www.urbannative.net check out my feature article!!! Hair is a major topic in the Black community! It's the topic in everyday conversation from sew ins, Yaky ponytails, colorful wigs, 27 pieces, to all natural Afros. So what could Ms. Rayshonda Saunders possibly have to talk about after doing the big shave almost a year ago! Check it out! #naturalhair #naturalhairrocks #teamnatural #curlynikki #blackhair #blogger #brownbeauty #naturalhairdiva #naturalhairsistas #mahoganycurls #blackgirlsrock #shedidthat #werk #glamsquad #girltrek #befabulous #selflove #theurbannative
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chameleonnikki - olu_da_juicemen - fr3sole1 - shayna29_89 -
By @mahoganycurls "Natural Beauty Spotlight (airport edition) I spotted this beauty walking in the airport! I love the volume of her hair along with the curls. I adore all hair types and textures especially different types of curly hair from the tightest curls to the wavy girls. All curls are beautiful. I started my journey following the curly girl method which was created by a curly haired Caucasian woman. I learned so much from this method that I tweaked so that it could work for me. For me, a natural hair journey is about embracing your curls regardless of type. It is about self love and confidence, not about race. I love hair. Always have and always will. My natural beauty spotlight series is here to show others the diversity of curly hair. I would like to thank everyone for your support and all of the beautiful women that have submitted NBS entries. I enjoy your posts and I will be uploading more beautiful photos soon. ❤️Jess #curlygirl #naturalhair #mahoganycurls #curls" via @PhotoRepost_app
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curlyincollege : Don't forget to visit our website dedicated to college naturals CurlyInCollege.com . To be featured on our Instagram page, use the hashtag #CurlyInCollege .
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Don't let the shrinkage fool you! Lol! My experiences with It Works Hair Skin & Nails has only been a great one. All pics are of my freshly washed hair, my 3 1/2 months ago until 2 days ago. My hair has grown so much, it's fuller, shinier, and so much stronger than it used to be. Also my skin and clearer, and my nails are longer. #itworks #hairskinnails #longerhair #healthy_hair_journey #naturalhairmag #teamnatural_ #naturalhairdoescare #mahoganycurls #allnatural #clearskin #longernails #shrinkage #fullerhair #thickerhair #regrowhair #curlyhairdontcare #trialsntresses #protectivestyles #ilookroughiknow #noshame
teamnatural_ - thickerhair - curlyhairdontcare - noshame - longerhair - trialsntresses - healthy_hair_journey - ilookroughiknow - protectivestyles - fullerhair - longernails - naturalhairmag - clearskin - naturalhairdoescare - hairskinnails - mahoganycurls - shrinkage - regrowhair - allnatural - itworks -
jerrireid - rosy_p_ - frmtawnwithlove - beautifulkerry -
Hair #nofilter #mahoganycurls #spontaneous
nofilter - spontaneous - mahoganycurls -
fiboddington : @lydia_daniel1 phhttttt and again - still jel ❤️😍
lydia_daniel1 : ❤️ @fiboddington
beth_grace2569 : lydia this looks sooo good!! xx
lydia_daniel1 : Aha thanks @beth_grace2569 xx
marialrl : Looking gorgeous 😍😍
lydia_daniel1 : Shucks @marialrl 😘
twaz_98 : Gurrl your hair looks amazing! 😍
lydia_daniel1 : Cheers 😘❤️ @twaz_98
beth_grace2569 - lilybayntuncoward - oliviabelchambers - marialrl -
Love the simplicity of this style! By @mahoganycurls "Friday hair💁😊I decided to braid it all back and pin it up. I think it's a cool summertime hairstyle (for me it is...haha😉) have a great weekend! lips: @sheamoisture4u lip gloss in Rosie 💋 earrings: @trunkofcharms #abetterwaytobeautiful #mahoganycurls #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #teamnatural" via @PhotoRepost_app
abetterwaytobeautiful - naturalhair - teamnatural - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
jersigrl : Funny I wore my hair Like this today. Very pretty!
southerngurl74 - binknj68 - sumthindiffrent - _jadedoll24 -
This morning.. Church... My beauty!
naptural - natural - curlyhair - girly - cute - magicpuffballs - curls - bow - mybaby - bamfofficial - mahoganycurls - church - napturalroots - adorably_apart_of_me - fashionkids_and_moms - teamnatural_ - babybighairlife -
stripped_2_deep : @bamfofficial @magicpuffballs @fashionkids_and_moms @adorably_apart_of_me #adorably_apart_of_me #fashionkids_and_moms #magicpuffballs #bamfofficial
stripped_2_deep : I know that's your girl @alexperezbcb
stripped_2_deep : Come get your girl @luv_mylife30 she's too much
luv_mylife30 : I will 🚗 lol @stripped_2_deep
stripped_2_deep : I'm packing her bags right now!!!! @luv_mylife30 keep her for the rest of the summer
luv_mylife30 : Don't act like that towards my baby lol @stripped_2_deep
alexperezbcb : YES THATS MY BEAUTIFUL BABY!!! 😍😍😍
stripped_2_deep : @teamnatural_ #teamnatural_
savalicious12 - _shada28_ - becca290292 - miswen12 -
Heard about this new line watching a video from of my favorite Youtubers, #mahoganycurls. Tried these new #Sheamoisture Superfruit Complex haircare and body products for the first time yesterday, and I absolutely LOVE them!! The scent is amazing. And my hair looks and feels fantastic. #healthyhair #naturalhair
healthyhair - naturalhair - sheamoisture - mahoganycurls -
dejabryson - lisamarienl - i_kee_natural_hair_diva - gocurls -
No weave..all me! 3years natural anniversary! @aboutkim length check!! We're on our journey to knee cap baby!!lolol #naturalhairjourney #longhairdoescare #curlbox #mahoganycurls #moknowshair
assshots - mahoganycurls - moknowshair - curlbox - naturalhairjourney - longhairdoescare -
aboutkim : Alright now!!! Love it!! Growing growing go!!!!
natural_diva_nay : Activate HAIR GROWTH!!!lolol @aboutkim
aboutkim : How do you have a big butt with skinny legs? Is there something you're not telling me? #assshots #ornah lmao #kimk lol #kidding cute dress!
natural_diva_nay : LMAO @aboutkim no you didn't just put my business out about my #assshots!! Don't make me put your pic up you sent to me showing me your new booty!lolol sn: I have no idea why my legs/ankles so damn skinny. That's why they always hurt...carrying all this ass ass ass ass ass!LOL
natural_diva_nay : I have No boobies either!lol @aboutkim
aboutkim : Lmao! I'm weak...my pic was leg shots. I couldn't afford the booty lol
q_t_ash : Love the hair!
natural_diva_nay : Thanks boo @q_t_ash
natural_diva_nay - aboutkim - ashthelovelyone - mrcsfrnk -
My mom and my sister @iamnaturallyshy ❤️❤️❤️ both are #teamnatural #mahoganycurls #momandsister #naturalhairsistas
momandsister - teamnatural - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
sexy_ti : Total Babes ❤️
slim_goody : Your sisters hair looks gr3at!
divinediva92 : @mahoganycurls Wow! I remember when your sis did the BC!
voicelesssins : OMG ! I didn't know that was your sister! I attended SSU with her! I seen her all the time!
voicelesssins : I remember the video of the BC but I guess I forgot how she looked. Small world.
curvesandkurls : Both women look extremely resilient and beautiful!!!! Thanks for sharing this photo.
tiffanyrotheworkouts : @mahoganycurls your mom and sis are so adorable!
funkyredhead01 : When do we get to see an update of your sister's hair? It's grown so fast!
arishairjourney - justdo_soda - blue_pearl7 - blackchicktresses -
For all my naturals!!!!!! #myjourney #growth #returnofthecurls #naturalhairdoescare #frizzfreecurls #itworks #gotitfrommymomma #hsn #hairfinity #healthyliving #beauty #nomakeup #naturalhair #fitness #naturalbeauty #grenada #NYC #businesswoman #becauseimhappy #progress #devacurl #fro #nochemicals #shrinkage #noheat #CGM #mahoganycurls #spiceisle #iaintgotnoworries #lovemynaturalhair
devacurl - iaintgotnoworries - gotitfrommymomma - returnofthecurls - lovemynaturalhair - nochemicals - hsn - fitness - naturalbeauty - growth - naturalhair - spiceisle - nyc - cgm - frizzfreecurls - becauseimhappy - nomakeup - noheat - beauty - hairfinity - shrinkage - fro - myjourney - naturalhairdoescare - mahoganycurls - businesswoman - progress - itworks - healthyliving - grenada -
hayleydaze : Your gorgeous hair! Gotta get me some soon thru ur site
deverinejames : @hayleydaze what you waiting for boo??? Www.Deverine.com
norris_ltd : hey lets network!
bosschicks : 💋💋💋
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Not a great braider but I tried @mahoganycurls hair style today
curls - mahoganycurls - curlyhair - braids -
stripped_2_deep : #curlyhair #curls #braids #mahoganycurls
miss_adriana143 - empress_shoney - alexperezbcb - preferredclassics -
Only I decide to wash hair at night
curls - curlyhair - mahoganycurls -
stripped_2_deep : @mahoganycurls #mahoganycurls #curls #curlyhair
miss_adriana143 - empress_shoney - preferredclassics - alexperezbcb -
by @mahoganycurls "Hair details: Okay, so I braided my hair in sections. 5 sections total. I used @sheamoisture4u curling gel soufflé to braid it. The gel soufflé has a lot slip which allowed me to braid it without dealing with too many tangles. It also provides a great shine! I tied my hair down last night to prevent fly aways. I also pinned it with bobby pins. Hth! Thank you for the sweet comments and support! 💓💓💓 #mahoganycurls #abetterwaytobeautiful #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #teamnatural" via @PhotoRepost_app
abetterwaytobeautiful - naturalhair - teamnatural - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
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By @mahoganycurls "Hair details: Okay, so I braided my hair in sections. 5 sections total. I used @sheamoisture4u curling gel soufflé to braid it. The gel soufflé has a lot slip which allowed me to braid it without dealing with too many tangles. It also provides a great shine! I tied my hair down last night to prevent fly aways. I also pinned it with bobby pins. Hth! Thank you for the sweet comments and support! 💓💓💓 #mahoganycurls #abetterwaytobeautiful #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #teamnatural" via @PhotoRepost_app
abetterwaytobeautiful - naturalhair - teamnatural - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
sdchappelle : Pretty!
couponshawty : @justmeandmine5
jemimenicole : I like it. Baby hairs and all @nikawuddupdoe
afroangel : @itsjasminesworld_ super cute
tia_tuff_tibblez : @protectivestyles awesome!
kaaeeellaaa_ : @naturalbeautylyric @lyriclynch
camiweathers : @some1s_treasure I can see this on you!
some1s_treasure : I do like that @camiweathers but I can't do it by myself
chuuunkayy - elletank4 - mztooskie - bossladyy_ce -
I love this! And can't wait for my hair to reach a length to do this style! Kind of reminds me of @rasheedadabosschick hair from the last episode of #lhhatl FROM @mahoganycurls: "Hair details: Okay, so I braided my hair in sections. 5 sections total. I used @sheamoisture4u curling gel soufflé to braid it. The gel soufflé has a lot slip which allowed me to braid it without dealing with too many tangles. It also provides a great shine! I tied my hair down last night to prevent fly aways. I also pinned it with bobby pins. Hth! Thank you for the sweet comments and support! 💓💓💓 #mahoganycurls #abetterwaytobeautiful #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #teamnatural" (via #RepostWhiz @RepostWhiz app)
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Hair details: Okay, so I braided my hair in sections. 5 sections total. I used @sheamoisture4u curling gel soufflé to braid it. The gel soufflé has a lot slip which allowed me to braid it without dealing with too many tangles. It also provides a great shine! I tied my hair down last night to prevent fly aways. I also pinned it with bobby pins. Hth! Thank you for the sweet comments and support! 💓💓💓 #mahoganycurls #abetterwaytobeautiful #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #teamnatural
abetterwaytobeautiful - naturalhair - teamnatural - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
joliefemmenoire : @sweetgrass1977 this would be cute on you!
oh_mickeyy : @cydneelysse omg this is do cute I gotta try it!
oh_mickeyy : @cydneelysse and idk why I'm just now seeing this lol
zyiensvirtue : @ijuswannahearwelldone
michaelroberts384 : So sweet
tcb112706 : @mrzcleary
quoya_b : You are such a hair inspiration 👌 I'm in the process of going natural by transitioning until my natural hair is long enough for me to do the big chop! Any tips on how to take care of my hair in this process ?!
_bohemianhiiippy : Love this. Did she just pin the rest ?
ashley_mire - loving_hrt - akasparkle - ohsoxquisit -
Friday hair💁😊I decided to braid it all back and pin it up. I think it's a cool summertime hairstyle (for me it is...haha😉) have a great weekend! lips: @sheamoisture4u lip gloss in Rosie 💋 earrings: @trunkofcharms #abetterwaytobeautiful #mahoganycurls #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #teamnatural
abetterwaytobeautiful - naturalhair - teamnatural - mahoganycurls - naturalhairsistas -
i_am_curls_in_heels : Love the lip color
lakiasade : @brightangeleyes yes quan do your hair like this!!!
michaelroberts384 : So sexy
sweet_mag : @katychoukette
pirolee411 : u are beautiful. love your looks. looking like a goddess
dylanmekhi : Great hair!
cocoandclick : beautifullll
teairea_ : What do you use for edges/baby hairs. I can't get mine to stay down lol
nsb_1ofakind - loving_hrt - supersid24 - mjetrr -
Another one of my favorite YouTubers #MahoganyCurls #Omigosh #LoveHer #NaturalHair #HealthyHair #Lifestyle #Movement
healthyhair - loveher - lifestyle - mahoganycurls - naturalhair - omigosh - movement -
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When I look at this I see my hair in the next 2-3 years!🙋 #heyyyyy #healthyhaircare #mahoganycurls
heyyyyy - mahoganycurls - healthyhaircare -
_rarebeauty_xoxo : Love her! She was the reason I went natural. Can't wait to get to get her length.
ashleylynnn05 : Yesss to healthyhair growth!!😁 @_rarebeauty_xoxo
meahhxoxo : Me too if i can ever stop cutting it
ashleylynnn05 : I just love you hair it's so cute!☺️ @meahhxoxo
meahhxoxo : Thanks! You know i love yours...my sister started following you too cause she loves it. Im tired of the short hair now and its at that awkward length. So im fighting the urge to cut it lol
ashleylynnn05 : Lol ohhh don't you pick up that scissors girl just remember when you do cut it it'll have to go to that awakes stage again when you want it to grow out lol.oh yay! What's your sister IG name? So I can follow back! @meahhxoxo
meahhxoxo : I know!!! Ive just been rocking it in a high bun...her ig is @sparklelisasparkle
mstitine92 : Yeesss can't wait!!
sharonda32 - tia_tuff_tibblez - mrs.neverland - ashaleecurls -
Preview of tomorrow's updated wash n go tutorial using @sheamoisture4u Superfruit Complex 10-in-1 renewal hair masque. The video will air tomorrow at 8am EST! Thank you for your support! #washngo #mahoganycurls #abetterwaytobeautiful #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair #teamnatural
abetterwaytobeautiful - washngo - mahoganycurls - naturalhair - teamnatural - naturalhairsistas -
kess_amanda : I don't know if you colored your hair recently, or it's just super moisturized!
blackbeauti007 : I'll be waiting! I love me a good wash n go
vonialee : #hairporn
qb_93 : Waaauww so beautiful
aissatou_diaa : 😍👌 @mari_purple in love de ses cheveux je suis lol
mari_purple : @aissatou_diaa 😋😋😋
_nikumz : @dreamarie_ 😩😍😍
dreamarie_ : Omg how do I make this possible?! @_nikumz
jademen - ronne_d - niccicatrice - natural1stlady -
The look on your face when your hair has been touched by the hair gods! Lol #naturalhairdoescare #naturalhairstyles #naturallynappy #kinkygirls #curlygirls #kinkycurls #naturalhaircommunity #bigchop #bigchophair #mahoganycurls #hairenvy #twistouts #twa #twistout
bigchop - twa - naturalhaircommunity - kinkygirls - twistouts - curlygirls - naturallynappy - kinkycurls - twistout - bigchophair - mahoganycurls - hairenvy - naturalhairstyles - naturalhairdoescare -
kaytemuk : Like it!
malik.folarin - teddi_rux - yourfriendlyneighborscloset3 - b_money___ -
#hairgoals 😍🙌. In the next two to three years hopefully my length can be a little something like this! #hairspiration #haircrush #naturalhair #naturalteens #mahoganycurls
haircrush - naturalhair - mahoganycurls - naturalteens - hairspiration - hairgoals -
ari.anna - kai_evette95 - vivavk - _xnaturaldede -
#mahoganycurls #team4c #naturalhair #teamnatural
team4c - naturalhair - teamnatural - mahoganycurls - teamhealthyhair -
__naturalhair__beauty : #teamhealthyhair
vi_flyboy - _trvgic.killxr_ - __hayzsd - marci_ellah -
#fancy @clj98h #juicemyfro #protectivestyles #curlyupdo #naturallycurly
heynaturalhair - mahoganycurls - manetabolism - jnaturalgirl87 - fancy - maximumcurls - bighairbetty - mynaturalsistas - frizzfreecurls - protectivestyles - naturallycurly - juicemyfro - curlygirls - ebonycurls - naturalhairdaily - carolsdaughter - luvyourmane - creamofnature - curlcrush - curlyupdo -
clj98h : @tamika_fletcher
secretcurlsociety : #mynaturalsistas #frizzfreecurls #heynaturalhair #naturallycurly #curlygirls #curlcrush #luvyourmane #naturalhairdaily #carolsdaughter #creamofnature#ebonycurls #maximumcurls #mahoganycurls #manetabolism #jnaturalgirl87#bighairbetty
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Check out the lovely @mahoganycurls five years after her big chop. Gorge! #veradarlingaffair By @mahoganycurls "Hang in there...your #naturalhair will grow! 😉😉 2009-2014 #mahoganycurls" via @PhotoRepost_app
veradarlingaffair - naturalhair - mahoganycurls -
empress_eila : @cocobuttabzzz
empress_eila - mycherieamor_ - jayhay47 - lezlie424 -
Ferocious beast I call her lol! Hair Skin and Nails has taken my hair skin and nails to a whole notha level. My hair is super duper soft, extra fluffy, it has body, and it's growing so much. I don't know what to do with it anymore lmao! 😏 #itworks #hairskinnails #healthy_hair_journey #trialsntresses #llyh #teamnatural_ #redhead #afrolove #wildmane #healthyhair #longhairdoescare #curlycurl #mahoganycurls #hsn #itsbiggerinperson #naturalhair #bighair
teamnatural_ - hsn - afrolove - naturalhair - bighair - trialsntresses - healthy_hair_journey - wildmane - longhairdoescare - curlycurl - llyh - healthyhair - itsbiggerinperson - hairskinnails - mahoganycurls - redhead - itworks -
m0gucci : What hair product do you use?
mimisbeautycocoon : It depends on how I feel and what style I am going for. But I mostly use the Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and I take my it works hair skin and nails vitamins @m0gucci
m0gucci : Thank you I love your fullness
mimisbeautycocoon : You're welcome luv and thank you :-) @m0gucci
stay_kreepin : Love it girl I most definitely need to stop playing
talkingtye : Not sure if u got my message but Happy Belated Bdy! Luv U Always. I hope you njoyed!
lowkey_mookiee__ : i love your hair ... what do you use?!
mimisbeautycocoon : Thank you, I am product junkie lol! But for the most part I use @sheamoisture4u products @lowkey_mookiee__
walker_87_nation - sonirita89 - eli_sofly_mom - cattleyatheflower -
LateLateLatePost: Met Jess aka @mahoganycurls & her hubby at the #essencefest!! It was a pleasure meeting you and your Fam Hun!! #hairinspiration #mahoganycurls #naturalhair #teamnatural #curlygirl #naturallycurly #nola
naturallyobsessed - teamnatural - naturalhairrocks - coilycurlygirl - twa - curlygirl - kinkycoilyme - curlgirlmethod - washngo - productjunkie - bigchop - kinkycurlucoily - naturallycurly - sheamoisture - love4coils - nola - essencefest - healthyhair - mahoganycurls - naturalhair - healthyhairjourney - hairinspiration -
jusbeinvee : @fitnessandcoils I see God is doing a new thing!!
fitnessandcoils : @luciandiamond haha. Yea yea!!! 😜😝
fitnessandcoils : @jusbeinvee a new thing? What happened?
jusbeinvee : @fitnessandcoils everything... Your hair and going to the Essence Fest.. a new smile! God is doing a new thing in you! I love it!
fitnessandcoils : @jusbeinvee haha. I totally missed that. My bad. Long day!! Yes He is!!! And so much more!!! Thanks VG!!💞
jusbeinvee : @fitnessandcoils You're welcome! Love ya! 💖 😘 😍
fitnessandcoils : @jusbeinvee love ya too!! 😍💞😍💞
fitnessandcoils : #mahoganycurls
luckydust11 - sexygal22 - jusbeinvee - _kfatima -
Good Hair day! #kinkygirls #kinkycurls #kissMyCurls #naturalhairstyles #naturallynappy #naturalhair #natural #bc #twa #coils #mahoganycurls #highlights #newme #freedom #4b #4a
kinkygirls - bigchop - naturalhaircommunity - bc - naturallynappy - naturalhair - kissmycurls - naturalhairstyles - coils - twa - natural - highlights - newme - naturalhairdoescare - kinkycurls - mahoganycurls - freedom - 4b - 4a -
diamondntherough : #naturalhaircommunity #bigchop #naturalhairdoescare
b_money___ - malik.folarin - millionairess242 - storm_monae -
by @mahoganycurls "Happy Tuesday! 😊 I had a few questions about my bow turban yesterday. so I decided to share some details about it. I ordered mine from @ebonicurls www.ebonicurls.com. The same person that makes the #ebonnets. My turban isn't lined with satin, but it is still pretty cool! 😁 my hair is twisted in this photo ( need to run errands). I think it is perfect for covering your hair when you do not feel like styling it!" #mahoganycurls #nhwf #naturalhair #ilovemynaturalhair #naturalhairrocks #naturalhaircommunity #healthyhair #curlyhair #ebonicurls #eturban #teamnatural #beautifulblackwomen #abetterwaytobeautiful #sheamoisture #leopardprint #headwrap #headscarf
naturalhaircommunity - leopardprint - beautifulblackwomen - teamnatural - naturalhairrocks - nhwf - naturalhair - curlyhair - ilovemynaturalhair - headwrap - headscarf - ebonnets - sheamoisture - abetterwaytobeautiful - healthyhair - eturban - mahoganycurls - ebonicurls -
bellechery : Yes will do so now.
ebonicurls : @drunkoff_kris please email me. Thanks
ellepondersrosa : @_latonyagail_
naturallyjunkie_ : ♥
adriennerainey : @ebonicurls is this sold out?
cancerlove79 : @iamfavor1833
blendmynails : @tffy2004
miss_flower_bomb_31 : @tee_king71
nickysloved - simply_morgan_88 - srshaw2012 - curlwright -
Cute Repost from @tonja_88 via @igrepost_app, Natural hair Journey- Updo-Channeling my inner #Janelle Monae #wondercurl #naturalhairdoescare #teamnatural #kinkycurlycoilyme #mahoganycurls
naturalhairdoescare - mahoganycurls - kinkycurlycoilyme - wondercurl - teamnatural - janelle -
jmosboutique : Love It
tonja_88 : Thanks @Wondercurl I tried a new style and loved it.
sonja043 : Wow, that's my twin! I love your hairstyle & I'm glad it's getting shown so others can try it or interpret it in their own way! Love you, Sis!
msadlny808 - kiwaniaharris - mrsjobrown - xsweetoreosx -
Finished filming this week's video! I decided to change my part...the hair in my face was driving me crazy! 😝#mahoganycurls #washngo #abetterwaytobeautiful
abetterwaytobeautiful - washngo - mahoganycurls -
pamm_zamm : I want my hair to get like her 😩 @_schxo
sw33tz66 : @kenne87 can you cut my hair into layers like this ?
carlabellot7 : Absolutely beautiful!
yup_its_leecy : @jen_s_life
jen_s_life : Ohhhh nice! @yup_its_leecy
kenne87 : @sw33tz66 I'm not good with cutting
sw33tz66 : Blahhhhh to you then lol JP if you ever learn let me know @kenne87
modamusicacultura : @salisab
loving_hrt - mizzhalo - nakiaiman - zeynipp -
She cute even when she's deep conditioning!! 😻😸😻😸by @mahoganycurls "Conditioning and filming...🎬🎥💁 I am conditioning my hair with @sheamoisture4u Superfruit 10-in-1 renewal system conditioner with my bow turban by @ebonicurls . Video will air this week!!!! #washngo #abetterwaytobeautiful #MahoganyCurls #DeepCondition #deepconditioning #eturban #naturalhair #nhwf #ilovemynaturalhair #healthyhair #leopardprint #cheetahprint #headwrap
cheetahprint - deepcondition - nhwf - leopardprint - healthyhair - abetterwaytobeautiful - eturban - washngo - mahoganycurls - ilovemynaturalhair - naturalhair - headwrap - deepconditioning -
allikay96 : @ebonicurls do you plan on making anymore of the zebra print shower caps? I was going purchase my bonnet and shower cap but the shower cap is sold out.
ebonicurls : @allikay96 Hi. I just restocked it for you. It is available now.
allikay96 : Ok thanks so much!
lovejonesallinyourbones : @kiruhhh
adriennerainey : @ebonicurls will this be back in stock soon?
ebonicurls : @adriennerainey Hey. Just added more. Please refresh your page. It is available now
adriennerainey : @ebonicurls oh awesome!!! I placed an order last night for denim but would prefer leopard. It was saying sold out. I'd like to change my order please. I emailed u as well. Please let me know if this is ok. 😃
ebonicurls : @adriennerainey Sure. I think I just replied to your email.
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Over time my hair has begun to regain volume! Yes!!!! And tbh I believe it's down to less manipulation and Shea Moisture's volume and growth product range! The yuca and boabab encourage the thickening and growth of hair. This pic is old in fact! My hair is slightly thicker than this. Slowly but surely I'm seeing a change in my hair and I'm loving it! #culture #curltureuk #sheamoisture #curlyhair #teamnatural_ #teamnatural #naturallyshesdope #natural_girlsrock #unconditionedroots #jnaturalgirl #luvyourmane #myhaircrush #mahoganycurls #returnofthecurls #2curlsinapod #chicnaturalistas #serenityshair #curlygirlsrock #blackboldandbeautiful
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suze1965 : You are right less manipulation is the key and l love the shea moisture yuca and boabab product line, these products have helped my hair gain thickness and growth.
curltureuk : @pkgcosmetics sure thing! Xx
curltureuk : @peachesandteacups thank you hun @fro_queen will do! @suze1965
curltureuk : @suze1965 yea they're great!!
manedivas : Girlys what is your twitter name? .@curltureuk cant find ya
curltureuk : @manedivas hey!!! We don't have twitter sorry hun x
manedivas : O thought so lol. Was going to tag you in some of valleys tweets. Head over to both our Facebook pages there's pics of you guys @curltureuk
curltureuk : Thanks @manedivas will do!
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