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ishotagency : Our Agency like your IG, keep it up! @thekeytosuccess___
thekeytosuccess___ : Thankyou very much! @ishotagency
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My handsome fiancé b4 work...his Friday outfit...πŸ˜ŽπŸ™Œ he looks forward to wearing jeans lol #handsome #majorsexiness #chulo #friday #ootd #proud #hardworkpaysoff #jeans #werkit #corpuslife #happycamper #fiancé #model #greeneyes #calmate πŸ‘€πŸ™ŒπŸ˜˜πŸ’œπŸ˜πŸ˜‰
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My tiny jungle cat looking off camera for dramatic effect. #majorsexiness #kittiesofinstagram #catsofinstagram #thisguy
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etamilerosi : 😻
starr_gazer : @etamilerosi 😸
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#megababe #superfit #majorsexiness
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Can be purchased at
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igerslist_beauty : so gorgeous #love, would like if u submit to us : @igerslist_beauty Thank you.. I have done so - mrz_browneyez - pinkyys1st - mslaweems -
Thank you amazing fiancé for the elliptical!!!!! I LOVE IT and loves you sooo much!!!! @james_islandsportworks #youdabest #ilovesyou #fiancelove #bestever #workingout #sweatingforthewedding #workout #majorsexiness 😘❀️😊
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jfoster813 : In actually in the market for one also. Where did he get it and how is it working so far?
kimberlycathers : Omg it's amaZing!!!! James bought it off amazon! It's a shwinn 430 I love it!! It's so quite it has amazing workout programs and also you can adjust the incline and resistance def would recommend this. Def cheaper then a year gym membership @jfoster813
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#flashbackfriday When Our #Kravevixen Soowan Bramble took stage! #majorsexiness **** Note **** Last available section in Krave the Band is Le Freak 😁😁😁 Few frontline spots left! No Costume No Wristband No Entry!!!! #kravetheband #kravetheexperience #Cropover2014 #premiumband #KraveTheSexiness
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This picture has major sexiness!! I love it!! YOU ARE SEXY ROCKY LYNCH!! SEXAYYYYY!! #Rockyismajorsexiness#majorsexiness
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I'm a proud dark skin woman and Love I love to see my fellow sisters hold their head high and show case what for ever had been deemed bad....... That skin though!!! #beauty #natural #darkskin #darkskindontcare #theblackertheskinthedeepertheroots #thedarkertheskin #blackertheberrybombshells #myblackisbeautiful #majorsexiness #darkskin
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maggierduke : HOT!
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Our very own Krave vixen representing in Trinidad for Carnival 2014. Kraving the band count down to Crop over 2014 #kadoomentday Giving you what you Krave! #majorsexiness #viptreatment #bestdjs #vibez #ultimateroadparty #premiumdrinks #premiumfood #customerservice #kravethemovement #kravetheband #fireballcaribbean #platinumvirginhair #carnival2014 #Barbados Our Crop Over Carnival Package installment plans begins today!!! Email kravecarnivalband for more info.
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toya_d0404 : @alexisglam haha hi boo!!! Out costumes hotter than this! Wait till you see what Krave launches!!!!
alexisglam : Lmaooooo I πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ already boo @toya_d0404 I got a lil link 😘😘😘😘 I stop eating!!!! Lmaooooo
toya_d0404 : @alexisglam your link bigger than mine ??!!😱 how you see already and we ain't launch yet??? You in for crop over tho? Who you jumping with ? Decide yet
alexisglam : @toya_d0404 lmaoooo πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯nah u got the biggest link !!!! Yass I I fah CROPOvER boo .... I may do krave ... I got peeps in deh! 😜
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Yesssssssssssahhhh! Who ever the artist is DID THAT . .. LOVE IT #WERK #BEAUTY #Hawt #hairart #hairdesigns #hairstyles #face #facebeatandsnatched #BLACK #mymakeupaddictionisreal #makeup #majorsexiness
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luckylucybd : 😍😍😍😍
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LOVE LOVE lovvvve the look on @_Sofleurescent this DIVA is werking her wrap.. Makeup by @FashionizKaotic #beauty #naturalhairrocks #headwear #blackqueen #naturalgirlsrock #flawless #flawlessskin #makeupbyme #majorsexiness #myblackisbeautiful #makeuplover
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_sofleurescent : Thank you SOOOOOOO much. I have sent you a email. You are truly gifted and you are passionate about your work. Truly, truly gifted! @fashionizkaotic
fashionizkaotic : @_sofleurescent hey darling I am now checking my email THANK YOU so much, this means so much to me. I am beyond happy you loved your look you are werking this head wrap. Def. Royalty
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My big girl WERKED IT ! Rocking galaxy on her lips from Sugar Kake "coming soon" #beauty #FashionizKaotic #makeup #majorsexiness #makeupaddiction #mattefoundation #mua #makeupismything #makeupartist #Hawt #hairstyles #smokyeye
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asprettyaskay : Yes that would be amazing!!! He's a crazy white boy so have an open mind/heart (I know you will but just a heads up) I feel like he's a better fit for me personality wise and goal wise so we'll see
fashionizkaotic : You know I like crazy and as long add he makes you happy I'm happy vanilla and ALL
nikkiellbd : She is gorgeous
fashionizkaotic : Yes ma'am thank you
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#majorsexiness #mauvehair #purplehair #Fashionizkaotic #Hawt #hairstyles #HAIRFASHIONISTA #hairart #facesnatchedandbeat #facebeat
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Absolutely gorgeous flawless! #design #platnumhair #Hawt #updo #hairstyles #hairart #facesnatchedandbeat #facebeat #majorsexiness #trueart
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rickyleveron : @sandyleveron
mozellmaddox : Yes ma'am
weary_hands : s'cute
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Yessssssss :-) @butterflystudiosalon killed this look..... #fashionizkaotic #Hawt #platnumhair #bolddivasrockcolor #boldchickswearcolor #creativehairstyle #majorsexiness #makeup #facesnatchedandbeat #plumlips
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fashionizkaotic : #taperedcut
hotgyaldanny : She's from top model right anna or something?lol
queeny_rebels : Lisa!!!! Love her.
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Ohhhh yes#Fashionizkaotic #bluelip #lipart #Hawt #boldchickswearcolor #bolddivasrockcolor #majorsexiness
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@anunaturals @homegrown_naturalsofct @sadepizarro #homegrownnaturalsofct #Fashionizkaotic #naturalhair #marleybraids #protectivestyles #naturalandlovingit ##Updo #naturalandstillrockweaves
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fashionizkaotic : #makeup #myblackisbeautiful #majorsexiness #makeupismything #makeupartist #makeupbyme
fashionizkaotic : #darkertheskindeepertheroots
anunaturals : Good luck
fashionizkaotic : Thank you so much @anunaturals
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I love her skin!!! #Fashionizkaotic #flawless #bolddivasrockcolor #blackgirlsrock #myblackisbeautiful #majorsexiness
flawless - fashionizkaotic - bolddivasrockcolor - majorsexiness - blackgirlsrock - myblackisbeautiful -
bria_mariah : Haha I def see it @rxbxlle
bria_mariah : I might do this hair color now lol @rxbxlle
t4y.10r : aw, yes ! do it !!! it'll be so dope for the new year. i'm thinking about going blonde in a few weeks. @bria_mariah
bria_mariah : Do it!! @rxbxlle I'm def considering it now
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So inspiring ! #Frolife #majorsexiness #Fashionizkaotic #naturalista #naturalhairdontcare #bighairdontcare #bolddivasrockcolor #naturalhairrocks
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It will get better I promise!!!(: comment If you want to be tagged #overwhelmedfanfic Louis pov// chapter 12 WWere finally in the van about a hour after the interview had finished up. So many people had been on us asking for autographs and and photos that were almost never out of the building before a hour. The 5 of us bolt into the car, and pull out of the drive. We're all going back to Syco, where we will all get into our seperate cars and go to wherever the hell we want. I'm going to Eleanor's, just to check up on her and because she wanted me to take her shopping. The ride to Syco is fairly quite, all of us either sleeping or completely zoning out. I listen to music and stare out the window, my head on Harrys shoulder. Despite what everyone says about us not being able to be friends because of all the Larry stuff, Harry and I still are best friends. Yea were not always together in public, but over the past 2 years, we have had had a very verbal sexual relationship, but it was never actually true, but sarcastic. Most people don't get that and generally believe that we are in a relationship. Eleanor and I are very happy together but some people just don't seem to understand that.
boobear - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - overwhelmedfanfic - onedirection - eleanorcalder - elounor -
5secondsofbravery : @2ndhandsaranade
5secondsofbravery : #onedirection #majorsexiness #louistomlinson #boobear #eleanorcalder #elounor
shatteringskies : No surprise, its great! @whata1derfullworld
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Comment if you want to be tagged!!! #overwhelmedfanfic Louis pov//chapter 11 "alright good job boys!! That's a wrap" the director yells. Me and the boys all hop off of our stools where we were sitting and shake hands with Joey, our interviewer. He smiles and tells us to stop by at any time before he gives us one of those awkward man hugs and sees us out. Harry jumps on my back on the way out and I carry him out of the room. Liam jumps on Nialls back and and Zayn on Paul's and it soon turns into a race to the find dressing room. We all bolt as fast as we can, me and Harry ODVIOUSLY getting first just because we're awesome and Liam and Niall gettin off balance and running into the door. I laugh at Niall and Liam who are sprawled on top of each other on the floor. Harry let's out a cackle before jumping on top of them screaming "HUMAN PILE!" Zayn and I both jump on top of them, Niall lettin out a groan.
boobear - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - overwhelmedfanfic - onedirection - eleanorcalder - elounor -
5secondsofbravery : @skaterchic17 @molly_kane
5secondsofbravery : @annaroseewilkinson
5secondsofbravery : #onedirection #majorsexiness #louistomlinson #boobear #elounor #eleanorcalder
shatteringskies : Luv it ;) @whata1derfullworld
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Alright I'm gonna upload a whole bunch right now XD hahahah comment if you want to be tagged XD #overwhelmedfanfic Eleanor's pov// chapter 10 Louis leaves around 8, right after we finished dinner. Once we kiss goodbye and he leaves I run back got he closet and take out the package of pictures and letters. I re read the letter 50 times but I still can't think of anyone who struck me as someone who would do this. I look through all the pictures once but am so disgusted by them that I end up puttin them through my paper shredder. I stick the letter in the bottom of my sock drawer and hope to never have to see it again. I try and forget about it as I log onto my twitter only to see that I have recently tweeted about how much I love spatulas and that I want to have a.... Ermm... Romantic intercourse with a clothespin. Even though I'm all alone in my apartment I let out a laugh. Louis always has been the most creative. I decide to back hack him an log on. I tweet on his account about how much he was so excited about taking Eleanor shopping the whole weekend. Let's see himself out of this one. I spend most of my night on twitter and texting friends. Around 11 I text Lou goodnight shut my light off and go to bed.
boobear - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - overwhelmedfanfic - onedirection - eleanorcalder - elounor -
5secondsofbravery : @roseluvs1dforever @angie12297
5secondsofbravery : #onedirection #majorsexiness #louistomlinson #boobear #eleanorcalder #elounor
shatteringskies : FabLOUIS @whata1derfullworld
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This is so gonna be me. #onedirection #majorsexiness #leeyum #liampayne #louistomlinson #boobear #nialler #niallhoran #hazza #harrystyles #zaynmalik #djmalik
liampayne - boobear - nialler - djmalik - harrystyles - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - leeyum - niallhoran - zaynmalik - onedirection - hazza -
mattellis_ - lovemeinfinity - whiteeskihoe - iqdba -
Lolololol this XD I am obsessed. Yes I'm dedicated but I'm more obsessed. #onedirection #majorsexiness #louistomlinson #boobear #liampayne #leeyum #niallhoran #nialler #djmalik #zaynmalik
boobear - liampayne - nialler - djmalik - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - leeyum - niallhoran - onedirection - zaynmalik -
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@skaterchic17 lmao he just came to my house XD #onedirection #majorsexiness #louistomlinson #boobear #lwwy
boobear - onedirection - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - lwwy -
skaterchic17 : Haha! My parents didn't answer the door so he just walked away. - haayleeymarie - rianaghiasi - ostalavista13 -
Comment if you want to be tagged(: oh and for all of those lovely people that always tell me how amazing this fanfic is omg thank you I love uou(: #overwhelmedfanfic Eleanors pov//Chapter 9 I smell smoke when I wake up. I jump put of bed and dash to the kitchen. Louis is waving a newspaper in front of my smoking stove. "LOUIS! What the hell are you doing?" I cough out waving my hand to get away the smoke. Louis looks at me and sneezes. "I was making you a cake!" I stare at him with my mouth open. "what kind of cake involves the stove?" "I was making the frosting!" he says cheerfully, giving me a cheeky grin. I can't help but laugh. "Lou in what world do you live where people cook frosting on the stove?" Louis strolls over and plants a kiss on my forehead. "Its not like you can cook any better." he coos. I whack him lightly on the cheek with the back of my hand and kiss his cheek. "you better be cleaning this all up you know." "yea I know." he frowns. "are you feeling better now?" I remember the letter and the pictures and I feel sick to my stomach but I manage to plaster on a fake smile. "yea I'm good. Must have jus been something I ate." I look accusingly at Louis, and he holds his hands up in surrender. "wasnt me. I swear to god." I laugh and he sticks his tongue out at me. "you really are a nut case aren't you?"
overwhelmedfanfic -
5secondsofbravery : @hipsterplease1d
haleyjewel16 : Love it
molly_kane : Meeeeee
shatteringskies : Soooooooo good @whata1derfullworld
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Alright I'm gonna be uploading a lot today probably XD I apologize in advance(: comment if you want to be tagged(: #overwhelmedfanfic Louis pov// Chapter 8 Eventually I get bored with twitter so I wander off to the kitchen to cook up a little something for dinner. Now, im not exactly the best cook in the world, but I do have to give myself some credit when it comes to making cereal. I'm pretty damn good at pouring the right amount of milk and cereal into the bowl. However, I'm not in the mood for cereal so I decide to make something fancier. I take out a large odiously brand new cook book from the shelf under Eleanor's spice rack and open it to deserts. I decide immediately on a double chocolate cake which is Eleanor's favorite. I get ingredients from the cupboards and fridge and just pour them into a bowl not bothering to measure anything. I mean... What's the worst that can happen?
boobear - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - overwhelmedfanfic - onedirection - eleanorcalder - elounor -
5secondsofbravery : #onedirection #majorsexiness #eleanorcalder #elounor #louistomlinson #boobear
angie12297 : Fabulousss !!
shatteringskies : AmaZAYN as always @whata1derfullworld
ughpaulina : Why do u keep posting the same picture?
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I finished my fanfic... Should I upload it now?? #onedirection #majorsexiness #louistomlinson #boobear #niallhoran #nialler #djmalik #zaynmalik #liampayne #leeyum #harrystyles #hazza #kingsley #tyleroakley #tingsley #kyler
boobear - liampayne - kyler - kingsley - niallhoran - onedirection - hazza - tyleroakley - tingsley - nialler - djmalik - harrystyles - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - leeyum - zaynmalik -
skaterchic17 : S
q.m.w.n : Haha yes @swim_ride_love
barrysflash : @kendall_richardson
kendallskupcake : @liampaynesbitch lol
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My dad followers my twitter XD #onedirection #majorsexiness #iloveyou #kingsley #leeyum #liampayne #louistomlinson #boobear #nialler #niallhoran #zaynmalik #djmalik #hazza #harrystyles
liampayne - majorsexiness - boobear - nialler - djmalik - iloveyou - harrystyles - louistomlinson - kingsley - leeyum - niallhoran - hazza - onedirection - zaynmalik -
jensebold : Who is that guy
5secondsofbravery : @x3impossible_things kingsley(: he's from YouTube
jensebold : Okay thank you ! :)
5secondsofbravery : @x3impossible_things (:
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Heyyy(: I love you #onedirection #majorsexiness #zaynmalik #djmalik #iloveyou
iloveyou - onedirection - zaynmalik - majorsexiness - djmalik -
mckennahealy : Did this actually happen ?!
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Fanfiction!!!!(: Louis pov// I sit next to Eleanor while she sleeps and mess around on my phone. I text the boys pointless crap, mainly Zayn, plotting a very brutal murder of a innocent narwhal. I tweet to the world and do follow sprees and at least a 100 retweets. Harry and I exchange our usual Larry banter, him inviting me to come have a "special evening with him" me replying saying that I can't wait for this night. The fans of course love it and within minutes "LetsalltwerkwithLarry" is trending world wide. I also hack Eleanor's twitter and tweet about my love for spatulas and clothespins. I know it really pisses her off when I take pictures of her without her knowing, so I take the opurtunity to snap about 10 pictures of her sleeping and tweet them the world. It will e a pleasant surprise for her when she wakes up. Our Entire fanbase is in a frenzy trying to come up with the cutest things and apparently not being able to remeber what air is... What ever that's supposed to mean. #overwhelmedfanfic
boobear - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - overwhelmedfanfic - onedirection - eleanorcalder - elounor -
5secondsofbravery : #onedirection #majorsexiness #eleanorcalder #elounor #louistomlinson #boobear
shatteringskies : Amazing as always @whata1derfullworld
haleyjewel16 : Love it<3
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Omfg I hate getting homework on the weekends #onedirection #majorsexiness #lwwy #liampayne #leeyum #louistomlinson #boobear #niallhoran #nialler #djmalik #zaynmalik #harrystyles #hazza #wmyb
liampayne - wmyb - boobear - nialler - lwwy - djmalik - harrystyles - louistomlinson - majorsexiness - leeyum - niallhoran - hazza - onedirection - zaynmalik -
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