we have more places to see. Hello there, Connecticut ๐Ÿ‘‹ #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
theworldismygym : Where in ct will you be?
sittingingodspalm : ๐ŸŽฏ
diana_chamberlain : Welcome to Connecticut! Litchfield County is beautiful (Lake Waramaug) and there's a super maritime museum in Norwalk for the kids.
gailo_oliag : Glad you liked RI:). Heading back there today:)
gailo_oliag : I'm curious....where did you stay while in RI?
malimish_airstream : @gailo_oliag Elks Lodges
gailo_oliag : I thought you might have:). How were they generally? Should I recommend them?
malimish_airstream : @gailo_oliag Most are great but they are for members only and most have no hookups.
darya.siberia - m.emelyanov - lanisha914 - bestsennayaa -
On the road again. Heading into the smallest US state tonight. Hello, Rhode Island! We are planning a quick stay to see a national historic site in Providence. What else should we see? #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
lostinamerica66 : @malimish_airstream are ya coming to joisey??
rivitedtodd : Head to Newport to check out RoseCliff and other historic mansions. I don't think there are any stamps there, but nonetheless worth the journey. If and when you head to CT, I have lots of suggestions. I spent my youth there working and exploring. Some of the best fried seafood of the east coast is not far from you.
frantasticvoyage : Agree with @bethanycool, definitely get some @delslemonade!
diana_chamberlain : If you can, take in Lobster Landing in Clinton. Best lobster shack in CT. Nice little town beach too.
diana_chamberlain : Mystic Seaport, of course, and Sturbridge Village.
sblanker : Oh that's funny -there's a Purgatory Chasm in MA, too! Think you've already gotten good suggestions for RI. Where are you headed next? If you're going into CT along the shore, then stop at The Fantastic Umbrella Factory in Charlestown and then in Watch Hill (carousel) on your way. Once over the border in CT, there's Mystic Seaport & Mystic Aquarium.
silvertrails : Pequot Tribal Museum in Connecticut. One of the best museums we have visited. It's near the Foxwood Casino. We also visited Mystic Seaport and took a train ride along the Connecticut River and a paddle wheel boat ride on the Connecticut. Also, visit Gillette Castle in Connecticut. It's in in a state park. We also took a trolley tour in Newport RI. Very interesting. Enjoy your travels!
hippiemamarama : If you have the time, a day trip to Block Island is so fun. You could stay at the Fishermans memorial campground and it's a short distance to the ferry. There are tons of great places in Narragansett - Iggys for clam cakes and chowder and Patticakes for cupcakes and other delicious desserts! Also Crazy Burger rocks!
helenoneil1 - olle_gator - thesilverchateau -
On the road again! With a very dirty side mirror, we spent a night in New Hampshire and are now on our way to Massachusetts to explore Boston and Cape Cod. #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
malimish_airstream : @dangillan We are in the cape today. Camping not looking so good. Hope to cross paths too. Safe travels!
malimish_airstream : @dustindevlin I just called the campground. They want to charge a lot for kids so we will have to skip it :(
dangillan : @malimish_airstream just today or also tomorrow? Crazy high season around here, campgrounds are brutal. Happy to meet up tomorrow if you are around.
malimish_airstream : @dangillan I think we are headed to RI tonight. Which route are you guys taking?
dangillan : @malimish_airstream cape till Tuesday. No plans yet maybe Vermont of Philly?
mollysimoneau : You're in our neck of the woods. We're with our airstream on the vineyard as we speak, and taking it tonight to Kingston, where it will live while we head back to work in boston! Maybe we'll see you on the road!
mkcrav : @lostintravels check out this family!
lostintravels : @mkcrav heck yea! They're such a great inspiration!
thekrashs - olle_gator - prorok2513 - rabbit_in_the_hat -
On the road again! We usually don't cross states this quickly but these NE states are much smaller than the ones out west. But we will be back in New Hampshire in a couple of weeks along the coast for another visit. Off to Maine we go! We are planning on visiting both national park sites, St. Croix and Acadia, and then heading down the Atlantic coast. Time to find some lobstah rolls! #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream - visitmaine -
malimish_airstream : @seeohel They love it so far. We couldn't pull them away from the rocky coast tonight!
malimish_airstream : @lpokrana Road trip!!! We'll wait for you!!
malimish_airstream : @thekrashs Thanks!
malimish_airstream : @misspickles Yummmm!
malimish_airstream : @troutstreamdoug Come up here and be our tour guide!!!
troutstreamdoug : I would like nothing better but I am far from an expert. If I were not in the middle of launching a program that I am responsible for all month, I would be there in a heartbeat. You cannot go wrong in Maine. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
malimish_airstream : #visitmaine @visitmaine
tinfoilhouse_sammy : Oh. It's working. You all making it to Cobs Cook State Park?
bergk_melissajaskjask - kcankasmail - ditchingsuburbia - kakweziantony05 -
On the road again. After enjoying a few days on the beach and stuffing our faces with burgers and ice cream, we are crossing into New Hampshire. It's another new state for us... and one with a motto. "Live free or die!" #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
margaretleonard : @malimish_airstream are you coming down through RI? We would love to take you out for lunch or dinner. My husband and I are in talks about hitting the road with our two kids and we would love to meet you. @ocddaddy
mylachance : If you are anywhere near Portsmouth, I'll suggest Prescott Park. I believe Thurs-Sun evenings they put on an amazing outdoor play and this year it is Shrek the Musical. Donations appreciated (usually about $3 per) and it gets crowded. But...beautiful gardens, right on the water...bring a blanket and picnic and a sweatshirt. So much fun. Also...Portsmouth Brewery๐Ÿ‘ @malimish_airstream
aimeevfrederick : Love your story! I am inspired by your boldness and adventurous spirit to live your lives on the road with 3 kids for years at a time. Incredible. We are wrapping up our first multi-month roadtrip, and it is refreshing to find other families doing the same (although more ambitious) type of thing! Happy travels!
impatientlyjen : Don't miss Lake Winnipesaukee! You can check it out in Meredith, pick up some awesome cupcakes at Lakes Region Cupcakes. Then head to the Weirs, stopping at Funspot and Kellerhaus on the way. The Lakes Region is great!
montalino : Oh New England! Come on down to Massachusetts!
melis688 : Getting closer to Vacaitonland!! Can't wait to hear where you will be visiting in Maine!!
selenamarie_2013 : Im with @mylachance visit Portsmouth! Prescott Park is awesome! Visit historic Strawberry Banke, have some chowdah & lobstah rolls and yes we do pronounce it Kanga-mang-us!!! Up north visit Lake Winne, Alan Albee beach is great for families, North Conway has great shopping. In southern Maine visit York Beach and have home made original saltwater taffy made at the Goldenrod, visit Kittery , Cape Neddick Lobster Pound, & Acadia National Park. Enjoy New England...its something special!!!
la_flowergirl : When you cross over into Maine, visit the Nubble Light, then get on up to Route 1, and eat at the Maine Diner in Wells.
aqualanna_ - thekrashs - aluminumb_nutz - olle_gator -
On the road again! We are saying goodbye to New York for now. We will check out the Atlantic side once we start heading south from Maine. Up ahead? Vermont! Let's see what you got!! #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
malimish_airstream : @prillyp Awesome. We are camping in Burlington now. North Beach was awesome today. Espresso at the beach sounds heavenly. Hope you are enjoying your time here too!
malimish_airstream : @tajshserrion Awesome. The kids will love it. Who am I kidding? I will love it too!!
malimish_airstream : @hashleymoto A good place for the drone? Yes please! Thanks :)
malimish_airstream : @amanda.roy ๐Ÿ‘
malimish_airstream : @thomasgardella Our first day here has been amazing. Can't wait to explore more!!
wackiejydysh : Amazing have fun! Living here has been a blast! The bike path and oakledge are great
c_lin : Are you guys going to NYC at all? I'm actually going to NYC in a few weeks.
bgfrench1983 : If you make it to New Hampshire, I recommend Johnson's Dairy Bar in Northwood. Great food and wonderful ice cream and frappes!
prorok2513 - zloyne1 - collingarrity - thesilverchateau -
On the road again. Blasting thru Pennsylvania (for now) and into New York for our first time with the trailer. Last night we drove through a lightening storm and tornado warnings. Since the weather is not letting up, might as well head to Niagara Falls since we are soaking wet already :) Also we are going to try our best to stop latergramming these road shots to not miss anymore suggestions and meet-ups. So here's a *live* instagram ๐Ÿ™Œ #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
verralluminum : You cant get much closer to the falls than 4 mile creek state park. Great playground and some nice views of the lake. Not much shade, but only 15-20 min to the falls. Evangola State Park looked wide open when I left last night...all the weekenders went home (45-50 min to falls, 25-30 to Buffalo) We are heading to robert treman in a few weeks for the first time...apparently they have a swimming area at the base of a looks very cool. Its a bit far from the falls though, you may want to do that first. I second the suggestion for the Strong museum of play (rochester), we had a season pass and the kids loved it every time. Good luck and have fun.
thecurlyorange : Go to the Finger Lakes! Do the gorge walk at Watkins Glen! We love Keuka Lake!
photomurp : Welcome to NY!!!!!!! Been joyful following your family's quest, nice to know you'll be close. Ps we follow each other because I posted an airstream in Brooklyn, so don't rule us out! Love
rachel.ferraro : Are you still in NY? We're in Honeoye Falls, can take u to Strong Children's Museum, and compare notes on our 1969 Caravel!
shaan.roy.12 : Awsommmmm!!!!
malimish_airstream : @rachel.ferraro yes we are still in NY. We are in buffalo for at least tomorrow and maybe one more day before moving on towards the finger lakes and the the Adirondacks.
emmelynsj : We'll be there on Thursday afternoon with the @64air!!! Saying at Four Mile Creek State Park!
mcnabb_design : Look up Letchworth State Park, it's been called the Grand Canyon of the East! It's pretty beautiful and you'll probably pass it on your way to the Finger Lakes.
airstreamknight - anya_lka - ma_daria - petrkoshcheev -
On the road again. After two weeks in Michigan, we are finally crawling out of the mitten and into Ohio, where we will be skirting Lake Erie as we make our way east. #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - whatsahashtag - airstream - idontknowwhatyoumean -
kittyblk : Good luck, and happy trails!
aoko33 : ๅŽ‰ๅฎณใ€‚
lisalu78 : Bummer. Hope you enjoyed my neck of the woods. So many beautiful treasures in CVNP. Safe travels!!
wasianma : Check out the Air Force Museum in Dayton!
rcmarkovich : While in Ohio beep when you go through Sheffield village๐Ÿ˜Š
tiffanyandchuck : Wave this way if you pass through Akron!
boyink : Check out the mall in the shape of an Uzi in Erie...;)
hannahpellett : You have to take the kids to cedar point!
verapreston - fullmoonkisskisss - cho9278 - mr.advert -
On the road again. We are leaving the Upper Peninsula and headed over the Mackinac Bridge into the Lower Peninsula of Michigan. #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #puremichigan
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - puremichigan - airstream -
malimish_airstream : @v.djokic Went there tonight. It's a beautiful beach. I couldn't drag the kids off of the playground!
malimish_airstream : @wil_551 2 bucks an axle.
malimish_airstream : @lisalu78 Awesome. Which one?
wil_551 : Thank you!
lisalu78 : Cuyahoga Valley @malimish_airstream Hope you get to visit it!
tarapakosta : Upper Michigan sooo beautiful!
skisurfnow : Thanks! Miss that drive.
heatheronthego : I took a very similar picture just a week before yours. ๐Ÿ˜„
airstreamknight - eunicekandyguillen - ma_daria - gritsenkoilya -
On the road again. Leaving Wisconsin way too soon but the Upper Peninsula of Michigan is calling for us. Let's do this! #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
malimish_airstream : @emilyalt1 nice! We'll be there in the next couple weeks.
malimish_airstream : @emilyalt1 I remember driving thru empire last time. It's beautiful there.
watassaphoto : @malimish_airstream it's fantastic. You're more than welcome to boondock. Just let me know once you're a bit closer!
airstream365 : Pictured rocks simply stunned me! I never expected it to be as absolutely beautiful as it was. I enjoyed my visit there as much as any place I've seen. Grab some smoked fish before you leave Houghton/Hancock area! I lived in Michigan 8 years. The upper Peninsula and then as you travel down under the bridge along the Lake Michigan shoreline contain some of my most favorite places. So beautiful!
artbyameliakay : Yay for the UP! Marquette is our former home... so excited you're headed that way! :)
stephen.archer.37266 : Hi thanks for telling me that new to this app Keep up the good work God bless
tarapakosta : Stop at Bond Falls!!!
itzdraper : Awesome! Erin and I are leaving for our Farmhouse in the UP on Thursday! Agree with ^ stop at Bond Falls on 28, it's breathtaking. Hog Island Point is on the other side it's pretty too if your headed that direction. You can camp right on the shore. Also you gotta eat some Pasties!
cho9278 - 3tareee23 - stochman - peaceofmymind3 -
On the road again. We are pulling ourselves away from the beautiful north shore of Lake Superior to make our way to Wisconsin. I hope we remembered to pack our cheese hats! #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream -
koelnformat : @malimish_airstream oh! We're close to the northshore, coming in from Wisconsin! Where did you take that beautiful beach pic? Could need some tipps! โค๏ธ
dlbale : Don't forget the Chequamegon Forest for great boon docking @malimish_airstream
i_am_chris_new : More like drinking hats! I'm pretty sure there are 3x more bars than grocery stores in WI ๐Ÿป Gotta love the Midwest!
prillyp : Are you passing Betty's Pies in Two Harbors?? Mmm, pie.
undeniably_kate : I second that @prillyp!! One of my favorite stops!
airstream365 : I sure miss those beautiful birch trees!
annakayfes : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
sandrapepsi : You are so inspiring๐Ÿ™love and appreciate what you bring to the pot ๐ŸŒ๐Ÿ’™
cho9278 - eunicekandyguillen - peaceofmymind3 - dimajah92 -
On the road again. North Dakota was a blast but it's time to head into Minnesota. Here's hoping that the humidity of the Midwest will alleviate the severe allergies currently killing our driver since we shoved off from California. #allergiessuck #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #northdakota
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - allergiessuck - northdakota - airstream -
courtneyole : @malimish_airstream Sven and Ole's Pizza in Grand Marais!!! Chicken and Wild Rice pizza.... sooooo good.
jojogrund : Come get some Minnesota love!!! I hope you guys enjoy your stay!! Duluth will treat you right!
muhammedfatihgolbasi : Chevrolet
ostjone : Woohoo, my home state! Agree with all of the above. I have a special love for the north shore (and the BWCA, tho you can't get to the more secluded parts of it with a trailer ;) ). Duluth is a fun stop - go down to canal park by the aerial lift bridge, grab a shipping schedule at the Maritime museum, and see a huge ship! Fitgers and Bent Paddle are great local breweries if you're into beer (tho, kids...).
ostjone : Up the north shore my list is this: Split Rock lighthouse, Gooseberry Falls, Tettegouche, Two Harbors (some amazing smokehouses there), Grand Marais ("World's Best Donuts" is a must!). LMK if you come to the cities - there is a lot to see here, too! Or, go around Lake Superior - I hear it's an amazing drive!
kristenfortman : My mom and sister are up in Roseau near the border. Say hi!
ostjone : Oh! Two more awesome Duluth attractions: Enger Tower, at the top of the hills outside the city, with beautiful grounds and a view of the entirety of Duluth/superior; and the Glensheen Mansion, the historic (and huge) estate of the tragic, Millionaire Congdon family. Both worth your time; take the tour at the estate.
vsmnodak : Glensheen mansion is awesome! Took some of my daughter's senior pics there and also on the shores of Lake Superior two summers ago! @ostjone
anu_cutebabe_ - nadyafoxes - anya_lka - airstream_australia -
On the road again. We are sad to be leaving the big skies of Montana but excited to head into a brand new state for us... North Dakota!!! Let's see what you got ๐Ÿ˜œ Hope you all are having an awesome 4th of July ๐ŸŽ†๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ‰ #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #montana
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - montana - airstream -
vsmnodak : When done at TRNP/Medora if you are headed east on interstate 94 your kids might enjoy a drive down the Enchanted Highway ๐Ÿ˜Š
gypsyjamielynn : Medora and the Badlands are amazing, and @vsmnodak is right about the Enchanted Highway: kids would get a kick out of it. They call us the Peace Garden state so that is a must see if you are headed that far north. If you are traveling east and make it to Fargo you can stop and check out our '69 Ambassador renovation project!
vsmnodak : @gypsyjamielynn ๐Ÿ‘
malimish_airstream : @gypsyjamielynn Headed to Fargo today. Do you have any recommendations in town for camping?
malimish_airstream : @sarondipitous Went there today. Didn't see any male rangers! Haha. Got another badge for our collection :)
gypsyjamielynn : @malimish_airstream Lindenwood Park is nice because it's right by the river and lots of playgrounds for the kids but I think they are going to be full, plus with all the rain we have had its likely to be flooded. Red River Valley fairgrounds in West Fargo are first come first serve, but not much to do out there until the fair comes to town in a couple weeks.
gypsyjamielynn : @malimish_airstream I guess the Red River Valley Fair starts this Tuesday if you are in town that long and really want to eat some food on a stick!
malimish_airstream : @gypsyjamielynn Thanks for the information. The fair sounds tempting. Cheese on the stick is my favorite!!! Haha.
asphoto1 - ma_daria - amer_pink - comarumasahiro -
On the road again. We had an awesome time exploring beautiful Idaho with our buddies but now it's time to part ways. Next up? Montana!!!! #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream - idahogram -
ssteffani : @kellrodtdunn you'd love their travels - and obviously the airstream!! #livingriveted
rvsofamerica : Awesome picture!
trek2ride : Look forward to seeing your photos and following your adventures. Grew up in the mountains southwest of Billings. Highly recommend camping at Along the Beartooth highway. Enjoy the Bigsky country!!
jeankallina : I'm so jealous
kellrodtdunn : @ssteffani ๐Ÿ˜
jmccartie : @malimish_airstream My wife and I started following you after seeing the video about @worksology. Here's my question: what are your sleeping arrangements? We're in a similar stage of life: 3 kids (6,4,1, girl, girl, boy). Trying to figure out how much space we *really* need. Thanks! Love your pics!
malimish_airstream : @jmccartie we have the 25fb model and the girls sleep together on the gaucho seat that converts to a twin size bed. Luka still sleeps in the queen bed with us but probably not for long. Thanks for following along!
malimish_airstream : #idahogram
asphoto1 - ma_daria - natashareise - airstream_australia -
On the road again. After stuffing our faces with donuts and coffee, we are saying goodbye to Portland and heading east thru Oregon and into Idaho. But on this leg of our adventure, we will not be alone. If you look closely, one of our favorite airstream families is behind us. Say hello to @worksology and @jessaworks ๐Ÿ‘‹ #airstream #airstreamintherearview #2airstreamsintherearview #malimishintherearview #liveriveted
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - 2airstreamsintherearview - airstream - liveriveted -
theparispost : @malimish_airstream @worksology that is awesome. We have been traveling 2 years and would to have been caravanning with some of our favorites. ๐Ÿ‘Š power in numbers.
vadventurekerr : Beautiful
_chuckles113_ : Wicked
_chuckles113_ : ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
nianlei : on the way,keep on.
malimish_airstream : @peacockrohme We are part of a public charter school in southern California. We get to choose our own curriculum so I end up mixing and matching different ones which I think will work for us.
malimish_airstream : @margauxandsetiva We are going to Boise first and not sure where after that. Where are you at?
margauxandsetiva : @malimish_airstream We live in Nampa. :) You will 'stream right past us. :) If we're in town when you come through I would love to meet in person. ๐Ÿ˜›
_elena_burkova_ - his_campingwife - reyn_eva - hanna_novikova -
On the road again. We spent a relaxing couple of nights on the California/Oregon border. Well, it *was* relaxing until Luka tried jumping off of a small concrete step and landed on his forehead. After lots of hugs, a trip to the store to buy super glue for his gash and some Daddy surgery, he is back to his old self. Now we are heading deeper into eastern Oregon. #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #oregon
traveloregon - airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream - oregon -
hiyapapayamommy : Woo hoo!!! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰
_chuckles113_ : Wow super cool
troutstreamdoug : Mobile surgery? You are a Renaissance Man.
signsonthego : Awesome superglue stitches my clumsy self wouldn't be without that medical tech
signsonthego : So tired of South Texas we head to NM then up through northern California then oh yeah Oregon and Washington in a month
shaylala03 : @malimish_airstream if you make it to the Oregon coast port orford and Bandon are one of the most beautiful places we have a spot you can park and stay for free!
mcollier112 : Welcome back to Oregon!
anniehatz : โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
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On the road again. The snow is unexpected and beautiful but we must move on. We will continue further up the 395, unchartered territory for us. But first a stop at the best gas station restaurant in country. Mmmm, mango fish tacos and rib eye steak sandwiches. #airstream #airstreamintherearview #malimishintherearview #easternsierras
airstreamintherearview - malimishintherearview - airstream - easternsierras -
mysticpalm : 395 is probably the prettiest road I've ever been on besides highway 1. So much to look at and explore! You will enjoy it lots!:)
ekatifloga : love your fantasy! :-)
ekatifloga : Enjoy your travels...I would love to travel with good friends and now I wished be there but the sadly truth is that I m into a small apartment in Athens, alone and ill this night 0.53a.m. You are my best company of friends I would wished and get smiles in my face.THANK U about all this beautiful shots. Ekati
sandy330xi : Happy and safe travels @malimish_airstream!! Beautiful country!!๐Ÿ‘๐ŸŒบ๐Ÿ˜Ž
amazing_grace2468 : Where is that
padilla__imelda : Leaving to the easternsierras this Saturday . Can't wait !
embaga : I love this view
tableausmojo : You guys are awesome. I want to be in your family haha
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